Exclusive: General Hospital Puts OLTL Vet Roger Howarth on Contract

Todd Manning might want to see if there’s a room available at the Metro Court, because Roger Howarth has been put on contract at General Hospital, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Soaps Dish: General Hospital Brings Home Another Fan Favorite!

An Emmy winner during his run as One Life to Live‘s resident scalawag, Howarth brought Todd to GH this past Monday, initially on a short-term basis, as the protective pop seeks out a pound of flesh for the tragic death of his granddaughter.

As seen in promos, Todd will train a gun on no less than mob boss Sonny (yes!), laying the groundwork for an imminent showdown between the Mannings of Llanview and Port Charles’ Corinthos clan.

General Hospital Exclusive First Look: [Spoiler] Comforts a Shell-Shocked Patrick

Howarth’s TV daughter, Kristen Alderson (Starr), herself made the jump to GH in late February, as a contract player. Kassie DePaiva, who plays Blair, Starr’s mother/Todd’s ex, at this point is still recurring.

What do you think, GH and/or OLTL fans? Hoping to see Todd evolve into a full-fledged foe for Sonny?

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  1. Alex C says:

    Awesome news!

    • CPA2013 says:

      I will not watch GH as long as OLTL characters are on the show. If I wanted to watch OLTL characters I would have watch that show. GH is ruined now.

      • MARY ANN says:


      • Diane Marshall says:

        While I truly understand where you are coming from with new characters coming from OLTL (only 4 and at this point only 2 are really involved) you also need to recognize that there are many OLTL fans who will now watch GH (I would not have tuned in for any other reason) and give it a stronger fan base in the long run and help keep it on the air. I am still trying to warm up to GH characters and plotlines and at this point would turn it back off if the new characters that I am familiar with were to leave. I hope most GH fans will give them a chance – or I will have 5 more hrs. each week to do something else.

        • I can relate to what you are saying.but I used to watch and enjoy GH.Till I got tired of the all Sonny all the time,motto they seemed to have going.That,and they hooked Luke up with Tract instead of bringing back Laura,which they should. I too really like that they have brought John Mcbain,and the Manning’s on,and hope they have John’s family fallow.That way we can keep up with Llanview too,by occasional phone calls etc.And like you I will tune out if they get rid of Starr and Co.Unless they bring back Laura.Plus I also think Carly,and Todd would be great together,chemistry there.

      • bozena says:

        What is wrong with you lady?,GH is now much better and more interesting, more story line.

        • Kris Slape says:

          I agree, I also loved OLTL, and watched both OLTL and GH since i was a kid, I think this is the best of a bad situation, I am happy we still have GH and it is even better now. Those that complain will be really complaining if we lose all our soaps altogether.

      • Anne Mott says:

        EXACTLY! I watch General Hospital, and CHOSE to not watch OLTL. This is really frustrating.

      • Karen says:

        Just try, give it a chance.

      • John says:

        OLTL vets saved GH from being cancelled. You should be grateful.

      • get over it… GH has a LOT of loyal OLTL fans too… I love the blending… it is not becoming the next OLTL but it is bringing the best of both worlds!!!

      • Tracy Harold says:

        You are a sad addition to these comments, either deal, or too bad get over it. The REAL FANS are LOVING IT!!!!

      • Kim mcmillan says:

        The only reason Some of us came back to GH is because of the OLTL characters. They were the ones we missed the most. So if the ratings went up, you can thank us and not dish out and cut ratings for GH.

      • 1xnurse says:

        I agree with cpa2013 GH is ruined. The OLTL actors are terrible and unbelieveable. Starr just cries. Bain needs a better voice. Todd is not a very good actor. No wonder OLTL is over.

      • Kris Slape says:

        I loved OLTL and love GH as well and the new additions will only help the show stay on the air which is the goal after all, keep complaining and we won’t have any soaps left

    • rusty says:

      So happy about todd. Hope Blair becomes a regular to!!! I am back watching gh after ten yrs absence.

    • JOY says:


    • Carol says:

      OLTL was the best soap Ever!! So glad Roger is on, LOVE HIM!! Michael Easton, kassie, star ,Tea.. all of them!! Bring them all on!! I Love this!! They have come back after they were taken away from us by a very horrible person (Frons.) I Love OLTL, and miss it .soooooo much! I LOVE seeing them back in my livingroom. GREAT SHOW, GREAT ACTORS, lots of fun…HAPPY!! LOVE THEM. Now bring TREVOR, Dorian, Roxy, David vickers, (The dog too!) LOL! LOVE IT!! LOVE ROGER

    • Patti says:

      Todd and Carly were starting something great! Plus they are wonderful together!
      Bring on the Todd and Carly team!

  2. paridy says:

    Yay so happy, now to get Kassie on contract too.

    • The Phoenix ansd the Dragon says:

      Love that Todd is coming to GH permanently now I promise to watch as long as he is there. We need to rally behind “The Mannings” and and OLTL fans need to fight to help save GH.

      • MARY ANN says:


    • robandpat says:

      i agree bring on Blair. I hear people saying pair todd and carly. If the writers are to be true to todd’s character he won’t get sexually involved. He’s really only been able to do that with blair.
      He tried with Tea but only because he was trying to forget blair. Please bring blair on board.

  3. RMF says:

    News that KDP/Blair is coming full time too will hopefully be forthcoming?

    • joallman says:

      Todd doesn’t need Blair. She thinks he is guilty…….again. She can’t love him because you don’t have love without trust. Todd needs Carly, if the girl will just brush her hair now and then.

      • RMF says:

        LOL, what? Todd/Carly? Did you like…actually watch OLTL or GH? If that happens, it would be the most hideously OOC thing since fake Todd sexed up Marty Saybrooke.

  4. dee says:

    Only awesome if he pulls the trigger on Sonny. Someone needs to get rid of him. It’s the only chance General Mobsters…I mean HOSPITAL… has to survive.

    Attention new GH writers: Mobsters are NOT good people. They do NOT have hearts of gold. They are NOT sympathetic. They are NOT heroes. GET RID OF SONNY AND JASON.

    • Jason says:

      Man you people sound like a broken record. However SOnny is not portrayed as a hero. Everyone around him is either killed or maimed. He kills people, acts like a complete hypocrite to his women, and has serious psychotic breaks every time something doesn’t go his way. Jason sometimes is but what has Sonny ever done that was heroic. He donated money a few times? big deal. His only saving grace is that he cares for his children which many criminals do!!He is basically an ammoral murderer with borderline psychotic tendecies. What I find interesting about the Sonny character is how other people respond to him. For some reason the people of Port Charles either fall in love with him or forgive his continual bad deeds. This is a very interesting and I say realistic portrayal of a mobster. Women are attracted to his money good looks and charms and are willing to overlook his evil.

      I think people think the writers are portraying him as heroic because he never goes to jail. But the writers do that because they want to keep him on the show. Same as JR Ewing who was never turned into a good guy!!

      • MARY ANN says:


  5. TV Gord says:

    This is GREAT news! I guess they’ll clear up his murder charge off-screen (since we all know that his “murder victim”, Victor, isn’t really dead at all.

    I’d like to see him paired with Carly! Why should Sonny be the only run put in line by the Llanview invaders!?

    • Nichole says:

      Still not convinced that Victor is alive. I believe that OLTL was bringing TSJ back as Walker Lawrence. Guess we’ll never know. Anyway, this casting news just made my day.

      To the OLTL character haters, be glad they are doing this. This is the only reason I started watching GH again and I am not the only one. GH is on life support at this point, and this is briging in additional viewers which is the only thing that could possibly save your show. Fast forward through the scenes if you have to, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

      • televisionplus says:

        I will never consider OLTL characters popping to GH a gift. Its confusing. I never watched that show cause the writting was horrible and actors awful too. I watch GH cause of the GH actors and that is it. I will accept Starr with no problem, she seems like a decent actress, but Todd, could not care less, and Blair… even less. I am very upset they gave this actor a chance, He was horrible on ATWT ande now, well like you said I will fast forward. I would of loved 100 times better if AMC actors came aboard. But not the Mannings.

      • Meg says:

        Look I don’t hate the OLTL characters. I used to watch OLTL, but stopped a long time ago. But there are a lot of characters on GH that are so underused, so bringing in 4 major characters from OLTL (3 on a long term basis) with the OLTL head writer and EP is kind of disappointing. I’m sure they’ll bring a lot of the story, but I want to see some of the other people we don’t get to see enough.

    • sandy bonilla paduani says:

      sonny has become boring love todd he brings new life to general hospital l love it already l was about to stop watching thank you for bringing new life

    • MARY ANN says:

      Yeah – hurry up and bring Todd back on!!!! Where has he been anyway?????????? (I love John McBains voice!! )

    • MARY ANN says:

      Yeah, but hurry up and bring Todd back! Where has he been lately??????????????? Carly and Todd? I think that would be a good match. Similar personalities. Do you think they will pair up John McBain with Anna? (I love John McBains voice!)

  6. ashley says:

    Haha he is getting a room at Metro Court at this very moment!

  7. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    Yay! Now, please post that Kassie dePaiva is coming on contract as well. Todd without Blair is like peanut butter without jelly. On second thought, I shouldn’t have said “peanut.” Oh, Hope!

  8. Michael Carpenter says:

    Not Blair??? Come on GH????

  9. Patty says:

    What horrible news … so glad I took GH off my DVR when the OLTL’rs joined.

    • Carol says:

      ITA with this-

    • TV Gord says:

      Well, then you two can count yourselves among the ones responsible for the cancellation of GH. I’ll never cease to be amazed at the short-sightedness of so-called committed soap fans.

      • bronco says:

        Thanks TV Gord,
        Unfortunately there are hundreds,if not thousands of GH fans,just like Patty and Carol.They have one opinion and are not thinking with an open mind. They are mad because they feel that the OLTL actors coming aboard are going to replace a few minor actors on GH.
        They should be happy that the OLTL actors may be the salvation of their soap.
        Because of these feeling some have,it may very well be their fault,if and when GH is cancelled.
        Once it is cancelled,people, it is never coming back.

    • cathy trinque says:

      Everyone should be working together to save the soaps.
      I have never watched GH but decided to try since I could
      see my folks from OLTL. I have learned a lot in the past week or so. We need to be a team here.

    • GariAnne says:

      Killing your own soap? Nothing like cutting off your nose to spite your face!

    • Bronco says:

      I would think all the GH people would be cheering for this cross-over of the OLTL stars.They will be the only thing that will keep GH on ABC.
      You people don’t realize what you are doing by trashing the OLTL stars invading,(as you so admirably put it), Port Charles. You never know what you have or shouls I say had,until it is gone.
      Have a great day GH’rs.

    • The Manning's Advocate says:

      That’s funny I put GH on my DVR as soon as I found out about the Manning takeover and have since taken immense pleasure in fast fowarding through all the non-stop dribble that has landed GH in critical condition.

      • Angelo says:

        haha- that is exactly what I did. I had all about stopped watching GH until the Mannings were coming. The funny part is that I never even watched OLTL, I was just sooo sick of GH, its storlines and boring characters!!

      • MARY ANN says:


  10. Amanda says:

    Ok, they definitely need to bring Victor back so everyone knows Todd didn’t kill him even if it’s just a guest run of some sort for TSJ!!!

  11. Carol says:

    You know it is really a shame that RC can’t write anything decent for the real characters on GH but he can bring all of his favorites to GH and have them take all the airtime. I am very happy to tune out the show I once knew as GH out. Seeems TIIC only can about OLTL and the mob anyway. Here is hoping GH is canceled sooner rather than later.

    • TV Gord says:

      There’s buzz the OLTL characters are being brought on to wipe the mob storyline off the canvas. Don’t you want to see that?

      • ConqueringBlue says:

        Hey TV Gord, I recognize you from DC.com ;-) Anyway, I hope this is true, about wiping out the mob storyline. I wasn’t a OLTL viewer, but after reading the ME interview on another site, I’m really excited to see John McBain come to town. It looks like he’s gonna be pretty adamant about taking on Sonny, and I’m hopeful that RC will write the cops as being more capable. I honestly wouldn’t have minded the mob focus if there was an equal balance of “good vs. evil”, I even don’t mind things a little gray because I think it makes things interesting. BUT this mob story failed a long time ago when Bob Guza refused to write a police force who weren’t complete idiots. I enjoyed Dante’s introduction because he seemed very clever for a cop, but then after he was revealed to be Sonny’s son, all that went downhill. I’d love to see McBain come to PC and actually clean up the town a little bit

    • Renee says:

      I didn’t watch OLTL, but if anybody will take Sonny’s airtime I’ll kiss their feet and watch every day.

    • GariAnne says:

      And you like the Revolution so much? Considering ABC’s programming decisions lately, just think of what you’ll get.

  12. Amanda says:

    Ha, I just saw that!

  13. qeee says:

    Hate it. TSJ would of been better.

  14. DScott525 says:

    Awesome awesome awesome. :)

  15. Amanda says:

    This is great news!! I adore Roger!!!

  16. Fran says:

    I’m thrilled … Next contract to Kassie; then Melissa.

    • KLE says:

      Forget it. They already shut down Gnatalie coming aboard, which is a blessing.

      • Blessing?Melissa Archer can act circles around the girls they have playing Connie/Kate,and Maxi both.If they braught her and the boy they had as Lliam I think it would be a blessing.Just think of the rivalry between her,and Sam. Too bad Bree Wiliamson has a prime time now she could showe that sorry excuse for a woman with D.I.D. how to play the part.

        • Angel says:

          I am a OLTL fan that now watches GH because of my fav’s moving over and I do hope to help GH ratings, because I don’t want them to cancel all of the soap’s. I am starting to get to know the GH story-lines, but I am frustrated that they wrote the Connie/Kate DID storyline, because it’s a hard storyline to pull off for any actress I am sure. It also feels too much like a OLTL storyline. It looks like she’s going to be the one to have killed Hope/Cole, which really sucks because how many ppl with DID are going to ruin Starr’s life with Hope? Another DID personality from OLTL stole Hope and told Starr she was dead when she was born. I think they need to be more conscience of the OLTL history as well and blend the histories of both together – not mesh them crappy like this – I can only imagine Starr’s wiki page now says – DID alters keep killing Hope off wherever she moves? It’s just a bad blend.

  17. Teresa says:

    Awesome news! Maybe the Mannings can bring some life to GH. So sick of everything being evoloved around Sonny Corinthos & the rest of the mob. GH use to be an awesome show before the whole mob takeover.Oh btw, please put Kassie DePaiva on contract too.

    • Jessica says:

      I really think that Todd, Starr, and John (and occasional appearances by Blair?) will breathe new life into General Hospital. I have been a longtime viewer of BOTH shows for years. I used to love Sonny, but his storyline has been stagnant for years now. There has to be more left for MB/Sonny than just the mob. RH’s Todd is just the thing to stir it up. Fresh blood, so to speak! I can understand why GH fans are upset that newcomers are being brought to the show, rather than showcasing veterans. But look what Guza did…there ARE NO veterans anymore! He’s either killed them all off, or made them obsoltete! With ME, RH, and KA, you are bringing on 3 very solid actors, who will fit into different demographics! RH has more than proven himself as a brilliant actor, especially in the role of Todd. Also, Todd is WAY more ruthless than Sonny has ever been or will EVER be. Sonny has a real competitor on his hands, and I would love for Todd to be the catalyst to wiping the mob out of GH for good! Not to mention, RH already has very nice chemistry with LW! I loved their plot at the hospital, would love to see more shenanigans between them! Todd and Blair are as old and stale as Sonny and Carly. “Meant for each other”, but really, it’s time to breathe some life into the characters!

      With ME joining as John, maybe, JUST MAYBE, we might get to see the PCPD shown as a competent police force, and not just a bunch of bumbling idiots! As for a pairing with John…if they aren’t going to bring in Natalie and Liam…what about Alexis? I know the go-to answer is to pair John with Sam, but I’m not sure how I feel about thatyet. Not sure it will fit in this scenario.

      Last but not least, IS Kris Aldersen. Even at her young age, she is a veteran to the soap world. She is to OLTL what Kim McCullough was to GH. She grew up on OLTL. She has a very full backstory. I’m interested to see how they will incorporate her. The Michael/Starr pairing seems kind of obvious,and a rehash…Todd’s daughter goes for the son of his “enemy”…Cole was the son of his enemy, Patrick Thornhart, and of his rape victim, Marty…But I am interested in seeing how Starr interacts with the rest of the characters, who she clicks with, etc. I wish Kristina was still on the canvas..lexi ainsworth, that is…I could see them becoming friends, which, again, would be a thorn in Todd and Sonny’s sides. Starr is a bit more mature than most of the younger females on the show, having had a child at such a young age…maybe she could connect with Lulu? The possibilities are endless.

      I wish the skeptics would see that, despite the “newcomers” coming and seemingly taking spots that could have been used for GH veterans…these are HIGH QUALITY actors. Emmy award winning, successful veterans. You may not like Todd, etc. But, just given their acting chops, please give them a chance, you might be surprised. THEY are not the ones takign away from GH…Guza did that. He got rid of all the veterans and longtime characters. Alan…dead. Robin….dead. AJ…dead.Anyone from the Ward family…dead and gone. TZhere’s no use in crying over spilled milk.

  18. Kristin says:


    If ABCD loves OLTL so much they never should’ve cancelled it. Go away characters I don’t know or don’t care to know about!

    • TML says:

      I agree! OLTL should’ve never been cancelled. If ABCD would’ve done the right thing from the beginning and cancelled GH, we wouldn’t be in this mess. It was, afterall, the show that deserved to be axed before OLTL.

      • Jen says:

        Seriously! GH fans should be thanking the OLTL’ers for bringing in ratings that they were lacking beforehand! Maybe, just maybe, it will help save their show.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cancelling GH before before OLTL????????????

        Are you on drugs or something? GH has been the flagship soap opera of ABC for more than 30 years. OLTL is absolutely nothing in comparaison to GH. ABC would be a total fool to pick OLTL over GH.

  19. kevin says:

    Still missed his character Paul Ryan on As the World Turns.

  20. Mer says:

    THANK GOD…very very veryyyyyy good news……

    I think ROGER, no i KNOW that Roger is the most ULTIMATE…..actor i have seen in a long time. He presents HUMOR, ANGER, all emotions in one actor almost in ONE SCENE….
    That is great news!!!

  21. Renee says:

    Smartest GH move in a long time. Roger Howarth is an AMAZING actor. Now if they will just WRITE for him and not make Todd a little mobster toady. Like they’ve done to every actor they have brought on the show since Sonny became God.

  22. TV Gord says:

    Stupid, constantly-whining soap fans. No wonder the networks want to be rid of you!

  23. Starmaiden says:

    I do not want General Hopsptial to turn into One Life to Live. I like the soap the way it is. Starr is fine, but GH does not need Todd.

    • ReeceP says:

      I agree. It’s so odd to see OLTL characters invade Port Charles. I kind of wish ABC would have left the OLTL characters back in Llanview. Now I’m half watching because of the crossover shenanigans. I’m also half watching because of the lack luster storylines but that’s another issue to be discussed on another day.

  24. Cath says:

    AWESOME news! GH needed that new blood.

  25. Jess says:

    He was also on As The World Turns! :D

  26. Nancy says:

    I am particularly loving GH again with the changes that are being made taking it back to what made it General Hospital–honoring the history of the characters and story lines. I hate that they killed off Robin but know it was because Kim McC wanted to leave. I don’t watch OLTL and if they’re going to introduce more characters, I want them to bring back General Hospital regulars that were let go. Make it more hospital centric and not Mob centric. With that said, since GH is in dire need of ratings boosting, maybe bringing on some of the best of OLTL will also bring with them their fans to watch GH and to record GH. If it saves GH, I’m all for it.

    • Dianna says:

      I agree. GH hasn’t been this good in along time. I watched OLTL, it was my favorite, and I am very happy to see some of the characters whose loss I mourned. But they aren’t letting them take over the show , they are being introduced as any new character would. It just happens OLTL fans know their backstory. And they are honoring and using the rich history of GH. My god, we’ve got Anna and Heather back. Felicia, finally is showing an interest in her daughter, Luke and Tracy have a story, Mac is being used for more than scenery. We’ve seen Robert and Holly, though much too briefly. I am sick of Sonny, but not Jason. Starr and Michael don’t have any chemistry and I hope they don’t try to force this relationship. But Todd and Carly – wow- now there was chemistry. And I personally hope Kristen Storm never comes back. Jen can act circles around her.

  27. Maggie says:

    I never watched OLTL but to be quite honest, Ive enjoyed the OLTLers in the past few days. I dont want to be overrun, but I think right now they have the perfect amount of OLTLers at GH. Todd seems like a really interesting character, so Im pretty excited. Id much rather have established OLTL characters than unwanted newbies!

  28. Megan Dennis says:

    GH needs the entire Manning family. Starr and Todd, next Blair and the boys.

  29. DJ Rogue says:

    If only they’d just bring back OLTL. I heard that the Revospewtion’s ratings are terrible, the Spew’s can’t be that much better.

    ABC, NO ONE would hold it against you if you resumed production on OLTL (with Valentini and Carlivati in charge of that show too). We’d chalk it up as a lesson learned.

    • Meg says:

      The Chew’s ratings are pretty much on par with All My Children’s were when you compare week-to-week between this year and last year.

      The Revolution is bringing in about half the audience OLTL was.

    • Dave says:

      Grow up. The Chew is not going anywhere. The Revolution may go. But this won’t bring back OLTL. At best, GH may replace The Revolution.

  30. george d says:

    Very happy. Long time OLTL fan and started watching GH for Todd..Keeps a part of OLTL alive in hopes one day it will be relaunched. Gotta have Blair too

  31. Jeanie says:

    I was so glad I didn’t read any spoilers for GH because when I saw Roger Howarth on GH the other day I was so excited. I’m so happy that he’s going to be staying. I hope they sigh Kassie as well…would love to see her character and Carly go head to head.

  32. nyguy says:

    Smart move for both the DePaiva’s if Kassie moves west to GH. Then we can see her husband James back on another daytime show or even better yet, a network or cable series.

  33. DEBBIE says:

    THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVE!!!!Love Todd Manning and I know that this great will not disappoint. He is an amazing actor and can go up against anyone. Starr needs her dad to stick around. Next her mom Blair has to come to town. Todd needs her. It is always about family for him. Bring on the Mannings vs Corinthos. Love it. Best news and totally made my day.

  34. melodydawnlol says:

    YaY GH now if we can just get Blair (Kassie DePaive) on board and under contract too. if you are gonna have the Mannings do it right :) They are sooooo much fn!

  35. kdprocks says:

    If they don’t bring Kassie on full time then GH is stupid…..I would love to see a Carly vs Blair thing going on. But for to be honest no Kassie then goodbye abc daytime…..no one has pimped daytime as hard as she has

  36. margaret says:


  37. jstkel says:


  38. matthew c says:

    Big news. now let’s get Kassie DePavia on-board too, and PLEASE try to make room for frequent visits from Erika Slezak as Viki, Florencia Lozano as Tea and anybody else from Llanview that wants to come aboard.

  39. Keith pleickhardt says:

    Being a huge gh fan for over 20 years only soap I ever watch, can honestly say I’m totally happy with the additions of the mannings, they are excellent characters and actors, bringing back some of the older blood lines of the show has been fun, unfortunately robin left the show… Can’t wait for Felicia to come home, if we can only get Lucy and Kevin next. Go gh , my favorite tv show. Please abc renew gh!!!

  40. KT says:

    Great News! Love Roger!! GH needs someone new to stir up the pot in Port Charles.
    How about bringing Tomas from OLTL to GH……..it would freak out the people in GH thinking Alcazar is back from the dead.

  41. deshawm says:

    come on people lets be positive about gh i think its getting really good i would love for kassie to be put on contract im not claming gh cancelation its all in gods good hands maybe they are waiting to put kassie on contract to see where the show goes i use to watch oltl as well lets support the show so it can survive i agree about the mob but its just entertainment roger is a great actor and with kristina coming back you know gh ratings are going to bust the roof open lets pray for 3.4

  42. Okiecarol says:

    I am glad to see the OLTL cast cross over to GH. We will have new story lines and GH ratings will go up because the OLTL viewers will watch GH — it looks like a win win to me

    • bronco says:

      Yes,it is a win win,as long as the anti-OLTL people,don’t stop watching in protest,as a few GH fans have implied they will do.The OLTL stars may be the only thing that will save GH from the chopping block.

  43. WingsStef says:

    Yay! I like the balanced writing of the last couple weeks. Yes, there is still mob, but we are also seeing the hospital and romances. After the death of Robin and Hope everything is in turmoil. However, I am curious to see what happens when it settles just a bit. Bring on the romance, family, and friends. Also mysteries that are not always about the mob! Some mob okay, getting rid of the mob will likely be too much a change, but I welcome the balance with other types of storylines and hope to see more soon.

  44. John says:

    This just means that Johnny and Carly will be pushed aside for Carly/Todd that is if Blair doesn”t stick around but regardless it will take Blair awhile to trust and forgive him again if at all. Now they should get Tea and Victor to end the whole Todd killed Victor storyline so he can move on in Port Charles. Now i think that Johnny will hook up with “Connie” and will fall for her while Kate loves Sonny. Todd is looking like he will be the new darker and more badass Jax to Sonny especially if he gets with Carly heres to hopping

  45. Tim says:

    I think it will be good for GH to have Starr,Todd,Blair and John spending time in PC but,that’s it no more Llanview refuges.

  46. betty says:

    I have never watched OLTL, and was wondering about the addition of these characters I didn’t know. Then yesterday’s scene with Todd and Blair totally hooked me. They were unbelievable and it was just soooo good and soapy. I went immediately to youtube to watch their story and they are amazing. I am so happy to see some new blood on gh, and a balance to the storylines, as well as some fine writing, excellent acting from all (not just the new oltl’ers, but they seem to have lit a fire under the other gh actors, or maybe it’s just the better writing that has them doing better) regardless, for the first time in YEARS I am actually disappointed when the show is over, rather than disappointed with the show!!

  47. Jason says:

    So are Anna, Robert, Holly and Felicia sticking around or are they short term contracts? I wish they would concentrate on these classic characters over the One Life To Live characters.

  48. Kevin says:

    For all you “General Hospital” fans that are complaining about the “One Life to Live” additions … Just be THANKFUL it isn’t Jon-Paul Lavoisier (Rex) that’s moving to Port Charles. Ugh!!!

    BTW, I am stoked Roger Howarth is coming aboard.

    • Meg says:

      There was a rumor that Farah Fath was in talks to join GH as a new character (not her OLTL one). If Farah joins then I’d think that JP wouldn’t be far behind. I could see him as a Dillon recast (not that I’d want it, if I get Dillon back I want Scott Clifton).

  49. Patti says:

    Todd is great. Hope he does take Sonny down. They need to keep Blair. RH and KDP have sizzling chemistry. If they are updated teen scene they should bring his daughter Dani and son Jack.

  50. Laurel says:

    I’ve watched General Hospital for years but never watched One Life to Live. I’m glad the actors and characters from OLTL will be carrying on but right now, all I see are a bunch of characters I have no interest in dominating the show. I just hope it all evens out in the end, otherwise GH will lose a viewer.