Glee in Season 4: 12 Suggestions to Keep the Show Thriving Beyond Graduation

Graduation day is on the horizon for the kids of William McKinley High School, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity for Glee to reboot itself in a new and exciting way. Indeed, with Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Mike, Puck, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Quinn and Sam all contemplating life after high school, we decided to whip up some suggestions (both bold and entirely plausible) for potential story arcs — and a few exits — for some of our favorite characters. Check out our vision of Glee in Season 4, then hit the comments with your own ideas!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. lilac says:

    CANCEL IT!!!!!!

  2. Jesse says:

    Yeah, I’d rather all the seniors were written out of the show and new characters brought in. The only characters I would miss are Puck and Quinn. I would definitely miss Santana as well, but technically her “replacement” as school bitch could be Sebastian. And I’d miss Brittany, but her “replacement” as school ditz could be Sugar. As for Rachel and Finn, I personally hated the characters especially because they never got to be a power couple despite their on-off status. Mercedes was rather irrelevant to me throughout the first two seasons and only stood out when the Troubletones existed. I still believe Tina and Artie belong together and so would love Mike to get written out. Will and Emma can’t leave. While I admit they got together a little too fast, they’re the heart of Glee. And last and probably least is Sam, who now pretty much has no point on the show since they made him a senior this year. If anyone were to be held back, it should be him because otherwise, he’s irrelevant to the show. Now before you all go hating on me, these are just MY opinions.

    • Jesse says:

      Oh and I almost forgot! Kurt. Yeah, he was a great character in season 1 and good in season 2, but after a while, he gets old. And personally, I can’t stand Klaine. They have no chemistry. Kurt has more chemistry with Karofsky!

      • yeah says:

        lol acting chemistry trumps writing and the horrible, problematic history between characters, sounds legit!

  3. Tina says:

    Finchel Forever?!!!!!!!! (VOMIT!!!) At least “Klaine” never cheated on each other and whined about being front and center of the glee club like Rachel & Finn does. I cannot stand to see them on Glee nor hear them sing. God Rachel gets more solos than anybody on the show!!! If Ryan is samrt he will just keep Kurt in Lima and let him become a teacher assistant or something associated with McKinley.

    • I can't believe this crap says:

      Wow, keeping Kurt trapped in Lima even though his storyline has been building up to leaving that stifling town since the very first season is “smart”? This is great klogic.

    • Tina says:

      Stop wanting Kurt to stay in Lima just of your Klaine fantasy. Kurt wants something bigger and more than that. He is 18 and has some dreams. God.

    • Jon says:

      Umm solos go to your best people

    • Meggie says:

      Why on Earth would Kurt stay in Ohio? That’s awful. If you’re a Kurt fan at all you shouldn’t even cosnider this good for him. It’s against everything he stands for and hopes for and has worked towards. He and Blaine could work it out of discuss their plans – not allow Kurt to settle for something he doesn’t want.

      Not even Blaine wants that baring in mind he pushed to assist Kurt with his application and dreams!

  4. SabakuNoKatrine says:

    Kurt + Dave + NY.
    I dream it so bad!

  5. S4 says:

    I’m tired of this cast. Bring in new people!

  6. anon says:

    lol klaine

  7. Ila says:

    Kurt in Ohio?????? Kurt doesn’t want to stay in there! He wants to be in New York following HIS dreams.
    Please, rewatch the entire show, NOT ONLY THE KLISS, okay?

    • Lily says:

      I want Kurt to go to New York, there is nothing I want more than that. but that doesn’t mean he and his boyfriend (who he actually loves) can’t stay together because of that when apparently other couples are capable of staying together.
      IDK why is this so difficult to understand for some people.

  8. OFMAV says:

    Please make Max Adler a regular

    • Ila says:

      Please, he’s the only good actor in the show with Chris and they have such a wonderflu chemistry. They always have the better scenes and they’re so damn good (please, rewatch the last two episode to see this).

    • Susie Q says:

      He deserves better than Glee, frankly. He’s miles better than Darren Criss, Jenna Ushkowitz, Amber Riley, et al. when it comes to acting. Free the guy already. Free Chris while they’re at it.

    • Trixie says:

      As a pretty casual viewer, I can do without any more of him to be honest. The storyline in Season 2 was compelling and his arc should have been finished better so I felt I could forgive his actions. I felt bad for him but I don’t think this show needs more of sideline characters when it can’t even write its main characters well anymore.

    • eyeroll says:

      Max, don’t you have a pilot you should be shooting right now?

  9. Nutella Manufacturer says:

    I agree

  10. GGMustDie says:

    Awful… Won’t watch the fourth season

  11. Leah says:

    I think the way the show was written in season 2 and the scenes Klaine has gotten in season 3 kind of frame them as endgame like Finchel and Brittana. It would be nice to see them split up for a season and try different things, because they never did get their Quinn or their Artie or their Sam or insert-other-midgame-person-here. That being said, I would love for the person to be NEW. Someone for the audience and characters to start fresh with. Kurt’s first New York college romance should be fun and exciting with someone different, while Blaine’s first relationship post-Kurt should be with someone who didn’t try to get him to cheat with his boyfriend and then threw rock salt in his eyes. And if they don’t bring someone new in for Kurt I know who they’d pair him with, and ew. Just no to a romance with Karofsky. I know Chandler might be new to McKinley or something, but I’m gonna hope that he’s auditioning for NYADA and maybe something can happen with him and Kurt in season 4?

    If at the end of season 4 when Blaine graduates, Kurt and Blaine decide that they tried it but already found their “soulmate” in high school, that works for me.

  12. Jon says:

    Seriously, I don’t care who stay or who leaves as long as I have more Tina Cohen Chang in my TV Screen, I’m sorry but I really think she’s the real underdog cuz every single one of this characters has had a real plot, she’s just there, sitting in the background, like all the time, & they only give her one line per episode so we could think she’s still existing, & yes, she gets to sing some songs, but compared with the amount of songs & solos every other cast member gets, that’s nothing. Even recurring characters have more storylines than her! How is that fair?
    I mean, the few times she’s been focused on are the ones where she helps someone else.
    & I know Jenna is not the best performer, nor has the best voice, but seriously if the writers want they could make a terrific character out of Tina, I mean, just look at her! She is always there for everyone (Mike & Artie with their dreams, Sunshine, Rachel, Quinn, etc.) & I seriously hope the producers would realize she is actually the most moral character & actually one of the fews who sets a good example for everyone.

  13. Megan says:

    I’m all for the Santana, Britt and Mercedes power troupe and Finchel sticking together and working through their relationship…

    As for the rest INCLUDING your blatant disregard for Kurt and Blaine, a strong couple who have an endearing (if a little mundane due to lack of focus) relationship, these ideas are pretty awful.

    I’d love to see more of Sam’s plans and DEFINITELY more of Quinn – why disregard her. If written well, she could be a fantastic character. Plus, her relationship (and I mean friendship) with Rachel is fascinating and really interesting to me.

    Rory’s a little bland and Mercedes isn’t used near as well as she could be.

    Season 4 is going to be a big step for a show who can’t even write their core chracters anymore and who leaves enormous plot holes gaping in storylines constructed entirely for ratings and shock tactics. It’s a shame the show has gone so down hill. It used to be rather great.

  14. logic says:

    I don’t get the big commotion about the breaking up. They are so young and have different dreams, expectations in life. Why should Finchel and Klaine marry, just to please some rabid fans?

  15. god says:


  16. here for the fun arguing says:

    Just break up Finchel, ffs. Most ridiculous relationship ever.

  17. Kelsey says:

    Well, even though the comments on this post have been quite entertaining to read, I think you guys are all getting a little too upset over fictional characters on a tv show. You’re free to discuss your opinions, but it shouldn’t get to the point where you’re actually getting angry and calling one another stupid. Just calm down. Turn your computer off. Go read a book. Or go outside and get some fresh air or something. Remember, there’s a world outside the glee fandom (:

  18. Lily says:

    I actually love the idea of Will and Emma moving on to a better life in New Hampshire. Besides, if they were written off the show, I would finally convince myself to stop watching.

  19. LittleQueenJ-HardGleek says:

    Everything elese is irrelevant.

  20. Max Adler says:

    I think it’s a shame this article didn’t mention the only truly inspiring gay character on this show, Dave. His last episode was a real lesson in how horrible bullying is and the role that each of us plays in giving a hand out to these troubled souls that only really want our love and support. Once Dave is a series regular character, he can fully sweep Kurt off his feet like only a real man is able to do, while Kurt shows him the motherly support that Dave needs so dearly.

  21. Day says:

    I just don’t want to see any more of Sebastian’s smirking jerk. Give me that, and I’ll be happy.
    [Or as happy as this show makes me anymore…]

  22. me says:

    I like this b/c QUINN WILL BE FREE FROM FURTHER ASSASSINATION and to come out

  23. Nick says:

    Am I the only one who remembers that Mercedes & Brittany are not graduating? Unless they are dropping out I don’t think they could make a girl band and go to New York with Santana. That idea would be great otherwise.

  24. lorena says:

    I don’t understand why so many people think “boring couple” equals the “worst couple”? Klaine have hardly had a real conversation since TFT.
    I find it interesting that people can be bored with background interactions. But yes, Blaine needs to stop singing so much, so much.

    Quinn leaving the show would be everything I could hope for and want. Out of all those things I’ll take that. Hell, I’ll even accept Klaine breaking up if that means Queen leaving.

    The show is so awful I don’t understand why people would want to bring Max Adler on this crappy show when he can do so much better stuff outside of the show. Yes his character is complex and interesting but at this point so unnecessary. They’ve handled his storyline well, give it the respect it needs and end it. He’s not a regular and if they make him one, his storyline will get the same awful treatment as everyone else. The writers can’t handle things well or consistent for more than 2 episodes.

    The best thing to do here? Cancel the dang show.

  25. barbara says:

    I’m in a very rare and small minority. I like Quinn. I think the show, which tried very hard to be all-inclusive and show how unbiased they are, really showed that they hate anyone who’s really beautiful and successful. It’s the writers.
    Wheelchair, check, black, check, gay, check, stupid, check, nerd, check, thug, check! But, beautiful girl, omg, she must be the villain.
    And as far as the music goes, I liked a lot of it, but also after the first season, I sometimes felt like I was watching the 21st century version of Lawrence Welk.

  26. Mary says:

    I actually think these suggestions are kind of amazing. (Though I can see why they would be controversial towards certain fans.) The truth is that Glee really needs to change. While I still personally enjoy it from week to week, it no longer has any forward momentum, nowhere to go. What Glee needs to do is change realistically and in a satisfying way while still maintaining its identity, so we still know what show we’re tuning into every Tuesday. I think these suggestions, while they might not be at all likely, accomplish that.
    I like the idea that they’re all in different places across the country, but the stories still connect and intertwine. (Like in Love Actually) I particularly appreciate the Kurt and Rachel going to NYADA bit, because, although I’m neither character’s biggest fan, I would hate it if either one was stuck in Lima and couldn’t make it in show business just for the show’s convenience. (Like Jessie St. James) Realistically, would Rachel Berry ever let anything keep her away from New York? Even if she didn’t get into NYADA and got rejected for every show she’s auditioned for, Rachel would keep on trying until she did. I also think a Klaine break-up, and maybe even a Sebastian/Blaine hook-up, would be healthy for the Klaine relationship. It’ll bring more depth to it, and wouldn’t it be great to see them pining for each other as satisfyingly get back together? I’m not a huge fan of Finchel, and don’t like when the show focuses too much on them, but I think that if they had a long distance relationship like that I would probably like it more. They are entertaining in small doses. Finn staying home and thinking about what to do with himself also seems like a natural progression for the life of a confused teenage boy, and it would provide the show entertaining opportunities to keep some of the action in McKinley if Finn did indeed take a couple of jobs at the school. Maybe Finn will find that his leadership qualities will prove that, like Mr. Schue, Finn’s real passion is toward teaching? I also like the idea of having a small group of students being the focus at McKinley (Tina, Artie, Puck, Blaine…), which will give previously underdeveloped characters more screen time. I also want Rory to stay, not given many storylines, so he can become the new Brittany and stay in the background until he steals the show with his amazing one-liners. The Mercedes/Brittana storyline seems cute, and provides opportunities for emotional moments and amazing Naya Rivera, but doesn’t require them to be in the forefront, because I know a lot of people are angry that Santana’s been getting so much screen time while others barely get a word in.
    I especially like the fact that this will separate the cast into three separate groups. New York: Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany (though now that I look at it, that seems quite girl heavy?) McKinley High: Tina, Puck, Blaine, Sebastian, Artie… (boy heavy?) and add in a third Lima group which includes McKinley high students, but also includes Sam, Finn and Mike, so they’ll have separate storylines outside of school. This seems to give us the best chance of getting all of our favorite characters in, and not feeling like anyone’s being excluded.

  27. Laura says:

    I’m little annoyed that we know about Rachel, Kurt, Quinn and in some cases Mike’s futures. However we don’t know what is happening to Brittany, Santana, Finn, Puck, Mercedes or Sam’s futures.

    But this what I reckon should happen/or could end up happening
    -All the couples will stay together or get together (Samcedes).
    -Rachel, Kurt and Mike will get into their chosen school (TV magic always works it wonders).
    -Sam, Puck and Mercedes could all easily stay in Ohio (unless Mercedes gets a record deal but Sam will have to be involved in it, won’t he).
    -Brittana will probably stay around and do something in Ohio or go elsewhere.
    But yeah I hope they figure out something soon because Fans will probably get worried!!

  28. booboobear says:

    Blaine is the most pointless character to ever exist on television, and Darren Criss is one of the worst actors on the show. I like Grant and think Sebastian is funny, but what point would he serve next year? The Warblers have no purpose, and they are just annoying every time they show up now.

    I like the Troubletones in New York, but that’s about it.

    And LOL Bring Chord Overstreet back, give him a few good scenes and let him prove he’s actually one of the best actors on the show, and then stick him in Lima at Community College. Sounds just like RIB, if you ask me.

    Also, no way they are having Finchel do long distance.

  29. Lexie says:


    The only ones actively courting graduation on screen are Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Mike, Sam and Quinn (and possibly Mercedes and Blaine?). Which means Artie, Tina, Santana et al graduate next year. I have NO idea how they will continue to use the graduates – Kurt, Rachel and Finn are the only ones with any hope for a continued role, honestly (and that’s from someone who REALLY wouldn’t mind it if those three plus Blaine sat out for a few eps).

    But it would be really cool to have a Season 4 that focuses on a New Directions that has lost its two of its original driving forces and so many original members and has to find itself again. Maybe Will suddenly ‘growing up’, watching the kids move on, taking a new teaching job within Mckinley and being married.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a bit if Glee finished in Season 4, with ND winning Nationals with the original, graduated members there to cheer them on, everyone moving on wiser and happier than they were when the series started, and Emma and Will expecting their first child to bring the series in a full circle. But that will never happen.

    But I would miss the music.

    • Jamie says:

      I actually think regardless if S4 arc, Will and Emma will be expecting their first child. Emma will probably be pregnant in S4, that will be Will and Emma’s big storyline next year. They have been hitting us on the head multiple times this year that Will and Emma both want children, so after they get married that is where I see them in S4. Emma pregnant and Will/Emma having their first child.

  30. Jo says:

    I think these are all very interesting and plausible ideas! I especially love the idea of Sebastian and Blaine, I think they would make an exciting couple in season 4 if it was done right. In all honesty I think we just need more Sebastian on our screens – Grant Gustin is extremely talented and I’ll be very upset if he is not in the show again after only four episodes!

  31. maggie says:

    Lol all these are horrible and will and emma r never leaving the show they have 7 year contracts and they will be there till the end of the show. No matter how much some people both about will, he is a main character and him and emma whom is a series regular will be there till the end of the show. Deal with it

  32. Ashley says:

    I think personally that Sue will make them all fail 12th grade somehow.

  33. Captain says:

    Best part of that…Rory went home!

  34. Laura says:

    Wow. If this wasn’t a ploy to get glee lovers to fight and literally tear each other a new one during the hiatus – I’d be completely shocked. This is a “vision” of what they’d like to see, and honestly we don’t even know if glee is coming back next season. *GASP*

    For Klaine, I love them so but I want to see Blaine’s backstory and Kurt working to get to NYADA; of course I’d love to see them work through this together..but I’m not gonna grovel..not too much. I really want Klaine to make it and I don’t ship Seblaine, but they do have chemistry. However, I see Sebastian with someone else (maybe this new gay character RIB is searching for?) or maybe Karofsky? My wish is that Kurt and Blaine stay best friends no matter what.

    Finchel. What could you say that hasn’t already been said? I am getting a little annoyed how they are solely focused on them as a couple but maybe it’s because they have the easiest story? I mean it’s simple – Finn either comes with her to New York or he doesn’t. If he does, they stay engaged and eventually get married; if not then they try the distance thing and Finn comes to the realization that he loves her too much and that she needs to focus on herself (“My dreams are bigger than you.”) and he lets her go.

    Brittana, I want to see you guys make it. Now as big of a Klainer that I am I truly see Brittana being the one to go the distance. Brittany is the perfect fit for Santana and she also brings out the more human side to her as opposed to the bitchy shell she tries to play off from.

    I also see Tike for the long haul as well. A little part of me still ships Artina, but now I see it as BFFs.

  35. em says:

    If given a choice that they will do i dont want Santana and Brittany leave the show..they just did their storyline..we wanted more of #Brittana!!! they could have a new settings of Glee College level..Without the original cast is not the same anymore!! But if Brittana have to leave, i hope they have a proper storyline with the remaining episodes for them, and i hope they still be together in college…

    if original cast will leave I WANT a REUNION already!!! a movie is better!!!

  36. Bevin says:

    I would watch the heck out of your version of the Gleeverse.

  37. Amy says:

    I really like your ideas for everyone, except I can’t see Will and Emma leaving.

  38. cindy says:

    This is why I wish Glee had introduced more new characters the past three seasons, and not made the ones they did introduce seniors as well. It’d be a lot easier to lose the originals (or even only have them pop in every so often) if we’d gotten to know/like new characters each year.

    I can’t wait to see how the graduating seniors stick around for next season. I know that we can’t continue to follow all of them past their HS graduation, but I hope at least the ones that aren’t brought back for season 4 will at least pop in once or twice.

  39. YowzaPowza says:

    This is brilliant, which means none of these things will happen. Although I don’t see why Will and Emma couldn’t just remain on the show while in NYC. Perhaps NYADA can give him the job you speak of, and interact with all the New Yorkers.

  40. Fabricio says:

    This is my ideas for a new cast members and the old ones in Season 4.

    Nyada storylines for Kurt and Rachel, but they still juggle with their lovers (Finn and Blaine) on long distance relationships but…

    Blaine become a close friend to the giant horse teeth of Sebastian. Both are the new leaders from New Directions. Sebastian is now in McKinley but he has a secret. He is the lost song of Sue Sylvester who gave some of her eggs for science.

    Finn becomes a celebrity on internet after a heroic act caugthed on video. Soon He gets instant fame and Rachel feels jealous

    Puck and Tina became couple after their first duet. Mike is not longer in Ohio. Tina sleeps with Puck.

    Mercedes is pregnant. Sam is the father. They stay in Ohio working in a Club.

    Artie and Quinn are dating. She doesn’t go to Yale because her mother is broke after a nasty divorce and a nervous breakdown.

    The new kids for New Directions are the winner from The Glee Project Second Season. Rory is still on the show but Joe doesn’t.

    Emma is pregnant.

    Schue reunites with his former students and together create a musical theater company, thanks to Finn and his new fame. They upload “Pip Pip Hooray” the original musical play by Kurt Hummel to the internet and they became famous and help other glee clubs across the country

  41. Kat says:

    I am ready to see the last of Mercedes and Santana! Since Rachel, Kurt and Finn are all signed for next year I don’t think Rachel or Kurt will be getting into NYADA. My bet is that they all end up doing some sort of reality show community theatre in Lima while Mr. Schue stays on with ND (Ricky Martin – are you kidding me?)and marries Emma. Brittany and Puck will have to repeat the year. Blaine is a junior so he’ll be there. Sam too probably. Plus some newbies.

  42. angelstorm says:

    I definitely like some of the ideas here ! Kurt and Rachel should DEFINITELY go to NYADA. And I like the idea of mercedes/Santana/Brittany forming the girl group. I don’t know about Brittany graduating though. . .
    I’m glad you had Quinn recover and go to Yale.
    Not sure about Ricky Marting taking over Glee club though ! What about the fact that Emma just made tenure ?

  43. Samantha says:

    How about we write off Tina and Mike since they’re useless and boring, and Sebastian can rot in prison for being a douche who almost blinded Blaine, and Kurt and Blaine can stick it out long term. Oh, and Sugar can go too. She’s funny, but not funny enough to keep around.

  44. LOL! says:

    I had forgotten how MUCH MORE FUN reading all the comments about GLEE is than actually watching the show. Glee’s becoming pretty unwatchable. Yes, you don’t have to say nobody forces me to endure it. I know. All of the suggestions here, as laughable and downright lame as they can be, are not worse than what we’ve actually witnessed on the actual show. Anyway, just wanted to say it’s really fun to see how people like to diss and get so worked up about some fictional characters.

  45. Michelle says:

    So these sucked.

  46. Maya says:

    An honest reaction to your list:
    -As much as I think the writers need to step outside and take a deep breath before writing more Finchel (they’re getting stale), I agree that its only logical for them to stay a part of season 4.
    -I think that after all Mike went through to get into his school and really pursue his dreams it would be illogical for him to stay behind. Besides, he and Tina (while not perfect) seem to have the stablest relationship, and seem like the only two who could successfully manage long distance. I wish we could have had more of him before now, but I think its time to cut losses.
    -Finn, I could go either way with him, although from a storytelling stand point, keeping him in Lima makes it much easier to work Kurt and Rachel back into the plot from NYC. I could live with it.
    -I like the idea of Puck stepping up, he’s really changed since we first met him and having a familiar face would do a lot to help easy in the new kids (if that the route they’re going.) I actually love this idea, I hope it comes through.
    -Quinn’s storyline has been all over the place this season, I think you’re right. Its time for her to get a simple wrap up once and for all.
    -I’ll take any return of the Trouble Tones that I can get! More girl power on the show is a great idea, and I’d tune in to follow them (provided that they move to the background a bit, I’d still like the show’s center to be McKinley. Casually updates from the big apple please!)
    -I’d miss Samcedes, they seem so sweet, but your plan makes the most sense for the show. I could deal with it. Outside of Mercedes and dancing with his kid siblings, I’ve never cared all that much either way for Sam.
    -I’m seriously enjoy Sebastian and hope that he will stick around. So unabashed, so not PC, and so funny for it a lot of the time. I’d also enjoy a more will-they-won’t-they romance, and I’d love to see what Blaine and Sebastian brought out in each other (particularly since Blaine’s been pretty flat for a while). That relationship gets my vote.
    -Artie and Sugar with funny lines is fine by me, any way you hash it to be honest. I bet they’d be a funny couple to watch, which is something Glee could really do well. I wouldn’t mind keeping Rory around though, and actually giving him something to do.
    -As long as they keep Beastie around, that woman is wonderful in all her scenes. I’m afraid I’ll have to hold judgement on a Sue/sugar/beastie rivalry until I saw just where the writers went with it. It seems to be one of those things that could be genius or cringe-worthy, with no middle ground at all.
    -To be honest, I’d like Klaine to break up sooner, or at least face some drama! They’ve been doing so little for so long, and any kind of promising story lines that come up for them fizzle practically before I can care. I’ve basically given up on them at this point, but we’ll see. I certianly wouldn’t mind a sweet break up before going separate ways. It’d be a nice way to end the series.
    -And just because its the last few comments I can see, I quite like Dave Karofsky but I don’t think there would be any place for him in season 4. His storyline is mostly tied in to Kurt’s, and I’d rather have him in an episode or two more this season and exit on a hopeful note than to needless shoehorn him into somewhere he won’t fit next season.

  47. Danta says:

    That awkward moment when people call Karofsky stalker, but forget what Blaine did to Kurt in the in car. But hey, that’s okay, he is his boyfriend, he can try to rape him anytime he want to. Hypocrisy at it’s finest, dear Klainers.

  48. Star says:

    1) I like that Rory’s gone.

    2) There’s no way Puck fails, but Britney passes. If one of those two fails, the other one better fail too. I feel like they’re a matched set. NOT AS A COUPLE, but only in regards to graduation. They either both graduate or they both fail. It only makes sense.

  49. Val says:

    If they plan to keep it simple to just one setting and simplify things, might as well clean house with the graduates except for Rachel (and maybe Puck and Brittany) of course. I’m actually sick of Kurt and Santana hogging the screen for the past two seasons and it would be great if the limelight stayed out of their way. Rachel wouldn’t get into NYADA and maybe start her own musical troupe/help start an original local musical [like Smash lol] with help from the Glee Club members new and old.

    And Will would continue to make the the most eye-rolling decision moments on Earth.

  50. melakha says:

    I was really looking forward for Glee to follow Skins UK pattern – change the whole cast every few (Skins – 2, Glee – 3) years. If they were at least a bit smart they could make great and succesfull spin-off. The NY thing sounds perfect, especialy the Troubletones part! We need more of that power trio (since we can’t have the Unholy Trinity :( )