May 2012 Sweeps Scorecard: Deaths, Weddings, Pregnancies, Sex, Graduations and More!

May SweepsWhat May Sweeps is to May, TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard is to May Sweeps: in a word, essential! Same as last year, the Scorecard is jam-packed with Sweeps spoilers and, as an added, titillating-to-the nth degree bonus, season finale spoilers, too! But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill teasers. Not in the least. Many of them are shrouded in mystery, affording you the opportunity to guess at the “whos” that will be doing all the “whats” that are itemized in the chart.

Before you dive in, one hint: Everything that’s listed below happens to a series regular or a recurring character (no one-off guest stars allowed) on a broadcast network show (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW).

One more hint: As Sweeps nears, the chart will be updated time and again, with blanks filled in when intel leaks and new question marks added. (Asterisk quizzes are also a possibility… if you ask nicely. And remember, only events that take place in May are listed below. In other words, the imminent birth of Booth and Brennan’s kid is not Scorecard-eligible.)

OK, now you can scroll down and behold the awesomeness that is The Second Annual TVLine May Sweeps Scorecard!

Number of confirmed weddings: At least 7
1. AIRED May 10: Wolowitz and Bernadette/The Big Bang Theory
2. AIRED May 13: Renee and Ben/Desperate Housewives
3. AIRED May 13: Bree and Trip/Desperate Housewives
4. AIRED May 14: Mike and Molly/Mike & Molly
5. AIRED May 15: Jimmy and Breena/NCIS
6. AIRED May 16: JJ and Will/Criminal Minds
7. AIRED May 29: Jules and Grayson/Cougar Town

Number of wedding partners revealed via flash forward: At least 1
1. AIRED May 14: Barney and Robin/How I Met Your Mother

Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 6
1. AIRED April 26: Jackson and April/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED May 7: Castle and Beckett/Castle [BLIND ITEM!]
3. AIRED May 7: Ivy and Dev/Smash
4. AIRED May 14: Wade and Zoe/Hart of Dixie
5. AIRED May 15: Will and Emma/Glee
6. AIRED May 15: Jake and Addison/Private Practice

Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 3
1. AIRED May 11: Olivia/Fringe
2. AIRED May 23: Gloria/Modern Family
3. AIRED May 23: Fauxmanda/Revenge

Number of people giving birth: At least 3
1. AIRED May 13: Julie/Desperate Housewives
2. AIRED May 14: Lily and Marshall/How I Met Your Mother
3. AIRED May 15: Amelia/Private Practice 

Number of couples reuniting: At least 11
1. AIRED May 8: Carrie and Al/Unforgettable
2. AIRED May 10: Elena and Stefan/The Vampire Diaries
3. AIRED May 10: Dwight and Angela/The Office
4. AIRED May 10: Cristina and Owen/Grey’s Anatomy
5. AIRED May 13: Tom and Lynette/Desperate Housewives
6. AIRED May 13: Rumplestiltskin and Belle (in Storybrooke)/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 13: Snow White and Prince Charming (in Storybrooke)/Once Upon a Time
8. AIRED May 14: Ted and Victoria/How I Met Your Mother
9. AIRED May 14: Bart and Lily/Gossip Girl
10. AIRED May 15: Naomi and Max/90210
11. AIRED May 23: Jack and Fauxmanda/Revenge

Number of breakups/divorces: At least 11
1. AIRED May 6: Tom and Jane/Desperate Housewives
2. AIRED May 8: Schmidt and CeCe/New Girl
3. AIRED May 8: Kristin and Kyle/Last Man Standing
4. AIRED May 14: George and Lemon/Hart of Dixie
5. AIRED May 14: Dan and Blair/Gossip Girl
6. AIRED May 14: Rufus and Lily/Gossip Girl
7. AIRED May 15: Annie and Caleb/90210
8. AIRED May 15: Beiste and Cooter/Glee
9. AIRED May 17: Jack and Avery/30 Rock
10. AIRED May 22: Rachel and Finn/Glee
11. AIRED May 23: Daniel and Emily/Revenge

Number of fatalities: At least 20
1. AIRED April 26: Starburns/Community
2. AIRED May 3: Amanda/Scandal
3. AIRED May 4: David Robert Jones/Fringe
4. AIRED May 9: Alaric/The Vampire Diaries
5. AIRED May 9: Blackwell/The Secret Circle
6. AIRED May 13: Mrs. McCluskey/Desperate Housewives
7. AIRED May 13: Maleficent/Once Upon a Time
8. AIRED May 14: Capt. Fryer/Hawaii Five-0
9. AIRED May 15: Lauren Hunter/NCIS: LA
10. AIRED May 15: Mike Renko/NCIS: LA
11. AIRED May 15: Jonathan/NCIS
12. AIRED May 15: Big Carl/Cougar Town
13. AIRED May 16: Sammy/Revenge
14. AIRED May 17: Lexie/Grey’s Anatomy
15. AIRED May 17: Vice Dean Laybourne/Community
16. AIRED May 17: “Green” Detective Ed Hawkins/Awake
17. AIRED May 17: “Red” Detective “Bird” Freeman/Awake
18. AIRED May 18: Percy/Nikita
19. AIRED May 18: Roan/Nikita
20. AIRED May 18: Dick Roman/Supernatural

Number of characters graduating: At least 10
1. AIRED May 7: Alexis/Castle
2. AIRED May 14: Jake/Two and a Half Men
3. AIRED May 22: Finn/Glee
4. AIRED May 22: Kurt/Glee
5. AIRED May 22: Mercedes/Glee
6. AIRED May 22: Puck/Glee
7. AIRED May 22: Quinn/Glee
8. AIRED May 22: Mike/Glee
9. AIRED May 22: Santana/Glee
10. AIRED May 22: Rachel/Glee

Number of possible fatalities: At least 15
1. AIRED May 10: Tyler/The Vampire Diaries
2. AIRED May 13: August/Once Upon a Time
3. AIRED May 14: Kono/Hawaii Five-0
4. AIRED May 15: Gibbs/NCIS
5. AIRED May 15: Abby/NCIS
6. AIRED May 15: Tony/NCIS
7. AIRED May 15: Ziva/NCIS
8. AIRED May 15: McGee/NCIS
9. AIRED May 15: Ducky/NCIS
10. AIRED May 15: Dixon/90210
11. AIRED May 17: Billy/Scandal
12. AIRED May 18: Juliette/Grimm
13. AIRED May 23: Charlotte/Revenge
14. AIRED May 23: Lydia/Revenge
15. AIRED May 23: Victoria/Revenge

Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 18
1. AIRED April 26: Nick/The Secret Circle
2. AIRED April 30: Bart/Gossip Girl
3. AIRED May 4: William Bell/Fringe
4. AIRED May 9: Jeffrey McKeen/CSI
5. AIRED May 10: Avery/30 Rock
6. AIRED May 13 The Huntsman/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 13 Katherine/Desperate Housewives
8. AIRED May 14: Thirteen/House
9. AIRED May 14: McGarrett’s mother/Hawaii Five-0
10. AIRED May 15: Teddy/90210
11. AIRED May 17: Starburns/Community
12. AIRED May 18: Nick’s Mom/Grimm
13. AIRED May 21: Kutner/House
14. AIRED May 21: Masters/House
15. AIRED May 21: Cameron/House
16. AIRED May 21: Amber/House
17. AIRED May 21: Stacy/House
18. AIRED May 23: Fauxmanda/Revenge 

Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: At least 23
1. AIRED April 9: Cary rehired at LG/The Good Wife
2. AIRED May 2: Ashley/Revenge
3. AIRED May 6: Tom fired/Desperate Housewives
4. AIRED May 7: Chase quits/House
5. AIRED May 7: Beckett quits/Castle
6. AIRED May 9: Nick quits/CSI
7. AIRED May 10: Robert fired/Nellie demoted/Andy manager again/The Office
8. AIRED May 10: Ben takes D.C. job/Parks and Recreation
9. AIRED May 10: Jane fired/The Mentalist
10. AIRED May 11: Broyles promoted/Fringe
11. AIRED May 11: New job for Nina/Fringe
12. AIRED May 13: New job for Lynette/Desperate Housewives
13. AIRED May 13: New job for Gaby/Desperate Housewives
14. AIRED May 13: Politics for Bree/Desperate Housewives
15. AIRED May 14: Chuck fired/Gossip Girl
16. AIRED May 14: Ellis fired/Smash
17. AIRED May 15: Hetty quit/NCIS:LA
18. AIRED May 17: Teddy fired/Grey’s Anatomy
19. AIRED May 17: Dean Pelton rehired/Community
20. AIRED May 17: Chang fired/Community
21. AIRED May 17: “Red” Michael Britten resigned/Awake
22. AIRED May 18: Nikita, Ryan & Co. put in charge of Division/Nikita
23. AIRED May 21: Chase promoted/House

Number of characters falling off the wagon: At least 1
1.  AIRED May 14: Serena/Gossip Girl

Number of engagements/question poppings: At least 3
1. AIRED May 14: Barney and Quinn/How I Met Your Mother
2. AIRED May 15: Sam proposed to Addison/Private Practice
3. AIRED May 17: Bailey and Ben/Grey’s Anatomy

Number of time warps: At least 1
1. AIRED May 13: Desperate Housewives

Number of dream homes completed: At least 1
1. AIRED May 10: Derek and Meredith/Grey’s Anatomy

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  1. Larry says:

    Matthew Morrison confirmed last Tuesday in an interview there will be no Wemma wedding this year. AND extras on set during the filming of graduation have reported that Puck does graduate -BUT Sam and Brittany do not.

  2. anonymouse1013 says:

    Hope Cristina/Owen are one of the reuniting couples! CO fans have been so deprived. (all men on that show cheat, he’s just one of many….)

    • Jessa T. says:

      Maybe so, but not all men on the show are cruel, controlling jerks like he is. I’m perfectly happy to see Cristina be alone for a bit to focus on her work, like the true Cristina that we know.

      • Russ says:

        Don’t blame the men, blame the writers. They always make the men the cheaters, one exception Addison. Even if they had one of the women cheat a bet they would paint it as true love and she did it cause they are meant to be together.

  3. Every time I see Wilson under “possible fatalities” I want to cry a little bit, especially since I’m pretty sure that he will be moved to the “fatality” catagory. I also bet that House himself is one of the spots under resignations, unless he himself dies, which is also possible

  4. aadil says:

    * Wouldn’t Klaus be counted as a possible fatalities/confirm fatalities. As of this week he is technically dead.
    * Wouldn’t Ashley from Revenge be counted as a firing/job change.

  5. Chelsea says:

    Sam isn’t a senior on glee

  6. Sam is only a junior so he shouldn’t be listed in the “Graduations” list.

  7. JBS says:

    Based on where things have gone on Grey’s Anatomy, it may be possible to add these to the scorecard in the upcoming weeks;
    # of couples reuniting: Mark & Lexie
    # of shocking pregnancies: the easy answer would be Meredith, but the shocking answer would be April
    And with regards to couples having sex for the 1st time, would Richard and Catherine from Grey’s count towards the scorecard? It was during May sweeps (same episode as Jackson and April’s hook-up), and unless I missed something, I’m pretty sure it was their 1st time.

  8. Olivia says:

    I die everytime I see that Cuddy’s name is not on Big Returns

  9. Olivia says:

    Does anyone think one of the engagements might be Booth and Bones? ‘Cause they gave us an obvious hint on the season premiere….

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Plausible…and Fox is being very tight lipped about the next two episodes. If it’s going to happen, I think it happens in LA. Don’t think it’ll happen while dealing with Pelant in the finale

  10. The “Fatalities” list is formatted incorrectly. There are two number 3’s.

  11. aa says:

    Does Jefferson return on Once Upon A Time count as a return.

  12. Silvia says:

    Okay, I thought this was the “May 2012 Sweeps Scorecard”… what are all those April dates in the middle?? If you’re including April, please dont call it May or say it´s only for May. It doesnt make any sense!!

    • aa says:

      Last year he included entries from April 29 or so but this year he started early.

      • Matthew says:

        Sweeps began on April 26, despite being called “May Sweeps”. Sweeps end on May 23(if I am correct) instead of May 31.

  13. Matthew says:

    Desperate Houswives info that should likely be added:
    Tom/His Girlfriend(Jane?) break-up and Lynette/Tom’s Boss Break-up and Tom Fired
    Julie’s Birth(unless she miscaries…)
    Ben and Renee possible or confirmed wedding
    Katherine’s return to the show.(Don’t know if she is interacting with the cast)
    Once Upon A Time:
    Possible Death: Henry(but the Apple was a sleeping drug)

  14. Michi says:

    No one’s gonna mention how Dixon is listed under possible fatalities? He hasn’t even been in the past two episodes. Why do we think he’s in danger of dying?

    • aa says:

      Because the actor who plays dixon took couple of weeks off from shooting (sick leave I believe). If he is really sick than there are chances that creators might kill him

    • Kirstie says:

      Dixon collapses in the finale and his fate is unknown!!

  15. Piano. says:

    one of the fatalities is on Gossip Girl

  16. deuxamis says:

    Shouldn’t Kevin Stack on this week’s ep of the Firm be one of the fatalities?

    Also, I know that May sweeps starts at the end of April, but that Good Wife one was April 9th???

  17. peter says:

    henry is going to die in once upon a time
    like regina ‘s dad henry dies for her to make the course work
    henry is gonna die for the course still work

  18. hello says:

    Shouldn’t Henry on Once Upon a Time be a possible fatality?

  19. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Based on the Bones season finale promo:

    Job change-Booth (handed over gun and badge), maybe Brennan as well
    Potential fatality-Christine? (I seriously hope I’m wrong here)
    Engagement-Better be B&B because if they can survive this, they can survive anything

  20. Bryan says:

    Did i miss amanda dying on revenge?

    • poohlover1983 says:

      As much as we’ve been shown on Revenge Amanda hasn’t died, yet. Last we saw she was shot by Tyler and then got into a car with Takeda and drove away. All Emily has said is that Takeda has Amanda and she is secure. They have not revealed who has or will die during sweeps.

  21. May says:

    Shouldn’t Addison’s baby count as ‘Aired’? It’s been a while and all.

  22. Gayle says:

    Castle and Beckett did not have sex. They linked hands and headed off to what one would assume the bedroom where they would have sex.

    • Andrew stated himself that they did have sex, it’s implied! ABC can’t have the explicit scenes that HBO & Showtime can.

      • Gayle says:

        Most of the time I go with the spirit of the law. I just felt like the Devil’s Advocate when I wrote that and went with the letter of the law. If they weren’t headed to bedroom to do the deed I would hate to know that they went for coffee. I love that scene with the the two of them at the end and have watched it a number of time. Yes the deed was done, and can’t wait to see the writers go from there. Have a great day!

      • madbengalsfan85 says:

        Right now, it feels like the s6 finale of House (Ends with House and Cuddy holding hands)…we’ll see more of the deed when s5 rolls around (Again, like House did with the start of s7)

        • madbengalsfan85 says:

          And not having a sex scene isn’t a big deal…because the way I figure, emotional intimacy carries far greater weight than physical intimacy. Castle had that emotional intimacy with the bullet wound scene. Sex is a biological function (quoting Brennan) but what CB did carried far greater weight. It’s the reason not seeing a sex scene didn’t bug me with Castle (or last year with Bones).

  23. Mari says:

    Castle and Beckett were the blind item after all!! YAY

  24. Larry says:

    Just noticed that you took Sam from Glee off your list as graduating. After all these weeks of any unsubstantiated evidence to show Sam was a senior you finally came to your senses. Just wish you did it weeks ago.

    • When he first came on the show last season, he said he was a sophomore. So this year he’d be a junior. I was surprised he was ever on the graduation list (unless he was graduating a year early or something).

  25. Laura says:

    Oh my god…I knew we were the blind item from the beginning…

  26. Em J says:

    I guessed Kate was resigning because someone speculated it and we SO knew who the blind item was ;) ever since it (Blind item) came out we SO said it was Caskett let’s just say I had my doubts now lets just say my doubts went out of the window because CTV sort of spoiled it because like 5 days before the episode aired they had some seconds of the kiss it was so great that confirmed it! xD BUT I had my doubts even when I saw the bloody promo! xD I am a worrier NOW ABC YOU BLOODY WELL SHOULD CONFIRM A SEASON 5! OR YOU WILL GET A LOT OF PO CASKETT FANS! AND CASTLE FANS! XD

  27. CC says:

    Don’t you think that Richard and Catherine (Grey’s Anatomy) should be among couples having sex for the first time?

  28. Nabil Mazidi says:

    Dear Ausiello

    You forgot to add the breakup of Kristin and Kyle that happened on Last Man Standing last night to the breakups/divorces section

  29. Ken Mack says:

    Number of characters falling off the wagon: Amanda Vaughn, GCB

  30. smidnite says:

    Possible weddings: Willa and Timo; The Finder.

  31. fowlaaa says:

    Why are Glee’s Finn and Rachel not listed as a possible wedding?

  32. delfina says:

    i don’t undestand, why can’t i see the part SPOILER ALERT?

  33. Charlotte says:

    Isn’t Ecklie a possible fatality?

  34. Rach says:

    What about Carrie and Al on Unforgettable? Don’t they count as a romantic reunion?

  35. Lois says:

    So…Alaric’s dead, Elena’s technically dead. Klaus died but is in Tyler’s body, so is Klaus dead or is Tyler dead? Or is Tyler just ‘hidden’?

  36. smidnite says:

    Unforgettable’s Carrie and Al did not make love for the first time; they are a past couple who reunited.

  37. aa says:

    *Number of weddings: Howard and Bernadette
    *Number of deaths: Alaric-The Vampire diaries
    *Number of possible deaths: Matt-The Vampire diaries (since we got no confirmation he actually survived)
    *Number of deaths: Tyler (technically he is death and his body is being possessed by Klaus)
    *Number of deaths: Elena (As with Tyler I don’t know if this counts since after dying she became vampire)
    *Number of dream house being completed: Meredith and Derek
    *Number of reunion: Owen and Cristina (temporary)-Greys Anatomy
    *Number of Confirm deaths: Nick-Greys Anatomy

    • Nick isn’t a main character. He was a guest for 2 episodes. He doesn’t count for this list.

    • Russ says:

      We don’t know that Tyler is dead, remember when Klaus took Alaric’s body over for a while he turned out fine.

    • Russ says:

      and I don’t think Matt is dead
      1) What I got from that scene was that the first person Stefan saved lived Elena/flashback and Matt/present and he didn’t have time to save the other, her parents/flashback, Elena/present.
      2) They wouldn’t just kill Matt and then not show any characters mentioning it

  38. Matthew says:

    The office:
    Reunion:Dwight and Angela
    Characters becoming a couple: Daryl and Val?(Not sure if it will land on the chart or not?)
    Laid off/Resigned/Fired/bought out: Robert
    Demoted: Nellie

    • Matthew says:

      Also, would Conrad and Lydia be listed as first time to sleep with each other for Revenge(hinted in recent flashback episode, technicaly be 1st time for the characters). Also, would the episode count as a time-warp, since the ending of the flashback episode took place in the present

  39. Joel says:

    You have Ben’s new job but what about Leslie winning the election as a major job change

  40. Kaa says:

    One “shocking pregnancy” remains… don’t know who it is, but it seems almost 100% certain that Olivia on Fringe will be revealed to be preggers by season finale’s end. That doesn’t count as “shocking” really. We not only already know she and Peter will have a child in 2012, but we even know the gender and name of the child…

    • Kaa says:

      PS, they could not have telegraphed her impending pregnancy any more than they did – not only do we know who the child is, but she and Peter presumably spent an entire episode offscreen ahem, “making up for lost time.”

  41. adam says:

    Lase year he included the sex scene of Dan and Blair and this year we don’t get reunion of Cristina and Owen. they did broke up

  42. Erin says:

    What about Under sherriff Ecklie as a possible fatality on CSI? Also, Jeffrey McKeen’s comeback has aired :)

  43. Isaac says:

    Would Dylan from Modern Family be a big return? Plus Avery made her return on 30 Rock last night as well.

  44. smidnite says:

    Fatalities: Asimov, Missing
    Gideon, Scandal

  45. Géraldine says:

    *Number of weddings: JJ/Will (Criminal Minds)
    *Number of couples reuniting: Mark/Lexie (Grey’s Anatomy)
    *Number of deaths: Lexie (Grey’s Anatomy)
    *Number of possible deaths: Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)
    *Number of shocking pregnancies: April (Grey’s Anatomy)
    *Number of dream house being completed: Meredith and Derek
    *Number of shocking pregnancies: Will/Emma (Glee)
    *Number of resurrections and/or big returns : Clyde Easter (Criminal Minds -> Emily ex-boss when she worked at the CIA)

    • Russ says:

      What Grey’s Anatomy are you watching?
      -Mark/Lexie didn’t get back together
      -We don’t know if Derek is dead
      -We don’t know if Lexie will die
      -April hasn’t state that she is prego (though could be possible, but i hope not)
      -Emma didn’t say she was prego either, we don’t even know if they have had sex remember she had problems

    • Ace says:

      I think you’re right about April (Sarah Drew is pregnant, after all) and Mark/Lexie reuniting, but I hope you’re wrong about the fatality. I actually think it’ll be Arizona. I love her and I’ll be sad to see her go, but it was definitely foreshadowed in the last episode. Plus, Jessica Capshaw is about to have a baby.

  46. Romy says:

    Character falling off the wagon: Amanda from GCB?

  47. smidnite says:

    Firings: Isobel The Finder.

  48. Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 12 Jeffrey McKeen/CSI Aired already

  49. Christy says:

    Kinda worried the person who “falls off the wagon” is Amelia from Private Practice. The baby dies and she can’t take it.

  50. farsia2010 says:

    Question: what is the point of this being spoilers if they reveal them only after the ep airs? that is not a spoiler then!