Idology: 4 Contestants to Watch, Advice for Wildcards, and a Time Out for Jimmy Iovine

American Idol‘s Season 11 Top 13 is perhaps the most evenly matched group of contestants since the Golden Age of Season 5. Of course, that’s not stopping the fabulous Melinda Doolittle and myself from identifying our early favorites — or discussing said singers’ questionable taste in music, nifty homemade accessories, trademark dance moves, or tenuous connections to Whoopi Goldberg.

We also dish out hairstyle advice for a couple of Wild Card singers, offer a verbal spanking to tart-tongued mentor Jimmy Iovine, and have our first major disagreement over a certain ousted contestant. Plus, Melinda talks about the pros and cons of being chosen for the Idol “pimp slot.” So press play below for this week’s Idology, and for all my Idol news, views, and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. SharonM says:

    Don Cheadle is hot.

    • So true and so was Aaron. That he went from a standing ovation to not even getting to sing was ludicrous. I don’t get what they were thinking with Reed. I feel that was completely undeserved, same with Brielle, but they are both gone so I don’t care anymore. I’m not saying that Aaron would have made Top 13 but at least give him a shot. I think he was just as good, if not better than Deandre. Love Jessica, Elise, Erika and Jeremy. I actually do like Phillip but I am just so over a white guy with a guitar at this point. Nothing against him, just it’s year after year, it’s getting absurd.

      • Leila says:

        I can’t believe that Iovine likes Jermaine better than Aaron. In any case, we know neither of them stand/stood a chance in this show.

      • Tarc says:

        My issue with Aaron was the same as with Erika – we’ve heard their voices before, and what they do is not in style at the moment. They just were not interesting or current.

    • Anna B says:

      If you haven’t see his movie “The Guard” (which is where the Idology clips are from) you really, really should. It came out last year and it is a great movie.

    • Jody says:

      Love, love Melinda as “co-host” I’m offended my Jimmy’s Don Cheadle comment.

  2. Ben says:

    Can’t wait to see what you have to see on Iovine. I’m sure it’s richly deserved. I swear he just reads the internet after the performances and says whatever he finds on here, thats how it comes across to me. It never seems like real music advice, just “how to get America’s votes” advice. I’d rather someone in his role shaped our opinions of what a particular artist should look and sound like, rather than us shaping his.

    • Ben says:

      Also, Aaron Marcellus was robbed. None of the guys who got a shot at a wild card were better than him. He was the single most clearly cheated of those who missed out. Thats not to say anyone in the top 13 isn’t deserving – I think they all are – but Aaron was cheated from day 1 with his edit, right through to not even getting another shot at a wild card. Michael, I might have found my Kendra Chantelle ;)

      • IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

        No, you have found your Lauren Turner. Kendra actually got a shot at the Wild Card, and Lauren, like Aaron, did not. I wasn’t crazy about him, but I will say I liked him better than Jermaine. But as Haley often said, “Que sera.”

        • Ben says:

          Indeed. Can’t do anything about it, and it makes no odds to the fact this season is shaping up to be high quality.

        • Allison says:

          Aaron was way underrated. For me, Creighton has become my Kendra Chantelle. I thought he was awesome, and he deserved a wildcard shot over any of the three guys who actually got one.

        • Dan says:

          Oh Lauren Turner…..we hardly knew ye. Remember that time American chose Thia over her? And then the judges chose Ashton over her and Kendra? Lauren is one of my favorite contestants ever eliminated in the semifinals–up there with Sabrina Sloan, Lily Scott, Katelynn Epperly, Alex Lambert, Ju’not Joyner, etc.

  3. Pat says:

    Aaron has a great voice and put on a solid performance and absolutely robbed of a Wildcard shot.

    Melinda is RIGHT, Michael is WRONG on this.

    • ejones says:

      There was something fishy that the judges gave him one of a few standing Os and then did not pick him for a wild card, over-ruled by the bosses I suspect.

      • Ben says:

        Could be right. They wanted Deandre as a wild card, maybe Joshua + deandre + Jermaine = no Aaron. That sucks though. Just as I support the fact its possible for none of the top 12 girls to be black, its possible that 4 of the top 7 guys can be.

  4. Gorm says:

    Brass Owl vs. Old School The Nashville Network logo… which is more distracting? Cast your vote below.

  5. Pat says:

    Oh and can Michael please explain the absurd 10 minute limit to the episodes this year?

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I want my solid, full introspective Idology and I feel like this is just a quick recap.

    Can you just throw in another 2 or 3 minutes of discussion every week? You don’t even need to put the burden of Jason to find clips to edit in, we just want more discussion.

    Lord knows there’s enough to talk about.

    • forrest says:

      The ONLY regret I have is that these only run 10 minutes. If there is a file limit / time limit, I am more that happy to have mulitiple 10 minute segments per week. Really. This adds so much entertainment value to a program that aired what – 6 hours ! – this week, I am looking forward to a subscription service to pay for additional content, if necessary. More please.

      • tuppy says:

        YES. We have long attention spans, especially when it’s for expert Idol analysis. Expand these to three parts! Get down and dirty with more detail! (Ideas: talk about every contestant, about the judges, about next week’s theme, about whether a girl can win this season, about who’s in the most danger going forward, etc… there’s so much left still-undiscussed!)

        • GinaM says:

          LOL at the long attention span comment. I’m also missing the longer re-caps. I loved it when you had several videos for each week. Greedy for more. And I’m loving M. Doolittle as your sidekick in crime.

          • Jason says:

            I agree. Forget the Slezak’s awful writing and just concentrate on the video stuff. He’s a better commentator then he is writer. I can’t stand his constant metaphors

      • Ana says:

        Totally agree!!!

      • Anna B says:

        yes, yes, yes. i would pay a subscription fee just to get MORE IDOLOGY.

    • jenb says:

      Agreed.100%. I assumed since there was an extra day and a half to work on it we were surely getting a full episode. Michael, I feel like your article on glee this week showed far more effort and that show is on a break. Whats the deal?

    • toastyred says:

      Totally agree! 10 mins barely scratches the surface!!

      • Amelia says:

        I agree. I want a longer video – I want Michael & Melinda to analyize every person’s performance. What about Heejun, etc?

    • dddd says:

      exactly, could not have said it better. no need for many clips although they are fun. we just want more discussion!

    • Walrus says:

      Could be that they are using Youtube, which has a 10 minute limit. They could do part 1,2,3, etc like they used to do on EW. That would work, and be greatly appreciated.

      • MissHeels says:

        Youtube increased the time limit to 15 minutes now, so i don’t think that’s the reason. Also if the limit was, in fact, 10 minutes they could just do 2 parts of 10 minutes each (i actually want more, like 30 minutes at least, as it were last year, but i would settle for even 5 minutes more) Please Michael give us more time!!!

        Ps: i’m also curious to know, is Jason editing this season? Doesn’t feel like he is, maybe is just because we have less time, so we don’t get as many awesome clips as we did last year.

    • Craig says:

      I guess I will have to go back and watch it again, but is Jason Averett(?) editing these this year? Don’t remember seeing his name anywhere in the credits. Absolutely agree with Erika Van Pelt as a brunette. Didn’t even think it was the same girl when they showed her with that black leather jacket and dark hair…smoking hot! Early prediction either Colton or Phillip(s)will get the popular vote and win although I am rooting for the girls although none of them have a chance with the voting system in place *cough-old news* Please America let’s not end up with 4 guys and a girl in the Top 5 again. Skylar was the biggest surprise of the night and come one people Shannon Migraine wtf? Pander much?

  6. Kate says:

    Haven’t watched yet, but I just want to say I love you and Melinda on Idology. You two crack me up!

  7. alex says:

    I wish these episodes were longer! Remember when Idolatry and Idoloonies would come in two, three parts? Slezak, we love it, we’re okay with MORE! More is good!

    • Natalie says:

      Agreed! Two to three parts… performance by performance discussion… ten minutes is simply too short!

    • M says:

      I agree, each episode needs to be longer. I feel like I am left hanging with these 10 minute episodes.

    • Rednekk says:

      Y’all stop yer whinin’,

    • Craig says:

      We all wish these were longer. Since they have all been 10m so far there must be a reason for it. At least the files play properly this year…buffering…buffering…waiting for the video to load was such a pain last year. However it didn’t stop me from watching them. Slezak, for those of us wondering could you comment on the 10m length and let us know if Jason is editing these?

  8. matt says:

    i love idology!! but i miss the days of multipart episodes, if only because we get more content. sometimes i just feel like this new season of webisodes are ending before everything has been talked about… like there is no closure to them. i’m really looking forward to when the finals start this week :)

  9. Evan says:

    Talk about contestants being the anti-XXX. Skylar Laine is the anti-Lauren Alaina. I think America is really going to like her.

    Oh. Or maybe that’s just me.

    Top three: Joshua, Skylar, and Deandre on his good days.

    • Dan says:

      Skylar is what Lauren Alaina wants to be, just like Jessica is what Thia wants to be, Josh is what Jacob Lusk wants to be, etc.

      • Joy says:

        On the other hand, there’s not really a Naima this year, and Reed Grimm was like some kind of nightmare version of Casey Abrams. Nobody with the obvious showmanship of James Durbin, either. And while Elise Testone *might* turn out to be my new Haley, it’ll take a few more knockout performances before I’m quite ready to go there…

        • Craig says:

          Elise is great but she isn’t the new Haley. First of all the judges and producers like her thus the pimp spot. Second, go look at Haley again and watch her sing. Mesmerizing. What made Haley great was that she was the underdog spending weeks in the bottom 3, never getting the rave reviews her fellow contestnots would get for inferior performances. She is beautiful and humble, she’s weird and she’s wonderful, she’s Haley. Elise I love but I’m not in love. Big difference. Haley was on very few peoples radar at the beginning (Including you Slezak who I believe listed her as cannon fodder in one of your early write ups)Elise opened with the pimp spot so she is on everyone’s radar.

          • Joy says:

            I thought we were talking about their styles and abilities as artists, not their treatment by the show. (Otherwise, why would Lauren Alaina want to be Skylar, when Lauren got so much *more* pimping than Skylar’s had?) And as far as that goes, Elise and Haley are by no means interchangeable — part of the appeal of each is uniqueness — but Elise is the one who seems to me most likely to bring the same types of traits I loved in Haley. Distinctive vocal tone; genuine grit; fluid blending of different styles; deep roots in rock, blues and soul (though so far minus Haley’s jazz influence); creativity with her arrangements… I wouldn’t say I’m in love with Elise at this stage either — like I said, I’m not yet ready to crown her Haley’s successor, just speculating on what might be ahead. Right now she’s the one with the most apparent potential to appeal to me on the same levels.

  10. Lizbeth says:

    I cannot stand Iovine. ITA with Ben, he does only seem to be concerned with votes–not helping them with their vocals. I guess cause he is a record exec–so he is only concerned with profits–not quality.

    Aaron and Hallie Day should have had the oppty for a wild card.

    My faves are Erika and Elise. Love Han too

  11. Amy says:

    I have been waiting, as my nephew says, “All day and all night” for the latest Idology. Yay! I agree with you: I love Elise, Jessica, and Skylar. This group really has the potential to be fantastic and bring us some great music. Thank goodness we do not ever have to hear Reed Grimm (or many others) again. Also, all of your clips were just perfect. But then anytime you use the Dowager Countess or Andy Dwyer, I am happy.

  12. AGM says:

    1. LOVE the Downton snippets. Adds a touch of class to an already classy production.

    2. Thank you for not focusing on those “judges” with the very welcome exception of the mention of pointing guns at their heads.

    3. Don Cheadle is the man. It’s questionable what Jimmy Iovine is, but less than human is probably a good prediction.

    4. Ten minutes is not sufficient. This better just be the case for the pre-final rounds. Without this dose of sanity, I don’t think watching the show could be bearable.

    • Julia says:

      Granted, the Don Cheadle comment was ludicrous. Other than that though, I was SO happy to watch Jimmy’s comments. After all, the other “judges” activate my gag reflex. I can barely sit through all that unrelenting, undeserved praise they dole out.

      Right or wrong, at least Jimmy is willing to make negative comments. He’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of pointless blather.

      • AGM says:

        You’re right. Negative comments are better than anything the judges usually throw out there. Actually, the fact that Jimmy possibly goes on the internet and sees what people are saying is actually a good thing; it shows that he’s aware of the audience.

  13. Marta says:

    I’m hoping the fact that Jermaine Jones was the only Finalist you didn’t mention means I will be correct in predicting he’ll be the first one out this week. He really has no business in the finals.

    • jennrae says:

      But he’s the gentle giant! [groans and eye rolls]

      I’m not saying they do it on purpose, but black male contestants seem to often get nicknames, as if to make them more cuddly to the viewing audience (e.g. the Velvet Teddy Bear himself, Ruuuuuuuuuuuuben Studdard).

    • Craig says:

      Out of all of the contestants Jermaine Jones album would be the hardest for me to listen to the whole thing. Was Jimmy possibly being sarcastic when he made that comment? Also we didn’t they bring back another girl. Stop with the sausage fest already. No way he makes the tour(top 10!

  14. Hrfe says:

    ….Why not make the show longer if you have more people to talk about? I think the singers at the beginning really deserved way more time and I think they should’ve at least mentioned the ousted contestants. The show is significantly shorter this year and it is making me sad-angry. I really like Slezak’s snark and it was just… to short.

  15. Spycig says:

    Boo hoo I can’t watch this on my iPad because YouTube says “author doesn’t allow playback on iPad”!!! Please authorise Michael otherwise I’m gonna miss out and I love hearing what you and Melinda have to say!!!

  16. Candy says:

    Can I just say that the Slezak/Doolittle pairing is the BEST EVAH? You two are hysterical. I’m so looking forward to this, all season.

  17. tuppy says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but WHERE ARE THE ITUNES RECORDINGS OF THESE SONGS? I would be listening to Jessica, Elise, Deandre, Erika, Skylar, and lots more of these on repeat. Why aren’t they available for download?

    • Carol says:

      I think that only starts with the Top 13, so this week’s songs should be on iTunes.

      • mailmanjim says:

        yup, Carol is right. It would be too hard to have 25 kids go in the studio to record their should start this week. I hope they offer the whole nights songs for one cheaper price again.

        • Joy says:

          Before last season, they were at least offering the live recordings of semifinal performances on iTunes. Granted, I usually couldn’t stomach paying $1.29 for under two minutes of music…

  18. GG says:

    Just to echo the above sentiments: please give us longer Idology episodes! 10 minutes is just NOT enough! Oh, and I’m loving Melinda being on every week. You two have a great rapport with each other.



  20. Namira says:

    as a fan who still has some faith in Heejun, I love how even though you’re giving him the silent treatment, you still can’t resist using one of his amusing (well, at least for me, and apparently Jason too) soundbites!

    also, as many others have said, dear Michael & Jason, if it’s not too much to ask, 10 minutes is simply not enough. more parts, pretty please?

  21. me says:

    Idol recap on The Voice night???

    Really did not like the decision by Blake to pick the young country girl over the over girl who is way more ready and just blew her out of the water. :(

    • Johnny says:

      In nearly every battle, I correctly chose the singer the mentor would pick, but preferred the one who lost. I thought Chris Cauley decimated Tony Lucca (as much as I liked Tony’s first audition); neither country girl was great, but Adley outsang RaeLynn easily; I preferred Angie personally to Cheesa, even though I did think Cheesa outsang Angie in this song; I liked Brian over Jordis, who seemed to have a bit of a bad attitude, but Jordis was clearly winning since we didn’t even see Brian’s blind audition; and I thought Anthony was more pop-relevant than Jesse (why do they always pair up the African-American men?).
      The only close one was Chris Mann and Monique Benabou; while I preferred Monique in this song, I’m interested to see what Chris will be able to do in the future.

      • Tarc says:

        Almost totally agree. Chris outsang (and sounded more relevant) than Tony. RaeLynn was terrible; Adley was far better. Angie lost on that song, but is by far the better contestant. Chris has so many possibilities, so was the better pick. But I disagree with Jordis – she’s amazing. She just has some kind of block or confidence issue to overcome.

  22. me says:

    (even K. Clarkson has thrown herself behind The Voice instead of the mess Idol has become between Randy, JLo and Nigel)

    • Julia says:

      She has been off the show for 10 years, theres no rule that states she can’t be on. She mentored on Canadian idol, does that make her want to be Canadian? She performed on x factor, does that mean she likes x factor better? Sheesh, she doesn’t BELONG to idol.

    • Allison says:

      I do think the Voice producers were thrilled to get the soundbite where Kelly says she is a huge fan of the show, especially given Randy’s obnoxious comments about the show. Randy thinks he is an integral part of Idol, but honestly, I think Paula and Simon really made it what it was on the judging panel. Randy was always just sort of there, and he’s stayed there because he is not famous for anything else (no, not even Journey).

  23. Rebecca Parker says:

    Is it really only going to be 10 minutes every week? Lame. :(

  24. K. says:

    Flawless commentary tbh.

  25. Soarin829 says:

    Just count me as the ump-teenth person to say… PLEASE make these longer!! And add more Parks & Rec clips :)

  26. Z says:

    I’m dissapointed Slezak, almost no talk about Hollie in this vid. She is my pick too win, but I’m also rooting for Elisa & Erika.

  27. donna says:

    Agree with Melinda about Aaron – not shrill. He totally should have been a wildcard, certainly ahead of Grimm. And agree with Michael about Erika going brunette. And seriously listening to the stylist about clothing choices. Jimmy needs to start referencing the Dowager Countess, not Don Cheadle, if he wants some 21st century relevance cred. I’ll be looking forward to that.

  28. Musica1 says:

    Everyone at my house agreed with Jimmy’s assessments. We felt like he said things the judges should have been saying in their critiques.

    My top 3 as of right now:

    Hollie Cavanagh
    Phil Phillips
    Elise Testone

    With Colton. Skylar, and Heejun right behind

    • Carol says:

      Yes, I thought that Jimmy was spot on, with the exception of not thinking that Heejun is taking it seriously. You can tell from how emotional and how nervous he gets that he’s taking it seriously, the humor is just his natural personality. Otherwise, I really appreciated Jimmy’s candor.

  29. Brigette says:

    I LOLed at written-out text of Elise’s pronunciation and the “Slayer Sighting” moment. Good recap as always, but I’m not understanding this idea that Deandre has “bad moments.” Do I just not have ears or something, because I think he’s better than all of them! And, to echo everyone else, THESE RECAPS ARE TOO SHORT. There is SOOO much left to talk about, especially Hollie’s morphing accent. Is she British?! Is she American?! Does she have some form of aphasia?! Someone please tell me WHAT IS GOING ON! It’s so distracting I can’t even make sense of her right now.

    • forrest says:

      Read on another site during the result show that she was born in Australia then relocated to McKinney, Texas. How long she was in Australia accounts for the accent. – Found out tonight watching the Voice, I’m already mixing up contestants backstories. Reality Show – singing competition overload already…..

    • sara says:

      Hollie’s family is from England, the Liverpool area I think. I remember that being mentioned when she auditioned last year.

    • jenb says:

      I wish they would make it more clear to America b/c that morphing accent can be distracting and even obnoxious if you dont understand it. She was born in Liverpool and later moved to Texas.

  30. Ryan says:

    Really? Another joy hop reference? Seriously, if you didn’t mention Ashlee Altise or the jot hop in every single post, I wouldn’t have remembered her past the first (and only) glimpse we got of that mediocre singer.

  31. W says:

    Y’all Has it occured to anybody that TvLine might not have the funds to allow for longer Idologys.? It is a relatively new site. EW might have had more leeway that way.
    Also I cant believe no one is supporting Jimmy when he brought up many points that the 3 stooges – I mean joodges – failed to. I agreed with him on most things even abt Joshua needing to be aware of all the colors his voice can show.

  32. Katie says:

    Agree with comments of “more please.” I actually spent a few moments looking for part two before it dawned on me that was the END.

  33. Holeigh says:

    I can’t deal with Elise, she’s so desperate for approval, it’s all I can see/hear when she sings.

    Erika all the way!!!!

  34. Tim says:

    You guys are very demanding for stuff you get for free. I’m fine with 10 minute shows.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Well spoken, Tim. The tone and (sort of) sense of entitlement of several of those demanding (not asking, but demanding)is unsettling to me.

      Last year people complained endlessly that the episodes took so long to load (if they did load) or that they had problems throughout an episode because it would start, then load a bit more, etc. Many “suggested” YouTube. (So, peeps, careful what you wish for.)

      Unlike you, I can’t say that I’m fine with a 10 minute show. I’ve accepted them, but they always leaving me wanting more.

      But, perhaps, that’s the point/strategy. (Leave them wanting more…)

  35. Great Ceaser's Ghost says:

    Funny, insightful, short. I understand if there’s a ten-minute cap on the episodes this year, but could you PLEASE just let us know the reason for the change so I can stop getting my hopes up every week?

  36. Joey says:

    Jen Hirsch. :(

  37. Debby says:

    HAHAHAHA! Brilliant re-cap. But folks watch out for those under radar that could suddenly surprise us all and go all the way to the end. But I love Hollie and Skyler and for the guys, anyone but “HayJude”….:)

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      I can say one thing for Heejun: if they do a Beatle’s week this year, he has his song pretty much picked out for him.

  38. Rick says:

    OK, so I’ll just pile on with all the rest of the posters and say that we need MORE of this analysis every week. Michael, you and Melinda are an AMAZING pairing!

    And Melinda, you are my favorite Idol contestant ever. I’m not just saying this because you are part of this Idology twosome, but you absolutely SLAYED every song, every week, week after week, with that great tone, power, vocal modulation and emotion. Every song was paired with the perfect tonal delivery, and I could listen to you all day and night. You kill me.

    But anyway, we need more of you two; your observations are pretty much spot on every week. And I love the humor thrown in.

    Last comment: I thought that last year’s top 13 was the best ever, with no real “weakling,” and I think this year’s top 13 could match or even surpass last year’s. I’m really excited about watching it all unfold.

  39. Lemon says:

    Melinda needs to be on TV. She should have her own talk show. Now, what network would be best? Hhmm….

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Melinda hosting her own talk show is a wonderful idea. So just how much of a talk show can be devoted to the talk show host singing??

  40. Kevin C. says:

    Unfortunate that the 10 minute show format means some of the Top 13 got less coverage in the recap than Hollie got in an average episode of Hollywood/Las Vegas week.

  41. dcmjlive says:

    When Slezak said Aaron was screechy, I did the exact same thing that Melinda did. Aaron was most definitely robbed of at least a wildcard slot. Let the guy sing. On that note, I’m happy for DeAndre making it through. He just needs to be more polished. The Vegas performances were STELLAR, it just needs to go back to that level. In that note, too bad for Jen Hirsh as well. Amazing Hollywood-Vegas performances but oversinging during the live shows got her that fate.

    I’m rooting for Jessica, Hollie and Elise at this point. Spot on that we still have the fear of the Thia Megia ghetto but judging from the repertoire of songs in Jessica’s YouTube channel (or now in the fan channels), she will and should deliver.

  42. xanila says:

    Aaron was my favorite guy that night, but of course I knew he had no chance whatsoever of advancing. In a way I think he was too professional (no strategic hyper-emotional crying mess like Jeremy for example) and smooth (performed and sang the song and did it well, instead of putting his individual antics first) for voters to care, also it definitely didn’t help that we knew nothing about him.
    He seems like a very soulful, classy and solid performer, and I for one would love to see what someone like that could do on Idol rather than future disappointment Deandre, J-Lo’s new foster child Jeremy, pity vote Jermaine, and livejournal blogger Heejun who are all vocally lacking in one department or other and are mainly getting by on their likeability or whatever it is.

    I’m not too bitter though, this is probably the first time ever that I’m really into a contestant this early in the competition, let alone SEVERAL of them! (Elise, Joshua, Hollie, and to a lesser degree Colton, Erika and Phillip Phillip’s chest hair) No doubt it will all go downhill from here.

    And of course I agree with everyone that says that we need MORE IDOLOGY!!! 10 minutes a week just isn’t enough, you guys are too brilliant to not want more of.

    Also, Don Cheadle is effing hot.

  43. James says:

    America and the judges mostly got it right…Deandre should not of won and Reed should of…then all would be perfect in the world!

    • justafan says:

      actually reed should not have been in the sing-off at all, and deandre should not have taken jen’s place… he was a hot mess with his song and his hair flipping is needlessly annoying… but as we know, unca nigel has his say one way or the other and the viewer is at the mercy of his whims

  44. Pat202 says:

    I voted for Aaron and was the only one amongst my idol watching friends to do so….I think his terrific voice and polish didn’t stand out enough at key moments which is a shame. So I totally agree with Melissa and am glad she brought him up as a disappointment! I think Michael and Melissa should each get a wild card vote!

  45. dona says:

    love idology! love u and love the insights that melinda brings as an artist and previous contestant.
    the violent ref was too much for me though. to see someone shooting the judges that;s…that’s just wrong even if i am a randy fan.

    • GG says:

      What Slezak actually said was to shoot apples off the judges’ heads, not shoot the judges. Although, some of their stupid comments, especially Randy’s, might make one prone to violence want to shoot something.

  46. Um.... says:

    Love you, Doolittle and Slezak. You are so much better than the actual show.

    I can’t get past Dee Dee’s beautiful hair – it’s just distracting. I think you were spot on about that, Ms. Doolittle.

    Um…I hope to never, ever see Mr. Grimm again – not even at a carnival (where he belongs). Ugh.

    I need the comedian dude to stay around a bit more… I love he said “Who?” when they asked him about Jimmy Wanna-Be-Twenty-Again. So funny.

    But I will wait for the recaps because I can’t sit through this dreadful show anymore.

    Team Skylar all the way!

  47. Word Money G says:

    “That Pageant Girl?” You are missing a very valuable point here, Michael. She’s a pretty, pop-country, Christian-rock singing suburban teenager. THAT’S THE VOTING AUDIENCE. Shannon Magraine should slide into the top 5 without even having to sing well.

  48. Jake says:

    I actually think it would have gone to reed if he had sung a better song. Deandre and jermaine are head scratchers to me. Breaker was wasted, why didn’t they choose hallie day??? Oh well, I wish they would change the rules and allow these 24 to come back again, I feel like the ones who didnt go through could easily be on another show.

    • Joy says:

      With Jimmy pushing for a rule change, it could happen. When barely half the semifinalists get past the first live performance, they’re potentially throwing away a lot of great talent. Years when they weeded them out more slowly, it took a genuinely weak performance to get tossed in the first week, but now some contestants that seem to have a lot of potential are gone before we really get any sense of them at all. I’d love to see more of Hallie and Aaron from this year, and Lauren Turner from last year. There are probably others who deserve another shot, too.

  49. PatD says:

    I miss the longer recaps, too.

    Jessica is clearly the front runner this year, but there’s something about her that rubs me the wrong way. As a contestant, I’d be very wary of peaking too soon on this show, and Jessica is in line for that. Mega-talent, for sure, though.

    My favs, and the ones I hope last for a good, long while are: Erica, Elise, Colton (even though I liked his sister better), Phillip, and Hollie. Of all those, I think Hollie is the one I’m really pulling for. None of the others have the potential for a terrific growth arc as Hollie does. IMO, she has a perfect pop-ready, powerful voice and we could actually watch her evolve into a star over the course of this season. She chose the most difficult material, and she nailed it (I was like, “The HELL, Randy? What are you talking about that it wasn’t perfect?” I replayed it and couldn’t find one bad note. She just needs to get more comfortable on stage, and then WATCH OUT, America!).

    I can’t believe Shannon made it through. Her vote-thru epitomizes everything that’s wrong with the AI voting system.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      @PatD: I can understand your sentiments about Jessica. The girl’s got a voice, and certainly knows how to command a stage (at the age of 16). But unlike you, I have a little bit better idea of what bothers me about this, even though I’m still uncertain that I can articulate it.

      Basically, for me it has to do with the fact that Jessica has been “preparing” for this “ascension” for the bulk of her young life. For me, there’s something amiss there.

  50. Ana says:

    I really like a lot of the contestants: Phillip, Colton, Hollie, Elise and Erica are my favorites.

    I think Jessica has a beautiful voice, but I don’t see myself buying and listening to her music, it’s not my taste. I also love Joshua’s voice, but don’t really like the material. I’m more a rock, pop, alternative kind of gal.

    The things I like the most, though, are Slezak’s recaps and Idology!