Grey's Anatomy First Look: Avery Suits Up With Mystery Date, Der and Mer Reunite For [Spoiler]

The return of Grey’s Anatomy on March 15 (ABC, 9/8c) looks to be chock full of big developments: Avery suits up with a mysterious date, who is most definitely not Lexie, and his mom Catherine (Debbie Allen) is back with a new crush, but this one is very familiar to viewers: Dr. Webber!

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But who is the lovely lady on Avery’s arm? That would be a urology fellow (played by Outsourced‘s Rebecca Hazelwood), who has come to Seattle Grace with Catherine.
Elsewhere, Summer Glau continues to torment Cristina with her prettiness as the doc grows increasingly suspicious of Owen’s activities, and Derek and Meredith make a big move towards trusting each other again when he convinces her to work with him on a case.
Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.


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  1. Dominique says:

    Find it hard to believe that Jackson goes from still loving Lexie to suddenly having a new date. Maybe he’s doing it to please his mom, to prove to himself/Lexie/Mark he’s moving on. I dunno..
    Yay for Mer being on Derek’s shift again! :D

    • CJ says:

      I’m finding it increasingly difficult to watch Jesse Williams or even look at pictures of him; he’s almost supernaturally beautiful. I definitely think he should be the star of a show, not an occasional subplot.

  2. Katy says:

    I so hope this means they’re moving away from Avery-Lexie, as I HATED them together!! Love her with Mark and will alwaysd want them to end up together, they’re really good for each other I think, he understands her and she makes him more grown up.

  3. joana says:

    oh whatever, just give me mark/lexie, shonda!!!!!!!

  4. Saint Alicia says:

    So maybe Summer’s character will actually speak this time around?
    Also, don’t get how Mark thinks he can talk to Avery about Lexie; Avery was her rebound guy who she then pushed away until he broke up with her because she isn’t over Mark. Fun times–let’s discuss.

  5. MLPC says:

    Finally Mer and Derek working together again!!! That with Derek and Lexie working the ‘no hope cases’ getting lame…

  6. ggny says:

    i wouldnt mind Summer sticking around full time the show could use another female character so 3 of them are not trying to get with Lexie

  7. madhatter360 says:

    First of all, yay for more Summer Glau! I was so disappointed that she didn’t even talk in the last episode. Also, check out the look on her face in the eighth picture. I sense a mean Christina moment coming.
    Also, about Avery’s date. His mom was dressed up all fancy too. Maybe there’s some urology gala and he’s simply going along with his mother and her fellow as a non-date.

    • Miss Rozie says:

      I hope a mean Cristina moment isn’t going to take place – wrong move on her part if that is what in the end happens. Cristina is trying to get back with her husband – this would only make their issues more weighted down …

  8. Sam says:

    Finally MerDer working together again!

  9. juan says:

    Awesome, I really wanted Mer do neuro, she need to choose that and so happy they’ll finally be working together.

  10. Alice says:

    I’m probably one of the very few people that still wants Jackson and Lexie together. They made a sweet couple. Too bad it seems like they won’t get a next chance. Mark and Lexie had many chances, she was better off with Avery.

  11. Aina says:

    I miss Firefly so much, River Tam was my fav character. This Season 8 is not good, Mer must be a neurosurgeon and not Callie’s puppy, and Derek’s Sperm needs to attack her but Shonda doesn’t like a pregnant Meredith but She likes the rest of the female characters pregnant.

  12. Claire says:

    FINALLY Team Neuro is back together again – GO Mer/Der! Wish I could believe that Shonda Rhimes won’t mess it up before the season is over, but she seems to love to hit Meredith is the “career” SL’s, so I’m not holding out too much hope. Meredith has been a Neurosurgery Goddess since season one. It’s a shame Rhimes messed with it to again find the character Lexie a SL from what Meredith (and Mer/Der) have done seasons earlier in storylines.

  13. Kelly says:

    lookin’ good jackson avery.

  14. aftvjunkie says:

    Yaaay !! … Rabecca Hazelwood is back on TV !!! … im guessing its just a one episode stint but i hope its longer !!
    Good to see her back on the TV Screen !!

  15. KCC says:

    My heart skipped a beat on that picture of Jesse Williams. He is so yummy!

  16. Annie says:

    Sounds like a good episode. Glad Avery is attempting to move on. Happy Mer will be back in Neuro but that should mean it’s the episode where Mer takes the fall for Lexie’s mistake

  17. Michelle says:

    They’re off until March 15? WTF is this?? I am so tired of the back and forth of new episodes.

  18. Cassie says:

    don’t know why no one commented on what’s going on with Alex but my opinion is no no no. remember what happened the last time he hooked up with a hospitalized new mother!!!

  19. Aussie says:

    Yep going by the promo now, she smacks in the head again. Mer apparently takes the fall for something Lexi does grrrr so now Derek can’t look at her again for the love of god let them work together, or was he begging get to work together as he hasn’t seen his wife even at home while she is studying?

  20. airhead says:

    i don’t care that summer hasn’t spoken yet (but i hope she gets to soon), it’s just fun to see her back on TV again

  21. anels says:

    No! No! No to Lexie and Jackson, she doesn’t deserve him at all she can go back to grandpa Mark with pleasure. Can’t wait for the day Jackson finally gets over her! Yes, yes, to April and Jackson though they are just too cute together and April is a good girl whilst Lexie has probably slept with every guy at that hospital!