Walking Dead Scoop: David Morrissey Joins Season 3 Cast as [Spoiler]

David Morrissey is joining The Walking Dead in Season 3 as a major new foil for Andrew Lincoln’s Rick.

The British actor (State of Play, Meadowlands) will play The Governor, the leader of a new settlement of survivors that clashes with Rick.

The character originated in exec producer Robert Kirkman’s WD graphic novel.

Morrissey will make his first appearance at the start of the show’s third season, which begins production this spring in Atlanta.

Season 2 of The Walking Dead is currently airing Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

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  1. Nerdista says:

    Ugh, I’ve been dreading this point in the story! It’s sooooo stressful! But in a good way!

  2. Matt says:

    Interesting choice. I would’ve never imagined him for the part.

  3. Cshifty says:

    Awesome! Have been waiting for The Governor since reading the graphic novels two years ago!

  4. Chris Druff says:

    THANK GOD! I’ve been waiting for The Governor since episode 1.

  5. Emily says:

    Stephen Collins? I am intrigued. I hope he keeps his accent.

  6. Angie says:

    Brilliant, love it, looking forward to season 3 my Friday nights I do look forward to 10pm :) x

  7. emilio estevez says:


  8. AJ says:

    They should never have had Merle in the show. The guy that played Merle should have been the Governor. He is far more suited to the part.

    • Dax says:

      How about you wait and actually SEE David perform before you go judging. It’s one thing to say you really liked the guy who played Merle and think he would be great it’s quite another to say he is more suited when you have absolutly no idea what the other guy will be like yet.

      • AJ says:

        Except for the fact I have read the entire graphic novel series so I most likely have a MUCH better idea than you.

        • rodders says:

          Prior to The Dark Knight, did you believe Heath Ledger was suited for the role of The Joker? Prior to Breaking Bad, did you believe Bryan Cranston was suited to play a murdering drug dealer? You may not believe David Morrisey may be suited for such a role, but give the guy a chance, his performance could blow you away like Cranston and Ledgers performances blew people away.

    • Victoria says:

      I agree that Michael Rooker (Merle) looks more badass for the governer role but if Merle is still alive I can’t wait to see the friction and tension he’ll create and David Marissery does look similar to Michael Rooker

  9. Snoz says:

    If he brings his Duke of Norfolk sense of entitlement from Other Boleyn Girl, should work.
    But he’s always Jackson Lake from Doctor Who to me.

  10. Ablar says:

    He is a great actor but this is a surprise. I would have thought they could have found an American actor for this part unless they are going for relatively lesser known actors (in the US) for the role.

  11. TheRiffRaff says:

    Don’t care about who he is just be a good governor. I’ve been waiting for the to get to the prison since the first episode. Best part of the comic in my opinion. Just hope we hear casting news for Michonne and Tyrese soon.

    • Victoria says:

      The actress that plays michonne is Danai Gerayra (I don’t think I spelt it right) and I don’t think they’ll bring in Tyresse I think T dog will transform into him in some way

  12. elaine says:

    i think one of the reasons the shows works so well is the use of little known actors so their fresh

  13. Barb says:

    I agree with elaine. American shows have a habit of casting the same actors over and over again. After awhile I have a hard time destinguising between the actor and the character. I just think…”Oh look, it’s that guy that always plays such and such.” I like when they use unknown actors because it makes the show seem more real to me.

  14. hunt says:

    They should have left the governor character in the comics. It’s a stretch to believe he would last a day tormenting a town full of people in a world where everybody is armed and dangerous.

    • Lukos58 says:

      Thank you! That was always something I hated about that stretch of issues. In the real world, the Governor would’ve had 2 to the head real damn quick.

  15. AJ Thinkagain says:

    because you are the only person with access to the graphic novels…. marinate on that for a moment, now let go of the ego.

  16. Celina says:

    I have both been dreading and waiting for The Governor to make his appearance on the show. Do you think the story will follow the comic book as far as The Governor is concerned? I don’t think so…I think they’re getting us ready for what’s to come by having Randall mention the 2 girls being raped and their father having to watch and letting them all live. If you’ve read the comic you already know it gets much worse, but there’s no mention of adding new characters. I think one of the girls already on the show will have to take Michonne’s place…
    Either way it’s looking to be a really good season 3!

  17. Erin says:

    Isn’t the actor who plays Rick also British?

  18. brent says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, I totally forgot Rick was the guy in Love Actually that was in love with his best friends wife(Kiera Knightly), I guess shane being in love with his is cinematic karma! Really, does everyone realize that a British actor can manage to play an American, accent and all? Some of these people make it sound like all of a sudden the Governor will be having tea and biscuits and organizing a cricket game with his people.

  19. Jeff in NYC says:

    I thought it would have been a great idea to have had Merle survive and end up as The Governor. Still brings the character to life but ties in nicely to the early season one episodes. Plus, I can totally see Michael Rooker in the role. It would have been a divergence from the comic, but a cool one.

  20. Jay Lenox says:

    I like that they are using a (relatively) unknown actor for the Governor, when reading the comic I always pictured him as Danny Trejo and even though I love that guy an actor like that would have been too over the top. Great casting choice in my opinion.

  21. that person says:

    They’re comic books. Not graphic novels. There is a difference. Just sayin’.

  22. Matt says:

    Michael Rooker for Governor!

  23. ARIN says:

    Yea, But the tv series doesnt follow the comic too much… -AND- they state that… Get off your high horse!!!

  24. Ike says:

    ” I have read the entire graphic novel series so I most likely have a MUCH better idea than you.”
    You dont even know that person so for you to make such a dumb comment is like saying your the expert because you read them all already. Well, I have and I am no expert. I agree that the actor that plays Merl is awesome and I would like to see Merle again, I wont diss the actor they have playing for the Govenor because the show writers know what the hell they are doing and the show knows who to cast.
    PS: I purposily mispelled because I love hearing people I dont know bitch about my grammer… or is it… GRAMMAR?? Hmm..

  25. ARIN says:

    @ rodders!!! <3 that comment… So true!!

  26. dlo says:


  27. Bill says:

    He didn’t torment his own town though.

  28. katie says:

    Because in the TV show, The Governor is actually The Chief Magistrate. :)

  29. Dj_jayp says:

    A simple internet search will give anyone who is interested access to the each issue of the comic. I read them every month once they are released. As for the show not following the comic, Here is a direct quote from Kirkman, “How will the TV version of Michonne be similar/different from her comic book counterpart?”
    “She will be very similar to her comic-book counterpart. Most of the characters as they’ve been translated into TV are pretty much exactly the same character. Andrea is Andrea, Rick is Rick and Michonne is going to be Michonne. Now, the stories that we’re going to tell with her are going to be somewhat different at times. The show has always followed the comic book to a large extent, it just has different divergences from time-to-time and we’re definitely going to continue that in the third season. But the fans have expectations for Michonne, and I can say with full knowledge that their expectations are going to be met. They need not worry.”
    The shows main premise will be that of the comic book. with a few changes.