Is Walking Dead Time-Trippin'? A Good Wife on House? Gob Bluth Lives? And More Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including HouseFringeCastle and Glee!

1 | So now this Olivia on Fringe is into Peter, too? Man, Lincoln Lee just can’t catch a break, in any timeline. Meanwhile, Olivia’s bladder has the worst timing, doesn’t it? (Then again, using a truck-stop restroom, she probably got off easy with a simple abduction.)

2 | Assuming that August tampered with the Once Upon a Time storybook, wouldn’t Henry be quick to notice? Aren’t we to believe the kid has read and re-read the tome, like, 815 times?

3 | Um, how long exactly did The Walking Dead‘s Rick and Hershel hover over those Philadephians’ dead bodies? Because that initial bar fight took place in broad daylight. And should we be worried that the show is turning Shane into a one-dimensional psycho stalker/killer?

4 | Is Desperate Housewives‘ Juanita Solis the funniest kid currently on TV (outside of Modern Family)? On the not-so-great side, did the show forget that Bree’s already been down the “romantic involvement with a controlling psycho” path (i.e. pharmacist George in Season 2), or have they simply stopped caring?

5 | Did the Pan Am finale wrap up everything far too cheesily?

6 | Is anyone else expecting Shameless‘ Grammy Gallagher to pop up on Breaking Bad next season?

7 | Did House‘s Dominika magically endear herself to us with this week’s encore, in part by aerobicizing to Amy Grant?

8 | On Gossip Girl, didn’t the description of Dan’s second novel, Monarch of Manhattan, sound a little too much like NBC’s short-lived Kings? And do you agree with Caroline Lagerfelt that CeCe deserved a more fabulous sendoff?

9 | Who out there got irrationally emotional when How I Met Your Mother‘s Robin moved out, with Florence and the Machine playing in the background? (On the flip side, enough with Robin and Ted already!)

10 | For two Februarys in a row now, Castle and Beckett have prevented global threats. Next year, will they crack a case on the International Space Station, Moonraker-style?

11 | Wasn’t it about time that one of these Alcatraz inmates got all golly-gee-whiz! over their exposure to something like a smart phone streaming Internet video?

12 | Didn’t the dial-up Internet on Hart of Dixie seem unrealistically fast?

13 | Is there any scenario other than The Bachelor where it would be considered a negative for parents to be skeptical of their daughter getting engaged to a guy who’s openly dating three other women?

14 | The rain-soaked reconciliation for Parenthood‘s Crosby-Jasmine — while sweet — came way too easily (and sorta outta nowhere), right? That said, where does the support group meet after next week’s episode?

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15 | On Glee, wasn’t Mr. Schue’s story about contemplating suicide in high school the rogue hair floating in an otherwise poignant winter finale stew?

16 | Could you tell that White Collar‘s Peter and Neal weren’t really having a catch there on the Yankee Stadium infield? (That’s the one scene the show had to fake.)

17 | Has Raising Hope‘s Sabrina always been so make-up-y?

18 | Hey, girllll… isn’t it nice to see the full New Girl credits again?

19 | Was there any funnier 30 seconds on TV this week than Dalia’s wickedly specific revenge fantasy directed at Tessa on Suburgatory?

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20 | Which was the bigger Happy Endings crowd-pleaser: Bear Max, or Jane and Brad fake-fighting?

21 | Can the TV Academy go ahead and announce Grey’s Anatomy guest star Loretta Devine’s Emmy nomination for this year? And while they’re at it, should they pencil in Private Practice‘s Anika Noni Rose as well?

22 | Has Amy Farrah Fowler all but turned into The Big Bang Theory‘s version of Betty “I Say Incongruously Naughty Things” White?

23 | Who else caught that awesome Arrested Development Easter egg on Up All Night? If you missed it, here’s a hint: It involved Will Arnett and a certain chicken sound.

24 | Why is Parks and Recreation still trying to make Tom and Ann happen? It’s just weird.

25 | Didn’t Kenley’s dress on Project Runway All Stars look more like the American flag than Chile’s?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alex says:

    I wouldn’t say that “this Olivia” is now into Peter TOO, since “this Olivia” seems to have morphed into original blue timeline Olivia. But really, who knows who’s who anymore?!
    Poor Lincoln Lee, though, he’s seemed virtually useless since Peter and one of the many Olivias essentially became partners again. Hope they find a use and good story lines for him again.

    • Lexi says:

      Yes! And please, especially Alt-LIncoln and Fauxlivia!

    • Barb says:

      I think the confusion here is that an alternative timeline is NOT an alternative universe, and it may be that all timelines of one Olivia in one universe are the same Olivia. This is fiction, which draws on fringe science, or as I prefer to call it, Numerology for Atheists, as alternate universe theory not only hasn’t been proven, it arguably CAN’T be proven.
      Once Peter, who is from another timeline corrupted this timeline, whose to say how it would react?

  2. Patrick says:

    No. I love Robin and Ted. Robin and Barney was weird and awkward.

  3. Carmichael says:

    4 | Is Desperate Housewives‘ Juanita Solis the funniest kid currently on TV (outside of Modern Family)?
    And with comments like THAT soon enough all six supporting actor emmy nominations will be from the less funny Office clone and Danny Pudi and NIck Offerman will go unloved by Emmy yet again.
    19 | Was there any funnier 30 seconds on TV this week than Dalia’s wickedly specific revenge fantasy directed at Tessa on Suburgatory?
    It did rock, but see my next answer
    20 | Which was the bigger Happy Endings crowd-pleaser: Bear Max, or Jane and Brad fake-fighting?
    Bear Max, funniest thing on TV this week
    22 | Has Amy Farrah Fowler all but turned into The Big Bang Theory‘s version of Betty “I Say Incongruously Naughty Things” White?
    Can we PLEASE for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster STOP being so fascinated by Betty White?

    • Ari says:

      I so agree about #22. I have never understood the weird passionate love for Betty white. Is it because she’s elderly? If so, Cloris Leachmann does the older funny lady thing WAY better.

      • CAM says:

        So true! Cloris Leachman does it much better. Ever since the Superbowl commercial a few years ago everyone has loved Betty White, and yes, part of it is the old lady with the dirty mouth thing. I don’t get it. Never liked any of the character’s she’s played. She was my least favorite even on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

      • Carmichael says:

        >Is it because she’s elderly? If so, Cloris Leachmann does the older funny lady thing WAY better.
        That’s EXACTLY how I feel. Every time someone mentions Betty, I get the urge to show them Cloris Leachman’s work on Raising Hope.

  4. ggny says:

    18- I would like to see Cece in the opening credits
    20- Bear Max was one of the best things on TV this year

  5. George Otwori says:

    6)Seems likes the writers are hinting at their love of Breaking Bad and Justified.

  6. Laur says:

    815 times! Oh you…

  7. kirads09 says:

    Re # 11 – Thank you for mentioning this! These guys have (as far as we know) been gone since 1963. Yet they seem to have no wonder at or problem accepting modern technology, changes and advances. Maybe it is part of what happened to them? (that we don’t know yet). I am also still trying to get my head around how Lucy is apparently ageless and exactly what Dr. Beauregard’s (sp?) deal is.

  8. Leola says:

    8. CeCe totally deserved a better goodbye. Dan’s book felt like a throwaway in the middle of the scheme for Chuck’s revenge.
    12. The dialup gag wasn’t used to good effect at all. So many jokes could have been played in coping w/ her pain of missing her dad. Love the show, but some scenes feel like throw aways when they could have been better.
    16. Funny you should mention the field. The lighting was slightly off and rewound to see what I caught. They did a great job matching that scene with the parameters they had.
    22. I love Amy Farrah Fowler, but her creepy factor w/ Penny is starting to go over the edge.

  9. MDEP says:

    1. I was watching under the assumption that Olive is “our” Olivia, and that Peter was erased from everyone’s mind. Didn’t the bald guys say that they made it so they do not rememeber him, as if he never existed? Either way I though Joshua Jasckson did a great job showing how he wanted to belive it was his Olivia, but was afraid to. The cortexafan (sp?) might have made her remember.
    9. So happy Robin & Ted are finally over!
    20. BEAR MAX!!! I was laughing so hard when he had the garbage can stuck on his head that my boyfriend asked me if I was okay.
    22. Eh, love BBT, but I am not a fan of Amy. I do not find the character very funny, mostly annoying.

  10. Gold says:

    You can try to push it as much as you want, most of the audience hates Dominika.
    This show has become a farce. So glad it’s going away soon…with a whimper…not a bang.

  11. Emily says:

    I would second a Loretta Divine Emmy nom and add Max Adler’s performance this week on Glee to that list.

  12. The Patient Is Dead says:

    7 – I am sure House’s Dominika will make TV history as one of the most ridiculous and desperate plots of all time. It felt like House jumped the entire Sea World Orlando. Thanks to her though, letting go of House couldn’t be easier. Magic indeed.

  13. Alison says:

    #2 – Why are we assuming August tampered with the book? My thought was that he was copying it.
    Even if he was tampering with it… there are other ways to do that besides changing the content, which is the main thing Henry would be likely to notice.

  14. TheBeach says:

    Desperate Housewives: I go with they just don’t care anymore. Not only are they recycling psycho husband but also Bree is a wino…plus very little Tom or Carlos. I was hoping it would go out with a bang but it’s more of a boring whimper.
    If Breaking Bad had grabbed Grandma Gallagher before Shameless, she could have been the next Mags.

  15. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    10: Castle would LOVE that!!! LOL

  16. sobermuse says:

    Thanks Will Arnett for this nice little reminder of one the funniest TV show ever ! Can’t hardly wait for the fourth season and movie to come ! I want more chicken daaaaance !

  17. Ari says:

    #3 Yes about Shane. I just rewatched the first season of TWD and Shane was a much more complex character then. The second season seems to have brought him into some kind of slump where he no longer does anything but rage about everything and anything. He used to be angry but at least he knew when to cool it.

  18. Pam says:

    3 | Um, how long exactly did The Walking Dead‘s Rick and Hershel hover over those Philadephians’ dead bodies? Because that initial bar fight took place in broad daylight. And should we be worried that the show is turning Shane into a one-dimensional psycho stalker/killer?
    I usually don’t notice stuff like this but it stuck out in this case. And I don’t think Shane has become one-dimensional , yet anyway. I do think he is unhinged.

  19. Dash says:

    #24, Confession, I LOVE tom and Ann! I know I shouldn’t becuase it’s so strange but I love them together. Tom makes Ann infinitely more tolerable.

  20. Shepherd says:

    #7 – Doesn’t matter; still canceled.

  21. kimberly says:

    about #3 – thank YOU! I said the exact same thing to my husband about the day to night insta-switch. WTH?
    also, on the glee recap – I said the exact same thing to husband about the edible arrangements advertisement.
    one of many reasons I love you guys!

  22. Smigglesby says:

    1. I think this Olivia is the real Olivia, and yes.
    2. Yes and (polite laughter)
    3. Lazy continuity and yes (if they’re gonna kill him they need him to be cartoonishly evil – Mazzara style, {gigantic eye roll})
    4. Absolutely the funniest, funnier than Ariel Winter too, and they’ve totally stopped caring.
    5. Who cares? Just get Karina Vanasse in a fall pilot asap
    6. No, they’re not even connected in Tommy Westphall’s Universe
    7. Not in part, totally because of Amy Grant exercising.
    8. Kinda, but with more classic Humphrey pretension, and absolutely. Waste of a death.
    9. No comment (through quiet sobs)
    10. Not the moon, but a mole-person conspiracy in the sewers of the city.
    11. It’s about time for a lot of things on alcatraz… like a sense they know where they’re going.
    12.Hart of Dixie is so 2011. C’mon.
    13. Cults, mormonism, polyamorous sex cult a la Wanderlust…
    14. Ken Tucker at EW said it best.
    15. If by rogue hair you mean the worst of a lot of bad, then yeah, but really one could say the sectional (or regionals i forget not that it really matters) performances were the rogue hair in a crap stew, but yeah, Mr Shue is the worst (and that story was so contrived it was almost insulting.)
    16. OMG no way!
    17. Actually I think so, but one could reason now that she’s with Jimmy she has a reason to be more made up.
    18. Yes, but mostly for the guys faces as they walk away at the end.
    20. Bear Max in a landslide, but the ep belonged to Alex.
    21. Sure why not, and no, on PP Rose was kinda hammy and Movie-of-the-week (it’s the writing, not her), I much prefer the simmering rage of Wendy Scott Carr.
    22. Yes, but not in a bad way.
    23. I DID! And it just made me want that damn netflix series asap – is that actually happening?
    24. Because they’re grasping for straws in the fourth season a little, and after the stellar third it’s a little natural. It’s only weird if you think about Ann as a character, and remember everything she’s said for the last 4 seasons.
    25. I live in canada so I won’t know until monday when it airs here. But I’m sure it did.

  23. Arth says:

    How much House TPTB is paying you to pimping this ridiculous Domenika storyline? She is a badly written character. Last season she was naive and dumb. Now she is a master manipulator even smarter than House. If you are buying this crap you have a serious problem.

  24. M3rc Nate says:

    1) I have theories, but im so excited cause i have no clue if thats real olivia (there is no “Other timeline”) or if there is another timeline and she is just getting Peter’s Olivia’s memories.
    3) I noticed the instant darkness too. If anything, making Shane a killer/psycho is going BACK to the comics (source material). In the comics he was that psycho and got killed in the first 5 issues, he didnt live long enough to get to the farm. Hurry up and kill Shane, the character is pissing me off.
    7) I couldnt agree more! I love the character and honestly wonder if the show will push them together and in the ending of the series it will be him and her married for real. She is a peach.
    9) I agree, im SO tired of Robin and Ted. Hes character has turned into a dysfunctional whiney shadow of itself.
    10) I noticed this too, Castle is getting a little to big in the “case” department…nukes?CIA?Huge government conspiracies? Castle shouldnt have cases rivaling 24.
    16) Ya the CGI was good but it was still obvious in some scenes they werent really there. Oh well.
    22) I deff agree with ya there, her whole character seems to be a horny nerd whose just trying to get her BF to bang her. Lame. 1D character.
    24) YES! I dont care how they write it, Tom and Ann are weird together and its just filler until they hire some new handsome actor for the show and put Ann and him together. Tom & Ann are still better than Ann’s brief slut stage where she was hooking up with guys (2 at a time at a point right?) That was gross.

  25. shiremaid says:

    If there was anything at all that the writers of “House” could have done to turn me off, it’s bring in ANOTHER ditzy female!
    I think I may have changed my mind: if this is the direction they’re headed in, then, yes, end the series.
    Just please, please David Shore, now known as the writer of the series finale, PLEASE give Greg a happy ending; no amputation of the leg; let him find peace. No dying; let him have friends.
    You created a character from an idea. That character grew, and for those of us with similar personality traits, we found someone, who, for just one hour a week, left us feeling like we weren’t alone in this world. If such a character can be created, then somewhere, he/she does exist.
    If you end the series in a negative fashion for Greg House, then think of the message you’re sending to those of us who connected with him. You’ll be telling us there is no hope for us, so please, give him a happy ending. AND I MEAN HAPPY AS GREG HOUSE WOULD DEFINE HAPPY!

    • Beatriz says:

      Don’t worry I heard from the grapevine that House and Domenika(WTF! Seriously,this is the spelling of her name?!)will live happily ever after. In episode 18 she will get knocked up and that will lead to an arc episodes until the series finale. So, you’ve got your wish.

      • Jane2 says:

        Legacy destroying story arc? Check. Vindictive and spiteful? Check (Go back and watch “fall from grace” if you have any doubts about that one.) Unsatisfying for all core fanbases? Check. Yep, I could totally see it happening.
        I’d love for House MD to prove me wrong and pull an Xfiles by creating a couple of final episodes that at least partially redeem the mess they’ve made from 7×04 onwards but I doubt it. Certainly not if your info is correct and the dreaded D is there until the end.

  26. Dana says:

    14. I don´t like Jasmine so I didn´t really want the reunion but even I found myself being happy during the final scene. Somehow they pulled it “I need you so much closer”. I´m devastated that it´s finale next week:(

  27. Angry watcher says:

    Domenika is so awful! It’s no House anymore. I soooo miss for really House. Cuddy…even Wilson… I soooo miss them together.

  28. Mal says:

    I thought Schue’s scene was a tad on the “ugh” side, BUT, I understand what the Glee writers were trying to do with it. Especially when you’re a teen, small things, things that in the long run don’t really matter, can set you off in unexpected ways. For some people, it doesn’t take much to make them think that life is too much to face. And as someone who has been to that point, I get why other people don’t get how I felt- that’s part of why I go to that point in the first place! But, I think the writers did as eloquent a job as they could, having someone who had been at the brink try to explain that moment. It may seem ridiculous or whatever, but the entire episode touched me in a way I never expected from Glee!!

    • Breeze says:

      Yes – I agree! It was a great speech – I loved that they recognized the suicidal thoughts may be caused in one person by events that would hardly bother someone else. This is a very important thing to recognize.

  29. Danielle H says:

    Pan Am wasn’t wrapped up neatly at all. Every character had something up in the air, which makes it suck so badly that it probably won’t be back. I KNOW it wasn’t perfect and bounced around like turbulance in the planes they work in, but I liked it alot.

  30. kevin says:

    #5- Still anyone guess whether Pan Am was marked as a “series finale” and it looks like the female empowered year is coming to an end just like what they did to shows like Charlie’s Angels & Playboy Club. For No. 14- Happy to see Crosby and Jasmine finally bury the hatchet about their troubled love for one another and the season or series finale of Parenthood definitely deserve a “happy ending”.

  31. Morgan says:

    Did anyone else wonder where Karen’s shoes on SMASH magically disappeared to while she was singing karaoke? It was driving me crazy!! I didn’t see her kick them off, but there she was dancing around barefoot while her friends came on stage and sang back up to her. Did I just miss her removing them?

  32. Chris says:

    9: This showed worked the best when Robin and Ted are together. This was a very sad episode for HIMYM, as Robin moving out signals major things and pain ahead for Ted.
    14: Hardly out of nowhere. Do you not remember that they hooked up recently in the season? We saw Jasmine’s hurt feelings when she spied Crosby and harp-girl through the door and Crosby has always been open about his continued love for Jasmine.
    18: No, when the lead character is the weakest part of your show, you don’t hope for her cocky title song to be back. The best part of the intro is the guys disgusted looks on their faces when they stop the charade at the end.

  33. CJ says:

    RE: #16, at least some of that final scene really was filmed at Yankee stadium. Per Tim DeKay in one of many interviews he did about this episode, he said that they had filmed the “playing catch” scenes at another stadium, intending to do green screen, but at the last minute they got permission to actually go onto the field at Yankee stadium. He was pretty stoked up about it :-)

  34. cj says:

    5 – pan am is inherently cheesy. accept it or go home.
    18 – yes!
    20 – brad and jane fake fighting hands down.

  35. ultimate troll says:

    So many misses on this list tvline people.
    2 – Nice.
    5 – Meh. I think by the end they realized it didn’t matter.
    7 – She coulda danced to monk chants and it would work.
    9 – Oh please, enough Robin & Barney already.
    19 – A few, but that was pretty good just the same.
    21- Oh hell no. She’s always played bugger crazy everywhere.

  36. Lea says:

    I’ve never been so bothered by a House character since Vogler. Dominika needs to go. No way this over the top character is part of the finale

  37. YowzaPowza says:

    1. Um, I think you’re missing the point of this show, and their relationship.
    2. We haven’t even gotten to that yet. Give it a minute.
    3. I wouldn’t complain about The Walking Dead this week. It was the single best episode of the season and sort of brought me back after 6 or 7 slow painful episodes.
    14. COMPLETELY agree. That scene would have been perfect had they not brought Jabar (the worst kid actor on TV) out in the rain with them. It could have been sort of poignant and romantic, instead it became insanely cheesy.
    15. I don’t even remember this story or him saying anything like this, which shows how much I could not care less about Will or his high school life, or present life for that matter.
    24. I don’t actually think the Parks and Rec people are trying to make Ann and Tom happen, so much as they’re just having fun with the two of them being weird together. I don’t see this relationship going anywhere, and I don’t think anyone else does either.

  38. barbara says:

    But, is it really a new timeline? Didn’t everyone forget Peter?
    Peter was ‘erased’ by the Watchers. But he was bleeding through.
    I don’t think it’s another timeline at all, never did.

  39. Bella says:

    RE: 7 – I have lost all hope for a satisfying conclusion to House now that the ridiculous character of Domenika has been introduced to the plot line. They have limited episoes left and they are going to waste time exploring this character and this frankly ridiculous and offensive relationship?! I was going to watch House until the end, now I think I wont bother. A House/Cuddy reunion I could have coped with, liked and understand an end game relationship with House and his Greencard, ex prostitute now food importer wife I don’t care about and frankly dont want to waste my time watching. If there ever was an indication that this show had reached the end of its creative life this is it the decision by FOX to cancel the show was the right one.

  40. Tommy says:

    1) Whew! Thought I was the only one who notice the significant time lapse in Walking Dead;
    2) Bear Max slayed Brad and Jane’s fake fight; and
    3) The pitch for Dan’s new novel did sound similar to the plot of Kings, but I cannot agree that is sounds TOO much like Kings because, though it was short-lived, it is still one of my top 5 shows of all time.

  41. Gillian says:

    4 – love Juanita. Hated that Orson is suddenly become a creepy manipulator.
    7 – ehm, no, sorry. Dominika’s return is still a superlame storyline, especially since the show is ending in a few months. Why are TPTB wasting time with her?
    10 – I love Castle but I wasn’t a fan of the last 2 episodes… weirdly in this show I like the ‘normal’ episodes more than the ‘big’ ones.

  42. Ashley says:

    #23 – I can’t tell you how happy one little “caw-caw!” made me!

  43. Stacy says:

    I have my own question. Where was Shelby on Glee? She really didn’t invite her own birth mother to her wedding?

  44. RobertN says:

    My Fringe theory. This is Peter’s universe/Olivia/Walter, etc. The observers simply maneuvered to have him removed from reality, altering his very own timeline. Since he reasserted himself back into his timeline it is realigning itself or ‘snapping back’ due to his presence.

  45. elenore says:

    Love bear Max, and on another note, I’m pretty sure Bluebell exists in an alternate reality. One where you can’t buy designer clothing on the internet, where you can’t do a google search for your missing mother, and where a town big enough for two doctors only has one bar and restaurant.

  46. Geri says:

    It may have went from day to night in 5 mins in the bar on The Walking Dead but its such a good show, i will allow the makers the odd mistake. There’s nothing like a good dose of zombie action each week.

  47. beatrice says:

    Sorry but Anika Noni Rose isn’t wuite cutting it. I’ve been around people in the state she is supposed to be in an there is just an energy that she lacks. She’s going through the right motions but it is all just off.

  48. NanCeE* says:

    #23 – Up All Night is easily my favorite 30 minutes of TV of the week! LOVE that show!

  49. Richard says:

    What is the origin of that “caw-caw” sound?