Lying Game Stars Preview Major Finale Cliffhanger, Weigh In on Likelihood of Season 2

ABC Family’s The Lying Game concludes its freshman run tonight at 9/8c, and while some truths are bound to come out, the finale is really designed to present more twin-sted mysteries leading into what the cast hopes will be a second season.

Here, stars Charisma Carpenter and Alexandra Chando discuss with TVLine the big season-ender, which includes a wedding, a cliffhanger and more woes for Ethan and Emma.

WEDDED BLISS | Rebecca came, saw and conquered when it came to her relationship with Alec (Adrian Pasdar), and that results tonight in the two walking down the aisle — much to the dismay of Emma & Co. But secret lockets and such aside, Carpenter believes Rebecca’s feelings for her betrothed are real. “Rebecca does enjoy Alec very much and there is something there,” she shares. “It’s a very compelling component to why she’s in town, so it’s creating a push and pull. Obviously, there’s a reason she’s back — which she says is for him, and as far as we know that’s the truth. But I do feel that she has something else going on as well, but exactly what that is hasn’t even been revealed to me.” That said, Carpenter promises, “There will be a definite wrap up into who Rebecca is by the end of the [episode].”

MARRIAGE BLUES | “Ted and Kristin’s struggles finally come to a head this week,” Chando teases of her onscreen parents. “Kristin has been questioning and wondering about her husband’s actions for weeks, and she finally gets some answers.”

YOUNG LOVE INTERRUPTED | Unfortunately for Ethan and Emma, a reconciliation is not on the horizon just yet. “Ethan really is trying [to get back together] throughout the episode, but Emma is a little preoccupied with things going on with Kristin,” reveals Chando. “Emma comes to her ‘mother’s’ aid and helps her out, and they’re also still trying to figure out and possibly pin Derek’s murder on Alec. But it’s all hard for her. She’s heartbroken.”

TWISTED SISTERS | Expect to see much more “confrontation” between estranged twin sisters Emma and Sutton, too, Chando tells us.

CRAZY CLIFFHANGER | Per ABC Family’s M.O., expect a big, juicy cliffhanger from Lying‘s first finale. But, says Chando, there’s actually “a lot revealed” in the season ender as well. “Some answers come about and there’s definitely some resolution between Ted and Kristin. But as always, whenever there’s an answer, there’s a question that follows it.” Adds Carpenter, “I know some [people] think we’re unraveling things too slowly, so I think that the wrap-up in the finale will satiate everyone’s appetite.”

PLANS FOR THE FUTURE | Although The Lying Game has yet to receive a second season order, Chando is confident. “We feel great about it,” she tells us. “Our ratings have been really great. We love this show and we can only hope that the network feels the same way.” And if a Season 2 pickup is doled out, Carpenter is, well, game. “I’m there if they’ll have me!” she says with a laugh. So, what exactly would a second go-round look like? No one is positive just yet, but Chando notes that “based on the cliffhanger in the finale, there’s definitely going to be a shift in the story. And because of that, the show could take on a whole new direction.”

What has you most excited about the Lying Game finale? Hit the comments?

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  1. kikay says:

    I love this show. It is such a guilty pleasure and the characters are compelling. ABC Family has to renew it!

  2. Tab says:

    Please renew The Lying Game! I love it and all of it’s twists and turns.

  3. Tee says:

    It’s not a bad show. Some things get frustrating, but overall I’m still enjoying it. It will be sad if they end on a cliffhanger and it doesn’t get renewed though.

  4. G says:

    I too really hope this is renewed. It fits so well with the Pretty Little Liars lead in.

  5. fernando says:

    Please give it a season 2 and when it comes back pair it again with Pretty Little Liars which has been helping this show with the ratings

  6. Russ says:

    Come on ABC Family don’t be stupid renew it!!

  7. jared says:

    I’ll definitely be watching tonight’s finale of THE LYING GAME..its been great up until this point..great stories and twists..I really hope ABC FAMILY decides to give this show a second season!

  8. Victoria says:

    Please Renew!!! I absolutely love this show!

  9. Audrey says:

    Renew!!!!! SEASON 2!! PLEASE ABC FAMILY!!!

  10. mel says:

    Please renew for a second season…there’s way to much
    Eft to be told!

  11. Melody S says:

    Please renew ABC Family! You can’t leave it off like this!! Great cast and crew!

  12. dee says:

    Please renew! Great show

  13. Stephanie says:

    RENEW RENEW RENEW RENEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. ASHLEY says:

    renew please! im begging you i lvoe this show1!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

  15. samantha says:

    omgomgomgomgomg i jsut saw the finale! holy crpappp!! :OOO:OOO:OOO!!!
    WE WANT MORE!!!!!!!

  16. TYLER says:

    Sutton!?!?!?!?!?! oMG! CRAZY! RENEW ABC FAMIY! RENEW!!!!!!!1

  17. Abby says:

    OMG that finale was CRAZY! It needs to be RENEWED

  18. Me says:

    BEST SHOW EVER!! I have seen on abc family!..It will be nice if ABC renew for the second season!!!!!

  19. Todd says:


  20. Jenna says:

    Please renew for season two!! I’m obsessed with this and PLL. I really will be heartbroken(lol) if this doesn’t come back.. WE NEED to know what happens next!!! 5 stars!!!!

  21. Gretchm says:

    OMG there must be a second season or I swear I’ll explode!!! GAH!

  22. Erica says:

    Plz give us a season 2!!!! This show makes me actually look forward to Mondays! It’s the perfect cure after a long day of high achool (:

  23. C.C. says:

    What happened in the last few minutes of the show tonight? My DVR cut it off when it showed someone walking in a door with heels on. Did it show who it was or what they were doing?

    • Kiki says:


      You can watch it by recording Lying Game and then the next show.

      Sutton walked into a room upstairs overlooking the wedding scene.

      Sutton says, “Hello, Mom.”

      Rebecca says something like, “All is going according to the plan.”

  24. nisha says:

    please please please renew the lying game for a second season it’s awesome and I look forward to new drama and CRAZY twists!!!!

  25. alise cueva says:

    The lying game is a great show I love all the twists and turns. I hope it can continue. We would like to see more shows. I really expected the show would continue.

  26. Devon says:

    PLEASE renew this show! I’m addicted! The Lying Game and Pretty Little Liars are my guilty pleasures!!!

  27. vickie says:

    RENEW IT……………….

  28. ChrisGa says:

    I have to say the first couple of episodes were not very good but the writers at some point corrected that problem; since it returned in January, some weeks were actually better than Pretty Little Liars(which I also love). Here’s hoping for a second season pick-up and when that happens upgrade Charisma Carpenter to series regular! She’s my all-time fave Buffy alum and, though I love SMG, CC’s current digs are more consistently interesting than SMG’s(aka Ringer).

  29. mel says:

    must renew a season two abc family! this show is way better than make it or break it, and if you can bring that show back after a chick gets preggers and you have to cut the season short, then you HAVE to bring this show back, pleeeeeeeeeeease!

  30. Jeff says:

    Love this show…but does anyone else think Alexandra Chando is a great actress as Emma, and a horrible actress as Sutton?

  31. Alan says:

    This show must be renewed. The quality of acting by all of the regulars is superb. In my opinion, Ms. Chando does an outstanding job portraying antithetical roles as Emma/Sutton.

  32. E says:


  33. martine says:

    I would rather not see Charisma as a regular, i always thought she was a terrible actress, and she has gotten worse. In fact she brings down the quality of the show. But everything else is so good, and the young actors are so accomplished it almost doesn’t matter. Although more of her would not be good. She is so boring.

  34. Trin2000 says:

    I luv this show all of the mysteries they find please renew it their mom is rebecca annie sowell but who is Emma’s and suttons dad

  35. Trin2000 says:

    Eathans dad is in a lot of movies but who is his mother