House Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Not Returning For Show's Series Finale

There’s no way to sugarcoat this, House fans: Huddy is history.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Lisa Edelstein will not be checking back into House before the show ends its run on May 21, dashing any remaining hope there was for one final House/Cuddy reunion.

Over the summer, series creator David Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady to put in another appearance before the final curtain drops and bring closure to Huddy. Edelstein, however, didn’t seem nearly as bullish on the prospect, telling TVLine in August, “I haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely. Who knows what I’ll be doing. I have a lot on my plate. I wouldn’t want to answer that and get anyone’s hopes up. It doesn’t seem like that’s the direction anyone is going in.”

It’s unclear why Edelstein’s comeback failed to materialize — for instance, was she actually asked back? And, if so, did negotiations end before they began? Reps for Fox and Edelstein declined to comment.

The network announced on Monday that House‘s May 21 finale will be preceded by an hour-long retrospective special looking back at the show’s eight-year run.

Reaction to House finale sans Huddy? Bummed? Excited because this means David Shore & Co. will likely put the focus on Gregory’s relationship with his other soul mate, Wilson? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jill says:

    Works for me. The unpleasant Huddy relationship ruined the show.

  2. Danii says:

    Srsly? they owe it to the fans to ask her to come back. I’m mad that she isn’t coming back, i stopped watching when she left. The show runners dont seem to respect Lisa Edelstein.

  3. Wooster says:

    Remember “BROKEN” & “20 Vicodin”
    Thoses were EPIC!!! And Hugh deliver a stellar performance with others actors better than the original cast…
    And even episodes like: “Baggage”-” Help me”
    “After Hours”….and take out all the scenes with Edelstein and some of the Duclikngs.. Even alone, Hugh still perform like a pro….
    So I have no fear that the ending will not deliver…

    • Dani says:

      I’m sorry but ‘Broken’ was fine if you took it as a stand-alone movie. It dealt with next to nothing that had been set up in the season 5 finale. As for ’20 Vicodin’ it was a love letter to Alcatraz (the film)and The Shawshank Redemption, but failed to live up to them by incorporating every tired, fictionalized prison cliche known to mankind. Seriously. It’s like they had a checklist. Old, but wise inmate to play chess with: check! Younger inmate who doesn’t know his own strength, but comes to the ‘hero’s’ aid in the end: check! Spate in solitary confinement: Check! Etc! Etc!
      As for ‘After Hours’ without LE/Cuddy’s presence, well, House would have bled to death in that bathtub wouldn’t he? Now that would have been game-changing…

      • mila says:

        Bravo,Dani!!!! And this show is all fake now without Cuddy character.
        House is probably proud of what he did to her!No regret ,no sadness, no shame at all for what he did to her. Well,it’s how DShore want us to see his creation. Jerk, who uncapable to regret, to love. What wrong with you people? Nor Cuddy doesn’t deserve this, neither House which we loved 7 years!

    • Lila says:

      If you take out the rest of the cast you are watching HL’s master class on acting angst ridden. No denying he does angsty well. It’s not really a show though without other people in it. Without good writing you’re watching an acting exercise in rising above the material. I noticed HL, LE and RSL overcoming some clunky writing last season, but that’s the problem I noticed it when I should have felt moved by the story. I also noticed all the actors phoning it in at the end of last season including HL.

      • Jeeves says:

        I noticed HL and RSL overcoming clanging writing but LE never delivered. She cannot project loving,tenderness, grief, compassion. She was very good at the beginning as a sharp administrator but later failed to deliver drama.
        Huddy failed through lazy writing (depending on HL) and mediocre acting by LE.

  4. Percy says:

    I’m sorry, but what the hell was the point of Cuddy the character in all of the other seasons then? This is exactly how NOT to do a series finale.

    • spoilerchicka says:

      Percy, you said it perfectly! No Cuddy and crap writing plots are the reasons the show was cancelled. When Cuddy left the show, the spark/energy/banter died out. We were left with the pre-series for Grumpy Old Men’s House and Wilson. Yawwwwwn. I can’t believe how lousy Shore has boggled this situation. No one has called Lisa Edelstein? What idiots. Hope these morons enjoy their unemployment. By the way,while I use to like “Greg House” I find he’s aged badly and looks pretty tired. Same can be said for the show. Edelstein looks brilliant for realizing how bad things were going and escaped just in time.

  5. Lorna says:

    So what is this site going to do for page hits now? House related post have always been one of the top comment getters, though it’s fallen off recently. Cuddy related post do better than the non-Cuddy. Now that everyone knows she isn’t coming back and House is cancelled, what will they milk for page hits? This really is news, Eonline and this site reported there weren’t plans to bring her back last week. This is just confirmation.
    Better hope Glee stays on the air for a while and good blind items keep coming in.

  6. kevin says:

    Bring Cameron & Thirteen back for the series finale.

  7. Sam says:

    Good for Lisa! Steering clear from the remains of a once decent show.
    Lisa returning would have been the only reason I would have tuned in, and now I won’t have to bother.
    The sooner the show and Greg House are dead and buried the better!

  8. shiremaid says:


  9. bringcuddyback says:

    “TPTB had no power left to stand up for the woman who stood up for & promoted the show year after year when no one else wanted to do it.”
    That about sums it up.

    • Karomana says:

      LE promoted the show to promote herself.This way she got more important than she really was.
      Who would she be without House?

      • Smile says:

        Exactly what she is now, a respected character actress (admittedly with less money).

      • Ohboy! says:

        And do you honestly think that other actors do promotion for selfless reasons? It’s part of your job to keep yourself and the show you work on in the public eye when you’re an actor. How is that a bad thing?

  10. D says:

    You know part of me did wonder if they had the b*lls to pull a PR stunt: a final ‘Everybody Lies’. It’s interesting that neither Lisa or Fox are commenting. I doubt it, but I guess already being cancelled they can afford to play chicken with the ratings. Who knows?

    • Danielle says:

      This is a value point tptb have jerked the audience around before whose to say this isn’t another stunt? I’ll still hold out hope you’d think LE would want some closure to and I find it beyond interesting that neither she or the network is commenting seems logical for them to release some sort if statement such as when she announced she was leaving and then the announcement of the final season kind of seems like one plus one does not equal two yet.

      • D says:

        I wouldn’t put any bets on it being the case, so don’t build up your hopes at all. I just wouldn’t put it past them trying to pull a stunt on the same scale as bringing Amber back from the dead. I still doubt it though.

      • Lorna says:

        When they’ve jerked around the audience in the past they were implying that something would happen not that it wouldn’t. Like teasing that Cameron could come back in season six and seven or that LE might be back for as guest over the summer when they hadn’t asked her. There is no reason for LE to make a statement 9 months after she left the show, she didn’t quit twice. The network didn’t comment last may when she didn’t renew, why would they now.
        There isn’t really a source listed. I think they are being honest and LE isn’t coming back, but this isn’t exactly an official statement, someone may be leaking something they weren’t supposed to. There isn’t really any advantage in being definitive about someone not returning. It could be that someone decided to end speculation because they were tired of it, or LE requested that they stop using her for publicity, or they are hoping that the audience will become more engaged in the story line they have if they aren’t expecting one that won’t happen.

  11. Little Greg says:

    Girl, you got this. Head high.
    Mr. Shore, you are an idiot.

  12. jaded says:

    Whatever, I have been done with House since the stupid season 7 finale so this is really no surprise. Not watching and won’t be watching the finale..

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t care about “Huddy” at this point. That’s not why I wanted her to come back for the finale. I was hoping she would come back because she was a huge part of the show for so long, she didn’t get a proper send-off and it’s not the same without her. For it to end without her there just seems so wrong to me.

  14. Lizzie says:

    I’m kind of surprised by my reaction, but the truth is, I like House better WITHOUT Cuddy!

  15. D says:

    The show was NOT cancelled. David Shore & creators chose to end due to $ negotiations dragging on re syndication etc,he needed time to finish series the way he wanted. This series has been groundbreaking by appealing to really sophisticated audience. It’s well written and unique . If anyone’s looking for teeny bopper romance they are in need of another show! This reminded me of some great novels & discussions on English Literature classes in college years ago. It’s brilliant & multilayered writing. It got derailed somewhat IMO by dragging out a horrible portrayal of the Cuddy stuff. This season with the DS influence has been excellent and back on track. Great season.!!!

    • erin bowers says:

      Not Cancelled … Rightttt…. well keep this just between US (Wink-Wink)

    • Nice try says:

      The “sophisticated audience” philosophy got a mercy flush back in the beginning of S5.

    • Dani says:

      Whilst I’m glad you’re still enjoying it, if you put House up against a lot of other shows it just doesn’t stand up in terms of dynamism, consistency and breadth of ideas. That’s a real shame because I think Shore put a lot of interesting ideas out there initially that weren’t on offer elsewhere. He just failed to build on them through dropped plots and sloppy characterisation. What killed this show wasn’t a ship or paying more attention to one character, it was a lack of creativity and an unwavering adherence to formula. If you bury your main character’s ankles in concrete and don’t allow them to slowly evolve you don’t get edgy and innovative, you increasingly get boring and repetitive and that’s why ratings have dropped off over the years. No matter what happens to House he never learns and he’s always backs to square and that’s as dull as it sounds, unless you’re a sadist.

    • D says:

      I just want to point out to anyone who might care that multiple people using the name “D” have posted in this article, and the person above is not this “D” posting right now. (Though I agree with the bulk of what other “D” said, even if I would have worded it differently).

      • @D says:

        It was cancelled, but the network allowed them to save a little face and release a statement that it was a ‘creative decision’. Shore wanted a Season 9, but Fox didn’t.

    • Lila says:

      You’re kidding right? That’s just a diplomatic way of canceling a show. If the ratings hadn’t been so low Fox would have wanted it to continue and the negotiations wouldn’t have dragged on or Shore could have been confident that there would be another season as they were every other year they had to negotiate. It’s pretty obvious that they waited to see how the ratings were when they moved back to 8 and went up against full competition, since they cancelled it two days later. If it was even Shore and co.’s choice to end it, they did it because they knew it was unlikely to get renewed. Kevin Reilly said it was unlikely to be renewed at the TCAs a few weeks before it was announced. No one choses to end their own show when they have only a hand full of episodes left to shoot for artistic reasons.

    • Maria says:

      Is D for David? Is that you, Shore?

  16. alise says:

    so glad they cancelled that show. Stupidity and craziness of TPTB killed this anyway. I have little hope that LE returning can to restore this destroyed building. But i think it’s to better, that she won’t dealing with this desperate mess. I love Cuddy and I know that in AU House and Cuddy will be together forever. No matter how they will choise to end S8.”House” for me ended on 7*14.All series after this it’s just proof of TPTB mental disorder. Shame on them and on FOX and Universal!

  17. h. says:

    It’s sad that the show can’t go out on the high that it started, but I guess with this season anyway, that wasn’t likely. I mean, I cannot seriously get over the whole driving his car into Cuddy’s house. It wasn’t even like bad fanfiction because that’s insulting to any author that’s done bad fanfiction.

  18. Jane E says:

    What a big mistake! This is the one person who could control House as a boss and was such a important part of the show for so many years. As for House she was his obsession and it would have been nice to have her back. Also for the fans because having her leave with no good byes was very unfair to the viewing audience.

    • HouseObsessedAgain says:

      House has a mother. Her name is Blythe.

    • Se8 says:

      Huddy fans were obsessed with Cuddy and she was the one obsessed with House.She said so!
      After all House was in love with other women and has a best friend.
      Cuddy has noboby ( Lucas ha!) and needed a child to validate herself.
      And when did she control Hpuse? She always caved in. That was TPTB way of validating a character they could not write anything interesting about and who ended being clueless administrator and a shrewish lover
      What a great image of independent womanhood!

  19. Kendall says:

    So a character who hasn’t appeared on House at all this season won’t be appearing in this season.
    How is this even news?

    • Lila says:

      It’s pretty common to bring back characters in the final season of shows, ER did I think DH is doing it. Plus in this case some people involved in the show teased that it could happen.

  20. Wooster says:

    With all this “brouhaha” or backlash over Edelstein’s desicion…whatever if she did(or not) receive a phone call/an offer to comeback & refuse… It’s possible, that (if they didn’t start shooting) she might show her face/a little cameo (of 3min) at the last minutes..just to give us a proper goodbye for thoses (like me) who’s been watching since day1 and will continue until the very last one..to support HLaurie, who lead that series on his schoulders and help not only his career, but launches her and the rest of the cast to get offers in future projects or simply, lived theirs lives comfortable with $$$$ of the repeats in syndication anywhere on this planet

  21. therese says:

    I am probably the only person who is pleased about this. I hated Huddy, don’t like cuddy either. Actually I am glad house is finishing it is done.

  22. dee says:

    I take it you don’t know what quotation marks signify?

  23. dee says:

    And when did the ratings start to drop? LAST season during the height of the Huddy crap.

    • Notevenclose says:

      Ratings started to drop last season when Huddy broke up and the character of Cuddy was backburnered…..Then 13 came back and ratings dropped even lower.

      • Se8 says:

        Ratings started to drop in Se6 when we had to watch House pining for Cuddy. Se7, they continued to drop and never recovered.

        • Whyareyouhere? says:

          The ratings in s7 were stable until Bombshells, viewers were fine with Huddy it was only when it ended they left.

          • caronte says:

            I doubt people are fine with Huddy, season 7 have just 9 millions of viewers very far from 20 million in golden ages (season 1-3) after season 3 every year has fewer viewers than previus, so the start of the end is season 4.

    • Flor says:

      And what is the excuse for this season´s reatings now? ;)

    • Dani says:

      Ratings started to go down significantly in season 6, which was actually Hilson heavy, and when they once again threw another roadblock in the form of the Luddy arc to keep House and Cuddy apart. In Season 7 they stayed pretty steady, peaked in ‘Family Practice’, which was a heavy Huddy ep, and then slowly tapered off after the break up. This season they peaked with the premiere – I guess because people wanted to see the aftermath of the crash- and they’ve dropped to the point where they’ve now got a smaller audience than when they started the show.
      You can blame one ship or one actress all you like, but the fact is the writing failed to deliver.

  24. socalgal says:

    Not a fan of seasons 7 or 8, but I’ll watch to the end. It is, after all, just a TV show.

  25. Monique says:

    I just want Cuddy back. I’m going to go cry in a corner now.

  26. Alex says:

    This is just terrible and just downright disappointing for me. Setting aside the Huddy story line, Lisa Cuddy was one of the original characters on the show and we cannot simply disregard her stay on the show for the past 7 seasons just because she dated and broke up with House. If Olivia and Jennifer have expressed their feelings about returning even just for the finale, Lisa should be given the same opportunity as she also played a huge part in House’s life and that alone cannot be considered irrelevant. I really hope that Shore and Co. can negotiate something with her because ending the show without her just doesn’t make sense. I mean, its not like her character died like Kutner or Amber’s. That’s just my two cents.

  27. john holman says:

    im sorry but isnt it called house not huddy the main character is greg house / hugh laurie its a shame that cuddy wont return but its not the end of the world

  28. HouseObsessedAgain says:

    Thank you Baby Jesus. Now I can sit back and relax and enjoy my fav show.

  29. housefan says:

    never written here before but I gotta ask: how recent was this interview with LE? it says the interview is from August and things have changed since then…are you expecting to get confirmation from David Shore??

  30. YES says:

    Oh thank God. I didn’t mind Cuddy as a character on her own, but her relationship with House was just poorly executed and I’m glad she won’t be back because they’d probably do the same thing again. It wouldn’t have even made sense to try to reunite them, House hasn’t shown any signs all season that he has missed her at all

  31. Kat says:

    It would be a shame for House to end without Cuddy and Cameron! I would hope ABC would lend Jennifer out and Lisa doesn’t have a full time gig so I can’t see why she wouldn’t come back.
    I am so sick of these actors trying to talk politics and telling us to keep enacting social programs to give to the needy when none of them actually work a full year and when they pull stuff like this. As an actor you may not like the producers of your show but you don’t come back for them – you come back for the fans because without the fans an actor is nothing!
    This reminds me of when SMG refused to come back for the final ep of Angel because Joss Whedon didn’t give her everything she wanted to do it. And this was after David Boreanz came back and did the final ep of Buffy! Or when Noah Wiley left ER because he was working too hard.
    These actors don’t know what it is to work hard or what it’s like to bust your butt for very little money. I am sick of them all!

  32. angy says:

    fox public relations without comment

  33. nitemar says:

    Too bad, feel sorry we will never have Huddy closure. But David Shore destroyed Lisa’s character, so its better that she wont be back for more destruction of Cuddy..thanks, but no thanks. For me House ended with Help Me in season 6.

  34. Paul Cross says:

    I really miss Cuddy too. I just have one question for you. If your boyfriend drove his car through your house, would you want to see him again?

    • crocme says:

      good point! they won’t be able to bring her back because the storyline would suck anyway.

    • Dani says:

      Actually yeah. I’d have wanted him to face up to what he’s done, and that would have been in character for Cuddy to have faced him down too. Skulking off to prison to feel sorry for himself was one of the most cowardly things he’s done.

  35. Doya says:

    This is very sad. They really started fumbling in season 6 when they failed to follow-thru and it only got worse. The writing has just been weak, their PR a disaster, and their choices catastrophic. It’s as if they want to destroy their legacy. It’s sad for Hugh Laurie, whose name will carry this legacy. And yes, it is the way it ends that will be the way it’s remembered. Sad but true. They are ending on a very bad note.

  36. soSad says:

    Sad to read that, but it wont stop me watching until the final credits take this show that has entertained me these last 8 years, into re-run heaven. I mean thats what its all about in the end right! entertainment!

  37. Wooster says:

    Seriously, she act like a Diva.. If she’s so good was she pretend to be, she have/leading her own series already & sucking up all thoses long hours…
    Instead,she taking secondary roles in “other” series (like 3 little episodes in The Good Wife) or in boring tv/movies on Lifetime!
    Blame yourself Edelstein, (not HLaurie or DShore) for yr Bad judgement & desicion… :(

    • JT says:

      it’s not Mrs Edelstein who wrote this huddy crap.

    • aurore says:

      So refusing to take a salary cut is acting like a diva… may be you should let your boss know. I’m sure he will be happy to cut your salary too. See how you like it.
      And Shore said several time that he would like to see her back in the show without ever calling her. So yes he is to blame. If he doesn’t want her back he shouldn’t tell her fan he does.
      You can like her or not as an actress, but I think she did what a lot of us would have done.

      • draminatz says:

        “She did what alot of us would have done?
        No. Speak only for yourself. I think MOST people would have swallowed their pride after the stern Fox warning and evaluated the entirety- not thinking ONLY of oneself. Perhaps she wasn’t well or there really were personal reasons why she left. Why is this not possible? In this case, I understand but she could have said that..no?
        With the total absence of real comment from her or her publicists…speculation continues to grow and fester. This is apparently what she wants. How sad.
        She was not someone who cared about the show and left. She cared for herself and after being slapped on the wrist…decided to POUT.
        She seems like a spoiled child to me. I’m sorry to bring this up but why shouldn’t she seem immature in this decision to not speak? After all, she has never had a husband or family of her own. She is used to thinking ONLY of herself.
        I’m sure she will get other roles and hopefully they will be better than “Blue Butcher” and that awful Paul thing. Her dog pictures are awfully nice though. Today’s radio interview in which the interviewers mentioned how sternly they were told not to mention House or Hugh really does add fuel to the fire. She is nasty and spiteful and she wants this kind of horrid talk to continue.
        I will now totally ignore her because her acting is not so spectacular. She was very lucky to get this role IMHO. very. She will most likely wait a lifetime before she ever comes to see anything as memorable. People will always remember that in the end, she was not there. In the end, she left. In the end…she cared more about herself than she did for the show.
        So awful. So sad. A woman I once admired and thought was sunshine turned out to be a typical grade-a PHONY. I only hope she stays far away from Hugh and his family forever.

        • Ex-Huddy/HuLi says:

          You express my own feelings,draminatz.
          I am surprised by how blinded some people still are!
          She showed her true colours when after leaving the show she never said a good word about her co-workers.

        • Iluvtrolls says:

          Bwah! You’re hilarious. Have you ever thought of trying standup?
          LE was promoting a new project, not talking about previous projects/ co workers is just part of the drill. It’s the way the PR game works. LE has been complimentary about the show in general in every interview she has given since leaving the show. She doesn’t owe anyone anything.

          • Ex-Huddy/HuLi says:

            Complimentary while she was on the show.
            However after she left she expressed her relief at being able to be “free” of the restrictions of working at the show, how she could have a “life” again and be able to use her intelligence from now on!
            She also remarked how it was more pleasant working at TGW set than at House.
            What’s more, after leaving she never uttered a good word about her co-workers.
            That is why I am so totally disappointed in her.

          • @Ex-HuddyHuli says:

            Twisting comments taken out of context doesn’t make them true. Don’t you ever get tired of it?

    • LaLaLa says:

      Dear Wooster—– Lisa never blamed Shore & Laurie. Get your facts right. You don’t know if she thinks her decisions were bad or good.

      • Jeeves says:

        She said she needed to leave the show because it was taking over her life and narrowing her creative choices!
        That is a diva for you….

        • @Jeeves says:

          No she said she was sad and disappointed to be leaving the show/character, but that it would open up new opportunities for her which it will do. As it will for everybody else when it finishes.

  38. Christine Carpentier says:

    C’est bien dommage !!! :(

  39. Maddy says:

    I am so going to miss these pointless arguments when House finishes.

  40. J says:

    Totally fine with it. The Huddy thing ruined the show. Season 7 became more about the characters personal lives than about solving the cases. Besides, the Huddy thing was doomed to fail from the beginning. House should have finished at season 3. It’s just formulaic and repetitive now, and I’m not surprised the ratings have basically collapsed over the last few years.

    • Arthur S. says:

      Season 8 is the worst season in the show history and there is no Cuddy. In my opinion the best seasons were 2, 3, 4 and 5. And Cuddy was always one of the most interesting characters.

      • Ex-Huddy/HuLi says:

        Sorry, only up to Se4. When she became a mother she totally lost it. And that was LE’s genius idea. Pity TPTB went along with it.

        • Dani says:

          Nope she said to them around season 2 there was a possibility that she might get pregnant in the next few years, so THEY decided to work in the IVF storyline etc around that. The execution of the adoption may not have been great, but again that was down to the way it was written. LE was never a writer or a producer so she’s had little input into how things turned out. Even if she made suggestions, at the end of the day, it was their decision and responsibility to say yes or no.

          • Ex-Huddy/HuLi says:

            Of course it was ultimately their decision and I agree the writing of Cuddy/mother was not of the best.
            But whereas HL succeeds in overcoming mediocre writing, unfortunately LE was not capable to do so, as she failed to emote motherly/caring feelings.
            As for having little input, LE boasted how it was her idea, as well as the one-night-stand and as she was best friends with KJ she evidently managed to push it.

  41. solo1861 says:

    I’ sad but I expected it. David Shore has been know to make false comments just to keep fans quiet. Saying she might be back and never contact her (again) is disrespectful not only for fans but for Lisa Edelstein too.
    So even if I’m gonna miss Hugh Laurie, I’m really glad it’s the last season. The time when House was the best show on tv is long gone.

  42. Arthur S. says:

    This makes me really sad and now i´m sure i won´t be tuning in for the series finale. Lisa played the best female character and the only woman besides Stace that House ever loved. There is no redemption for this show without her. I just wish her the best in her future. I read she wants to produce now and i really wish her luck even if i´d like to see her on TV again.

    • Valerie says:

      Hahaaaa oh you poor delusional you. blind people

    • Karomana says:

      He also loved Lydia and would have stayed with her if she did not leave.
      Seems to me Cuddy was a default second best and we were mislead by LE and the TPTB who wanted to whip up interest for crappyHuddy.
      “poor delusional” us. But our eyes are open now.
      House will have the best ending without useless Cuddy.

      • Ohplease says:

        Yeah I’m sure House would have got on really well with Lydia and her hoard of children when he could barely cope with one.

        • Karomana says:

          Have you really watched {H}ouse?
          House always related better with children than with adults. Children patients/relatives interactions with House gave us some of the best scenes of the show.
          By the end of Se7 Rachel is missing her “partner” crime, House, and wants him to come back and play with her.
          The one who couldn’t relate to children was Cuddy. Even with her own child she is aloof. All this “I need to be a mother” arc destroyed her character.

  43. suzmum says:

    I am terribly disappointed that they can’t (or, perhaps more likely) won’t) get Lisa Edelstein back for the finale – even if only as part of a fantasy sequence. Although there have been a few strong episodes, this season seems to be going nowhere creatively (I loathe the fact that they brought Dominika back – she is such a bimbo), and I actually feel physically ill to think that such a wonderful series is going to end so ignominiously.

  44. Fiz says:

    The decison taken by David Shore and the other showrunners (Katie Jacobs, Greg Yaitaines and Hugh Laurie) not to ask Lisa Edelstein back to play Cuddy for the shows last episodes once more demonstrates the astounding lack of vision and creativity that has been evident in this show in Season 8. Cuddy’s return would have been a gateway to adding a poinancy and nuance to the show that has been missing this season it might have also allowed us to watch some decent acting between Hugh and Lisa – and god knows decent acting has been something that has been sorely missing from all the female characters this year!! All David Shore seems to be interested in is driving this show into the ground, disenfranchising as many fans as possible and destroying the last vestiges of dignity that House as a character and as a show had. Showrunners should study House as a study in how not to run a show and how not to interact with fans, I can well believe the rumours that David Shore is an industry laughing stock at the moment. This show was gold, his decisions have turned it into cancelled crap.

    • E says:

      No, the laughing stock is Lisa “I’m the leading lady” Edelstein who was convinced she was worth more and other producers would flock to hire her. Her stint on The Good Wife didn’t play well enough for them to ask her back again & she isn’t even on the radar to being cast in another network show.

      • Val says:

        Well said amen to that.

      • Fiz says:

        Well if the House peeps had valued Lisa Edelstein and recognised that she was their leading lady perhaps the show would not be in the mess it is in right now and all these good people would not be on this site commenting on their dissapoinment that she will not be returning for the shows finale. Your vitriol is misplaced the show is the laughing stock not this fine and talented actress.

        • Merkof says:

          Unfortunately from the moment LE started putting on “leading lady” airs and TPTB went along with it the show started going downhill. The interest was shifted from the originality of the House character to the cliched “love interest”. LE did not have the real talent for a leading role and together with uninspired writing Huddy failed.
          Fortunately, for some of us, TPTB woke up, even if later than sooner, and wrote her off the show.
          Best Huddy moment: House parking his car in her dining room.
          Now I know she is not coming i have hopes for a worthy ending for House.

          • Getyourfactsstraight says:

            The definition of a ‘leading lady’ is the woman who takes the billing with or next to the leading man. If you take a look at the credits from Season 1 to 7 you’ll see LE’s name always appeared straight after Hugh Laurie’s and before either Robert Sean Leonard’s or Omar Epps’. That’s not down to them just being polite and putting ladies first, that’s a contractual privilege which was always there. Whether or not she had more screen time later, she was always the ‘leading lady’. As for acting talent I’ll beg to differ.
            And if you can joke about the crash, then you really deserve the juvenile tortoise races etc that they’re passing for drama these days.

          • @ Getyourfactsstraight says:

            In reply to Getyourfactsstraight: The reason Edelstein was listed after Hugh Laurie in the credits is because they listed names alphabetically after the star of the show. Not because she had any “contractual privilage” due to her stellar resume. I guess nobody explained that to her either and thats why she was under the delusion she was the “lead actress” in the series. I wonder what other delusions she was under whilst working on this show……

    • Grrrlpwr says:

      So True @Fiz :-( . But hey at least DS and his merry band of misogynists stayed true to themselves, spiteful and bitter until the end.
      On the plus side this news has set me free :-) No need to follow anything House related any more.

  45. Nancy says:

    How about if STACY comes back??

  46. Maria says:

    Only one remark: Here, in Spain, FOX Channel is announcing in TV the season EIGHT episodes of House MD ( we are on the 10 now) with the silhouette of Cuddy for a few seconds, and then after replace by this season Gregory House figure. This remarks they need her to raise audience.

  47. Royallyhackedoff says:

    Dear David Shore,
    On behalf of all the women out there who’ve suffered abuse at the hands of their ex partners, physical and mental, (which may or may not include vehicular destruction of their property), I’d just like to thank you for deciding to follow through on the perpetrator’s story and ignoring the victim’s. Your legacy could have been about a physically and mentally damaged genius eventually finding peace of mind, but no you laughed in the face of conventional wisdom to stay ‘edgy’. Instead you will forever and a day be remembered as the guy who used to have the most watched show in the world, but then defended your protagonist’s dangerous and destructive actions by ludicrously claiming, “He wasn’t trying to hurt Cuddy, he was aiming for her house.” Did the home in question offend him in some way? Had it slept with another residence behind his back? Had it threatened to kick him in his man bits if he didn’t stay away from its owner? Another dropped plot in a veritable raging sea of them. How is Wilson’s brother by the way?
    No Sir, as a fellow writer, I applaud you and your comrade-in arms, Mr Yaitanes (who conveniently jumped ship before the end). Your dogged determination over the years to portray women as nothing more than expendable, cliche-ridden sum totals of their physicality, in order for you to work out your hang ups against my, let’s face face it, terrible gender have been nothing if not consistent. Who knows? Maybe in a few years time if nothing in TV materialises again, perhaps the Republican Party will be in need of a new candidate. You go David! ;)

    • Fiz says:


    • D says:

      Wow. Any actual conservatives wish to chime in on this? House, the show, is pretty damn liberal. There are actual blogs that have pointed this out.
      And all this boohoohoo over the crash just makes me wonder… What would have happened if it wasn’t a woman’s house? Why is that a correlation to what happened? The fact that people chose to look at it in the form of a man doing something harmful to a woman is alarming; it stinks of a double standard. No one seems to mind that he crashed his car; it’s the fact the house belonged to a woman. Odd.

      • Stillroyalllyhackedoff says:

        By all means there used to be elements of the show that were incredibly liberal, including attitudes to abortion, but as the years went on those faded into the background. I’ve read similar blogs and I’m also aware that Eli Attie used to work for Al Gore, but as much as they bang their liberal drum they write for the foremost conservative/right-wing network in the country, and their attitudes to women in general in their work increasingly seem to mirror those of their choice of employer.
        I genuinely worry for you and the people around you if you consider what House did to Cuddy’s home, and the furore surrounding it, as a ‘boohoohoo’. There might be some weight to your argument if the crash hadn’t been precluded by the ridiculous ‘Green Card marriage’ and the parade of hookers where several actresses were employed solely to parade around in their underwear. Even the motivation for the crash, which seemed to be “If I can’t have you then I’ll destroy your life” stems from an archaic attitude to men owning women. You can argue all you want that double standards are at play here, but at the end of the day they chose for their MALE lead to drive his car into the house of their FEMALE lead. Nobody made them do that and if that plays to stereotypes that men are ALWAYS the aggressors in instances of domestic violence then your issue is with them, and not with the people who are calling them out on their misogyny. Shore can wave his liberal flag all he wants, but his writing with regards to his female characters and even the way the women involved on his project have been treated seems to suggest otherwise.

        • D says:

          That’s just it, though. I think there’s a disconnect between what happens in a work of fiction and what’s supposed to be conveyed to the audience. Of course House was in the wrong for driving into her house. Gregory House is not an example of a person you should aspire to be and that’s been a running theme of the entire show’s run. Creative license shouldn’t be compromised because characters do questionable things. Strip clubs exist. Sorry, but they do. Are you actually saying they should never be portrayed on TV ever? And as for the green card marriage, the same logic applies to the crash. House is not doing these things because Cuddy’s a woman. House is vindictive towards all people. He intentionally tried to hurt a person who he felt wronged by, and that person happened to be a woman. It doesn’t make it right, and I never felt like TPTB implied it was right. But this attitude that these things cannot happen under a blanket excuse of “offensive to women” actually seems more conservative to me.

          • Yepstillhereandhackedoff says:

            By all means there can be a disconnect between what happens on-screen and how we’re meant to feel as an audience, but when you portray a violent act as a. cathartic as exemplified by him telling Wilson that he felt better and then wandering off to some beach to smile to yourself and sip drinks; and b. as humourous through the classic chandelier falling down (twice because it was poorly edited) and that ridiculous hairbrush, that’s the time you run into problems if you want to keep your audience still rooting for the main character. Not being ‘Breaking Bad’ that IS what you want. What made matters worse was the downplaying by Shore and others, and without a doubt the ‘prison’ idea only came about as a result of fan backlash. I’ve genuinely never seen such a gross miscalculation between what a creative team wanted people to see and what they actually saw, and sadly for them this will be what people talk about in the future, regardless of whether they cobble together a competent ending for the show.
            As for whether or not Gregory House is meant to be someone you aspire to, well, his popularity at PCA events up until this year, the fact the show became such an international hit and that Hugh Laurie himself has admitted to liking him seems to suggest otherwise. I’ve seen people say they’ve gone into medicine because of House, but then I’ve also read about the writers being criticized because the number of vicodin prescriptions being filled has increased dramatically since the show began. People ARE influenced by what they watch, which is why networks/advertisers are so interested in demos. Before the subtlety of the show died I do think the character had a lot of likeable and even noble traits, including the fact that he was prepared to be brutally honest to people even if that meant he’d come out the bad guy. The crash finally tipped him over into complete, unrepentant jerk and aside from anything else that’s a dull creative decision.
            I actually think that nothing should be off-limits for writers, but if you’re going to include strip clubs and hookers in your storylines then let’s not flower the picture. I’m currently working my way through the ‘The Wire’ and shock! horror! the women working in the clubs and as hookers actually have lines to speak, personalities and backgrounds, and aren’t just there to please the male demographic like moving Wonderbra billboards. The sex trade isn’t glamourous, or even sexy, so don’t pretend it is.
            Like I said before, if the crash was isolated then maybe you’d have a point, but it was part of a catalogue of offensive gender stereotypes last season that included women only being capable of using sex as a bargaining tool, and culminated in violence being the only viable option for the men in the show to express their emotions (see also Chase grabbing 13 around the neck and throwing her to the floor), which has continued into season 8. In a way you’re right. It’s not just offensive to women. It’s offensive to the men out there who wouldn’t dream of lifting a finger to a woman OR a man. In that sense the writers are very much equal opportunity offenders.

          • @Yepstillhereandhackedoff says:

            Cool it!
            D is right.
            GH is an example to avoid and whoever does not get it is worthy all of GH’s misery.
            GH made a mess of his life; because of his bad character he never managed to deliver the full potential of his capabilities. Ergo he is a failure.
            Nonetheless, as a human he is both “bad” and “good”. So he has some redeeming qualities: he is not afraid of speaking his mind and getting the flak for it, his quest for truth and curing people is not done for any personal material gain (more often than not he pays dearly for it), he is not dependent on others’ petty opinions of him and he has his own valid code of ethics to which he adheres in spite of cost.
            That is why HL says he likes him. But HL also refused any softening of the character.
            House has never been sugarcoated and the car crash is an example of this. As was his atrocious behaviour to the Mayfield inmates. Where were the “human rights” activists to protest for that as a bad example? Awarding the PCAs? Which are a joke anyway.
            As for the hookers example, that shows short memory: House always related with hookers and never undervalued them. He does not behave to them as objects, he interacts socially with them. They are pariahs as he is so he can relate with them more than he can with any other socially accepted women. So where is the misogyny or antifeminism?
            As for the green card wife, why does it bother more than boytoy-babysitter Lucas? Such a prime example of true empowered feminism!
            A viewer should be able discern between what to reject and what to embrace in a fictional character.
            If you cannot then I advise you to avoid Othello or Hamlet or any other “heavy literature”: they are so full of bad unpolitically incorrect characters
            All these analyses are nothing but pseudo intellectualism (mine included).
            Be honest and say you dislike House because he attacked your beloved Cuddy and thus pushed her out of the show.
            I’ll be honest and say that I thoroughly enjoyed the brush after the car crash and I shall always love this show because it’s such a refreshing mixture of tragedy and comedy.
            And for finally ridings us of Cuddy.
            Now I can enjoy the finale of House without dreading her reappearance

          • Ohplease! says:

            I love it when the comparisons with Shakespeare come out of the woodwork. Poor guy must be spinning in his grave. You see the thing is Shakespeare understood that dramatic characters grow and evolve, whilst Shore covers his inability to do more than one thing with the mantra ‘Nobody Changes’. It really does cover all manner of sins when you pretend it’s a valid perception of human nature.
            Shakespeare also understood his contemporary audience, so when you use Othello as an example don’t expect him killing his wife because he thought she was cheating on him to draw the same sort of sympathy now as it would hundreds of years ago. But let’s get things into perspective anyway. House saw his ex girlfriend ‘having coffee with another man’ and so decided to do something that was so destructive, it was potentially life-threatening, not just to her, but to other people who had nothing to do with him. This wasn’t just him breaking a window or kicking over her mailbox. She hadn’t threatened his life, she hadn’t threatened his job, in fact she’d bent over backwards to accommodate his antics after the break up, including scooping him out of the bathtub when he thought it was a good idea to play lab rat with himself. Honestly it’s so ridiculous that Shakespeare wouldn’t have considered even putting such a disproportionate act in one of his comedies. I suppose, however, the difference is one writer understood the real meaning of retribution, and the other is/was only interested in where the next ‘kaboom’ is coming from. I’m sorry, but technically, creatively and philosophically this show is all over the place. It’s become a parody of itself.

  48. Freelancer says:

    Just because someone calls herself “Freelancer” again all Lisa Edelstein’s fans go nuts and believe everything she says. Edelstein has the most stupid fans ever. Anyone can call themself Freelancer! SEE!

  49. Karen says:

    Once again it is the subject on LE or Cuddy that generates all the buz. Ausiello, you need LE because what other articles, including any House articles that doesn’t mention Cuddy generates this many comments?
    LE/Cuddy will never go away in the mind of the fans so if the show thinks they can brush her aside like she never existed, I think they are mistaken.

  50. mmm says:

    confirm the information (Katie Jacobs, Greg Yaitanes and Hugh Laurie) and talk to the journalist sloths