Big Bang Theory Exclusive: Leonard Nimoy Finally Agrees to Cameo – But There's a Twist!

Leonard Nimoy The Big Bang TheoryCBS’ The Big Bang Theory is at long last beaming up Leonard Nimoy.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the Star Trek icon will fulfill Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) lifelong dream when he makes a cameo in the show’s March 29 episode. But there’s a catch: Nimoy will be heard, not seen.

According to an insider, Nimoy will speak to Sheldon, as Spock, in a dream sequence.

Sheldon’s obsession with Nimoy has been a recurring theme on the show. In a classic Season 2 episode, Penny gave him a napkin autographed by the sci-fi legend for Christmas. And in the show’s 100th episode last month, Sheldon received in the mail a life-size cardboard cut-out of Mr. Spock, but was horrified to discover it wasn’t the Nimoy version he ordered but the Zachary Quinto incarnation.

The hit comedy’s producers have made several overtures to Nimoy over the years, referring to him as their “dream” guest star. Nimoy, however, has largely retired from on-camera acting, though he has found workarounds, be it voicing an animated William Bell on Fringe or popping up in a pre-taped Emmys bit or Bruno Mars music video.

Big Bangers, what do you think of this most logical cameo?

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  1. Karin says:

    the requested video is not allowed to be played in embedded players…
    it is one of my favorite scenes though

  2. huh says:

    * The requested video is not allowed to be played in embedded players. *

  3. MMzz says:

    Super excited for this episode

  4. Tom says:

    Nimoy appeared in Fringe: 1×20, 2×04, 2×10, 2×21 and 2×22. And his voice came back on the episode 3×19. So::: deal with it TBBT

    • Josh says:

      I like Big Bang Theory a lot but yeah…that makes me happy haha…Shows just how good Fringe is :).

      • CJ says:

        Nimoy announced his retirement from acting AFTER the several appearances on Fringe. So doing that and not agreeing to appear on Big Bang isn’t a snub of Big Bang or an endorsement of Fringe. Anyway, probably about 400 of the 500 people who watch Fringe probably watch Big Bang Theory too.

  5. PrimulaBlue says:

    EEEEEE! SOOOO excited!! Hope the episode is as good as when Sheldon got his DNA. Geektastic!

  6. Patricia says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  7. kirads09 says:

    Oh, this is going to be so fun! Sounds great. :)

  8. phobiaoffears says:

    It makes sense that it would be a dream sequence considering that Nimoy supposedly has a restraining order against Sheldon.

    • Marc says:

      It’s Stan lee that he has a restraining order from actually.

      • Gene says:

        If you watch that episode again, Sheldon mentions that he will hang his Stan Lee restraining order next to the one from Leonard Nimoy.

        • Julie says:

          ^ yup! I believe he has another one too, but I can’t recall the name (it’s mentionned in another episode though…)

      • Joe Loves The Big Bang says:

        Ha Ha Mate, u obviously don’t know The Big Bang Theory or your being dilberately stupid because in that epsiode, on getting the restraining order from Stan Lee, Sheldon says ‘This’ll look great hanging next to my restraining order from Leonard Nimoy’

  9. Sophie says:

    I think it’s awesome and if they refer to the Shenny scene with the napkin it’ll be even better!

  10. kevin says:

    Beam Sheldon up, Scotty!

  11. Jess says:

    So happy for Sheldon! I’m really excited about this episode!

  12. orville1970 says:

    I’ll take a Nimoy cameo any way I can get it! What would be even more awesome is if the dream suddenly goes wrong and it’s Nimoy’s voice coming out of either the Zachary Quinto Spock cardboard cutout or Zach Quinto himself in a cameo.

  13. Nicole says:

    It’s about time this guy’s gonna be on this show! We’ve been waiting a long while. I’m excited!

  14. Kevin Klawitter says:

    And I thought Nimoy doing a voice in “Transfomers: Dark of the Moon” was a low point…

    • dead_rock says:

      Yeah ’cause he’s an award winning method actor who goes out of his way by voicing in an ultra successful flick. May not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is a big thing for someone solely known for a decades old tv show…

    • Cathy says:

      Oh, please. He’s worshiped on this show, so it makes sense for him to be on it. Low point? Not for fans of either, or both.

    • Julie says:

      Just wait until the ratings for this episode comes out before you say such random comment. From the looks of it I bet you were one of those bullies/jocks/closet-Trekkie back in the day…

  15. mark says:

    He has one from Leonard Nimoy also, he said that the restraining order from Stan Lee would look nice hanging next to the one from Nimoy.

  16. Kristy says:

    @Marc, in the Stan Lee episode he actually said that he was going to hang the Stan Lee restraining order NEXT TO the one from Leonard Nimoy…so he actually has both!!

  17. Luisa says:

    It would be cooler if he appeared in person, but if all we have to look forword to is his voice,ok.

  18. nycvybe says:

    My two favorite things..Big Bang Theory and Star Trek(even in dream sequence)..Nirvanah!!

  19. John says:

    Anna Torv should cameo with her Nimoy channeling. She had it down, IMHO, when she was inhabited by Bell.

  20. Zepp says:

    Be in the confines of an lost universe in a distant galaxy, traveling on the starship USS Enterprise, as Spock, or a fight in one of the opposing universes, Fringe, playing the mysterious William Bell, or just with your voice, or a cartoon , or with brief appearances in parallel dimensions, a flash of a magnetic soul, he will always be the best! Because he is the great Leonard Nimoy!

  21. mg says:

    methinks spock is full of self importance……

    • Neil says:

      Leonard Nimoy is now a very old man. He is not Vulcan, and has to call a halt to gruelling filming / acting jobs at some point. Other actors, like Tony Curtis or Sean Connery can retire, but some seem to think Shatner, Nimoy et al have no right to a retirement like the rest of us. That said, TBBT would make a great farewell gig. Looking forward to it.

  22. robinepowell says:

    Finally!! It only took five seasons, lol! :P A voice is better then nothing. :)

  23. Kevin Thompson says:

    I’m in the U.K. and love this show but we are so out of sync with new episodes I’ve no idea where we are supposed to be.
    All I can do is watch my 4 series box set, which is great of course but I want to see the new stuff too. :(

  24. Cari says:

    Love this !!

  25. Eurydice says:

    Nimoy’s voice is a powerful thing. As a kid, I remember hearing it during a planetarium show at the Museum of Science – it was like being called to another galaxy. Now I’m kind of jealous of Sheldon and his restraining order. :-)

  26. Cozzarries says:

    I doubt it’s a snub to not appear in person. I don’t think he’s moving around too quick now days so probably doesn’t want to appear that way on camera . Also: I don’t think he wants much to do with anything that just relates him to Spock anymore. He did the last Trek because there was a good pay day behind it. I read several years ago he was tired of always being Spock to everyone

  27. Zepp says:

    Great actors, mark our imagination indelibly. Of course that Nimoy is a man of Vulcan, as he also is William Bell, who may at any time appear in the universes of Fringe, as now, where your voice will be heard in a dream sequence in the show Big Bang Theory. The art of Nimoy is already immortal and timeless, which only his voice, make us to imagine their presence.

  28. Karen Brown says:

    Lord knows there’s a lead in, and Nimoy has an amazing, and distinctive voice, so I think it will be a great episode.

  29. karen says:

    Can’t wait…Big Bang is one of the best on t.v.!

  30. Shirley Ney says:

    Have been f fan since the first. And will watch any thing that is Star Trek. Love Big Bang and happy any time someone from Trek is on. Can’t wait to hear Mr. Nimoy. Hope Sheldon can handle it and not have a heart attack. LOL.

  31. Michel Gauthier says:

    Cannot wait for this voice cameo of Mr Nimoy.
    For us Trekies a cameo from Nichelle Nichols as a teacher for Howard on how to please a woman would be so ” a propos ”
    And how about a scene with Walter Koenig debating with Nichelle Nichols on Howard’s abilities with girls.
    TBBT as many plots coming thier way.
    ”Live long and prosper”