House Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Not Returning For Show's Series Finale

There’s no way to sugarcoat this, House fans: Huddy is history.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Lisa Edelstein will not be checking back into House before the show ends its run on May 21, dashing any remaining hope there was for one final House/Cuddy reunion.

Over the summer, series creator David Shore told TVLine that he would “love” for Hugh Laurie’s former leading lady to put in another appearance before the final curtain drops and bring closure to Huddy. Edelstein, however, didn’t seem nearly as bullish on the prospect, telling TVLine in August, “I haven’t talked to anyone over there so it would seem unlikely. Who knows what I’ll be doing. I have a lot on my plate. I wouldn’t want to answer that and get anyone’s hopes up. It doesn’t seem like that’s the direction anyone is going in.”

It’s unclear why Edelstein’s comeback failed to materialize — for instance, was she actually asked back? And, if so, did negotiations end before they began? Reps for Fox and Edelstein declined to comment.

The network announced on Monday that House‘s May 21 finale will be preceded by an hour-long retrospective special looking back at the show’s eight-year run.

Reaction to House finale sans Huddy? Bummed? Excited because this means David Shore & Co. will likely put the focus on Gregory’s relationship with his other soul mate, Wilson? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Inês says:

    Not watching it.
    I don’t even care about Huddy anymore, Cuddy deserved a proper goodbye!
    Lisa Edelstein loved her job and was always willing to promote it, that was the least they could do! I’m proud of her for not catering to TPTB’s every whim though, if they wanted her to stay they should have treated her properly. Go Lisa!

  2. Lana says:

    Don’t care quite frankly. But I’d really appreciate it if Jennifer Morrison would come back :)

  3. Hiz-ouse says:

    What about Cameron?? Jennifer Morrison is probably “too busy” over on ONCE.. :-\

  4. thirteen says:

    c’mon Olivia Wilde FTW!

  5. St says:


  6. carol says:

    Deeply disappointed, but not surprised. Ever since the show runners failed to explore the twisted, painful, but adult relationship between House and Cuddy in season seven, the show has taken a creative dive. Season eight has been a dramatic disaster of Titanic proportions. Without Cuddy and Lisa Edelstein, House was empty.
    Not sure how much reason there is to watch the finale now. Will House commit his heart to his Green Card Bride now and buy her that picket fence cottage after all? Or ride off into the sunset to a love nest with Wilson?
    What monumental ineptitude.

    • sadnmrt2 says:

      Neither. Boy, some people just don’t get it.
      How come SHE is the only person with negotiation issues? Jesse came back and negotiated. Everyone pulled through…except Lisa.
      Now…why is that? She either didn’t want to return for personal reasons or they didn’t want her back. She’s not fragile flower. Precious Stone? What a joke.

      • Lila says:

        Maybe everyone else was offered a better deal. It took Spencer a good long time to agree to it. Since he was the last to sign and LE had left and they knew OW would only be available for a couple of episodes. he had a little more leverage as they probably wouldn’t want to loose 3 cast members.
        Shore said in an interview that the way he wrote the season 7 finale “played into the hands” of the negotiators. When she was negotiating Jacobs and Shore were talking about how they wanted her back but that Huddy was over and they weren’t going to revisit it. The people at NBCU probably thought she was expendable and gave her a bad offer.
        She has stated that she planned on coming back and Shore has stated that he told NBCU and Fox that he wanted her back “but that I don’t sign the paychecks”

        • Carol says:

          I think this account of the negotiations last spring is quite accurate. The House show runners screwed up in deep-sizing the House/Cuddy relationship so clumsily and unrealistically. Then the NBCU execs blew it by failing to offer LE a respectable salary.
          Thetanking ratings and evaporating critical and popular respect for this once great show was the disastrous result of this huge mistake. What a bunch of morons.

  7. Lucia says:


  8. Djesus says:

    Really want to know what happened between Lisa Edelstein and Fox.

  9. Alex says:

    The show flat-lined anyhow…I can’t say I don’t blame her for not coming back….somethings aren’t just about the fans I’d just assume things were hard to negotiate after the initial leaving that it wasn’t conceivable afterward…with all that said it won’t be the same and it will be a very pitiful ending without her indeed. I’m a House/Cuddy shipper and this wasn’t even about a stupid romantic reunion for me; this is about canon, writing, and appropriate endings that would include everyone who helped solidify the show. To any Lisa (Cuddy or Edelstein) haters, lump her presence as you might,her not being there is a sour note to end on for anyone who can actually be objective about it.

  10. Tee says:

    Thank god she’s not coming back. Ruined the show with that stupid relationship.

  11. janie says:

    Interesting that FOX chose to come out with this now, and that Lisa E. confirmed it. Seems it would have kept up interest in the finale to keep her return unconfirmed. Michael, can you shed any light on this? Were they all just tired of the media questions about her return? As good as this show has been over the years, David Shore fell short in the way he handled Huddy (for both fans and non-fans of the pairing) over the years, and the circumstances of Lisa’s leaving made a bad situation worse for an already shrinking audience. To me this is just further confirmation that the awkward comments from all involved after Lisa left were covering up a difficult situation for everyone, sad to say.

    • Lila says:

      I’m guessing that her reps asked Fox/NBCU/Show producers to stop pretending that she might be back in order to get ratings. It’s not cool to use her to promote the show when she’s not on the payroll and she did more than anyone to promote the show when she was on the payroll. She probably told them to make an announcement or she would start answering questions.
      I think the awkward comments are just bad press management techniques on the part of the show. They’ve always been bad at it, remember how they handled JMo’s departure. This was the first year they had to deal with budget cuts and they weren’t prepared to deal with the consequences. Plus the negotiations between NBCU and Fox went down to the wire. Plus the season 7 finale was poorly received. I think they got flustered and decided to pretend it wasn’t happening unless forced to during interviews. It’s like they thought maybe no one would notice and it would blow over.

  12. Emgee says:

    Bummer. I was really hoping she would return.

  13. Paula says:

    If she doesn’t want to come back, she is an idiot!. It’d be nice to see Cuddy again (even though I’ve been saying since Season 1 that Edelstein was no good for the show), but I’m glad that I don’t have to put up with Edelstein’s overacting in the Series Finale.
    I feel sorry for her if she thinks she is over the show. And I agree with Jess, If you don’t respect the show I don’t respect you.

    • DanieGermany says:

      I totally agree with you – even if I loved Lisa Edelstein as Cuddy, and even if I loved the Huddy-relationship more than any other ship, Lisa Edelstein is an idiot for not coming back for the finale! I’m sure that FOX/NBCU would have wanted her back for at least the finale and I’m sure she would have found the time during the filming of all of her little TV movies.
      Just out of respect for the role that made her famous and out of respect for all the Cuddy/Huddy-fans out there she should have come back.
      Bad career-decision, if you ask me…

      • Lila says:

        How do you know what Fox/NBCU wants. The show’s over so they don’t have any reason to care if fans are happy or not with the ending, they’ve made their money. I’m sure NBCU cares that the show stays in budget, they need the money to develop new shows. The studios and networks care about money, not the creative output. The shows writers may have wanted her back or maybe they didn’t know how to fit her into the story lines that were already in progress. Remember they only had a hand full of episodes left to shoot when they announced they were ending it.

        • DanieGermany says:

          I see your point about the studios only caring about the money. But I’m a romantic who likes to think that the art – and TV-shows are also a form of art – is worth more to them than just money. And in case of the piece of art which is the show “House”, the art – at least in my opinion – can’t be properly finished without the most important woman in House’s life, whom he has known for at least 20 years and been in love with (and still is…) for a long time.
          Everytime I’m watching those strange episodes of Season 8, I’m thinking: “What would Cuddy have thought, done, decided etc. in this and that situation. She just left a hughe hole, when she left.
          Having said all this, it just wouldn’t make sense to not bring her back in the finale !

          • Lila says:

            For the networks and studios it’s about money the shows are just whats on between the commercials. It’s art to the cast and crew, but it’s also a job and they are motivated to keep shows going as long as possible and to make sure they are in good standing with the networks so they can get future work. Fox execs might care a little about the quality since it airs on their network and as a matter of pride and branding they’d like the end to be well received. NBCU on the other hand changed hands last year and it’s an entirely new group of people in charge. House is not their baby, they’ve got no reason to feel sentimental about the show. It was only a source of income for them and they’ll be able to make money off syndication without have to pay for the production of new episodes.

  14. Marie999 says:

    you kidding me, right? how’s this a shocker? it’s been obvious that Shore will never ask her back after she left without proper notice last year. come on, Michael! don’t put it like LE’s coming back was a sure thing. just your fangirl dream )))

    • dalilita76 says:

      Without proper notice? LOL! Her 7 year contract EXPIRED. And DS should have thought better before making the decision to have House crash Cuddy´s house in the stupidest season finale ever seen.
      Get real!

  15. Sandy says:

    I feel very sad that LE/Cuddy will not be in any episodes before this show wraps up in May. I was hoping her and House could have final closure. Pretty sad to think the last image we have of House and Cuddy is House plowing his car through her house. Pretty disturbing.

  16. Giovana says:

    I can’t beleive this! It was my last hope, and now I’m actually crying D’:

  17. Michael says:

    im sorry but House got real bad after season 3

  18. d says:

    Best news .IMO it ruined a good part of a great series. Cuddy was a great character in the first few seasons but NEVER saw any real interest in her on Houses part,It was all her and the Huddy ( hate these juvenille terms but everyone using them) was a disaster that could have been wrapped up in one or two episodes,

  19. erin bowers says:

    Way to go Lisa !!!!!!!
    You left at just the right time.
    You know what the TPTB gave us a this season ——and what the
    series finale will certainly end with

    -Chinese doctor who mumbles and drops acid “Accidently” with anger issues
    -a stick with no personality
    -Chase turned into a man whore with a limp
    -Taub who turned into Daddy Dearest
    -Wilson into basically the worlds biggest sap,enabler and all around boob
    -House’s mother who is a two timing,cheating,acid dropping hippie,
    -illegal immigrant who marries House to get her green card
    -A dean of medicine that is dating a married woman,
    -and of course House who is a convicted felon,still allowed to practice medicine and is STILL a vicodin addict.Actually I think Amber and Kutner would be GLAD to be dead
    Thank God Lisa E is well away from this “CAR WRECK” Whew missed it by that much !!
    Hey see what I did there.
    For all TRUE HOUSE LOVERS … House died at the end of season seven
    when he butchered his own leg .
    House can now go out on a high note with ratings lower than DWTS and “The Bachelor “

  20. Wooster says:

    Seriously, how disrespectful some fans are whatever if she’s been ask or not (or probably decided herself after her own desicion to quit bfore, even knowing that season 8 would be the last one)
    Honestly, I don’t care…and as a fan since day1, I will enjoy the last episodes…and sure HLaurie will deliver one of best performance and leave us speechless..
    And prefer “a possible” cameo by Fry –
    a million times,(or others actors) than have Edelstein return in a predictable storyline just to satisfy thoses who left way bfore(at the end of Ssn6 and during ssn7) but coming back only at end to see for a possible “HUDDY” moment or a closure on every characters

  21. Jacob says:

    A retrospective-or looking back, here’s mine as a fan: Coming to the end of this show I have to say I’m quite sorry I ever started watching it. I firmly believe if the show runners read this they will quickly forget it and think that this is all my fault for feeling this way. But as fan, a person who’s had to endure their choices and actions all this time, I must say the show has just gotten so unsatisfying and lost its way and engendered so much hate, negativity, unforgiveness, anger, callousness and bitterness among countless fans I have personally talked to or “listened” to and for this reason I am happy it’ll all be over soon. A great many fans from all sides feel this way or have felt this way about this show and left already, but I was foolish and kept watching and searching for some spark of hope from a show that just didn’t have it to give.I will not watch another David Shore project again, not because I hate him or anything, but because he just has such a negative outlook and philosophy on life-which is his right, but it makes for a sucky experience as a fan and as an entertainment choice. As for Cuddy not being in the finale, this is really not surprising-sad but not surprising for so many reasons. I feel so relieved the show will be over in May so I don’t have to hear about it anymore. I wish the people behind it well as they go on in life. For me, it feels as if a great burden is about to be lifted from my shoulders – finally. Thanks for the news, Mike.

    • Lila says:

      I can’t say I’m sorry I ever watched, because it was entertaining much of the time. The problem was it often teased at greatness, but rarely delivered. There was always a suggestion that there were interesting back stories we would see or interesting relationships would be explored if we kept watching. The problem is these stories would either never get explored or wouldn’t be explored in an interesting way when they tried. I think they knew how to tease at Huddy (helps if your actors have good chemistry) but didn’t know how to write them as a couple or ex couple. They said Cameron marrying a dying man was proof that she was screwed up, but they never bothered to explain what screwed her up. They also didn’t pay much attention to continuity in the characters personalities or the details their lives. This made following long arcs kind of pointless and frustrating.

      • @Lila says:

        I’m glad for you, Lila. I really am. But after I see, and have seen, so many people crying, hurt, angry, others rejoicing at other people’s pain (as many are unabashedly doing here), bitterness, people who’ve gotten their hopes up only to be dashed so many times I’ve lost count now, and so much more that is too much to write here, what I’ve seen, up close and personal, is that the show has caused many more bad things to happen, including fighting, hate, jealousy, etc., than any bit of good I’ve ever seen it bring into these people’s lives. They are worse off, hopeless, bitter and disillusioned, for watching this show. That is the show’s legacy. The people behind the show don’t make choices in a vacuum. What they do and say and have done and said over the years have affected a great many people in a bad way.
        I very much feel the show’s fans would’ve been far better off if the show had never existed. I hate to say it, I’m not trying to be cruel, but I must be honest and I can’t deny or ignore the very real pain it has inflicted on an ever growing number of people for many years now, the pain it continues to inflict, and will until it’s end, I’ve no doubt.

        • Angela says:

          It’s not specific to this show. It’s the evolution of fandom. It may not happen with every show, but it does with a number of them. First, the show is shiny and new and everyone is happy and friendly. Then, as the show goes on, people start separating into factions and the fighting starts. But, probably only in the online fandom. And everyone makes it all bigger than it really is. Or deserves to be. And, I’m guilty of it too, with my favorite shows. But, I’d wager that after it’s over and the intensity of being current has worn off, most people won’t look back on it as any painful experience. It’ll just be a show.
          My guess is for a great number of people (although there are exceptions) House hasn’t brought any more disappointed or disillusionment than any other show that’s lasted awhile. And as for the fighting? That’s all on the fans. I’ve seen this. It’s nothing new and it’s not the worst I’ve seen from fans. It’s the double edged sword. You start with a great high, and eventually it chaos.

          • @Angela says:

            “House” is the only show I’ve seen have this bad of an effect on so many people. In most shows the percentage is much smaller. I’ve never seen a show have such a toxic, depressing and negative effect on such a large group of fans in any show ever.

        • Lila says:

          I can’t really fault this or any show entirely for fractured fandoms. My problem is that they are could at teasing but don’t know how to pay off. Unfortunately some fans tend to blame the various actors and other fans for the unsatisfying stories rather than realizing it’s just weak writing. The show started spoofing itself at a certain point, the writers don’t seam to remember what made it good and popular. I really can’t blame the show for the fact that say some Hamerons and Huddys don’t remember that there was never a rivalry with in the show and no evidence of one between the actresses, it only existed between fandoms and then they got confused.
          There are some areas I think they contribute fan fighting. They would tend to tease and encourage competing fandoms. They would tease at Hameron every now and again up until they wrote her out. This made a lot of fans feel jerked around, but I never got why they blamed LE instead of the writers. I don’t think they did this to start a fight , I think they did it to keep viewers hanging on. GY certainly seamed to enjoy taunting fans, I used to be some what sympathetic to him dealing with crazy fans. Then I realized he wouldn’t have to deal with crazies if he got off twitter, or just stopped responding to the crazier ones and stopped tweeting things that are insulting to broad fan bases and not just the wackos. I don’t like the way the writers blame poor reception to various story lines on fans being partisan, rather than the story not being well executed. I don’t expect them to admit things weren’t well done, but they should just not comment rather than being so selective about what criticisms they will answer. This does seam to incite some fan groups against each other, but I think they are just being defensive and it’s easier to write of critics as just being fan girls or boys rather than examining weaknesses in the writing.
          BTW I’ve stopped watching and just check in every now and again to see if there’s any point in tuning in again. So far I’m not convinced.

          • K says:

            Was just thinking the same thing. The writers and producers messed around so much with the show and responded so patronisingly and negatively to the fans pov that I lost a lot of respect for them. Fine, tease the show’s storylines but don’t wind people up for your own amusement *cough gregyaitnes cough* I understand completely that your never gonna please every sector of the fan base completely but sometimes i think they went out of their way to antagonise the fans unapologetically and just come across as arrogant asses by doing so. Ok you obviously dont give one about your ratings any more but you should at least care that the ones who have bothered to stick around still care about your show. They ruined Cuddy anyway so her coming back would be pretty pointless even if for solely nostalgic reasons

          • @ Lila says:

            Yes to everything you’ve said Lila and K. Fans are responsible for their wrong behaviour and I don’t give them a pass any more than I do TPTB. But as you said, there are so many things TPTB have done either deliberately, or many times through insensitivity and carelessness concerning their fans that have made things worse or stirred up things where there wasn’t any bad blood at first, that have brought everyone to the point they are now.

          • Jacob says:

            The worst thing is: they’re clueless about their fans and other fans are callous and/or happy and rejoicing in the faces of the people who are hurting. It’s as if people think just as long as it’s online the people they are doing wrong against aren’t real and the hurt they deepen doesn’t matter. But it is real and it does matter. How we treat each other matters and should matter more than differences and more than a television show. I’ve seen friends who really loved Cuddy or Huddy and have gotten to know them and you’d be surprised how many people have suffered through depression and have been going through personal trauma, either they have a family member with a long, wasting disease or are having family issues, etc., but you’d be surprised how many people have watched this show and identified with it and its lead character because they identify with the deep pain, depression and struggle for hope and happiness. Entertainment is the one place you should be able to go to and escape all that-as many people did during the depression and WW 2, it has the power to lift you up, help you keep fighting, help you do what’s right, help you understand each other and all sorts of other things. It has great power for good, but in the wrong hands it has the power to cause great harm and damage. This is something Mr. Laurie should understand well, depression, etc. Here’s the thing, when they did what they did to Huddy and Cuddy, they hurt a great many nice people who were going through some horrible times, I mean some of the darkest days in their lives, who were getting their only piece of escape and happiness from their show. I witnessed the fallout. It was horrible. So those of you who mock or tell others the show is all about House, tell people to get over it, who come to gloat or are just happy you got your competition out of the way, your inhumanity isn’t making things better. TPTB brought a lot of misery on its fans and hurt far more people than they’ll ever know.

          • @Jacob says:

            Both agree and disagree with you.
            Identifying with the main character, his pain/misery mixed with humor and the will to go on with his crappy life in quest of what he believes in helped overcome a serious and recurrent depression.
            Huddy and Cuddy are a part of his journey, less important than Wilson and the stability of friendship, equally important to other people, Stacy, Cameron, Lydia, Foreman, Chase, Thirteen.
            I pity the people who identify with Huddy/Cuddy. Love is neither the point in life or the saviour. Self-awareness is.
            That is why they cannot get over a fictional “love” disaster. Expecting “love” to solve problems is a disillusion; even more so if one depends on fictional “love” to overcome one’s “darkest moments”.
            GET REAL.

  22. DanieGermany says:

    That is the most crappy thing I’ve heard for a loooong time.
    I was so convinced that Lisa would come back at least for the Finale to give us some Huddy-closure and now this ?!
    How can they possibly end this (at least for the first 7 seasons) great show without one of the 3 central characters, which Cuddy was for 7 Seasons?! This just won’t play out well, people.
    I have a feeling that Lisa E. is still pissed at FOX and/or NBC Universal who didn’t accept her monetary wishes and now, we the fans are the ones who will be screwed by getting a crappy finale.
    If that really is the case I can only say: Thank you Lisa :-(
    If not for the fans, she could at least have returned to bid Hugh a decent farewell…she shouldn’t forget that Hugh Laurie’s stellar performances as Doctor House made the formerly almost unknown actress Lisa Edelstein who she is today !
    Once again: This SUCKS !!!

  23. Taryn says:

    That’s unforunate. I guess the House and Cuddy riding off into the sunset together theory is off the table

  24. Dani says:

    I don’t get the hate. Lisa acted like someone who was purposefully targeted for a paycut, and who was well within her rights to not accept the contract that was laid on the table. Same with any job. RSL made no bones about being prepared to walk away last year if he wasn’t happy with the money. Would he have got the same flack from people?
    The women on this show haven’t exactly been treated with that much respect have they? JMo was written out rather badly because they no longer knew what to do with her when other male characters have been treading water for years, Anne Dudek was messed around because they couldn’t decide whether to hire or fire her, and Katie Jacobs was pretty much put out to pasture during season 7. I’m glad one of the ladies they screwed over finally flipped them the bird. It’s long overdue.

  25. HG says:

    mm I don’t care either way, I’m just here for the funeral, because I once LOVED that show. :'(
    Having said that… DShore says he would LOVE to have her back. He, et al. I supposed, are just talking and talking (just a facade to look good with the fans) but clearly they never had the intention of asking her back. She said it herself, they haven’t asked, I don’t think they will.

  26. malboro-man says:

    everybody lies?

  27. DanieGermany says:

    Now that all the hope I had left for a possible Huddy-reunion is gone, I think I’ll go and cry myself to sleep now.
    R.I.P. Huddy
    R.I.P. House

  28. hello says:

    Now i am happy since the finale won’t be ruined by Huddy

  29. DanieGermany says:

    One last chance is that this is all a setup by FOX/NBCU and Lisa will come back in the finale totally unexpectedly.
    A girl can dream…
    Good night !

  30. Bum says:

    Oh great, Looks like House and Dominika will be the endgame.

  31. D says:

    I like how the immediate assumption is no one asked her to come back. She’s taking roles in all these smaller projects; I think she was literally too busy.

    • Jane2 says:

      Well it’s a fairly reasonable assumption given that as of when she spoke to the journalist at Grazia (post House Cancellation), Lisa said she hadn’t been approached.

      • D says:

        I can’t find this; Google’s showing me one from two years ago. The only interview I know of is the one she had here at TV Line, which was before Season 8.

        • Jane2 says:

          It has been posted on Precious Stone (the LE website). The interview has been written up in french so you will need to run it through google translate if you are not fluent.

  32. Karla says:

    Not even Hugh Laurie could save this crappy show. Without Cuddy it was never the same. Bye bye House. You won´t be missed.

  33. Blythe says:

    What a relief. Show is called House, let it end concentrating on House.

  34. Wooster says:

    Hey! The show is call [H]OUSE!…..
    Not Cuddy or any of the others characters…
    It’s about this miserable pill popping limping sarcastic genius diagnostician who love solving puzzles…that we all feel in love (kind of) during 8 amazing years…
    So I’m anticipating How he will be leaving us whatever if he died or not and who will be there with him until the end…bcuz will all know he will probably end up alone (in heaven or in Hell) with a big sarcastic smile on his face,free of Pain and playing “his swan song” on his piano (or guitar) and found Happiness in his own way!!!

  35. Andy says:

    Thank goodness. Huddy is over and it doesn’t need to rear it’s ugly head again.

  36. Kyle says:

    A lot of viewers left because they absolutely hated the Huddy crap. I skipped the last few episodes of last season because I wanted to hold down my dinner.
    This season is significantly better in quality, but it took a huge hit last season that it wasn’t able to get up from.

    • Jack says:

      THIS. It needed saying.

    • Lorna says:

      A lot of viewers appear not to share your view that this season is better. Viewership fell off right after the first episode of season 8 and have continued to decline. These are people who’ve watched this season and decided they weren’t interested in seeing more. This has happened in two different time slots. It didn’t get a bump when the end was announced. The 7 day DVR numbers are even down to a 3.5, the show was getting 3.5 and better live during the “Huddy crap” and getting high 4s and low 5s in the 7 day DVR.
      If you like the show better now than when Cuddy was on that’s fine. It’s a matter of opinion and taste. But if you are blaming poor ratings last year on Huddy or Cuddy what are you blaming for the ratings this year? This years ratings are much lower than last years in both the demo and over all.

  37. Annabelle says:

    I am THRILLED she won’t be back…bosses come and go, and so do significant others. House is not defined by Cuddy and having her back just doesn’t make sense – that ship sailed! As long as we have House, Foreman and Chase I’m good :)

  38. Teresa says:

    I for one am thrilled! They really do not need to revisit that hot mess (I’m talking about Huddy not LE FYI).

  39. Bobby says:

    I left as Huddy was amping up, I didn’t like that direction…came back after she left – she was the boss and it was good that way. All that banter and love/hate they had going on was fun and needed. I was happy when she left and am SUPER happy she’s not returning.
    House + Cuddy = the end of what made the show so awesome!!!!!

  40. Kate says:

    Nail in the coffin. They’ve been flogging a dead horse since Cuddy left. Who even cares what happens now? The best show on telly has deteriorated into nothing more than a farce. Such a shame.

  41. Jack says:

    What a relief. The circus that was season 7 can finally be laid to rest.

  42. lola says:

    punish fox does not tune its programs

  43. erin bowers says:

    I just LOVE how you Cuddy haters didn’t want her to come back because you didn’t like Huddy. You realize their relationship ended when he DROVE HIS CAR THROUGH HER HOUSE. JESSUS WHIZ WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS….
    They ONLY plausible story line for Cuddy to come back was to kick HOUSE Felonious ass out of HER HOSPITAL.. followed by INCOMPETENT Foreman ,BACKSTABBING BOOB Wilson,MANWHORE Chase,TAUB and his twins,the STICK,and the CHINESE GIRL with anger issues AND A BOWL CUT who mumbles
    Now that I would PAY to watch !!!

    • Kelly says:

      Her Hospital sence when? Please give me a break.

      • Jill says:

        Cuddy was the most incompetent administrator on TV (and that includes Chief Webber on Grey’s Anatomy). It doesn’t matter how many times the writers would say she’s awesome, what they wrote was a micromanager who put her personal feelings ahead of the good of the hospital.

        • kelly says:

          +1 and Thank you Jill. people like erin bowers just like to be blind to the obvious.

        • Dani says:

          Well let’s be honest the realism wasn’t exactly strong in the show ever. There’s no way in hell House would be perceived as the asset he ‘supposedly’ is when he saves one patient a week, solicits all those lawsuits and generally costs the hospital thousands on so many different tests.

  44. Lila says:

    I have to quibble with The idea that Shore said he would love to have her back if this turned out to be the last season. Right after she announced she wasn’t returning that he would love to have her back as a guest star, but that was only when he was asked in interviews. I never read anything saying he wanted her back for the finale. He said he considered the time jump closure for their relationship and he said he maybe might consider revisiting Huddy sometime down the line, but he had no real plans to and he didn’t even know if it would be possible. He was vague about it the same way everyone was when JMo was written out. Mostly he insisted this wasn’t the last season and there would be a season 9. All the interviews done with LE she has said she hadn’t been and didn’t expect to be asked back. I didn’t read that as her not wanting or wanting to be asked, just that she was making plans based on not being asked back and that she was being more straight forward than Shore.

  45. Freya says:

    I am not surprised by this news but I am still very sorry to hear that Cuddy will not be returning to House for the season finale. Cuddy was one of the defining characters that made House the show it was and for her not to be included in the final chapter of the series is a great dissapointment. The ending that David Shore gave to the House/Cuddy relationship was a poor one and it sadens me that the last images we have of this great on screen pairing is of House commiting an act of domestic violence by running his car into Cuddy’s dining room. Hugh and Lisa and Robert together brought out the best in each other as actors, I am sorry that the House show runners have not seen fit to tap into that theatrical alchemy again by bringing Lisa back to the show.

    I feel that show and its show runners (DS/KJ/GY/HL) have shown a tremendous lack of class in how they have treated Lisa Edelstein, they have been happy to repeatedly use her name for pubilicity during season 8 while clearly having no intentions of inviting her back to reprise her role on the show. Their treatment of Lisa has left me with little respect for them.
    I’m actually kind of relieved to know at this early stage that Cuddy isn’t returning, it means I don’t have to waste any more time watching the pathetic uncreative mess that Season 8 of House has been. I realise I have only been watching in the hope that Cuddy would return and with her return House would some how be redemeed. Obviously this is not going to happen and I honestly don’t feel like watching the misery, misogyny and stupid pranks that are the only things that David Shore is capable of writing anymore. Goodluck to all those watching the season finale for at this point after 7 plus years I’m getting off the bus, there is nothing I want to see here anymore.

    • kelly says:

      Thanks for the laugh.

    • Jane2 says:

      “I feel that show and its show runners (DS/KJ/GY/HL) have shown a tremendous lack of class in how they have treated Lisa Edelstein, they have been happy to repeatedly use her name for pubilicity during season 8 while clearly having no intentions of inviting her back to reprise her role on the show. Their treatment of Lisa has left me with little respect for them”
      THIS! And ditto to everything else you have said. I’m at the point where I am sorry I ever watched it.

      • Jeeves says:

        Well, LE should thank DS/KJ/GY/HL as this is the only publicity she gets now.
        Not to forget that any publicity she really ever got was through House.

        • Cestlavie says:

          Correction, this is the only publicity the SHOW gets these days and it’s been the same all season LOL.

          • Jeeves says:

            I suppose you think the show became a success because of LE’s publicity!

          • Cestlavie says:

            Ha! I said no such thing lol. What’s the matter? Couldn’t come up with a decent counter argument? I wonder why……

        • @Jeeves says:

          Check the hits for House related posts recently that don’t mention LE. Then check the ratings this season. It really doesn’t take a genius…

    • @Freya says:

      What you said.

    • E says:

      The only person using LE for publicity right now is Ausiello stirring the pot on this issue to get hits on his website.

    • D says:

      Using her name for publicity? Hilarious. Edelstein quits, news sites such as TV Line can’t stop asking the House crew why, nobody knows why because she didn’t tell anyone she was leaving, so they are forced to pick up all this backlash and constantly talk about her, because that’s all they are being ASKED TO DO, and they’re the one overusing her name? Please.

      • Oh Please says:

        Oh please, TPTB at house have routinely implied a possible return for LE more than once while having no intention of following through. They’ve been stringing her fans along because they could.
        Too bad no one is interested in asking about the current season…….I wonder why?

        • D says:

          Again, they keep getting asked in interviews about whether or not she will come back, and they keep giving the same answer, which is “That’d be nice, but…”
          The only person who actually hinted at it being definite was Jesse Spencer, and I don’t think it was baiting. I think he didn’t choose his words right.
          And while we’re on the subject, it’s a little tacky of Ausiello to constantly quote Shore’s interview from the end of Season 7 with quotation marks around “love” when referring to Edelstein returning. Gives bad implications.

          • Youmadeittooeasy says:

            When it comes to David Shore nothing is too tacky ;-)

          • Lila says:

            I kinda get why MA does that “love” thing. We know DS didn’t ask LE back during the summer or fall, so it kinda came off as fake when DS said that. Like someone telling you they’d love to have you for dinner but never inviting you. MA may feel a little jerked around himself. He’s been the show’s main publicity arm for a while now (not many other media outlets bother to report on the show, other than the cancellation and many didn’t bother with that). GY teased that she would be back if it turned out to be the final season and MA reported it. He might be annoyed at be used to give out these little teasing false hopes and now they aren’t giving him any specific info. Of course this site gets a fair amount of traffic off Cuddy related posts so maybe he doesn’t mind.
            I’ve seen Shore say multiple times that he’d like to LE back but he’s not sure if that would be possible. He kind of implied there was some outside force beyond his control preventing it from happening. I think it’s legit for people to wonder if LE was ever even asked or what these outside forces are. I’ll give Shore the benefit of the doubt and assume he just has a weird way of wording things or didn’t want to offend his corporate overlords. A simple “we have no plans at this time” would have been a much better choice.
            I found JS words really strange he implied the writers would be willing to write up to three episodes for LE and JM and if they didn’t it was JM and LE who were the problem. By the time they decided to end it , they were down to writing the last 4 or 5 episodes and the story breakdown for the season final had been done. If they wanted those ladies back for 1 to 3 episodes they should have had a least tentative deals with them months ago. They also would have needed alternate scripts and story lines ready to go before they decided to end the show.

          • Long says:

            Greg Yaitanes spoke about the possibility of her return and so did Shore. Neither used the word “but”
            If they weren’t using her to tease fans, why not just say NO when they were asked? It’s not the fault of the asker. It’s the fault of the answer. If they weren’t planning to have Cuddy back then they should have said they weren’t. Problem solved. They used her possible return to tease the fans. Otherwise, easy to say NO.

  46. nicole says:

    that sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!! i really wanted to see her on the finale :CC i’m sad that she will not appear at all :C

  47. Jenny says:

    That really sucks! I don’t necessarily want them back together. I just hate the way their relationship ended! Boo! I would love for them to be friends again!

  48. cm says:

    well, i won’t be watching then. too bad.

  49. Ava L says:

    Best news i’ve heard all day!

  50. kell says:

    david shore stay away from television please