Bones Exclusive: Meet the Big-Screen Brennan and Booth

Onetime Entourage agent Jordan Belfi and Bold and the Beautiful beauty Ashley Jones have been cast on Fox’s Bones as big-screen versions of Booth and Brennan.

Well… sort of.

“The Suit on the Set,” one of the episodes to air during the procedural’s springtime run, revolves around the production of a movie written by Brennan and featuring the characters “Dr. Kathy Reichs” and “Special Agent Andy Lister.”

Jones, whose credits also include True Blood, will play the actress portraying Reichs, while Belfi’s thespian takes on the G-man.

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Dr. Kathy Reichs, of course, is the real-life forensic anthropologist/author upon whom Brennan and Bones are based.

As announced just yesterday, Bones will unspool the remainder of its seventh season in a new time slot — Mondays at 8 pm — beginning April 2.

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  1. xav says:

    This must be getting hilarious for real life Kathy Reichs.

    • Becca says:

      For real! It’s starting to get insanely complicated…:)

      • Terri Green says:

        “Insanely complicated” is being kind. Lets get Bones back on TV,and ONLY attempt big screen with the TV Bones & Booth or the movie will bomb.
        Jordan Belfi and Ashley Jones? No. It has got to be TV’s Brennan & Booth or the movie will fail.

        • Hannah York says:

          Terri Green, you understand that a movie is not actually being made, right? Brennan, in an episode of the show, writes a movie script. Then, also in the episode, Jordan Belfi and Ashley Jones are the actors cast to play Booth and Brennan in the fictional movie written by Brennan. There will be no actual big screen movie.

        • Leona says:

          Totally Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. George says:

    Dear Brad Bell
    Please bring Ashley Jones back to Bold! Bridget is far more interesting than Brooke’s other daughter who is currently driving story…

  3. Ribac says:

    I just love when things go meta :D

  4. Lindsey says:

    Is this going to be like that episode of The X-Files where they made a movie based on Mulder and Scully? That episode was hilarious.

  5. João Amaral says:

    didn’t Castle do something like this before too?
    hope it’s good.

    • Troll says:

      Only Bones fans can say that Castle rip-off everything from Bones.
      Bones is a very original show. It’s not like X-Files or Castle, back in season 3 (and start to talk about the movie inspired by a book from Richard Castle in season 2) had already done that.

      • Laura says:

        Except that Brennan’s novels being turned into books was discussed/showed back in Season 1 when she met one of the producers while they were in L.A. for a case. So…there’s that.
        Now go back to your hole.

        • Troll says:

          The funny thing is…You announced by your screenname that you are a troll, thus, you’re trolling to mock fans…every hardcore fans who never could admit that everything had already be done in television especially in drama since at least 20 years. (Murder She wrote people !). And that what the pitch is isn’t really interesting or new, but how it is done is the important thing.
          And yet, people still get angry.
          I think, starting now I will put a notice before this kind of message “This is a attempt at joking a make fun of Castle/Bones and other hardcores fans”. Or something like that.

        • trailblazr81 says:

          “Brennan’s novels being turned into books”???

    • Stacey says:

      BONES started the storyline first. Introducing producers in Season One who wanted to meet with Brennan for the rights, to make a movie. And they have talked over the seasons about the movie which looks like it has been on the slow track until now…
      I am glad it’s going to bring it back. They haven’t focused on Brennan’s writing lately!

    • Christina says:

      Sorry to tell you, but Brennan sold the movie rights way before Castle had even aired a single episode.

  6. Keith says:

    So…lemme get this straight…
    Kathy Reichs writes a book about a characters named Booth and Brennen which in turn Brennen writes about characters named Reichs and Lister…
    In the words of Vinnie Barbarino…”I’m so confused!!”

    • Linda says:

      Almost right. Kathy Reichs writes books about Temperance Brennan and Andrew Ryan. Which Bones is based on. And on Bones they let Bones write books about Kathy Reichs and Andy Lister.

    • Leeann says:

      Sorta.. Kinda..
      In the actual books, it’s Brennan and a Montreal Cop by the name of Andy Ryan, and she splits her time between Montreal and Charlotte.
      They took a lot of “creative license” to get to the show.

    • Sherozzel says:

      Temperance Brennen is the heroine of Kathy Reichs’ books, but there is no G-man named Sealy Booth in them. In her books, Brennan’s ex-husband is Pete, and her on-again,off-again honey is Andrew Ryan. He’s Canadian and has a daughter. There are many other differences between the TV and book Brennens as well – TV Brennen is is younger and her social ineptitude is a big part of her character. Book Brennen has been married and divorced, has a grown daughter, and holds jobs in Canada and North Carolina. The main similarity between the two Brennens is that they are both whiz-bang forensic anthropologists!

  7. Rusty says:

    Glorious for Jordan to have a role where HOPEFULLY his character won’t get killed off.
    He’s a gentleman and a swell guy and OH, so easy on the eyes….
    Break a leg Jordan!

  8. Phillip says:

    Lol don’t worry, I’ll explain. Kathy Reichs is the real life writer of the Temperance Brennan novels. Booth is a creation of Hart Hanson and company.
    Did that help a bit?? Lol it can get confusing lol..

  9. Jillian says:

    Bones did not copy Castle. In season 1, Booth and Brennan went to LA and they planned to turn her book into a movie long before Castle even existed. They are just finishing the storyline.
    Also, the TV show Bones is NOT based off Kathy Reichs books. The show is nothing like the books, except the main characters have the same name and job.. The show is loosely based off Kathy Reichs herself.

  10. Andrichus Brythonus Jomsvikingii says:

    oh good God no.

  11. Loretta says:

    Is Bones going to come back on. I am having Bones cravings. If that makes any sense? I actually want back to my favorite episodes just to meet my craving to see Agent Booth and Bones. Are we going to get to see her have her baby. Do they finish the house? They left us hanging, I really hate that.

  12. Jenn says:

    omg no! Just use the original Bones and Booth if you’re going to do a movie. It’s not like they don’t have a huge fan base who would follow them into theaters, seriously? There’s no way I’m going to see a movie with different characters playing roles I have been watching develop for years.
    Nope, not one of those people who will secretly go and watch it either. Its like the mummy movies, when they changed the lead actress for the third movie I refused to see it and still haven’t to this day.

    • Deborah says:

      I’m not sure if you’re serious or not, but in case you are, please note this is not a “real” movie. It’s an episode of Bones in which they are making a movie based on one of Brennan’s books. So, no need to boycott your local movie theater.

    • Alison says:

      This is for episode 12 “The Suit on the Set,”not a big screen move.

    • Kim says:

      Did you even read the article?
      In an upcoming episode Bones and Booth will meet the actress and actor who are playing Bones’ book characters in a movie. That movie is based off of Bones’ books.
      There is no “real” movie. It’s all self-contained inside of the show. The show is just covering the books Bones writes and the movie-in the show-that is based off of her books.
      Try reading the article all the way through before you freak out.

  13. luxia says:

    yo amo la serie….. me encanta…. y divierte….

  14. Freda Coursey says:

    They should have had KATHY REICHS play herself!

  15. Sonya says:

    Uhhh…did I miss the birth of the baby? I hope not. I’m not sure I like the jump to Brennen and Booth happy & living together. We missed out on all the drama of Brennan telling everyone at the Jeffersonian she was pregnant. Was just to big of a jump for me. Maybe they could do a look backwards show, so we would know how that all turned out BEFORE they bought a house.

  16. lucia says:

    yo amo la serie….. me encanta…. y divierte…. aka en mi pais pasa y no me la pierdo….

  17. ashtyn mumford says:

    that is a whole bunch of crap crackers!!!!!! why mondays!i have other shows on mondays! im free fridays!

  18. Robin says:

    Actually, Kathy Reichs appeared on the show once. She was on the panel when Zach was defending his Ph.D. thesis!
    And I’ve read the “Temperance Brennan” books. There are some ways in which the Tempe in the books is like Brennan. Both are strong women, totally dedicated to their work and both have quirky, headstrong personalities that get them into dangerous situations. And Andy Ryan is tempermentally somewhat like Booth; it takes them a long time to get together too!
    There have been also been subtle references to the books on the show. When Booth first meets Bones, he says he can find another forensic anthropologist to work with. She says, not unless he speaks French and that there is no one closer than Montreal (where the book Tempe works part of her year.) She also has a Valentine’s day offer of a date from a forensic guy in Montreal, whom she turns down in Season 6.

  19. Janice Zuckero says:

    Okay Jordan – either shave or grow a beard.

  20. Becky Mendoza says:

    Okay. Now let me get this right.
    So now they are making a major motion picture of Bones that will be shown in theaters across the country. Why not just allow the actors from the tv series to be in the movie. why use other actors that would cost more money & being a true Bones’ fan. I would not go see the movie.
    Anyone else feel the same way.

  21. Nikki Heat says:


    • Jillian says:

      Bones DID NOT rip off Castle. In season 1, Booth and Brennan traveled to LA and Brennan met with a producer to turn her movie into a book long before Castle even EXISTED. Get your facts straight and go watch season 1 “The Women at the Airport.”

      • Grace says:

        And The X-Files did it in 2000. People call Bones a rip-off of TXF all the damn time just like people call Castle a ripoff of Bones (for the record I agree with neither). Either way, no matter which current show did it or talked about it first, it’s not something either one ACTUALLY did first (and on that note, for all I know TXF didn’t do it first either.. I really have no idea)

  22. ferryboat George says:

    I was just thinking that, it would be totally hilarious :)

  23. lipsticksocialism says:

    yay for Ashley! I love my soap stars!!

  24. kevin dooley says:

    adapting lesser actor to parts has never work and never will. the essince of booth and brennan come from the essince of Emily and David fan will go and pan the effort. If david and emily at at the end of these parts end the show, don’t pull something like this for the bucks the fans will bite you

  25. bonescrazy says:

    Big screen leads not believable . Nobody can play B&B like DB and ED!!

  26. Sarah says:

    Can everyone please get their facts straight? This isn’t a real movie, in a Bones episode, B&B will visit a movie set because Brennan’s books are being made into a movie. And no, this was not copied from Castle. Also, no, Castle did not copy from Bones. Castle and Bones are two very different shows. This isn’t even an original idea, it’s been done before (X-Files). So, stop with the damn rivalry between Bones and Castle. Also, in the Castle episode were they visit the set of the Nikki Heat movie, that’s not the focus of the episode. The episode is about Kate solving Mike Royce’s murder. It’s also about Kate thinking about Royce’s last words to her (“If only”) and it makes her take more chances with her relationship with Castle.
    So unless in this episode Brennan is solving the murder of her old mentor, Bones didn’t copy Castle.