Gossip Girl First Look: Blair Shares Some Very Good News With Dan

Now that Serena has given Dan and Blair her blessing on Gossip Girl, it seems the only obstacle standing in their way (aside from Chuck, obviously) is the Princess’ marriage/dowry to Louis — or is that even an obstacle at all? In the following sneak peek from next Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), Blair offers a ray of hope to Humphrey.

Gossip Girl Matriarch on Saying Goodbye, a Surprise Return and Lily’s New Position

It’s Cyrus to the rescue when B’s lovable stepdad finds a loophole in her prenup!
“You wouldn’t have to wait a year for…” Dan trails off.
“Anything,” Blair finishes.
The pivotal episode will leave both Dair and Chair shippers with “a lot to discuss,” promises executive producer Josh Safran. Not to mention, “a lot of really big secrets are going to come out” about the denizens of the Upper East Side, adds co-producer Jake Coburn.
Check out the previews below and then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. AB says:

    Seriously, these two are so precious together.

  2. dani says:

    I can’t believe my babies are finally together (kind of)! :3

  3. MG says:

    I think Dair are cute , but they need to stop and get back to Chuck and Blair. As at self respecting friend and wo
    An you would never have gotten that close to your best friends first lie. It’s disgusting. I would have slapped that bitch.

  4. lena says:

    Don’t mess this up GG writers! Love Dan and Blair!

  5. Ana Morais says:

    What I like about Dan and Blair is that their relantionship is so much easier, lighter and FUNNIER than the relationship Blair had with Chuck. It’s fresh and much more fun to watch! I hope Dan and Blair get together for the long run. They deserve it! Dan gets Blair and brings the best out of her.

    • oh says:

      Dan brings out the best in her? She’s turned into a weak pushover who doesn’t know her own mind and just goes along with whatever the man who happens to be standing in front of her says. That’s not the Blair Waldorf I loved from years past. Not saying she has to be with Chuck. Actually I think she should probably just be alone for a while to get back to the strong, funny Blair she used to be.
      Also are any of these kids going to college anymore? Did they all simultaneously drop out?

  6. Jared says:

    Dair finally happened and it WORKS! :)

  7. Melody says:

    DARE to DAIR!

  8. Becky says:

    I love Dan & Blair!!! I hope they continue with them together. :-)

  9. Wrenn says:

    I love Dan and Blair. They are so entertaining to watch. I can’t believe I’ve started getting excited about GG episodes.

  10. Derenalove says:

    does anyone else find it completely messed up that Blair would do this to Serena? hopefully in an episode coming up Serena finally acknowledges the comparison to if Serena had feelings for Chuck and pursued them.
    i think blair and dan are great as friends but at the end of the day chuck is blairs soulmate and every season Dan and Serena come back to each other.

    • Ciel says:

      Absolutely not lol.
      Are we talking about the same Serena that SLEPT with Blair’s boyfriend (Nate) while they were still in love and together?
      At least Blair had the decency to push away her feelings for Dan for the sake of Serena first.

      • Brit says:

        But that happened when they were in high school, I wish they would have matured by now and not gone there with Dan and Blair. Regardless of whether Blair ends up with Chuck in the end, Blair with Dan is just weird and almost creepy to me.

  11. Natasha says:

    These two are so amazing together, their chemistry is off the charts and their storyline has been so great to watch unfold. I can’t wait for them to be together for real.

  12. Manu says:

    oh, Vlada, your screencapping is flawless, his smirk is perfect! Oh, Dair getting the tingles, is this the real life?
    Cannot wait for Monday’s episode :D

  13. Brit says:

    I can’t believe that the writers are going through with Dan and Blair romance. It’s weird. I find Dan’s feelings for Blair a little creepy and stalkerish. I really liked that they had developed a friendship, but I hate that they are taking it further than that. And I know that Serena went after Nate when he was with Blair, but Blair being with Dan doesn’t make it even. They are supposed to be adults now, and I wish they would mature just a little. I’m glad Blair tried to hold back her feelings for Serena’s sake but I don’t think her feelings are real anyway. She likes that Dan is nice to her and just wants to live happily ever after, that doesn’t equal love and hopefully it will play out that way soon. I can’t stand them together much longer.

    • Sally says:

      “Dan’s feelings for Blair a little creepy and stalkerish”? Please tell me what you think of Chuck’s feelings then.

    • latinalover says:

      too bad but blair feelings are real

    • Pash says:

      I feel like Dan has brought out the worst in Blair. Since she started hanging around with him last year she has become passive, muted, and pathetic. She’s a perfect match for Dan now but she’s not the Blair Waldorf that made her so likeable. She was strong before and now she’s kind of meandering through life. I just don’t understand how she has gone from loving Louis enough to be willing to marry him, to wanting to leave him for Chuck, to suddenly being in love with Dan. I think Blair needs some alone time so she can figure herself out. I miss when she had goals other than “Lay Dan Humphrey.” She’s better than man drama of the week.

      • Jenn C says:

        “Passive, muted, and pathetic”, kind of like when your boyfriend who supposedly loves you more than anything offers you up to a relative for sex in order to save his hotel, you spend two episodes being angry and hurt and then decide to take him back? Only he sleeps with your worst enemy after he thinks he’s not getting his way? And yet you take him back AGAIN? And again… and again… Chuck does not change, if anything makes Blair pathetic, it’s her tolerance to what this so-called man has done to her and her insistance on waiting for him, regardless of what evil deed he performs. Even now, Chuck sees one photo of Blair and Dan kissing and hops directly into bed with someone else in order to get revenge on Dan, a guy who not only saved him from self destruction at the beginning of this season, but then put his OWN feelings for Blair aside and took her to be with him because it was what Blair wanted and only wanted B to be happy. It’s not Dan’s fault that the accident happened and Blair made that nonsensical pact with God. Yet the first thing Chuck thinks of is revenge, but he wasn’t just getting revenge on Dan, he was sticking it to Blair by sleeping with Alessandra (sp?) as well. For Blair to keep going back to this manchild is what makes her pathetic….

        • Bethany says:

          A-friggin-men! I do not understand how people don’t see the difference between these relationships This coming from someone who rooted for Chuck and Blair in the first two seasons.

      • Delise says:

        The problem here is that you fail to see that she likely had feelings for him all the way back in season four, but truly receded them and was in denial. Which was the whole point here with Blair’s character, she stopped being in denial and she had her epiphany. She held on to who she felt she had to be for the sake of all she ever knew, for the sake of Serena – that she never allowed herself to trust her feelings for Dan or believe they even existed. That’s the thing here. And it dragged her down, it created a great weight – it took her away from being her truest, strongest self.
        And don’t forget her internship with W was about Chuck because she felt if she could be a stronger, career fixed woman, she could move faster in reuniting with him. She did it for Chuck, not herself and her own independence.
        You could even argue she was lost through most of high school and the few times she truly found herself or was able to make peace, was with Dan. But that’s for another post and another time.

    • Andrea says:

      That love isn’t passionate don’t mean that is not love. The real and most beautiful love is the one that grows in the knowledge and respect for the other and it’s nice to see it in TV once in a while. I used to like what Blair has with Chuck but he was just the “First one” if you know what i mean, that’s why she is always confusing him with a real love

  14. Deb says:

    Aww, love this. Dan and Blair have been a pleasure to watch develop. I’m also curious about this “family secret”. My guess is it has something to do with a revealed paternity/relation?

    • Ruby says:

      I think they’ve done a great job taking this pairing really slowly and letting it develop organically. It’s made the payoff really delightful.

  15. Em says:

    DAIR EYE-SEX! whomp whomp

  16. mariks says:

    It’s time for DAIR to finally get their “waffle” on!

  17. Ruby says:

    Dan/Blair is the best thing this show has ever done. (‘Ship wise.) This show has a whole new life and I look forward to it every week again.

  18. Dair I love you says:

    DAIR I love you so very much !!! You are the reason why I rewatched the show !!! DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR DAIR !!! <3 <3 Dair

  19. Katy says:

    Dan and Blair make my life worth living

    • Another Katy says:

      Then I seriously feel sorry for you……not for shipping dair but just cuz a tv show couple can make your life worth living……..

  20. Maddie says:

    Dan and Blair are so cute together. They’ve made the show enjoyable again. Like someone else posted, their relationship is just plain sweet and fun and without all the annoying melodrama that comes with Blair and Chuck.

  21. Svenja says:

    Dair is amazing. I can’t wait to see who things will pan out.

  22. Lauren says:

    Finally!! The only reason to watch Gossip Girl is on!

  23. Bethany says:

    These two have been the ONLY reason I have kept watching Gossip Girl. Their relationship is so organic and such a treat to watch.

  24. Jenny says:

    i love Dan and Blair

  25. ha says:

    Can this show jsut get cancelled?

  26. Lola says:

    I’m a huge DAIR fan. I hope the writers are going to really pursue a relationship between them, and not just use their romance to provide yet another obstacle to reuniting Chuck and Blair. DAIR fans deserve a chance to see the couple we’ve been rooting for together, after all the CHAIR fans have had years to do so. Viva la Dair!

  27. Manon says:

    I Love Dair – my ONLY reason for watching GG again. Penn and Leighton’s chemistry is off the chart. They are funny, sweet,sexy, interesting, organic – everything a couple should be. I too, was a Chair fan in the beginning, however, I cannot root for a guy who treats his girlfriend the way Chuck has treated Blair over the years. Dair all the way!

  28. Lollie says:

    I really hope that the surprise return isn’t Elizabeth Hurley because that would just be annoying. But I think it is cuz I saw a pic of her. Anyways I love dair and hope the writers don’t screw them up.

  29. Lollie says:

    OMG! Just saw GG 5×17 Canadian promo I’m so excited for Dair!

  30. mia says:

    I LOVE DAIR! Best thing about GG right now. Chuck is such a smarmy bastard. She wasted way too much time on him. I cannot wait for Monday’s now!!!

  31. Jemma says:

    i just love dair

  32. Manon says:

    THE WRITERS ARE ACTUALLY RUINING THE SHOW. You want some opinions GG writers? Here I am, and please consider what I say ! I’m not the only one having this opinion.
    Chuck and Blair were meant to be the only couple who were indefinite, beautiful and not ruined by frivolous pointless other people E.G-DAN! I’m actually so angry, they’ve actually ruined one of the best t.v couples of all time. It just feels so wrong watching Blair do things like that with Dan, it’s so forced and fake. Writers should be sacked.
    Then, I’m sick of seeing Chuck sad, he deserves to be happy, he almost dies this season for the second time, he had to see the love of his life marry someone else and then LONELY BOY? Seriously? Ughh what Blair see in him? He is just horrible and he let someone else took his fault, Blair what is wrong with you?????????? Okay, I’m saying that because I’m angry, I like Dan, very much but I don’t want him to be with Blair, to stole her from Chuck, no way!! (and please cut off Dan’s hair ! :p)
    I think Gossip Girl is getting stupid and stupid, more and more. Shame on the writers ! Seriously, Dair! What is wrong with you guys ?! I loved GG this was my favorite TV show but now, I don’t really want to watch it anymore .. Please bring Chair back … <3
    Kisses from France

  33. Chair4ever says:

    Dan and Blair are all wrong for each other they are cute as friends! Blair belongs with Chuck he is her soulmate!

  34. Melissa says:

    I think Blair is way to good for Dan. Not to mention she is no longer the character I loved from before…. What has happened to this show??!!!… When Blair and Chuck were together it was exciting and interesting and always emotional!…. Now, it’s boring and Blair is getting pathetic

  35. Melissa says:

    Not to mention!!! I loved that even if for some reason she couldn’t be with Chuck, she loved him so much and they would find each other, they were soul mates… And now she’s settled for WAY less… Dan is fine for Serena… But not for Blair!…. She is supposed to be the strong one and now she’s weak…. It’s embarrassing! ….. I really hope she ends with Chuck… I’m not sure if I could stomach a Dan and Blair ever after…..

  36. Ana says:

    Why are all the losers winning? First Ivy Dickens gets all the money and then Dan gets Blair????…. This used to be a show I looked up to….. Now its become like all other shows…. Stop messing up the show writers!!!…. Blair and Chuck belonged together!!…. It makes me so angry because I would watch the show and believe that love would find a way, chuck and Blair would always find each other…. But now it’s all ruined!!!…. I don’t even want to watch the show anymore!!… I used to have gossip girl parties and tons of girls would all come over and watch it, but now no one wants to watch it anymore!!… Used to be a great show

  37. Megan says:

    Yuck…. Lonely boy and Blair? … Wow she used to be worth so much more… I guess this happens to all good shows! They start out good then they put in some ridiculous plot that ruins everything ….. Chuck and Blair should be together

  38. Lisa says:

    GG Writers…. Please listen up… The show used to be SOOO good…. I couldn’t wait to watch it….. I loved it up until Dan and Blair happened… It was heart touching how, through a car accident, through marrying Louie, and all the craziness…. Chuck and Blair would find each other… They have such a strong connection!…. Her with Dan feels fake…. Please make Blair back into the awesome person she was, the reason why we all even watched the show…. Please do not make her end up with Lonely Boy!!!….. She is so much better than him!… Chuck and Blair are soul mates!!…. You can feel their passion through the screen…. Now there is no more passion…. She’s with boring Dan when she deserves sooooo much more!….