NCIS' Coté de Pablo Accepts TVLine's Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crush Award!

Whereas her NCIS costar Michael Weatherly’s acceptance speech was comparatively muted and awash in crocodile tears, Coté de Pablo laid claim to her own TVLine Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crushes Tournament trophy with a bit of fanfare — even offering up some festive intro music.

NCIS Exclusive: The L Word‘s Karina Lombard Cast as Ziva’s [Spoiler]

I hand-delivered de Pablo’s award to her on the NCIS set earlier this week, making clear how impressive a feat Ziva David had pulled off, besting the likes of JAG‘s Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie, Criminal Minds’ JJ Jareau and Chuck‘s Sarah Walker during our bracket tournament, before ultimately triumphing — after a 72-hour see-saw bout — over fellow finalist Kate Beckett, from Castle.

Press PLAY below to hear de Pablo’s speech, learn where she’ll be keeping her trophy, and maybe (just maybe) receive a “thank you” kiss from the brunette beauty.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Tony and Ziva for the win! I think it’s cute that they both won the award.

  2. Svenja says:

    Awww she is so adorable. You’re very welcome Cote. Thanks for being so amazing. You and the rest of the NCIS cast are the best people on television.
    Mucho amor.

    • Nubie says:

      Isn’t she the cutest, though? Love-love-LOVE mah gurl CdP. No female cop does a better job at keepin’ the Thugs in Check – and GORGEOUS while doing it, too! We LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV YA, “Cotes”!!! :)

  3. Olivia says:

    She is just so cute I don’t know what to do with my life.

  4. estefania says:


  5. Diawara says:

    It’s fantastic, very !

  6. silencero says:

    God she is so amazing ;)

  7. Mel says:

    Aw,cute, thanks! So happy that Michael and Cote won.

  8. Carmichael says:

    CBS stole it for her. She was losing to Sarah Walker before they put the word out on the NCIS page and the fans of the near completely indistinguishable show won it for her. Slightly bitter Chuck fan? Yes I am. That being said I’m glad Cote de Pablo won it and not whatsherface from SVU

  9. Steph says:

    This woman is flawless.

  10. Marla says:

    I just love this video! @NCIS_CBS is so lucky to have such a beautiful actress on their show. Cote is talented as well! And of course, NCIS is very lucky to have the hottest Law Enforcement Crushes winners with Michael as well. It’s a win-win for all NCIS fans. :)

    Thank you, Matt, for sharing with NCIS fans!

  11. Saint Alicia says:

    Too freaking cute; love the theatrical flare :)
    Tony + Ziva FTW!

  12. Samantha says:

    Miss Cote de Pablo, congratulations! You are the most amazing and beautiful girl in Hollywood. NCIS is so lucky to have you. We love you.

  13. editor says:

    awww Cote – could she be more adorable ? I think not!!!
    Love her – love Ziva
    She totally deserves this award and any more coming her way…

  14. North says:

    OMG, Cote has such incredible voice and pretty face. So happy for her! Cote, you rock! Oh, thank you Matt and TVline, job well done!

  15. Cris says:

    ‘Thank you very mucho’; completely and totally love her! TE AMOOOOO!!

    • estefania says:


  16. Jersey says:

    Shoulda been Beckett.

  17. Love her… I hope Tiva really happens. So bummed it’s a repeat tonight.

  18. Brenna says:

    soo happy they both won, now time to make Tiva happen!!! :)

  19. ML says:

    Was Anna Torv from Fringe nominated?
    Because I’d take her over any of these woman. Please!

  20. Adrianna says:

    Cote is amazing. Sexy, smart and so natural.Her play with Michael makes this TV couple shine, making us believe that love and affection is only salvation in their deadly dangerous world.

  21. Seawind says:

    Cote, 20 millions fans love you!

  22. valezza says:

    Stana Katic should’ve got the prize. And I don’t understand how did Ziva pass in the finale while having 58% against Sarah Walker’s 78%??

  23. ziverfan says:

    Congrats Cote you deserve are beautiful inside and out.

  24. Allie says:

    Congrats again Cote, you and Michael deserve it!
    Now could you suggest to the witers that as a reward we’ll get some Tiva love soon? :)

  25. Mark says:

    How this person won is beyond me. How could anyone think she’s more attractive than Yvonne Strahovski. It’s just not possible. She isn’t hot by any standards. In fact, she looks a lot like a man.

    • estefania says:

      please are you blind or what,I am okay you love Yvinne Strahovski, how you can’t see that Cote de Pablo is so gorgeous, but you don’t need to discredit with basic thing, you can’t agree but and I respect you opinion,but about she looks like man no, it is offense to her,you don’t her, but you should be more objective with your opinion, Cote as well as Yvinne are so gorgeous, talented actresses and they deserve respect of us their fans

    • Ross says:

      @mark – Life is too short to be a sore loser.

  26. Stephanie says:

    Love it! Cote is a fantastic actress and from the looks of things, a very classy lady. Love the thank-you video. :)

  27. Preston says:

    This woman’s ready for an Oscar!!!

  28. Jerri says:

    Cote/Ziva is the main reason I watch NCIS. Ziva is the most inspiring and beautiful character out there.

  29. Preston says:

    Come on people!!! NCIS: The Movie in 3D!!! What are they waiting for???i

  30. Gary says:

    She totally deserves this award, great character and beauty and having to put up with Tony makes her even more deserving. Congrats.

  31. Cindy says:

    I like that she doesnt wear the low cut shirts that the other Cops put on, that just goes to show you her true talent stands out, without having to dress to show cleavage..Thank you NCIS for the great taste in clothes for your cast….

  32. sladewilson says:

    Congrats, Cote. Very cool acceptance speech also…

  33. Isabelle anderson says:

    I love NCIS and NCIS LA. I loved it’s predecessor Jag too. Losing Kate was a real loss to the show but Ziva is just as awesome

  34. Michael says:

    Good job Cote in proving that cheating and favroistm is alive more then ever

    • dana says:

      leave her alone its not like she rigged it or anything.
      she is so beautiful she actually makes me feal bad because im nowhere as pretty as she is. ive been overweight my whole life and she is my motivation to get fitter. shes a good person so leave her alone

  35. CdP? Really? What is that? I took a nap & when I woke up everyone had forgotten how to spell. We’ve stopped teaching cursive writing in our schools. Math skills have all but disappeared. Kids can’t tell time on an anolog watch.,. Stop me when I’ve dumbed us down enough for you. The computor & “smart” phone have replaced our imaginations, curiosity & intelligence. Remember when we used to actualy communicate with one another face to face with real words and sentaces? Ah…the good old days .

  36. Quint Holton says:

    When Kate was killed, I almost quit watching NCIS. Kate was great, and I couldn’t understand why the show would drop her, however I decided to give NCIS a couple more episodes. With the advent of Rizzoli & Isles, I realized that leaving the NCIS was probably Kate’s idea. The appearance of Ziva added a completely new aspect, and an outstanding actress, to NCIS. If Cote de Pablo leaves NCIS, so do I.