General Hospital Exclusive First Look: Noah Returns to Comfort a Shell-Shocked Patrick

It’s all hands on deck as General Hospital plays out the storyline of Robin’s tragic death — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the latest vet of the ABC soap to join in the mourning.

Prior to Robin’s death in a hospital explosion, Finola Hughes has reprised her role of the young doc’s mother, Anna Devane. And then after Robin perished, Tristan Rogers resurfaced as Robert Scorpio, the plucky lass’ father.

Up next, during the week of March 19, is GH vet Rick Springfield, who created the role of Noah Drake in 1981 and last played the doc in summer 2008. He’ll be back for multiple episodes, arriving at son Patrick’s side during this time of obvious need.

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GH fans, what do you think of this sorrowful storyline? Whose performances have moved you most?

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  1. Christine says:

    The storyline is heartbreaking, but I just love how the new regime is handling it. Showcasing how important Robin had been to every single person on the show is difficult at best, but Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini are just doing and amazing job. Bringing in the vets are something all of us diehard GH fans have been screaming for, and they are delivering. I really believe with Valentini and Carlivati running things they could really bring back the magic of the GH heydays. I’m loving every minute.

  2. JC says:

    I hate to be the Debbie Downer, but I have not seen much of a change. If you didn’t know there was a writing change (twice in the last 6 months) you would still think the show was written by Guza. I hated how the first couple of days Robin’s death was all about Jason. Honestly, I think they should of used Robin’s HIV to create a more emotional story instead of having to have some violent explosion than a few days later they blow up a car with a baby inside.

    • Melinda says:

      I stopped watching GH a few years back, thanks to GUZA I was tired of the mob stories. In reference to your post …”Honestly, I think they should of used Robin’s HIV to create a more emotional story instead of having to have some violent explosion than a few days later they blow up a car with a baby inside.” Did another baby die? I know they killed off Jake (which I was super pissed about!).

      • Meg says:

        Kristen Alderson’s character Starr got into a car accident with Cole and their toddler Hope. Starr got out, but the car with Cole and Hope trapped inside fell over a cliff and exploded. Starr is a crossover character from OLTL.

    • Sammy says:

      If Robin had died of HIV, it would’ve been harder to magically bring her back.

      Having a body “burned beyond recognition” is basically the exact same thing that happened when they killed Lucky off. Classic body switch. My guess is one of Robert’s enemies?

      She will return.

    • Eileen says:

      ITA. I’ve been disappointed with GH for what seems like forever and unfortunately theres no change for me. Now with the death of iconic character ( ROBIN SCORPIO ) and departure of soap veteran actress KIMBERLY McCULLOUGH GH is so over for me.

  3. Kelly says:

    Tristan Rogers, Jason Thompson,John Ingle and John J York’s performances have really moved me. I do hope Robin is not really dead. Love the Scorpio family

  4. June says:

    I hope Patrick finds peace dealing with Robins death. I wish someone would have, contact me and told me that Blair, Todd, and John McBain was coming on the picture.

  5. Rosemarie says:

    Robin’s death has been heartbreaking to watch,but it’s understandable that her portrayer,Kimberly McCullough,wanted to pursue her directing career,and the performances from Finola Hughes,Jason Thompson,Tristan Rogers,John J. York,Jen Lilley and everyone involved in the storyline have been heartwrenchingly brilliant. I truly hope the reappearance of all these classic characters helps boost GH’s ratings and that this beloved,iconic show remains on the air.

  6. Susan says:

    I sure hope Robin is alive but kidnapped by Faison. Robin’s death had better end up meaning something to the person she died trying to save. Please don’t let Robin’s death be short lived and then revert back to being all about the mob. If GH is going to revert back to being all about the mob, why kill off Robin? That would be an insult to KMc and Robin’s lengthy legacy to PC and GH.

  7. Craig says:

    Debbbie Downer #2! Nothing makes sense! Robin knew the door will lock behind her becouse she said she could get back in time yet she did nothing to prop the door open! Could have used her shoe, Patrick’s labcoat anything! Also she had three protocols prepped and narrowed it down to the final one. Why didn’t she leave it and run to another hospital to make another batch. I know time was of the essence but cmon! Having a baby was so important yet she put Jason first! Stupid. I also hate the mob storyline. Helena not killing Ethen made no sense! Scorpio helped defeat the Cassadines too! Franco better not be dead! Was only thing worth watching.

  8. Linfa says:

    I agree on how they handled Robins death we did not need another drawn out HIV death. This is better otherwise too much grieving before and after. Keep up the good work

  9. Venus welch says:

    I love GH, I hope they don’t prolong the storyline bout who caused the accident we already guess kate shot out the tires please make it quick

  10. Carol says:

    Robin’s death has been all about JASON. Make Patrick operate on JASON. Patrick just lost his wife, no real hospital would let any Dr. even be at work much less do a surgery. Let Patrick tell his daughter himself. Liz had no need or rights to be there for that.
    Ann, Mac, Maxie and Patrick should have been the ones to tell Emma.
    Liz is a neighbor the others are family. Let the family plan the services. This entire storyline has not focus on Robin or her family. It has been about Jason and his head problems. GH had plenty of notice that KMc was leaving and they gave us this…No wonder the ratings are where they are, nice way to treat actor who has with the show on/off for 25 years. Only bright thing in this entire poorly wrote storyline was the great performances by JT. Too bad they won’t use him now that the wonders of OLTL have arrived.

  11. Kat says:

    What is wrong with you people? Do you want to save GH or force it off the air? Stop whining! Also, get a reality check! Eps are filmed in advance so the new regime JUST took over so give them a chance! GH is on it’s THIRD showrunner within a year and they are trying to resolve storylines mandated by Frons and Guza so they can move FORWARD!

    I love they handled Robin’s death. I’m glad it wasn’t in an accident or due to a bacteria or due to HIV as was rumored. I love the fact that she died saving Jason because that is going to set up some real guilt for Jason to cope with and the fact that Sam is keeping it from Jason will cause issues for Sam and Jason which will be interesting. JJ has been cast in a pilot so he may not come back as Lucky but problems with Jason’s surgery and Sam’s lie of omission could give Liz and Jason another chance which would be interesting. Though I’m also loving her with Matt!

    I’m thrilled to have Monica back, to see Robert, Anna and Holly back and can’t wait for Felicia, Frisco and Scotty to arrive! Carly and Johnny are intriguing, I like them more than I thought I would.

    This is a soap people and the more characters and storylines you can tie together the better television you will have! So, start appreciating it or we’ll be left with garbagey talk shows and reality TV!

  12. Liz says:

    Carlivati and Valentini have already pulled off a minor miracle–they got me interested in GH for the first time in at least 3 years. Yes, Robin’s death was a little rushed, but that is because the new writers had to clean up the mess left behind by Wolf, Guza, and Frons, who all wanted to kill Robin off using her HIV status, which nobody, including the actress wanted to happen.

    The biggest thing that has changed in the last 2 weeks is the pacing. The episodes went by so quickly. At the end of the hour I keep expecting more and it is annoying having to wait for another episode. I haven’t felt that way about GH since 2001-2002. (Ten years is a long time for a show to be so awful and still be on the air.) I can’t wait to see where this leads.

    The one thing that I do not like is the new beginning. what was with the intro music? it sounded like one of the ringtones that is loaded on a cell phone when you buy it. it was horrible. bring back the sax from the 90’s.

  13. Robert Frost says:

    The new head writer stated in SOAP OPERA DIGEST, just last week, that GH has never been “mob centric”. Once he said that I knew nothing is going to change. The show is still centered around the mob, and so once Robert Scorpio checks out tomorrow, so will I.

  14. Alicia says:

    Frankly, all this complaining about Robin being killed off seems a bit odd considering Kimberly McCullough wanted to leave the role of Robin. She was not forced out, she was not demoted, she wasn’t asked to leave, she chose to go. IMO, they showed her great respect by not recasting the role! And in the end, this is a soap opera after all, if the show lasts past this year, you never know Robin might become “un-dead”.

    I see a lot of subtle changes in the show as of late, nothing earth- shattering enough as far as writing goes, to lure back the millions of viewers they lost in the dark days of Guza’s reign. Unfortunately too much of the show still revolves around the mob and that, alone, will not draw viewers back. This is the reason viewers have left!

    The one thing that has been stellar over the past few weeks has been some of the acting. That is not due to the writing or anything else that’s new or special. It’s due to the people who care enough about their craft to take pride in their work. The acting of Finola Hughes, Jason Thompson and John J. York has kept me riveted to GH for the first time in a decade so despite the loss of a great actress like Kimberly McCullough and a great character like Robin, this storyline has proved priceless as far as this show’s entertainment value goes. GH is worth a second look again. I never thought I would ever say that again!

  15. Sylvia says:

    I have been moved emotionally with the performances of Finola Hughes, John J. York, and Patrick Thompson. I am glad that Robin did not succumb to AIDS and that the explosion storyline leaves a window open for Kimberly to return to GH possibly in the future. I love how GH has returned to its rich history of multiple stories taking place in the hospital. Pute down as one previous viewer who has returned to the fold!

  16. TinaP says:

    GH has become must watch TV again for me and that is sole due to the outstanding performance of one Finola Hughes. She has truly moved me with her portrayal of a mother grieving her daughter while still trying to put up a strong front in order to be there for her Son-in-Law, granddaughter and everyone else. It’s only when she is alone that she can break down a bit. Loved her scenes with Tony Geary last Friday, finally Anna had a friend she could break down a bit in front of. Bravo Finola on your outstanding Emmy performance, bravo RC for giving us these scnes and kudos to whom ever was responsible for binging Finola Hughes back canvas and Anna Devane back on screen! Can’t wait till Noah returns maybe he’ll be the one Anna can lean on a bit.

  17. Tamra says:

    I hate all of it. Kates dumb ass, lanview peeps coming only to mess with are mob king.. Stars baby dieing.. Losing robin..i dont know if I can bare to watch gh much longer!

  18. Jen says:

    The show seems to be in an odd state of transition, but it has lured me back. I’m not exactly watching the entire show yet, but maybe that time will come. I have been mesmerized by the fantastic performances of Finola Hughes & Jason Thompson as of late! Finola Hughes’ performance reminded me once again why I used to watch this show so religiously in the past. I also enjoyed John J. York and Tony Geary and their reactions in the Robin’s death storyline. There still is a lot of stuff won’t watch with this show, but considering that I tuned out years ago, my watching any of it at all is a miracle.

  19. R.K. says:

    I have enjoyed the incredibly natural performances Finola Hughes has delivered since returning to the show. It really is a gift when an actor/actress can handle a scene in such an understated way and have it touch you so much in such a short amount of time. Until she came back to this show I hadn’t realized how much overacting there was on TV today. Kudos to Finola Hughes for handling such a delicate storyline with great dignity and respect to the characters involved and Kudos to whoever had the good sense to bring her back to GH.

  20. Linda says:

    I have enjoyed Rick from the begining have fun with it Rick

  21. Val says:

    As I don’t get to see “GH” every day I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the storyline revolving around Robin’s death. I think that Jason Thompson’s performances have been so real and absolutely spot on. He was so good in the scenes where Robin was trapped in the lab and in the aftermath of her death, that it was hard to believe he was acting. If they’re still having the Daytime Emmys or Soap Opera awards then he should definitely take home the award for best performance by a lead actor. He was absolutely superb. In fact, I think that many of the actors during this time have been turning in stellar performances (Finola Hughes. John York, Maurice Bernard, Bradford Anderson, etc.). I can’t wait for Rick Springfield’s return as Noah. The interaction between Noah and Patrick should be interesting as Rick and Jason work well together. It should also be interesting to she what happens between Noah and Matt and Anna.