Glee in Season 4: 12 Suggestions to Keep the Show Thriving Beyond Graduation

Graduation day is on the horizon for the kids of William McKinley High School, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity for Glee to reboot itself in a new and exciting way. Indeed, with Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Mike, Puck, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Quinn and Sam all contemplating life after high school, we decided to whip up some suggestions (both bold and entirely plausible) for potential story arcs — and a few exits — for some of our favorite characters. Check out our vision of Glee in Season 4, then hit the comments with your own ideas!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. David says:

    I wanna see Kurtofsky. That’s all I really want lol.

  2. Ben says:

    Glee was doomed to fail from the beginning, unless you gear the show towards children all shows in a high school setting will outlive their possibility to branch out and grow once graduation of the main characters comes around.

    • Sabrina says:

      How can you say that Glee was doomed to fail from the beginning? If that was the case, then why are they on their 3rd season and considering a 4th? Don’t knock something if you don’t watch it.

  3. Ashley says:

    I really do not want to see Kurt and Blaine break up. It would be nice to see last even with a long distance relationship! But I will say that it would be interesting to see the fight between Kurt and Sebastian when Kurt comes back on his first break and sees Blaine and Sebastian together!

  4. Sara says:

    NO!! Klaine can’t break up! Seriously they break up and everyone else stays together?!?! That’s NOT fair!! Klaine is my favorite couple! If they break up I am NOT watching Glee anymore seriously ever since they got together they were the only reason why I watch Glee! I got so addicted to Klaine that I don’t even watch episodes that Blaine is not in1 They can’t break up!!!!

  5. Sabrina says:

    Ok, I have read through all the possible stories and honestly, I’d like to see them all except for Mr.Schue and Emma leaving. You should also at the end of season 4 for the finale, make it so everyone in the first original Glee club somehow gets all back together at McKinley High and do a show. That would be AWESOME!!!!

  6. Person.. ! says:

    I don’t get how everyone’s saying those were the good old days, the show is exactly the same as it’s always been, which in my opinion is fine.

    As for the season 4 suggestions I love that Finchel stays together! But Klaine breaking up? NOT COOL BRO. Well, it’d be fine if it has a plot twist and they get back together. And as for Sebastion and Blaine please no! I think he is the worst character on the show, no offence to his acting I just don’t like the role he plays.

    I agree with an earlier commenter that Mercedes should definitely not be single and she should meet a few new guys in NYC.

  7. Winry says:

    If Will and Emma leave, I quit. Haha but the rest of these actually sound pretty cool!

  8. Natalie says:


  9. andrew says:

    I like the following:
    -The mercedes, santana and brittany one
    -the blaine and kurt breaking up one
    -and mike staying in lima for tina. other than that, the others are really bad suggetsions like mr. schue leaving and senor martinez coming? wtf. and puck failing? not brittany? most of it, i agree

  10. dayday says:

    I hate everything that is on there. I want Finn and Racheal to get married, i love those two together. Also I dont want Kurt and Blaine to seperate they are funny together. I only really like 2 things about this.One is that the troubletones will stay together and see kurt and racheal and that Puck be held back. Gosh i love me some Mark Salling <3

    • dayday says:

      Also GLEE is awesome if you dont like this season then stop watching it no one is making you. so stop talking crap about glee. this season may not be the best season but its still pretty good.

  11. AKA says:

    Glee isn’t realistic. It hasn’t been since Season 1.
    Indeed. who wouldn’t want to watch season four of the Finn and Rachel + some other kids show?
    They are good people, but honestly, this season has become about them. The gays are hidden in the corner. We are not able to see each of the cast members’ full potential because they throw song after song at us without a consistent story line.
    But hey, let’s attack each other on this article instead of actually discussing the goddamn article

    • Kalleb D. says:

      THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!! I mean, the entire season became about Rachel and Fin.. again. I mean I just wanted it to be like Season 1, and have everyone in a story plot. Season 2 was just … Dear god, but now I think they are sorta veering to closing some of these story plots with songs which is ok, sometimes. But these tribute episodes are killing me, 3 tribute episodes? Michael, Saturday Night Glee-ver, and the Unnamed Title for the Whitney Houston tribute(Which ACTUALLY has a story plot and not just them singing to her and all and having no story like in Season 2 tributes) So yeah…

  12. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry, but this list sucks really bad. NO Kurt and Blaine?! NO Mr. Schuester?! And besides that, Ryan Murphy already let the actor who plays Finn go. He is for sure not coming back.

    • bystander9529 says:

      Unless there has been another announcement, the last word I heard was that Corey, Lea and Chris would return as cast members next year. That means there will be more storylines for Finn, Rachel and Kurt.

    • Kalleb D. says:

      Where did you hear this at? @_@ Wait, what?….

  13. SandraDee says:

    why would you post a possible break up on the klaine anniversary.. also FABERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tamara says:

    lets see if quinn survived the car accident. not that i want her to have been killed but that was a nasty accident. and oh “hell to the no” i would be heart broken if my favorite tv couple(Kurt and Blaine) split up they are so perfect together. I refuse to even consider Blaine and that evil twit Sebastion getting together. Will and Emma leaving would be horrible cause they are two of my other favorite characters. The rest of the ideas are ok, though i still dont see what the big deal about Racheal and Finn getting married, i am not convinced it would damage Racheals rise to fame in the slightest.

  15. Anon says:

    I thought that Glee was suppose to be about “the school”, “the spirit”, “the struggles” of high school and how it’s okay not to be doing what the “cool clique” always does. It’s nice to see a show depict the average kid, the kid that doesn’t always run with the popular crowd, the one that can stand alone in the middle of the hallway and still feel proud of who and what they are. Kids grow up and move on but the school, spirit and struggles are there for the next group that moves through it. Either you stick with that and move forward with newer talents and other issues that face our teens or you go with the biggest group into college, university and life. You can always bring back the ones that have moved on in their lives for visits or flash off to see what they are doing…..

    • Kalleb D. says:

      I know right. When I heard they were doing a split narrative, I was really in shock because I wanted it to focus on the new people coming in, no disrespect to the original ND(They were/are awesome.) But seriously, I wanted a fresh start, with the returning ND(Sophmores and Juniors from Season 3 with at least 5-8 new characters to fill the room.)

  16. J says:

    I want Santana to graduate with Brittany

  17. Tayla71 says:

    Hey guys..umm ur talking about a tv show. It is written to make money and to sell itunes and show tickets. It is not reality tv and these people are not real. The show is not going to be like real life cause real life teens are a total mess. What they do makes no sense to anyone but them. The producers and writers of this show will create story lines that contribute to songs that can be sold for profit. it is all about the money.

  18. Brittany says:

    I actually really like this idea, with the exception of the teacher taking over Glee. I think Finn is gonna be confused, and want to do all three of those things for 6mo-a year. I think mark needs more development, LOVE seeing Kim (well, she played Kim in Eureka). She is a GREAT actress. Klaine breaking up is bound to happen, they are cute but they seem to definitely need to go in different directions. The idea of going from Ohio to NY I actually think can work quite well IF done right. Only things I didnt like was sam being an exotic dancer (the show obviously took a no stance to that), and Ricky coming back. Don’t get me wrong, he is AMAZING. But seriously… a glee coach? No. Definitely like beiste & sue going at it, and and kurt getting to go after other guys in NY while he and rachel learn that the life of a broadway musical lover is NOT easy. Definitely has a lot of drama, while not being cheesy like this last season kinda was. Keep in mind most Glee watchers graduated in 09-10, time to grow up a bit like we have.

  19. karo says:

    im so ancious about what will happend to gle on season4! first of all, finnchel has to marry, quinn has to survive the accident and not fall for artie if she’s a cripple, brittana has to stay togeter, blaine has to become straight (as well as sebastia)and leave kurt, tina has to get a better boyfriend who talks more on the show, mike needs to go but leve his feets, and mercedes need to stop being a bitch and be with samm, and puck needs to stay with quinn after the accident. i think it would be a cool idea to get brittany jealous for a reaaly hot girl who santana leers!

  20. It's Brittana, bitch says:

    Cool! Totally love Mercedes+Brittana idea, totally wishing them living together.But don’t let Mercedes Forever alone, poor girl she deserves love. Isn’t Ian said he wanted to make Brittana spin-off lololol. Would be fun if Naya idea becomes true: Santana gets Brittany pregnant and will live together in NY <3

  21. WemmaLover says:

    I don’t really mind about everybody’s storyline except for Will and Emma’s. I think that without Will as the New Directions’ coach, New Directions is just another boring glee club. The kids said it themselves in season 1: He IS glee club.

    And… Emma is my favourite character so I Would like to see what happens after the wedding. I don’t want them to leave right away! I want to see what happens with Emma’s OCD. I want to see their kids. There are so many things I want to see, and if they leave, I’m pretty sure all the other Wemma fans will be very disappointed that they left.

  22. caterina says:

    Thumbs up if you love GLEE!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Mitchell says:


    Do not mess with Klaine at all!! Leave them as they are!! Sure, you get a good story between Blaine and Sebastian but No one wants them together!! In fact, make it so that David and Sebastian get together, that is a better mix don’t you think? After being part of the cause for an attempted suicide Sebastian tries to give love a real chance. Don’t ruin everything Klaine has been through since Blaine entered the picture. Other than that, the Senior stories make alot of sense. Rachel would persue her dreams and Finn is just… Finn.

    BUT!! You CANNOT get rid of Shue or Ema because they are at the core of this show. Get rid of them, and Klaine, and it wont be Glee anymore, IDC if you have Jane Lynch. Instead, have the Spanish dude take that job that is offered and have him as compitition for New Directions, makes alot of sense there don’t it?

    Also Rory should stay on Glee, and I am not saying that because I am a die hard fan of the guy because of his days with CT. But he hads more to Glee as being an Outcast and has great promise and a good voice. Keep him so he and Artie can fight over Sugar, this past couple of episodes has been amusing with those two. I know yall have more people lined up to join New Directions, but you have to have someone fill all the Senior’s shoes don’t you?

    I personally would love to see Sue mess with Beiste only because I think Beiste has put Sue in her place more than once, just sayin’.

    Now even though it looks like I am raging about this, keep in mind that I am trying to show alternatives to ruining a good storyline that is going on now. I honestly don’t think it would fit Kurt’s character to leave Blaine after everything Blaine has brought to the table and helped Kurt with, and vice versa. How many times have you played the “Well its a better job” with Will and pulling him from New Directions. Without Will there is no New Directions, sorry but it just doesn’t fit his character. Emma, sure I can understand her leaving, where Will goes she goes and she doesn’t have a true bond like Will does.

    NOW As a final comment I think you should look into what I have said about the Sebastian/David hook up. We saw how horrible Sebastian felt after hearing about David and his attempt. So, why not have him appologize to David and have them go out? David has been forced out and though he needs time to think, he will need all the help he can get. Sebastian, though he is a boil on the butt of humanity imo, would be good for David because of his strong will. I hate to say it, but taking a break from Kurt and Blaine would be a good idea to show a more unstable relationship. Klaine fits like a glove, no pun intended for you pervs out there, but having Savid/Dabastian would through some needed relationship drama into the picture. Just my thoughts on that

  24. This IS like really bad fanfiction…BUT I would totally watch it. At least it’s seemingly consistent with what direction the characters would actually take based off of their development this season. Except maybe Brittany.. how did she manage to graduate?

  25. Joe says:

    Never gave Rory a chance. The storylines for him were idiotic at best. He was used as a background. I don’t like the idea of a possible relationship between Blaine and Sebastian. Sebastian’s character is totally unlikable. Blaine is a rock and needs someone just as talented. Ricky Martin as a substitute for Shue is weak. Matthew was great and his shoes would be hard to fill. I just hope that the story goes back to what made the show in the first place. Hope they find someone that can dance as well as Brittany. Loved seeing her work the stage. She and Mike were great dancing together.

  26. Gleek79 says:

    I think Quinn is gonna be severely injured by the car accident and Rachel will call off the wedding because she’ll think it’s a sign to not get married. I mean let’s face it Rachels anal and quite the Drama Queen, but most divas are. Finn will go in a downward spiral and start to feel like it’s his and Rachels fault that Quinn got into a horrible car accident, while trying to get to their wedding. I think Sebastian and Karoffsky will eventually hook up, only because Sebastian feels bad about what he said to him in the Bar. Mercedes will realize lifes too short and make a go for it again with Sam. Sue will actually be pregnant with Puck’s baby because Puck was trying to make some extra cash at a sperm bank., because he’s Puck. lol. Brittney and Santana go public with their romance and some pda and get video taped and put on the internet and Brittneys parents find out about them and sends Britt to a psychiatrist. Artie starts to have feelings for Brittney again and tries to tell her but Santana threatens him to stay away. Kurt and Blaine stay together and spend most of their time with Quinn and Karoffsky. Which Blaine starts to get real jealous because Kurt and Karoffsky start being real flirty with each other, which causes a rift between Klaine. Rory goes home to Ireland but before he does Sugar takes his virginity as a going away present. lol After New Directions win Nationals, they are picked to be in a Music Video of some big Artist. Mike gets offered a job to dance on tour as a backup dancer. Tina and Mike have a long distance relationship, which drives Tina back into Arties arms. And of course their will be lots of musical numbers. After all the show is called “Glee”..

  27. gleelover says:

    This may sound kind of stupid but I think getting rid of Quinn would kind of lose some viewers..especially the male ones. Her natural beauty actually gets some people watching and reminds them of Glee. Like I know my brother and a few of his friends really like Dianna Agron and they don’t watch Glee but because of her presence on the show, they remember that it’s still around.
    And I’m not totally on board about this whole Sebastian transferring thing… I think that Blaine confiding in Sebastian as a friend and the two of them getting closer is enough, but another Dalton to McKinley transfer might be too much. The Warblers sure have their share of fans too!

  28. cern says:


  29. Mallory says:

    I like it all except for Kurt and Blaine breaking up. They can still do the story line of Blaine and Sebastian even if Blurt doesn’t break up. But I like the other story lines!

  30. inmidnights says:

    I’d love to see the Mike and Tina one happen, because it’s never going to. God forbid the Asians actually get more screentime and actual storylines than just one episode fillers (rolling eyes @ Glee).

  31. Mac says:

    Even though I really like this show, I definitly do NOT watch it for its storyline. I mean seriously, it’s all a load of cr##. And clichés. It’s not even funny.

    I will not care, if those scenarios ever get real. All I want is for Finchel (bäh) to break up and to get some Faberry going. Also, it would be really nice, if Dianna Agron stayed on the show.

    And the Karofsky thing was actually kind of cute. Oh, and Brittana is the best thing that ever happened to this show.

  32. ashley says:

    The article was great I m obsessed with glee there has to be like a hundred more seasons make sure Britney and Santana are in it and sue seens though she’s having a baby. Also will and Emma because there getting married and we have to see of Quinn dies or not. Hopefully not:).

  33. Kalleb D. says:

    Ok people chill. It was confirmed by 2 sources that one of the story plots for Season 4 was a Split Narrative. Between New Directions and one with Kurt and Rachel at NYADA(Hence why their bringing in Whoopi Goldberg as Ms. Carmen Thibideaux, a profesor at NYADA to give them the news I think in episode 18 or 19 and will appear 2 more episodes after that.)

  34. Kalleb D. says:

    UGH! I am tired of these crazed fans of only ONE character. What about the entire group? Their all special. Not just the lovebirds. Finchel, Tike, Samcedes, Klain, Brittanna. There are others you know. Stop saying you only watch for this character even if they only make an appearance once or twice and have few lines. “Oh she’s so cute I watch just for her face.” Are you kidding me? Just skip the entire plot just for someone’s looks? You guys are deffinately not TRUE Glee fans. Later.

  35. Kalleb D. says:

    Ok here is what I have to say.
    Season 4 :Episode 1:
    Glee starts off with Rachel and Kurt in NYC looking around the city, they sing some weird song and go down the streets. After the song ends their facing NYADA. The camera shoots back to Ohio where Finn is talking to his mother and she is trying to mend his pain after Rachel told him she wanted to wait to get married, but promised they will. He tells her his plans on staying in Lima for a while and getting jobs and maybe looking into college. She agree’s and from the kitchen door Burt comes in and agree’s aswell. He tells Finn he’s proud of him and the camera shoots to Brittany and Santanna in front of an apartment building in California. They decide to get far away from Ohio as possible and chose CA. They kiss and walk up the stairs with some boxes to their new home. The camera then goes to the college she was accepted in. She is still disabled(or walking, whatever happens at the end of Season 3,) and talking to her mother as her mother helps her move into her dorm. Her mother tells her she is ok with what Quinn wants to do with her life and tells Quinn she is engaged, to Quinn’s dismay. Commercial.

    When we return back to the show it is at McKinnley on the first day of school as Artie is being rolled down the hall by Tina while they look around and he tells her it doesn’t seem the same. They enter the Choir room where Joe, Blaine, Rory, and Sugar are talking to Mr, Shue. Artie begins to sing a song about change and Tina joins in. After the song ends, Artie looks around and lowers his head. The scene then changes to Mercedes and Sam walking in a park in Ohio where she tells him her plans to either go to Flordia or New York and that she wants to become famous, but first she wants to go to school. He tells her he is just going to stay in Ohio and live with Finn until he can afford his own place. He stops her and asks her is she still had feelings for him. “Sam….,” she tells him and he kisses her. She backs away and tells him she can’t. She sings him a song and then walks away to her car. He stands there looking at her walk away and away and tears roll down his face. Commercial.

    When we return back to the show we are once again at McKinnley as Mr. Shue has been talking to the remaining ND. He tells them it’s time to find some new people to join and they begin to sing a song about finding something new in the court yard(where they did Empire State Of Mind.) When they finish, Mr. Shue comes down the steps and tells everyone that if they want to join, they can see him in his Choir room. Sebastian, who had decided to transfer to McKinnley due to “money problems,” as he claimed, walks into the choir room and tells Mr. Shue he would like to join. At first Mr. Shue is skeptical at first after what Sebastian did the last year but ends up letting him try out. Sebastian sings a song and Mr. Shue lets him in. Afterwards, someone (Unnamed from the Glee Project) comes in and also trys out. He makes it and that makes 8 Glee members. The scene then cuts away to Blaine walking in the hallway where Sebastian approaches him. Blaine, a little shocked, begins to question Sebastian on why he was not in his blazer only to find out about the trasfer. Afterwards the scene cuts away to 3 cheerios who come into Mr. Shue’s choir room and they try out for him, and all make it into ND. Commercial.

    When we return back to the show we are at Blaine’s house where he is on the phone with Kurt. He tells Kurt about the Sebastian trasfer, to Kurt’s dismay, and tells him not to worry and that he’s all Kurt’s. He then sings a small song to Kurt over the phone and tells him he loves him before they hang up. Blaine lays down and falls asleep. The scene then cuts to the next day where a gay character(Alex from the Glee Project) is walking down the halls of McKinnley looking at his schedule. He then bumps into another unnamed character(who is also gay, but no one knows and also from S2 of the Glee Project,) and begins to panic and say sorry. The unnamed character smiles at him and tells him he’s sorry and ask’s him(Alex) where he is going and he(Alex) tells him he’s going to Glee club tryouts and the character tells he is aswell. They smile at eachother and walk down the hallway. The scene cuts to Rachel and Kurt in their apartment in NYC putting finishing touches on their new place. Kurt tells Rachel that it’s marvelous and that he is pretty happy at the way it looks. He tells her that he’s happy that she’s his friend and they begin to sing a little broadway duet. Commercial.

    When we return back to the show we are back at McKinnley where we find Sheila(the girl apart of Quinn’s bad girl group in early Season 3, who is now a Junior) walking into the choir room. She seems to have cleaned up the way she looks and she asks Mr. Shue if she can join and to his pleasure he lets her sing for him and he lets her join. The scene goes into the choir room where all 14 ND members sit. He then says to himself, “We’re back in action,” as he pans the room. The scene then cuts to Finn and Sam at their apartment as they are watching tv and Finn tells Sam his plans and Sam tells Finn his failed attempt at Mercedes. Finn then tells Sam how much he misses Rachel and Sam begins to yell at Finn telling him, “At least you have somebody to love,” and leaves the apartment. The scene then cuts to Puck knocking on Shelby’s door. She opens with Beth in her hand and she looks at him puzzled. Commercial.

    When we return back to the show we are at Shelby’s apartment where her and Puck are talking. He tells her about his plans to stay in Ohio and she tells him she is staying there for at least another year before going back to New York. He tells her that he loves her and she shakes her head and tells him that she does not love him and that he has to go for someone who will actually be with him and care for him. He tells her that wants to be with Beth and her as a family. He then tells her about the sex and she tells him it was a mistake. Feeling rejected, he gets up, kisses Beth goodbye, and walks out the door. As he is walking down the hall he sings a song to himself as flashbacks and pictures appear. Commercial.

    As we return back to the show we are at NYADA where Rachel and Kurt are weclomed by two students who quite like Rachel and Kurt. In Rachel’s first class, she is asked to sing a song to demonstrate her talents by some of the other students. She sings a ballad from the Musical Fantom of the Opera and as she finishes, Ms. Thibideaux(Whoopi Goldberg) claps from the door of the auditorium and tells Rachel she was extraordinary. The scene then cuts back to Ohio where Blaine finds a letter in his locker telling him to meet Sebastian in the Auditorium. When he enters Sebastian tells him thank you for meeting him there and he tells him to have a seat. Sebastian tells him in sincerity how sorry he was about last year and that he hopes they can be friends and Blaine tells Sebastian he has to prove it, to which he smiles and takes the stage. He sings a song to Blaine and jumps off the stage and pulls Blaine on and as he finishes the song he kisses Blaine. The Episode Ends.

  36. Shaina says:

    I disagree with most of these suggestions. Has anyone ever noticed that in almost ALL of the other CBS/FOX that like NONE of the characters remain happy or have a romantic and happy relationship? They are always split up or messed up somehow. Why can’t they just be happy? Why break up a good thing? I LOVE Klaine! I started watching the show for them. Legit. Maybe you can spice up the relationship if you think it is boring. But I think Klaine is a strong, loving, and happy self-accepting relationship that does not make sense to break up. None of the other characters are breaking up, if Klaine did I would seriously stop watching the show, and cry. Which is sad considering Glee actually helped me accept myself and not feel like a freak but someone who can reach for their dreams and become successful, and guess which two characters really helped me do that? Kurt and Blaine, and Finn. Because at the wedding scene with Finn singing Just The Way You Are to Kurt, and Blaine and Kurt at the prom when they danced with each other and didn’t care what other people thought touched me and made me cry. Legit, that through those scenes and the song they sing Born This Way really helped me accept myself. I do not want Will and Emma to leave, and if Puck was flunking he wouldn’t have been in Glee club to begin with so just let him flippin’ graduate. I don’t think the Spanish guy would be a good enough glee teacher. The only one I am ok with is the sebtana/mercedes one. If you want to make Sebastion a bigger character and do something interesting how about this suggestion: Like you said Sebastion has to transfer to McKinley because his family has money problems, and Klaine are together doing long distance, and a scheming Sebastion tries to lure Blaine in and break Klaine up since Kurt isn’t their, but ultimately Blaine knows he truly loves Kurt, and stays with him, and when he graduates goes off to NYADA with ease, and Klaine can be happy forever. Sebastion should find someone else and you can create a new character! How about that! I don’t think breaking up KLAINE is going to make people happy. I picture Kurt and Blaine and FInn and Rachel being besties forever and performing with each other always! I LOVE Klaine, have i said that already? Please reconsider. Why break up something good, end the characters with something fans can be happy and satisfied with!

  37. abep says:

    I think that,if in the next season,all of the glee students quit,they will loose some of their spectators.

    I think they can follow the students in what they are good in.
    Like Rachel : in Broadway
    Brittany : Dance school or something like that..

    But if it’s not,I think they should end the season with season 3…

    • Kalleb D. says:

      OR they can just bring in fresh good actors like they do for mainly all these high school shows, and also show some of the ND’s in their later lives(DeGrassi, Saved By The Bell, 90210, etc…)

  38. glen says:

    Will Shuester should open a gourmet store and the gang moves in upstairs to help run the place while continuing their education

  39. they need to keep the show is the school. and they cannot get rid of rory flannigan! i love him. they need to build his character!

  40. Molly says:

    As long as Klaine don’t break up.

    And it wasn’t rape, guys. Blaine was just a drunk teenager, and Kurt was annoyed as he had been dancing with some other guy the whole night.

    And Blaine did apologise … you just don’t remember.

    I don’t want Sebastian as a reccuring character :b Why not use some of the Glee members we have already, who are under-used?

  41. HELL says:

    This is said only about Kurt and not about Rachel, Finn, Mike, or any other characters heading to New York or leaving behind a romantic partner makes it so I can’t help but feel that it was only said about Kurt because he’s gay and that is so offensive. “Kurt is gay so, of course, he can only be happy in New York if he’s bouncing around having lots of gay sex with multiple partners, right? That totally seems like something Kurt would want, he’s gay!”
    This is why more queer characters are needed on TV in various roles that don’t boil down to “the normal straight-passing guy” and “the comedic relief side-kick to the straight people.” and this is why they actually need to be given screentime and representation. Because all of these stereotypes people have built gays up to be are so pervasive in our society that it’s subconsciously there whenever people consider gay people. They don’t even think about it, it’s just a common fact, right? They probably don’t even realize they are perpetuating those stereotypes. Like how years ago gays were those sassy guys that helped you with your shopping. And now society (for the most part) is starting to accept that that’s not true because they’re actually being shown something different.
    I say this because there is really no other reason for multiple people to be saying that Kurt (and only Kurt) should be hopping around New York picking up guy after guy every night. (Sure, we can speculate that Auseillo might have ulterior motives, but what about the others that are saying this?) We have been given absolutely nothing in canon for that to be who Kurt is or what he wants and, yet, everyone seems convinced that he really does want it—he just doesn’t know it because he hasn’t tried it yet and, dammit, he deserves to try it. So…Why don’t the straight characters “deserve to try it”? Why is it only the gay character you guys are saying this about while you accept that the straight characters want what they have chosen?

    -text not mine-

  42. Geesh, I thought this thread was about what people think will happen in Season 4!!??!?!???

    Anyway, as Lea Michelle and several others have said they will be back and it doesn’t make too much sense to follow a school glee club through their college years, I reckon Season 3 will all turn out to have been one big dream… Probably Shues dream… It’s been done before… Dallas anyone???

  43. Katelyn says:

    If anything, my hopes for the show’s fourth season would be as followed:
    Rachel would break up with Finn, seeing as they just aren’t a great couple. Finchel, even though I think it is very realistic, just shouldn’t work. It would get too messy if Finn stayed in Ohio. What would be interesting, i think, would be Jesse St. James coming back into the picture. I think if he cleaned up his act a little more, learned some manners and respect, him and Rachel could rule Broadway as a power couple with Kurt and Blaine by their sides. (well more Kurt, Blaine should explore his opportunities with acting and Hollywood). I think that the Troubletones would be great, though moving to New York for it might be a bit of a stretch. If I were them I’d move to California, or maybe even Georgia, where known record labels are. Overall, I just hope that the remaining characters on the show get their deserved story lines, completed and quality.

  44. Wow, I thought this thread was supposed to be about what we think will happen in season 4!?!?!?

    Of anyone’s interested, my thoughts are that considering Lea Michelle, Naya Riveria and the others have all said they’ll be back in what is supposed to be a groundbreaking idea… I reckon that the whole of season 3 will turn out to have been one big dream… Probably Shues dream… Very Bobby Ewing in Dallas… For all those out there older than 20!

  45. Victoria says:

    can i just say the thing about klaine breaking up would be a disaster! they have the most stable relationship of them all and the reason why ausiello wants them to is becasue he’s a guy and he properly likes brittana aa it’s two woman and men like it when woman kiss so i think it’s really immature to want klaine to break up and not klaine and the reason they never kiss is because fox always cut them because it’s run by a load of men, who proberly don’t agree with gay rights also i think everyone needs to grow up about saying blaine is an arse he didn’t assault kurt he was drunk it happens and he regrets it afterwards so… you know

  46. Season 4 is not what we expect to be i can tell.. im not bothered about most suggestion.. but Ill never be for sebastion and blaine.. they sud stop forcing this everywhere i see a disaster to happen.. never gonna happen .. We hardly get klaine scenes scene much and thinking of season 4 is just as bad.. BUT kurt and blaine all the way and thats what ill always think

  47. Sweetest66 says:

    KLAINE. CAN’T. BREAK-UP. I won’t allow it!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Nathan Daniels says:

    While it is realistic for most high school couples to break up, I hope Kurt and Blaine will go the distance. They have a mature love; they have similar life goals; and they could make it work. The thing is – the writers have to create a storyline and drama for them so that they are doing something interesting that we want to watch. Unfortunately, the easy way to do that always involves a love triangle or breakup. But, if the writers challenge themselves, they could come up with a number of interesting storylines (both dramatic and comedic) for this couple that would still allow them to remain a couple. Hopefully they will. Kurt/Blaine is the only kid relationship on the show that really has the legs to go the distance. And, although this shouldn’t necessarily be the goal for every form of entertainment, they set such a great example that it’s important to see them last.

  49. KLAINE says:

    I like it, but the whole thing with Sebastian, Blaine, and Kurt is messing me up! Sure it make up some drama and all, but I <3 Blaine and Kurt! Blaine should move or something I don't know, I'm not a TV director…. but just find some way to keep them together!!!!!

  50. Erin says:

    Will we see Finn and Puck in season 4 at William McKinley High School
    Really want to See More of Finn and Puck in season 4 at William McKinley High School