Glee in Season 4: 12 Suggestions to Keep the Show Thriving Beyond Graduation

Graduation day is on the horizon for the kids of William McKinley High School, and with it comes a fantastic opportunity for Glee to reboot itself in a new and exciting way. Indeed, with Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Mike, Puck, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Quinn and Sam all contemplating life after high school, we decided to whip up some suggestions (both bold and entirely plausible) for potential story arcs — and a few exits — for some of our favorite characters. Check out our vision of Glee in Season 4, then hit the comments with your own ideas!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jamie says:

    That was like a really bad fanfic.

    Will and Emma can’t leave the show for at least another 4 years, and I don’t think the show would be the same without them. Just like Rachel and Kurt couldn’t leave, since they are the show.

    I’d be happy for it to end after graduation, and just end it on a relatively high note.

    • Lilly says:

      I disagree… i thought this was a really good article and I agree with most of it. The only one I’m kind of iffy on is the tike one, only because I don’t want to see Mike give up his dreams just for the sake of a relationship. And also kind of the Finchel one, but as long as Rachel gets to go to NYADA and live her dream I’m ok with a long term relationship.
      Love the suggestions for Kurt, Blaine, and Sebastian. That would make for a very good storyline and imagine the jealousy and b****off that would go down if Kurt comes back for winter break and sees Sebastian with Blaine >:)…. love it!

      • Jamie says:

        I agree with some of it, but most of it is just kind of… out there. Kurt and Blaine splitting, I’m onboard.
        Tina and Artie basically leading the group, yes.
        Dianna Agron getting to act in something in which she will get a decent storyline? Hell to the yes.
        But I struggle to see how they could split the show into two different locations, without it seeming muddled.

      • Russ says:

        Eh. Some of the ideas were actually good with Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany going to NY and bumping into Rachel and Kurt.
        But Ricky Martin taking over glee, NO! He is not a bad actor but I thought his guest star episode was one of the worst this season.
        As for Quinn I think she will go to Yale and this will be Dianna Agron’s last season.

        • Anon says:

          no loss considering Dianna can’t act or sing.

          • Acook says:

            Seriously? I think people are way too critical. I think she did a fab job in “I am number four”

          • Nel says:

            You’re joking. I bet you can’t sing or act better than her. She’s amazing.

          • Dan says:

            It cracks me up people use these post to bash someone. Obviously there is jealousy here, if you are that indifferent to the show, one wouldnt come onto this site and “waste” their time.

          • Briana says:

            I second that commentary.

        • gleekachu says:

          Ricky Martin was a sexy devo and I got all excited when I seen him dance with Santana. Meow!;) He was wonderful and wow, can he sing. I hope that we see more of him in the future!

      • M says:

        I think the reason for the Mike suggestion was b/c Mike is a seriously underused character on Glee and he needs to come back for at least another season and get some amazing storylines and dance sequences.

        Personally I’d rather Finchel break up than Klaine but I love all the other suggestions. Except I kinda want to keep Quinn around. I want to watch this show! Not the glee that’s currently on air…

        • SAM I AM says:

          I agree wholeheartedly! Mike seriously needs another season beacause his character is so underdeveloped it’s really sad.
          Finchel should break-up. They never mentioned who the father to Sue’s baby was, so here’s somethnig entirely insane. Finn, who wants to do SOMETHING with his life, will offer his sperm to Sue because he wants to be important in someone’s life. Rachel, completely hurt and appauled at his decision breaks up with him and calls the whole engagment off! Bwahahahaha!! I like that idea :3

          • Kate says:

            I love you. Mike needs to be a bigger character because Harry Shum Jr. is amazing.
            Finchel is a crackship that needs to end for the good of everybody.
            I love all of your ideas so much.
            And Klaine mustn’t break up. They are too perfect.

        • Hannah says:

          Yeah. I’d much rather Finchel break up than Klaine, and I also think it’s more realistic, seeing as they’re not the most mature couple on the show, whereas Kurt and Blaine are close enough and mature enough to actually handle a long-distance relationship.

      • luh says:

        Yeah Mike does need a story line, so another season of harry shum in glee isn’t at all bad. Plus, love is a overpowering force. When you’re inlove, you will do whatever it takes to hold on to it and be with that person no matter what. #truelove

    • DCwriter says:

      GLEE itself is like a really bad fanfic.

    • gleekarado says:


    • Reggen Neumier says:

      I agree, but now it cant because it just got picked up for a fourth seaon:)

    • pam says:

      I agree, show won’t be the same and it should end with graduation & Will’s marriage…..Can’t replace rachel, fin, kurt, blaine, mercedes, etc……..

    • Heather miles says:

      I think some good ideas. Don”t see why Mercedes and Sam have to split he fought so hard to get her back and they were cute with a lot of mileage given their relationship was so new. Lots could go on there with them both being tempted by other people but staying true and also they are so not sterotypical. It would be nice for it not always have to be thin with thin, pretty with pretty etc etc. real life is about real people and it would be good if glee could do a bit of real. It would also be a nice twist if the girl group thing doesn,t work out as well as they hope. They find that in NY you can get lost and they have to do a lot of soul searching around staying tight as a group or going solo and who will be the first one to leave. It would s
      Also be nice for Mercedes to have a family like everyone else on glee. Which celebs who everyone like to see as her dad, mum brother? Hmm

  2. Sam says:

    I don’t mean to be a troll, but I’d opt for canceling Glee so that the cast can do other, better projects. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see Chris Colfer on a show that wouldn’t misuse his considerable talents? Doesn’t Lea deserve to be back on Broadway? And why can’t Matthew Morrsion just go away forever?

    • Laura says:

      I agree. The show has been pretty bad lately. And the actor deserve something better.

    • Alice says:

      The entire cast appears in the first episode of the next season of American Horror Story-a field trip to an institution out east to preform- where they are all killed off one by one in the first 15 minutes of the two hour season premiere. Done and Done.

    • Sami says:

      Quit acting like you know what’s best for these actors’ careers. You don’t. Glee is a stable, well paying job. You can’t guarantee any of them will get “better projects” if Glee gets canceled. This all sounds very selfish and ignorant.

      • Sushi says:

        ^^This. Sami, you’re so right it’s not even funny. Lea going back to Broadway may use her talents more wisely but right now, her career is booming exactly where it’s at and vanishing into theatre is not where you go when you are just getting started with becoming a mainstream success. Some of you people are just ridiculous to think otherwise.

        • AngieD says:

          Also, Lea wants to be in Hollywood. Broadway is not ‘easy’. Very few shows have long runs. the Stars perform 6 nights/week Long hours, long practices. Don’t know the salaries, but I think there’s more money in movies and TV. Lea’s already been on Broadway and wants to try out Hollywood. Her exposure on Glee will actually make her a hotter ticket when she does decide to do Broadway again.

        • AngieD says:

          Also, Lea wants to be in Hollywood. Broadway is not ‘easy’. Very few shows have long runs. the Stars perform 6 nights/week Long hours, long practices. Don’t know the salaries, but I think there’s more money in movies and TV. Lea’s already been on Broadway and wants to try out Hollywood. Her exposure on Glee will actually make her a hotter ticket when she does decide to do Broadway again.

      • yep says:

        Thank you for your comment. People forget that Glee is the livelyhood for all the actors. Some have agreed or possibly resigned contracts with Glee for season 4. So for those who choose to speak ill of the show that is your opinion but the hard working actors take pride in their work and the efforts of the show. So speak “just” for yourself and not for the actors. I for one choose to support the show and its creative staff including all the actors. So for those who continue to berate the show’s creativity and its standards why the hell you still watching it?

        • Brittney says:

          I think it is great they all get to pursue their dreams! I am not down with Kurt and Blaine splitting I am sorry but it should not happen they are so great together!!!

      • Mahameeho3 says:

        Glee is awesome and makes me so happy and anyone who wants it cancelled will bite their tongue later!! I agree with Sami, you don’t what’s best since you can’t even see what a good show this if it hit you in the face with it!! -_- Am so sick of people criticizing everything, why don’t you haters go write a show and see how people take it before tearing other people down!!

    • Hannah says:

      “Deserve” to be back on Broadway? I’m pretty sure she CHOOSE to be on Glee. No one is making her.

      • jet says:

        Well she is under contract so if they want
        to keep her she has to stay.

        But yes they agreed in the beginning.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      Lea Michele originated a role in Spring Awakening, one of the most popular shows on Broadway in the past five years, before going to Glee. She had worked on Broadway for many years prior to that as well, and she’ll have plenty of time to do more. Being on a TV show isn’t exactly degrading when it brings what you’ve worked your entire career for: exposure.

      Chris Colfer isn’t letting his Glee schedule get in the way of other projects. He has a young adult book coming out in July, he wrote and starred in a film coming out later this month, and he just did a one-night reading of a new play in LA.

  3. sonr says:

    If they used those story lines i might actually watch season 4. as the show is now, i might not finish season 3

  4. Jason says:

    It all sounds better than the catastrophe that was season 2 and 3

  5. Kya says:

    I just want Faberry!!!

  6. Krystal says:

    Wow I actually love the idea of all of this happening. Especially the whole Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes getting their girl power on in NYC together.

  7. Rose says:

    You actually have the worst opinions about everything.

  8. Ryan says:

    Wow, I actually like a lot of these suggestions!

  9. Camilla says:

    I would be nice. But they are probably going to ruin it anyways,like every storyline this season.

  10. Nancy says:

    I don’t agree with the Klaine break up, sorry but i don’t understand why all the other couples can stay together and they can’t when they really love each other. That’s all.

    • marie says:

      I agreed Nancy, they want to break the more honorable and cute couple ever, they are just jealous or stupid.

    • panda says:

      lol cry more. klaine is boring and plain. kurt deserves better.

      • anon says:

        Blaine could do so much better, he is way hotter than Kurt.

        • Kaley says:


          And No.

        • omg says:

          yeah he’s also a self absorbed ***** who tried to rape his boyfriend in the back of a car and then let said boyfriend proceed to take some of the blame for it, what a hero

          • Meggie says:

            Oh goodness. Coming from a lawyer (myself), I suggest some serious indepth studying of the law of rape and a good deal of contrasting to what occurred in the back of Kurt’s station wagon.

            Throwing words like that around is not only highly offensive but it’s damaging to many people who have been through something of that nature and let me tell you – it’s nothing like Blaine did aka act like a horny teenager and walk away when he realised he was being a bit of an idiot.

            Please don’t throw around words like that.
            Also, Kurt has a mind of his own and felt as if he had to apologise for his lack of excitement at the night out which, if you remember was HIS idea to agree to.

            Self absorbed is a phrase you may also wish to look up. It would NOT come with a description of a boy who transfers schools to be with the person he loves, steps in the way of a possible assault, supports him while making big life decisions and during prolonged bullying and stands by him at a school event after a particularly horrific episode of bullying by a negative collective when he was worried himself over previous issues of abuse from a homophobic collective.

            Honestly, it’s fine if you don’t like Blaine or Kurt or Kurt/Blaine together. Really, it is. Just… you’re watching an entirely different show. It’s not about poetic licence and personal interpretations of the scenes because what you’re suggesting and saying is plainly wildly different to what is being intended by the writers and displayed on screen.

          • omg says:

            Meggie- I have been raped. Don’t try and tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. What Blaine did in the car was not technically rape but if it had gone any further it definitely could have been. Do not try and act like you speak for all rape victims, because you definitely do not. As a rape victim, I don’t find it offensive to point out that what Blaine did was at the very least sexual assault. Defending him is what I find offensive and flat out disgusting. And I call Blaine self absorbed because he constantly feels the need to be the center of attention and he gets upset when someone doesn’t automatically agree with him (Sam). Not only do all other characters treat him like the freaking messiah and he is the biggest self-insert Mary Sue in the history of television. I hate Blaine. What he did in TFT was the nail in the coffin for me, and no, I will not apologize for interpreting his actions exactly as I did.

          • Jo says:

            Wow, what an ignorant post.

          • Lilly says:

            Coming from another rape victim, you should be able to clearly tell the difference between a little drunken stupidness and an attempted rape. Or are you one of those who think all men with a sex drive are rapists now? Nothing happened, and Blaine was the one who walked away. I don’t think he would ever do that to Kurt, and people who think anything like that is attempted rape is how innocent men end up labeled sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Please think before you accuse.

        • 234234 says:


      • carol says:

        Yeah, because the gay kid that was bullied every single day for a long time doesn’t deserve a nice, stable relationship, right? Great logic.

      • Sam says:

        There is truth in these words.

      • bamabunny says:

        Why does it have to be Blaine and Sebastian? Why can’t it be…KURT and Sebastian? Beneath all those insults and sniping is some serious sexual tension! Seb lived in Paris, what’s wrong with transferring him to a Manhattan prep school?

    • Jenna says:

      Yeah, they’re are amazing. I mean, if you are into stuff like attempted drunk rape in the backseat of the car.

      • Meggie says:

        Oh goodness. Coming from a lawyer (myself), I suggest some serious indepth studying of the law of rape and a good deal of contrasting to what occurred in the back of Kurt’s station wagon.

        Throwing words like that around is not only highly offensive but it’s damaging to many people who have been through something of that nature and let me tell you – it’s nothing like Blaine did aka act like a horny teenager and walk away when he realised he was being a bit of an idiot.

        Please don’t throw around words like that.

        Honestly, it’s fine if you don’t like Blaine or Kurt or Kurt/Blaine together. Really, it is. Just… you’re watching an entirely different show. It’s not about poetic licence and personal interpretations of the scenes because what you’re suggesting and saying is plainly wildly different to what is being intended by the writers and displayed on screen.

        • Red says:

          Thank you. Just thank you for being level headed here. Throwing that word around like that is just so wrong.

      • Jenna (but not the same one) says:

        It’s really both gross and offensive to compare Blaine’s douche-tastic drunken advances while he was trapped underneath Kurt in a car to an attempted rape–which are about control and dominance and not sex itself. Blaine was an asshole in that scene but that doesn’t make him a rapist, and calling him one undermines how Kurt was in complete control of that situation, both in terms of power and physical presence.

      • Jo says:

        And another very ignorant post.

    • Emily says:

      Thank you!!! someone is finally agreeing with me!!! they cant just break up everything they’ve had… and blaine doesnt even like sebastian!!! finally someone who agrees with me!

  11. John says:

    Glee hasn’t been thriving since season 1, episode 13

    • Josh says:

      Sad but true!

    • Lauren Rose says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Can we please return focus to who actually matters here–all the straight white people? (Especially the men.)

      • Beverley says:

        Is that a real suggestion or are you just trying to be funny?

      • Ben says:

        The reason I agree with the original poster has nothing to do with the choice to focus on gay characters or female characters etc. It stems from the fact that the first 13 episodes told a story of growth, could act reasonably well as a moral compass as the kids learned and transformed from their errors, and showed a positive against the odds story of kids learning to work together and stick together.

        This descended into people not learning their lessons, the kids constantly not working together or sticking together, and a lack of a compass to distinguish between good or bad decisions made. It just made the show unwatchable for me, as no matter what the show or situation I can’t take characters who don’t really grow and change through their experiences.

        • yep says:

          Season 2 and 3 have turned to PSA agendas. Season 2 and 3 all the characters jumped out of character into an alternate universe utilizing no compass or moral integrity or sense of self or conscience. More drama and almost no comedy. Season 2 was a disappontment but a so-called learning experience or growth period for several characters. But for me the triangles and inhibited character growth were a major Debbie-downer. Season 2 was upheaval, back-stabbing, nervous tension, out of characters actions and deeds, Broadway type musical numbers and lots and lots of guests stars. Not my interest at all. Now season 3 has taken an entirely new direction to story telling and more PSA agendas and less comedy. It has its moments of fun. Some of the topics here and there are overtly wierd and too outlandish to be even conceivable in Gleeland. But I still love the general concept of Glee and “still” keep holding on to hope for good story telling. Some have been very good but some have been only so-so. I am thoroughly amazed by the maturity of the characters this season. I will remain a loyal fan of Glee even next season and do hope for great themes for the show to take. .It’s an addiction and will remain that way

    • lilac says:

      it was bad then and it’s bad now. the first 13 also suck and idk where ppl get this idea that the storytelling was awesome then.

  12. C says:

    I don’t understand why Mercedes has to be single. Why can’t she just date around? Hmm..

    Also no to Finchel long distance. Too much potential for convoluted drama there.

  13. MrMank says:

    My first and only suggestion…replace Ryan Murphy as showrunner. Maybe then the show will actually start making sense.

    • Nathan says:

      I like your suggestion. Hated just about every single one of theirs.

    • yep says:

      Since he has started American Horror Story and a new Gay agenda show in the works, I do hope he lets go of his original baby Glee-it deserves the full attention of a new master at the helm.

      • mystique says:

        actually this wasn’t his first show he had 2 before it i don’t know one of them but the other was nip/tuck

        • Brat says:

          The other was Popular. Its funny you should check out the similarities to Glee. Blonde and Brunette at each others throats. Bitchy cheerleader sidekick, Ditzy cheerleader sidekick, Guys that are barely capapble of their own thoughts but have some stupid dopey grin and are obsessed with a girl for 5 minutes. Oh and then the Blonde appears to get hit by a car at the end of season 2….yeah. And my favorite the fact that this show jumped the shark in season 2 as well.

  14. AAA says:

    I like the Mercedes, Brittany, Santana idea.

  15. Pam says:

    I don’t care what happens as long as Artie and Tina get back together and Blaine lets other people sing.

  16. Margherita says:

    It sounds good! Brittany must graduated, live with Santana and have children:) I’m not sure the broken Klaine will make fans very happy…but HummelBerry at NY is sooo nice:) I don’t want Quinn storyline to be over…i’d like her to go to NY near to the Brittana:) However those are good ideas:)

  17. Mile says:

    Really? You save Finchel? I think they should break up.
    Also I really don´t think Blaine would ever be with Sebastian.
    Some of these ideas are pretty good tho. I like the Troubletones future.
    And Rory really needs to go back to Ireland, he is so BORING and POINTLESS. Plus Damian is the worst actor ever.

    • Amber says:

      Damian Is not the worst actor ever, he has not been given anything so far to prove himself, he is onmly as boring as the script he is given. If they gae hima better storyline, then you could see how talentd he really is. I would also love to hear him sing a real song, home was a half song and the first he was actually given. He has an amazing voice thats range far exceeds every other male on Glee and it needs far more focus than it is given.

      • don says:

        he isn’t actually the worst…only next to worst. if you watched ‘the glee project’ you’d know he was terrible. but not quite as bad an actor as the new arrival (joe?), a born again christian with dreadlocks. for some unknown, unfathomable reason they won while those with real talent only came in 3rd and 4th. oh, wait i know. one is really cute (i’m sure ryan noticed) and ryan ‘always wanted to write for’ a bac.

  18. Sam says:

    Every single one of these suggestions was completely awful and I would probably stop watching the show if any of them happened (well, everything except for Tike staying together). And how completely and utterly unsurprising is it that the first suggestion was for a Klaine break-up? Try to be less obvious about hating them.

    • Maria says:

      LOL so no one is allowed to want a Klaine break up (even if it IS the most realistic progression for them, and even stans cannot deny that) without being a hater? Lol cry about it. You can always count on a klainer to be obnoxious and butthurt whenever they find out the world doesn’t revolve around them.

      • Sam says:

        Yeah, because Mike pushing back his admission to college and Finchel lasting long distance is realistic. If you’re going with realism you have to be realistic about all the couples. Not just the one you hate. I’m pretty sure that recognizing that the writer of this article going through pretty ridiculous means to keep together every couple except for one that the writer has consistently shown a dislike for isn’t me being a “butthurt Klainer”.

        • Teej says:

          Exactly. These story lines are already farfetched and ridiculous, but if the ONLY couple that doesn’t make it out of high school is Kurt and Blaine, who arguably have the most stable, healthy relationship, it’s a bit outrageous. Especially when you consider that the proposed options are completely out of character. As if Kurt – I’m never saying goodbye to you, they can’t touch us or what we have, I love you too, I want to spend every second of every day with you, let me sit by your bedside and read to you while you’re injured, pine for my boyfriend all during Valentine’s Day, we have “true love,” – Hummel is going to suddenly ditch Blaine because he’s going to New York? Blaine’s clearly on board with Kurt going to NYADA and pursuing his dreams and he’s never done anything to hold Kurt back.

          And I’m literally doubled over with laughter at the thought of Blaine “You can see my heart eyes from space” Anderson hooking up with the very person who rendered him unable to properly heart eye Kurt – though, he managed, because Blaine is the only person that can heart eye with just one eye, and even fashions his eye patch into a heart just to drive home the point.

          It would be one thing if Slezak had suggested “realistic” story arcs for all the couples, but at the point where it’s literally just Klaine (Samcedes doesn’t count as they aren’t actually dating on the show at the moment) I have to side-eye this. Either TVLine has an issue with Klaine, or they enjoy seeing victims hook up with their abusers…or hey, it could always be both. Neither is an option a majority of the general audience would welcome.

          • lea says:

            oh gross. this whole comment is making me barf.

          • Santana says:

            Kurt and Blaine should break up. It could be easy to make their relationship just a high school first love, breaking them up would be realistic, and could create good story. But it should be after an attempt at a long distance relationship fails. Can you imagine Kurt looking for someone new in New York? I think that would be fun to watch. And Blaine finding someone who is kind of the opposite of himself to date back in Lima. I think it would be interesting. I don’t hate Klaine, but I just think these things would be more interesting. But don’t worry anyway. They won’t ever break them up and none of the stuff on this list will probably happen, aside from Rachel and Kurt going to NYADA.

          • Me says:

            Kurt and Blaine have the most stable and healthy relationship?

            Bitch please…Brittana and Asian Fusion are both more healthy than Klaine.

          • Shaina says:

            I agree 100% with u! On this website we are seeing a lot of Klaine haters, but I mean really a lot of people LOVE Klaine! I am one of them. I wonder what these peoples reasoning is? Is it because they r gay, or are you bored or dislike one of the people. I am not accusing anyone rather than to hear why u seem to hate them. They are the stable, loving relationship many people want to see go on forever. I agree that none of the options are something I would welcome. I would actually stop watching the show. Legit, stop watching it. Klaine has been through a lot, and they are strong in result. Breaking them up doesn’t make sense. I hate the idea, and i 100% agree with Teej.

  19. Gleek (obviously) says:

    I don’t like any of these ideas except Rachel & Kurt’s and The Troubletone girls.

  20. CB says:

    Will and Emma shouldn’t leave the show.

    • Kristyn says:

      Well said CB. Will and Emma are the ONLY reason why I watch the show in the first place. If they were to leave then it would be bye bye glee for me.

  21. ibs says:

    Wow, these were all fabulous, actually. Hard to add to that – other than to bring my man, Dave Karofsky back into the picture somehow.

    I will say, as a more general list of suggestions, that they should

    A) Stop pandering to the audience – we don’t know what’s good for us so stop listening to what we want.
    B) Stop focusing on selling iTunes downloads – this means cutting the theme and tribute episodes and stopping all the special guest stars. In the end, they just turn off the core fans and don’t add much to sales.
    C) Focus on the stories and the characters – let the music happen more organically, instead of trying to make story around whatever cool song you think will sell well this week.
    D) Keep in mind that these characters are people living in the same environment – there are logical reactions and interactions that we miss because more often then not, Glee packs people in mothballs between their scenes. Characters that should be involved in various events, based on their past interactions, never show up. (Remember Mercedes and Quinn? I do.) Remember that these are people that KNOW EACH OTHER – INCLUDE them more often.
    E) Don’t cast for musical ability – cast for ACTING ability. There are too many characters on the show now being portrayed by people who don’t convey a thing unless they’re singing. This doesn’t make for memorable story telling. Either call the show a variety-hour and stop pretending to you want to tell stories, or pay closer attention to your casting. (Darren Criss is pretty and sings well, but brings NOTHING to the show beyond that. What a disappointment…)

    There are more, but I’ll leave it there… Wish someone on the inside were reading comments on these articles…

    • You dumb Karofskywife says:

      Oh, IBSHAFER, you’re hilarious.

      • ibs says:

        I’m not sure how, but OK…

        Unless it’s because why would anyone at Glee listen to anything we had to say about what is wrong with this show…

    • Lara says:

      I don´t agree that Darren Criss doesn´t bring nothing to the show beyond being pretty and singing well, he might not be the best actor in the show, but I really like his character and he has never really had a storyline that wasn´t about Klaine.
      Rory and Sam on the other hand pretty much don´t bring nothing to the show imo.
      Despite that, I agree with everything you say. Although I really don´t like what they are doing to Karosfky, I would have been happy with his scene on The First Time being his final appereance and focus more on the Santana coming out storyline.

      • lilac says:

        “but I really like his character and he has never really had a storyline that wasn´t about Klaine.”

        then what was that whole “fight club” /punching bag scene that I had to go through?

        he shouldn’t have any scenes with a modicum of drama and just stick with funny scenes (i think he can do those decently)

      • sam says:

        darren has had many opportunities to prove he brings something special to the show and he bombed all of them. he is not great at acting, singing, or dancing. the only reason he is on the show at all instead of being kicked off after his 3 episodes like he was supposed to is because of his legion of fangirls that followed him to glee from his time on that harry potter thing. Blaine is boring, useless, and the biggest Gary Stu of all time.

        • lololol says:

          Your hate is so obvious. If you’re trying to make a legit criticism of an actor and not come across like an obnoxious tool, don’t try to claim that a triple threat who has been on Broadway and received good reviews overall cannot sing, dance, or act. Obviously he has room to grow, just like anyone else, but he obviously can do all three.

          Blaine is clearly not a Gary Stu, even if they need to flesh him out more. They’ve hinted at a lot of interesting things with him, and he is obviously not perfect.

          And Blaine is the most fascinating character on the show to me (as well as Kurt, Rachel, Quinn, and Santana).

          • Darcy says:

            Yeah, you got some calling him a Gary Stu and others calling him a rapist. It’s really quite ridiculous how people twist things to see things they want to see them.

        • Darcy says:

          I have enjoyed most of Blaine’s scenes including the emotional ones and I think his singing and dancing is better than most of the others (with obvious exceptions like Mike and Brittany, etc). I’m more interested in Blaine than most of the other characters and I’m looking forward to him interacting with his brother. I’m 47 and am not interested at all in the Harry Potter thing – do I count as a fangirl?

          • AlicePage says:

            Hear Hear! Darren Criss is an excellent actor. While I will admit to finding Blaine a bit hum-drum at times, I don’t find it to be Darren’s fault in the least. You’ll notice that all of the characters have their moments of less-than-amazing-ness, even the main ones like Rachel and Kurt. A lot of it comes down to the writing. Coming from personal experience (on stage) there are some scenes or story lines that just fall flat no matter what you do. It happens. But he has also had moments of sheer awesomeness (the Blaine/Kurt first kiss scene comes to mind). It also comes down to character personality. One thing I absolutely adore about this show is that not all of the Glee members are Broadway-fabulous. There are just as many people in the artistic world that are average even tempered people. Blaine is one of those. Yes he enjoys the spotlight(who doesn’t) and he has a specific fashion style, but outside of that he’s fairly even. It’s the hardest type of character to play. Anyone can make flamboyance entertaining.

        • ibs says:

          It’s not about hate (responding poster!) – he’s giving you his honest assessment, one that many, many of us share. If you’re not dazzled by his white teeth and dance moves, if you hormones aren’t the slightest bit interested, than you, like me, JUST DON’T GET HIS APPEAL. Believe me, I’ve tried. On paper he is exactly the kind of performer I normally gravitate to. That I have been underwhelmed by his performance – and by the way his being there has pushed out so many of the OGC (Original Glee Cast) – is a testement not to my “hate,” but to his lacking abilities.

          And people might have a problem with Dave Karofsky as a character (I’m not one of them – PIRATES UNITE!), but every single time Max Adler is on screen – he is ELECTRIFYING, MOVING, BREATHTAKING.

          DC is on the show because RIB+6 thought he was going to make them a ton of money. Which he has failed to do. And Glee has suffered for it. It would be lovely to see Kurt in a relationship that doesn’t have him always, always coming in second to Phenom That Is Blaine. From the moment there was a Klaine – Kurt as an individual pretty much ceased to be. Thank goodness he was able to be there for Dave in OMW w/o his (over)shadow… I had truly missed that boy. He’s spent the season, so far, looking either bored or miserable. And that’s with a boyfriend. What’s wrong with this picture?

          • James says:

            I enjoy reading the opinions of ….hurt Max Adler stans more than anything. Not only are your arguments ridiculous like Glee suffering due to Darren and him not making money for them but because you do the exact thing that really, as a Max fan you shouldn’t do – and that is, you hurt Max Adler with this insanity. The poor guy has enough problems being saddled with the most thankless storyline of this show, has not taken off in three years he has been on Glee, and now he has crazy fans that turn off people from even giving the guy a shot. But more comedy for me I guess.

          • anon says:

            How adorable, considering Kurt was used as a prop in Karofsky’s story line in OMW (which, by the way, is in competition with IKAG for most offensive episode ever).

            Kurt as an individual has had plenty of story lines, except none with his boyfriend. His entire life SUCKS except for Blaine (and Burt and sometimes Rachel), so maybe he looks so miserable since they don’t give Kurt and Blaine a story? The only times he has looked truly happy this season have been when he’s with Blaine OR when he got his letter from NYADA. That’s it.

            Blaine continues to exist to serve Kurt’s story lines, except less so this season because they’re playing hide your gays (see also Brittana’s lack of focus).

            It is not on DC to make the show money; it’s an ensemble cast. The writers have failed to give DC anything to work with, and while a few butthurt shippers have decided he is a talentless hack, most everyone else can see he is a star, and his talent is being squandered on Glee.

            And obviously acting ability is a matter of opinion, because Adler leaves me cold. Whimpering woobie Karofsky seems OTT and insincere. I only bought him when he was playing a sociopathic monster who was torturing Kurt. Not that I want to see more of that. I wish Adler all the best with his new TV series, because Karofsky needs to GTF away from Kurt.

          • Lianie says:

            So what I gather from all of this is that people like a bully closeted homosexual, who even threatened to kill and was an all around meanie and even go ahead and excuse him for all his faults. THe standards of the glee fandom amaze me every single day. And people wonder where the attitude of some children come from.

        • Josh says:

          Wow really are we talking about the same person? Because I think Darren is the best male singer on that show! His voice is velvety smooth and perfect. He also is the second best male dancer besides Harry so yeah you fail again at your observations. As for the acting he really hasn’t had a story line besides Klaine! I saw Darren on Broadway and he is an amazing actor. Oh and his songs have sold more than anyone else’s on the show and Teenage Dream has been the only #1 song on Billboard from Glee.

    • Ash says:

      Oh the irony at seeing “Stop pandering to the audience” and “Bring Karofsky back somehow” in the same post. I guess pandering is A-ok if it brings your woobie prince back to the show.

      • ibs says:

        …um, I guess you didn’t notice that I didn’t actually list BRING KAROFSKY BACK as one of my suggestions.

        Funny that, huh?

        I am fully aware of what pandering is.

        • Craig says:

          “Well gee Slezak, your list is pretty hard to add to, I mean, other than bringing back my man Karofsky. Now, since I didn’t actually mean that as a suggestion (as evidenced by the fact that it doesn’t follow a letter and a parenthesis), here have this list.” Lol. Ok. Seems legit.

      • lorena says:

        My thoughts exactly.

      • 342344 says:

        ikr? Some Kurtofsky/Max stans are ridiculous.

    • naw says:

      Bringing back Dave is fan pandering. He should have graduated last year now he is just one big afternoon special.

      Glee is suppose to be fun.

    • bac says:

      Perfect analysis, perfect suggestions. Just hope someone on the inside does read your comments. Despite the low quality of much that passes for comments, there is an intelligent audience that appreciates the original “Glee” idea of Season 1 so much that it continues to watch and hope they’ll find their way back. Acting on your suggestions would definitely put them back on that track.

  22. Hannah says:

    Ausiello, this is terrible.

    • You're an idiot says:

      Ausiello didn’t write this, pippipklooray. Try harder.

    • Krystal says:


    • Hannah says:

      How about this – I made a mistake, since most of the writers for this website tend to have indistinguishable opinions. I don’t see why that’s such a huge deal.

      So how about all of you jump off my ass rather than bitching about me on the internet for, quite honestly, an incredibly ridiculous reason.

      My apologies, Mr. Slezak. I didn’t read the byline. You and Ausiello have very similar opinions!


      • lilac says:

        god forbid that someone has a different opinion from you


        • Hannah says:

          clearly you have a problem with me, specifically (and my opinions, ironically enough). why not bother everyone else on here who ALSO had a different opinion?

          • lilac says:

            i responded to a lot of comments here…you shouldn’t feel special

            i was pointing out the fact that you feel the need to demean people who don’t have the same opinion as you.

    • Robin says:

      Yeah…I agree. I as not a big fan of many of these ideas…

    • Alice says:

      People! Peo-ple.

      Leave Pipippklooray alone. One mistake does not an idiot make, and if you look at things from an angle that isn’t suffocating you in your little tiny box, you’ll see that she’s actually quite intelligent.

      I don’t hate Kurtofsky – I can see why people ship it, but I also understand everything she says on Tumblr and on here.

      Leave her be, and Hannah, remind me to talk to you like you’re actually here rather than talking ABOUT you, because I’m feeling mildly guilty about this.

      Signed – Somebody who understands Hannah’s logic.

  23. thefirstmrshummel says:

    Love your ideas on Kurt, except I’m hoping for a Klaine breakup well before the beginning of summer. Their relationship is so tiresome and boring hell. I don’t care if Kurt moves on to someone else or just single and fabulous, just please make me stop having to cringe over their scenes together.

    OTOH, I would love to see a Blaine/Sebastian romance, or just more Sebastian in general. Grant has been the best addition to Glee since Dot Jones in Season 2.

    • Samantha says:

      “Grant has been the best addition to Glee since Dot Jones in Season 2.” I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS.

      • I worked that pole says:

        I believe that honor goes to Vanessa Lengies AKA Sugar Motta. And if not her, then Lindsay Pearce AKA Harmony the Gerber Baby.

        I can’t really tell what Grant brings to the table, since his character is horrible and one note and awfully racist, sexist, effemiphobic, and creepy. And they keep giving him songs that aren’t right for his voice (or maybe that’s just the best he can do), so I remain unimpressed.

        • ok says:

          you mean the two people who have done barely anything this season, one who’s contract is already up and the other who is an offensive portrayal of mentally disabled people and brings nothing to the table song-wise?

      • di queen says:

        Grant can sing or act so no

        • di queen says:

          *can’t smh

        • Samantha says:

          He actually can sing, everyone is given songs that aren’t right for their voices at some point, don’t pretend like it’s never happened to your favorite. And he is a pretty good actor. So thanks for trying to tell me my opinion is wrong, go away now

      • yep says:

        Yep, I agree too.

  24. DLGR says:

    I’d LOVE for more Dave’s-journey-to-accept-himself…with Kurt by his side.

    My head canon? Dave, with his good grades, maybe even up’s the ante a bit and somehow gets himself on the Honor Roll, then gets into Rutgers or some great business college in NYC, while Kurt, not letting the Nyada rejection get his spirits down, instead is inspired to get back to his fashion and dollies up a line to show @ Parsons….(maybe we can get Tim Gunn to guest star before S3 ends?) and he gets in! So both boys could still be in contact…(the NJ transit is only 45-ish minutes between New Brunswick and Penn Station!), or could even be roomies in NYC? SOMETHING! XD!!

    Dave needs Kurt’s help, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t want to see them in a relationship for awhile…they both need single-time while they actually figure themselves out..but they can do it together…in a platonic sense…for the time being. :)!

    • Opal says:

      I’m no Kurt ‘stan’ or whatever they call them (I watch the show mainly for Santana) but I disagree entirely with all of this.

      Kurt owes nothing to Karofsky and as a victim of exactly the same kind of bullying Kurt went through but worse and my bully being gay, I truly couldn’t imagine the level of horror I’d have to endure to live through supporting him. He apologised to me, sure, but that was it. I forgave his actions but no way could I sit by and support someone who left me hurt, in pain, emotionally scarred and fragile.

      Kurt’s behaviour was admirable and Karofsky’s pain palpable and understandable but as for Kurt being the one who should stand by him and GOD FORBID adding romance to that… no.

      I feel like vomiting at the thought. Kurt is a big boy with his own thoughts but Dave deserves to seek professional help with his family and needs to leave Kurt to his own devices to seek peace and closure.

      • ibs says:

        Well, Kurt isn’t you. (Nor is Ryan Murphy who a) went through the same thing in high school, as well, and b) helped and then fell in love with HIS bully.)

        People aren’t the same. No one expects them to be. So if Kurt (and Ryan) have offered their help in a way you did not feel you were responsible to, more power to them. No judgment on you, none on them either.

        Whether YOU think Kurt owes DAVE anything is immaterial. And even if he doesn’t think he OWES him anything, he’s decided its something he wants to do. I think that’s admirable.

        Everyone else just needs to get over his decision to help Dave already.

        Sorry your nauseous. I hear Immodium works well.

        • Opal says:

          I find your sarcasm deeply hurtful baring in mind you are blatantly disregarding everything I went through and included in that post. How disappointing when I was simply expressing an opinion.

          It is true that the internet’s ability to allow anonymity is something truly dangerous.

          Please remember that behind every post online there is a real person and try not to be so condescending and blunt with a person who is simply asserting an opinion on a difficult subject. You don’t have to agree with me – that’s perfectly fine, I don’t expect it at all because we all have opinions – but I was simply commenting here, not expecting a reply such as that.

          Also, Glee asserts a responsibility and has taken it on when dealing with sensitive issues. It’s the reason I began watching the show for a little strength and happiness. No, Kurt is not me but Kurt’s character represents people like me and RM has said that himself. I look up to the decisions Kurt’s made but, to me, it felt as if it were claiming that I am the disappointing one for not finding it in my ability to support the person who ruined my early teenage life.

          • lorena says:

            Well said.

            And besides, they tell us we should be able to identify with these characters.

    • Lianie says:

      So you agree with an abusive relationship!

  25. Mike says:

    Hopefully Mercedes and Rory go away.

  26. ellenda says:

    BOO HISS to keeping Finchel around and getting rid of Quinn. Faberry rules!

    • Rosa says:

      Only in your imagination.

      • Ali says:

        Anything is better than Finchel though.

        • lol-glee says:

          agreed; i was ambivalent towards finchel up until season 3 (liked them in season 1), when their relationship just started to become very one dimensional and completely unnecessary? and i don’t blame it on the characters, i blame that wholeheartedly on the writers because finchel has the potential to be a great couple but the writers of glee can somehow NEVER figure out a way to write in character anymore and it’s sad because they’ve got an incredibly talented cast who won’t be on the show forever and they have the ABILITY to write well, they just DON’T, and i think that’s the most infuriating thing about the show…it’s gotten to the point where i just don’t ship any of the canon couples anymore because all of their relationships are so flat to me

  27. LCN says:

    Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Mercedes in New York. That would be my dream show beyond graduation!

    • Katie says:

      I second this SO much. The dynamic between these four in New York would be fabulous. And if it would convince the writers to stop shoving Rachel/Finn down our throats, so much the better. Most relationships do NOT last beyond high school, and especially not once they go long distance. Rachel belongs in NY; Finn, not so much.

  28. Kay says:

    I’d watch the xxxx out of the Mercedes, Santana, Brittany idea in NYC. Bumping into Kurt and Rachel too, of course.

  29. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry but in no world would Blaine and Sebastian work! Hello he nearly BLINDED HIM! I stopped reading after Kurt and Blaine break up and Finn and Rachel stay together. Klaine are obviously the strongest couple on the show and could actually survive the distance, unlike needy and whiny Rachel and Finn who wouldn’t even have lasted the Distance between Mckinley and Dalton. If this happens next season I will not be watching AT ALL, hey RIB don’t pay attention to this!

    • J. says:

      No, you’re wrong. Finn and Rachel, who showed how strong and powerful their love is when they broke up over Rachel’s one dumb mistake and Finn went on about “never getting over Quinn” and then entered a relationship with her in spite of what she did to Finn being so much worse than what Rachel did, are the True Love of this show. Forget the fact that Finn fed her meat and gave her a soon-to-be-slaughtered pig for christmas, forget that they have an unhealthy trainwreck of a relationship with a horrible track record for not dealing with anything the right way, because their love is epic.

      I mean who even cares that Blaine was there when Kurt needed him most, who cares that they need to be together so much that Kurt asked Blaine to transfer all summer and Blaine left his school and friends behind just to be closer to Kurt. Who cares that Blaine took a laced slushy to the face to protect Kurt. Who cares that Blaine was there for Kurt while he filled out his NYADA application and loves Kurt deeply. Who cares about all of that. That’s not the kind of love that lasts.



      • Mike says:

        Oh stop it there nothing unhealthy with finchel, HS kids are dramatic sometimes, they had their bumps and are now fine. But haters gotta hate.

        • djaslk says:

          Finchel is disgusting, there is no excuse for the way Finn has treated Rachel. She deserves so much better than him.

      • Shaina says:

        Uh Klaine fans care. I LOVE Finchel too! But I ALSO LOVE KLAINE! I care, because all the things they did for each other was romantic and brave, and shows how much they love each other. I want the 4 of them to be happy best friends forever. If u love finchel that much, u would realize why the things Kurt and Blaine did for each other mattered.

    • Jon says:

      Finchel is strong than Kaine, Kurt is a whiney crybaby who doesn’t deserve anyone.

      • lilac says:

        l o l

      • Shaina says:

        Not true. Kurt has been through more than I am sure you ever have. And whether or not he is whiny Blaine loves him for who he is and they deserve each other. Saying that Kurt doesn’t deserve anybody when he hasn’t done anything but take the high-road and showed his love for Blaine no matter how self-centered he can be at times shows me that u are the one that doesn’t deserve anyone. Do not hate, it is not becoming.

    • Tina says:

      Lol, they are anything BUT a strong couple.
      Also, they are 17/18 and won’t stay together forever.. This isn’t a Klaine fanfiction.

      • Teej says:

        But everyone else stays together?

        The point being made here is that it does not make sense for Kurt and Blaine to be the only couple that doesn’t stay together. However, it seems you may have a slight bias that is inhibiting your ability to comprehend the logic.

        Think about it for a minute.

        The kid who loves to dance defers so he can stay in Ohio to be with the very girl who filled out his applications for him because she knew it was his dream and she wants him to fulfill them?

        The recently outed lesbian and her bisexual girlfriend go to live in New York together even though neither one of them have ever spoken on screen about said future or spending it together? Have the two even been allowed to say “I love you” on screen?

        The couple that has gone through multiple break ups and other partners so much so that they had to celebrate “4 months of no break ups” as though it were an achievement? Not to mention that at said celebration, one party fed the other meat because he forgot she was a vegan, then gave her an African sow pig as a Christmas present even though she is Jewish? Not to mention the fact that Finn proposed primarily because he was worried about his future, and Rachel said yes because she thought she had nothing else to live for because she hadn’t yet gotten into NYADA. These folks maintain a healthy long distance relationship even though Rachel is bound to meet ambitious and talented men in New York?

        All of those couples stay together but the one couple that began as friends and developed into lovers, will do anything for each other, comfort and protect one another, and support each other’s dreams, and talk through any difficulties or misunderstandings they have, break up because one of them wants to hook up with random hot guys in New York even though he previously made it clear that he wanted his significant other to join him in New York. Meanwhile, the other boy – He of the Heart-iest Eyes – starts dating a guy that he expressed on numerous occasions means nothing to him, and who in fact hospitalized him in an attempt to assault Heart Eyes’ boyfriend?

        Something just doesn’t add up, unless you factor in TVLIne’s clear bias against Klaine. Support what you want to support, but don’t throw out ideas as though they are completely unbiased, realistic story lines. I think it’s pretty obvious I’m a Klainer, and I recognize my bias, but I try my best not to allow it to lead me to disparage other couples. Finchel, Tike and Brittana can certainly stay together. But let’s not claim Klaine can’t because “Glee is realistic and not fanfiction” because that’s just not true on multiple levels.

        • Amanda says:

          This ^

        • AlicePage says:

          You are officially my new best friend. : D

          Another argument I have heard from other as to why Kurt and Blaine should split when Kurt goes to college is-and I quote- “because that’s what horny gay boys do.” Ugh. Talk about stereotyping. I know too many long-term and long-distance gay couples to listen to that bs.

          I digress – I agree with them being the strongest couple on the show. (Although Tina and Mike are close second) Finn and Rachel’s relationship is built primarily on haste and teenage hormone. What real trials have they had to face? All of their tribulations have been self-fabricated and mostly due to outlandish teenage emotion. (Which is fairly realistic, but not the point.) Unless they actually get married – which I hope somebody stops that trainwreck – I can’t foresee them having a lasting relationship. If they do get married, I can see them ending much in the same way as Will and Terri – sans fake baby. Teenage couple that gets married young because they have a hyper dramatic relationship and “can’t live without each other” that end up divorced by the time they’re 30 because they have no common ground.

          Wheras Kurt and Blaine have both been through trials that have caused them to mature past their peers and have mostly had an even keeled mature relationship. There have been times of misunderstanding and jealousy between them (sex topics, lead roles, etc.) but each time they have worked out their differences in a calm and reasonable manor. Do they have the most dynamic and interesting relationship? No. But realistically (and I understand realism has little sway in Glee) they would be more likely to last. (I only quote Mike & Tina as competitors because they’ve never broken after their initial uniting, but they also have had fewer obstacles.)

        • Shaina says:

          OMG i sooooo agree with u on soo many levels. Everything you said I agree with and love!

    • lilac says:

      by your logic RIB should listen to YOU and not the writer of this article(and many other fans)

      can you see how a show that’s a self-serving pile of sh*t create so much drama between it’s fans?? it’s all about what each person wants (and who screams the loudest) and not about quality storytelling

  30. Isa says:

    I really like the Mercedes/Brittana idea.

  31. Allison says:

    Well, it’s a good thing you’re not the one writing the show then, yes? Because all of this is crap.

    • mary says:

      you sound like a klainer

      • James says:

        Or somebody with a brain who chooses to use it.

      • Kat says:

        What was the point of that? REALLY? What part of ANYTHING she said made her a klainer? Because she didn’t agree with the article and ONE of the points said that Klaine would break up? Guess what. I’m indifferent to Klaine. But I think that this article is crap as well. Does that make ME a klainer? And what is that supposed to MEAN anyway? Stop being a judgmental person who bases their opinion on a group of people by a small vocal minority. GROW UP.
        ‘Klainers’ are PEOPLE who have FEELINGS. As are all other ‘shippers’ and fandom lovers. And you’d be wise to learn that grouping people is a STUPID and ignorant thing to do.

  32. jen says:

    The Mercedes, Santana & Brittany option sounds fantastic. I’d watch that.

  33. Lisa says:

    Finn should be heading to NYC with Kurt and Rachel. The writers didn’t show Kurt giving Finn the brochures for nothing. Three of them sharing an apartment will give us comedy material to last a whole season.

  34. Jake says:

    You know, I don’t think Blaine would date the guy who was responsible for him having to undergo an eye operation.

    • J. says:

      I could see it happen. Because apparently, on this show, if you do something because you’re “having fun” or “hated who I was”, whatever horrible things you did never even happened. It’s like a Magic Wand of Horrible Writing.

      • Lila says:

        kind of like how blaine sexually assaulted kurt in the back of his car right. that was wiped away because ‘oops silly me i was drunk lololololololol!!!!!!” what a healthy, beautiful relationship :’)

        • oops says:

          Except not since he didn’t sexually assault him and then sincerely apologized for his inappropriate behavior.

          AKA how people act in healthy relationships :)

          • Lila says:

            Only after Kurt had to apologize first for his boyfriends obnoxious behavior. How lovely :’)!!!!

          • kurt stan says:

            yes groping and kissing kurt as he repeatedly yelled no and literally only stopping when kurt pushed him away is not sexual assault at all.

            kurt was saying no even BEFORE blaine grabbed him on top of him inside the car. and his drunkness is not an excuse for his sexual assault.

          • JJ says:

            Blaine did not “sexually assault” Kurt, he got frisky in the backseat like a stereotypical horny drunk teenage boy, and he let go when Kurt pulled away. He did not “rape” Kurt or attempt to rape him, and calling it sexual assault or rape is a gross misinterpretation of the scene AND an offensively frivolous tossing around of the word Rape that’s offensive to anyone who’s ACTUALLY been raped.

          • AKA says:

            If he was raping him, why did he stop?

  35. Megan says:

    Me dream show would be Rachel/Santana/Brittany/Kurt/Sam in New York.

  36. Jos says:

    As long as Kurt and Rachel in NYC are front and center in season 4 I’d watch. I’d rather Santana just leaves because after this year I’ve had more than enough of her.

  37. Les says:

    Everything about this is just perfect! I’d love for this to happen.

  38. Kaley says:

    Quinn is better off leaving the show. There’s not much else they can do with the character. And Dianna can finally have her career in movies.

  39. Terrence says:

    Kurt, Finn, Rachel and Santana in NYC please.

  40. Kimmy says:

    They could just only follow Rachel and leave lima,OH behind. That would be great!

  41. Lily says:

    As long as Santanan is there, I’m happy.

  42. Miranda says:

    I loved these suggestions, personally. The Trouble Tones taking NYC by storm, Kurt broadening his romantic horizons in the big apple, the budding Seblaine relationship. The fact is, these are all plausible, good ideas that would wrench Glee out of the boring, repetitive rut it’s wrenched itself in. If these things came to fruition, I might have to change my resolve on the show I fel out of love with.

  43. ilaria says:

    As someone said here:this is like reading bad fanfic…

  44. cuius says:

    McKinley HS to become an university of the third age to suit the age range of the cast

  45. Rachel says:

    The Santana/Britt/Mercedes idea is fantastic.

    • Mack says:

      I think they should just take those three, throw in Kurt and Rachel and do a “Glee: New York” spinoff, but I know that idea’s been crapped on by the PTB at Fox.

  46. Lauren Rose says:

    I would LOVE to see Blaine get with the guy who assaulted him! How great would that be? And what a great message to send to the impressionable young teens watching, too! Remember, kids, that guy who sent you to the hospital just needs YOU to show him what real love is. (And we all know Glee’s message is all about how the victims need to help the people who abuse and attack them.)

    • Jenna says:

      It’s okay! I’m sure while Blaine is hooking up with that guy that almost blinded him, that other gay guy on the show–you know the one who assaulted, harassed, and stalked Kurt for a year+–will keep up his old habits, follow Kurt to New York, and show him that all he’s been missing in his life is a real man.

      • betty says:

        are you both dumb

      • betty says:

        are you both dumb

      • Ali says:

        And Kurt will fall into Karofsky’s arms as Blaine falls into Sebastian’s because that’s what these silly pretty gay boys need, a Strong Man to hold them. While Kurt is healing Karofsky’s man!pain and holding his hand through everything, Blaine can teach Sebastian how to love. Oh it’s so romantic, finding happiness with your former abuser – thanks, Glee.

      • Lady says:

        And Blaine almost raped Kurt, but right Klaine is soooo perfect.

        • Ali says:

          Yeah, Kurt was on top and in control the entire time from start to finish, sounds like almost-rape to me! Jesus christ your comment is so offense to anyone who has ever actually been raped, please check yourself.

          • your mom says:

            He had to use FORCE to stop him! Stop apologizing for Blaine’s behavior, you embarrass yourself!

          • lilac says:

            o m g

            such stupidity should make it illegal for you to own a computer and have access to the internet.

          • @yourmom says:

            All he had to do was get out of the car oh my god. He even stopped and listened to Blaine and got out and explained why he was so angry. He didn’t say “how dare you try to rape me” he basically said “why don’t you understand I don’t want to have sex when you’re drunk and danced with some other guy”. Not only that, but later that episode Kurt said it wasn’t as bad as when he made out with Rachel. If it was supposed to be seen as some traumatic experience for Kurt, like Karofsky’s bullying, he would have said that – the same way he did when Karofsky bullied him. But he didn’t. Because it wasn’t. And wow okay, when did I apologize for Blaine’s behavior? I’m not the type for waving away anything because someone “had reasons” okay? I actually hate that. I’m talking about KURT and what KURT felt and what KURT said. The show didn’t frame it as an almost-rape so I didn’t take it as one. Easy as that.

          • your mom says:

            All I’m reading is you defending Blaine’s actions. Stop it. Kurt felt uncomfortable as hell and it made me uncomfortable just watching it.
            Also Blaine NEVER apologized for it.

          • your mom says:

            That was not an appropriate apology. That was half assed.

          • kurt stan says:

            it doesn’t matter that kurt was on top, what matters is that it took kurt yelling no for a few seconds and literally pushing blaine away for blaine to stop.

            actually kurt was saying no even before blaine grabbed him inside the car, and blaine was aware of that because he backed off at first then grabbed him in.

            – a sexual assault victim who is more offended by you defending blaine’s actions than lady’s comment

        • Darcy says:

          Blaine did not almost rape Kurt and as I unfortunately know people who were raped, I find your comment offensive.

          • Tina says:

            You are offensive for defending him!

          • Darcy says:

            Replying to Comment by your mom:
            Yes, Blaine did sincerely apologize. You are just remembering things how you want them to be for your own agenda – not how they really happened.
            Replying to Tina: I am not defending Blaine. He was wrong.

          • ican;t says:

            @ Darcy

            WHEN did he apologize? I want a TIMESTAMP so I can watch it and verify.

            But I’m sure I will never get a reply for you because you won’t find it

        • @your mom says:

          “Sebastian doesn’t mean anything to me. And you were right, our first time shouldn’t be like that. I was drunk and I’m sorry”

          Blaine didn’t apologize?

        • JJ says:

          Blaine did not “sexually assault” Kurt, he got frisky in the backseat like a stereotypical horny drunk teenage boy, and he let go when Kurt pulled away. He did not “rape” Kurt or attempt to rape him, and calling it sexual assault or rape is a gross misinterpretation of the scene AND an offensively frivolous tossing around of the word Rape that’s offensive to anyone who’s ACTUALLY been raped.

    • J says:

      Because I really love how Kurt’s with the guy who drunkenly grouped him the the car after a repeated mantra of “no,” breaking his trust, then never received much of an apology at all, instead feeling like he had to apologize and almost instantly sleep with him! All while the viewer saw none of his internal monologue about the situation!

      1) If you’re going to rag on one bad message and/or badly done storyline, rag on them all because Glee has one for everyone.

      2) Glee’s pilot episode included played of laughs student-teacher sex abuse, ED jokes, pee balloons, dumpster tosses, and planting drugs. And those last three things were done by the people who turned into sympathetic heros on the show (Finn, Puck, Will. Which like ’em or not, became the three big male leads for most of S1)I don’t know where you’re all getting this idea that Glee aspires to be a moral compass. Its basically satire.

      3) No teen should be using glee as an actual example on how to live their life. A way to see that gays, lesbians, teen moms, mixed race couples, etc exist, yes. With the possible example of Burt Hummel, no one on this show is a good example to actually follow on their life.

      4) Ultimate ship? Me/quality TV. If showing a logical progression of Sebastian and Blaine’s relationship will entertain me, IDGAF. And to be honest, I already laugh when Sebastain’s on screen and coo as shy little Blaine compared to him in their coffee scenes. I’d like to see it happen.

      Sorry that I separate things I find entertaining in a bubble of an TV show from what may be morally questionable in real life.

      I’m actually a fan of this list, particularly the Sebastian/Blaine will they won’t the dynamic and the girl power, though I know I’d be sad to see Samcedes go.

      • Ali says:

        Glee used to be satire, and those were the good days. Sebastian putting Blaine in the hospital wasn’t framed as a joke. Karofsky closing in on Kurt and dragging his finger down his chest after Kurt clearly said “I don’t want you near me” and looked horrified – not framed as a joke. When you go serious with these things, you should expect people watching the show to take it seriously and the implications of the people who were abused finding love with the one who abused them…not okay. Glee used to be a silly show that wasn’t a platform for the message of the week, but somewhere along the line that changed. They cannot have their cake and eat it to. They can’t be a show where they have people do messed up things for the sake of a good storyline or comedy and then with the b-line plot of the episode try to send some powerful message to today’s youth.

      • Darcy says:

        Regarding your first paragraph, Blaine drunkenly held onto Kurt briefly while trying to seduce him but Kurt at no time was scared – just annoyed and then upset (partly because Blaine left). Kurt never said he felt his trust was broken and Blaine did sincerely apologize. Kurt even made a joke about it not being as bad as the time as when Blaine had something to drink and kissed Rachel. There was no internal monologue needed as they both stated their feelings clearly with their words and expressions (not just in the auditorium scene but throughout the episode… and in all their scenes together).

        • A+ says:

          Exactly right. Chris Colfer is a fantastic actor; you’d think people would be able to tell that Kurt was not scared in the car with Blaine, nor did he have to struggle to get away from him.

          But people’s butthurt hate for Blaine blinds them.

    • wowq says:

      the amount of ignorant klainers in this thread is astounding.

    • kurt stan says:

      well that’s better than keeping kurt with the guy that sexually assaulted him. it’s funny that everyone just forgave blaine for that and are so angry about what sebastian has done. you blaine stans are hypocritical.

      • AlicePage says:

        A) I think you need to look up the definition of hypocritical.

        B) I have been both raped and sexually assulted in my past.

        C) I have also been on both sides of the Kurt/Blaine backseat drunkeness fiasco. There has been times that my fiance has gotten sloshed and it took some time for him to remember that no means no, and times when I have done the same to him. It happens. There will be times when you (or your partner) is in the mood and the feeling is not mutual for whatever reason. In the show’s case, Kurt was mad at Blaine for his behavior. Also, when you are THAT drunk, it takes you a little bit to realise that your advances aren’t desired. That’s all. The term ‘sexual assult’ implies malicious intent. Blaine’s actions were not malicious in the least (quite the opposite in fact).

        D) Sebastian’s actions, however, were entirely malicious. He began with the occasional snide comment or implication in Kurt’s direction and continued to escalate to the point of attempted assult – via slushy – with full intention to do an injury.

        I do not consider myself to be a ‘Klainer’ (I will never understand this generation’s need to amalgamate the names of couples) My opinions aren’t based on particular favoritism for these characters – I’m a bigger fan of Emma than anyone – I just get irritated when people bandy words about without taking all factors of a situation into due consideration.

    • Shaina says:

      Someone else can show Sebastion what real love is. Blaine can be a good friend, and not bitter about what happened, but he should remain with Kurt romantically.

  47. Molly says:

    Brittana and Klaine/Finchel in New York would be hilarious.

    • Darcy says:

      I would enjoy that show!

    • anon says:

      Molly, you should write for Glee.

      Now THAT is a show I would watch.

      (bonus Mike/Tina guest appearances?)

      Omg that would legit be hilarious, wacky hijinks and friendship and love. What Glee is supposed to be about.

    • Kate says:

      One person in a sea of madness that actually makes sense and has ideas that people would actually watch.

    • Kate says:

      One person in a sea of madness that actually makes sense and has ideas that people would actually watch. Thank you!

  48. Jenna says:

    Wow, everybody stays together except Kurt and Blaine?

    Biased much?

    • Sam says:

      nope- just realistic.

      • Jenna says:

        LOL, no. I’m not saying Kurt and Blaine breaking up isn’t realistic–I’m saying that Klaine breaking up while drama-rama!Finchel survive long-distance and following his dreams!Mike defers college to be with Tina isn’t.

        Thus bias.

  49. Elliot says:

    I want a reboot for season 4. New school, new teacher, new kids, same premise but new storylines.

    • Sam says:

      While this is the best idea possible (other than canning the show altogether), Fox would never allow it in a million years.

  50. glee says:

    i like this list!