Terra Nova Cancelled By Fox, Series Being Shopped Around to Other Networks

Terra Nova CancelledDinosaurs are headed back onto TV’s endangered species list.

Fox has pulled the plug on its pricey prehistoric drama Terra Nova after one moderately rated season, TVLine has learned.

The show is currently being shopped around to other networks by 20th Century Fox Television.

“Bad news guys, Terra Nova has been cancelled by Fox,” leading man Jason O’Mara tweeted late Monday. “We’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by.”

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news. Post your eulogies in the comments.

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  1. Sue says:

    I loved Terra Nova. It reminded my of my early Star Trek type of show. It was something the whole family could watch and enjoy. I am so sick of “reality” shows. Reality, riggght. Those shows are more scripted than any show on television. If we Americans don’t think everything we watch is scripted, we are really naive.
    Anyway, I hope someone picks it up. Maybe Hulu? They have been talking about picking up “Endgame” and they have been presenting a lot of their own shows.

  2. Danielle says:

    I really hate that good shows are being cancelled! I thought Terra Nova was great and something different compared to anything on TV. I hope it gets picked up by another network!

  3. nitemar says:

    It was a costly show to produce, so FOX had no other choice. But they have other problems, they have no shows of quality anymore, House was the only one left along with Bones. Hopefully, Touch will have the magic one, other than that, they are in deep one.

  4. bobo says:

    That show was really really bad.. Couldn’t get past the first episode, the writing was so hideous. Glad they’re taking this off the air. That money can be used for way better things.

    • GeeMa says:

      If you couldn’t get passed the first episode, how do you know that the writing stayed “hideous”? I enjoyed it and so did my family. Something we could watch together. It seems that the only shows that are going to be left on TV are the so called reality shows. And these are so scripted and so edited that reality becomes fiction. Do hope the show gets picked up by another network. The show already has a fan base and we will follow it.

  5. Lucy says:

    This was my favourite TV show! Can’t believe it’s been cancelled!

  6. Michele says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of this show in the beginning, but by the end of the season, I was really enjoying the story and character development. I thought the finale set up things nicely for season two and how the colonists will fare in prehistoric times without any help from the future. I do hope that the series can find a new home, maybe on the Sci-Fi channel?

  7. Kyron says:

    TOTALLY BUMMED! :( I hope (although I’m not hopeful) that their shopping it to another network is successful

  8. TopicTeacher says:

    I am very disappointed to hear that Terra Nova has been cancelled. This was a show that my 2 teenaged sons, my preeen son, and I truly enjoyed watching together! Furthermore, it sparked many intellectual conversations as well as research on various topics. I know it had a few rough spots in the beginning, and was slated in an impossible time slot that was disrupted repeatedly by Monday Night Football and various awards programs, but it made money for FOX nonetheless, and has a very solid fan base. Hopefully, some network, with more intelligent executives than FOX, will see the potential this show holds and pick up the option. With all of the garbage on TV these days this show was both refreshing and entertaining. The cast is exceptionally talented and there is a wealth of possible story-lines that have yet to be tapped. I so hope that some network has the good sense to give this show another chance. It really deserves a better fate than this!

  9. Ada says:

    How sad ! Granted, it had a slow start, the special effects when it comes to dinosaurs aren’t the best but the last couple of episodes were quite good, the story was finally picking up and I think it deserved a chance to develop. Lately ,new sci-fi/fantasy shows(except the cable ones like The Walking Dead and HBO’s Game of Thrones) aren’t all that great at first but then some of them start improving as the story grows but they aren’t given a chance, they get cancelled when they start getting better. Oh well, hopefully it will get picked up by someone else, maybe it should go on cable or something ,get rid of the many typically american cliches and redeem itself like I think it can.

    I’m guessing The River will have the same fate, y/n?

  10. David says:

    Well maybe they can get another network to take it. It did have a mostly great cast. I love Jason O’Mara, Shelley Conn, Cristine Adams, and Stephen lang together what a team. Wish you all luck finding a new network to keep the story alive.

  11. Jason says:

    Ha! FOX got ya again, viewers! Seriously, why do you watch ANYTHING on that hack network? They don’t care about you one iota, as evidenced by the 2-hour weekly infomercials known as I-dull and X-Cracker. Go ahead, wade back into the water…just know you’re gonna be disappointed over and over again, as FOX cares about nothing but its bottom line. And that is the truth.

    • TropicTeacher says:

      It would seem you are dead on in your comments. I had heard as much, but now have experienced it first-hand! I am done with FOX. It seems any program worth watching is cancelled despite (or should I say, “to spite”) the fan base! I will be taking your advice and skipping all Fox programs to avoid the inevitable disappointment in the future!!

  12. Jules says:

    Seriously!! Such a good news…no more fake/bad dinosaurs effects and stupid dialogue and stupid action “À la Avatar”!
    First of all, it’s was disrespectful from FOX to put it in front of [H]ouse in the first place..that didn’t help to start correctly the season…and was painful to wait an hour for my favorite show and stuck watching that crap or something turn my tv off until 9pm. Because didn’t wanted turn to CBS crappy/predictable line up…
    Anyway, if their a consolation about this… Now Fringe can survive(deserve) one more season….

  13. Eduardo Teixeira says:

    Brannon Braga, the show kiler, strikes again. How many more shows will he ruin with bad writing until someone realizes he is an incompetent?

  14. Bill H says:


  15. TV Watcher says:

    From the get go, it was a long shot that such an “expensive to produce” show would make it on a broadcast channel. Terra Nova would have had to score huge, CBS procedural-type numbers to justify its existence and it just … didn’t. Here’s hoping TN finds a home on SyFy which is where it belonged from the start.

  16. Ann M says:

    Terra Nova is much more interesting than a lot of the stuff on TV with an original concept with a vast potentential range of stories. Maybe it will be like Star Trek and get a renewed, long life on another network. Scifi maybe?? PLEASE SAVE IT!!!

  17. MoxieSue says:

    Disappointed but not surprised. Hope another network picks it up, but won’t hold my breath. Too bad Syfy has decided to forget its roots.

  18. Alyssa says:

    NO NO NO NO NO!!! my husband and i watched this show religiously every week. The story line was awesome, and it was unlike any other show on television right now. I honestly hope someone picks this show back up. We are both pretty upset almost devastated at the fct that it has been cancelled such a wonderful show.

  19. jennifer says:

    I hear some fans saying this show got better towards the end-I wouldn’t know-I stopped watching after the premiere. The son on that show was so freaking annoying. The show was not engaging at all-the first two hours completely turned me off. It was just a rehash of so many things. I found TN to be more irritating than interesting. That Spielberg is something huh? First,Terra Nova & then that other ridiculous mess”The River”. Also stopped watching The River after the premiere. Spielberg having been so successful in movies should have never involved himself with The River. Stick to bigscreen movies-the guy has a horrible track record with television programs. Thank you.

  20. Dirtbag says:

    Why bother even investing any time into any of these shows now? My children enjoyed TN and we all watched it as a family. We are going to be left with nothing but all of the mindless crap that will only continue to dominate the major networks. While TN wasn’t going to win any awards, it was at least entertaining. All of the networks have this short term mentaility but Fox is the worst. Fox should just concentrate on hacking celebrity cellphones and adding a few more Gordon Ramsey shows, at least you have found your niche there. I guess we’ll just watch movies.

  21. Joban says:

    I hope another network picks it up. I’m interested to see where the writers are going with the season 1 cliffhangers.

  22. Lucy says:

    I cant bealive its not butter… I loooove this show :(

  23. pylgrym says:

    Liked TN. I think the problem with cost was Spielberg’s ego. The dinosaurs could have been cut down. I’m not saying get rid of them but remember in the beginning when the littlegirl fed one flowers? One would have been enough. More is better but not when it leads to zero. They didn’t need herds of them all the time.

  24. Barbie says:


  25. zippy omicron says:

    Look, Fox TV executives are completely clueless as to what constitutes a “good” or “excellent” drama….

    Beware the Ghosts of Excellent Shows Cancelled for No Good Reasons Past…

    Fox TV executives had the most excellent drama/sci-fi combination show in the last decade, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And what did they do with that one?

    Yep, they cancelled it after approx. 1.7 seasons (the first truncated by the writer’s strike). Why did they cancel it?

    Indeed, why did they?

    Well, let me tell you what I suspect….

    a)–Fox TV executives are cheap-ass, myopic, over-paid creatures who would rather put crap on Fox rather than quality shows….for in reality, they put profits on the pedestal above all other things, including quality, and even rising trends in viewership ratings (which T: TSCC had)..

    b)–maybe Fox executives don’t have any college education between any of them, and so don’t know how to manage a multi-billion dollar enterprise appropriately, and so their tastes trend towards the lowest common denominator as well…plot or characters are superfluous…bring more shows with (allegedly) shocking topics, to gain temporary ratings….

    c)–maybe Fox executives prefer playing video games in lieu of engaging in the tasking of finding good dramas to broadcast….


  26. CC says:

    That’s a shame. I had high hopes for the show, and was really encouraged by the last couple episodes. I hope another network will give it a second chance.

  27. Lawrence Lewis says:

    Dear Fox Network,

    Strike one: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    Strike Two: ‘Terra Nova’ canceled by Fox

    Strike Three: The departure of “Terra Nova” and the likely demise of several other Fox dramas, including “The Finder” and quite possibly “Fringe” and “Alcatraz,” means Fox could have openings for a number of new shows in the fall.
    Go ahead and cancel Fringe too…..

    Once this happens, your network will be off my list of channels. You have my word, that I will not watch anything ever again that is put out by FOX! Not just me, but every other person who has enjoyed these shows (and shows like them) will be encouraged to ban the Fox Network in their homes…..

    Instead of killing a show because you are not making as much money as you would like, try to at least give it an ending.

    How many times do you think the viewing public will allow you to kill a show without giving it some closure? Well for me, its three times…..

    Grow up and finish what you start!

    Lawrence Lewis

    Asheville NC

  28. frndlyghost says:

    This sounds like another “Most Amazing Show I Never Got To Watch”. I hope someone else picks it up. CBS, are you listening? Add this to your already-great lineup!

  29. DinoGirl says:

    NO! I don’t agree with this decision at all! They said the ratings for the finale back in December were great and now they pull the plug on it?! Another network NEEDS to pick up the show if FOX won’t keep it. The show is great and the finale was AMAZING! Bring it back!

  30. Gilda says:

    I won’t deny that the show had problems, but it had some really good elements and was one of the few shows my family watched together. I think it also was on the upswing quality-wise near the end of season. I really enjoyed the finale, and it seemed to be introducing a really cool plot arc. I’m sad to see it go, because it had a lot of potential.

  31. That is All says:

    No network is gonna pick it up. Too much money. Terra Nova was good. Had to stop watching it to free up time for other stuff though. Watched the finale. It was pretty good, but not great. Not surprised it was cancelled.

  32. H.Grant says:

    Yet again the Twitter effect!!!!
    A large number of the viewers do not Twitter. If you want your favorite shows to stay and not go the way of Stargate Universe and now Terra Nova you had better use Twitter or Facebook even if you don’t want to.

  33. Michael says:

    I agree I hate you FOX why did you cancel such a great new show so dissapointed

  34. Bob Dack says:

    I really liked this show and am very sad it is not going on.
    Why is it that the show that are good and interesting all get cancelled and the real stupid shows go on for several years?

  35. Ivan says:

    it is so interesting serial. one of the best serial in that time.

  36. TerraNova4Ever says:

    Really, Fox? THAT WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I’M 14 YEARS OLD AND I FOUND THIS AMAZING! I swear if Terra Nova don’t have ONE more season I’ll flip! Thanks for making my day go from bad to worse!

  37. jim bauers says:

    This sucks !!!
    i haven’t watched tv in about 3 years,well after 24 show went off the air.TV sucks,but i tuned into this show from the beggining,and enjoyed this show,yeah i know it had a rough start,they found the sweet spot towards the end.I bet all the cheap to produce crappy brain dead reality tv shows got renewed on TV.Its too bad. TV died a long time ago. Terra Nova rest in peace !!

  38. Lisa says:

    I can’t believe they cancelled this show… it was awesome.. and for me… a complete Lost replacement… as i miss that show so much… but we are stuck with such shows like the Bachelor??????

  39. Melanie Ruse says:

    So sad!!! I really liked this show!!! The story line and the actors!!! I thought it was going to be a big hit!!! I don’t understand why it is being cancelled when so many people watched it!!! Like 9 million people watched the first episode!!!! SUCKS man!!!! All my favourite TV shows keep getting cancelled!!!!!

  40. Lonnie says:

    We loved this show!!! I am so sick of watching a show, getting interested and being left with an unfinished story. Finish it, bring back a 2 hour ending! Or don’t start a continued story.

  41. Ceridwen smith says:

    The show had too many goofy predictable plot lines. The dino’s needed to eat about
    Half the humans and demand to be included in the scripts.

  42. TeLiC says:

    Yea, I knew this one wasn’t going to make it but it interested me when seeing the previews.

    So I never invested the time to watch it knowning FOX’s track-record in cancelling shows after one season that are pretty good.

    Example, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Space – Above & Beyond, Family Guy (twice)

    Someone with a brain, please take over at FOX. Thank you in advance.

  43. Marilyn says:

    Qaulity made shows are expensive to produce. That said, they had decent ratings and just started to evolve in the story in a positive way. They deserved a second season
    to prove thems

  44. BarbR says:

    Why bother with TV anymore, every show I ever was interested in got and gets cancelled, at the same time there seems to be a limitless supply of toothless men from Louisiana and money-grabbing Hollywooders.

  45. RFSmith says:

    I wish you would get rid of the dang reality tv shows. They’re tedious. Being a Sci-Fi fan, I really loved Terra Nova. It’s one of only two regular shows that I was sure to watch each and every week (the other is ‘Fringe’).
    I guess my only hope is that someone smart at the other networks will pick it up and gain a huge following.

  46. JC says:

    It’s really too bad this show was canceled. In the world of frakkin awful tv these days this was a glimmer of hope. I knew Chuck was going to be done and I was looking forward to this show taking over as the new series I would be following. They couldn’t have dropped it at a worse time in the story arc! We were on the way to learning what was in the badlands!

  47. Steve says:

    Tried to watch it got half way through not my cup of tea. A small screen version of Jurassic Park.

  48. Jimi says:

    It was a matter of time before they pulled the show. Any show with an actual plot doesn’t last long these days, most people can only take the mindless drivel of reality tv. Not to mention it is cheap to produce and Fox execs know full well how to appeal to the masses of the mindless.

  49. Heywood Jablowme says:

    f*cking fox…. i HATE you so fcking much

  50. deprice says:

    Why are we surprised Terra Nova was cancelled? It was a good show; great story line, wonderful actors and intelligent. Of course they would cancel it. Now if Taylor and Jim had been idiots; and the kids were in bed together every scene and gossip and lies ran rampant the show would have stayed on for years no matter the cost. So people with good taste, money is the driving force for those in show business. The heck with quality.