Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Fringe, Once Upon a Time, White Collar, Good Wife, House and More!

What does Fringe‘s David Robert Jones want with Olivia? What surprises await White Collar‘s Neal as he faces the prospect of freedom? What “interesting” things did Archie Panjabi share about The Good Wife? Read on for those scoops plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Fringe | I try not to oversell things, but this Friday’s Fringe – the last one before a three-week break — is damn entertaining. When last we tuned in, Olivia had been abducted and thrown into some sort of holding room with a bedraggled Nina, just as another Nina was suspected of sneaking Cortexiphan out of MD’s deep storage and administering it to her “daughter.” Well, this week David Robert Jones will very quickly make his (short-term) agenda with Olivia known, while elsewhere Peter and Walter labor to figure out where Olivia has been taken to and Broyles does his darnedest to make Nina talk. As seen in the extended trailer I shared the other day, the Observer known as September portends to hold answers for Peter, and that sets up six of the series’ all-time most compelling minutes. How do things leave off heading into this mini-hiatus? I’ll just say that someone makes an impossibly difficult decision in the name of the greater good.

Fringe Exclusive: Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick Cast as [Spoiler] – But in Which Universe?

The Finder | Tonight on the Bones spin-off, young Willa gets a visit from her Uncle Shad (played by guest star Eric Roberts), and it is very much not “happy to see me.” As Maddie Hasson explains, “She doesn’t like him very much — and something definitely happened between them to make her have an aversion to him.” Not helping the sitch is Shad’s determination to lure Willa away from Miami and back into a life of thievery. That’s easier said than done, however. “She wants so badly to rebel from him because she is finding this life here with Leo and Walter, and finding how great it can be to have someone care about you,” says Hasson.”I think she resents [her uncle] for never giving that to her.”

PaleyFest 2012: See Who Has RSVP’d for Bones, Once Upon a Time and 11 Other Panels!

Once Upon a Time | This just in! Sebastian Stan’s heretofore top-secret role on ABC’s Once Upon a Time has been revealed. The onetime Gossip Girl bad boy will be playing the Mad Hatter in Episode 17, set to air this spring. “We find out how the Mad Hatter became mad,” says EP Eddie Kitsis of the trip to Wonderland, which also finds The Who’s Roger Daltrey voicing the hookah-smoking caterpillar. “Sebastian is so good in this role. He’s brilliant,” Kitsis adds. “We’re really excited.”

White Collar | Turning to another stellar screener, the USA Network drama’s Season 3 capper is every bit as thrilling as Tiffani Thiessen and Tim DeKay promised it to be. For starters, if you think that when it comes to the decision on Neal’s commutation, there are only two possible outcomes, think again. (As Mozzie notes at one point, there’s always a “worse worst-case scenario.”) And even with all the testimonies we see given (largely) on Neal’s behalf, there’s time for a caper, when a gnarly bit of Caffrey’s past proves to be the largest threat to his future as a free man. And did I mention the stunt work on the Roosevelt Island tram? And the surprise name on the list of folks being interviewed about Neal? And the bit of intel disclosed about Neal’s [spoiler]? How it all wraps up, make no mistake, raises a big question about how Season 4 will play out.

The Good Wife Retains Friends Alum Matthew Perry for Recurring Role

The Good Wife | Oh, how we love Archie Panjabi – perhaps in part even because of the way she craftily parses out scoop. Just before she won an NAACP Image Award last Friday for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, we saw her on the red carpet and asked what’s ahead for Kalinda and Cary, especially now that Dana seems as out of the picture as ever. “It gets even more interesting and complicated,” she shared. Oh, so might we see some new romantic developments on that front? “I think you’re going to see some interesting developments on that front,” she teased. “You definitely see them in an interesting dilemma.” As for the seed planted in the latest episode, in which Alicia needs to help Kalinda out of some IRS-related pickle, Panjabi confirmed that storyline will stretch into the season finale, adding that the matter will become “really quite worrying” for Kalinda.

Private Practice | When I chatted up KaDee Strickland, she was in the midst of shooting an episode that was being directed by no less than her scene partner, Paul Adelstein. And what sort of fare did he have to work with this second time around? “They gave him one helluva episode,” Strickland avowed. “It is probably one of the most emotional episodes we’ve had all season” – which is saying something, given all the recent drama surrounding Erica and also Sam’s sister. In fact, at the table read for Adelstein’s episode, “We had to pass around a box of tissues, and I’m not making that up,” Strickland stressed. “When you don’t see the script in advance, it can really kick you in the pants.” (Reminder: Amy Brenneman will be live-tweeting the East Coast broadcast of tonight’s episode via @TheAmyBrenneman.)

House Swan Song Scoop: 3 Things You Need to Know About The Series Finale (and Beyond)

House | As the show inches along toward its series finale, we’re continuing to acquire any scoopage we can about that very final episode. Already, TVLine told you that series creator David Shore will be writing the series-ender. We have now learned that helping him pen the milestone hour will be co-executive producer Eli Attie. For the casual viewer, know that Attie’s previous scripts include Season 5’s “The Last Resort” (in which House, Thirteen and others were held hostage by a patient), Season 6’s “Lockdown” (which segregated groupings of characters during a hospital security breach) and, most recently, the very emotional and Jesse Spencer-centric “Chase.” So I’d say the finale is in very good hands. Watch Ausiello and I discuss our wants for the House finale:

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Deej says:

    Well, season four on White Collar can only be better than season 3. I’ve been very disappointed in S3, but stuck it out and have hope for a better S4. Neal and Peter were simply TOO far apart and distrustful of each other this season and I don’t like that. Too many episodes focused on the supporting actors, too. They need to get back to the Neal and Peter show so the ratings go back up!!

  2. sara says:

    Unless it’s interesting in that Kalinda accidentally kills Cary, I’m really not that interested. The show is at its weakest when they’re on screen together. I really don’t want the show to go there since it’s gotten strong again. Less love interest stuff, more plot.

    • Caitlin says:

      Thank you! I agree, The Good Wife is so much better when they stay away from romance. No Kalinda/Cary please.

    • Eurydice says:

      Even more interesting is if Kalinda had killed Cary back in season 2 and he’s been a zombie ever since. That would answer a lot of questions for me.

  3. Hannah says:

    I wish I could like White Collar again but they had to ruin it with Hilarie Burtons character

  4. CJ says:

    Season 3 of White Collar did a good job of re-setting all of the relationships – and now it sounds like the lead-in to Season 4 will do it again! As long as they only twist the bromance between Neal and Peter – and not break it entirely – I’m looking forward to the ride.

  5. Michele says:

    I love this season of White Collar, as I’ve loved all the seasons. Hilarie’s character doesn’t ruin it – so people need to stop complaining. Just because Neal & Peter are the main characters, does not mean that the supporting characters aren’t just as important. It was nice to see focus on them for certain episodes. Can’t wait for the finale & Season 4 :)

    • ANC says:

      Thank you so much for saying this. Even Alex gave Sarah her blessing. I don’t recall her ever asking Neal to change who he was she really does accept that he is who he is but she also loves him enough to not sit idly by and watch him repeat the same mistakes. So everyone who complains about Hilarie Burton’s character seriously doesn’t get her purpose in Neal’s life. Also I cringe when I see fans complain about character development on any show you can’t go seasons into a show and want them to stay the same people aren’t static that way. Neal’s character had to fall off the proverbial wagon so to speak for it to be real he is a career thief so this season has done an excellent job of exploring this and it really shows how much Peter cares for him and wants to help him stay on the straight and narrow.

      • SG says:

        “Even Alex gave Sarah her blessing.” LOL You mean Jeff Eastin gave her his blessing (and tried to make the audience accept her) via Alex’s mouth. That little bit of nonsense was totally out of character for Alex. Sara is a waste of space on the show.
        And I’m all for character development, but Neal becoming some submissive little lap dog for Peter or Sara does not equal “character development.”

    • SG says:

      Hilarie’s character DOES ruin the show for many people – plenty of comments to that effect all over the web if you care to look. (And people are complaining because they used to love the show and want to love it again.) She doesn’t ruin the show for you – great, lucky for you, but your opinion doesn’t make it fact.

    • Duffy says:

      I agree completely with you on this. I’ve loved the whole season and the idea of Neal and Sara being together again. Neal needs someone who isn’t taken in by him and that he can work with. Hilarie is a terrific actress. I’m very worried about next Tuesday, but mostly dreading the 4 month or more wait. That last one of 5 months almost did me in.

  6. agnila says:

    While the tension between Neal & Peter in S3 was really intriguing, the too much focus on secondary characters was something equally unwelcoming. When you have only 16 episodes, you can’t make 5-6 of them about secondary characters. I like the supporting cast, but I don’t watch this show for them. Neal Caffrey & the bromance are what make this show. The lack of Neal Caffrey in S3 was really disappointing. Put Neal front & center with lots of Neal-Peter interactions like S1, and we will have a wonderful & exciting S4.

  7. Lucy says:

    I’ve waited for Cary and Kalinda for so long that I’m almost forgot how awesome they are. Almost. I hope that what they have in store it’s really interesting and when I say interesting I mean not just teasing.

  8. Mikaylah says:

    So excited about White Collar! I’ve loved every episode. :)

  9. secondbecky says:

    I for one could take an entire season of Mozzie episodes. I thought this season was definitely better than S2. I never saw S1 though, so I don’t have the full pic to compare to.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ll agree, S3 has been better than S2. And I’m not sure what show people are watching that has spent an inordinate amount of time on secondary characters. Are Tiffani Thiessen, Marsha Thomason, Willie Garson and Sharif Atkins just supposed to be background players in every single episode of every season?

      • Deena says:

        Thank you! The chemistry & interaction of the other characters plays a part in the show as well.

      • maggie says:

        Do you know why Sharif Atkins is still listed as a “guest star” even though he’s in every episode? Hilarie Burton is listed in the “starring” credits even though she’s not in every episode.

        • DH says:

          Maggie – Sharif Atkins asked Jeff Eastin if he could be a permanent guest star, so that Sharif was free to go to pilots or whatever if he wanted (apparently not possible if he was committed to another show in a starring role, or something like that). So Sharif Atkins is calling the shots on that one – I have heard numerous members of the crew/etc say that Sharif’s Guest Stardom is 100% his choice.

      • Afsu says:

        No Matt, they are not supposed to be just the background players, but also they are not suppose to become the center of an entire episode either. WC used their supporting casts wonderfully in the past in episodes like Need to Know, Burke’s Seven, Point Blank, Veiled Threat, West Upper Side Story etc. They were there, doing their jobs and making the episodes more exciting. But just to give them more screen time, you can’t put Neal in the backseat in 5-6 episodes in one season. WC is now more like an ensemble cast show which we don’t want it to be. Like it or not, majority of the viewers watch this show for Neal Caffrey & the bromance.

    • Duffy says:

      You really should see the first season. At least see the Pilot. The best episode of them all.

  10. Ashley says:

    I thought there was supposed to be a follow-up this season to Charlotte’s rape storyline in which we see the trial. Is that still happening? I’d love to see them completely follow through with the storyline by doing that. I’m still bitter that the storyline didn’t get Kadee a nomination last year. Maybe if they revisit it with the trial, it’d be enough. It’d also be great for rape survivors watching, to see a survivor get her justice.

  11. Gabriela says:

    “And the bit of intel disclosed about Neal’s [spoiler]?” I hope this means Neal’s Family, i am dying to know more about them, we only knew about his dirty cop dad. And of course about that brother we all want him to have *cough*Tom Welling*cough*

    • Suz says:

      I was just thinking the other day how amazing it would be for Tom Welling to Neal’s brother!! I’m also interested to learn more about his family!! I can’t wait for Tuesday and season 4!!

    • ANC says:

      Good gracious my television would welcome Tom Welling any day of the week!!

    • Mieke says:

      First, we learn that his name (may or may not be, the writers are being coy about this) Neal George Caffrey. Then we find out that he’s from St. Louis MO. I don’t wanna find out too much about Neal. Let’s keep some of the mystery for now! I don’t wanna find out about his daddy issues just yet! Ticked off enough as it is that he has become Peter and Sara’s pet this season! (And yes, get rid of Sara Ellis! She has manage to make Neal boring.)

  12. Cz says:

    can’t wait for the season three finale to finally air so we can talk about it. I can assure those who were worried this past season didn’t see enough Neal, I’m betting Season four will focus a lot on that…

    • Gabriela says:

      they said in Comic con 2010 that the Cafrrey Family tree could be climbed on S4-S5 IIRC. So finger crossed, i want to know more about Neal’s origins.
      Playing pool with 9 years old? GIMME

      • Cz says:

        Didn’t know that, yay! The finale definitely reveals some info on the Caffrey family tree, so I can’t wait to learn more!!

  13. Bilouze says:

    House finale will take place in a room, maybe in Mayfield?

  14. Linda Karczewski says:

    I think for the finale of HOUSE > Think outside PPTH > House goes on a cruise ship, Something happens on board, there is a bomb on board House doesn’t know he’s taking care of sick passengers, He gets lost in the crowd trying to get off, loses Dominika, she gets off without House, in the distance the ship blows up. Just way to end House. If you use this let me know. Just a thought.

  15. Drew says:

    Mad Hatter? How? Even in the story, Wonderland was a figment, wasn’t it? So even in the fairy tale world, should those characters exist?

    • Ben says:

      This strikes me as way overthinking things.

      • Drew says:

        Not really. A show is useless unless it has some internal logic to it. Once Upon a Time has internal logic… it’s just a fantastical sort of logic which says that those stories are true… but even if Alice’s story was true, her character on the show should just be a girl who has wacky dreams.

        • Ben says:

          Would Snow White wield a sword? Would there be an eighth dwarf? Who says Alice dreamed them… maybe she thought she did. Or maybe she dreamed about characters she had already met. I think you could probably argue the character of Jiminy Cricket was imaginary in the original story too….
          The internal logic of the show says that we don’t truly know what went down in the original fairy tales, or alternatively that they are similar to, but not the exact same, fairytales we know. If you pull it down on this I think there are plenty of things that have happened you can pull it down on. Just enjoy the ride! Otherwise you’ll only hamper your own enjoyment.

  16. jake says:

    Ummm, why no scoop about the fate of josh charles on the good wife?

  17. Matt H. says:

    David Robert Jones in the original timeline wanted to make Olivia into a soldier to fight the anticipated war between the blue and the red universes. He knew of her special abilities given to her by the Cortexiphan trials.
    This time around DRJ still knows of her potential for those special abilities – even though Olivia got far less Cortexiphan as a child. So I figure he still wants her for those abilities and has been using fake/alt Nina to inject her with enough of the left-over Cortexiphan to re-ignite Olivia’s abilities.
    And since Walter did not write the ZFT manifesto in this time-line, DRJ must have latched on to something else to express his monomania. So who knows what his end-game is now?

    • TVDIVA says:

      I am more curious about his agenda since there appears to be no William Bell character for Jones to obsess about, was there a ZFT type manifesto written and followed by Jones? I am just happy we are getting an Observer-centric episode. Those are always my favorites.

  18. Suz says:

    I love White Collar and really enjoyed season 3!! The show needs the tension between Neal and Peter or then it would be like any other buddy cop show on TV. I like that this show is like no other on TV, very original. I’m really intrigued at what will happen not and maybe a little nervous. Looking forward to knowing more about Neal’s family and what Jeff Easton and the writers will come up with.

  19. Alex says:

    I’m really excited for the season finale of White Collar, the season has been a little uneven as a whole, I liked the first lot of episodes better, these past few have seemed like filler. Also, I don’t know if I’m the only one that noticed this, but the promos before the second half of the reason premiered contained many of the same scenes as the promo for the season finale, which was a little misleading. But whatever, White Collar certainly does big cliffhangers, and I hope that everyone’s right about stuff being revealed about Neal’s family and that the next season will explore more of that.

  20. Moochoo says:

    Don’t expect much of Wilson in the final episode of House as Eli Attie doesn’t know how to right an episode with good Wilson scenes. As much I am a House the show fan I just know,as a Wilson fan, I am going to be disappointed.

    • Brendan says:

      Yeah, but he’s only co-writing and Shore writes Wilson well. I think they know that a finale that didn’t feature significant House-Wilson interaction would be disappointing, I can’t imagine they’ll go that route.

      • Tara says:

        Did Shore ever wrote a Wilson episode? I can`t really remember one.
        Eli Attie as a Co-writer is bad news for me. Russel & Garrett are writing episode 21 and they LOVE to ignore Wilson in their storys and Eli Attie is doing pretty much the same. Depressing news for me. All my hopes for a good House-ending or finally a dramatic interesting Story-arc for Wilson are gone. S**t!

        • Cam says:

          Shore has always said how proud he is of the House/Wilson friendship, so I have some hope that he will do them justice
          and don’t forget, Foster is also writing 21 with Lerner/Friend and he writes great things for Wilson :)

          • Cindy says:

            Foster is a Wilson Writer, that`s true but i doubt he can conquers Russel/Garrett-lerners love. Foster is foremost a medical advisor and they will use him as this, sadly.It means an interesting Potw who is very likely House. All i can say if i were a Huddy i would Squee now (DS said also he wants Cuddy back) & the Wilson/Rsl lovers will cry for many reasons.Wilson will function as this he worked the last seasons,i´m sure you will remember and it is not the way a Wilson wants to see him ever again.
            I hope some better spoilers will pop up soon but as for now I´m not interested in the House-final.

          • Brandy says:

            There’s nothing they can possibly do that I can see at this point to make Huddy fans squee, nor do I think they would. I also think the show will go out in a way that’s satisfying to Shore. Shore has never really written to please his fans and I don’t think he will start now. He will write what feels right and satisfies himself-if that happens to satisfy others, then so be it. He’s more of an “I did it my way” sort of man. He does things on his own terms, come what may.

          • Gillian says:

            if you were a huddy you would be squeeing right now? LOL, for what exactly? No matter who writes the finale, Cuddy is not in the show anymore and it’s pretty evident that they won’t call her back or they would have announced it by now. Also none of EA’s episodes were huddy -centered (with the exception of Selfish).
            That said, Attie is not one of my favorite House writers, but I think
            what happens in the finale will be mostly decided by Shore. And Wilson fans, don’t worry, I’m sure Wilson will be heavily featured in the final episodes… whatever happens to House will surely impact Wilson too.

          • @gillian says:

            Someone from the House-crew said allready on Twitter they will not announce if Cuddy comes back or not. They will keep it in secret.
            I don`t like Eli Attie either, he wrote Changes & Painless too. He wrote my least favourite House-episodes. It is difficult to predict what will happen in the finale episodes by only knowing the writers but i agree with the people above it won`t be House/Wilson centric. A Cuddy return seems to be more likely too :((((

  21. tgw fan says:

    Regarding TGW scoop, my personal opinion is that Will and Kalinda are going to hook up. Robert King hinted that Kalinda would be getting a male companion this year (sort of a surrogacy for the Alicia relationship) and he also recently hinted in another article that Kalinda would be showing some warmth and affection for Will during his suspension and that Will would be looking for commitment Maybe Will and she turn to each other and that is how things get more “complicated” with both Cary and Alicia for Kalinda

    • Lucy says:

      Between Alicia and Kalinda there’s just a beautiful friendship. No romantic feelings so I don’t know what you’re talking about when you said that Kalinda is looking for a male surrogacy for the Alicia relationship. If Will looks for commitment and Kalinda is his choice obviously he’s dumb. If Kalinda will hook up with Will she can say goodbye to her friendship with Alicia. And I should also say goodbye to the show because it would be so stupid and crappily soaperish that I’d spend the rest of the season puking.

      • tgw fan says:

        Robert King was who referred to the relationship as a surrogacy for the relationship Kalinda had with Alica – he said any relationship right (male or female) now for Kalinda would be a surrogacy for the closeness she shared with Alicia I agree that K and W hooking up would be stupid on the part of the show – but just was reading between the lines of recent interviews and hints RK has dropped – am hoping to be seriously off base however

        • Lucy says:

          I hope you are ;) And most of the time I don’t understand what Robert King exactly means and that’s the case. Kalinda and Alicia are already slowly reconnecting so I don’t know why he thinks she needs a surrogacy and I don’t think Kalinda’s love/private life and her decisions about it should be always ruled by her friendship with Alicia. It’s becoming a little tedious. I don’t think Kalinda was created from Alicia’s rib so she should be able to be friend or to being in a relationship with other people without comparing everything to what she has or had with Alicia. I think she honestly cares about Will(more friendship here) and about Cary (something more than friendship here) and I refuse to think that she’d use Will or Cary like a surrogate.

        • josie says:

          I actually agree I read that possible hook-up from betwween the lines as well. Honestly I would not even be surprised if they went that way. Kalinda does have some self-destructive tendencies, and hooking up with Will would be excatly that. She is on her way to becoming closer to Alicia again (and I mean only friends here) and she can’t handle that so she does something which would make sure she did not get close to her again, like hooking up with Will, beause that one would be somethign I don’t think Alicia would ever be able to forgive. Not after Kalinda knowing so much about Will/Alicia’s history and everything. However I really could seeit happen.

          • Billie says:

            Please no. That would be their first time. Their first “jump the shark” storyline.
            They have already pissed off many fans that season. Do they finally want to do something with Cary and Kalinda? Good. It was time. But I also hope they’ll do something with Cary too. I’ve enough of bureaucrat overlooked lonely Cary. I want the smarmy, smart, fierce, kick-ass lawyer with a peculiar moral integrity back. Bring him back to the court where he really shines.

          • Lucy says:

            I don’t like writers did put Cary in a corner for so long. Many good chances to develop him went wasted and Dana storyline didn’t add nothing to the Cary’s storyline, quite the contrary. Indeed It stole even more precious screentime that could have been used to show how Cary was handling all those new responsibilities. We still don’t know a lot of things about the character and we don’t know what exactly he did during Will’s investigation. That was one of the weakest parts of season 3 imo.

  22. Jas says:

    Well, there went most of my excitement for the House finale. Eli Attie is one of their weakest writers, I can’t believe they’re letting him help write the finale :/

  23. Cindy says:

    First: I love Eli Atties writing as he was a producer/writer on the The West Wing but on House not so much. He wrote mostly one of the most “game changing” episodes and BTW Matt, he wrote “Teamwork” too which is Camerons exit episode, which was for a lot of fans not so good news.

  24. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Also, the scoop about Once Upon a Time sounds cool too…

  25. Maria says:

    MAD HATTER?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for this!

  26. The Squatch says:

    As long as this version of the Mad Hater doesn’t Futterwacken…

  27. anonymous says:

    “If Kalinda will hook up with Will she can say goodbye to her friendship with Alicia. And I should also say goodbye to the show because it would be so stupid and crappily soaperish that I’d spend the rest of the season puking.”
    It crossed my mind that this could happen but if it did I would stop watching. It would be just too out of character.

  28. Coco Goes says:

    What perfect casting to use Eric Roberts as Uncle Shad. I remember him from King of the Gypsies!

  29. Lorena says:

    I just hope that September doesn’t die!! i like him very lot

  30. Julia says:

    I have been very disappointed in white collar 3.5, I hope they do something else in season 4. I enjoy the actors and Matt most of all, but the writing has been weak. I don’t care for Sara, I never have. I don’t find her character good or even necessary to any story. I understand what the writers try doing with Sara, but it did not work. This show has lost a lot of viewers and its a shame cause it was a great show. I miss Alex(Gloria V) and never understood why they never made that actress a regular. I hope they focus more on Peter/Neal and leave the silliness aside.

  31. Leif says:

    Add me to the list of people who want Sara gone. Never liked her from the beginning and she never grew on me. The character was poorly written…too many inconsistencies. I don’t need a boring romance with no chemistry. I want the bromance back. Sara’s got to go!

  32. Grace says:

    [H]OUSE gone = SAD :(

  33. Annie says:

    “and that sets up six of the series’ all-time most compelling minutes.”
    AAHHHH I wanna know T.T

  34. MoHasanie says:

    People still watch House? It just manages 6 million viewers at 8pm. That stinks.

  35. Jules says:

    Don’t judge already and speculate that the Ending of [H]ouse will be less interested..just bcuz Eli Attie is co-writing..bfore it aired…
    Most of thoses (Fans) are the same who stop watching in season 7 or (when Edelstein exit) Doom the season 8 bfore it started…
    So please, don’t spoil our fun,and go waste your time elsewhere until the finale…
    As a true [H]ousefan, since day1(never miss a episodes/even repeats) its difficult enough to digest that my favorite addiction is ending and painful that after this Monday,will have to wait 3 weeks to anticipate the last 8 episodes…
    Until then, I’m still hoping that FOX (if they smart enough) will give us, bfore the ending – A Special (a farewell behing-the-scene,interviews…)for thoses 8 amazing years ;)

  36. Cynthia says:

    Can’t wait for White Collar finale!
    I, for one, enjoy every character and aspect of this show. I don’t get all this Sara hate, I think this character is a great addition to WC.

  37. Helen says:

    I love White Collar and want the bromance back between Neal and Peter in S4. I don’t mind a little tension or con artistry, but S3 was too mean toward Neal. Even Mozzie wasn’t as likable. I liked S1 and S2 better. I also like Alex and Sara, they both are interesting characters. The supporting cast: El, Diana & Jones, are great too but I really want Neal and Peter to be the main stories. After watching “Stealing Home”, imagine if Neal had met Gordon when he arrived in New York, and Neal teamed up with Gordon instead of Mozzie. There would have been no Kate and Peter as I doubt that Peter could ever catch such a dynamic duo. It wouldn’t be the great, warm show it is now, but it would be an interesting idea!

  38. pth says:

    Love White Collar. Sadly Jeff Eastin has taken the star of the USA Network he is lucky to have and made him part of an ensemble. Get Neal Caffrey aka Matt Bomer front and center again in S4 while you are lucky enough to still have him. His talent deserves nominations which requires great writing, give it to him! Will not be long before this soon to be super star moves on to the big screen for good. Make him the star of White Collar again as he was in Seasons 1&2 before he moves on! Give us the Neal Caffrey he and we deserve!