House Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Not Returning For Show's Series Finale

There’s no way to sugarcoat this, House fans: Huddy is history.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Lisa Edelstein will not be checking back into House before the show ends its run on May 21, dashing any remaining hope there was for one final House/Cuddy reunion.

Over the summer, series creator David Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady to put in another appearance before the final curtain drops and bring closure to Huddy. Edelstein, however, didn’t seem nearly as bullish on the prospect, telling TVLine in August, “I haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely. Who knows what I’ll be doing. I have a lot on my plate. I wouldn’t want to answer that and get anyone’s hopes up. It doesn’t seem like that’s the direction anyone is going in.”

It’s unclear why Edelstein’s comeback failed to materialize — for instance, was she actually asked back? And, if so, did negotiations end before they began? Reps for Fox and Edelstein declined to comment.

The network announced on Monday that House‘s May 21 finale will be preceded by an hour-long retrospective special looking back at the show’s eight-year run.

Reaction to House finale sans Huddy? Bummed? Excited because this means David Shore & Co. will likely put the focus on Gregory’s relationship with his other soul mate, Wilson? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Melissa says:

    I agree with the above comment and i think someone else said it, David Shore had the chance to do the right thing and walked in the other direction, where is the loyalty to the fans? A character isn`t just in the series for 7 years and then one day disappears. They haven`t even mentioned where Cuddy is, she moved well no duh!

  2. kell says:

    the silence from shore the effect that caused the destruction of the series

  3. Lorna says:

    So I see on EW site that JM says she was never contacted about appearing in the finale and it would be too late now. I wonder why JS was saying the writers would write her into the final few episodes if she would agree.

  4. Ennui says:

    Well he was chasing a pilot at NBC/U at the time, he was probably trying to say whatever would keep them happy.

    • Lorna says:

      Could be. It’s like they know the finale isn’t going to be well received and they’re trying to set LE and JM up to take the blame. “We had these great story lines that everyone would have loved, but LE and JM ruined it.” It’s very weird they should just say it didn’t fit with the story they had planned and they didn’t want to shoehorn them in. The PR they’ve been doing makes them come off a very disorganized.

      • @Lorna says:

        Sometimes things are exactly as they appear to be. If they’re trying to push the blame onto people who are no longer part of the show when they, in all likelihood, weren’t approached to be in the finale then it just goes to show how pathetic and disorganized they really are. I think it’s pretty much proof this show was cancelled and it wasn’t the ‘creative decision’ they said it was. Don’t expect a satisfying ending.

        • Lorna says:

          I think it was obvious it was cancelled and not a creative decision based on the timing and the comments by Kevin Reilly. Reilly had been hinting and in some cases flat out saying House was unlikely to be renewed, since back in August. At the same time Shore and Laurie were talking about a season 9. They also announced the end after they saw what the ratings were against full competition at 8 o’clock, when most of the season had been shot and written. If it had been a creative decision they would have announced it before the season began and they could have planned out extended arcs and maybe brought back some past actors.

  5. Belisa says:

    I’m late to this news but can I just say how sad this makes me. I would have loved to have seen Cuddy / Lisa Edelstein included in House’s last episodes. The character deserved better closure than David Shore and his writers have chosen to give her. Greg House as a character, House as a show and we as fans miss out by not having Lisa as part of the finale. I’m so sad about this I could cry.

  6. Laura says:

    “It’s unclear why Edelstein’s comeback failed to materialize — for instance, was she actually asked back? ”
    Now I am sure, that if Michael Ausiello is spending time w Lisa Edelstein on his Birthday, he knows well what is happening .So he wrote these words to give us hint that they really didn’t ask her back! TPTB is so stupid! Thas show now is crap without her.

  7. Tabitha says:

    Fox allowed DS to bow out and save face so they didnt have to do rhe inevitable which was cancellation. Based on really poor rating on episode that was super hyped with Hugh & Jeff W, they were toast. House made Fox a lot of money and probably figured they owed to DS

  8. Anne says:

    This is totally off the record (and it might even sound insensible), but I would totally crack up if House and Wilson ended being gay and together. Or at least pretending to be, like in an episode in season six, I think.
    As of Edelstein’s absense for the House Finale, I totally disapprove. If she’s not coming back for at least one of the last episodes so that she can clear things up with House, then I am sure that the show will have an awesome ending on its own, but I would definitely be annoyed at that unresolved gap in the story.

  9. tahina says:

    Not to take any credence to Mike’s news, but what if Lisa will indeed make a cameo or she has scenes in the series finales, and it be a total surprise to everyone..this is not to say it’s true, but it could happen. Same with JM. I remember on the X-Files, David Duchovny was not coming back for the series finale, and it was later announced, like 2 months prior, that indeed he was..everyone went crazy with the great news! Fingers crossed! :)

    • Lila says:

      That is very unlikely. House’s ratings are down if LE or JM were coming back they would want to milk it for all it was worth. You can’t surprise people if they’re not watching. They are down to about a month of filming and it’s only a little over 2 months before the finale ends now. How do you imagine there would be time to rewrite episodes and negotiate with the actresses now. JM said she was never asked, don’t you think if they wanted her back they would have asked as soon as they knew the show was ending. In Duchovny’s case I think they always wanted him back, but it was a matter of him being able to fit it in to his schedule. That doesn’t appear to be the case here.

  10. CarmenCru says:

    I liked Cuddy for as long as House was happy with her, but she was no match for him really. And I have not missed her at all, as I have not missed Cameron either.
    I assume the producers will not go for a typical happy-end, so I hope for an amazing House/Wilson friendship celebration!!

  11. K says:

    After first reading this article, I was depressed for the rest of the day LOL. I’ve come to accept it but even if she appeared in the last few minutes of the episode, that would be just beyond amazing. Cuddy has always been my favourite character, Lisa’s departure actually made me so sad haha. Emotionally, those two were the most believable colleagues to couple up on screen in such a long time, you really felt the affection between them, never felt forced or contrived. Fingers crossed maybe Hugh Laurie has something up his sleeve in regard to getting her to appear, Lisa and Hugh have a lot of respect for each other, I’m sure they’re still good friends. There still could be hope. Even if they could get her back for just one scene.

    • @K says:

      Interesting comment you made. I disagree. I don’t think they particularly give a toss about each other, beyond whatever scenes they had together. They’re just two people who used to work together and now they don’t. End of story. You must be a “Huddy” or , worse yet, a “HuLi.”

  12. Jeff says:

    I’m shocked at the downgrade of quality episodes in Season 8. I’ve watched the entire series (except for Season 7) and there wasn’t one episode where I found to be boring. Although I never saw the 7th Season, I’m sure it was just as good as the others, if not the best. There were certain video clips that I’ve seen online from that year and they’re just funny all around. I’ve seen a number of episodes from Season 8, and there just seems like there’s something missing. I don’t know if it’s Cuddy or what, but the show has become mildly boring to an extent. I do like the idea of Foreman becoming Dean of Medicine, that was intriguing.

  13. T-DuB says:

    So pissed at the fact cuddy will not be returning! I was looking forward to see her face one last time on the show!!! I disagree however with everyone who’s opinion is that the show is dead or already over or deserves to crash and burn. I think people are failing to realize that this show is not a happily ever after type show. The whole theme of the show is pretty much “everybody lies” not “everybody is happy”. I think we all expected and wanted deep down for huddy to happen and yes it did suck for them to be torn apart. But how long would the show have lasted with them together?? Probably about the same length I think. This show is all about throwing curve balls at you and I think that makes it great.. This newer team isn’t the great especially with dr. Park , I can get on board with that. But the show isn’t dead. House is even slowly changing into a human being. U can see that after chase got stabbed, and at the end of the episode when his wife comes back and in the episode with his mother and step dAd.. It’s heart warming and I think the writers and bringing this series to an end beautifully!

  14. T-DuB says:

    Honestly I just think whoever has a problem with the show and its direction is not a true house fan and does not really understand House. I saw that with respect and no offense to anyone.

  15. Erin "Lady E." McLaughlin says:

    I am a little bummed, but I knew the chances were slim. I love the prospect of Huddy but I stopped watching when they changed House’s team around the second time. Didn’t like the new team at all!

  16. Brilliant. Having Huddy back for a bow-wrapped ending would’ve been something House himself would mock us for wishing. Life is hard. Not all mistakes are forgiven. Odds are 2:1 that House meets his match and goes falling off a waterfall wrestling with him.

  17. Amanda says:

    I’m glad Lisa is not coming back but it’s b/c of the writers, not the actress. I think the writers did a horrible job with Huddy. And I know A LOT of people who agree with me.

  18. Wendy Heller says:

    I work in TV. It was my “ex” who got me to stay with “House” after seeing the first three episodes. My feeling was that it was the same story each episode. Someone had something very strange & frightening happen to them out of the blue. They ended up being a patient of the brilliant but insane Dr. House. His team, but mostly he narrowed the diagnosis down to either of two possibilities. It they treated for possibility one and it was two, patient would die, and vice versa. It wasn’t until the back story of House became a part of the episodes that I was hooked. I was intrigued to find out how he got to where he was. The revelations about Cuddy taking a class just to be able to be near him in med school felt believable. He was a maverick of the first order even then. To see the sexual attraction fueling the pre-teen stunts he pulled on her was endearing. When the tension really built and they finally were intimate (not sexually but when she stays with him as he tries to detox cold-turkey) I really felt exploring him sober with her would be great. When in Season 7 they finally tried to be a couple and faced various hurdles all couples who work together would face, I loved it. When they faced extraordinary obstacles – her possible cancer – I got a sinking feeling. When she left him because he wasn’t present for her in her time of weakness & fear, I understood her. After that when he tried, in albeit childish ways) to get back together (including her mother beautifully played by Candice Bergen) and realized who else would put up with either of them, I frankly thought David Shore was off his rocker not getting them cautiously together again. When contract renewals meant they wouldn’t raise Edelstein’s salary when clearly she was very much crucial to the series’ story arc and House’s character arc, I knew both Fox & Shore were beyond stupid. Losing Edelstein over money?? Seriously??
    So, I came to this last season, like many, with the hope that we’d get a finale with at least House finding her and making an amends. I hoped (through a flashback as he’s telling Wilson) that she’d be open enough to see him, they’d have a cup of coffee together, he’d not only do his 12 step amends, but reveal all he’d felt and how scared he’d been and how that’s one of his biggest regrets, the inability (due to mental illness) to be there for the woman he so deeply loved & how if he had it to do all over again, his jealousy wouldn’t have pushed him to be violent nor back to Vicodin. I hoped the last “note” would be her saying she’d think about accepting his apology. And that we’d see him with Wilson , who had warned him not to find her, let alone ask her to see him so he could make amends for his insanity. They’d talk, Wilson in the present moment, would put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, smile and say it took real courage to just say what he said, whether Lisa could accept it or not. House’s cell phone would ring as Wilson was trying to comfort House, he’d take the call, it would be Cuddy & all she’d say would be, “Okay, House. I accept your apology. The slate’s clean.” He’d do his House smirk (because he never told her he was back on drugs and she’d believed that he was working the 12 Steps & still sober, but then he’d start rubbing his eye because it was welling up in tears & walk away from Wilson. But nope, seems like they didn’t even contact Edelstein for a half-day shoot. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  19. Martha says:

    she has been a BIG part of this.. for 7 years.. how can she just say no??

  20. Carli says:

    So happy she won’t be back!!

  21. Roxi says:

    Yesterday the tvline.com reported an article, they asked from Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard what they think about Lisa Edelstein(Cuddy) will not in the finale.. Hugh told without Cuddy the finale will incomplete,but RSL think not necessary Cuddy’s return…. After RSL got many negativ comments and the article was delete after less than one hour… this is so interesting,haha :)

  22. BigSleeps says:

    LAME, Totally LAME! I thought she’d be back for the last episode for sure! I’ve always thought they’d kill House off at the end some how and everyone would be at the funeral. Funny tho, how its worded that she won’t be back BEFORE the finale. Does that mean she “might” be back for the last episode and only that episode?…

  23. aa sou says:

    hmm. still like house with or without Cuddy, went there for House and what he does and loved it. the cuddy and house relationship never really give that much impact to me. heck lydia (the woman house met in the Psychiatric Hospital) did a better part on being house partner than the whole cuddy house tandem.

  24. Mariel says:

    Without Cuddy THERE’s no Final.

  25. Bill says:

    What a bitch.

  26. David Jansen says:

    Lisa (Cutty) leaving proved only one thing, that Omar Epps is a terrible actor, he could never fill in for Lisa, he doesn’t have the acting “chops” to do it.

    • MrWTF says:

      Omars got the juice. Cruddy was just loose. She was always a persistant pain of a charactor. Her role consisted of annoyed looks and “hey look at my tits”. 13 has substantially more depth. Cruddy is just the puppy that follows house around holding him down. Her charactor was only strong as long as house was in the scene with her. She’s gone her returning could be written in but why at this point
      House needs to move to the next logical chapter and reintroducing her charactor at this point would be a step back.

  27. John says:

    some people care to much…. its just a show people get over it.

  28. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Shore and the other idiot writers already knows this is a big fault,but it’s too late!

  29. chrisk says:

    i still have hopes she will make an appearance lol

  30. stylz says:

    I just wanna bend Cuddly over and give her several hours of my fat cack deep in her shaved monkey knuckle.

  31. Mal Drouhse says:

    Clearly Edelstein had a major falling out with Shore — and no-one out there has publically stated the details. But it was enough to stop any chance of a cameo comeback. Shore looks like an unlikeable, swarmy prick to me. I’m on Edelstein’s side for that reason alone.

  32. aiza11 says:

    House without Cuddy even in the end? Total disrespectful to loyal fans who were with the show since season 1. Somehow, I’m glad the show is over! It’s sad that Wilson’s dying. What started as a brilliant show ended with a disappointment, well at least to me :(

  33. PaulC says:

    Really dislike the hate mail here directed at Edelstein. She is a perfectly fine actress, and I loved her performance and the sexual chemistry with House – and it should have stayed on that will they/won’t they fine edge. Once you consummate, where have you got to go?
    But wasn’t the reason for her leaving, that the real-life sexual chemistry between them became too much to bear, and Hugh’s inevitable inner turmoil? Which is why, regrettably, they have to stay apart for at least a while…..? I admit, this is speculation…..

  34. Jeff says:

    Wow! I can’t believe I just read all of that!! Ok, I’m, not going to trash on any of the characters or the writers/producers.. Truth is, I watched House for 8 years and I followed the story where ever it decided to go. Some good episodes, some not so good. Was I disappointed Lisa was not in the Finale’? Yes! SOMEONE made a mistake. Whether it was her or the show doesn’t matter. The episode would have been better if she made even a brief appearence. I will miss the show but enjoyed the way it ended. Thank you!

  35. Becca says:

    Lisa Edelsteins character’s name was Lisa Cuddy NOT Lisa Huddy. If you’re to write and article on a show you should at least know the character’s names.

  36. Lucas says:

    Personally, I was waiting for a final Cuddy scene in the finale. But, it didn’t happen. I was a little sad, but not so much. It was great the finale. For me, the best episode of the 8th season, along with ‘Nobody’s Fault’ and ’20 Vicodin’. It was strange to me, that Cuddy wasn’t in any of the 22 episodes, but it was cool because I could see how the main characters moved around without her.

  37. EmsStinson says:

    Personnaly, I wasn’t begging for House and Cuddy to be back together, I mean, they tried, and finally they were better without each other.
    One thing though : it would have been so great if Lisa Edelstein had been there for the last episode, not getting back with House, but you know,just saying something at the funeral. It’s sad that she was’nt here because of all the female characters in House’s life, she was definitely the most important one, and their story began years before they officially started to date.
    So all I have to say is : the end was brilliant, awesome and I found it great that it was focused on House/Wilson, but Cuddy was really missing. Thanks anyway, to anyone who participate to that fantastic, magnificient show !

  38. ABP says:

    I HATED it!! So much! I loved House but it didn’t end right.

  39. ABP says:

    I mean they didn’t resolve that relationship at all. And on the side my two favorites were 13 and Chase.
    I did love house tho and I’ll miss it

  40. deb says:

    Didn’t see finale but sounds as if no one really knows whether he dies or not. Entertaining for a while, but the character was pretty much a selfish, arrogant, selfish, pompous addict. It got ‘old’ after a while. There’s a reason for that misery….Show never seemed to figure it out.

  41. Anaëlle (France) says:

    Premise, I don’t speak any English but I try my best.
    ”They also monitored the audience and saw that in fact most of interest is to Huddy.”
    Sorry but…are you kidding? Do you know House was a big success in the first three season with 20 million vievers, after season 4 every season loss million and million viewers, in practice after season 4 changes, they lose half of its audience. And it’s not a American Idol or 8 pm effect because first six episode of season 3 have aired without American Idol and at 8 pm and have almost 20 million the same. TPTB never understand their audience, House died after season 3 in the hearts of the great public and critical acclaim. Huddy and all soap-operish stuff, cast changes, and patients in background destroy it. In my country (France) the show has aired only in 2007, but even there only the first series have been successful.

  42. EmsStinson says:

    Yeah, cause House is the ONLY tv show who ever lost fans after a few seasons. Come on, get your head out of your ass : people get bored so fast all TV shows suffer after 3-4 seasons, that’s how it works ; and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t related to Huddy.