Hot Smash Video: Ivy Gives Karen Some 'Advice'

After the “Birthday” incident we shared with you from next Monday’s Smash, there was sure to be a counter-attack from Ivy Lynn. But we didn’t expect Karen to approach the Marilyn star first, as seen in this follow-up clip.

With her Midwestern mannerisms, Karen cautiously addresses the elephant in the room — the air of antagonism between her and the veteran chorus girl — but to her surprise, Ivy feigns shock before letting slip her true colors by pairing dagger eyes with an icy smile that would make Victoria Grayson proud.

To top it all off? Ivy then offers Karen some “advice” in the form of a threatening quip.

Has Smash Really Cast Its Marilyn? ‘It’s More Complicated Than You Think,’ Says Producer

Press PLAY below to see Ivy’s fightin’ words.

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  1. Josh says:

    I do hope they get passed the backstabbing stage of their relationship…

    • Liana in San Diego says:

      Not gonna happen. All you have to do is watch movies like “All About Eve” and others of this ilk to realize this is the nature of the arts. Backstabbing comes with the territory, whether we like it or not. No doubt stems from insecurity caused by unhappy childhood, blah blah blah…..

  2. Martina says:

    I never warmed to Ivy Lynn, but I’m really starting to dislike her now

  3. Christina says:

    The first two episodes you actually liked Ivy Lynn. Now she’s right up there in the unlikable category with Ellis.

  4. dan says:

    At this rate, Ivy is going to be less likable than Ellis.

  5. Titina says:

    OMG! What a bi%$&tch!

    Can´t wait to see this episode next week. This is getting sooo good. LOVE it. And yes Ivy is insecure and fragile but she is now showing her true colors.
    Karen seems to have much more self assurance and confidence. Love her.

  6. aliasvaughn says:

    Well, Ivy has it coming… this type of behaviour thankfully never goes unpunished on TV, so I’m gleefully waiting for the moment she is hitting the ground so hard, she won’t even know what hit her. The level of uncalled for bitchiness here is so high, she’d be the perfect spouse for Ellis. Actually, why don’t they ride off into the sunset together? Derek never will like Ivy as much as he likes Karen anyway… not professionally, and especially not in “that” sense ;) I am rolling my eyes more because of Tom’s behaviour frankly. In the promo he’s telling Derek “don’t you dare” when Derek clearly is thinking of replacing Ivy with Karen. WAKE UP TOM! You are such a poor judge of human nature… Not seeing either Ellis’s or Ivy’s true colors. Come on! Thankfully Julia is not nearly as naive.

  7. sarah says:

    I have not like Ivy from the first scene she was in. I like Karen ALOT. Ivy is a mean girl. You can tell she is super insecure and knows she only got the lead because she slept with Derek. I hope she finds out that Derek went after Karen first and Karen who respects herself too much and wants to get a role based on talent (singing) not bedroom talent. I would love to see Ivy’s reaction to that!

  8. Jessica says:

    I actually like the bitchiness of Ivy! I think it is a reaction that seems genuine. She worked really hard for years and now that she finally gets the part there is this girl who hasn’t been trying for that long is stepping on her toes. I like them both but I like that they are showing the backstage stuff!!

  9. Kay says:

    Still Team Ivy. I like Karen, but imo Ivy is just so much better suited for the part and her cattiness only stems from her insecurity. If she was truly bitchy she wouldn’t have Tom and the ensemble rooting for her.

    • CMG says:

      The ensemble started to turn from her this last week, especially after Ivy dismissively called them the chorus instead of the preferred “ensemble,” and after Karen helped the one girl see how catty Ivy was starting to be. I’m sure they’re still somewhat torn because of their past history with Ivy, but they’re clearly no longer 100% in her corner.

  10. Davey says:

    I have disliked Karen from the very beginning. It’s so obvious what the writers are doing on this show. It would be more interesting to have both characters be complex, rather than all good or bad.

  11. Lee says:

    I never liked Ivy and I don’t think Megan is as talented as Katherine but the character is now officially awful! She and Ellis need to run off together and leave everyone to do Marilyn!

    • 777 says:

      Megan is not talented as Katherine. She is way more talented! In my opinion there are things that Megan can do with her voice that Katherine can only dream of doing. It’s not about Ivy team or Karen team, it’s simply how i feel. for me, Glinda takes AI runner up any given day!

      • 888 says:

        Can Megan belt more than Katharine? Yes. Does that make her MORE talented? Absolutely not. We have yet to even seen Ivy truly dance (and that’s partially due to the fact that Megan is a self-confessed horrible dancer). We’re just gonna get a bunch of “dance” numbers with the ensemble doing all the work and the lead just shimmying and getting thrown around? No thanks. Karen has shown off her skills in that department WAY more (see 20th Century Fox Mambo, Rumour Has It). Not only that, but Megan lack a certain quality in her voice that should otherwise make it distinctive and connectable. Yes, she sings very well but I don’t get taken anywhere when she’s performing. Katharine, on the other hand, has a very special voice that gets me every time. Just look at the reprise of “Let Me Be Your Star” in episode 2 and you can see how Kat/Karen emotes perfectly while Ivy/Megan resorts to the typical, emotionless Broadway belt route.

        • EveatEden says:

          Couldn’t agree more. I didn’t even like Megan’s song at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony where she and Katherine were promoting the show before it had come out. I just don’t get wrapped up in the story when she’s singing, it sounds fake. With Katherine, I just love her voice and get caught up in it all.

        • 777 says:

          Well, i disagree. Katherine have a beautiful voice, but it doesn’t get through me.
          While there is a problem with Megan’s dancing, i find Katherine’s acting to be a bigger problem, and it’s probably why i can’t seem to like her character. If everybody here hate Ivy, that means that Megan is doing a great job.
          I didn’t comment to dis Katherine, i simply wanted to show my appreciation Megan’s talent. That’s it.
          I don’t think that 4 episode are enough to determine a firm opinion on a tv character, i find it funny that all of you love Karen/hate Ivy so much. We hardly know them both.

  12. keni k says:


  13. Smashed says:

    Ivy is seriously headed for the loony bin. Just because you play Marilyn in a workshop does not mean you have to be her. It’s like she has no life of her own. Everything to her is “what would Marilyn do”.

  14. star says:

    Ugh Ivy’s “larry we’ve been waiting and waiting” – so fake! Being a biatch is being a biatch. I hate people are excusing it because of Ivy’c insecurities. She is going to lose the role because of them, and it won’t have anything to do with Karen. Like Karen says, she’s no threat. And I totally disagree with anyone saying Megan Hilty is a better actress. Katharine McPhee is a lot more natural on screen. Megan Hilty just overracts. Ivy doesn’t seem like a real person half the time.