May 2012 Sweeps Scorecard: Deaths, Weddings, Pregnancies, Sex, Graduations and More!

May SweepsWhat May Sweeps is to May, TVLine’s May Sweeps Scorecard is to May Sweeps: in a word, essential! Same as last year, the Scorecard is jam-packed with Sweeps spoilers and, as an added, titillating-to-the nth degree bonus, season finale spoilers, too! But these aren’t your run-of-the-mill teasers. Not in the least. Many of them are shrouded in mystery, affording you the opportunity to guess at the “whos” that will be doing all the “whats” that are itemized in the chart.

Before you dive in, one hint: Everything that’s listed below happens to a series regular or a recurring character (no one-off guest stars allowed) on a broadcast network show (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW).

One more hint: As Sweeps nears, the chart will be updated time and again, with blanks filled in when intel leaks and new question marks added. (Asterisk quizzes are also a possibility… if you ask nicely. And remember, only events that take place in May are listed below. In other words, the imminent birth of Booth and Brennan’s kid is not Scorecard-eligible.)

OK, now you can scroll down and behold the awesomeness that is The Second Annual TVLine May Sweeps Scorecard!

Number of confirmed weddings: At least 7
1. AIRED May 10: Wolowitz and Bernadette/The Big Bang Theory
2. AIRED May 13: Renee and Ben/Desperate Housewives
3. AIRED May 13: Bree and Trip/Desperate Housewives
4. AIRED May 14: Mike and Molly/Mike & Molly
5. AIRED May 15: Jimmy and Breena/NCIS
6. AIRED May 16: JJ and Will/Criminal Minds
7. AIRED May 29: Jules and Grayson/Cougar Town

Number of wedding partners revealed via flash forward: At least 1
1. AIRED May 14: Barney and Robin/How I Met Your Mother

Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 6
1. AIRED April 26: Jackson and April/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED May 7: Castle and Beckett/Castle [BLIND ITEM!]
3. AIRED May 7: Ivy and Dev/Smash
4. AIRED May 14: Wade and Zoe/Hart of Dixie
5. AIRED May 15: Will and Emma/Glee
6. AIRED May 15: Jake and Addison/Private Practice

Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 3
1. AIRED May 11: Olivia/Fringe
2. AIRED May 23: Gloria/Modern Family
3. AIRED May 23: Fauxmanda/Revenge

Number of people giving birth: At least 3
1. AIRED May 13: Julie/Desperate Housewives
2. AIRED May 14: Lily and Marshall/How I Met Your Mother
3. AIRED May 15: Amelia/Private Practice 

Number of couples reuniting: At least 11
1. AIRED May 8: Carrie and Al/Unforgettable
2. AIRED May 10: Elena and Stefan/The Vampire Diaries
3. AIRED May 10: Dwight and Angela/The Office
4. AIRED May 10: Cristina and Owen/Grey’s Anatomy
5. AIRED May 13: Tom and Lynette/Desperate Housewives
6. AIRED May 13: Rumplestiltskin and Belle (in Storybrooke)/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 13: Snow White and Prince Charming (in Storybrooke)/Once Upon a Time
8. AIRED May 14: Ted and Victoria/How I Met Your Mother
9. AIRED May 14: Bart and Lily/Gossip Girl
10. AIRED May 15: Naomi and Max/90210
11. AIRED May 23: Jack and Fauxmanda/Revenge

Number of breakups/divorces: At least 11
1. AIRED May 6: Tom and Jane/Desperate Housewives
2. AIRED May 8: Schmidt and CeCe/New Girl
3. AIRED May 8: Kristin and Kyle/Last Man Standing
4. AIRED May 14: George and Lemon/Hart of Dixie
5. AIRED May 14: Dan and Blair/Gossip Girl
6. AIRED May 14: Rufus and Lily/Gossip Girl
7. AIRED May 15: Annie and Caleb/90210
8. AIRED May 15: Beiste and Cooter/Glee
9. AIRED May 17: Jack and Avery/30 Rock
10. AIRED May 22: Rachel and Finn/Glee
11. AIRED May 23: Daniel and Emily/Revenge

Number of fatalities: At least 20
1. AIRED April 26: Starburns/Community
2. AIRED May 3: Amanda/Scandal
3. AIRED May 4: David Robert Jones/Fringe
4. AIRED May 9: Alaric/The Vampire Diaries
5. AIRED May 9: Blackwell/The Secret Circle
6. AIRED May 13: Mrs. McCluskey/Desperate Housewives
7. AIRED May 13: Maleficent/Once Upon a Time
8. AIRED May 14: Capt. Fryer/Hawaii Five-0
9. AIRED May 15: Lauren Hunter/NCIS: LA
10. AIRED May 15: Mike Renko/NCIS: LA
11. AIRED May 15: Jonathan/NCIS
12. AIRED May 15: Big Carl/Cougar Town
13. AIRED May 16: Sammy/Revenge
14. AIRED May 17: Lexie/Grey’s Anatomy
15. AIRED May 17: Vice Dean Laybourne/Community
16. AIRED May 17: “Green” Detective Ed Hawkins/Awake
17. AIRED May 17: “Red” Detective “Bird” Freeman/Awake
18. AIRED May 18: Percy/Nikita
19. AIRED May 18: Roan/Nikita
20. AIRED May 18: Dick Roman/Supernatural

Number of characters graduating: At least 10
1. AIRED May 7: Alexis/Castle
2. AIRED May 14: Jake/Two and a Half Men
3. AIRED May 22: Finn/Glee
4. AIRED May 22: Kurt/Glee
5. AIRED May 22: Mercedes/Glee
6. AIRED May 22: Puck/Glee
7. AIRED May 22: Quinn/Glee
8. AIRED May 22: Mike/Glee
9. AIRED May 22: Santana/Glee
10. AIRED May 22: Rachel/Glee

Number of possible fatalities: At least 15
1. AIRED May 10: Tyler/The Vampire Diaries
2. AIRED May 13: August/Once Upon a Time
3. AIRED May 14: Kono/Hawaii Five-0
4. AIRED May 15: Gibbs/NCIS
5. AIRED May 15: Abby/NCIS
6. AIRED May 15: Tony/NCIS
7. AIRED May 15: Ziva/NCIS
8. AIRED May 15: McGee/NCIS
9. AIRED May 15: Ducky/NCIS
10. AIRED May 15: Dixon/90210
11. AIRED May 17: Billy/Scandal
12. AIRED May 18: Juliette/Grimm
13. AIRED May 23: Charlotte/Revenge
14. AIRED May 23: Lydia/Revenge
15. AIRED May 23: Victoria/Revenge

Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 18
1. AIRED April 26: Nick/The Secret Circle
2. AIRED April 30: Bart/Gossip Girl
3. AIRED May 4: William Bell/Fringe
4. AIRED May 9: Jeffrey McKeen/CSI
5. AIRED May 10: Avery/30 Rock
6. AIRED May 13 The Huntsman/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 13 Katherine/Desperate Housewives
8. AIRED May 14: Thirteen/House
9. AIRED May 14: McGarrett’s mother/Hawaii Five-0
10. AIRED May 15: Teddy/90210
11. AIRED May 17: Starburns/Community
12. AIRED May 18: Nick’s Mom/Grimm
13. AIRED May 21: Kutner/House
14. AIRED May 21: Masters/House
15. AIRED May 21: Cameron/House
16. AIRED May 21: Amber/House
17. AIRED May 21: Stacy/House
18. AIRED May 23: Fauxmanda/Revenge 

Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: At least 23
1. AIRED April 9: Cary rehired at LG/The Good Wife
2. AIRED May 2: Ashley/Revenge
3. AIRED May 6: Tom fired/Desperate Housewives
4. AIRED May 7: Chase quits/House
5. AIRED May 7: Beckett quits/Castle
6. AIRED May 9: Nick quits/CSI
7. AIRED May 10: Robert fired/Nellie demoted/Andy manager again/The Office
8. AIRED May 10: Ben takes D.C. job/Parks and Recreation
9. AIRED May 10: Jane fired/The Mentalist
10. AIRED May 11: Broyles promoted/Fringe
11. AIRED May 11: New job for Nina/Fringe
12. AIRED May 13: New job for Lynette/Desperate Housewives
13. AIRED May 13: New job for Gaby/Desperate Housewives
14. AIRED May 13: Politics for Bree/Desperate Housewives
15. AIRED May 14: Chuck fired/Gossip Girl
16. AIRED May 14: Ellis fired/Smash
17. AIRED May 15: Hetty quit/NCIS:LA
18. AIRED May 17: Teddy fired/Grey’s Anatomy
19. AIRED May 17: Dean Pelton rehired/Community
20. AIRED May 17: Chang fired/Community
21. AIRED May 17: “Red” Michael Britten resigned/Awake
22. AIRED May 18: Nikita, Ryan & Co. put in charge of Division/Nikita
23. AIRED May 21: Chase promoted/House

Number of characters falling off the wagon: At least 1
1.  AIRED May 14: Serena/Gossip Girl

Number of engagements/question poppings: At least 3
1. AIRED May 14: Barney and Quinn/How I Met Your Mother
2. AIRED May 15: Sam proposed to Addison/Private Practice
3. AIRED May 17: Bailey and Ben/Grey’s Anatomy

Number of time warps: At least 1
1. AIRED May 13: Desperate Housewives

Number of dream homes completed: At least 1
1. AIRED May 10: Derek and Meredith/Grey’s Anatomy

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  1. Jillian says:

    I don’t know what’s going to happen on any shows this season, nor do I care. The only show I watch in Bones and they have already done everything, except the birth of their baby, but that episode is in April.

  2. jake says:

    Has there been some resolution as to what happens to the glee cast as of next year — are we really gonna lose cast members? Because that would really suck. I hope that ryan murphy doesn’t revamp the show like he did with american horror story.

  3. AJ says:

    Since when are all those characters on Glee seniors? I thought they stated that only Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Mike were seniors. And recently out of nowhere Quinn was applying to colleges. When did Mercedes, Sam, Santana, Britnney and Puck come into the graduating equation?

    • Lois says:

      I think it’s been said that everyone’s a senior unless otherwise stated. Tina and Artie were announced as juniors in the season 3 premiere and Blaine just after. Though I know there was discrepancy over Sam being a junior or a senior. But I think they could easily fail Brittany (or Puck, but Mark is looking way too old to play a high school student any more) for next season.
      But Lea, Chris, Cory and Naya have all said they’re coming back next season so even if they do graduate they’ll still be on the show.

    • Leslie says:

      Mercedes is not a senior at all she just a junior.

      • Darcy says:

        In the first episode, we found out Mercedes is a Senior – the same with Brittany, Santana and Quinn.

      • Karen says:

        Sorry but Mercedes is not a senior. Watch “Asian F” again -in the scene where Mercedes gives up the Maria role to Rachel she references that she is indeed a senior. The only juniors confirmed are Tina, Artie and Blaine. We have no idea about Sam because his age or grade has never been discussed on the show.

    • Sam says:

      I think it has to do with the actors. Several of them are not interested in coming back. I have a feeling Dianna and Amber are two of those people. Also, I thought it was implied that Santana, Brittney, and Puck were seniors. Sam, idk, but if Mercedes is graduating they probably don’t want to keep him around. They don’t have an option on him to become a regular either.

    • Shal says:

      and especially Mercedes and SAM-as far as I remember they were juniors!

    • Frikka says:

      Let’s be honest, Glee isn’t the best written show on TV and its continuity is lacking…

  4. Amanda says:

    Resurrection on supernatural hopefully with Bobby

    • Cheryl says:

      I don’t see it happening But I would love it to be Bobby! So he, Sam and Dean can be a family again. Just keep Castiel gone after his 3 episode fan pandering arc is over with.

      • Julie says:

        The way I see things either Castiel will be back for more than 5 episodes next season or he will get his butt on screen for his 3-4 episodes this year and somehow bring Bobby back as he leaves. Either one of them is coming back or else this show’s officially going down the drain since for some reason the writers seem incapable of having the brothers working on a case together anymore, and crazy whoever’s that old man’s name isn’t going to be recurring guest star material next season, and so is Sheriff Mills

  5. Steven says:

    Isn’t Jeff graduating on Community?

    • Abbie says:

      Nope. He’s still got one more year to go.
      His reservation at Morty’s steak house to celebrate being a lawyer again is for May 23, 2013! :)

  6. madhatter360 says:

    I’m confused as to the meaning of “possible wedding”. I get that possible fatalities means the character will be left in some state of illness or injury where they may or may not live.
    Does this mean that the characters will be shown on the wedding day but it will be left until the series premiere as to whether they go through with it, or does it mean that they have no idea if a wedding will actually take place, but since the characters are engages they want to list it?

    • AnnClau says:

      Now that he added Wilson in possible fatalities, I’m guessing the possible fatalities/wedding can be both that we won’t be sure at the end of the season or MA doesn’t know if it’s really going to happen.

  7. hru says:

    House completed may be Booth and Brennan’s
    Divorce may be Sara and Grisson on CSI

  8. Svenja says:

    You could add NCIS’s Jimmy Palmer and his Breena to the “wedding” list. Gary Glasberg often said that they’re gonna get married in May :)

  9. Shannon says:

    So you’re seriously telling me that Finn would not get held back a year??? Finn Hudson for crying out loud, guy who copies his homework from brittany. With all of Glee’s inconsistencies strangely enough it’s this that I have the hardest time believing.

    • Leslie says:

      Finn not going to held back a year at all it was Brittany or Puck that going to held back a year. Finn already planning his future with Rachel (in which they probably be together consider there be back next season with Kurt).

      • Shannon says:

        Yes thankyou i think I got that Finn’s not being held back a year, the entire point of the comment was remarking on how absolutely astonishing and incerdible unlikely it is that a guy that doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together would NOT have to repeat the year, when Brittany and Puck do, both veritable geniuses when compared to Finn if you ask me.

        • Géraldine says:

          EXCELLENT and yes, I totally agree with you, especially after to have seen Finn talking to a croque Messie! ahahahah

  10. Lois says:

    Could Jeremy on VD be a big return? Haven’t been following spoilers too closely recently but I think I saw them saying he’d come back this season?

  11. Lola says:

    MA – Do Booth and Brennan still count in the category for sex for the first time on screen???? Cuz in reality, what we saw last year was not much! LOL The blind item does say ‘on screen’…….just wondering…….

  12. Ella says:

    Early guesses- engagement: Ben and Leslie, Parks and Rec
    Resignations/firings: Dwight, The Office
    Shocking pregnancy: Revenge
    Couple having sex for the first time: Really hoping Jeff and Annie, Community

  13. Spencer says:

    This may sound terrible, but I REALLY hope Blaine Anderson’s name will be revealed under the ‘Fatalities’ section……

  14. Rach says:

    Is Jimmy and Breena’s wedding on NCIS not confirmed? They seem pretty solid…

  15. Linderella says:

    Pete and Violet from Private Practice get divorced (pleeeeez!!!) and Addie adopts a baby or gets pregnant? Mark and Lexie from Grey’s get engaged? Esposito and Lanie from Castle (finally) get engaged? Whatever happens I just want to hear that Parenthood has been renewed!

  16. Erin says:

    I’m sincerely hoping one of the breakups is Tom and Ann on Parks and Rec. Not a fan of that pairing at all.

  17. Laura says:

    What about relationship reunions?? Are those in the May sweeps?? Glee anyone??

  18. Laura says:

    I think Sam’s a senoir cause it was mentioned that Sam was 18 in Summer Nights unless I am wrong

  19. Michael says:

    We did hear last summer that someone from NCIS was leaving so I wonder who and if they be fire or killed off

    • Gaara says:

      Nope, we never heard of anything like that last summer. They are talking about the spin-off, if you don’t know the difference..

  20. Alicia L. says:

    I totally agree with the fact that Finn should be held back a year!
    Number of confirmed weddings: At least 3
    1. Mike and Molly/Mike & Molly
    2. Jules and Grayson/Cougar Town
    3. Emma and Will/ Glee
    Number of possible weddings: At least 2
    1. Lemon and George/Hart of Dixie
    2. Wolowitz and Bernadette/The Big Bang Theory
    Number of wedding partners revealed via flash forward: At least 1
    1. Barney and [SPOILER ALERT]/How I Met Your Mother
    Number of couples having sex for the first time: At least 1
    1. Castle and Beckett/ Castle
    Number of shocking pregnancies: At least 1
    Number of babies born and/or adopted: At least 1
    1. Lily and Marshall/How I Met Your Mother
    2. Addison Adopts/ Private Practice
    Number of breakups/divorces: At least 3
    1. Peter and Alicia/ The Good Wife
    2. Finn and Rachel/ Glee
    3. Kurt and Blaine/ Glee ( I don’t want it to be true, but it makes sense)
    Number of fatalities: At least 6
    1. Nate/ NCIS: LA
    2. Community
    Number of characters graduating: At least 11
    1. Rachel/Glee
    2. Finn/Glee*
    3. Kurt/Glee
    4. Mercedes/Glee
    5. Puck/Glee*
    6. Quinn/Glee
    7. Mike/Glee
    8. Santana/Glee
    9. Brittany/Glee*
    10. Sam/Glee
    * unless held back a year
    Number of possible fatalities: At least 4
    1. Grey’s Anatomy/ Owen (Just because he has been annoying me!)
    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: At least 2
    1. Tammy Returns/ The Good Wife
    Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: At least 2
    1. Alicia is made an equity partner / The Good Wife
    Number of engagements: At least 1
    1. Mark and Lexie/ Grey’s Anatomy

    • Kayla says:

      No way Alicia is made partner. Way too soon. She just discussed partner TRACK with Diane.

      • josie says:

        yeah and in next episode she is promoted, acording to the promo.
        so I would actually say there are a good chance of her being made partner.
        other retunr is most likely Jesse on Glee.

  21. guest says:

    How does anyone figure out any of these and once the shows air in May will anyone refer to this page?

  22. sam says:

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns:CUDDY!!!!!Make it!!!

  23. jk says:

    I hope Cristina and Owen gets a divorce already then maybe Owen and Teddy can finally hook up. They’re more hot together (now that Henry’s dead).

  24. sam says:

    WOW ten of the Glee kids are graduating? I had no idea it was that many. That leaves for next year (possibly): Artie, Blaine, Tina, Sugar, Rory, Joe, and next year’s Glee Project winner. Only 7 people? Do you think they’ll transfer Sebastian to make up for this loss?

  25. chris says:

    I’m sure the spoiler alerts are great. And I appreciate that the ones you actually posted were about shows that I could care less about. If I had nothing to write about I could say
    “Spoiler Alert 4” it’s not like we could check it. Very lazy and I’m sure you get paid well to make it look like you actually have scoops. Great job, where do I apply?!

  26. A says:

    So Sam is officially a senior on Glee? They haven’t said anything on the show.

    • Leslie says:

      Hi, They did when Rachel and Finn went to Kentucky to find Sam after Rachel couldn’t sing after she put more votes for president for Kurt. Plus it was also shown at beginning of season 3 when that school reporter talk to Mercedes about her summer fling with Sam.

      • Karen says:

        That was not a confirmation about Sam being a senior. Chord Overstreet is on record after returning to the show that he doesn’t know his grade status because the show has never addressed it. This is only an assumption. Ryan said back in June that Chord’s character was definitely going to be a junior this year -it was said in the same interview when he said that Blaine might be a junior.

  27. Janeen says:

    The fatality is more likely to be Cristina than Owen. SO’s contract is up along with the other originals at the end of this season and can see her moving on. She’s too talented an actress for Grey’s. Same with KMcK but he has another year on his contract. Wish they’d both leave together and get a show on cable. Cristina will be living in her room at MerDer’s finished house when the earthquake strikes and rolls down the hill in the SF cliffhanger. Then no one who’s returning until the season 9 premiere if the show lasts that long. Heehee

  28. Marg says:

    You listed Sam as a graduating student even though he’s on recurring status. Is Dave Karofsky graduating, too?

  29. Jenna says:

    Possibly the only people left in the Glee club next year: Artie, Tina, Sugar, Blaine, and TGP winner. However, several of the graduating characters will be coming back. The show will need to introduce many new characters anyway to make up for the loss of members. The cast is going to be HUGE next year.

  30. Bailey L. says:

    God, I hope it’s Nell going on NCIS:LA. Can’t stand her. She’s such an unnecessary and irritating character

  31. steph004 says:

    You can almost bet at least one of those possible fatalities will be on The Vampire Diaries. No way they make it through May without offing somebody.

  32. Mary says:

    I’m kind of glad Sam is graduating.

  33. lol says:

    artie, tina, and blaine are the only confirmed glee members for next year. finn, rachel, kurt and santana are going to be in season 4 but not in that choir room… why are they graduating so many of them?!
    hahahahha this show is running itself into the ground.

  34. mai says:

    What the f*ck is the point of that.

  35. Jules says:

    Who cares!! About thoses stupid spoilers!
    I’m only interested about the return of [H]ouse (in April2) for the last 8 episodes remaining of my favorite&only addiction on Monday night and How it gonna end on May 21st…
    After that, Tv will be Boring..and don’t care about the others shows mention on this article

  36. Kristyn says:

    I believe the wedding is going to be Will and Emma’s. The only reason I came to his conclusion is because it was confirmed today that Ryan is looking at Vera Wang wedding dresses for Emma. Otherwise, I would’ve thought it was going to be next season.

  37. Rach says:

    really hoping one of those surprise engagements is Booth and Brennan from Bones!

  38. Jessica says:

    Isn’t Mercedes on Glee a Junior. I thought they pointed that out at the beginning of the season along with Blaine, Tina, and Artie being Juniors.

    • Shal says:

      Exactly my thought!! And when did Sam become a senior? RM made it clear he was a junior so what’s with the sudden change in status?!

    • Karen says:

      Nope, she mentioned in Asian F that she was a senior when she didn’t want to lose the West Side Story part to Rachel. But Sam’s grade has never been mentioned on the show so I don’t believe Ausiello has this right. Maybe he can get an answer for us from the producers.

      • s says:

        So, who in the cast is not a senior?
        Chord [Overstreet] is not a senior,” he said. “I believe Darren [Criss] is not a senior. There’s a group of them. But this year we will be adding new people.”
        Looks like we have an answer!

  39. JeMe says:

    I love how there’s an * next to Brittany from glee.
    *unless held back.

  40. Carla says:

    “Number of dreamhouses completed: at least 1.” That made me smile. A lot :)Can’t wait for MerDer and Zola to move into their dream house.

  41. Jarrod says:

    I’d consider Amelia’s pregnancy on Private Practice quite the shocker.

  42. LadyNBug says:

    Adoption could be Cam and Mitchell.

  43. nas says:

    You forgot NCIS’ Palmer and Breena as part of the confirmed weddings. I’m guessing NCIS isn’t any of the rest. Probably Criminal Minds for the resignation/firings for Paget Brewster’s departure.

  44. Shal says:

    How the hell is Sam graduating this season??!! He’s a freaking junior! Even Ryan Murphy established that! This really pisses me off! I hope they bring his character back for next season! Although I don’t know how they’ll fit his character into next seasons’s storyline. I hope he ends up going to NYADA like rachel and kurt

  45. robinepowell says:

    Anyone else notice that Jake from Two and a Half Men, isn’t listed a graduating, lol! :P I guess second time’s not a charm for him. ;)

  46. Kevin says:

    Could Glee be headed for a time jump? It could fast forward past college and show the kids (as adults) with some trying to succeed in NYC and some stuck in Ohio.

  47. Meghan says:

    Technically, isn’t Sam a junior on glee so he wouldn’t be graduating?

  48. nitemar says:

    Big return- Cuddy on House. :)

    • joise says:

      Not unless there are added more than two. So far it is most likely Tammy on the Good Wife and Jesse on Glee, as both of them have been confirmed that they are returning. Where as Cuddy has not.
      And Aus. no matter how good he is, won’t be able to tell things like that so far with out a lot of confirmation. Those two Tammy and Jesse are the sure thing (unless they return before May). I would however watch House if Cuddy returned for an episode just to see what happened. ANother secure return would be 13 on House as she has promised to return if it is the finalseason (which it is).

  49. Larry says:

    Are you correct about Sam Evans from Glee being a senior? I don’t believe it has ever been addressed on thew show and the actor has been on record this year as not knowing his grade status. I can see a lot of Glee fans taking this as confirmation and it may not be true.

  50. Shal says:

    Everyone wants to know who is graduating. In your mind, who are the seniors at McKinley?
    Ryan Murphy: I think they’re all seniors, except I don’t think Chord Overstreet is a senior, and I think the Darren Criss of it all is very ambiguous. But we’re not really thinking about that right now. The other thing I’ll say is that there are a lot of kids in that glee club who are intellectually challenged, who I’m sure are pulling straight Fs.
    So, will the entire class graduate at the end of season three?
    “To that I would say there are some people who are not seniors and there are some people that are REALLY intellectually challenged,” Ryan explained. “Like, you know that Britney (Heather Morris) is pulling straight Fs.”