Glee in Season 4: 12 Suggestions to Keep the Show Thriving Beyond Graduation

Graduation day is on the horizon for the kids of William McKinley High School, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity for Glee to reboot itself in a new and exciting way. Indeed, with Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Mike, Puck, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Quinn and Sam all contemplating life after high school, we decided to whip up some suggestions (both bold and entirely plausible) for potential story arcs — and a few exits — for some of our favorite characters. Check out our vision of Glee in Season 4, then hit the comments with your own ideas!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    all yall Klainers are PRESSED

  2. panda says:

    yes good i approve of klaine breaking up and seblaine getting together.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Ummmm no!! Sam will follow Mercedes to NYC after deciding that he wasn’t going to let another move get in his way of being with his girl. Plus he’ll make more money stripping in the big city!!!

    • :3 says:

      lol except sam can’t afford basic necessities to care for himself and will most likely go back to tennessee at the end of the season because they aren’t renewing chord’s contract

      ps sam’s life doesn’t revolve around mercedes and you’re an idiot

  4. ggny says:

    I was fine with all of these till Sebastian xfering to MK that is a horrible idea the kid is cringe worthy on the screen…He is fine singer buy by god he is a horrible actor and there is no point doing the same thing with him that they did with Blaine

  5. Natalie says:

    Kurt and Blaine need to break up. They’re so boring it is literally painful to watch them. Every time they have a scene together I run to my fridge to get a snack or I go to the bathroom. They just don’t do it for me. I’m sick of the writers keeping them together just because their fans are insane.

    • Darcy says:

      Insane? Klaine rarely talk to each other much less have scenes alone together. They need to write them more scenes together where they talk because I’m bored whenever that is NOT happening (which means I’m bored most of the time except when people are singing).

    • Ali says:

      Or maybe they’ve kept them together because it makes sense in the narrative? I know some people like to believe Kurt settled for Blaine but isn’t really into him, but Kurt has said things like “I’ll never say goodbye to you” and “I want my senior year to be magical and the only way that can happen is if I get to spend every minute of every day with you” oh and then telling him he loves him and is proud to be with him. Then there were other things, like Rachel alluding to them being “soulmates” like her and Finn. The show doesn’t give them much now that they’re together, but the same can be said of Brittana. Is it because they’re queer couples, who even knows, but it’s a fact. I’ve seen people say the same about Brittana, that they don’t make sense and they’re only together because the fans are so loud, but I don’t think that’s true. They might have written Brittana because the fans wanted it, but they’re continuing it because it fits with the story and the characters. It’s good writing to keep characters together when you’ve written them as being mutually in love and dragged the will-they-or-won’t-they thing out for a number of episodes. I only really like Klaine and Brittana, and if the show doesn’t end with those first true big loves together (Finchel, Klaine, Brittana) then it’ll be really weird. And I don’t even like Finchel, but I just know that’s how it works.

  6. tumut says:


  7. Susana says:

    Seblaine would be awesome. It’s not realistic for Kurt to stay with Blaine after high school – no more only-gays-in-town syndrome loyalty. And meanwhile, Blaine and Sebastian have amazing chemistry.

    • anon says:

      Okay, but the presence of Seb and Karofsky and how they both tried to get Blaine and Kurt respectively but they were both turned down COMPLETELY DISPROVES the “only gays in town” theory. There ARE other gays in town, but Kurt and Blaine only want each other. Sorry for your troubles :)!
      And Sebastian violently assaulted Blaine. Why do people keep wanting to pair Blaine and Kurt with scary assholes who’ve hurt them? That’s messed up.

      • peh heh says:

        Did you block out the part where Sebastian apologized and Blaine stood and clapped for Sebastian, and then shook hands with him instead of celebrating with ND? They’ve buried the hatchet and the door is wide open for Sebastian to reignite his feelings for Blaine. Sorry for your troubles :D!

        • Darcy says:

          One of the few times I didn’t care for Blaine. You can forgive but you should not forget. Sends a horrendous message otherwise IMO.

        • J. says:

          Yeah but the things is, no matter how much the show gives us people “burying the hatchet” after past abuse, it’s still messed up for many of us. We can’t really completely forget the horrible things these characters did, no matter how much the show wishes we could. It’s such messy writing, like why even go there if they wanted to do Sebastian and Blaine in season 4? I mean Sebastian could at least have been the tiniest big remorseful, but there he was calling Blaine “gay cyclops” in that very same episode. Clearly the makings of true love. It’s gross.

        • anon says:

          Did you see the part where Blaine was seething in anger and refused Sebastian’s apology. Waving the white flag between the Warblers and ND and calling a cease fire in the light of someone attempting suicide =/= best buds for life. Sebastian never had a shot with Blaine BEFORE Michael (all he did was make him clearly uncomfortable) and he will never have a shot now, especially in light of him committing criminal assault and hurting Blaine, causing him to miss school and need expensive surgery.
          If there’s one thing we know about Blaine (aside from him loving Kurt with all his heart and being a sweet, good person) it’s that he despises bullies. And that’s all Sebastian is.

        • No says:

          He didn’t stand and clap for Sebastian; he stood and clapped for the Warblers, AKA his old friends (not that they deserved it after betraying him and Kurt).

          Finn also stood and clapped (first!) after Sebastian threatened to post nudie photos of him on the net. I guess Sebinn is on in season 4!

          Did you miss the part where after a quick handshake (Blaine did the same with Mr. Schue in season 2 omg is Blue on?!?!), the next time we see Blaine, he’s happily holding hands with Kurt? Oops.

    • S says:

      I agree, it would be really interesting.

  8. anon says:

    Can your bias be any more obvious? Keep every relationship together except Kurt and Blaine (who, btw, along with Tike have the steadiest, healthiest, and most mature relationship)? Keep Finchel together but break up Klaine? Hahaha in what world does that make sense? No offense to Finchel, I’m fine if they stay together, BUT obviously they are quite immature and insecure and their relationship is built on dysfunction and codependency. They just had a quickie teen wedding and they’re not even out of high school!
    In contrast, Kurt and Blaine are steady, loving, committed. They are together and have planned a future, and haven’t jumped into anything stupid because they are secure in their relationship and have other sources of fulfillment as well. THAT is the healthy relationship that would realistically go the distance.
    And why shouldn’t they? The writers, if they would bother writing for them at all this season, usually come up with interesting and moving story lines for Kurt and Blaine. A high school sweet heart romance may be somewhat of a tired trope, but not if it’s one between two MEN. That is refreshing, it’s positive representation for the LGBT community, and it keeps together one of the most popular pairings on the show.

    • Valerie says:

      Healthy? Please re-evaluate your definition of healthy. Also, the other people in the other couples have dated and explored their choices. Kurt has only been with one person. How is that fair to him? Why aren’t we allowed to see a strong gay character have fun in the city and date?

      • anon says:

        Uh because he HAS had other options (they both have) and has turned them down? Because he’s a silly romantic who is perfectly happy and in love? What is fair to Kurt (or Blaine) about breaking them up, if their relationship is full of exactly what they both need: HEALTHY communication, HEALTHY trust, HEALTHY respect, HEALTHY love, HEALTHY honesty, HEALTHY mutual admiration, HEALTHY plans for the future.

        Call me crazy, but Kurt is a “forever” type of guy. Maybe he only WANTS to be with one person? He’s a silly romantic who is never saying goodbye to Blaine and loves him. They started planning a future together at the end of season 2 – why should that change now. Nobody can make Kurt smile like Blaine can – why would you want to take that away from either of them?

        Besides, they’ve already been framed as an endgame power couple – soulmates, parallels to Finchel, sex for the first time to a wedding song, slow gradual build up with a solid foundation of friendship, other contenders for their affections only proved how strong and solid they are. They haven’t wavered in their devotion and love for one another. They make the least sense to break up. They shouldn’t break up “just because.”

        Why shouldn’t we see two strong, inspiring gay characters who have been through so much and supported each other through it all have a happy, healthy relationship? That is something you NEVER see. Kurt and Rachel in NYC single and fabulous is just Will and Grace with music. Yawn.

        • Leah says:

          “Besides, they’ve already been framed as an endgame power couple – soulmates, parallels to Finchel, sex for the first time to a wedding song, slow gradual build up with a solid foundation of friendship, other contenders for their affections only proved how strong and solid they are. They haven’t wavered in their devotion and love for one another. They make the least sense to break up. They shouldn’t break up “just because.””
          IDK I think it might be good to see them break up, but because of what you said above, I think they should definitely end up back together. Whether they try dating and realize it doesn’t work or one of them tries and the other doesn’t or whatever they do, it would be nice for them to realize that like Rachel said, they already found their soulmate – against all odds. And against all odds, they’re gonna end up back together one day. That would be nice imo.

        • You're really insane says:

          Holy crap myfeetlitup, do you bounce from site to site posting this inane garbage? And you need to watch more television if you think healthy gay relationships aren’t shown on TV. A lot more TV.

  9. Hannah part two says:

    I just feel the need to comment on this further. (Hide your bias a bit, won’t you?)

    I love how the “if you love someone you let them go” apparently only applies to Blaine and Kurt and none of the other couples (like, idk, Finn and Rachel? If anyone needs to let go, it’s them. Very different dreams, very different interests. Finn was basically willing to move to NYC just out of necessity. Not because he really wanted to). So, yes, you suggest them being in a long distance relationship but apparently Kurt and Blaine wouldn’t be able to maintain that.

    I’m not even saying they shouldn’t break up. But the idea that they, out of all of the couples, would break up over graduation is pretty ridiculous.

    And what about Rachel exploring her options beyond Finn? Or, idk, just focusing on herself?

  10. Kat says:

    Some good ideas for sure. But boooooo to Kurt and Blaine breaking up! They are the heart of the show for me.

  11. Sam says:

    The troubletones sounds like a genius idea I could so see that working. It would be something different the show could do I agree with this. Also yes to Kurt finding a new man let him explore Blaine is boring. Change things up glee

  12. heather says:

    LOVING the ideas especially:

    – Schue OUT (finally)
    – Kurt & Rachel to NY (woohoo)
    – Mike is still on the show (azn)
    – Quinn gets her happily ever after (assumptions)
    – TROUBLETONES (Best thing from S3 hands dzown)
    – Last but the BEST: Brittana forever : )

  13. LavaChutney says:

    The whole NYC scenario (Mercedes/Brittana girl band plus NYADA duo) definitely has great potential.
    I’d watch the hell out of it.

  14. Ew says:

    Sebastian is gross. What is with people’s messed up ideas on romance? Sebastian caused Blaine to need serious eye surgery. He could have blinded him! He should be locked up because he is a sociopath. Seblaine is probably the worst idea on here.

    • panda says:

      this post is hilarious omg. thanks for the laugh, i needed it

      • Darcy says:

        I don’t get the joke. There is nothing funny about it. Would you find it romantic to date the person who caused you to have serious eye surgery and almost blinded you and was a jerk to you and your friends? I agree with Ew. It would send a horrendous message.

      • Kaley says:

        I don’t get that joke either.

        The only good thing Sebastian brought to the show was the return of bitch!Kurt.
        I’d be glad if he left now (and took all the warblers with him).

  15. xdadd says:

    I really liked the Blaine/Sebastian idea… they would be a very interesting pairing. Much better than Klaine.

  16. Really..? says:

    Looks like the author of this article has been taking story telling tips from RIB.

  17. glee says:

    one more thing
    i think we should take this one step further and have blaine transfer back to dalton to be with sebastian. and hopefully blaine is never heard from again.

  18. Melissa says:

    Thank you for making me laugh so hard. That was a very bad fanfiction.

  19. duh says:

    ps it’s not bias wanting a couple to break up, it’s the maturation of a story. if klaine runs its course, if kurt meets other guys in new york and blaine is hundreds of miles away, it would be less logical for him to meet new people than to stay in the boyfriend boy for the entirety of the fourth season.

    if klaine were to stay together, what would even happen? some short skype chats, a duet where neither can see the other? if the writers want to present drama to the relationship, you know what they would do? have kurt’s old friend sebastian show up or have kurt meet other gay guys.

    it’s logic, not being a mean biased shipper.

    • anon says:

      It’s biased when they want all the other couples to stay together. Including unstable Finchel, who would similarly be trying long distance.

      If Kurt and Blaine would stay together, there would obviously be episodes where they visit each other. And we could see them struggling with missing each other, but also living their own lives because they’re not in an unhealthy, codependent relationship like another power couple on this show.

      TV Line’s anti-Klaine bias has always been incredibly obvious, since early season 2.

  20. moran says:

    lol umm…why can Rachel and Finn – who’ve fought and broken up more times than I can count and have a problematic relationship – make a long distance relationship work, but Kurt and Blaine – who have the healthiest relationship on the show – must break up? I mean, “if you love someone, set him free” – so according to this rachel doesn’t actually love finn, or she would have set him free~ too. totally makes sense.

  21. michele says:

    lol i stopped reading this after “kurt breaks up with blaine”. finchel, the worst tv couple gets to go the distance but klaine doesn’t? sure, let’s break up the only representation of honor, love and integrity on glee. great idea.

  22. Lanka says:

    Emma and Mr. Schue gone? I don’t think so. I do like the idea of the 5 going to NYC and Quinn leaving though.

  23. Carmichael says:

    I don’t like any idea that takes Jayma Mays off my screen and leaves Lea Michelle on it

  24. Ummmm says:

    The only good idea on here is the Troubletones moving to NYC.

    Kurt and Blaine should NOT break up. Instead, the writers should actually give them a story, perhaps? They haven’t had one in 10 episodes now.

    Seblaine is a terrible idea. What is with TV Line pairing gay boys with boys who have violently assaulted and hurt them?

    Puck needs to graduate, if only because Mark Salling just CANNOT be a high school student anymore.

    Seeing how unstable, codependent, and insecure Finn and Rachel’s relationship is, perhaps THEY should take a break. I’m not saying they can’t get back together, but it especially makes no sense to break up Kurt and Blaine but keep Rachel and Finn in this messed up relationship. Kurt and Blaine are steady, in love, happy, and have already committed to a future together. They have similar interests and ambitions. Finn and Rachel have different interests, different directions in life, Finn only wants to go to NYC to hold on to Rachel, and their insecurities and immaturity caused them to try to get married before high school graduation. You tell me which relationship has a more solid foundation and stands a better chance of realistically going the distance. Anyway, Finn and Rachel could take a break and get back together later in the season after sorting themselves out and growing into mature adults who are ready for a serious relationship.

    Try to hide your anti-Klaine bias next time, TV Line.

    • michele says:

      you, my friend, deserve a standing ovation. beautifully put.

    • Lea says:

      Blaine will get a story with Kurt when Darren can keep up with Chris and his acting. So…never?

      • anon says:

        Uh they had plenty of story lines together BEFORE the network (and writers) decided to play hide the gay. Or have you not noticed that Brittana and Klaine have both had very little to do as couples this season?

        And as TFT undoubtedly proved, DC can certainly hold his own with Chris Colfer.

        • Renata says:

          You mean when Blaine looked constipated on stage and had poor line pacing while talking to Kurt? Yeah, completely and undoubtedly proven. Hahahaha.

          • anon says:

            Subjective? And clearly you have a hate hard on for Darren Criss.

            I personally found the scene moving and beautiful, and DC as Blaine had me tearing up. They have fantastic chemistry and the writers should actually let their characters (you know, the IN LOVE BOYFRIENDS) interact more.

        • lilac says:

          “And as TFT undoubtedly proved, DC can certainly hold his own with Chris Colfer.”



    • Gord says:

      They pretty much HAVE to break up Klaine just because Kurt is going to New York and Blaine is staying in McKinley to continue as the “alpha singing star” on New Directions. They obviously have been preparing for Sebastian/Blaine pairing for next year. Its mostly about “keeping the popular characters” while not “boring the whole audience to tears” by continuing the most boring couple in TV eternity (sometimes referred to as Klaine). I agree that Finn and Rachel is a pretty bad relationship, but the only reason to keep is is to use this to make interesting storylines. They are not supposed to be a “model couple”, this is TV. I’m not any more enthused about Sebastian as a character than I am with Blaine, but at least Sebastian has a recognizable character, which might make for some interesting dramatic possibilities. Blaine is mostly there just to sing for “his audience”.

  25. Ali says:

    Will and Emma have to stay in the show!

  26. A typical Klainer's response! says:

    Boo too why does TVLine hate Klaine so much!!! Klaine is the best couple 5eva!!! Finchel is gross!! I hate seeing straight couples together!!! Icky heterosexuals, give me moar boy kisses!!! Why should Kurt date other people??? It’s unrealistic for someone to break up with their first boyfriend even if they’re moving halfway across the country!! Kurt will never do better than Darren Criss!! TVLine is such a supermegafoxyawesomefail!!

  27. Lily says:

    wow, terrible ideas. Kurt and Blaine breaking up even thought they have the healthiest relationship on the show and all the other couples stay together? You’re a little biased, aren’t you?
    and what a great message it would send if Blaine get in a relationship with somebody who nearly blinded him and sent him to hospital.
    And btw, why should Kurt ~check out all the handsome fellas in Manhattan~ and Rachel should stay bound to Finn?
    This is totally ridiculous.

    • Ana says:

      Because Kurt isn’t as devoted to Blaine as Rachel is to Finn (she tried marrying him, for Christ’s sake) and because Rachel has dated other guys before unlike Kurt? Are you seriously this dense?

      • Lily says:

        wow great so if you truly love someone it doesn’t really matter you just HAVE to go and find new people to date just so you can say you have dated more than one person? and lol Rachel agreed to marrying Finn when she thought she has nothing else to do. when she thought her dreams are dead. what a good reason to marry someone.
        Are you seriously trying to ignore the fact that Kurt and Blaine actually love each other? and they have been portrayed in parallels with Finchel as in being “soulmates”?!
        it’s okay though, you can ignore what has been actually shown in the show.

        • Ana says:

          You shot your wad at “soulmates.” This apparently is the first Ryan Murphy show you’ve watched. Good luck with that.

        • Dany says:

          LMAO, soulmates.
          They are teenagers for crying out loud. They won’t stay together forever.

      • anon says:

        Lol are you seriously trying to frame Rachel and Finn’s race to the altar before graduating high school as a good thing and not something clearly born out of desperation, insecurity, immaturity, and codependency? That’s not devotion.
        Kurt and Blaine ARE devoted. “I talked to Blaine, he’s on board as well.” Before Kurt and Rachel even decided to move to NY together (LONG before Finn decided he’d follow Rachel wherever because he has nothing else going for him), Kurt and Blaine were already planning a future together. That is maturity, commitment, and devotion.

        Haha Rachel has dated other guys, has she? You mean Puck, trying to make Finn jealous. Or Jesse, her rebound from Finn, and she spent all her time pining for and interacting with Finn anyway, and got back together with Finn right after Jesse dumped her? Finn, Finn, Finn.

        Breaking up with someone you’re deeply in love with just to “explore your possible options” is stupid. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.

      • Darcy says:

        There was nothing dense about her comment but it was EXTREMELY rude of you to say that. I wouldn’t say that Kurt isn’t as devoted as Rachel – at least Kurt hasn’t cheated on Blaine (unlike Rachel). One of Kurt’s best traits is that he is extremely loyal and devoted.

  28. Angela says:

    I don’t understand what is the purpose of the show…
    Is this show about showing a good message? And then why all the options here are about showing a BAD message? A Sebastian/Blaine romance? Really? What about the fact that Sebastin could have blinded Blaine? And then a Klaine break up? Again really? I don’t want to live on this earth anymore! What about instead, showing Blaine’s parents? Or i don’t know, let ALL the couples be happy together because no one said that being a teen couple means break up every single moment. And do you know what actually Glee needs? To focus on that characters in the shadow. And then stop with the offensive comments, just limit yourself to explain what do YOU want for Glee season four. It’s not good insulting other ships just to put in evidence yours.

  29. Maia says:

    So Finchel can have a long distant relationship while Klaine has to break up and Blaine gets to be with Sebastian? Biased much.

  30. Jessica says:

    I’m not really on board with Sebastian/Blaine, mostly because Blaine bores me to tears whenever he speaks. But I would love to see more of Sebastian. Sue, Quinn, and Santana have all basically been neutered, so another villain, especially one with his confidence, would be fantastic.

  31. Evy says:

    Lol all the couples stay together except Klaine?, which happens to be the most stable of all. Why not give them a decent storyline so that they stop being so boring.
    It´s pretty obvious that this page doesn´t like Klaine but you could at least try to pretend to be professional…

    I really doubt Rachel and Kurt will go to NYADA, if they were willing to spend the money on new sets and all the new actors they would need for that, they would have done the spin-off… And there is really nothing innovating about that.

    If Glee want to be good again they have to stop trying to please whining fans and tv magazines with their own agenda and just tell the story they want to tell.

  32. Brad says:

    Why the Finchel hate, long distance is as good as a break up, Finn can go to NY, doesn’t have to do performance but could do something there. His dad is a congressman he now has money.

  33. Amy says:

    It all sounds pretty good to me, except for breaking up Blaine and Kurt! NO!! That can’t happen!

  34. icant.gif says:

    p.s. it’s not bias it’s called having an opinion
    sorry that opinion is different from your overly entitled one

  35. Laura says:

    I like the troubletone idea even though I like Mercedes with Sam it made her more human. But even though I love Glee no matter how bad is I think it should end besides teen shows don’t last long unless I have a reason for staying. Glee is reign is over and I think it should end of high note!!

  36. Susan says:

    I agree with all except breaking up Klaine love has to win for once

  37. MLC says:

    How can Glee improve for S4? Recognize when a character’s story arc has ended and commit to that. I’m talking to you, Dave and Sebastian. Sebastian, in particular, brings nothing to the table from here on out and the character was one-dimensional until a sudden, uncharacteristic and utterly hammy “seeing of the light” in the last episode.

    And break up Klaine? I think not. Give them long distance angst and realistic character development.

    And yes, ditch the “iTunes is our priority” approach to storytelling. When the show focuses on the characters and the underdog story, it’s still mighty good.

    • Remy says:

      “Recognize when a character’s story arc has ended and commit to that.”

      I agree. Once Kurt and Blaine break up, Blaine should transfer back to Dalton. We all know he’s only on the show as an extension of Kurt. Let’s honor that.

      • Darcy says:

        I know nothing of the sort. I can’t wait to meet Cooper Anderson (Blaine’s brother) next episode.

        • Remy says:

          Hilarious that you think meeting family means anything. We met Terri’s sister too and she was still jettisoned as soon as her relationship with Will ended entirely. The actress that played Terri was also a regular at one point. Hmm…

    • IAWTC says:

      Karofsky and Sebastian need to go.

      And Kurt and Blaine haven’t had a story all season since TFT. Making long distance work could be interesting, and allow them to struggle with this part of their relationship while also having their own stories. And we’ve never seen gay high school sweethearts doing long distance and staying together. I think it’s refreshing and interesting.

      And yes, no more jukebox numbers! All the songs should be relevant to character and narrative.

  38. karenb says:

    I like all of your ideas, Slezak. I think many of them are believable. And I would love for Mike Chang and Sam to stay another year. Although…I’m not sure what you were hinting about with Sam lol

  39. Sarah says:

    How about no.

  40. Daniel says:

    The only suggestion I’d make is that Finn goes to West Point to play football so that way he gets his dream of playing college football and being in the Army and he’d be close(r) to Rachel. Just sayin’.

  41. Emily says:

    Let’s face it Klaine is boring even Chris Colfer thinks so and all the Klaine fans want off with his head when he says things like that. I think Klaine are breaking up soon cause Chris said Kurt has some things coming up that a lot of people won’t like but he like’s it. Next year I think we’ll end up having Kurt, Rachel, Finn, and Santana in NYC we’ll probably have them all live together too, which could make great comedy. Maybe even Brittany if RIB graduates her this year. I think Quinn will end up leaving the show cause I don’t think Dianna wants on anymore and I don’t blame her, she’s not the best actress but her character has ran its course.

  42. Just your average Kurtosfky Shipper says:

    A relationship based on love is so boooring, I like relationship based on violence, regrets and redemption. Also I´m pretty sure Blaine is the antichrist.

    • Emily says:

      I’m not saying I like that either I don’t even ship Kurtofsky but Klaine used to be good before they got together but now they’re scenes just bore me to death.

      • J. says:

        lol what scenes? did they happen in the same episode as all the brittana scenes?

        • Lily says:

          yeah because all this show has is gay scenes IDK why we don’t see them
          I don’t understand WHAT SCENES people are talking about when they talk about Klaine scenes because Klaine has basically had 4 or 5 scenes this season if we don’t count TFT.

    • Sara-Beth says:

      Violence? Are you sure you’re not talking about the TFT car scene and not Kurtofsky?

      • anon says:

        There was nothing violent about the car scene. Just drunken ramblings and a verbal argument. But try, try again.

        • Sara-Beth says:

          Rewatch the scene, honey. Blaine had his hands all over Kurt and Kurt said “no” upwards of 7 times.

          • anon says:

            hey honey, rewatch the auditorium scene where kurt compares it to blaine making out with rachel and says that was worse.

          • tsk tsk says:

            Blaine touched Kurt’s back, arm, face, and neck. Nowhere else. He didn’t hold him down or try to remove any clothes. He tried to kiss Kurt. Kurt said “no” and four seconds after that first no, Blaine stopped trying to kiss him and just spoke to him about wanting to have sex. Kurt got upset and got off of Blaine. Blaine didn’t try to stop him.

            There was no struggle, no groping, no assault. Trust me, I’ve watched the scene many times. Kurt was not scared, did not feel violated, and was more upset about Blaine and Rachel drunkenly making out last year than his boyfriend propositioning him in the back of a car.

            I think you need to rewatch the scene. And look up context and narrative intent while you’re at it :)

    • couple based on threaTs and voilence 4ever says:

      i love for kurt to be with someone that threatened to kill him and bully him. And i loved karofsky excuse ‘you were out and proud, so you were an easy target and i was jealous !!!!!!!1″ kurtofsky forever peeps open your eyez

      • butterscotch tears heal all wounds says:

        I agree, love based on a history of violence is the best. I mean the bullying is in the past anyways and Karofsky only did it because he hated himself and Kurt was the perfect target for him to take all of that out on. So it’s really no big deal at all and only makes their ~connection~ stronger. KURTOFSKY FOREVER!!!

    • Rosie says:

      Some of us that dislike Klaine don’t care for Kurtofsky. Maybe next time.

  43. Alessia says:

    Wow these suggestions suck beyond imagination.

    Could you be more biased against Klaine? *rolleyes*

  44. Rosie says:

    I admit that I’ve never been sold on the idea of Klaine because of the lead-up to the relationship (Blaine making out with Rachel and then dating her knowing that Kurt had feelings for him, Blaine talking to Burt behind Kurt’s back, Blaine telling Kurt that he’s nt sexy) and because of their relationship (Blaine forcing himself onto Kurt in the car). I would therefore be more than fine with Kurt breaking up with him and exploring his options in NYC. He deserves as much if that’s what he wants. I’ve also gotten the impression that Chris Colfer himself isn’t extremely keen on Klaine, and he has quite a deal of influence on the show for an actor, correct? I believe the break-up is inevitable.

    • anon says:

      Blaine made a mistake dating Rachel (because it was insensitive, not because he owed Kurt anything). Kurt and Rachel also acted like jackasses so we’ll call it even. Sometimes people make mistakes!

      Blaine talked to Burt out of genuine concern and care for Kurt. Kurt ultimately benefited from the conversation with Burt (and it would come back to help both the boys in TFT!).

      Blaine never told Kurt he wasn’t sexy, sorry.

      Blaine did not try to force himself on Kurt, sorry.

      Chris Colfer =/ Kurt. Kurt is a silly romantic who is deeply in love. He and Blaine have been planning their future in NYC since season 2. He doesn’t want to break up.

  45. klainer 12s lolol says:

    this article didn’t even mention max or karofsky and you defensive klainers managed to make this about kurtofsky. way to go!!!

  46. Susanna says:

    I’m sure writers planned Klaine split up since it was revealed Blaine is junior. Kurt will find someone else in New York and Blaine hook up either with Sebastian or with this new gay kid Chandler (who cares actually). I don’t really get the appeal of Klaine, Kurt has way more chemistry with Karofsky than with Blaine (and I don’t even ship them together). Sorry, but Darren Criss might be hot and good-looking, but his acting skills equal zero. He doesn’t have any chance in scenes with Chris Colfer, that’s why Klaine is boring.

    • Quinn says:

      Agreed on everything. Blaine as a junior really sealed the deal and everyone else is ignoring the writing on the wall.

    • Darcy says:

      It’s all subjective. I see more chemistry between Kurt and Blaine than any other couple … on TV. And I love the way Chris and Darren act when they have scenes together. I just wish there was more of them.

  47. Jen says:

    Finchel haters can’t complain all they want to and write all the fanfiction they want to but end of the day Finchel is canon.

  48. Ke'ale says:

    I would absolutely love it of glee went on for a more seasons. When they do graduate they should do an episode for each of the characters showing their life after high school. And 1 episode for the couples that are still together. Thu should bring in new people but keep having flashbacks or little appearances of the original cast. Each of those character episodes could be like this– (if fin and rachael got married) they are in new York nyada but fin is thinking about going back to Ohio to take over the car business. Santana and Brittany–they are both in juliard (singing for Santana and dancing for Brittany) and they are still hopelessly in love. Kurt is rooming with fin and rachael. Quinn is the top in her class at Yale. Puck goes on the road and becomes a rock star. Mike goes to the best college near Ohio so he can be with Tina, the when she graduated they both go to the juliard and are friends with Santana and Brittany. Sam own his own business so it pays for his family. Mercedes stated with him and went to Ohio college. Will and Emma stay at McKinley and raise their child. Sue does something to make a difference in the world. Oh and Santana is pregnant !!!! She took britanys eggs and got a diner that looks like them

  49. Ila says:

    OH MY GOD I flove these storylines!
    Dear Michael Slezak, you should write Glee, I’m not kidding.
    Klaine is BORING and I really think that they are going to break up very soon. I want a real relationship for Kurt and the only one who can give it to him is Dave Karofsky. And I’m not even sorry to say that.
    And what about Seblaine? They’re hot, they have chemistry and a great storyline about inner development to me. AND SEASON FOUR SHOULD BE ABOUT THEM, FOR SURE!

  50. SabakuNoKatrine says:

    OMG! I really like the Sebastian/Blaine part! That storyline will be new and attractive! Sebastian is a new character, is an entire unknown world and see Blaine discover it will be just perfect!