Spoiler Alert! Zach Levi Decodes Controversial Chuck Ending and Possible Film, Sam Jaeger Previews Parenthood Finale Twist and More!

Zachary Levi Chuck Sam Jaeger ParenthoodDid last month’s Chuck swan song — particularly the ambiguous final scene between Zachary Levi‘s titular spy and his partner in life and crime Sarah — leave you hot and slightly bothered? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this week’s installment of Spoiler Alert!, during which Levi offers his own personal interpretation of the much-discussed closing sequence (hint: you’re going to like what he has to say). The actor also talks for the first time about his just-announced TV comeback and offers an update on a possible (don’t roll your eyes!) Chuck feature film.

And wait, there’s more!

Levi’s former Peacock colleague, Parenthood star Sam Jaeger, also drops by to mourn Joel and Julia’s painful loss this past Tuesday and offer a preview of a surprising new direction the couple will embark on in next week’s season finale (scroll down after Spoiler Alert! for an exclusive first look at a scene from the Season 3 closer).

And, of course, we’ve also got a new, altogether Psychotic, edition of Spoiler Alert Theater.

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  1. tatiana torres says:

    Um where is the spoiler alert ?

  2. ReturntoChuck says:

    So great to hear Zach’s take on the finale, would love to see a Chuck movie (like Serenity)! Bring the cast back together.
    Will def check out his new pilot if it gets picked up!

    • KevyB says:

      People were really upset over the ending of Chuck? Honestly! It was painfully obvious they were going to be fine. The whole damn series was about Chuck and Sarah being together. Does every single thing need to be spelled out for these people?

      • RobertN says:

        Amen. Obviously Sarah is experiencing leaks of her past memory throughout the last episode and each emotional moment brings her closer. And even with the majority of the past 5 years missing, she clearly is feeling something for Chuck. Everything is left on a happy note in the Chuckiverse. I would still enjoy more content, whether a movie, netflix episodes, a pickup by USA or TNT – now I’m getting greedy.

  3. Dan says:

    Would love to see a “Chuck” movie. I’m missing the character’s already. You guys definetly need to do it. I’m sure a lot of other fan’s would love to see what the future holds for the character’s we all know Sarah & Chuck will always be together. :)

  4. Dee says:

    Loved Chuck and it’s so great to hear Zac talk not only about his intrepratation of the ending (which personally I loved) but also the possible movie. I definitely wish I was going to Nerd HQ this year.

  5. kevin says:

    A big screen version of CHUCK? That’s something I look forward to. For Parenthood, the Julia/Joel storyline was the weakest by far this season. The family drama is “on the bubble” but it’s all up to NBC’s decision on whether or not it deserve to have a Season Four.

  6. Susan says:

    Our family would definitely pay to see a CHUCK movie, either online or at the cineplex~

  7. belle says:

    i cant seem to view anything..is it a video or an article?

  8. ChuckFan says:

    Chuck film. Count me in! I need a captain awesome with a Casy & Morgab twist stat!!! I needed more of an ending, after all five seasons to not have concrete evidence that chuck and Sara had finally made together was so hard to watch!!

  9. Bill says:

    Um, it’s not an “exclusive” scene if it’s on NBC.com. Love ya TVLine but come on.

    • Michael says:

      Actually, it is. Oftentimes NBC uploads the exclusive videos to their servers and give sites the embed code. If you try to go to NBC.com to view it, you won’t be able to find it — thus you can only exclusively see it here on TVLine.

  10. Jon says:

    So great to see Sam Jaeger clean shaven. Don’t they have a razor on the set of Parenthood?

  11. I'm Right!!! says:

    Hey…..for those of us at work, and video challenged, can someone summarize what Levi said? Thanks!

    • DKD says:

      He said they live happily ever after.

    • marauder says:

      Basically he’s saying that he understands why some fans were so PO’d at the finale, but he himself has no doubt that Chuck and Sarah are on their way to falling in love again even if the magical kiss didn’t work. Oh and he really wants to bring the cast back together at comic con/nerdHQ and a Chuck movie.

  12. Moira says:

    This was the best spoiler alert yet.

  13. Kimberly says:

    love zach levi but his new show stole my son’s life – he is a four year old that has literally worn a batman costume every day for a year! Heehee! he would be more than willing to change to spidey for the show – but I think batman would be better!

  14. gcem says:

    Would love to see Zach and Sam do something together. They seem very compatible. And they’re both funny.

  15. Mikaylah says:

    Joel and Julia are my favorite couple on Parenthood, and I am really hoping that something good happens for them.

  16. Aiden says:

    Zachary Levi and Sam Jaeger in one interview? Boy, if I lived in NY, there’d be a barrage of Snapple products coming your way right now, Ausiello.
    Thanks for the scoop about his new show, LET IT GO, first of all! Hm… His belief in the project eases my worries a little bit, but seriously, that premise sounds terrible. Zac’s description of it was a bit better (Although, am I the only one slightly bitter that we get to see this character’s superhero kids and not Chuck’s? Don’t get me wrong, I loved that finale.)Anything to have the Chuck cast members on my TV though, I’ll honestly support.
    BUT if we could have that CHUCK feature film, that’s even better. I love how enthusiastic he is about it. Hopefully the cast, crew, and producers get on board too if that happens. Really excited for Comic-Con, Nerd HQ, and all things CHUCK related we can still get in the future.

  17. Liana in San Diego says:

    Zach Levi in anything???? I’m totally in! Cougar for Levi for sure!

  18. GeoDiva says:

    My only complaint is that if the show (Chuck) was always about the romance/relationship then why was the ending so ambiguous? Why not end it with Sarah getting her memory back and them riding off into the sunset together? Don’t understand why shows always want to give you a twist when in this case it was not needed.

    • Brendan says:

      That’s just it: the fact that the show was always about the relationship makes it unambiguous in my mind. They showed that she was getting some memories back, and they showed that she was feeling it as she laughed and cried while he told her their story on the beach. Those details in conjunction with everything in the other 90 episodes of the show indicate that they end up together. Call it ‘nominally ambiguous’ maybe? Because realistically there was no doubt. (Just my interpretation)

    • Jeff says:

      I agree 100% with GeoDiva, and only see one reason for an ambiguous ending – it’s a deliberate manipulative attempt to force a sequel/movie (the very movie Zach is referring to here). Which makes me NOT want to see any sequel/movie.

      • Brandon says:

        so that’s one vote against, and several million for, think they should still proceed with trying to make a movie unless jeff isn’t ok with that of course…

  19. Jenny says:

    I love Zachary Levi!!! That interview was great!

  20. Loni says:

    I’ve been a fan of Chuck since the pilot aired and am a more recent fan of Parenthood, so that was a great video, thanks! I really would love to see a Chuck movie, how awesome would that be?!

  21. Rebecca McReynolds says:

    I really hope Parenthood will have a fourth season. I believe it is one of the best shows on tv !!!! I truly believe that NBC owes it to the loyal fans of Parenthood to bring it back at least one more season!!!!!!!!

  22. sandy says:

    I would love to see there be a chuck movie! right on. we were so sad to see it go.

  23. gaby says:

    Hey Ausiello, that shot at Jersey was uncalled for >:0

  24. DN says:

    First, this is OLD NEWS. Why is this being posted again as if it’s new.

    Second, Levi’s answer is HIS interpretation/conjecture of how things turn out between Chuck and Sarah. Since when has that show EVER required an interpretation of what happened. The ending did NOT fit. Period. It was as if they producers were trying to be David Chase (Sopranos) and they failed. 5 seasons of being given the obvious and then end the series with ambiguity? Schwartz and Fedak messed up 100%.

  25. I loved the show but disliked the ending. People try to justify it in that “oh but he got her to fall in love with him again”, well that’s nice for him but what about her. Just a few episodes earlier we saw that she has a little sister, was reunited with her mother, she expressed how happy she was to finally have a family. Her evolution as a character was going from a loner into this women who was open with her emotions, has real friends and family and was ready to start a family! That’s the Sarah I wanted to see at the end of this journey. The Sarah who though being a hardcore spy for the majority of her life was finally ready to leave it all behind for a real life. That’s what I wanted it and I think her fans deserved. Instead we have her mind wiped so we can stroll down memory lane for the final episode into a bitter sweet ending?! Why oh why?

    What about all those relationships she built, with John, Morgan, and Ellie. Now everyone is moving on, how is she going to rebuild those? Especially Ellie, who’s final interaction was being threaten and almost killed by her. We were treated to seeing the final evolution of all our favorite characters in this finale, Morgan, Casey with him hugging Chuck, General Beckman with her clear admiration for this team, Ellie and Awesome etc, heck even Jeff and Lester were allowed to move on. But the two stars, the characters the show revolved around are essentially reset to ground zero?! How is that romantic? We were there to see all those first moments and they were fantastic, since the middle of season 3 we moved well past the “will they, won’t they” phase, and honestly that totally opened up Sarah to some real character progression. I loved her character and how she grew over time, that was one of the chief themes of the show, how Chuck had changed her world, that’s what I wanted to see at the end, how these two were ready to move forward, possibly having a family or Charmichael industries (whatever form it would take) but we were robbed of seeing the final version of Sarah and that makes me upset. I’ve tried to explain it away, rationalize it, etc. but the ending , as emotional as it was, just left me sad/melancholy, now whenever I think of the show I’m left with this awfully sad feeling that I don’t want. The show was so full of joy, why couldn’t we end on a high note a go out with a bang? I would have preferred any of the numerous “almost series finales” from season 3 onward. Like season 4 when Sarah almost died but it ended with them getting married, that was a fitting conclusion and reward to their journey, not her growth and character development, relationships (not just with Chuck) being erased.

    I’ve seen the explanations and how some fans feel it was “beautiful” , but I think the whole final story was unnecessary. I didn’t need to see her memory erased so he could win her back. It was unnecessary. He already had the girl, and we were all happy about it. Why complicate things and regress her, just for dramatic effect? The Christmas episode would’ve been another great place to end the show, the stakes were high, we had the return of the worst villain, his plan was explained etc, and Sarah was in jeopardy, everyone worked together to save the day and Chuck without the Intersect showed just how far he’d come, with a little assistance from Ellie. Now that was a perfect note to end on. Sarah and Chuck intact and ready for the next stage of their lives. but no, after we just celebrated how much Sarah’s life had changed, how she had a family and wanted to have kids, with some many beautiful moments between Chuck and Sarah highlighted what a great relationship they had, one of truly knowing each other through and through and being completely comfortable together, after all of that awesomeness…some genius decided “hey let’s copy Smallville and mindwipe one of our main characters…b/c if Smallville did it, it must be a good idea”.

  26. Mikey Mike says:

    I agree.

  27. wordsmith says:

    I love his pronunciation of the word “playa” in spoiler alert theater.

  28. Bill says:

    Well, I hope your sitting down, because (gasp!) I was one of those illiterate fans who did not think it was “painfully obvious” that Chuck and Sarah got back together. Besides, you are missing the point of why many people were upset about the ending. They (me included) did not want to have to assume anything! We had just watched the final hour of this great series seeing Chuck do everything he could to get Sarah to feel the same way about him she did before. And nothing had worked. Yes, she had remembered a few things and yes, she asked him to kiss her in the final scene to find out if she felt anything, which she hadn’t even when he stepped in front of a bullet for her. And she had just left him because she couldn’t give him what he wanted – her heart. Maybe Sarah asking Chuck to kiss her was a step in the right direction, but that’s all it was – a step. I (and many others) didn’t want to see “steps” as the last scene ever of Chuck came to a close. Maybe that would have been fine for a season finale, but not the last show of the series.
    Instead, fast forward to two years later and show Chuck and Sarah sitting in the front yard of their dream home. Chuck has his arms around her and they are laughing as they watch their young daughter palaying with the family’s pet Golden Retriever, “General.” The camera backs out going to an aerial shot as the Chuck theme music grows louder. And the screen goes to black. Now that would have been obvious! No ambiguity, no speculation, no doubt whatsoever. But TPTB for whatever reason decided to leave Chuck and Sarah’s relationship not completely healed, but only (possibly)on the mend. Why do that? It makes no sense.

  29. Bill says:

    But that’s just it! Why have any ambiguity at all?? It’s the last scene of the last show of the series. That’s not the time to convey the feeling that Chuck and Sarah might get back together or even probably. That why so many people were upset. Don’t leave fans having to “fill in the blank.” It was too important a part of what had made this show so popular with it’s fans to leave ANY DOUBT about Chuck and Sarah’s relationship being completely healed. There are times when a little uncertainty in an ending to story is fun and enjoyable. This was not one of those times.