Ratings: Awake Rouses a Decent Audience, American Idol Hits a Thursday High

NBC’s Awake premiered to a good if not great audience on Thursday night, drawing 6.2 million total viewers and scoring a 1.9 rating opposite CBS and ABC repeats.

NBC notes, though, that Awake gave the network its best non-sports rating in the Thursdays-at-10 slot since May 19, 2011, and its largest non-sports audience since April 15, 2010. The Peacock also points out that the 1.9 rating represents a 58 percent improvement on its season average (1.2) in the time period.

Opposite those CBS/ABC repeats, Awake led the hour in the demo but fell shy of the warmed-over Mentalist (8.9 mil) in total viewers.

For further comparison’s sake, some other NBC freshman tallies:
• Prime Suspect premiere: 6 million total viewers, 1.8 rating
Prime Suspect‘s final Thursday airing: 4.4 mil, 1.0
Grimm premiere: 6.5 mil, 2.1 (on a Friday)
The Firm premiere: 6.2 mil, 1.4 (on a Sunday)
The Firm‘s final Thursday airing: 3 mil, 0.8.

So there’s that.

American Idol: Michael Slezak Weighs In on the Top 13

Elsewhere, American Idol woke up to some good if qualified news, delivering its largest Thursday audience of Season 11 — 18.3 million viewers (up 17 percent) — with Big Bang Theory riding the pine. Idol‘s demo rating of 5.3 marks an 18-percent bump.

And lastly, on the sitcom front:
* With its table-setter in repeat mode, CBS’ Rob (9 mil/2.6) dropped double digits.
* Over on NBC, 30 Rock (3.8 mil/1.4), The Office (5 mil/2.5) and Up All Night (3.5 mil/1.6) all slipped a tenth in the demo, while Parks and Rec (3.8 mil/1.7) saw an 11 percent gain in audience.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Am I the only one who thinks thats quite poor in actual fact? I really think 10pm is a bit too late, the 9pm slot would be much better.

  2. ken says:

    but there’s going to be a significant drop and it’ll fair no better than any show to ever grace that timeslot post-ER, which is sad but expected. but how can this be considered a “decent audience”?

    • lauren says:

      It’s NBC, Jack.

    • Dav says:

      Everyone has to accept the fact that times have changed. The 10pm hour has been sliding for years and it’s VERY difficult to get a high rating anymore. The Bar has been lowered! That, coupled with the fact that most of NBC’s ratings are in the toilet these days means that 1.9 is a decent rating. Not great by any means…but decent.

      • Jamie says:

        Once Upon a Time and New Girl were both available online ahead of time and both shows previewed very well. While there is no proof that previewing ahead of time helped the shows…there is some proof that it doesn’t necessarily hurt them either. Plus, I think people overestimate the number of people who watch online. Even if it was a hundred thousand people (which I’m quite sure it wasn’t) that is only a pitiful fraction of the actual TV watching audience.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Maybe there would have been higher ratings if it wasn’t on demand for a while before it aired. I watched it at least two weeks ago. Oh and I loved it!

    • znachki says:

      I’d agree with this. I already watched it on demand. I thought it was very good, and will watch future episodes. However, I won’t be watching them on the airdate. I get up really early for work, and never watch anything that airs at 10pm. So, I’ll watch as soon as I can after that.

  4. KCC says:

    How much do you think that the availability of the show online affected the numbers? Maybe some people watched it over the internet and decided not to watch it when it aired on tv

    • Babs says:

      If they don’t have a nielson box then it doesn’t matter. Seriously, I wish people would quit making this excuse.

  5. Donna says:

    NBC better give this 13 episodes at least.

  6. Daniela says:

    A decade ago, this show would be canceled after this performance by NBC. Wow … the peacock used to dominate Thursday nights with Must See TV. Guess that ended all in May 2004 … and sadly it ended for good. :/

    • apor says:

      Given how the 10PM hour has been performing across all networks recently, it is time for the networks to lower their acceptable standard for 10PM shows. If a show gets a 2.7, it is a spectacular ratings success. A 2.3 above, it is a better than average hit. A 1.9 and above, it is a mere hit. Anything below that would be considered bubble or cancellation worthy.

  7. Sarah says:

    Well I, for one, saw it many times when it was released before the broadcast premiere and still watched it again, eagerly waiting for the ‘upcoming in the season snippets’ to be shown at the end . It’s the kind of intelligent tv I know I’m missing pieces even while looking closely. As a fan of Fringe, I enjoy that sort of thing. Watching a show many times and noticing details and wrapping my head around this grand world that’s been created. It may not be for everyone but for people who don’t pout and go “I’m so confused11!!!1” or “Haha, oh I know, he’s dead or in a coma!” (It’s already announced neither of those is an option.), it’s a treat. I’d love to see it get a chance to air the full season before they decide to drop it it into the ether, we’ve already been waiting long enough for it to come to air, as it is. NBC, don’t make me mad.

  8. john78 says:

    Damn Nielsen families!!!!!!

    Guys it’s the best NBC’s pilot in last 2 years at least!

  9. Mal says:

    I watched with an open mind, but I probably won’t be tuning in again. It’s a good show; I can definitely see why other people would be into it. It’s just not for me personally. However, I do have to say that even for NBC, a 1.9 against repeats is not very promising, considering the trend for most TV shows is to start high, drop off, and then level out (or keep dropping in some cases *ahem*The Firm*ahem*). I predict it’ll do no better than 1 .5 next week, and more likely will be around 1.3, and level off around 1.0. Not so good, even for NBC.

    • Amiee says:

      Sad but probably true. The good news is that at this point NBC just doesn’t have anything left to replace it so we should at least get to see all of the episodes for this season.

  10. Mike says:

    If Revenge is considered a hit for ABC and is pulling in just over 7 Mil, it’d say 6 and 1.9 is pretty decent, especially considering its an improvement over their two hour comedy block

    • OMG says:

      Revenge has a higher demo (and I am crossing my fingers that it stays up there and not drop), and that is up against CSI and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Even though it is NBC, a premiere of 1.9 against two repeats of two shows with loyal fan bases (though Private Practice had rarely been tested on its own without Grey’s Anatomy)is not a good sign. We can only cross our fingers and hope that this show has a huge loyal fanbase. As long as it does better than a 1.6 it should be in safe territory.

    • Lina says:

      I hate to burst your bubble of optimism but total viewers don’t really matter. Revenge is doing over 2.0 in the important 18-49 demo. Awake premiered to a 1.9 in the demo on a night with a lot of repeats. It’s probably going to get hammered when those shows return.

      • Jamie says:

        Exactly! How can this show be praised for it’s great numbers when it was up against repeats? Wait until week 2 when it’s against new episodes. Plus numbers usually drop week 2 b/c ppl have checked out the pilot and found it not to their liking, or at least not enough for them to skip their other show.

  11. tp says:

    I really enjoyed it but I don’t know if I will be able to continue to watch it. It was kinda depressing. I don’t think I can watch him lose it all the time.

    • tp says:

      Just finished watching the “this season” preview. I think I might have to check it out. Conspiracy…intriguing. :o)

  12. LDSK says:

    Well, it’s not something to celebrate but it’s not exactly bad news either. I guess I’ll take it.

  13. GK says:

    Neilsen families, please watch Awake! Its truly amazing! Had the BEST pilot in years! We need more such shows and less reality drivel.

  14. TvTroz says:

    I’m all for giving Lucius Malfoy more work…

  15. Jules says:

    Well….Not BAD , Not Good either!
    Kind of, putting in a blender any cops shows+ In Treatment+Fringe(2world storylines)….
    But didn’t feel any chemistry either…
    So, will gave them a second chance/watch nxt week episode bfore flushing them….

  16. Trip says:

    I was hoping it would do better but I’m not worried…yet. 1.9 at 10pm on NBC is renewable territory. Still, it is certain to drop. The question is how much.

  17. dot says:

    I really don’t know what people are talking about NBC Thursday night are awsum 2 hours of super funny comedys and the awake amazing show so mind blowing

  18. Jpizzle says:

    I thought this show went down hill about ten minutes in. The future of the show is in question because you only want to know who really died. The weekly detective work falls short of mystery and I see this as a fringe meets csi thing

  19. Kelly says:

    I think the biggest problem Awake has is that it doesn’t have a drama lead-in – capping off a “night of comedy” with Awake is just poor planning. Of course, since NBC canceled four dramas already, they didn’t really have a choice – and it’s not like there’s really a drama it can be paired with on the network right now.

    Still, if they had anything else they could pair it with – anything but comedy – I suspect we’d see better ratings.