Smash Recap: Excuses for 'Bad' Behavior

katharine mcphee smashIn a certain sense, Smash lived up to its title this week by repeatedly making me want to smash several characters heads together — and amazingly, that little weasel Ellis didn’t crack the Top 3! Not that I’m entirely complaining, mind you: If all of the show’s characters acted wisely and ethically all the time, we’d be looking at a pretty boring hour of television. It’s just a little hard to swallow that Debra Messing’s otherwise fabulous Julia would do something as boneheaded as make out with her former (and possibly future) illicit lover in plain sight of her teenage son’s bedroom window.

Let’s recap who needed a good solid thwack upside the noggin’ during “Let’s Be Bad.”

* I knew Julia was in trouble the minute she agreed to a “working dinner” with Michael — and had the audacity to paw his dessert and eat whipped cream off her finger — gross on multiple levels! — and then again when she let him drunkenly barge into her apartment for dinner with her and her teenage son Leo. (Hot hubby was away for work.) But here’s what I don’t get: Are we supposed to be titillated by Julia and Michael’s naughty behavior? Do we even believe Julia would be attracted to a guy who would blurt “your mother and I used to smoke a little doob” to her son — less than a week after said teenager had been arrested on suspicion of smoking weed in Central Park? Girlfriend seems way too sharp and self-possessed for such nonsense. I got the impression the show’s writers felt like Michael walking away from his limo and kissing Julia was the climax of the episode, but I was far more inclined to pump my fist earlier in the hour, when Julia met Michael’s probing into her private phone call with a terse “What can I do for you?” More of that Julia, please!

* I know Ivy is being painted as our “starlet with insecurity issues,” but really, a 10-year veteran of the New York theater/dating scene is gonna show up drunk at her director/boyfriend’s house and whine that he’s not paying enough attention to her during rehearsals? Oh sister, where art thou’s self-respect? I did, however, love the way she played through the pain during rehearsal: Fighting back some tears, re-centering herself, and performing “Let’s Be Bad” with the kind of committed gusto that makes you understand exactly why she snagged the title role in Marilyn the Musical. When Megan Hilty sings, I am perpetually in awe.

* Every time Derek speaks, I’m reminded of Tom’s series-premiere quote: “He is a terrible human being!” And really, dude is foul as the sight of a swarm of Manhattan pigeons fighting over a chicken bone. His misogynistic comments to Karen that “you’re terrified of anything below the neck.” The way he screeched at Karen to perform an uncomfortable “Happy Birthday” in front of the entire cast, then smirked at both Karen and Ivy’s discomfort. The way he stormed out of the room without so much as a hand clap for Ivy’s stellar “Let’s Be Bad.” His whole b.s. to Ivy about “You can have feelings: They just need to be about Marilyn.” Honestly, the man is fascinatingly repugnant, albeit an interesting study in what some men do when all the power is in their hands. All together now, “He is a terrible human being!”

Kvetching aside, this was a good week for Karen and Tom. I liked that the former character tried to be an adult and address the discomfort of having to give a vibrato lesson to Ivy, though it struck me as ironic that she basically played her rival’s role by getting jealous of superhot Dev’s work colleague. I’m not sure her rendition of “It’s a Man’s World” bubbled over with raw sexuality, but I liked how she switched from casual flirtation mode to stealth spy the minute she realized her tablemate was Dev’s rival for press secretary.

Oh, let’s talk about TOM! How fun was his improvised ditty when he and Leo were waiting for Julia to arrive home and bring down the motherly hammer? “She’s gonna kill me twice/ I’m so dead, I’m so dead/ I wish I’d gone to the movies instead.” I also loved how he tried to knock some sense into his BFF, noting that her failure to pick up the phone for Leo’s arrest was a “wakeup call” to stop playing with fire. And even if Michael was too obtuse to get the hint, Tom’s bitchy announcement — “She’s having a family issue. And that’s where she needs to be — with her fam-uh-lee.” — was pitch perfect indeed.

* Ellis gets one significant line, and naturally it’s carefully worded espionage to Eileen: “Tom’s in a holding pattern while Julia catches up with her pages.” Your move, Julia! Act now and crush the man who puts the “ass” in “assistant.”

* This episode desperately needed more Eileen, don’t you agree? A full hour of Smash without a bitchy retort or a blithely tossed drink is kind of like a Broadway musical without an earworm refrain.

What did you thihk of this week’s Smash? Are you feeling the Julia-Michael chemistry? Sound off below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alienate says:

    Very good episode. I do not like anything about Michael.

    I can enjoy a GOOD “bad-guy”. He is not one.

  2. fernando says:

    I did like this ep. I was a little bit let down by it because in the previews it showed Karen and Ivy going at it as a big thing but in the ep. it wasnt as big as I thought, but either way I still liked it last night.

    Each ep. im starting to like Karen more and Ivy less, I feel bad for Karen and now that we on ep. 5 I think Karen really deserved to be marlyin.

    Juila started growing on me too, She plays the mom part so well.

    And Tom idk how I feel about his story, it’s a little boring, and I am gay but the guy he is dating isnt doing it for me and the new guy who trying to get with him is boring too.

    • Louis says:

      Totally agree about how the promos seemed to set us up for a different type of Ivy-Karen showdown. I now believe they put in scenes from future episodes in those promos… really misleading… but as a former high school “theater geek”, I really love the show.

  3. KC says:

    Love Will Chase. Hate Michael. My love for Brian d’Arcy James and his character only fans the flames of hate.

  4. Neeti says:

    Love Karen and Derek. They have Such sizzling chemistry and can’t wait till they happen. They have potential to be a major couple on the show!

    • AT says:

      They definitely have good chemistry. But Dev is so wonderful! I would be sad if Karen did something to mess that up.

  5. DT says:

    The episode wasn’t bad. Though I do have to agree that some of the characters needed to be smacked. There were a few things that I thought was very unnecessary… the part where Ivy’s best friend was trying to be butch and asked Tom about sports (hello?!?!?), and the scene where Tom and John are in bed after terrible sex. Cut those out and add a drink being tossed at Eileen’s now former assistant and we have ourselves a great episode.

  6. Donna says:

    This show started to grow on me the last 2 episodes. I can’t say I care much for Julia’s love life/family life-but I do love her relationship with Tom and her hatred of Ellis.

    I’m not loving Ivy, and found myself wanting Derek to throw her drunken butt out the door.

    I do agree about Eileen. The show just ins’t the same if she’s not throwing a drink. She’s the best!

  7. Mary says:

    Boring and predictable. I really wanted to like this show, but after last night’s episode I’ve given up.

  8. the girl says:

    I disagree that Derek is an ass; I completely agree with him. Ivy needs to stop expecting him to act like her boyfriend when they are working because in the rehearsal space, he is NOT her boyfriend. He is the director. They have a job to do. They can be lovers in their free time. Plus, it is crazy unattractive for her to constantly need so much reassuring and fawning from him and everyone else. When she told Karen “I don’t care what you or Derek think” I immediately yelled “opposite day!” because that is so not true.

    I really hope Ellis can go become Eileen’s assistant and leave Julia and Tom alone. I cannot stand him but I do believe that his terribleness mixed with Eileen’s amazing wit will be pure genius.

    Lastly I am annoyed that Julia is wasting time with everything BUT finishing that damn script. Seriously though.

    Obvs this is a good show because I care a lot. This episode was good because the character continue to be fleshed out well and I like where everything is headed, except for the part in the promo where Tom warns “she is sensitive to drugs” – I immediately gave the side eye like, really?

    • Marcie says:

      I see Ivy as sort of following Marilyn’s pathway a bit. She’s looking for love rather than a career from her director. He’s in it for the creativity. She expects him to treat her like his girlfriend at work rather than an employee, when all he can focus on is whether she’s delivering the goods. If she keeps it up, she’ll fall apart like Marilyn, and then enter Karen.

    • Bill says:

      Derek is not an ass? He is such a jerk, it’s almost comical. He treat everybody like they are something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe, unless he wants sex from them. He likes to humiliate people and not to really make them be better at something. he does it because he enjoys it. How in any way was sleeping with Ivy a smart move. He knew it could lead to complications and cause to doubt whether she was good enough for the lead or just good in bed. Every show needs to a character that you love to hate and he’s fills that role perfectly on Smash. I may continue to watch so I can see him get what he deserves. Hey maybe Ivy will give him an STD or something. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  9. Kate says:

    I guess I’m the only one who feels this whole Michael-Julia thing! I know it’s weird to root for adultery but they just have so much more chemistry than she does with her husband. Plus they speak the same language of music/theater, so to speak. If they had met before she got married I bet they could have had a lovely life together. Just my two cents!

    • Amadeu says:

      I agree with that, Kate. Michael/Julia, besides the adultery, are perfect in my eyes.

    • Lauren K says:

      Coulda, woulda, shoulda… they are both married and they are both cheating scum bags. If he didn’t love his wife enough to be faithful then he shouldn’t have married her. He has no excuse. Julia should be ashamed of herself, we’ve seen no indication whatsoever that her husband deserves to be cheated on. This storyline makes me sick.

    • jennrae says:

      Speaking of Julia’s “hot hubby,” say whaaat? Hot? And before I could remember anyone’s names and before we saw Ellis with his “girlfriend,” I mistakenly thought when people remarked about Ellis being very clearly gay, I thought they were talking about Julia’s husband (Frank?). Plus, they have zero chemistry. But also, Ellis hanging out with his “girlfriend” before we saw them kissing, I would bet my life he was gay. Nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t help suppress the stereotype that gay actors can’t play straight convincingly. It’s one of the reasons why gay actors have a hard time coming out.

    • Carissa says:

      You are not alone, Kate. I really like them together and think they have chemistry.

    • Bill says:

      You want Julia to cheat on her husband? I think that’s more than just weird. It’s a little sick. Her husband seems like a decent guy. I couldn’t care less how much “chemistry” she has with Michael. She cheating and so is he . He has a wife and kid at home. Julia has a husband who seems very supportive and wants to do whatever he can to help her adopt a child. And you want her to mess around with a guy who comes over to her place drunk and starts telling her son about he and his mother smoking pot after he was just arrested for the same thing. Yeah, Michael is a real catch alright and certainly someone she should throw her whole life away for because after all, they have chemistry.

      I’m afraid I don’t really care how good a couple they would have made if neither one was married and had a family. Julia has already cheated on her husband once with this jerk and judging from the previews, she’s about to do it again. I really hope she gets caught this time and loses everything. I hope her husband kicks her out and her son wants nothing to do with her. You play, you pay. Michael’s wife should give him the same treatment and tell him it will be awhile before he sees his child again – whenever the court decides he can. Adultery may seem sexy to you in some way (are you married?), but all it really does is destroy lives. And I have a feeling Julia and Michael are about to find that out, big time.

  10. dianaprince says:

    I don’t know Slezak. I’m almost done with this show. Karen is sooo boring and dull. (I can’t decide if its the character itself or the lack of acting ability on the part of K.McPhee). Plus last weeks “intervention” scene – with shopping and going thru her closet — just so contrived and false. Plus the baby shower trip? What was the purpose of that? So, so dumb. And only served to confirm that Karen is actually boring – her friends had so much energy and fun – why would they be friends with Karen?
    I think the producers can’t figure out what show this is. An actual musical. Or a story about a musical.
    And the fact that Karen would have gotten as far as she did in the audition process with only being a good singer and not a dancer or sexy or acting the part…is stupid. And that’s contrived – the “fake” – she’s a bad dancer. Then suddenly she isn’t.
    I don’t know — when Ivy sings/performs its breathtaking and wholly beliveable. When Karen does – she has a great voice, but that’s it. No emotion. And she’s playing Karen mousy instead of just being mousy or shy or whatever.

    • Siria says:

      Thank you. Finally someone to see it the way I do.

    • smasher says:

      “Plus the baby shower trip? What was the purpose of that? So, so dumb. And only served to confirm that Karen is actually boring – her friends had so much energy and fun – why would they be friends with Karen?”

      I actually properly loled at that, WTF?! Spot the Kat McPhee hater a mile away!

      I really enjoyed this episode even though its getting so soapy I’m kind of on board with that, LOL! Ivy needs to dial down the bitchy diva behaviour because I wasn’t liking her before she started on that, but her Let’s Be Bad was fantastic!!!!!!1 Probably the best show number of Smash so far. Loved Karen’s IAMMMW. Her voice is just gorgeous, and I do like that her character showed a bit more sass and attitude this week. She just needs to bring that attitude to the workshop. LOVED Tom this week also. He was completely not on my radar until this week!

      • Siria says:

        You know what made me laugh? You calling me a Katherine McPhee hater. Why? I don’t live in the US and the first time heard her name was when I watched the Smash pilot and wanted to find out, what that mediocre singer and terrible actress had accomplished in her career to warrant such a big role. That’s when I found out that she is just part of a common practice: Find a nice litte pop singer to attract a younger audience.

        However, I can live with that. As I said, that is a common practice (I was ‘lucky’ enough to have seen Nick Jonas as Marius in Les Misérables). What I can’t live with and what makes me rethink watching the show is the insult to my intelligence. The authors have written Karen and Ivy in such a way that it is basically impossible for me to make up my own mind. They want me to like Karen and dislike Ivy just because Karen is so sweet and modest and has such beautiful big brown eyes and is so morally perfect. While I am annoyed with Miss McPhee – for whatever reason – I can truly an honestly say that I hate that character. Now, Ivy is a hard-working young woman who struggled for years and has now finally reached her goals. But instead of highlighting her strenght, the authors decided to make her become a drunk diva who slept her way to the top. I think that this character had a lot of potential, but now we’re stuck with Karen.

        • Lauren K says:

          Thank You! I had no idea who Katherine McPhee was before I watched the pilot and the writing gave me the definite impression that I was supposed to be rooting for her instead of the incredible broadway actress Megan Hilty. I was so confused until I found out where she came from and then I just did a sigh and a shrug and started praying to the TV gods that the network would realize that she is no where near good enough to star on Broadway. Maybe with 2 or 3 years of vocal training she could be because she has a pretty good natural voice but no where near Megan Hilty. What really pisses me off is that the writers expect us to like her just because she’s the doe eyed innocent new girl and she acts reprehensibly and is completely unprofessional. She really doesn’t know how to be part of the ensemble, really? She’s had every starring role her whole life? How unbelievably arrogant of her to upstage Ivy. Then she stomps out of rehearsal like a petulant 5 year old when Ivy strikes back at her. Yes, Ivy was being petty but Karen was totally unprofessional to grab her bag, stomp out the door and slam it and then throw a fit in the hallway. “You should be helping me” Why? Why you arrogant little pain in the butt, why should they help you. This is their careers and their lives and you just came in and surpassed them all at the auditions. What on Earth makes you feel entitled to their support? Man I was seeing red and I had to get up and walk away from the TV. The only thing that keeps me watching is Eileen and Tom.

          • briga says:

            Wow, what I hate more than anything are patronising comments like these where someone automatically thinks a Broadway star has more talent. Megan Hilty is seriously talented, but so is Katharine McPhee. She might not have as powerful a voice as Megan but it is much more beautiful and her tone is gorgeous. I’m personally open to who gets the role of Marilyn because both actresses are equally deserving. Oh and Karen is a naive newbie, so yes the whole ensemble thing is new to her, but other than being a bit whiney she had every right to be p!ssed! Ivy was acting like a diva (her BFF even called her out for it) – she’s the star of the show, and should have acted like it, instead of letting her insecurities get in the way.

          • Lauren K says:

            Well, you see, when a show is casting two women to compete for a Broadway role and one of them has Broadway experience that shines through in every single number and the other is a thin voiced pop star then, yes I do think automatically that the Broadway actress is better for the part. Because you see, it’s on BROADWAY. This isn’t a competition for a record deal. Katherine McPhee would actually be better for a record deal than Megan Hilty but they are two totally separate mediums. I never said that Ivy was right to behave that way. She was being an insecure diva but that doesn’t make it right for Karen to act like an undisciplined baby. She has no right to be helped by the other members of the ensemble. It’s a professional atmosphere that is cutthroat competitive for jobs. If she can’t handle it then she should go back to Iowa. Oh, and P.S. they have ensembles in Iowa. As a matter of fact they would be in any musical she’d ever been in and unless she was the star every single time she should have learned to rein it in when she’s not front and center. Unless we’re contending that she’s never been in a musical, in which case she really needs to shut up and pay attention and she has no right to a leading role. Period.

          • cassy says:

            Who let Megan Hilty’s mom on this site? Sheesh.

          • Lauren K says:

            Actually I’m a year younger than Megan Hilty and I only have two children who are both boys but thanks for trying to invalidate my opinion by making a derogatory statement about me personally.

          • Chris says:

            I don’t agree that K McPhee needs vocal coaching. Her mother is a vocal coach and was used on Idol this year. I imagine she’s had years of vocal coaching. She’s a very good singer but her style isn’t what we think of as Broadway. I think you’re being too literal here. The show isn’t actually casting a Broadway musical. It’s a backstage look at Broadway. It would be a very short season if it was just about casting the most deserving person as Marilyn.

          • Lauren K says:

            If there is one thing that American Idol has taught me it’s that a lot of people who think they can sing or that they have good vocal coaches can’t and don’t. That is when I could still stand watching the substandard crap on that show. There is a difference between doing something and being good at it. Katherine McPhee’s voice is thin. She doesn’t have the vocal maturity and tone quality that Megan Hilty or most Broadway stars have. I’m not saying she sucks or that she’s not trained at all she just isn’t very strong and definitely would never be able to compete with a real Broadway singer based on her voice alone. As for not being so literal, if they wanted us to believe that this was an even contest then they should’ve cast it more evenly. Either two Broadway singers or two pop stars. That way the difference wouldn’t be so ridiculous. If you’re going to contemplate risking hundreds of thousands of dollars casting a complete unknown in a leading role then she had darn well be better than someone whose been in the ensemble for 10 years (ie not a pop singer). Also, I have still yet to see Katherine McPhee do a single Marilyn impression. Derek tells her to sing “Mr. President” as Marilyn and she still doesn’t do it. I don’t even think we can have an honest conversation about whether she is best for the part when we’ve never even see her try to “do” Marilyn.

    • Dallas says:

      I SO agree with this, dianaprince. K McPhee has no spark. Dull as dishwater. Thought I was going to love the premise. But it has tilted over to FAIL for me.

  11. Ray says:

    Julia & Michael are a hot couple, but how stupid are they? First Michael loudly sings a song publicly in front of their house, with several windows open, and then they just go at it right there in the middle of the street. I saw from a mile away that Leo would catch them, but didn’t Julia have any concerns about the neighbors? And I would have thought SHE (not he) would have had to be the drunk one for things to start up again between them, since he was so persistent to get things hot and heavy while she kept turning him away.
    I don’t feel for Ivy and her insecurities at all. Still haven’t felt any sympathy for her since the premiere.
    They keep showing Ellis overhearing Julia’s conversation about the affair as though it will play some role in each episode, but it never does.
    Need more Eileen and Ellis… was their scene together actually supposed to mean anything? Or just filler to show that the two still exist?
    Overall, I thought this was among the weaker episodes of the season, but it was still entertaining. BTW- Does Ivy Lynn’s “Marilyn voice” make you want to sock her in the mouth? It’s spot on, but still…

  12. dlferriola says:

    I really liked this weeks episode. The music was great as usual as was the acting. I really like Julia with Michael as she is no longer in love with her husband which is quite obvious.

    • Drew says:

      How is it obvious? Because she and her husband have a normal life instead of round the clock passion? That’s what happens. You settle in and get comfortable.
      And regardless, she is married. I don’t care if she feels like Michael instead of her husband this week. She has a family and she is violating that relationship. With her husband. With her son. With the kid that she wants to adopt. It’s trashy.

      • Bill says:

        I agree completely. I wonder how hot the ones that want Julia and Michael to have an affair (again!) would feel if there spouse/partner cheated on them. If the two guilty parties had chemistry, surely they would understand, right? They ignore the fact that he has a wife and young child at home who seem to care a lot about him. What kind of jerk is he to keep pursuing a married woman? Chemistry my butt. Let them get caught and lose their families and see what that chemistry means then. True, the divorce rate is currently almost 50% in this country, But for marriages born out of adultery, it’s over 90%. That chemistry seems to dissipate in the glaring light of day.

  13. Zach says:

    I agree, more Eileen, less Julia. Their storylines are so *yawn*…..Tom is getting really likeable, and Katharine is always great.

  14. Jess says:

    so many comments:
    1. Yes to “need more Eileen!!!”
    2. Derek is terrible, that’s pretty much a given. Michael is a terrible human being too! At first I thought he was okay… but now, he’s actively chasing after a married coworker while being married himself. Gross! What happened to the “i’m doing this for my wife and son” michael we saw when he was first introduced.
    3. I totally thought Ivy’s sniffling in front of everyone was she throwing a tantrum and playing with people’s sympathies/hearts, but here you thought it was her “working through it.” >_> so either she’s a terrible actress or one of us is painfully bad at interpreting characters.
    4. TOM WAS AWESOME (re: all the scenes you mentioned above)

  15. Drew says:

    Julia cheating on her husband is stupid. First of all, it’s too early in the series to pull something like that. Right out of the gate, it makes me not like her. Both she and Michael are trash. The show shouldn’t have gone there. It’s so “Glee”, which is a very, very bad thing. Smash didn’t need it. There’s enough drama without it and it would have been more interesting to see them as ex boyfriend/girlfriend (from before they were married) who have a connection but do not act on it. This cheating crap is not only over-done on TV, but it’s not romantic. It’s trashy.

    Still don’t like Ivy (and still insist that Karen has a better Marilyn figure than Ivy).

    Tom and the new guy don’t work. It’s like they keep trying to force all of these personal relationships on the show, when the show really doesn’t need them. Especially at this point.

  16. E says:

    I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, but I agree with much that’s been written here. I want to love the show, but it’s getting harder. I LOVE Julie and Tom (Tom specifically) it seems like the most plausible character/relationships on the show. The “intervention” with clothes and the ensemble was WAY over the top. Hard to reconcile the believable with the unbelievable. Ellis falls into that category too. It’s just not believable that a situation like that would ever continue at this level. Like she would have rested until she found her stolen notebook. NOT believable (or that he’d take it for that long to begin with).

    Seems like there’s enough available to this show (the process of a Broadway production with NYC as the backdrop + singing/dancing) that they wouldn’t have to resort to the other stuff. Odd.

  17. A says:

    Another stupid plot point – when Julia called the adoption agency to see if her son’s brush with the law would affect the adoption… WTH? First of all, he was not even charged, and second, if she hadn’t called them they would have NEVER known about it!
    I find NONE of the characters on this show likeable… I like Eileen the best… NEXT episode Thorsten Kaye is joining the cast as a bartender who flirts with Eileen – now THAT is what I’m looking forward to!!

  18. Silvia says:

    Dont worry! You’re not the only one! I ship Julia and Michael sooo bad…..oh and there are definetely more of us! Dont know why but from the moment he appeared on screen I fell in love with their story and felt they had great chemistry…. The ending of ”let’s be bad” made me squee like some crazy stupid fan girl. Anyway, let’s see how it plays out in the end…

  19. sarah says:

    I am enjoying this show.
    As soon as Ivy got the lead I stopped liking her. She is way to insecure. She pretty much got the lead because she slept with Derek. She is not deserving of it either!
    I like Derek. He may have been harsh to her but really she has to know that he can not play favorites when they are in rehersal, but she is to whiny and has very low self esteem and will stay with him
    I think Michael is hot! While I do not condone adultry I like Julia and Michael together
    Tom is funny! I do not like his blindness when it comes to Ivy BUT I like him and you can tell he does not really like hot lawyer guy but after seeing him in action at the police station he figured he should really give their relationship a try and after a not so great First Time I would like to see where the relationship will go.
    I am not a fan of Ellis.

  20. TheBeach says:

    My favorite scene was Tom’s “Wow” after-sex scene with the new boyfriend. It was totally funny with lots of elements of truth thrown in.

  21. 777 says:

    I love u for posting that comment!! In a previous article I wrote the same thing and all the comment I received were “u have no idea what you’re talking about!”.. So it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who know how to appreciate a real talent (Megan hilty) and not a “product”.

  22. Davey says:

    Two of the best numbers of the series have featured Megan Hilty. The Wolf number last week and Let’s Be Bad this week. I thought the Let’s Be Bad number was one of the most effective musical numbers they’ve done so far. At least there was an attempt at some complexity there.

    I’m sorry, I found Karen’s solo number vamping around pathetic. She should star in a soap opera, not a musical. Oh, wait…

    I agree about Tom’s number singing to Leo was at least funny and in the spirit of what this show is supposed to be about. Show people!

    I’m sorry Tom didn’t have an decent intimate experience with John. Does this mean they will just be friends? Please don’t have Tom go out with the sports lover who’s gay!

    I agree all the Julia-Michael stuff is going nowhere. I get that Messing and Will Chase are dating in real life, that doesn’t mean we have to watch them make out on TV.

  23. danielle says:

    My biggest iff with people that have a problem with Julia/Michael is that the reason they do is because it’s “wrong”. Hello! It’s fiction! If everything were “right”, this show would be more boring than it already is (most of the time). If you dislike them because you’re just not ~feeling the chemistry, or because one or the other bugs you, that for me would be more understandable. But scorning their relationship because they are “violating” the “laws of their marriage” is laughable… in the realm of fiction, anyway. Yes, they are both married and they both have families, but the intriguing aspect of an adultery storyline is the internal struggle between obligation and passion. I was initially bored with Julia’s character arc when it was all about her family and their adoption, but when they threw the affair storyline into the mix, my interest piqued up a bit. I don’t know if I love the relationship (yet), but I’m very interested to see where it goes.

    • Chris says:

      I do get your point about Micheal and Julia. The show wouldn’t be entertaining without conflict. However I do think they’ve moved way to fast with this storyline. They should have let us see Julia being a great mom, wife, friend, and professional for longer so that we would be horrified and conflicted when she starts to respond to Michael. As
      it is I’m not invested enough in her character or her marriage to care. I also don’t believe she’d risk being alone with Michael when her son is around unless you want me to believe she’s a crap mother.

  24. alexandra says:

    wow, thank you. couldn’t agree with you more. an entertainment product’s purpose isn’t to present what is “right”, it’s to entertain. watching julia struggle between her duty to her family and her feelings for michael may be reprehensible in society’s eyes but it sure is a heck of a lot more entertaining than watching her fulfill her duties as a mother and wife. also doesn’t hurt that michael and julia have INTENSE chemistry.

  25. Rosie says:

    I want to continue to watch this show but if it is all about who is sleeping with who, then i wont. As for Katherine Mcphee i think her singing is beautiful if not the sing to the last row/belting type. Perhaps she was cast bc Karen was supposed to be an innocent. I would like her to be a bit more bold in defending herself and speaking for herself. People can be liked bc they are kind people so dont be so negative about her niceness. Am disgusted with Julia. She has it all and is throwing it away. I was also asking ‘how stupid can you be to allow him to kiss you in a public spot’. Suppose your husband arrived home? Is there no integrity in Broadway circles?

  26. sam says:

    I like that they are giving Ivy all the big numbers and the big Broadway stage to shine on so that we can root for her, but I’m still not connecting with her voice for some reason. I don’t know what it is. It’s just so over the top and borderline yelling.

    Even though Karen has only been given short small covers to sing in her bedroom, there is just something so engaging about her voice. Her tone is so beautiful and smooth. I can’t help but root for her even though she hasn’t been given any huge numbers to perform and to show off her chops. Her call back was probably her biggest number to date. And we saw that the girl can dance!

  27. Sean D says:

    I watch this show and I sit and freely take issue with all of it- the writing is bad, the pacing is bizarre, the characters are awkward, the musical numbers reek of insecurity, and above all, Katharine McPhee is a black hole of god-awful acting destroying everything around her.

    But I come back each and every week, and I’ve seen every episode thus far. I’m not sure what’s making me do it- the show, despite everything I’ve said, is not so total train-wreck awful that watching it is an act of savage pleasure. I don’t really find the story engaging; something keeps making me return even if I think everything could be greatly improved.

    There’s two things I love without amendment: I love Anjelica Huston, enough so that I love Eileen too. And Raza Jaffrey is a gorgeous hunk of man.

  28. Guy says:

    I’m over Smash. Its not that great. Sorry but i am giving up on it now. Its just plain bad and boring to be perfectly honest. I tried liking it but i just cant.

  29. Jen says:

    What goes on in the production of the fictional new Marilyn show is pretty good to watch (the musical numbers in rehearsal, trying to round up the money, squabbles over casting, etc.)

    These people’s private lives, however, are *boring*. Why is so much time spent on Karen and her boyfriend and Julia and her personal drama? Those story lines are soooooo boring.

    Basically what’s good/new/interesting about Smash is the “procedural” part…how do you create a new musical? The rest of it is just not-very-good soap opera. The more of that they show, the less I want to watch this show…

  30. Danielle H says:

    The hour always FLIES by. I didn’t enjoy this episode as much though. I can’t stand that Julia is cheating again, Karen annoyed me, and Ivy annoyed me. Even Dev annoyed me!
    BTW… we kind of crossed into Glee territory with the random song singing by Karen. The shows singing has always had a purpose so far.. I’d like it to stay that way.

  31. jeff says:

    Turned the show off as soon as Tom’s boyfriend asked “So are we ever going to have sex?” Now to find out about their after-sex scene I’m glad I did. This is what it has come to. First they wanted tollerance. Then they wanted acceptance. Now we all have to watch them in bed. Next thing we’ll have to see is Tom on bottom, moaning and carrying on. Sick of the whole gay thing. Viva Kirk Cameron!

  32. J says:

    Growing fonder and fonder of Tom.

  33. Christina Witte says:

    For whatever reason, I cannot warm up to Ivy at all. If I were Derek, her drunken, clingy whining and sniveling would have me running far and fast in the opposite direction.

    I am feeling zero chemistry between Julia and Michael; the whole thing between them just feels totally forced to me.

    Ellis is an evil slug and he must die. Every time he appears on screen I reach for the salt shaker so I can put him out of my misery. Tom needs to wake up and fire this little weasel now.

    Karen needs more to do than sing covers to herself in her bedroom or karaoke on some country bar in Iowa; get rid of Ivy and give Marilyn to Karen, like they should have done from the start!

  34. Christina Witte says:

    I almost forgot–totally agree that we need more Eileen. To paraphrase the late Patrick Swayze, no one puts Eileen in a corner…

  35. Lucy says:

    What’s not working — Kathryn is too thin. I re-watched a few of her American Idol performances – comparing now and then. She is thinner now and it’s not a good look for a Marilyn role. The more clothes she removes, the less appealing it is so the In the Rumour Has It performance.. compare her to her ensemble colleagues — they look athletic she does not – just thin…a few pounds shy of where she’d start to look a bit anorexic so that bedroom performance did not work at all. She has the voice, but her acting is weak so without the body I don’t see this working long term. With a body — it would entice viewers to anticipate a breakthru coming. So the only thing they could do is put more clothes on her and film suggestive scenes (like the Happy Birthday @ Derek’s place) or use a body double for more revealing shots. It also doesn’t help to have her character playing a passive “woe is me” gal from Iowa with a boyfriend. She claims to want independence, but the script gives us the complete opposite. I think the boyfriend has to go.. it’s adding nothing to the show. Mostly just sappy..corny scenes. E.g., when he interrupted her meeting with Derek .. I thought we’d be seeing a good exchange between Karen and Derek and all we got was another boyfriend comes to the rescue scene. And she lets him. Boring – corny.

  36. Ann Clark says:

    When I first saw the promos for this show prior to the pilot. I was ambivalent about watching the show. I ultimately decided to watch it because of Jack Davenport (BBC Coupling). Have to admit I am hooked by this show. It is like a grownup Glee. I really hope that this show is not pulled by the network. Eileen is funny when she says to her ex, Oh, I don’t why that keeps happening. Raza as Dev is one hot guy and I personally like the Dev and Karen relationship. She is getting so close to accidentally or intentionally revealing to him what happened at Derek’s. I do have a question to throw out, In the Enter Mr. DiMaggio episode, Derek refers to Dev having gotten a first. Anyone know what that means? BTW I thought that was a great scene between Dev and Derek….

  37. JB says:

    I agree many of the same issues come up, but you’re stereotyping Derek way too much. The show has neatly avoided clear heroes and villains. Derek is a professional explaining to Ivy how it works, and if he is cold one moment, he manipulates Ivy as well as the audience, having us forgive him when we think we can’t. Julia has been fighting her attraction to Michael from Day 1, so it’s not that much of a stretch. your description of Ivy is right-on, though – any thinking person continues admires how the seasoned Broadway pro fights on through. The good thing about SMASH, so far, is that while it flirts with soap opera, it always deftly soars above it.

  38. Titina says:

    I LOVE the show. Ia m totally hooked.

    BTW I totally agree that the boyfriend Dev has got to go. His relationship with Karen is so boring and he adds nothing to the show.

    Karen and Derek instead have amazing chemistry. Sparks fly when those two are together. Very intense. Even though all the NBC promos features those two together apparently they are not going to happen any time soon. Damn.
    I just hope now Karen and Derek have a developmental story that evolves through time. Can´t wait to see what happens between those two!

  39. Dale says:

    Still finding Katharine McPhee boring…no ‘sparkle’…but then I found her that way on American Idol as well. Does she have any ‘sparkle’ somewhere, anywhere?…I would think a broadway star should have a certain amount of ‘sparkle’, for sure! Duh, duh, dull…la, la, la, ho, hum…hope she can ‘pick it up’…but I do like the show! Not sure that Katharine shouldn’t go though….

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