Hot General Hospital Promo: OLTL's John McBain and Todd Manning Are Both Gunning for Sonny!

It’s the clash of the ABC Daytime alpha males!

In one corner, you have General Hospital mob boss Sonny Corinthos; in the other, One Life to Live‘s relentless Todd Manning. And in yet another corner, there’s do-gooder lawman John McBain.

What exactly happens when all three formidable fellas come together in the same tiny, sudsy town? Based on the following crazy-fun new promo, all bets are off when some of Llanview’s elite relocate to Port Charles in a few weeks.

General Hospital Jilts One Life to Live’s ‘Jolie’ Fans

Also highlighted in this teaser video: the Scorpio clan is back in town (sob), Luke is in hot water (again) and Patrick is working feverishly to save Jason (who is still in the dark about the fate of his dear friend Robin).

But to quote our girl Blair Cramer (who for some reason is toasting our other girl Carly Jacks), “To never lookin’ back.”

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  1. Mary says:

    Hooray!!! I love my Mannings! Now, is there anyway we could get Victor Lord Jr and his lovely wife Tea to visit GH?!!!

  2. Tim says:

    Did they ever explain why OLTL actors moved but no one from AMC?

  3. Renee says:

    If they will write these guys as equal not subservient to St. Sonny the mobster I’ll actually start watching GH again.

    • dee says:

      Dream on.
      Would be nice, though, wouldn’t it?
      Someone needs to put a FATAL bullet in Sonny’s head. That’s the only way I’d ever watch GH again.

    • Lena120 says:

      I agree. I hope they keep Todd and John as they were on OLTL. I don’t want them changing their tone so they’ll bow down to the great and powerful Sonny Corinthos. One of the reasons people dislike the character is because he’s never had to own up to his crimes. That’s not entertaining television. There was a time on GH when the police were actually worth a dang.
      I may have problems with McBain, but at least he solves crimes and puts people in jail. The PCPD is a joke. And unlike Sonny, Todd’s actually been in prison and had to pay for his crimes — more than once. He was abused as a kid too but he doesn’t do a monologue about it every episode.

      • Vanessa says:

        I know it’s been a long while, but every time I see McBain ANYWHERE in Port Chuckles, I’m gonna want to see him Vamp out. My local market never carried that show, so I just want a glimpse. I know Heather is coming back, and Noah and Robert and Anna is already around. Oh yeah, Holly coming too. Anyone have any idea who else is leading this resurgance. If they cancle GH after this, I will officially stop watching the ONLY 3 shows I still watch on ABC, Once Upon a Time, Castle and Body of Proof.

        • Lena120 says:

          I heard Ken Shriner (Scotty) is also returning. If only Serena was in tow. Sigh.

          • Jason says:

            By Heather do you mean Robin Mattson is returning? Maybe Heather and scotty could get married and head off into the Sunset. They were the real Super couple in the eighties.

        • Jenn says:

          Maybe John McBain is really an alias for Caleb, and he moonlights as a cop. Didn’t CBS have a vampire cop show called “Moonlight”? lol I’ll be interested in seeing how his chemistry is with Kelly Monaco on GH….

    • rob60990 says:

      AMC received special treatment from the network for years. Besides its probably because the OLTL guys FV and RC are over there

  4. Mary says:

    I am glad to see some of our favorites from OLTL going to GH..I do hope like many others that they stay the same. I do like Sonny but it is getting old with the mob storylines. I can’t wait to see my favorite man John in GH I do hope that in time that they bring Natalie on the show too. I just wish that ABC would realize what a mistake they made by cancelling OLTL. In a perfect world they would bring back at least OLTL for now and then AMC in time..I guess we have to wait and see what happens. Just like our soaps it is like a long cliff hanger Friday waiting on ABC.

  5. Jerred says:

    I’d sign over my soul if they brought Victor Jr. and Tea over to GH. Not a fan of John or Todd but it would be awesome to continue the two Todds storyline.
    I’ve lost the small amount of tolerance I had for Sonny. He needs to die or pay for his crimes.

  6. Amanda says:

    OMG! Please let Blair and Carly be friends!!!!!

  7. Sarah says:

    Ok I’m obsessed with John McCain and Natalie’s love story… So will she be there with him on GH…

    • bklyngirl says:

      NO SHE WON’T. Can’t you read spoilers?

    • Bill says:

      I don’t like John with another woman and seems he is maried again in GH……… boy have they torn up OLTL. I have watched it for years and I am 82 yrs old and I never did like GH. Whne I did watch it was the same old story line over and over again, certainly did not move along like OLTL always did. What did you do with Vicki and all the older cast………. I have been very disappointed in what has been done. Boy, these writers sure need to come alive and I don’t mean as in The View and all those cooking shows and crap that has taken the place of good entainment. I have always called Young and Restless and OLTL my friends. Real friends knew not to call me or bother me when those were on and I had my neightobors clling them their friends also. I am SICK!

  8. cathy says:

    I am so excited about this. I miss OLTL so much! It is hard to let go after 40+ years so I will take it. But you can bet on one thing ABC I hate your network and Disney. The only thing I watch on ABC is GH. After that, good bye for ever!!

  9. Rocco's Mom says:

    I already watch GH every day but now it’ll be even better! As a lifelong soap watcher, I encourage all soap fans to give GH, Days and the CBS shows a shot, or we could lose the format totally. I’ve lost faith in ABC but still hold out hope of a revival of sorts someday.

  10. Pat.C says:

    Since I have no idea who these characters are, I’d really rather not toss in faces. With the new writers offing GH regulars; ehy bring in characters from a defunct show.
    It makes no sense at all to throw in new faces & stories now. Seems like the writers eould rather bring in characters that were from their last show.
    Sounds to me that they just want to drag GH down into the ground so that it gives ABC the ammunition they need to that GH off also.
    Its sad to see shows that I’ve watched my whole life to be dragged down & taken off air for talk shows.Though they are cheaper to make, they are boring and a dime a dozen.
    So if there’s to be sny chance

  11. Denise says:

    I have never watched OLTL. I hope that they introduce these characters slowly and don’t assume we know backstory.

    • jan says:

      they are great characters from the soap some the best are coming todd manning is a crazy but lovable character he is one not to mess with so sonny will have his hands full. John Mcbane is awesome he is a detective that is the best he is most likely will bring Sonny down. Blair is cool but sassy, Starr is a gem i feel sooo bad for her.

  12. Stacy says:


  13. Nick says:

    Scotty and Heather were the real super couple of the 80’s??? Seriously? I want what you are smoking.

  14. Rebecca says:

    I am almost 50 years old &have been watching AMC,OLTL &GH as long as I can remember my parents wouldn’t let me watch so I would sneek to my grandmas of course I was in school part of the time & back then there no VCRs or DVRs but I do love John. I stopped wathing GH for a short while but heard about OLTL cast going to Port Charles so started to watch again John,Blair,Todd,Starr please don’t let me down. I imagine Robert,Anna&Holly won’t stay long after Robin’s funeral.OR IS SHE REALLY DEAD?????????????

  15. Denise says:

    Tell Robert Cavalarti to write great material for our beloved GH actors & actresses, don’t get me wrong loved The Mannings & John McBain on OLTL, but sorry as a diehard fan of GH since 1978, Port Chuck doesn’t need your leftovers. Oh & please don’t even think about changing Sonny or any storyline about the mob. I’m Italian and to me it’s what makes the show, after all you already tanked your old show OLTL, please don’t do it with GH!!!!

    • Rachel says:

      To Denise,
      while a diehard OLTL fan im not thrilled that they killed cole and hope off, i still feel the need to defend oltl, AND ron and frank; for starters, there are so many people getting sick of all the mob crap, INCLUDING some other diehard gh fans; and another thing ron and frank DIDNT tank oltl, ABC did; they CHOOSE to take it off, the show didnt die; if you ever paid attention to the ratings, otlt went out on TOP while gh was at the bottom, AS USUAL. and its STILL at the bottom. im sure the ratings will come up slowly, as our ‘leftovers’ show up. you oughta be grateful for them being on there, since they are prob the only shot gh has at this point to SURVIVE.

  16. Pat says:

    i’d like to see Erika Slizack Vicki brought to GH someone has keep Todd in line like see Melissa and Brey brought over later on

  17. renolda says:

    I wish they would have added Vincent Izarry to the cast his David Hayward character to the show and someone correct me as it was Never revealed to us who fathered Alexis’s daughter Sam he would have been perfect in that but that is just MY OPINION wasted chance there but it is the soaps.Can you imagine having Maurice and Vincent on the same screen WOW the hottie meter,Am I the only one who would love to see Pine Valley’s most notorious baddie on General hospital they could have called it SONNY’S TRIPLE THREAT Todd avenging his family John’s secret past with sonny and Dr.David Hayward what would Sonny do it would make for excellent viewing,still 2 out of 3 is not bad.I WANT DAVID HAYWARD BACK AM I THE ONLY ONE