Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Walking Dead, House, Once, New Girl, Vampire Diaries and More!

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Question: Will Jennifer Morrison be returning for the House series finale? —Abby
Ausiello: If she is, producers better reach out to her fast. “I have not been contacted at all,” Morrison told TVLine at Sunday’s Once Upon a Time panel at PaleyFest 2012. “At this point, it’s too far into the season for them to decide to do that.” (The swan song goes into production in early April.) Finale cameo or not, Morrison admitted, “I feel so lucky to have been a part of it for six years. Everything about it changed my life in such wonderful ways. I kind of can’t believe I got to be part of a show that is so ingrained in pop culture. The fact that I got to be a part of it so long and got to be a part of it from the beginning really means a lot to me.”

Question: Sunday’s Good Wife seemed to hint that Anna Camp would be staying put for a while — please tell me this is the case. —Andy
Ausiello: Let’s just say there will be big developments in the Alicia/Caitlin story in the next episode, and it won’t go the way anyone’s predicting. (Bonus hint: Viewers will find out that Caitlin and Alicia have a lot in common….)

Question: There are only two more Walking Dead episodes left in Season 2! Scoop me on this Sunday’s penultimate, please! —Britt
Ausiello: In what could be considered one of the series’ most important episodes, there are some gnarly kills made using a *i****o*k, Lori has a talk with Shane that she might wish she could take back, someone goes missing, Shane pulls a Tyler Barrol and a major piece of mythology is revealed (though the eagle-eyed may have first caught wind of it two weeks ago, at the school).

Question: Vampire Diaries fan here looking for hints on who the serial killer is that’s terrorizing Mystic Falls. No way in hell it’s Meredith. That would be way too obvious. —Kim
Ausiello: Here’s your one and only hint: Julie Plec is an evil genius.

Question: How big is Meredith and Derek’s fight in the next Grey’s Anatomy? —Jessica
Ausiello: He puts her on a neuro case without telling her, and after she clearly expressed extreme hesitance about coming back to neuro. Suffice it to say it’s a pretty big fight.

Question: The March 1 episode of Parenthood seemed to wrap everything up in a way that often signals “series ender” rather than “season ender.” Any predictions on its renewal for next season? —Debbie
Ausiello: Here’s my prediction: The Bravermans will be back.

Question: I’ve just had the worst birthday of my life. Could you please make it a little better and give us a clue of who A is on Pretty Little Liars? —Camila
Ausiello: Don’t have any PLL scoop, but I do have something that I think will turn that frown of yours upside down in record time. While you were off having the “worst birthday of your life,” I was celebrating the best one of mine. I mean, look who showed up at my West Coast celebration Saturday night. Still feeling rotten, Cam? Well… look who else attended!

Question: We haven’t heard anything in a while on the Supernatural front… got anything newsworthy to dish out? —John
Ausiello: The show is looking to cast a male or female Asian teenager to play a brilliant overachiever whose world “is suddenly turned upside-down when he/she unwittingly becomes a prophet of sorts.” The character will appear in this season’s final three episodes.

Question: Any scoop on The Middle would be much appreciated. –@Heradite via Twitter
Ausiello: When the parents at Brick’s school are called upon to volunteer for this and that, Mike — shocker! — wants to sign up for the easier gigs. Unfortunately for him, he’s not the only one with that idea. (In fact, one other dad is downright nefarious in his efforts to… well, not exert any effort.) Meanwhile, at Ehlert Motors, Mr. Ehlert is pulling out all the stops to sell 500 cars in five days. But something tells me that neither the DJ he hires nor the petting zoo he promises are going to get those wheels moving.

Question: With Terra Nova being cancelled, any word on the fate of fellow bubble shows Alcatraz, Fringe and The Finder? —@Maxcontrol22 via Twitter
Ausiello: According to TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard, Alcatraz could go either way, Fringe has been newly-upgraded to a safe bet, and The Finder is (sadly) a long-shot.

Question: Can you give me any news on Gossip Girl‘s Serena? —Simplecrazy8810 via Twitter
Ausiello: Serena’s going to take on a new pet project – Lola. I hear S is going to go all Clueless on L’s homely ass with the goal of turning her into the Upper East Side’s new It Girl.

Question: Will Dan and Blair’s short-term bad sex solution on Gossip Girl involve doing it in public places? —@Missivthegreat via Twitter
Ausiello: Not exactly. Let’s just say they’re in a slightly different state of mind the second time they do it — and leave it at that.

Question: Any Glee spoilers? Anything will help me survive this long break. —@AnnelieseMinaj via Twitter
Ausiello: I can confirm that at least one of our visions for Season 4, as outlined by TVLine’s Michael Slezak, will be a reality next fall. Can you guess which one? Can you?!

Question: Who is this Chandler guy on Glee? Will he get in the way of our Klaine? —Jessica
Ausiello: A Glee source assures me that the Chandler character appears in one scene, and relatively unimportant one at that. Translation: Chillax.

Question: Why did Breakout Kings kill off Charlie? I had no idea this was coming. Are they adding someone new? —Danielle
Ausiello: The promos did say “a king will fall” — but whodathought it’d be the boss man himself! A show insider says the shocking snuffing was “storyline dictated,” and as such, “That was a very hard scene for us to shoot,” Serinda Swan shares. “We loved Laz [Alonso].” The “good” news is that the Kings, now numbering just five and led by a newly deputized Ray, will have a fire in their belly as they — but namely Erica — hope to one day hunt down Charlie’s killer, Damien (played by Roswell‘s Jason Behr, who will recur this season).

Question: I’m thrilled about Justified‘s renewal. I heard tonight’s episode was rather exemplary. Any scoop? —Christopher
Ausiello: It contains one of the best written scenes of the season. It was so good, in fact, that we here at TVLine decided to give it the “Spoiler Alert Theater” treatment. I present you with the never-before-seen full-length version of tonight’s classic Raylan-Wynn stare down, as interpreted by Dexter‘s Josh Cooke and 30 Rock‘s Keith Powell. Watch it and then compare it to the real thing tonight!

Question: Why doesn’t your May Sweeps Scorecard include any mention of Jimmy’s wedding on NCIS? —Jamie
Ausiello: Because we don’t have 100-percent confirmation that a wedding will actually take place during sweeps. That said, when TVLine’s Matt Mitovich was on the set this week, somebody was modeling something rather frilly and mint green….

Question: Is the latest blind item with the couple who do the deed about Criminal Minds‘ Garcia and Morgan? I would love that! —April
Ausiello: No, but that’s not to say those two crazy kids won’t hit the sheets by season’s end. I can tell you with absolute certainty that all kinds of s–t will go down in and around May sweeps. I know this because Thomas Gibson told TVLine last Thursday at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame Ceremony honoring Chuck Lorre that, “All kinds of s–t” will go down in and around May sweeps, adding, “Stay tuned. All kinds of good stuff.” Gibson also confirmed that the season finale will be broken up into two parts.

Question: I noticed that Nikita‘s storylines are slowly wrapping up, which leads me to question if it’s actually doomed. Please say no! —Felipe
Ausiello: We lobbed the renewal question over to Warner Bros. TV president Peter Roth, who confessed, “I don’t know. I think it’s too soon to tell. It’s a spectacularly well-produced show. I’ve watched every episode [and] I’m flabbergasted at how good the level of production is. The cast is fantastic – Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca, Shane West – they’re all amazing. The production values are brilliant. The storytelling is remarkable. [But] the ratings are somewhat challenged.” [For the record, Nikita is holding firm at “could go either way” on TVLine’s 2012 Renewal Scorecard.]

Question: Please Ausiello, be my angel and tell us if we can expect to have at least a kiss between New Girl’s Nick and Jess by the end of the season? —Angel
Ausiello: You can expect it all you like, but I’m sorry to say you ain’t gonna get it. “We love them,” series creator Liz Meriwether said at Monday’s PaleyFest 2012 panel, “but they’ve got a lot of growing and learning to do.” In other words, the show wants to take its sweet time getting them together. So much so that Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson admitted thet are often told to tone down their chemistry in scenes! And if they don’t, the powers that be will do it for them. For instance, at the end of tonight’s cancer scare episode, Jess was supposed to give Nick a half-hug, but they changed it to a more platonic shoulder bump. Which is just as well, because both characters share a new love interest: Dermot Mulroney’s Russell. He’s “sophisticated and debonaire,” Deschanel said. “He first engages [Jess] in playful banter, and we end up starting up a little somethin’-somethin’.” And then so do Mulroney and the guys! They “are pretty taken with his character,” Deschanel revealed, because “they haven’t ever really been around a ‘man.'” Nick in particular is bromantically smitten. “He falls in love a bit,” Johnson acknowledged. “The big D has a little bit of charm to him.”

Question: Need a Schmidt fix, please. —Jeremy
Ausiello: First of all, Meriwether promised at that the aforementioned PaleyFest panel that there would “definitely” be more Fat Schmidt coming up. Plus, in the episode the gang most recently shot, everyone’s favorite douchebag sings a song to Cece… that portrayer Max Greenfield almost entirely improvised. Game on, Usher!

Question: What’s next with regards to Regina and Mr. Gold’s battle on Once Upon a Time? —Joy
Ausiello: “Certain things happen toward the last five or six episodes that shake our relationship,” teases Robert Carlyle. “You realize that maybe Rumplestiltskin [didn’t create the curse] for her at all; maybe he was doing it for himself. Maybe the curse was created for him.”

Question: Please tell me Desperate Housewives isn’t going to end with Bree going to jail. That would be beyond depressing. —Jerry
Ausiello: While I have no confirmation of that, Bree’s courtroom drama will be a major storyline as the show winds down. Not only has — as we told you already — Scott Bakula been cast as the redhead’s defense attorney, but the hunt has begun for a pair of actors to recur as her tag-team prosecutors and the judge presiding over the case.

Question: I just watched Desperate Housewives‘ promo for next week’s episode and am dying to know who dies! (See what I did there?) A hint would be so generous of you! —Stefan
Ausiello: Kathryn Joosten told TVLine recently that she anticipates more than one death. C’mon, she said, “Gotta have more than one!” For that matter, she wants Mrs. McCluskey to be the killer. “I thought it’d be great if they just gave me an AK-47, and I could wipe out the entire street,” she said with a laugh. “But they didn’t like it.” Did they like it so little that they might have made her one of the casualties? “It doesn’t make any difference,” she chuckled. “The show’s over. Who cares?”

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  1. Pamela says:

    Yay Fringe!

    • Ben says:

      I love that Fringe’s chances just keep going up – and I feel sure that Michael is closer to this than anyone else out there predicting its demise but never actually creating any intel. Michael, that news made my day (I am a little sad about TN, but will gladly trade it for more Fringe).

      • ScrubsGuy says:

        Did something happen recently (besides the cancellations) which improved Fringe’s chances? I thought the they were talking about ways to make the show more economically viable, but no one seemed very positive about it. (note: very psyched to hear about Fringe’s improving chance – just wondering if I missed some news)

        • Ben says:

          Ask Ausiello IS news, and so are his ratings. The average punter journalist is just taking stabs in the dark based on ratings etc, and the ratings don’t look good for Fringe, so they are negative about its chances. Ausiello’s chances are usually based on reliable inside info – its far from the first time that he has given high likelihood ratings to something coming back that everyone else has at a high likelihood of being cancelled, and he has it right more often than not. He’s just that good.

    • LC says:

      WOO HOO!!!! This just made my week!!!!!!

    • Joe says:

      You took the words right out of my fingers. :)

    • DL says:

      I’m still scared to get my hopes up, but I will anyway!

    • John Berggren says:

      Cautiously optimistic about you saying so. I want nothing more than a Fringe renewal, but everyone else seems fatalistic about it’s chances.

    • allie08 says:

      so excited to read that Fringe has been upgraded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. nath says:


    • you'vewasted8years says:

      They all go on to successful lives away from the small town. Look for the show to turn up in comic book form sometime next year.

  3. Sarah Ashley says:

    The Glee scenario that will come true is Kurt being single in NYC. They’re clearly not being kept together.

    • Emily says:

      Is it terrible that I’m kind of rooting for the Sebastian prediction? I don’t know why I want to see Sebastian cut down to size and Blaine falling for him. I just do!

    • Emma says:

      I actually think it’s the Quinn thing. The writers have clearly run out of things to do with her character so her leaving for Yale in the fall will give them a really clean out.

    • Edith says:

      I do hope Klaine break up, and Blaine goes on his merry way somewhere. Darren is talented at many things, but acting is not one of them. I think he’s a lovely person, but it’s painful to watch him trying to emote. :/

      • Dana says:

        He’s an over emoter. Lea Michele is too. I think it’s a musical theatre thing. You have to over emote on stage. You should not over emote when a camera is right up in your face.

      • dddd says:

        I completely disagree. Singing and composing are his best suits but he’s also a good actor

        • Penguin says:

          I don’t think the problem’s Darren, really. I think the problem’s Blaine and his blandness/lack of development. To be honest, I can never understand why Chris/Kurt stans and Darren/Blaine stans actually ship Klaine. It seems like the ship has ruined both characters and, in turn, the actors’ enjoyment playing them. Personally, I ship Chris/Kurt and lines/songs as well as Darren/Blaine and storylines/development which is why I can never ship Klaine. It’s putting Kurt in Blaine’s shadows while reducing Blaine to a one-dimensional being [I’m not even going to lie and call him a character at the minute].

          • S says:

            I agree. Blaine almost never gets to speak and when he does he gets the worst (and most inconsistent) material. Once Blaine was supposed to be older, now he’s younger, once he was supposed to be a confident gay guy, only to get confused about his sexuality because of a drunken kiss… I feel bad for Darren, not only we but even he doesn’t know anything about his character and the writers are to blame

            I was a huge Klaine shipper once and I totally agree with what you said. I’m not a Kurt fan, I ship Blaine/character development and Chris/other projects but I can see where you are coming from and understand why Kurt has so many fans. Disagree about Kurt being on Blaine’s shadows tho since Kurt always gets storylines while Blaine gets nothing to do but praise him and look cute. IMO it’s much more the other way around.

  4. Heather says:

    The House producers were stupid for getting rid of Jen in the first place and they’re even stupider for not asking her back for the finale. I am SO glad Once Upon a Time is doing so well and that Jen has totally moved on and had great success. You go girl! =)

    • Gamma says:

      I´m actually glad she is not coming back. She was the most irritating character and the way she blamed House at the end…ugh. I just hope i don´t want to see Cameron again.

      • Simon Jester says:

        I tend to agree. The whole “dating House” thing was a mistake, and left the character with nowhere to go. Glad they ditched her and picked up Thirteen instead… and much as I’m enjoying her on ONCE UPON A TIME, I don’t see the need to shoehorn her into the HOUSE finale.

        • @Simon says:

          The House dating Cameron story-arc was pretty much finished after season 1. She was an very essential team-member, she functionated as the moral core of the show which was hugely missing after exit. I liked thirteen too. Where is the problem to keep both woman on the show? TPTB would have made the Fem-slashers a favour ;)

      • @Gamma says:

        The way she blamed House at the end? Lol, Nobodys Fault was pretty much an entire episode long about the same issue and JWs character made the same accusation to House as Cameron. It is your choice how you want to interpret Houses “I`m sorry” at the end of NF to Chase ;)

      • Lizzie says:

        To be honest, I feel the exact same way about Cuddy. Not Cameron. She was young, she’s allowed to make mistakes. Cuddy on the other hand was tolerable in the first seasons, but the more they moved her into the center the more annoying she got. Glad that I won’t have to see her again.

    • Aleks says:

      Totally true! They made a huge mistake, but now our girl moved on & is totallly rocking it :D Go Jen!

    • Sally says:

      I totally agree. I was hoping to see Cameron one last time, she was my favorite character besides House and Wilson, but I’m glad that her own show is doing so well.

      • YaY says:

        I love Cameron too

      • Autumn says:

        She was my favorite character (alongside House and Wilson as well). I just lost interest after she left though I think I lost interest as soon as the old team took a backseat to the new. I just never connected with it at all. It’s a pity they didn’t even ask her back.

        • Jill says:

          Same here, House, Wilson and Cameron were my favorite characters on the show. The show got less interesting when they moved Cameron and Chase aside for the boring new team and House become unlikable. When they fired Jennifer Morrison after promising for 2 years that Cameron would be back, I realized it was never going to go back to being the show I had loved so much.

  5. Gus says:

    “a major piece of mythology is revealed (though the eagle-eyed may have first caught wind of it two weeks ago, at the school).”


    • Emily says:

      Don’t tell me it was Rick staring at those deputies and trying to figure out how they became zombies. Don’t tell me it’s like the graphic novels where everyone becomes a zombie regardless of how they died! Fingers crossed it’s something fresh.

    • wordsmith says:

      My guess is that they reveal anyone who dies turns, not just those who die by walker bites. That’s how it works in the comics, and I think I remember them mentioning something about it in the episode two weeks ago.

    • Gigi says:

      It is from Jenner at the CDC, how could it still be a secret when it is from the comics?

      • Emily says:

        Come on, give the writers some credit. They know that using the twist from the comics cannot be touted as a huge secret. If they’re going to use the everyone-who-dies-turns mythology, then I’m willing to bet that the Jenner whisper is about something else. A mythology reveal does not necessarily equal the Jenner secret.

    • STARK says:

      Haven`t seen that particular episode yet, but could it be The axe uses in the comics?

    • Briana says:

      What’s the asterisk quiz for this spoiler? anyone?

  6. Jamie says:

    The Quinn one is the one that is true. Obviously she will learn to walk again and she will head off to Yale duh. Its not the Will/Emma one because Matt and Jayma both have stated they’re staying for S4 and they both have said its great to have the people you started the series be with you till the end so they’re not going anywhere. Another one plausible is the Klaine break up.

  7. BLAH says:


  8. Jen says:

    Speaking of dresses and NCIS, Pauley Perrette tweeted the other day about how cute Abby’s dress was on set – picture included. It was cute!

  9. Malaska says:

    What the hell was Mark Harmon wearing that was “green and frilly”?!?! :)

  10. ann says:

    Ahh, just keep the good Dair spoilers comin’, Ausiello. I’m lovin’ it!

  11. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    25+ spoilers and not a single show I watch, ah well, next AA meeting hopefully

  12. me says:

    Lord, it better be the Quinn one that’s true from Glee.

  13. footheld says:

    Can Rickey Martin take over Will Schuester’s job???

  14. Trenton says:

    W/ the Vampire Diaries serial killer…we are all thinking human b/c he is killing them in a human way…but a clever vampire could be doing all of these things in the same way to throw everyone off the trail.

    • Dash says:

      But the number of vampires that are invited into Elena’s house is limited. Whoever is doing this attacked Alaric at Elena’s.

    • Danielle H says:

      I don’t know but that was a weak hint…
      wait.. is it KATHERINE!!!!!???/?? Squee.

      • Jess says:

        The TVD killer is sooo Jeremy….the killings just so happen to start when he went to “Denver” I just haven’t quite figured out why….

        • Meg says:

          I think it is Jeremy too … it must have something to do with him being compelled so many times and it going bad somehow. That’s all I can come up with.

      • Allison says:

        This would definitely be a good way to bring Katherine back into the mix. My theory is that she and Meredith are in league together. Now I just wonder what the motive is for taking out the council…

  15. Ali says:

    Fringe..a safe bet…music to my all universes. :)

  16. sam says:

    almost positive the quinn one is the one thats coming true but secretly praying for the seblaine one

  17. Meghan says:

    I seriously hope Morgan & Garcia don’t climb into bed together! That would ruin the show for me… as if it isn’t already with Prentiss leaving again. I want to hear spoilers about the Season Finale!!! How are they going to deal with Paget’s departure?

    • Kate says:

      If anyone should do the deed it should be Morgan & Prentiss before she leaves…

      • Saint Alicia says:

        “it should be Hotch & Prentiss before she leaves…”
        Fixed that for you. ;)

        • Meghan says:

          I don’t know… I love Beth! I think she’s great for Hotch.
          After “It Takes A Village,” “Dorado Falls” and most recently “A Thin Line” I think Morgan & Prentiss have the most chemistry.

          • Saint Alicia says:

            Well I haven’t watched CM since 7×13, so I can’t speak for “A Thin Line,” but in “Dorado Falls” I seem to recall at the end Prentiss shooting down Morgan’s flirtations (per usual, she’s not Garcia) and in “It Takes A Village” it was mostly Hotch doing whatever he could to help Prentiss.
            At the end he delivered a nice line, to a sulking Morgan, stating “this is not about you or me, this was about saving Emily.” But whatevs, Paget is leaving so all ships with Prentiss are pretty much moot. So long as the writers give her a nice exit in the finale I can write the show off without (much) prejudice.

  18. Javi says:

    I don’t know why but I think that the mistery killer in Vampire Diaries is Jeremy…. I just have that feeling…

    • Emily says:

      Jeremy tried to kill Alaric? That’s kind of depressing. It’d have to be something that went awry with Damon’s compulsion.

      • Jenn C says:

        I hope it’s not Jeremy, I agree, it would be depressing if Jeremy tried to kill Alaric. I’m still thinking it’s Matt somehow. Bigger question though, Meredith shot at Alaric in the last cliff hanger before the hiatus, will she end up being supernatural? How else will Alaric survive? I thought she’d end up being Logan’s sister or something and wanted revenge, since Alaric was the one who had staked Logan, she is a Fell after all.

        Love this show!

    • Trenton says:

      Could be tyler under compulsion or sire bond.

  19. Kelli says:

    So I would take it Nick and Jess are NOT the blind item couple who do the deed.

  20. Mia says:

    I will take the Klaine breakup, Quinn going to Yale, or the Seblaine one as the true Glee prediction please and thank you

  21. Jeff says:

    Fringe!!!!!!!!!! You just made my week!

  22. Aleks says:

    I was really hoping that jen wioll come cack for the final episode… It doesn’t have to make sense, not many things on House make since the end of season 6, so why can I see my Cmeron once again…:(?

  23. kath says:

    ahaha i bet dair have angry sex! love it. as long as they make-up and have good, happy sex by the end. love that DB can be played for comedy and drama!

    • Katia says:

      When you are right, you are RIGHT. I adore these two characters together. I hope the writers will keep them together for a while, then break them up and by the series finale will make them endgame.

  24. Ashley says:

    They are going to get drunk or something to have sex. Yeah, that’s the sign of a good relationship if you have to alter you state of mind in order to have sex. This Dair trainwreck needs to be over already. It’s so unbelievable and forced.

    • S says:

      Funny. Chuck and Blair started out having drunk sex in a limo. now that’s classy.
      Only thing unbelievable is you disregarding facts in order to bash Dair.

      • B says:

        Having a couple of drinks isn’t drunk. Funny how dair fans have to try and make up things in order to support dair. Did the writers or producers ever say they were drunk?

    • AmyLynn says:

      Yea I think they will have to be drunk too…there is no way that is a long term solution to the problem

    • Dash says:

      Dair actually helped me break up with GG. It was the ridiculous cherry on top of the ridiculous sundae that is Gossip Girl. So thanks Dair! Now I have a free hour every week.

      • torontogirl98 says:

        I totally agree I am not trying to be dramatic but they totally jumped the shark with that one, its not that I hate them that much but how can you have someone confessing their undying love to someone weeks earlier at their wedding to yet another guy only to push her towards a third character. I mean seriously make up your mind and stick with something its too ridiculous!

        • F says:

          That’s bad writing though, has nothing to do with how awesome Dair is.
          Its a credit to Penn and Leighton that they can still be so convincing in their love (and please don’t argue with me on this, just watch the last scene of 5×17) even though the writers had Blair going back and forth for so many episodes before that. WHICH they only did because they wanted Chair drama for the 100th. In fact pretty sure that’s the only reason they stalled Dair this long is because they wanted to do this royal wedding bs.

  25. Saint Alicia says:

    LOL at your House intel, you pretty much recited verbatim what Jennifer said to EW on video, but okay…
    And as if there was any question that DS and TPTB are full of crap; they didn’t even contact Jennifer about returning (who arguably had a more amicable split with the show), so what makes people think they ever even asked Lisa. And so 13 gets like her 4th goodbye, but heaven forbid Cam or Cuddy make an appearance.
    And everything I hear about CM sounds like garbage; WTF is going on with the show…

    • P&B says:

      Nothing is happening with CM except that Paget wants to leave. Happen with every show that actors want to do something else.

      As for the Garcia and Morgan sleeping together, not happening just watch again the episode ‘Snake Eyes’ at the end it says it all, they will never sleep together.

      As for the season finale I hope we go back to explosive season finale where we all want the new season to start now! :D

      • Meghan says:

        I’m proud of Paget for leaving. But I’ll miss Prentiss, she’s my favorite.
        Nothing will happen with Morgan & Garcia. Now KEVIN & Garcia….
        I want to see the Season Finale NOW! I can’t wait! I just hope they give Prentiss a worthy exit… no more dying!

      • Alec says:

        Nope, don’t agree completely with you. There’s not much going on with CM not all is for the better and not to the worst. And I only speak for my self. This season is just not entertaining, it’s off plumb. The wanted character development isn’t written nor palyed believeable. I won’t go into details, just my hint every profiler must have studied human behavior/sociology or psychology for years, to get this degree they had to proof them self “to utilize” exactly this soft skills on them self (self-responsibilization). And here the writers describe “an everyday situation” like it would happen to you or me – they should dig deeper. Oh and no, such people aren’t super natural – they just handle conflicts in different manners/habits as unknowing ones. That’s why I think, it’s so difficult to write those characters, they aren’t just police cops. And I always thought that was the reason CM earlier didn’t digged into the characters to much. For this season finale I really hope they write Prentiss worthy out and not s**t-ish.

  26. Lillian says:

    I don’t know who Tyler Barrol is, so please, what does that mean for Shane? Thank you!

    • P says:

      it’s a character from the tv show REVENGE (really good btw. Based on the count of monte cristo) Anyway he holds his best friend at gun point. I think this is whats going to happen.

  27. Jasie says:

    What does the Walking Dead spoiler mean when he says “Shane pulls a Tyler Barrol.”?

    • Emily says:

      Either he has a psychotic break and tries to kill everyone, or he plots to take Rick’s place as the leader. Probably both. See: Revenge

      • claire says:

        I’m leaning towards psychotic break. That would truly be pulling a Tyler Barrol… Plus Shane is starting to show show some Tylerness…

  28. Alex says:

    I’m going to personally blame you if Fringe is canceled after being upgraded to a safe bet.
    Also, renewal scorecard should be updated with Touch’s new premiere date.

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    Quinn obviously survived. She is going to walk again probably before the season is out and she will move on to Yale. So that one is most likely it.

    The Finchel one is realistic as well.

    Its not…

    Wemma- obviously not that one since both are signed till season 7 and Matt stated that its good to have the people you came in to the show be with you till the end. So they’re obviously not going anywhere. Plus next year will probably be the Emma pregnancy storyline especially since they’re getting married in May.
    Ricky Martin-whom they stated would be recurring next season as a friend to Will and the spanish teacher. If he was the ND’s new coach he would be a series regular.

  30. Well, I hope it isn’t Shane going by pitchfork… his character deserves better. But I thought Dale’s character deserved better too… so what the hec do I know?!!? I have to wonder when/if Vampire Diaries is going to zap Damion and turn him into something other than a vamp, isn’t that what happens in the books?

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    • BRETT says:

      I agree. It’s not looking good for Mike.

    • dan says:

      Makes sense for Mike to die. Then Julie comes back and decides to keep her baby so she and Susan can bond. That ties Lynette/Tom/Porter with Susan/Julie/baby for a “happy” ending (and possibly brings Lynette and Tom back together). There may be other deaths (I’m looking at you Mrs. McClusky), but I suspect that the four key women who started the show will wind up together (ie: all alive and friendly) at the end. Either that or Mary Alice will come back alive because she faked her death…or one of the women will die and Mary Alice will meet her in heaven (a very “soap opera” thing to do and creates an emotional ending). One guarantee: Edie Britt won’t be back.

  38. Nancy says:


  39. Mindy says:

    FRINGE!!!! Oh, please let this be true! Please, please, please, please.

  40. Ghostly Fan says:

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    Thanks for the spoilers on Meredith and Derek!. I love them!

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    Also I am glad Jason Behr is back on tv in Breakout Kings (it’s been too long), even if it’s in a show not many people seem to get excited about. Well he’s one reason! Recurring, oh my sweet faced prince, you are playing a psycho and wonderfully. I look forward to your return, good sir.

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