May 2012 Sweeps Scorecard: Deaths, Weddings, Pregnancies, Sex, Graduations and More!

May SweepsWhat May Sweeps is to May, TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard is to May Sweeps: in a word, essential! Same as last year, the Scorecard is jam-packed with Sweeps spoilers and, as an added, titillating-to-the nth degree bonus, season finale spoilers, too! But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill teasers. Not in the least. Many of them are shrouded in mystery, affording you the opportunity to guess at the “whos” that will be doing all the “whats” that are itemized in the chart.

Before you dive in, one hint: Everything that’s listed below happens to a series regular or a recurring character (no one-off guest stars allowed) on a broadcast network show (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW).

One more hint: As Sweeps nears, the chart will be updated time and again, with blanks filled in when intel leaks and new question marks added. (Asterisk quizzes are also a possibility… if you ask nicely. And remember, only events that take place in May are listed below. In other words, the imminent birth of Booth and Brennan’s kid is not Scorecard-eligible.)

OK, now you can scroll down and behold the awesomeness that is The Second Annual TVLine May Sweeps Scorecard!

Number of confirmed weddings: At least 7
1. AIRED May 10: Wolowitz and Bernadette/The Big Bang Theory
2. AIRED May 13: Renee and Ben/Desperate Housewives
3. AIRED May 13: Bree and Trip/Desperate Housewives
4. AIRED May 14: Mike and Molly/Mike & Molly
5. AIRED May 15: Jimmy and Breena/NCIS
6. AIRED May 16: JJ and Will/Criminal Minds
7. AIRED May 29: Jules and Grayson/Cougar Town

Number of wedding partners revealed via flash forward: At least 1
1. AIRED May 14: Barney and Robin/How I Met Your Mother

Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 6
1. AIRED April 26: Jackson and April/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED May 7: Castle and Beckett/Castle [BLIND ITEM!]
3. AIRED May 7: Ivy and Dev/Smash
4. AIRED May 14: Wade and Zoe/Hart of Dixie
5. AIRED May 15: Will and Emma/Glee
6. AIRED May 15: Jake and Addison/Private Practice

Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 3
1. AIRED May 11: Olivia/Fringe
2. AIRED May 23: Gloria/Modern Family
3. AIRED May 23: Fauxmanda/Revenge

Number of people giving birth: At least 3
1. AIRED May 13: Julie/Desperate Housewives
2. AIRED May 14: Lily and Marshall/How I Met Your Mother
3. AIRED May 15: Amelia/Private Practice 

Number of couples reuniting: At least 11
1. AIRED May 8: Carrie and Al/Unforgettable
2. AIRED May 10: Elena and Stefan/The Vampire Diaries
3. AIRED May 10: Dwight and Angela/The Office
4. AIRED May 10: Cristina and Owen/Grey’s Anatomy
5. AIRED May 13: Tom and Lynette/Desperate Housewives
6. AIRED May 13: Rumplestiltskin and Belle (in Storybrooke)/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 13: Snow White and Prince Charming (in Storybrooke)/Once Upon a Time
8. AIRED May 14: Ted and Victoria/How I Met Your Mother
9. AIRED May 14: Bart and Lily/Gossip Girl
10. AIRED May 15: Naomi and Max/90210
11. AIRED May 23: Jack and Fauxmanda/Revenge

Number of breakups/divorces: At least 11
1. AIRED May 6: Tom and Jane/Desperate Housewives
2. AIRED May 8: Schmidt and CeCe/New Girl
3. AIRED May 8: Kristin and Kyle/Last Man Standing
4. AIRED May 14: George and Lemon/Hart of Dixie
5. AIRED May 14: Dan and Blair/Gossip Girl
6. AIRED May 14: Rufus and Lily/Gossip Girl
7. AIRED May 15: Annie and Caleb/90210
8. AIRED May 15: Beiste and Cooter/Glee
9. AIRED May 17: Jack and Avery/30 Rock
10. AIRED May 22: Rachel and Finn/Glee
11. AIRED May 23: Daniel and Emily/Revenge

Number of fatalities: At least 20
1. AIRED April 26: Starburns/Community
2. AIRED May 3: Amanda/Scandal
3. AIRED May 4: David Robert Jones/Fringe
4. AIRED May 9: Alaric/The Vampire Diaries
5. AIRED May 9: Blackwell/The Secret Circle
6. AIRED May 13: Mrs. McCluskey/Desperate Housewives
7. AIRED May 13: Maleficent/Once Upon a Time
8. AIRED May 14: Capt. Fryer/Hawaii Five-0
9. AIRED May 15: Lauren Hunter/NCIS: LA
10. AIRED May 15: Mike Renko/NCIS: LA
11. AIRED May 15: Jonathan/NCIS
12. AIRED May 15: Big Carl/Cougar Town
13. AIRED May 16: Sammy/Revenge
14. AIRED May 17: Lexie/Grey’s Anatomy
15. AIRED May 17: Vice Dean Laybourne/Community
16. AIRED May 17: “Green” Detective Ed Hawkins/Awake
17. AIRED May 17: “Red” Detective “Bird” Freeman/Awake
18. AIRED May 18: Percy/Nikita
19. AIRED May 18: Roan/Nikita
20. AIRED May 18: Dick Roman/Supernatural

Number of characters graduating: At least 10
1. AIRED May 7: Alexis/Castle
2. AIRED May 14: Jake/Two and a Half Men
3. AIRED May 22: Finn/Glee
4. AIRED May 22: Kurt/Glee
5. AIRED May 22: Mercedes/Glee
6. AIRED May 22: Puck/Glee
7. AIRED May 22: Quinn/Glee
8. AIRED May 22: Mike/Glee
9. AIRED May 22: Santana/Glee
10. AIRED May 22: Rachel/Glee

Number of possible fatalities: At least 15
1. AIRED May 10: Tyler/The Vampire Diaries
2. AIRED May 13: August/Once Upon a Time
3. AIRED May 14: Kono/Hawaii Five-0
4. AIRED May 15: Gibbs/NCIS
5. AIRED May 15: Abby/NCIS
6. AIRED May 15: Tony/NCIS
7. AIRED May 15: Ziva/NCIS
8. AIRED May 15: McGee/NCIS
9. AIRED May 15: Ducky/NCIS
10. AIRED May 15: Dixon/90210
11. AIRED May 17: Billy/Scandal
12. AIRED May 18: Juliette/Grimm
13. AIRED May 23: Charlotte/Revenge
14. AIRED May 23: Lydia/Revenge
15. AIRED May 23: Victoria/Revenge

Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 18
1. AIRED April 26: Nick/The Secret Circle
2. AIRED April 30: Bart/Gossip Girl
3. AIRED May 4: William Bell/Fringe
4. AIRED May 9: Jeffrey McKeen/CSI
5. AIRED May 10: Avery/30 Rock
6. AIRED May 13 The Huntsman/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 13 Katherine/Desperate Housewives
8. AIRED May 14: Thirteen/House
9. AIRED May 14: McGarrett’s mother/Hawaii Five-0
10. AIRED May 15: Teddy/90210
11. AIRED May 17: Starburns/Community
12. AIRED May 18: Nick’s Mom/Grimm
13. AIRED May 21: Kutner/House
14. AIRED May 21: Masters/House
15. AIRED May 21: Cameron/House
16. AIRED May 21: Amber/House
17. AIRED May 21: Stacy/House
18. AIRED May 23: Fauxmanda/Revenge 

Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: At least 23
1. AIRED April 9: Cary rehired at LG/The Good Wife
2. AIRED May 2: Ashley/Revenge
3. AIRED May 6: Tom fired/Desperate Housewives
4. AIRED May 7: Chase quits/House
5. AIRED May 7: Beckett quits/Castle
6. AIRED May 9: Nick quits/CSI
7. AIRED May 10: Robert fired/Nellie demoted/Andy manager again/The Office
8. AIRED May 10: Ben takes D.C. job/Parks and Recreation
9. AIRED May 10: Jane fired/The Mentalist
10. AIRED May 11: Broyles promoted/Fringe
11. AIRED May 11: New job for Nina/Fringe
12. AIRED May 13: New job for Lynette/Desperate Housewives
13. AIRED May 13: New job for Gaby/Desperate Housewives
14. AIRED May 13: Politics for Bree/Desperate Housewives
15. AIRED May 14: Chuck fired/Gossip Girl
16. AIRED May 14: Ellis fired/Smash
17. AIRED May 15: Hetty quit/NCIS:LA
18. AIRED May 17: Teddy fired/Grey’s Anatomy
19. AIRED May 17: Dean Pelton rehired/Community
20. AIRED May 17: Chang fired/Community
21. AIRED May 17: “Red” Michael Britten resigned/Awake
22. AIRED May 18: Nikita, Ryan & Co. put in charge of Division/Nikita
23. AIRED May 21: Chase promoted/House

Number of characters falling off the wagon: At least 1
1.  AIRED May 14: Serena/Gossip Girl

Number of engagements/question poppings: At least 3
1. AIRED May 14: Barney and Quinn/How I Met Your Mother
2. AIRED May 15: Sam proposed to Addison/Private Practice
3. AIRED May 17: Bailey and Ben/Grey’s Anatomy

Number of time warps: At least 1
1. AIRED May 13: Desperate Housewives

Number of dream homes completed: At least 1
1. AIRED May 10: Derek and Meredith/Grey’s Anatomy

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  1. Shal says:

    So, who in the cast is not a senior?
    Chord [Overstreet] is not a senior,” he said. “I believe Darren [Criss] is not a senior. There’s a group of them. But this year we will be adding new people.”

    • bamabunny says:

      Please…you’re talking about Ryan “no guest stars and only one tribute episode” Murphy. He says one thing until he forgets or gets bored and changes his mind.

  2. CookieGirL says:

    wait Sam Evans GLEE is a senior, isn’t he was a sophomore last year when he entered GLEE?

  3. Stephanie says:

    I really hope the “sex for the first time” and “shocking pregnancies” are for The Big Bang Theory! For “Shamy” and “Lenny”, respectively… Kaley said once in an interview (and I quote): ” I mean, Penny’s gotta get knocked up sometime, right?” With “Lenny’s” sex record, it wouldn’t surprise me! And I mean, come on…Sheldon can’t be asexual forever! He’s gotta give into Amy’s advances sooner or later, and I prefer sooner! He’d better lose his virginity (if he still has it) by the end of the season!
    And on another note…. Howard and Bernadette’s wedding is only a POSSIBILITY?? NO! I refuse to accept that, lol. :) They belong together.

  4. Molly says:

    The wedding is obviously Will and Emma’s from Glee. RM is meeting with Vera Wang for Emma’s wedding dress.

  5. lyly ford says:

    Ausiello, can’t we get some hints or quizzes or anything for guessing which couple will have sex for the first time ?
    for one returns, I could assume one on tvd, probably McQueen since we all know Jeremy will come back before the end of s3 :)
    for the baby born I bet on Julie and Parker on DH^^
    thanks for the may sweeps game :) it’s nice ^^ xoxo

  6. Julie says:

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns
    Castiel and/or Bobby

  7. TVDIVA says:

    This is nice, but where is your Shows on the Bubble card? We need that before May Sweeps so we can beg for networks to keep them going. Your frenemy on the other web site already posted hers. Hint. Hint.

  8. PIlo says:

    Number of fatalities: At least 6
    3. Avery 30Rock
    Number of possible fatalities: At least 4
    1. Joe White H5-O

  9. Jen says:

    Unfortunately, my first thought was Dair. But they’ll having a sex in the next episode on April. That’s why I think it’ll be Jess and Nick, because I’m really waiting for this couple. they’re so so so cute!
    Sorry for my grammar, I know English not so good.

  10. Paige says:

    Oh please let one of the big returns be The Huntsman on Once Upon A Time! (Actually it’d be better if they brought back Sheriff Graham so him and Emma could get back together, but that’s proabably wishful thinking. But I do think that’ll probably happened at the end of the series.)

  11. Jenna says:

    Lily: Something on Glee, please! Wemma news perhaps?
    The Finchel wedding may be postponed due to Quinn’s (Dianna Agron) tragic accident, but sounds like Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma’s (Jayma Mays) wedding will be staying on course. Someone is meeting with a wedding planner, and it sure sounds like it’s Wemma. May wedding, anyone? Right in time for sweeps?
    Wedding is in May. This along with Ryan Murphy meeting with Vera Wang confirms it.

  12. Sophie says:

    Bones seems to be a few steps ahead with the baby and the dream home but it is either engagement or someone dies- hopefully Daisy (I know that sounds mean but I cannot stick her). Or maybe Hannah returns to try and get Booth back but falls victim to Pallent. That covers two.
    Hopefully Mark in Grey’s has ditched the new girl and goes back to Lexie and Jackson could be with… April (no way she is like Daisy in Bones and I like Jackson- his eyes are AMAZING)

  13. brad says:

    lets not forget One Tree Hill. I can promise they probably fill up a couple slots on this list. Probably the time warp

  14. Christina says:

    A few guesses and how sure I am of them:
    The wedding: Will/Emma (Glee)- 99% chance
    Breakups: Mark/Julia (GA)- 90% chance, Owen/Cristina (GA)- 75% chance, Klaine or Finchel from Glee- 60% chance
    Engagements: Booth/Brennan (Bones)- 60% chance
    Firings/resignations/job changes: Booth gets fired (Bones), 75% chance AND Brennan goes back to examining ancient remains (Bones), 70% chance
    Babies born/adopted:
    Addison (PP) adopts OR Cam/Mitchell (MF) adopt, chances are 50% for both.

    • Jillian says:

      Brennan can’t go back to just examining ancient remains and Booth can’t get fired. There WON’T be a show, unless B&B still work together and solve murders together. They CAN’T just have Brennan work on ancient remains and Booth solve normal murders with another partner, with absolutely NO interaction during the episode and then they just come and kiss at the end of every episode. It WOULDN’T work. I can buy that *maybe* Booth gets “suspended” for a couple episodes and they work behind the FBI’s back to catch Pellant, but they can’t do that for a whole episode. It wouldn’t work.

      • Jillian says:

        I’m just saying that B&B have to work together and solve murders. That’s what the show is about. They can’t just have them go to work separately and work on separate cases with other partners (Booth solving normal murders with another partner or Brennan working on ancient remains) and then just go home and kiss at the end of every episode. If they don’t work together, then we wouldn’t even see any interaction with them at all during the episode, except maybe in the last scene of the episode. That can’t work. B&B have to have interaction. The whole shows revolves around them and their relationship/partnership. That could also mean that Booth does get fire and maybe they start their own investigative company together, but they still have to work together and solve murders together.
        I don’t think this “big change” that Hart and Stephen keep talking about won’t be a big change at all. I think after the finale, people are going to look back and think “That wasn’t a big change at all.”

        • Christina says:

          Oh, I don’t think it’ll be permanent. They’ll be back in like the first episode of S8, because the idea of the show is that they solve crimes together. But yes, this is still what I think will happen. So hold your horses, LOL.

          • Sarah says:

            I agree that either one or both of them will have a job change. And while I don’t think it’ll be permanent either, or for all of next season, I do think it will be at least a couple episodes before they’re back working together again.

  15. lindsey says:

    Maybe 1st time sex will be Mary Margaret & David on OUAT. * Fingers crossed *

  16. Géraldine says:

    Number of confirmed weddings: At least 3
    Rachel and Finn/Glee…even if the project is STUPID!!!
    Number of possible weddings: At least 2
    Bones and Booth/Bones
    Number of wedding partners revealed via flash forward: At least 1
    Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1
    Will and Emma/Glee
    April and Karev (or Jackson) because I’m pretty sure Shonda will make an item …
    Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 1
    Rachel and Finn/Glee
    Emily Prentiss/Criminal Minds
    Number of babies born and/or adopted: At least 1
    Addison Adopts/ Private Practice (baby adopted)
    Bones and Booth/Bones (baby born)
    Number of breakups/divorces: At least 3
    Cristina and Owen/Grey’s Anatomy
    Number of fatalities: At least 6
    Adele Webber/Grey’s Anantomy
    Number of characters graduating: At least 11
    Rachel/Glee -> present in s4
    Finn/Glee* -> present in S4 alas!
    Kurt/Glee -> present in S4
    Mercedes/Glee -> out
    Puck/Glee* -> out without being graduated
    Quinn/Glee -> out for Yale
    Mike/Glee -> out
    Santana/Glee -> present in S4
    Sam/Glee -> out
    * unless held back a year
    Number of possible fatalities: At least 4
    Grey’s Anatomy/ Owen (I can’t stand him anymore!)
    Emily Prentiss/Criminal Minds -> even if I really hope to be wrong!
    Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: At least 2
    Alicia is made an equity partner / The Good Wife
    Emily Prentiss/Criminal Minds (resignation because of her will to have her own family OR major job changes in changing of department)
    Number of engagements: At least 1
    Mark and Lexie/ Grey’s Anatomy
    Santana/Brittany/Glee …even if it is too early

    • Julia says:

      I am pretty sure the writers had the Quinn accident happen to kill the Finchel wedding storyline. Finn and Rachel are not getting married this year.
      Plus we have almost complete 100% confirmation that the wedding will be Will and Emma.

  17. Lindsay says:

    Number of confirmed weddings: At least 3
    Will and Emma- Glee
    Number of wedding partners revealed via flash forward: At least 1
    1. Barney and [SPOILER ALERT]/How I Met Your Mother
    This one is Robin. HIMYM likes to reveal major twists in its season finales. Right now Barney is with Quinn so her being the bride does not capture any shock value. Robin however definitely does.
    Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1
    Castle and Beckett
    Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 1
    Emma Pillsbury- Glee
    They have used this season to nail us on the head that Will and Emma are going to have a baby next year.
    Number of breakups/divorces: At least 3
    1. Cristina and Owen
    2. Kurt and Blaine or Finn and Rachel.
    3. Mark and whats her face.
    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2
    1 is Jesse St. James

  18. Jacqi says:

    Isn’t the time wrap show One Tree Hill, since the swan song is a jump?

  19. Cana says:

    I kind of want Nick and Jess to hook up on New Girl already. Im hoping it’s them. Also one of the engagements I am hoping for is Ben and Leslie on Parks and rec. If they get engaged it will most likely be the season Finale.

  20. pblo says:

    wasnt Sam somophore last year? he was definetely one year younger than Queen…

    • ?? says:

      yes i believe that is true! and Ryan Murphy himself said in 2 interviews that Chord’s character wasn’t a senior! He better have not lied cause this news is seriously pissing me off!!!

  21. eee says:

    Engagement-Leslie and Ben please!

  22. ?? says:

    No way Sam’s a senior! Ryan Murphy said it himself! If he lies than I’ll make sure all Chord’s fan’s gets hell to break loose!!!

  23. Luoe says:

    WOW!! There are lots of bad things happening in Spoiler Alert, I should watch it, it looks like a really good show…

  24. icy says:

    For an engagement I think Olivia and David From Law and order:SVU . I don’t think she’ll end up pregnant.

  25. Joan says:

    Does Snooki count as a “shocking pregnancy”?

  26. Axel says:

    Here are my guesses:
    Wedding : Definitely Will and Emma / Glee
    Wedding partners revealed via flash forward: Barney and Robin / How I Met Your Mother
    Couples having sex for the first time : Will and Emma / Glee or Castle and Beckett (I hope!) / Castle
    Babies born and/or adopted : Addison / Private Practice
    Breakups/divorces : Blaine and Kurt / Glee and sadly Cristina and Owen / Grey’s Anatomy
    Fatalities : I can only think of Adele Webber / Grey’s Anatomy she’s getting sicker and sicker
    And as for the engagement I’d say Mark and Lexie / Grey’s Anatomy
    What do you think ?

  27. Mayra says:

    Number of dream homes completed: At least 1
    It only took them 4 seasons, since the candle house.

  28. bridge says:

    under confirmed weddings, they forgot jimmy and breena from ncis! i know that theyre not main characters or anything, but that one’s been known for MONTHS. as for the NCIS la fatalities, all my hopes are for assistant director granger. i dont care for him that much, and i can tolerate him dying over a main character. i really dont want to see them kill off any of the main characters. i could (sadly) see them bringing back nate to kill him off, which stinks, cuz i love nate. i could also see them offing deeks (partially because the actors getting married… but that might be a bad idea given that theyve had the whole “densi” thing as a major part of the episodes lately). as for get-togethers, as much as i’d love to see tony/ziva, mcgee/abby, nell/eric, i dont think that itll happen. i think that theres a possibility for deeks/kensi, but that the writers arent going to go there for a while… that is, as long as they dont kill deeks. are they just throwing us all this “densi” stuff before they off him? cuz if they do i will not be happy…

  29. Spencer says:

    Well, thanks to AMC, we know who one of the fatalities are, and who it is…… Very shocking actually!!

  30. Amanda says:

    I think sheriff Graham is coming back on ouat

  31. shana says:

    I’m guessing that Alicia files for divorce on The Good Wife, and Castle/Beckett are the couple that have sex for the first time (and I don’t even watch Castle on a regular basis, but IMO they’re the most likely?).

  32. mandy says:

    I am guessing the #3 spot on the chart for weddings is Criminal Minds (Not sure who) But I read somewhere else that there is gonna be a wedding.

    • Jenna says:

      Nope because that one was unreported before. Aussiello has already found out this one but is not revealing therefore its already been reported. This one was just discovered today by TV Guide. Its not the one.

  33. Jaime says:

    So someone’s getting killed on 90210. I’ve got an idea, why don’t we just kill EVERYONE. That show has just gotten so bad that watching it is like watching a runaway train go straight off a cliff.

  34. Chomara says:

    I can not wait 4 May to start

  35. Polly says:

    Please say that one of the big returns is Castiel. I miss the Cas/Dean bromance.

  36. Rachel says:

    Please update!!

  37. Cece says:

    Is it bad that I want the shocking pregnancy to be Claire and Phil on Modern Family?

  38. ange says:

    The may sweeps card is wrong now! Shonda said that the dream house is not happening this season anymore, which sucks cause I would’ve loved to see it.

  39. Caroline says:

    Number of confirmed weddings
    Will/Emma (Glee)
    JJ/Will / Garcia/Kevin (Criminal Minds)

    Number of couples having sex for the first time
    Will/Emma (Glee)

    Number of shocking pregnancies:
    Olivia Benson (L&O: SVU)
    Emma (Glee) even if it’s too early… maybe on the next season

    Number of babies born and/or adopted
    Addisson (Private Practice) -> adopted

    Number of breakups/divorces

    Number of characters graduating
    everyone except Brittany (Glee) which would be unfair, especially if Puck gets graduated!

    Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes
    Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds) -> resignation for anoher job maybe a return as CIA agent

  40. James says:

    Onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: One of them is gonna be Kate Beckett, I know that.

  41. May says:

    Come on, Ausiello! It’s mid-April already and no updates?

  42. I think this should be updated! :D

  43. Nat says:

    When will this be updated????!! Come ON Ausiello!

  44. Spencer says:

    Shouldn’t Artie from Glee be on the graduating list? In the latest episode, he participated in Senior-Ditch-Day… Or, am I getting that wrong?

    • Mocha says:

      Yes, but in the first episode of the season, he said he was a junior along with Tina, who also went. I’m pretty sure it was also implied that Sugar isn’t a senior but she participated too and Blaine mentioned the idea of him going when he’s a junior too.

  45. Spencer says:

    I saw an ad recently in a magazine where it showed all the graduating seniors on Glee, (no Sam, for all of you), and Britney wasn’t with them, but Puck was….

  46. AA says:


  47. Alex says:

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2:

    Thirteen (House)
    Kutner (House)

  48. Santana and Britney are not seniors. or at least, if they are I will be extremely angry for them not getting to do another Britney Spears episode together. The show has not mentioned that they are graduating and they even did a list of people that were seniors and they weren’t on it, so I think the facts are wrong.

  49. Nina says:

    Please, don’t kill Nate on NCIS: LA, it’s my favourite character with Eric ! :(

  50. Ava Jean says:

    Isn’t Sam of Glee a junior? One of my guesses for fatality: Kim Jong-il/30 Rock hence the story of Avery returning. -It’s not funny, I know since it’s true, but the writers did say that they will do something about Jong-il’s death on the show and about Avery.-