White Collar Boss Discusses Finale Cliffhanger, Neal's Season 4 'Pursuit' of His [Spoiler]

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s season finale of White Collar, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…]

White Collar‘s Season 3 finale finally delivered a verdict on Neal’s fate, and it did not go as expected.

Rather than being set free or having to complete his sentence with the FBI, Neal’s future took a third route: He cut his anklet and fled after getting the nod to do so from Peter, who had just learned of Kramer’s plans to keep Neal working for him, in D.C., for the rest of his life.

Where is the con man headed? What happens to Peter’s career now that he’s sacrificed the law to keep his C.I./pal out of his mentor’s hands? And is that trip to Roosevelt Island just the tip of the iceberg in uncovering the real Neal Caffrey? TVLine went to creator Jeff Eastin to gets answers.

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TVLINE | In the finale, the show went to a place it’s never been before, with Roosevelt Island.
And the first episode back in Season 4 won’t take place in New York. It won’t take place on American soil.

TVLINE | Do you see it as almost like a prequel to Season 1, where Peter has to chase Neal again?
A little bit. There’s definitely a parallel to the first time Peter caught Neal. The difference here is Peter gave Neal the nod to go. That nod really changes everything. … The hula girl is a pretty good indication of where Season 4 starts out. He’s tracking Neal for a different reason than he was the first time.

TVLINE | Peter sacrificed the law and what he believes in for Neal. How will this affect his career?
That’s a lot of what happens in Season 4. There’ll be some serious ramifications for Peter.

TVLINE | It felt like Peter and Neal were coming to some middle ground in this episode. Neal’s become better, but Peter is becoming more like Neal.
That was a lot of it. Peter was always a by-the-book guy, so for him to start realizing that grey is a color too…. The guys definitely merged a bit. Unfortunately, Peter works for the FBI, and they’re not a grey organization. They’re black-and-white. He went too far. The law says you gotta be prosecuted for doing [the crime] no matter if you’re a whole different person two years later. But Peter believes that Neal has really changed and wants to help him with that. Unfortunately, Peter probably stepped too far out of bounds.

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White Collar Matt BomerTVLINE | What will be the state of Peter and Neal’s relationship in Season 4 given everything they’ve been through?
In a lot of ways, it strengthens it going into Season 4. They’ve done this together. They realize how much they do rely upon each other. Again, it comes down to realizing exactly who each of them is.

TVLINE | When Peter changes his mind and says Neal should be free, does he really believe that? Or is he saying that because of what Kramer has in store?
Tim [DeKay] and I talked a lot about that. In that moment in time, he believed it.

TVLINE | You planted some seeds with Neal’s visit to Roosevelt Island. Is exploring Neal’s family one of your goals for next season?
Season 4 will rely heavily on Neal’s pursuit of his family.

TVLINE | So he doesn’t know where they are?
No. A lot of the big questions will be, Is his real name Neal Caffrey? If a fan of the show wants to guess, I wouldn’t do it if I were them. I don’t think the answer is what they think it is, no matter what they think it is. To a certain extent you might be right, but you won’t be right for the reasons you think. The discovery of who Neal was becomes a big part of Season 4.

TVLINE | Now that he’s on the run, will we see people from his past like Alex?
It’s very possible.

White Collar fans, what did you think of the season finale? Are you excited for Season 4 and to learn more about Neal’s family?

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  1. Emgee says:

    So, Peter did in fact nod for him to go. I couldn’t tell if he had or not.
    DAMN that finale was awesome!

    • Jonathan Lehrmann says:

      Awesome, but depressing.

    • ronnie says:

      This was the best season finale I ever remember!!! I think hope that Pauley Perrette of NCIS (Abby Shuto) should end up being his older sister. Equally amazing, equally out of the ordinary…. And George Clooney as the father (personality a la Oceans 11). Neal impresses me as a younger sibling.. with several years between the siblings…and bothe run away from the mother. Abby runs away from her relationship with a new man. Neal runs away from the truth about his father.
      Woudln’t it be fun to have an episode wherein Neal comes to the aid of his former HS art teacher (Lily Tomlin). WE could learn so much about NEal’s past from all this!

    • Danny says:

      When Crammer approaches Peter on the FBI building steps, he says tells Peter that Neal will work for him for a long time. At that moment Neal approaches and Peter looks at him and gives him a “no” head shake indicating that Neal needs to leave because its ot going to work out.

    • vaishnavi says:

      It may be possible that Crammer’s CIA is Neal’s father & that’s y he wants to catch his father again through Caffery… OH Gosh.. great.. I can too write stories…lol.. :)

    • vaishnavi says:

      It may be possible that Crammer’s CIA is Neal’s father & that’s y he wants to catch his father again through Caffery… OH Gosh.. great.. I can too write stories… I too have brain….lol.. :)

    • Universe says:

      This show is THE BEST!!!! Last episode was just ammmmazing.Love Neil. Cant wait for S4. The best actors and scenes are here. Matt Bomer is soooooooooooooo adorable.

      • I totally agree! The show is THE BEST! Neal is so lovable! And the season finale was amazing! I came to realize that Neal has been looking for a family and a place to belong to all his life… oh God, he was so close! Can’t wait for season 4!. Please bring a love interest for Neal that is up to par!!!!

    • When does season 4 kick off? I really miss watching this show!

  2. George says:

    the finale was Awesome, with the tram jump, to the Sterling-Bosch job. And Mozzie coming to the rescue.

  3. CJ says:

    I absolutely LOVE White Collar – but watching that finale about gave me a heart attack. That last scene was phenomenal. Can’t wait to see how they get Peter and Neal back together next season – because that’s where they belong!

    • Redcatlady says:

      I think several things will come into play. The reason Peter couldn’t get anything on Neal before age 18 is because that was when Neal left witness protection, where he’d spent his formative years since at least age 2. Kramer knows more than he’s letting on about both Neal and Peter — for about the last couple of seasons, I’ve suspected that they might have the same father. Different mothers, but the same father, and Peter was given up for adoption at birth. Kramer seems to me to be the type to have had Peter checked out when Peter first came on board, and to have the connections to dig a little deeper than what the FBI would’ve done, and learned the truth and sat on it for years. What Kramer wants is their dad — he never believed for a moment the guy died and wants to smoke him out of hiding. What better way than to use the sons as bait?

  4. Gabriela says:

    OMG OMG OMG YES On Season 4 about Neal’s pursuit of his family. OMG OMG OMG #bringThebrother!! *cough*tom welling*cough*

    • Emgee says:


    • T says:

      If we’re casting a brother for Neal, it has to be Sean Maher.

      • darklady65 says:

        thank you finally somebody that is that doesn’t name Tom Welling ….. i love Tom Welling but give the poor guy a break man he just finished working not to long ago …. he deserves to take time off & come back whenever he feels like it whether in front of the tv screen or behind the scenes …. whoever they get for Neal’s brother i’m sure they will be a good choice for the part =]

      • Kate says:

        I have never heard of him, but I looked him up. You are definitely right. They have a lot of similarities. I never heard a mention of a brother though. Personally I think he and Ian Somerhalder look a lot alike, but Ian Somerhalder has The Vampire Diaries to film, so it won’t be him.

      • Julie says:

        Definitly Sean. He would fit perfectly!

        • Jan Kais says:

          No I think they should make his brother a geek like Mozzy so that Mozzy feels as if the new guy is threatening his relationship with Neal. The new brother then turns out to be not so much a relative as a plant from Kramer.

    • mile says:

      OMG YES BEST IDEA EVER! Tom Welling as Neal´s brother FTW! I will probably die when I see Matt Bomer and Tom Welling at the same time, on the same screen but I would die happy lol

    • Maria G says:

      Nah, not Tom Welling. Matt Cohen.

    • K says:

      I vote for an evil/dark brother : Wentworth Miller

    • Laura says:

      omg yahh that would be AWESOME ……love tom welling great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Annie says:

    Woah, this finale was amazing. I’m already excited for Season 4 to start.

  6. mirvin365 says:

    i’ve never wanted to know ANYTHING more than i want to know Neal’s real name and the story about his dad…how much you wanna bet Neal is his name from witness protection when he helped his dad’s ex-partner rat him out. Good Guess?? Crazy?

    • Alex says:

      Excellent guess. I think that there were subtle hints all season long that his real name isn’t Neal. In “Upper West Side Story” where the student asks him what his real name is, and then he pauses for quite awhile before saying that it was Neal…and then a couple episodes ago Sarah asking him if his real name is Neal, and him saying that “That’s a long story…”

      • WendyGreen says:

        I agree with all those you mentioned but then there was also that moment in season three, I think, when he tells Mozzie that “I want my new name to feel as comfortable as Neal Caffrey” or something along those lines. That’s where the first bells rang in my mind. I’ve always thought Neal Caffrey was something he came up with when he was somewhere around 18.

    • Luminosity says:

      Mirvin, I was thinking close to the same thing. I was wondering if he and his Mom (and possibly his siblings) went into witness protection. Their is a part of me that hopes his Dad (reportedly a “bad cop” who had “turned evil) was actually undercover and was — in fact — a good cop. Perhaps Neal was really his name — or his real last name. Can’t wait to find out the answers!

    • BillCrop says:


  7. Anna says:

    Ugh…looking forward to everything except for Alex. She’s the furthest thing from relevant. Can’t wait for S4, though! Amazing season finale. :D

  8. Crystal says:

    OMG… Thank you. I wasn’t sure if I imagined the nod or if it really meant what i thought it meant. Peter protected Neal. I love it. Tonight’s episode was made of amazing. Sara covering for Neal with the painting and that scene in her office. Peter and Sara conspiring to save Neal with him being the art consultant. Wow. Just wow, Kramer’s former CI must have really screwed him over. The guy seems very jaded.
    Can I please say how much Matt Bomer nailed that last scene on the plane. The emtions shown across his face were out of this world. I felt every single one of them

    • SG says:

      Matt Bomer is this show’s greatest strength, and in this episode he proved once again why.

    • Saphire says:

      Matt is one of those rare actors that can “speak with his eyes”. He has a way of just making his audience “feel” him in every sense of the word. From the horror in his face when he realized he had to jump on that tram car to the moment back at his loft when you could see the inner struggle when he looked at himself in the mirror, he just captured every moment brilliantly. The last scene, you could just feel ever fibre of his being about being sad about having to run. Jeff Eastin hit the gold mine when he got this actor to play his character.

    • Me too, I felt all his emotions. It broke my heart! Matt is an amazing actor and out of this world gorgeous!!

  9. W says:

    Great episode! I loved the second to last moment where Neal tells Peter how he switched the painting out and then based jumped and Peter didn’t believe him. Great moment to show how Neal is always truthful with Peter, but still gets away with so much. Can’t wait to see how they bring these two back together.

  10. Bugginkrd says:

    I would love to see Pierce Brosnan as Neal’s dad. Great episode and Matt Bomer’s face at the end, WOW, OMG!!! Can’t wait for this summer!

    • Ann says:

      Yes, I agree that Pierce Brosnan would be outstanding for Neal’s Dad. Matt Bomer certainly has much of the charisma of Pierce Brosnan in his acting. Agreed, White Collar would not be the show it is without
      Matt Bomer. I’m secretly hoping that Alex doesn’t come back, but that Sarah is incorporated in the future shows. I think that the characters of Neal and Sarah make for some great adventure, not to mention chemistry!

  11. Eliza says:

    I loved the finale!
    So excited for Season 4.
    That last scene…. Matt Bomer was perfect.

  12. Julia says:

    I loved it! I was not a fan of season 3, but this episode gives me hope for season 4. I hope they bring back Alex. I loved to see how Neal gets out of this! Good Job@

  13. Alex says:

    Phenomenal finale, miles ahead of the past two. They sure made a lot happen in one episode…
    Especially enjoyed the bit where Neal went to visit that woman on Roosevelt Island, finding out that Neal’s parents are both still alive is big and exciting stuff.
    I like that things were brought full circle both with the treasure and with the Raphael painting.
    As opposed to the end of last season when I didn’t really like where things were going, they’ve got very interesting stuff set up for next season. An episode somewhere outside of the country, Peter tracking down Neal again, and Neal searching for his family? What more could we ask for?!
    I’m glad that we got confirmation from Jeff Eastin that Peter did in fact give Neal the nod to go ahead and cut his anklet, there seemed to be some confusion about that on twitter.

  14. July says:

    I need Alex Hunter in this show.

  15. Spyweb says:

    I absolutely LOVE white collar. I almost had a heart attack throughout the finale!! AMAZING! I will watch it again tomorrow!

  16. davej says:

    best cliffhanger I have seen in a long time for any show!!
    Can’t wait for Season 4 to start – wish it were in two weeks and that they would do more episodes per season.

  17. dale sullivan says:

    Totally awesome! I’ve said all along, both Neal and Mozzie were looking for the same thing-a place to belong I also said I didn’t think Keller got all the treasure- bless Mozzies’ shiny lil head! How about Misha Collins to play either Neal’s dad or not so brotherly older brother?

    • Gill says:

      Misha Collins would be perfect for his brother. They both have that thing where they can speak with their eyes and nothing else. They both have the puppy dog eyes as well. lol

  18. Ronnie Pennington says:

    OMG! This was one of the best episodes I have ever seen! White Collar is by far one of the absolute best shows to ever! I have been captured since the pilot episode, but now,I am imprisoned by it. The cast and writers are absolutely stellar! More, more, I just can’t get enough. Waiting till summer seems like an eternity. Congratulations to USA and the whole crew of White Collar for a spectacular season!

  19. B. Baker says:

    Why didn’t Diana testify? From an earlier article, I was led to believe that she would.

    • Nicole D. says:

      RE: B. Baker
      Remember at the beginning of the Judgement day episode, where Neal was going over the list of people who were talking at his hearing, and he said to Mozzie that Diana was too much of a wild card, and he had June, Elizabeth, and Sara on his side for him instead? Yeah, Jones wasn’t mentioned, so that was confusing or inconsistent/erratic, but I think that was why…

      • Tucker says:

        Neal did mention Jones along with Diana when Mozzy asked about the “demi-Suits”. He said it could go either way with either of them. Then they showed Jones’ testimony to give one perspective and played against expectation with Diana when she ended up helping Neal out.

    • SG says:

      I wonder if that scene was shot, but cut for time. Whatever, it seems that Diana came down on Neal’s side when she helped him escape.

      • Anubhab Saha says:

        Diana was never completely on Neal’s side..she considered Neal to be a loose cannon..but she had faith on Peter’s judgement.Seeing that Peter was hell bent on helping out Neal..she did cut some slacks to Neal..

  20. Shakir Rahman says:

    Wow! The finale was amazing. The show in it self is absolutely perfect! I hope White Collar keeps going on for awhile. I feel like we’re just getting started. I can not wait for Season 4! Should be epic!

  21. DiPena says:

    This is one amazing guess. I could see this happening.

  22. Liz1388 says:

    I played over & over but still did not understand what Peter asked Neal before Peter went for his interview. Can someone please transcribe for me?

    • crystal says:

      Peter = “Who was that person you so on Roosevelt Island?” Neal- “When this over I’ll tell you everything.”
      Hope that is what you were talking about

  23. steven robertson says:

    Amazing can’t wait for season 4 defo smallville actor tom welling for his brother this just gets better and better

  24. Grace says:

    Loved, loved, loved the finale! Matt Bomer killed it in the last scene. Based on the setup, season 4 will be amazing.

  25. Shy says:

    Definitely the best White Collar finale so far. Looking forward to season four and I *wish* that there will be more than 16 episodes ;)

  26. JaredJack956 says:

    Im worried about hilary burton not being in season 4 she is awesome, and smokin hot

  27. Sarah says:

    Loved this episode, not happy to see Neal run but knowing Peter gave him the nod to do so makes me feel better. Season 4 should be great, i have wanted to know more about Neal’s father since season 2 so it will be nice to finally get some answers.

  28. Justin says:

    Love the show and loved the finale! While I was pulling heavily for Neal’s freedom, the way it ended makes next season that much more interesting to me.

  29. nola says:

    YES TOM WELLING is fantastic!

    • Ulimer says:

      He would be a nice addition to this amazing show (even of it is a one episode deal). Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay AND Tom Welling? excuse me while I drool my way out

  30. Mamie says:

    I loved this episode! I was almost in tears! My heart broke for Neal, making such a big change in his life and things were really looking up…. then BOOM! everything goes south! I have so many questions! Where will they end up? What about Sarah? What about Peter and Neal as partners? I love Mozzie, but why does he always have to be bad (like wanting to do the wrong thing)? Will we get to see Agent Kramer go behind bars or get beaten up by someone? Was everything Kramer did legal, somehow it didn’t seem so. I liked Mr. Bocsh, I wonder will we see more of him? Were there more hidden treasures in the letter Neal sent Kate?

  31. Alex says:

    Amazing episode, i’ve been waiting for this from the Pilot

  32. mark says:

    The world is wonderful.Matt and Tom Welling are good actors and beatiful. Congratulations to MATT for having claimed to be gay!

    • Patricia says:

      Oh for God’s sake, the fangirls of Tom Welling are coming out of the woodwork..just go away. Stop bombarding this topic with your dreams of having him play Neal’s brother. That isn’t even in the storyline as yet. Seriously, as much as he is a fine actor in his own right, he pales in comparison or credibility to the likes of Bomer. Can we get back on topic here.

    • Krissie says:

      ‘Claimed’ to be gay? Are you serious with that crap?

    • trips999 says:

      On February 11, 2012, while giving an acceptance speech for the New Generation Arts and Activism Award for his work in the fight against HIV/AIDS (at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards), Bomer publicly acknowledged for the first time that he is in a romantic relationship with Hollywood publicist Simon Halls. Bomer’s homosexuality had previously been considered an “open secret” in Hollywood, and he had refused to comment one way or the other about his relationship or orientation. Bomer does have a daughter and twin boys as well. His sexual orientation has no relevance to his ability to make this role his own. It’s as if this series was written for him; and the fact that so many love the show, says it all.

  33. Marie Smith says:

    Love the show. Would love to see Sarah get pregnant and have Neal try to deal with that along with everything else. I think that would make a neat wrinkle to his character – good or bad – hard choices for a daddy!

    • TF says:

      A Sara pregnancy would be the final nail in the coffin for much of the audience. LOL What a truly horrible idea.

      • Crystal says:

        I am one of those fans that actually like Sara. Well I started out hating her… Then she really grew on me. However, I agree with you. Hell No… to the baby daddy story line. This show has enough action and drama we don’t need to go cheese fest drama on top of it.

        • Magically Suspicious says:

          Yeah, I agree. I like Sara and Neal, but what I like about them is the free-spiritedness haphazard recklessness of them. Attaching a serious issue like a pregnancy to their relationship wouldn’t be a good thing, in my opinion. I can, however, see Sara tracking Neal down in S4. Much of her career has involved hunting Neal Cafferty…why stop now that she has even more motivation.

    • Layla says:

      I agree! Have Neal struggle with his family issues while considering the possibility of starting one with Sara!

  34. Hannah says:

    What a shocking and heartbreaking finale! Bomer and DeKay deserve so much recognition for those final few minutes alone. I really loved the Sterling Bosch job as others have said – is it certain that Sara will return in S4? I really hope so! :D She and Neal were lovely together.
    Conversely, I really hope Alex doesn’t come back. This season has been the best yet and it was no coincidence that her incredibly volatile, stiffly acted self wasn’t around. Mozzie is more than enough of a temptation for Neal, as this episode showed very well. Don’t ruin a good thing!

  35. Ariana says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE with SG. I can’t wait to see Alex again:)

  36. Liz1388 says:

    My comment seems to have disappeared for some reason. I wanted to know what it was that Peter said to Neal before Peter went for the interview? Something about Roosevelt Is?
    Played it several times but could make no sense of it. Not a big deal, but hugging me. Thanks.

    • trips999 says:

      Peter wanted to know how Neil switched the paintings. Neil told him that he went up to the Penthouse, made the switch, and essentially sky dived off the balcony to safety. The exact terminology wasn’t sky diving but that was the jist of the conversation. Peter didn’t believe him, which was a great moment. Does this help clarify?

  37. Mack Pile says:

    I LOVED the finale and like others can’t wait for S4. What about Zachery Levi as Neal’s brother?

    • SG says:

      Apart from the fact that he’s about half a foot taller than Matt, and makes Matt look like a midget when he stands next to him, sure. ;)

    • Gill says:

      They would have great chemistry together absolutely and they would be believable as brothers…..but Zac doesn’t look anything like Matt so it probably wouldn’t work out.

  38. Gabriela says:

    wonder if one of the prominent villains on Season 4 (maybe 5) could be Neal’s Father

  39. DJ says:

    it should be patrick J. Adams from suits he is a great actor yet under rated and they even look similar so the brother thing could work nicely plus he is already on USA’s line up so he is still recognizable by people that view the channel frequently

    • Davis Fox says:

      That’s not a bad idea, but since Suits is also set in NYC, I would love to see them have a crossover episode in the future. You could either have Neal and Peter team up with Mike and Harvey to take down a high profile white collar criminal OR pit them against one another. Maybe a certain luxury insurance firm would hire a certain high-end law firm to prosecute a certain art thief? Mike vs. Neal, Harvey vs. Peter, Sarah caught in the middle? They could even bring back Mr. Bosch! That would be a SICK episode.

    • KT says:

      Um…no. They don’t look alike at all. Matt Bomer is so much better looking.

  40. Jessica says:

    What an amazing finale! I really did love it, Hate that we have to wait for season 4!! I really like Sara but I noticed a lot of people do not. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion but I am really curious as to why people do not like her?

    • Hannah says:

      because she doesn’t fit , the actress has no idea how to play her and the writers don’t even know how write for her .

      • Jan Kais says:

        Hated her smarmy whinny Lucas- stalking character in One Tree Hill. I guess I still haven’t gotten over Payton.

    • trips999 says:

      As stunning as Alex is, her portrayal of her character never rang true for me. She’s so guarded that you don’t relate, nothing real about her is revealed; and that makes her unrelatable. You have to feel some connection with the character, good or bad, and every episode with her in it…..was waiting for the hook. Never came. She comes off as a stunning, great to see, manikin. When it was revealed that she was the granddaughter of the U Boat radio operator, figured for certain we would be given something to humanize her. Instead she suddenly throught out a the scene saver with “Midas” and they moved on. When Keller realized who she was, couldn’t believe they didn’t expound on that a little longer. Again, to help the viewers finally see her as something more than a hot fence with benefits. Was disappointed and glad to see her disappear during the rest of the episodes.

  41. MK35 says:

    “Meanwhile, the search into Neal’s past leads to Albuquerque, New Mexico”

  42. Annie says:

    THE BEST EPISODE EVER! i can’t wait till season 4 xx

  43. Destiel says:

    I loved the Season finale, but I grew to almost dislike Mozzie… don’t misunderstand me, I don’t really hate Mozzie or something like that, but for ME he’s like the “Devil on Neal’s shoulder” like Peter is the “Angel”… Mozzie is BAD news and Mozzie is a VERY bad influence and as long as Neal’s hanging out with him he might never be REALLY reformed… becaues Mozzie will NEVER be a throughout “good guy”… he won’t… he did some good things, definitely, he has a good heart, but he will always be a criminal… a lot more than Neal… and he will never want the life Neal desires for himself and apart from Neal there is no one he’s REALLY close to… yes, he likes Elizabeth and Peter and June, but not enough that he would stay with them if he could have something better… I really don’t like that… even though in THIS case there was NO other way to “save” Neal…
    I can’t even tell you how much I love and adore the relationship Peter and Neal have… I would say it’s similiar to Jane and Lisbon from “THE MENTALIST”… anyone watching this show? I stopped watching after… I think Season 3, but the things Lisbon did when Jane crossed a line and how often she just had his back and just TRUSTED him without even knowing what he was up to… it’s totally similiar, even though I have to admit: Peter/Neal touches me A LOT more than Jane/Lisbon ever did, but still there are some similarities in that… (okay, Jane’s not really a criminal – at least not a convicted one, but he DID lots of bad things, too, worse then Neal could ever do!), but yeah…
    I would love for Peter to have to find Neal because he needs his help. Like he lost his batch or something like that and they need a way to get him his job back or something like that… Peter definitely won’T look for Neal for “job reasons”, I think… At least that’s my guess!

    • trips999 says:

      I agree with you on Mozzie, but he’s the PERFECT antagonizer. Gotta have him to stir things up just when we are all getting cozy and comfy with Neil and Peter and the prospect of Neil becoming an FBI guy.

  44. Rachel says:

    What an emotionally exhaustive finale! Bravo to all of the writers and actors. Every scene was handled so perfectly.
    As to people seemingly disliking Sara, it’s actually a minority who do, and when they do, it’s because they usually love Alex, I’ve found. Me, personally? I so don’t want Alex to come back. I do really want Sara to stay, though. She and Neal are perfect. :D

    • Steve says:

      I thought this finale was made of amazing tonight. It really was exhausting and invigorating. You were on the edge of your seat the whole time. I am one of those people that actually like Sara. I hated her character at first but she grew on me. I think Neal and her would make a good fit. She likes to cross the line but she only does it for the right reasons. I think she could help balance Neal’s need for the rush out. However, I also love Alex and I hope we get to see her in a few episodes next season as well. Alex bring a whole other element of temptation for Neal other than Mozzie. She has the ability to get him in trouble as well. That be said… I am a man and can be shallow with the best of them. They are both beautiful ladies and I won’t mind seeing either on screen again. Hell even thrown in Elisha and I would be happy.

      • Olivia Berano says:

        The writers made Sara’s character, in the beginning, to be sort of a ‘bitch’in order for us to see the transition; in the beginning, testifying against him, to supporting him as we saw in the finale. (On a side note:For some viewers who hate (or hated) the character, in my opinion, meant that Ms. Burton was able to successfully deliver the character. I do hope to see her next season because aside from Peter, Sara will keep Neal grounded, in different level. I don’t think we need more temptation for Neal other than Mozzie. It will be an overkill.

  45. Sadie says:

    OMG!! What a fantastic episode! Youo could actually see Neal’s heart breaking as Peter gives him the okay to run, so tragic!!
    I predict that Neal’s father will be someone big, perhaps in the FBI. Ellen said he was a dirty cop, but that doesn’t mean he’s no longer a cop…

  46. Andy says:

    Can I through a question into the mix Could Kramer be Niels Corrupt cop “DAD”???? now chew that????

    • Carla says:

      i was thinking the same. With all that happened it´s the only logical explanation for Kramer to want Neal with him so bad that he is willing to use every method, legal or not.

      • Gabriela says:

        but how Neal wouldn’t recognize his own father? it seems like he was with his parents until his 18th birthday, so obviously he has met and lived with him. If Neal never knew who his father was or looked like, I would have buy it this. But it kind of falls on a null void when we learnt Neal had a pretty much “normal” family, childhood/upbringing: mom and dad and son(s)

        • Jordan Wolf says:

          Exactly Gabriela, he would of recognized his own father if Kramer was his dad. Kramer only wants Neal because he’s greedy and wants to solve cases in DC at the success rate that Peter and Neal have. There isn’t any love or family involved in Kramer’s desire lol.

          • Anubhab Saha says:

            I beg to differ in opinion Jordan..You are correct till the part where Kramer is not his family..but i think he has a much deeper agenda other than solving crime with neal..there is more to what meets the eye in case of kramer..may be project mentor has some part to play which supposedly came to end in season 2…may be kramer was behind it and now he is tying the loose end…they can also bring back kate..there is more role to her…because after tht plane explosion kate’s body was not found.

        • Gill says:

          18th birthday? I thought that they said that Neal’s dad “died” when he was 2 and when he went to sign up for the academy at 18 that his partner told Neal that his dad wasn’t dead. That’s what I remember anyway.

      • Saphire says:

        There is something I remember when Neal was talking to the E. Parker woman. When she was showing Neal the picture of him and his dad, she made the comment “you still have your father’s eyes” or something along those lines.
        So as much as logically Kramer could be his dad, unless the writers did not take this into account when they brought in the Kramer character, Beau Bridges esthetically has no resemblance to Neal whatsoever.

        • Destiel says:

          But maybe, just MAYBE Kramer is working for Neal’s dad? And that’s why he wants him so bad, because somewhere in DC or such (wherever he wants to “kidnap” Neal to) is his father waiting… that’s what I thought, but maybe there is no connection at all and Kramer is just an asshole who wants to hurt Peter XD

  47. Fuad says:

    First of all I’d like to say…AMAZING SHOW AND AMAZING FINALE! I’ve been hooked since the first season.
    Now, onto business. Reading through all the comments and re-watching the episode I’ve came to the realization that this would be the perfect time for USA to do a cross over between two shows. Either going the witness protection route and crossing over with “In Plain Sight” or since Neal will be out of the country and out of the FBI’s jurisdiction we could have a great crossover with “Covert Affairs” and the CIA.

  48. Ananda says:

    Love this show! And the last scene was heartbreaking – wanted Neil to find his home. But if we’re talking cross-overs – how about Auggie on Covert Affairs as Neil’s brother. They could bring back Oded Fehr and Neil, Peter, Auggie, and Eyal could go on a caper with Annie joining in… just dreamin’

  49. Ron says:

    Omg! Me too! I was excited to see if Neil will finally be able to get back with Sarah and live the new York life. I can’t wait till the next episode arghhhh’!

  50. Marie says:

    This is my favorite show on TV right now. I love the relationship between Peter and Neal. The ending made me a little sad, because I just wanted Neal to be free but not on the run. Anyway, in the last scene, I noticed that when Diana announced that Neal had run away, they didn’t show Peter and Diana in the same frame. So I’m hoping that Diana was speaking maybe to Kramer, and that the commutation board didn’t hear the news before they had a chance to make their decision. If they commuted Neal before they got the news that he had run away, then maybe his running away wouldn’t matter because he was a free man, and maybe Peter would find him to let him know that he is free and can come back to work with him if he wants to.

    • ducki says:

      I’m thinking the same thing!

    • Nadj says:

      I so totally agree! Because it would be too complicated to bring back Neal into the good side of the Law if he became an escaped convict (again). As mentioned in the article, FBI is either black or white, no gray areas. So if Neal cut-off his anklet before he is set free then this would be unforgivable to the FBI and he will be imprisoned for life. Worst, if he will not be allowed to work for Peter.

    • trips999 says:

      Diana was out on the deck when Peter was sitting there giving his views at the hearing. I was surprised when viewing that scene to see her out there and was curious if she had a moment of internal struggle to enter and announce Neil cut the anklet or not. She knew the extent of the internal fighting over Neil between Peter and the DC office. The Board heard that Neil bolted, but I was surprised that Peter looked surprised. He gave Neil the nod; and as Peter said, you corner Neil and rash decisions are made.