Walking Dead Recap: No Guts, No Glory

If you haven’t yet watched Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, you may wanna put off reading this recap until after you have. The rest of you, onward lurch!

At the end of a tense Walking Dead in which viewers were led at every turn to believe that Rick was going to execute captive Randall, it turned out to be Dale who actually bit the dust – and in most gruesome fashion. Here’s how it all went down:

TRIGGER-UNHAPPY | Though Dale spent most of the episode campaigning for the gang to spare Randall, he was only able to win over… well, no one. At least not until the 11th hour, when Andrea had a change of heart. But, just as Rick was going to pull the trigger, Carl appeared and, rather than object, said, “Do it, Dad.” So naturally Rick didn’t – couldn’t – do it.

LIVE AND LET DIE | While all this was going on, Dale took off in protest and happened upon a walker who, quicker than he could say “Oh s***,” had ripped his stomach open. By the time help arrived, there was nothing to be done but tell the victim “Happy entrails to you!” (Also of note: Again, Rick couldn’t shoot, even to put Dale out of his misery. Daryl had to step up and silence the group’s voice of reason.)

FLIRTING WITH DISASTER | Earlier in the episode, Carl’s behavior continued to worsen. First, he told Carol she was stupid to believe in heaven, much less that they’d someday be reunited with Sophia there. Then, he pocketed Daryl’s gun and nearly got himself killed trying to shoot a walker that was stuck in a puddle of muck… the very same walker, he later realized with horror, that tore apart Dale.

CH-CH-CHANGES | Hershel gave Glenn his official okay to court Maggie – and a pocket watch of extreme sentimental value. Daryl kept right on decorating his offshoot camp in Texas Chainsaw Massacre style. And Shane suggested – hello, foreshadowing! – that they overthrow Rick, Hershel and anyone else who stands in their way, and take over.

So what did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that Dale was killed? That Randall lived? The eulogizing starts below.

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  1. Gillian says:

    My problem with Dale being killed is that are few “good” characters on this show, especially ones to root for. Dale, although sometimes annoying, was the voice of moral reason. I am frustrated because there just seems to be too many @ssholes now!

    • Dana says:

      Hmm, I don’t really see that. I like a lot of the characters. Rick, Glenn, Hershel, Andrea, Maggie, and Daryl for instance. Shane seems to be the only @sshole on the show.
      Besides, everyone acts like an @sshole sometimes. That’s true to life. And all of these people are seriously stressed out, which adds to attitude problems.

      • Molly says:

        I don’t see any of the characters (main one, anyways) as true assholes. Shane is too aggressive and inconsiderate in his approach sometimes, but most of the times, he is right. He’s said time and time again that all he wants to do is to keep the group safe, especially Lori and Carl. It’s pretty obvious how much he dotes on Carl, so I don’t hate him for killing Otis to save Carl. But I do admit, he can be a real jerk sometimes.

        • Amber says:

          Pretty sure the only person Shane was trying to save when he killed Otis was himself. Shane was the one slowing them down with his hurt leg.

          • Tracey says:

            If I recall correctly, Shane told Otis to go ahead without him at least once, and Otis refused. There was no way they were both going to survive that horde. I think Shane knew it, made a decision no one should have to make, and it’s completely screwed with his head ever since. I think a lot of Shane’s a-hole behavior is coming in part from a lot of guilt and shame.

      • Ari says:

        I think Shane is doing the best he can in teh situation he’s in. Judging by the pre-zombie Shane we saw in the first season, he was always a hot head. Then his partner is shot and goes into a coma, then a zombie outbreak happens and the world essentially ends and he’s left toting Lori “It’s bit frigid in the tent” Grimes and Carl around trying to protect them. Then he kind of falls into a comfortable relationship among his band of survivors only to be usurped by Rick who magically appears unscathed speechifying about doing the right thing when he has no idea what it is like out there, or what it was like when the outbreak first happened. The world has changed. Wouldn’t you be a bit of a jerk too? I’ve always had a soft spot for Shane because he feels like the middle child of this group, unloved and always second fiddle no matter what he does to help.

    • sash fan says:

      Why are there no zombies on the farm? They are in a ring, right past the trees, but never some onto the farm. It’s weird — why is that? I’m loving the storyline with Carl misbehaving and possibly getting a bit dangerous to the group (and the cows, and Dale). Shane is my favorite character. He was a jerk for awhile but now seems to be trying to restrain himself. There are lots of ‘good’ characters on the show — it’s a stuggle within each one of them.

      • Fudgefase says:

        And who keeps cutting the grass? Man, that farm is immaculate! But I never see anyone on a tractor wasting petrol cutting the grass in these pastures – and animals DON’T graze it that evenly!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Zombies don’t make it to the farm- yet- because of the creek that has captured many of the zombies in the barn before the massacre. They get stuck in the mud, but the zombie that killed Dale somehow made it out. Plus towards the end of the ep, I think Hershel said, the creek was running dry. Can’t bode well for the farm family.

    • l says:

      I agree. I’m so annoyed that they killed Dale. He was the only moral person with the guts to speak out. The morals of anyone else are irrelevant when they dont have the nerve to speak out against the rest of the group/Rick.

    • robert Schramm says:

      My problem with Dale being killed is that the walker apparently left a half eaten animal with more meat on the bones and then circled back around to sneak up on Dale. This rang so untrue to me based on what we have been shown. If they have a single minded focus to eat at all costs, why would he have left free food to circle around and surprise Dale. Seemed stupid to me. Anyone else?

  2. heather says:

    I’m not surprised Randall lived, but shocked and terribly saddened that Dale is gone. I really like his character. He will be missed. I think I was more shocked than when walker Sophia came out of the barn… RIP Dale…

    • heather says:

      BTW: Was this the death AMC accidently leaked the other day with the ad for the season 2 dvd? I don’t want to know who it was if it wasn’t Dale… I’m too afraid to check the articles now just in case it was someone else. If you know, PLEASE, don’t spoil it! All I’m looking for is a yes or a no.

  3. Karl says:

    Was Dale your Blind Item about the Walking Dead from months ago? Or was it the death happening in the season finale?

    • Samantha says:

      I’m thinking it was because the actor has worked with Frank a few times before and was largely speculated to be the person in question.

    • toolravin says:

      It was confirmed on Ausiello’s twitter feed that this indeed was death in the Blind Item.

  4. Dana says:

    The group scene in the house was great. Dale’s fight to save that poor kid was really riveting. I was amazed when Andrea spoke up for Dale. And I felt so sad for her when they found Dale wounded.

  5. Melody says:

    I have issues with the brat that Carl is becoming..someone needs to spank his behind.

    I love that Daryl is calling the guys “his boys” and the girls “our women”. He is really starting to join them.

  6. Maddy says:

    I am deeply saddened that Dale has passed and simply could not watch Daryl shoot him. I personally think that Carl knows why he did and that he was the reason that Dale is with Sophie. I personally would have rather seen walker Carl then Sophia. I think that Dale will be missed. He is a great man and completely right for not wanting to kill Randell. I think that Daryl Gould have used an arrow to kill him. Just watch next episode they will be seeing a few walkers running around camp. I know hate Carl. He is 12 I think just like me and I would not want to be playing with guns. Did anybody else realize that Rick nor Lourie ask or wonder where their son was. Strange. Anyway Dale will be missed and I have to admit I got a little teary eyed watching this weeks episode! Another great episode of my favorite show!

  7. jonathon says:

    another great episode building up to the finale. will definitely miss dale as he did really have a solid presence in this show but in a world where there is nothing left but death and despair you almost lose the thought of the walkers. dale was so involved in making the group get back to civilization and not harm a kid who was in another group that they couldn’t trust that he let himself fall trap to easy pickings for one of the undead, albeit thanks to Carl. Great stories always lose great characters, look at all the good shows that lost good characters (Lost, Game of Thrones, The Shield, 24, etc), they all imo did a great job continuing the story and having the grief come back brought back happiness in between. I just love this show right now, The Walking Dead and Justified are the two best shows on t.v. right now for me.

  8. Dave says:

    Season 1 was great, but season 2 has been booooooooring me to death. Being the original writer back and put some money nack into the show before viewership is lost!

    • SpiceJoy says:

      Totally agree. I used to love this show. And then I found the mid-season break — such a long one, too — more than a little odd and annoying. By the time the season resumed, I found myself preferring to watch reruns of Blue Bloods than to tune in at 9 every Sunday. The few episodes I have watched were slow and tedious. Whatever magic this show had when it first aired is gone.

  9. Robbie G says:

    goodbye Dale. yes, it is indeed a dangerous new world you are, (were) living in.
    Strange how 2 episodes have now been about what to do with a sniper, from a potentially dangerous group of rapists, who they shouldn’t have even brough back to the farm in the first place.
    It’s maddening to see the constant morality conflicts from Rick – i thought he had finally woke up after shooting Sophia.
    But a show that sometimes infuriates you is the sign of a good show, because you actually care about what happens to the characters.
    You just know they are going to spare Randall, (its what Dale would have wanted – sob!) with horrific results.

  10. Nicki says:

    I was very surprised to see Dale die tonight. I did not see that one coming. If anyone, I thought Shane was a goner, and maybe even Carl since he was acting so stupid around that zombie. Dale was an annoying character a lot of the time, but he was their moral compass. The show will be different without him around. And I agree with Melody – Carl has really been a brat and a smart a$$ lately; maybe he will be the annoying one now. I don’t really feel one way or the other about Carol, but tonight I thought she had every right to tell Lori and Rick that their son was being disrespectful.

  11. Barbara M. says:

    I was shocked and truly saddened by Dale’s death. And Carl’s behavior is really starting to creep me out. I feel like if Rick doesn’t grow a backbone and do something about Randall they all will suffer horrific outcomes.

  12. Rebecca Parker says:

    I’m assuming Jeffrey DeMunn was the Blind Item actor who wanted off the show and then changed his mind, only to find out it was too late.

    That’s a shame – he was one of the few characters left who seem genuinely good.

    • Rob J. says:

      A lot of people had assumed that DeMunn was the Blind Item actor because, of the people on the show who’ve worked with Frank Darabont before (a group that also includes Laurie Holden and Melissa McBride), he’s the one who worked with Darabont the most often. But then, a few weeks ago we find out that Jon Bernthal has signed onto Darabont’s new pilot. Bernthal wasn’t one of Darabont’s regulars before he was cast in TWD, but I think what happened is that he plays Shane’s madness so well that fans just naturally assumed that Bernthal is hotheaded in real life.
      Since Shane has survived much longer on the show than he did in the comics and Dale died much sooner on the show than in the comics, we can’t really know for sure which is true — whether Bernthal is Blind Item Guy (BIG) or if DeMunn is BIG — until Ausiello or someone on the show confirms or denies that DeMunn is the BIG. Maybe Ausiello decided to not say anything about who BIG is until after the season finale has aired, since Shane’s fate is still up in the air — ’cause for all we know right now, what could happen to Shane in the season finale is that he could disappear/be banished/get kidnapped/go on walkabout and not come back until halfway through next season. Just because Bernthal has been cast in Darabont’s new show doesn’t mean that he couldn’t be on both shows if both shows were to agree to share him, which does happen from time to time. (Heather Locklear appearing on both TJ Hooker and Dynasty, for example.)

      Honestly, however, since Bernthal’s casting in Darabont’s new pilot strongly suggests that Shane is going to get killed off in the season finale (hopefully, how he dies on the show will be how he died in the comics)
      I kinda hope Bernthal has been getting a kick of this as a back-handed compliment.

      • Rebecca Parker says:

        Ausiello tweeted tonight that the Blind Item was revealed – so I think it’s safe to say it was about DeMunn after all.

  13. Ruby says:

    Woulda been cooler to have Carl sneak in and shoot Randall while the “grown ups” were arguing about it. Not sad to lose Dale, he was a busybody and I wanted to kick his teeth in every time he tried to treat Andrea like she owed him something just because he cared about her. Sucked that he had to go out that way though. Shane’s going to end up being right about Randall, as usual. They should kick Rick to the curb and let Shane lead them again. He might be a hothead, but he gets things done.

    • Bad Breaker says:

      Wow, Ruby, you must have been reading my mind. I was sure Carl was going to shoot Randall when he stole Daryl’s gun. And while I understand all the platitudes for the departed Dale, I found him so annoying that I doubt I’ll miss him too much.

      • Ari says:

        I thought so as well. I also spent a good bit of time thinking Daryl would be pissed to find one of his guns missing. At least it wasn’t the crossbow. :)

    • Jen says:

      Shane is too hot-headed to lead that group. They need a whole new leader. Rick is too weak and Shane is too crazy.

    • Jon says:

      I say just wait for Rick’s character to fully change. They are sort of changing how his character changes in the comic but it is getting there. He goes to a much darker place than Shane is even at now. Trust me. The Rick they will get to eventually becomes far more different than he is now. They have strayed from the comics a lot. That is one plot point I know they wont skip or change though.

  14. Happy 1 says:

    Save Shane. Kill Lori! Seriously, next week is going to suck.

    • Dash says:

      I always compare Lori to Kate from Lost. She’s always around, she’s always doing things people tell her not to, and you find yourself wishing her dead every time danger shows up. By the last season of Lost I really despised Kate and I am at the same point with Lori. The problem is that TWD isn’t in the last season so there could potentially be years of Lori coming down the pipe. They really need to fix her character because she’s so annoying. “It’s a bit cold in the tent.” Well duh, it’s the freaking apocalypse, stop complaining.

  15. Samantha says:

    can anyone spoil me as to who AMC spoiled in the above comment?

    • Ari says:


      The AMC DVD set description included a bit about how the set has “Shane’s last episode” It has been generally assumed that he will be dead by season’s end. I’m hoping he just peaces out and ditches the Grimes Gang so he can come back at a later date. In the comic though, Shane died much earlier so it’s looking like he’s probably going to bite it shortly.

      • Samantha says:

        Thanks! I’m actually kind of excited now, I hate him and I’ve been waiting for him to die since episode 2!

  16. ron neel says:

    I hated to see Dale die. He was the voice of reason, if they didn’t want to deal with Randall, they should’ve left him on that fence. Or put him down then. They wanna commit cold blooded murder. And, if Carl would’ve got his dumbass bit, he would’ve deserved it.it’s his fault Dale got killed

  17. the death of dale was spoiled over the internet last year, however I didn’t quite like how he died, due to stupidity of running of alone.

  18. Val says:

    Ooh, glad the blind item was revealed.

    Honestly, I wanted Carl to die so many times this episode for his “Look what I can do!” attitude. And “WTF Rick and Lori” was all I was thinking during the duration when Carl was mocking the zombie and when he came back to the farm just in time for the group vote. I mean, no one batted an eye as to his whereabouts all this time? He was completely unattended for this entire episode even after Shane and Carol chided him!

  19. Lindsay says:

    I too thought that Carl would shoot Randall to prove to the adults that he can “handle”himself. I suppose it could still happen!

  20. Carmichael says:

    >“Happy entrails to you!”
    Don’t you think that’s a TAD insensitive?
    That being said, I find it interesting that ‘the voice of reason’ has been gotten rid of. Earlier in the episode I was thinking ‘If Dale wasn’t there, the decision would have been a lot simpler. Dale will be missed that’s for sure, but it’s going to be interesting to see how things go without a sense of ‘morality’ getting in the way.
    As for Carl, yeah he owes Carol an apology. Not saying he’s wrong to believe what he believes, but he can at least let her have that small comfort. But in the end, he’s 12 and also grieving so there’s going to be some lashing out.

  21. Brian says:

    I believe the main reason that Dale was killed was because his character showed the remainders of our humanity. With him dying off it’s saying that the life we used to know has died.
    Thats the way I see it.

  22. Meh says:

    Why weren’t Laurie and Rick paying more attention to Carl? Most parents wouldn’t let the kid out of their sight even if the farm was a normal one, let alone possibly inhabited by walkers. He was shot just a few episodes ago, what was Rick thinking?

    • Ray says:

      That was bad writing. Sometimes the writers just don’t know where to go with the story and write something that just doesn’t make any sense to put in.

    • Amber says:

      It never seemed bizarre to me that they had let Carl go off by himself. As a kid in “normal times” I used to run wild on my great-uncle’s farm by myself, and I didn’t even grow up there so I didn’t know the area very well. The grown-ups really didn’t care. So as for Carl running wild on a farm in walker times, I think everyone at the farm has been lulled into a false sense of security and feel very safe there, hence why they don’t worry about Carl going off by himself. Also, Rick had much larger worries that were occupying his mind, and Lori just has pregnancy brain.

  23. Ray says:

    Sorry Dales’ character was killed off but the show doesn’t need and “moral” characters. Most are torn between good and evil and who can blame them, living in the world they live in. This program is simply survival of the fittest, protect your own. There isn’t any law and one can’t take any chances with someone like the kid who may and probably will lead his friends to the main group of characters. I say let Shane lead the “good guys”. He’s the only one who is mean enough to help everyone survive.

  24. Ris says:

    I was super shocked Dale was offed…as in, this was a great, non-spoiled or even hinted at moment from anyone! Great episode!!

  25. Jill says:

    Why do they just let Carl go wherever he wants, with the potential to run into walkers anywhere? They just don’t seem to be concerned with his whereabouts! Anyway, the episode was riveting and shocking and just great writing and directing from Greg Nicotero!! He’s the effects man and directed one of the most emotional eps of this season. Kudos! I hate how my stomach always feels a little queasy while watching the show (not from the gore, mind you I am a horror film lover) but just the dread and anticipation of bad things to come.

    • Brigitte says:

      I guess they figure that Carl isn’t an infant and should be aware of the dangers, therefore not stupid enough to go wandering off the way he did. I thought for sure he was going to shoot himself.

  26. Laurel says:

    Rick & Lori are really asleep at the wheel where Carl is concerned.
    They seem to be completely unware he is turning into Shane right before their eyes.

  27. I felt like this episode was a failure because of the writing. Potential victim-of-the-group Randall has information that showcases that the real horror is (and should be) what the living are doing without the rule of law. Instead, he gets to toss off one incident as an aside (and the actor portrayed it with an unfortunate sense of glee) and the majority of the episode is spent with useless non-debates over what the group should do. This show needs tighter scripts so that it doesn’t feel like 90% filler (it can be 90% filler, but it shouldn’t feel like it).
    I am also baffled by how the walker was able to rip Dale open but couldn’t hold on to a prone child. Or, for that matter, why useless Carl didn’t have the presence of mind to tell anyone that he found a walker.
    I keep wanting this show to be good, and occasionally it is. But too often it plays out like an underfunded, underwritten story that doesn’t know where it wants to go. As a result, it spends too much time spinning its wheels. I don’t know that I am going to care by the time Season Three rolls around.

    • Robert Schramm says:

      I agree with you. I can see why a kid would not tell about the walker incident as he was not supposed to be out and would cover his butt by not saying anything. But in addition to the walker not being strong enough to grab the boy, my big problem, and I cannot believe nobody else is talking about it) is that Dale stumbled upon a half eaten carcass, then gets surprised from behind by the walker that kills him. Wouldn’t a walker who had food in front of him still be eating it until it was gone? Why did he walk away from the food and then circle back for Dale? Did he have the ability to see what was coming and evade and attack? I would have thought that was beyond them. This is the main reason I was disappointed with Dale’s death, it didn’t ring possible as was shown.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I think that he was an important character on this show. He had common sense and scruples which the other characters are losing and he was there to bring them back to their senses. The other characters needed his influence. Shane is the one that should have been killed.

  29. Shy says:

    That was the worst and most boring episode of the season. They were talking the whole episode. Talk and talk and talk. And the worst-worst part? Predictability. From the moment Rick decided to kill Randall we all knew that it won’t happen. Because duh – it’s Rick. And we had to sit and listen those boring talks for 40 minutes to see that. From the moment Karl saw that zombie in the woods we all knew it will end up with zombie chasing Karl… And then they killed poor Dale at the end. And they are still on that stupid farm…

    So about that Governor guy. Will he too join our talkers on that stupid farm in 3 season? :) Because producers just don’t want to leave that cheap set and move somewhere else. Will our talkers now stuck on that farm for 5 seasons? Some of them will die but then new survivors will accidental come to farm and join main cast. And they will talk and talk. And sometimes they will get out to some near by house or bar to kill one or two zombies :)

  30. TVFANMOM77 says:

    I too am saddened by Dale’s death. I was hoping Shane would be the one to go; still hoping. As for Carl, the kid was friends with Sophia; he has not had a chance to grieve. So maybe his “acting out” is his way of grieving. No one has really talked with him about it. I really wish they stuck to the comic a bit more. This season needs some help.

  31. Pepper says:

    Carl is a little psycho creep. I hope he dies.

    • kbrown2225 says:

      I agree what a disgusting little brat and thief they managed to turn Carl into in one episode. I wish Darryl would have caught him going through his saddlebags to steal stuff and beat the crap out of him.

    • guest says:

      He’ll come around. Which kid wouldn’t have a hard time in a world like that? That would be extremely..Hollywood.

  32. Hokey says:

    Hey.. Thanks for the spoiler with no warning!

  33. Max says:

    Shane and Dale are the two best characters on this show ! Without either of them the show will be missing something if the writers don’t step up their $h!t ! Because soon i’ll wish they kill more talkers than walkers !

  34. Amber says:

    I’m kinda mad about that decision to kill Dale off. He was the moral compass of the group, kind of a necessary character. I’m worried now that Andrea will take over that role, which would be too unbelievable for me to accept. I wish it had been Andrea who was killed off last night instead. I’m getting nervous that they’re going to kill off Shane, there’s another one I would hate to see go. Not because I especially like him, I feel like he’s a psychotic mess, but the show needs a character who’s a psychotic mess. Just as they needed their moral compass character.

    One other problem I had with last night’s episode. One walker was able to take down a cow with just his bare hands and no other weapons and without the ability to run? Really? (The walkers can’t really run, which is why they’re called “walkers”, right?) I picture someone trying to do that in real life and the cow laughing and stampeding off. No 1,000 pound animal is just going to stand there and let one person rip it open without putting up a fight or at least trying to run off. Granted I don’t have any experience with this issue, but I just can’t see it happening.

  35. guest says:

    While I love Carl saying “she’s not in a better place, she’s dead..”, I hate that it’s in context of a child being “bad” and “unruly”. I yelled at the screen when he said it. smart kid!

    Anyway, am I the only one who expected a Zombie cow in that last scene? (before Daryl was ripped apart which was obviously sad)

    • Zoe says:

      No I thought the exact same thing – that we would get the question answered whether or not animals can be affected as well.

      Did anyone notice Daryl’s angel wings on the back of his shirt during the 12 angry men scene? I definintely got the creepy angel of death feeling at that point.

  36. 11235813213455 says:

    First post, big fan of the show.
    My two cents: Thank god Dale is dead. I don’t think I could have endured another week of him. He was by far the worst character on the show (to be clear, I’m not criticizing the actor who played him. Excellent job, which is why I detested him so). What a pathetic whiner, creepy Andrea stalker and all-around useless member of the group. What exactly did he do for the group besides hang out in his RV and criticize everyone else? When was the last time he went off the farm on any kind of mission? He just lets everyone else do the dirty work and then second guesses them afterwards no matter what they do. Talk about dead weight. He should have gotten offed about fifteen episodes ago. My only regret is that Shane didn’t put one in his forehead. RIP Dale, but you won’t be missed. Anyone who thinks he was the “moral” voice of the group needs to learn the difference between whiny criticism and morality.

    Now we just need Lori to get eaten and we’ll have a non-annoying crop of characters who might actually have a realistic chance at surviving in the Walking Dead world.

    Oh, and I the only one who likes “psycho” Carl, as another poster put it?

    I also want to see T-Dog get more developed. It’s pretty clear that the creators of the show don’t want him to be the token black guy who gets killed in horror movies/shows. Let’s get some exposition on his character. Get him out in the field, let him make some tough choices. He hasn’t had one since he dropped the key down the drain.

    Oh, and more Daryl. There can’t be enough Daryl!

  37. anno1404 says:

    I think the way you update articles is terrible.

    November 22, 2011 01:30 PM PST
    Blind Item: Who’s Walking Off The Walking Dead?
    by Team TVLine

    “Even my sources don’t know for sure at this point whether the character is going to be written off, although one insider insists he/she ultimately got their wish.”

    Then this week there is an update to this article at the top of the page:

    UPDATE: Blind Item Revealed!

    Do you do this because you don’t want to come out and say it because you were told by the source not to? If you are just doing this to be clever — its not, it is annoying and confusing.

    • anno1404 says:

      for clarification the “UPDATE: Blind Item Revealed!” linked to this article. Showing that Dale was the character to be written off.

  38. Chris Wadey says:

    Dale and Sophia, 2 out of the 5 characters from the original group who live the longest dead before there off Hershel’s farm, i love the series but really? some changes i feel are a little to much.

  39. Glenn says:

    Talkers vs Walker(s)

    I really want to love this show but the writing is soo terrible. Is anyone else bothered that the nobody seems concerned enough to post lookouts around their perimeter ? I mean walkers and now a group of heavily armed humans are looking for revenge yet everyone sits around and talks and talks in circles. Another thing is soo now walkers can use their talons or zombie nails to rip apart cattle and humans yet Hershel’s magical fence sprinkled with unicorn tinkle is a completely logical zombie barrier ?? Or I suppose the creek with it’s magical mud repels walkers ? So talkers sleep soundly at night in their Coleman tents and debate what to do with their prisoner who moments earlier was told would lose his leg but seems to have magically recovered at Hershel’s magical farm. There are so many plot holes and illogical actions it can’t all be budget cuts from AMC.

  40. Long Live T-dog says:

    My God somebody needs to have at it on this kid!! He keeps getting the “kid gloves” treatment when he has made one boneheaded decision after another. I mean this whole episode was a “what not to do during the zombie apocalypse” special starring Carl “Duuumbass” Grimes. Any intelligent person would have at least warned the group that there was a mudhopping walker close to the camp. He definitely inherited all of this behavior from Rick “dumb daffodil” Grimes. This season is quite the cringefest.