Scoop: Lucy Liu Cast as Watson in CBS' Modern Day Sherlock Holmes Pilot Elementary

Lucy Liu ElementaryFurther proof that CBS’ in-the-works Sherlock Holmes reboot will take the iconic franchise in a radical new direction: The network has cast Lucy Liu as Watson!

TVLine has learned that Liu has been tapped to play Watson to Jonny Lee Miller‘s Sherlock in Elementary, the network’s modern-day take on the famed detective saga.

Another key change: Sherlock and Watson now live in New York City.

Rob Doherty (Medium) penned the script and Michael Cuesta (Homeland) will direct the pilot. Both will serve as EPs alongside Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

Liu is currently in the midst of a season-long arc on Southland.

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  1. Dux says:

    I have a couple of major problems with this:
    a) CBS already has a Sherlock show: The Mentalist. Patrick Jane may have a different back story, but he exhibits the same lack of social graces and brilliance as Holmes, not to mention his female law enforcement/sidekick/partner who is left in the dark about his schemes which inevitably solve the crime in the last few minutes.
    b) I agree with all the commentators who point to the “bromance” dynamic between Holmes and Watson as essential to the story. Also, the New York setting makes my head hurt.
    c) The market is really over-saturated with Sherlock Holmes right now, what with the BBC show and the big screen movies. Not to mention the bazillion of procedural cop shows on any given network.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Please let this show fail big time, this is evil to change it this much.

  3. Bebopbop says:

    This is ridiculous! Everything is about sex on American TV, most tv is catered to the male audience. Typical American men are homophobic and so they cast a woman. Everything to please the men. Of course, they will make the whole show sexy, I’m sure at some time there will be bikini shots of women, and bed scenes. Maybe Sherlock will have to investigate a crime in the Playboy mansion. This show will not even come close to being as successful as BBC’s version.
    I will never watch this show, and won’t even peek at it now that I know Watson will be a woman. Totally, and utterly, RIDICULOUS!

  4. Sophie says:

    Well you can’t say this show is going to suck quite yet. I am interested in how this will turn out. I don’t think it will be as good as Benedict and Martin, but you have to give it a chance. The idea isn’t new yet it isn’t copied. Yes BBC did do a modern day Sherlock, but that’s all they took. Sherlock Holmes wasn’t invented by BBC. It has a record of being the most replayed character ever. A girl Watson is completely new ( though I don’t know about her being Asian). They are also filming it in NYC because it strays from the BBC version a little more. I have no clue why they choose a Brit to play an American, seems kind of silly. Also ‘Sherlock’ only has 3 episodes per season , thoose 3 are very good but they’re not too many. That’s very little of your favorite show! At least with this show it wil be more episodes. I will still watch it to see where they could take it. Don’t shoot the idea down yet because it could be very enjoyable!

  5. Michelle says:

    Why can’t they just make a totally unrelated detective series? I would rather it be an obvious-but-not-officially-related spin-off than a terrible version of Sherlock Holmes. You can’t just do this to the Sherlock Holmes franchise!

  6. FACEPALM says:

    So they made Watson a girl so they can marry or something?? LOL we know they have some kind of a bromantic relationship and all, but at least at this show they would can KISS! LOL

  7. Rose says:

    I have never felt more disappointed in my own country. Please, dear God PLEASE, don’t go through with this. Sherlock BBC will be always be better.

  8. Frank says:

    Flat-out disrespectful to the genius of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  9. April says:

    I can’t believe the power that be would cast Lucy Liu as Watson … what happened they left their brains in the glove compartment of their car before they started casting… Nice work way to ruin another great literary character. I’ll Pass Thanks for nothing.

  10. amy v says:

    I appreciate the new updated Holmes and the Bbc has done Its usual good job I am still in mourning for the late great Jeremy Brett

  11. Land of the Saints says:

    Jeremy Brett, may he “live” forever….

  12. Scott Stroman says:

    You folks have a very workable plot line and it could be intertaining. We watched the first episode last night, or as much of it as we could stand. Johnny Lee Miller’s character comes across as an ADHD patient on crack. He is far too intense, moves too fast, and talks like 33 1/3 vinyl played at 78. Slow him down! We missed at last half the dialogue.

  13. Chris Behrens says:

    Of course people will watch. Almost 14 million did on the first show. They’re not trying to duplicate the original show. They are just taking a classic show and making it their own and after one show I’m a fan. I hope they keep up the good work, the main characters work well together.

  14. Biffo says:

    Would it be at all possible for America to come up with something original of their own? Whats next, an American Downton Abbey with Steven Seagal?

  15. a. says:

    they shouldn’t be calling this Sherlock.
    just change the names and call it ‘loosely based on..’ or whatever and have a completely different show.

    this is just getting silly. I cant believe Johnny Lee Miller actually agreed to be a part of this..

  16. Michelle says: