Exclusive Smash Video: Karen's 'Birthday' Does Not Make Ivy 'Happy'

Things are about to get particularly prickly on Smash, and to that end TVLine has an exclusive first look at a bit of a “Birthday” beat-down.
NBC’s musical drama this week planted the seed for a bit of a behind-the-curtain rivalry between Ivy Lynn, who landed the title role in Marilyn: The Musical, and Karen, who fell short but still copped a spot in the ensemble.

Michael Slezak’s Smash Recap: Serious as an Art Attack

And while Karen has courted favor with Ivy’s singing-and-dancing minions, she’ll still have to contend with The Star herself, as evidenced by this clip from next Monday’s episode, in which Derek asks the almost-Marilyn to show Ivy “how to do this.”
And as she does? If. Looks. Could. Kill.

Has Smash Really Cast Its Marilyn? ‘It’s More Complicated Than You Think,’ Says Producer

Press PLAY below to see Karen’s sweet notes make her rival visibly sour. (Smash airs Mondays at 10/9c.)

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  1. PN says:

    I do NOT like the director. He just stirs the pot for no reason. Narcissistic.

    • Camila says:

      Don’t all the directors?

    • Tarc says:

      At the end of the day, the success of the show lands squarely on the shoulders of the director – not the producers, not the actors. It’s his job to put an incredible show together on a tiny budget in the middle of a virtual hurricane of problems. It’s not that the people that do this are jerks – but they have to get what they want almost immediately, and that takes a lot of pushing. Does it seem cold? Maybe at time, but the director is also probably really nice at times as well. The bottom line is that he’s the bottom line – the guy that HAS to make it work, every single time, because it’s not only his career on the line, but a boatload of cash and all of the people involved having a paycheck.

      • Muri says:

        I totally agree. I mean, he may or may not have his own agenda when it comes to him personally, but when it comes down to the show he’s only trying to get it all right from the get go. I think he was understanding when, in last episode, Ivy suggested she couldn’t hear herself because of Karen. I think if her passive aggressive attitude (due to her insecurity) keeps growing toward Karen and toward Derek, ultimately it may bite her in the butt.
        I think it’s brilliant how they have changed Ivy to seem a villain, but I assure you that if Karen is suddenly cast as Marilyn, the writers will show her ‘true colors’ as well. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

        • tmp says:

          I don’t see Ivy as a villain exactly. She’s insecure and jealous, but Karen really was trying to steal focus. I think we’re meant to root for Karen as the underdog but also realize that Ivy has paid her dues and earned the role.
          This show is phenomenal; I keep saying it’s consolation for Mondays. :)

          • Roxy says:

            You don’t ‘earn’ a leading role. You get it, or not, you keep it, or not, and you’re great in it, or not. Take your pick. Ivy didn’t ‘earn’ anything by being in the chorus for 10 years. She made a living, period. I don’t like her or her insincere toothpaste smile, or her assumption that because she’s shagging the director, he should be her little lapdog. Love that Derek is called ‘The Dark Lord’, and I don’t mind his manners or his abruptness. He’s creating something. I don’t think he cast Ivy because she slept with him and Karen didn’t… or if he did, it’s because it told him something about each woman’s character… or taste for blood? He was pretty uncertain about who to cast till the vey end, and I think he still is. He’s the kind of character who could recast his lead two weeks before the première. And don’t forget: this is a workshop.
            On another note, I’m really tired of the amount of work American actresses get done on their face as they get older. If the men do the same, it sure isn’t it as obvious, or distracting. I would like to see more natural older women on screen… without tight faces, upward-slanting eyes or unnaturally smooth skin. If Susan Sullivan from Castle had work done, at least she still looks like a normal woman. Geez Louise!

    • Mary says:

      I don’t like him either, BUT he is stirring the pot for just the right reason. Ivy wants to feel “safe” and when you are a lead there is no such thing as safe. Piss the wrong person off and you get recasted. Her diva behavior needs to be checked too.

  2. Tucker says:

    Really not a fan of how bitchy they’ve turned Ivy. Makes it difficult to be supportive of her, which is obviously their intent. (Though, I wish they would’ve left that kind of choice to the audience.) That said, there is something a bit sadistically appealing about Derek’s manipulations of both actresses.

    • Russ says:

      I know! I was on Team Ivy when i watched the first episode and was happy that she won the role, but after this past episode I want Karen to get steal it.

      • Danielle H says:

        Agreed! They are really tugging us back and forth with who to like. God, these scenes just are so pitch perfect most of the time. This show makes you feel like you are in the room with the actors, it’s insane!!

    • Tarc says:

      I’d say more ‘occasionally harsh, but untimately prductive’. If this were going on stage, they would have to be an understudy (Karen obviously) and the two of them would have to be on the same page. Karen would obviously have to be experienced enough in the lead role to step in. *shrugs* This is standard.

    • arianna says:

      I don’t know. I still love Ivy- yeah sh may be kind of a bitch nowadays but she this is her first part in a leading role after slaving in the broadway chorus for 10 years. She’s just doesn’t want some newcomer to take what she’s worked 10 years for. All in all, after 10 years of hard work- she’s earned a little “diva” time.

  3. Lauri says:

    Ivy has become so unlikeable in such a short amount of time. I hope Karen steals the part from her.

    • Agreed says:

      I completely agree. Hilty has the “look” but not the dancing ability or acting ability in my opinion. I like Karen’s vulnerability and star quality and there is no way an ensemble is going to keep her down. She is a star and is going to bypass Ivy in no time. BTW, I actually LOVE Derek and I think he is the quintessential director. Those guys really are full of themselves and seriously Derek has charisma with even the wallpaper (though secretly I hope that he actually hates Ellis and finds a way to get him gone from the show and production)… Can’t wait to see more from this show but am seriously bummed that it looks like only one season!

      • DJL says:

        I completely disagree. While Karen is supposed to have “star quality,” the audience only knows that because the characters verbally keep telling us/Karen that she does. No way would McPhee’s lovely but unextraordinary voice overpower the rest of a Broadway ensemble. Karen will probably end up with the part because she is the character we are supposed to root for as an underdog. In contrast, I don’t think they’re trying that hard to make Ivy likable. With a performer like Hilty, however, the subtlety of whose acting pleasantly surprises me, it’s hard to make Ivy just Karen’s one-dimensional rival. Karen as a character might have “it,” but considering the casting juxtaposition of McPhee and Hilty, I can’t buy that Karen has “it” more than Ivy does because Hilty is just so good.

        • Josh says:

          This. Very much. Karen’s clearly meant to be the star, but Hilty outperforms McPhee in just about every aspect.

          • Roxy says:

            In your dreams, maybe! Hilty’s Ivy is shallow, both full of herself AND insecure, insincere, has too many teeth — seriously, woman, enough with the Colgate smile — and looks like a tramp in most of those production numbers. Marilyn Monroe always had a kind of innocence, even when she was vamping it. Ivy Lynn wouldn’t know how to play that if her life depended on it. McPhee’s Karen is much, much better at it.
            If I understand correctly, she is an ex-Idol performer? I never watch Idol, The Voice or the dancing shows, so I never heard of her… but it would certainly explain why so many viewers seem to have their knife in her. People, this a classic performing arts story: the older, more qualified actress (with the heavier resumé) gets the part at first, during rehearsal her understudy’s talent becomes more and more obvious, and by the time the show opens, either the initial lead has to bow out (death, accident, pregnancy, drugs, etc) or the evil director shatters her dreams by taking her dream role away and giving it to the newcomer, who KILLS it on stage. End of story. Ivy Lynn is never going to be Marilyn… Thank God!

          • Deborah says:

            I think Karen (McPhee) has outdone herself, she’s gone from a good voice on American Idol to a real triple threat star on this show. Both Karen and Ivy are obviously STARS or they wouldn’t have been cast in the production with some of the most established actors and directors in show biz. The show is awesome because of the entire production of professionals including McFee and Hilty. The problem lies in the aspect that it is ART and art has personal preferences. You may or may not be a fan of any of the artists/actors or their skill sets BUT they are all worthy of the work they are producing. Personally, I picked McPhee to win American Idol at her first audition – didn’t quite make the #1 spot but where’s the grey haired guy who won???? certainly not on SMASH/major televison. Besides, the purpose of their parts/characters is to show us how people come to the party with different sociological backgrounds, baggage, non-baggage, and insecurities. Isn’t it human nature to hate what we cannot control when we feel uncertain in our own footing…. such as IVY, portrayed beautifully by Hilty and of course Karen, naieve farm girl with an overwhelming abundance of talent, self assurance, and moral strength surviving in a jungle of opportunists… Sometimes the world just dishes out what we karmicly deliver…

        • Tucker says:

          They’ve proven quite clearly that it’s not hard to make Ivy one-dimensional. That has less to do with Hilty, who is doing stellar work, and more to do with what they are giving the character to do. She might as well be dressed in black and walking around in shadows with the lack of subtlety they’ve brought out her cattiness and made her the one to root against.

          • TheReasonsY says:

            Maybe I’m too close to the situation to be impartial but I think they do a great job of explaining both of the characters and each has their own reasons to like them. Ivy is only acting this way because she is insecure in her position. Which I agree with considering how she has been manipulated by the director into thinking her part isn’t secure.

        • Lailly says:

          The audience knows Karen has star quality because whenever she is on screen people can’t take their eyes off of her. Plus, Marilyn doesn’t have a big belting broadway voice so a more smooth and sultry singer like Kat McPhee would be great. Ivy can really play up the camp but is not as vulnerable and innocent as Karen.
          They don’t make Ivy one-dimensional because yes she is trying to get Karen fired but you can tell it is because she is very insecure. If you know anything about the two actresses you’d definitely agree that McPhee actually really fits well with Marilyn. Comments like yours proves this because both women had to battle through comments that they were just a pretty face with not much talent, but as Marilyn shined through so will McPhee!

    • Aria says:

      I agree, in fact I feel it was far too fast.

  4. Mairead says:

    Although I do like them both, I will feel sorry for Ivy if she loses the part. Even if her character has become less likable over the last two episodes, she’s spent 10 years on Broadway Chorus’ and has paid her dues, as well as being talented.
    Karen’s great. But to waltz in off the street and get the lead in a major show would be a kick in the teeth to someone whose worked so hard.
    I’m interested to see where it goes.
    Loving Smash, I have to say.

    • Um says:

      Hi Mairead! I agree with your summation, but there are newbies who just have “it” – like Karen. I actually worked in student theatre with one of these talented gals and she literally went from college, moved to New York, and then breezed into a plum lead role in a Sondheim production by fall of that same year. It does happen and it stinks for those who have put in their dues, but casting is/should be obligated to pick the right girl for the part. I think that girl for Marilyn-The Musical looks like Karen, even though Ivy has the small victory at present (largely from sleeping with Derek in my estimation!)…

    • Rob says:

      I read an interesting theory a couple weeks ago, that since the book still wasn’t finished they have a lot of flexibility in how they’re going to tell the show on broadway. Stemming from that, the person predicted that we’re going to see both ladies get parts, Karen as young Norma Jeane, and Ivy will by Marilyn post-breakout.

    • TheReasonsY says:

      I think that sometimes there is an undeserving sense of entitlement. Just because you have put 10 years on Broadway doesn’t mean that you deserve to be a lead character. It is and should be based on talent and the overall chemistry of the actors involved. It’s like saying that just because I have played basketball for 10 years I deserve to be in the NBA. This is Broadway and sometimes you are only good enough to get into the ensemble regardless of how long you stay there.

  5. Bronzia88 says:

    Don’t go all turning on Ivy now. While I have yet to pick a team (and I plan on never doing so. ever) they are both amazing and worthy of the part. Plus there’s an upcoming arc for Ivy that just might show us why she is the way she is. (Hellooo Bernadette Peters as Ivy’s mom!! I can smell the pressure from miles away).
    Keep watching folks, this will only get better!!!!

    • disagree says:

      I’m sure Ivy’s had TONS of pressure. If not by her mother, than by the job alone. But it totally doe NOT excuse being a straight up bitch to Karen, just because they auditioned for the same part. Especially because Karen has been nothing but kind to Ivy. It really just makes it seem like Ivy is a bitch to anyone who may ever outshine her, which is why she surrounds herself with people who take pride in blending in and being a part of the chorus.

  6. Nia says:

    Oh, I LOVE that. It was about time. Ivy’s behaviour was horrible. Nice to see things change. I love the Karen/Derek dynamic so much!

  7. Music Fan says:

    If looks could kill, Karen Cartwright, R.I.P.
    Looking forward to next week and Derek is an A***hole.

  8. Davey says:

    I hope they show a bad side to Karen soon. Megan Hilty is a real Broadway performer and I hate they are making her into a villain.
    You have to a be a fan of Katherine McPhee and I’m not.

    • star says:

      You don’t have to be a fan of Katharine McPhee to like Karen, but I guess you have to be a Katharine McPhee hater to dislike Karen, which I guess you are! I think you’re forgetting this is a show about Ivy and Karen and not McPhee and Hilty!!

    • Music Fan says:

      Anyway, that is not Megan Hilty that is being painted as a villain. It is Ivy Lynn and it is just a TV show, so anyone on that show can be cast as a baddie. Just sit back and enjoy the story as it unfolds. I like all the characters so far, even terrible Ellis and bitchy Ivy and overly loud Karen.

    • KM says:

      Firstly, everyone knows Hilty was on Broadway, but McPhee has theater experience as well. She also worked a little on “Catch me if you can” created by Spielberg and the songwriters of this show.
      Secondly, Hilty fans should want her to be bad and hated because that is her job as an actress. If you don’t see her transform on screen then you are basically calling her a bad actress. The more she plays up her insecurity and plays down her talent the better her acting performance is. As of now I guess Hilty isn’t doing a great acting job because her fans cannot seem separate her and her character Ivy.

  9. Lynda says:

    It’s funny – Karen was supposed to be showing Ivy how to do vibrato? I thought that was the weakest part of the whole clip. That sounded nothing like Marilyn’s “Happy Birthday”

    • Guest says:

      Dear Lynda,
      Are you saying that you can do better than Karen in that particular situation? With her main rival literally staring daggers at her and the ensemble around her, who until recently was not very friendly with Karen. If you can, than you should play the part of Karen.

    • Deborah says:

      I would have to disagree… I think Karen/McPhee captured the vibrato of Marilyn nearly perfect! The timber of her voice isn’t exact but the vibrato was dead on which may be WHY the script indicated “show her (IVY)
      the vibrato.”

  10. Steve Z says:

    I always thought they might cast both of them in the lead role and have Karen play “Norma Jean” and Ivy as “Marilyn.” It could still work out that way if depending on how they construct the timeline.

  11. star says:

    Derek is pure evil, playing Ivy and Karen off one another. Seriously, what does Ivy see in him?! Not surprised Ivy looked p*ssed – he is humiliating her in front of everyone, alhough no idea if this sort of stuff actually happens in workshops! Karen sounds great tho. Still hoping Karen can be Norma Jean and Ivy can be Marilyn.

  12. Titina says:

    OMG! I really can´t wait to see this! YES! In your face Ivy.
    Although Derek should control his temper, he doesn´t need to scream so loud when he is mad.
    The look on Ivy´s face. Look, don´t blame Karen for this. It´s not her fault the director told her to sing Ivy´s part.
    This is getting very exciting.

  13. Titina says:

    You know yes Derek can be a jerk sometimes but there really is something about him that I can´t help but like. I just LOVE him and I know I should´t. Can´t help it.
    Oh and I forgot to say I really love the obvious tension between Karen and Derek. There is something going on there even though he is dating Ivy at the moment.
    The dynamic between Karen and the director is very appealing to watch. This is getting so good!

  14. the girl says:

    I do sympathize with Ivy and don’t see her as a villain. She is a girl who worked hard to become successful and now does not want her success threatened, not by anyone or anything. She’s more insecure than she is evil.
    I love this battle because I feel like Karen is not actively trying to take Ivy’s part, she is just trying to get the experience everyone keeps telling her she needs. But Karen is naturally impressive and Ivy would be naive not to take notice of that. And Ivy would lay off Karen if there was no talent there, and if it was some other girl in the ensemble whose talent was impressive, Ivy would be just as bitchy towards her. So none of this is personal, it’s all show business and yet it IS personal because these two characters have so much passion for acting and singing that they can’t help but take it all to heart.
    Love this show.

  15. Natasha says:

    This show would have been so much better without the competition for Marilyn: if it was just about Ivy, the veteran chorus girl finally getting her chance at stardom, and the parallel with Karen, the newbie getting her fist ensemble gig, this show would be so much more interesting. But this stale plotline of endless fighting between the talented but insecure ~diva versus the moral and entitled midwestern girl is bringing the show down.

  16. julia says:

    It would be so “great” if you could “learn” how to use “quotations”.

  17. amanda says:

    Smash is an amazing show I LOVE LOVE LOVE it sooooooooo much

  18. amanda says:

    I’m so happy the annoying assistant wasn’t in the episode that much thank goodness :)

  19. Joseph says:

    Lots of complaints about how unlikable they are making the cast , BUT , in the dog eat dog world of getting ahead is this not a little closer to reality.
    I have to agree that I had the same issue at first and then realized it was refreshing that the writers were making the cast a little more real and relate able and a little less like the feel good environment of Glee where they all like each other at the end.

  20. lisa says:

    Derek is a jerk, pitting them up against each other like that. With that said, I love Karen’s voice. She can sing Happy Birthday to me anytime. Ivy’s voice hurts my ears a lot of the time.

    • jc says:

      Same. I get that Ivy has an amazing Broadway voice, and yes this is about a Broadway show! But Katharine McPhee’s voice is so much more beautiful and pure, and I’d much rather listen to that to be honest. Plus this is a tv show so I’m not going to get all bothered like some are by the “omg irl Karen would never be considered for the role” argument. Just cos she isn’t a belter doesn’t mean she isn’t as talented.

  21. Taylah says:

    I absolutely disliked Karen in the last episode. I do get the frustration of getting so far on an audition and then being resigned to the ensemble, but so has Ivy for 10 years and there she is working her ass off for the lead part. I hate to hear people say she only got it because she slept with the director when we all saw the casting process and Derek did not push for Ivy to be chosen any more than he did for Karen (just look at how easily he’s thinking about replacing her, come on) and we’re seeing Aileen putting so much effort and money to get the musical ahead with *her* as the lead because she thinks she was the right choice too (and she does not have any personal relation to her). However, Derek *did* keep Karen on the ensemble because he’s interested in her. Any other person who would have made as many mistakes as Karen would have been fired already and yet there she is.
    Ivy however is acting bitchy out of insecurity. When you have your first big part and you know there is someone trying to outshine you so hard right next to you of course it’s normal to react aggressively. Plus she knows she’s being used by Derek and cannot say anything because she’s afraid of losing the part if she does.
    I liked that the rest of the ensemble gave Karen a ‘reality check’ although she clearly learned nothing because she made ‘Rumor Has It’ all about herself.
    And seriously? Karen trying to victimize herself does not make her any likeable to me. She shouldn’t believe success should be handed to her in a silver plate because she’s talented. A million other Broadway performers are stuck in ensembles until they get a lead part. Others stay there for years until a movie/film star with less training gets a lead part, etc. So come on. I don’t care if you were “born to shine”, you’ll have your chance when you work to have it, girl.
    So far the show is doing nothing for me to root for Karen. Quite the contrary, the more they’re trying to show Karen as the bland, poor victim, the more I root for Ivy.

    • Tarc says:

      Yeah, but this is a workshop, not a ready to run stage show, and they kept Karen on because she’s easily in the top 2 auditioners for the show (and you need an understudy in the chorus). Derek knows she’s new, and he was literally given the lines ‘let’s make you a star’. That *is* clearly the plan, even if she’s not the star in Marilyn.

    • MC says:

      Having 10 years experience in the ensemble makes you a really good choice…for the ensemble. There is a reason why Ivy has been there so long. On the other hand, Karen stands out because not only is she gorgeous but her voice is unique, which shows are looking for. Karen didn’t think she deserved to be treated better than anyone else, but she did think she deserved to be treated equally. She is trying to get the experience that Ivy has, but if divas come and try to ruin your opportunity what are you supposed to do, quit?

      • Pat Haris says:

        Nailed it. I agree with everything you said MC. Ivy is “that old thing” and there is probably a reason behind it. So far, as they’ve painted her, she’s a little too head-on in her choices. She picks the predictable route and although it’s not illogical to do so, it makes her sort of common and jaded. She’s seen too much and waited too long and that breeds a lot of insecurity, self-hate and conniving. The newbie is fresh. It’s just a matter of whether she can handle the politics and pace.

    • Smashed says:

      tl/dr ;-)

    • Roxy says:

      In the performing arts, and often in real life as well, you don’t get an ‘A’ for effort. Talent and brilliance will always get ahead, and how hard you worked to get a little ahead of the group is worth very little in the end.
      That’s why Karen will be Marilyn and Ivy will end up… back in the chorus. She’s simply not star material.

  22. jc says:

    So its okay for Ivy to be bitchy because she’s insecure, but its not okay for Karen to have a whinge which anyone in her situation would do? What a joke! No one is owed anything in this world. Just because you’ve been in the industry 10 years doesn’t make you any more entitled to a role than a newcomer. It’s 99% chance anyway!

    • Taylah says:

      I am not saying she cannot be sad about it or even comment it to her boyfriend/friends, but you’re being given this amazing opportunity, you should take advantage of it and do what you’re being told to do and not trying to stand out.
      Seriously, if you know anything about Broadway you should know how good it is for someone who is STARTING, as Karen is, to get into the ensemble of a show. And really? She should be *really* happy she even made it that far, because with all the mistakes she did on the dancing while preparing for the callback any other actor would have *not* been called back for the ensemble. Why isn’t she taking dancing classes? Why isn’t she trying to learn how not to oversing? A good Broadway actor must know how to do *everything*, from being a lead to sitting in the back properly and she’s not putting any effort into it because she thinks she’s entitled to a lead role.

      • Kevin says:

        Karen never once expressed lack of gratitude for being in the ensemble. She spent most of episode 3 convincing her parents how honored and excited she is and how this is a phenomenal opportunity. Upon arriving to rehearsals ready to put her best foot forward, she is treated like an outcast. Anyone would lash out to try to allow people to see from their perspective. Not only that, but finding out how Ivy likely got the role BECAUSE she slept with the director was just salt in the wound — Karen coulda done that but she had an ounce of integrity to turn him down.
        Karen is new to the workshop setting. She’s used to being an actress in the spotlight, not being a chorus member. It would take time to adjust and she was willing to (see when she offered to “tone it down” during “History Is Made at Night” rehearsal). Instead, Ivy decides to act completely thrown off by a loud chorus member (oh please, with a powerful voice like that, she couldn’t handle it?) and gets Karen kicked out of numbers. That’s not a learning experience, that’s sabotage.

    • Tarc says:

      And Karen, at least partly, is correct. The emsemble has to work as a team to do their JOBS. They don’t have to like each other, but at WORK, they have do function as an ensemble.

  23. kate says:

    didn’t Derek – didn’t most of them – really want Karen for the part but picked Ivy due her experience and Tom’s (is that his name?) insistence? can’t say I find this surprising. at all.
    I want to like this show, but I’m finding it difficult. The talent is fine, but the writing is predictable and kind of blah to me.

  24. Muffy says:

    I don’t get the love for Ivy, I find her annoying. I don’t understand how people think she is more deserving because she has been in the industry for 10 years. Maybe if she were better, she would have gotten a break by now.

  25. em says:

    I don’t like Ivy as a person, but she seemed to fit the Marilyn part better, at least initially. And this is coming from someone who started watching Smash because of Kat. I think Ivy’s insecurities are preventing her from getting to that next step in Broadway.

  26. Mari says:

    WOW! Ouch!!

  27. gabby says:

    I always felt that Derek might have wanted Karen for the roll but got out voted. I like how Karen was staring at Derek while singing though

  28. Kirk says:

    This scene is full of drama! i love it.
    Karen is the essence of Marilyn, she doesn’t have to try hard. Ivy is the characterization of Marilyn, more of Marilyn the actress, not the ACTUAL Marilyn.

  29. Kiera says:

    I LOVE the chemistry been Derek and Karen and all scenes Derek/Karen :)

  30. Titina says:

    I also love the chemistry between Karen and Derek. Deep inside I think Derek is not as a monster as it may seem he is just to obsessed with his job. I also think he likes KAren way more than Ivy.
    Hopefully down the road there will be some romantic moments between those two. Love them together.

  31. Sue says:

    I think many of you are being too hard on Karen. I don’t think we are supposed to think that she is trying to stand out. We are supposed to believe that she is trying to fit in but is just so good that she can’t help but stand out, even though she really wants to blend in. We are supposed to believe that she is a gigantic threat to Ivy, so they make it seem like she doesn’t belong in the chorus. Derek isn’t the monster inside that they are making him act like. That screaming at people has to go, though. There are other more productive ways to take control. While I enjoy the chemistry between Derek and Karen, I hope they never have her act on it, because I like the integrity of Karen and her boyfriend.

  32. Sophie says:

    That show become one of my favorite one these season so far. I trained singing ans acting ans musical theater was always one of y favorite. The caption of this show is really good remember my of the style of the first movie ”Center stage”. I have to says that i really like both Ivy and Karen as Marilyn at first. But actully i hate the fact that yes Ivy is a Diva (and if was sure she was going to be) but i dont like the bad attituld she have for karen. I mean she got the part why the hate.But i have to say that karen catch my eyes every time she perform and i watch every number she do a couple of times.
    But still love that show. And love Debra Messing.