Ratings: House and Alcatraz Eye New Lows, Hawaii Five-0 Tops Smash

Hawaii Five-0 is the one singing a happy tune this morning, after eking out time-period wins over both Castle and NBC’s buzzy Smash this Monday night.

All told, Five-0 drew 10.12 million total viewers while scoring a 2.8 demo rating, up 10 and 4 percent week-to-week, while Smash dropped 20 and 18 percent to 6.5 mil/2.3. Castle (9.7 mil/2.1) enjoyed gains of 9 and 5 percent, yet trailed its CBS rival in both measures.

Michael Slezak’s Smash Recap: Ellis Learns Julia’s Secret

Most of CBS’ Monday sitcoms also bounced back from last week’s Valentine’s Eve declines, as How I Met Your Mother, 2 Broke Girls and Two and a Half Men all gained in the demo.

2012 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

Over on Fox, dipping ratings continued to ail House, which hit a season-low 7 million total viewers and 2.3 rating. Similarly, Alcatraz dipped a few percentage points to new lows of 6 mil/1.8.


8 pm | The Voice dominated Monday with 15.7 million total viewers and a 5.8 rating, down just 3 percent week-to-week. The Bachelor held steady at 8.1 mil/2.4. HIMYM (9.8 mil/3.8) gained 9 and 12 percent, teeing up 2 Broke Girls (11.3 mil/4.) for bumps of 8 and 5 percent. Gossip Girl (1 mil/0.5), based on some slightly suspect numbers, for the time being appears down 10 percent in audience.

9 pm | Two and a Half Men (13.24 mil/4.1) was up a few percentage points, while Mike & Molly (11.3 mil/3.4) was flat. Hart of Dixie (1.48 mil/0.6) dipped 10 percent in total audience.

10 pm | See second paragraph above.

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  1. Balaji K says:

    I guess Alcatraz won’t be renewed. Last night’s episode was boring. Castle was awesome and even that’s trailing behind Hawaii Five-0.

    • Lambsilencer says:

      I guess part of the problem is that “Alcatraz” is just too dark. Every week viewers plunge into the world of some of the nastiest criminals on the planet, all in a pretty grey, bleak setting and with mostly pretty grumpy leads that barely smile or offer some humor to mix in with the dark stories. People might not want that on a weekly basis. And the overall arc is intriguing, but not enough to overcome the other problematic aspects of the show.

      • Nick says:

        Agreed, I think I may have watched three episodes, but after that I haven’t found the inclination to watch anymore.

      • lalez says:

        weird that you argue that it is too dark and twisty … people seem to love Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU and these shows go to the dark places too … I enjoy Alcatraz and I hope they get to have at least a second season

        • Lambsilencer says:

          Yes, but since there are already two shows with such a grim premise, I think people about had enough of it. Add to that the fact that “Criminal Minds” is much brighter in tone, and the characters are much better fleshed out, as they are in “SVU”, basically also because they allow some humor and banter in those shows, and you get why “dark” doesn’t equal “too dark”. It’s the mix that makes it. “Alcatraz” is just that – too dark without the humor to soften it up.

        • A Brit says:

          I think the problem with Alcatraz is the acting. I don’t watch Criminal Minds, but I do watch SVU. The reason that it works while having dark themes is because the acting is great. My favorite episode this season was the one before the the winter break with the former quarterback who was accused of sleeping with minors. He gave a great performance as a troubled guy, and no one knew if he was actually troubled of if he was faking it. Also, while people say that it is not right or fair that Mariska is nominated for an Emmy every year, she also gives great performances. This is not the same for Alcatraz. The actors are ok, but not as good as SVU’s actors. The subject matter is also not as compelling or interesting as SVU’s.

      • Shifty says:

        Agreed. Alcatraz is too violent and creepy. Who wants to relax with that after a hard day’s work? As a Lost and Fringe fan, I wanted to like it but I could only take it for two episodes.

      • Bear75 says:

        Def agreed. I think the principle was really interesting to start with but from a personal point of view, it seems straight away that they intend to do at least 65 eps with a criminal being caught in each one (that gets tired pretty quick) & added to an underlying mystery as to why it all happened, which like Lost prob wouldn’t be fully revealed until they’ve all been caught… I’m bored just thinking about the hrs I would have to invest, which has already put me off :0/ I also think that the cast isn’t strong enough; Sam Neill is overacting, Sarah Jones is predictable/dull & Jorge Garcia is basically playing a smarter Hurley – Jonny Coyne & Jason Butler Harner are the only 2 that have really kept my attention so far… v disappointed :-(

        • dref22 says:

          I thought I was the only one who thought Sam Neill was overacting. He’s much better than this, I don’t know why he’s not good in this show.

  2. sarah says:

    YAY Hawaii Five 0
    I guess lots of people like be did not like Lauren German on the show. This is one of my favorite shows so I still watched it and will always watch no matter what BUT I think lots of people were upset she was on and now that she is gone the viewers are back

    • Balaji K says:

      I really don’t understand the hate against Lori…

      • dee says:

        Probably wasn’t HER so much as the fact that CBS was doing it again. They had a hit show with a winning combination of actors, and they just couldn’t leave it alone. HAD to add the quirky scientist a la Abby on NCIS or Garcia on Criminal Minds, HAD to add the female cop to provide “sexual tension” with the male lead, etc. etc. etc.
        They screwed up Criminal Minds the year before by firing the women, only to eat crow and bring them both back.
        At least the network knows when they screw up, and fixes it. NOW if only they’d learn their lesson and STOP MEDDLING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        • Katy says:

          Abby was in NCIS from the pilot episode……..

          • Lambsilencer says:

            dee didn’t mean it like that. It’s used as comparison. Abby and Garcia work well on those shows (basically also because they were there from the start), so CBS thought that adding a similar character to “Hawaii Five-O” in the same vein as those characters would beef up the cast.
            I think the show would have fared best if they would have gradually added Jenna Kaye as the in-office analyst, if they really wanted to add another character. That might have worked. But another hot guy would have probably fared better, because I think that the most rabid fans of the show are female. They don’t care about the addition of another woman, or worse, women, obviously. Especially one that messes with the team dynamic, and is not considered a worthy love interest for Steve. That is, and always will be a dealbreaker for them. And some might also have been offended that it looked like the show was adding them for eye candy, especially Lori.
            Me, I would have liked Jenna as an analyst who works at the computer, gathering leads, while the core team is doing the field work. But the way she was introduced, it felt very forced and yes, messed up the dynamic.

          • dee says:

            Thank you, Lamb, that’s exactly what I meant. Masi Oka is the least offensive of the additions made to the H50 cast, but he wasn’t needed, either. I’m just glad the other two are gone.
            I’ll never understand why CBS constantly thinks their HIT SHOWS need fixing. And their cop shows are already similar enough. Do they need to make them all look EXACTLY ALIKE?

        • Jerri says:

          If any one is quirky on H50 it’s Masi Oka’s character . Don’t see him leaving anytime soon as I’m sure he is part of reason for ratings as they are.

      • Kate says:

        As annoying as Lori was, I think people more so resented the fact that the addition of Lori threw off the team dynamic. It was way too early in the series for that. Not to mention that Lori immediately got more screen time than Chin and Kono combined. Hopefully now that she’s gone they will find the magic they had in season 1.

      • Stormcrow says:

        Same here. I found her nice.
        Admittedly, she did take screen time away from others, which was sad. I hope they can bring her in from time to time as a recurring character, which might work well.

    • Mikaylah says:

      I didn’t really like Lori, and am glad she is gone, but I stilled watched while she was there. I am very glad H50 is doing well. :)

      • Boston Kathy says:

        H5O is back. I watched it live for the first time since the Season 2 Premiere. It had everything…Hawaiian culture, McDanno bromance, the Core-4 plus Max,Gabby and Gracie. A huge weight has been lifted from this show. Hope TPTB keep it up.

        • Maureen says:

          I am elated that Hawaii Five-0 has won the time slot and key demographic ratings again! I am so happy that Hawaii Five-0’s carguments, bromance, humor, drama and friendly banter between all the amazing characters are back and better than ever in last night’s episode 217.

        • Beans says:

          Next week looks great father and son

        • KMG says:

          That’s it exactly, IMO. The first season episodes were mostly fun procedurals, set in the bright beauty of Hawaii, focusing on Danny & Steve’s bromance and the case of the week. This season has been a bunch of episodes where they were chasing spies, fighting terrorists, interrogating suspects in dark rooms, and focusing more on guest stars on story arcs than on the original four characters… it felt like a different show. This was the first ep this season that felt like the show I enjoyed so much last year.
          Personally, I didn’t mind Lori, except that when they added her they suddenly forgot Grace Park was on the show. But Lori was a better fit than the little pixie chick before her, or Terry O’Quinn’s character. I’d be fine with her coming back later.

    • Amanda says:

      I lost interest when the culmination of the Wo Fat story turned out to be so stupid. All that build up for such an anticlimatic reason. If someone can convince me it’s good again, I might go back and pick up the last three eps online simply for Scott Caan.

      • Boston Kathy says:

        Watch last night’s episode if you can. You will see a lot to like. In my opinion the magic is back.
        I agree, the Shelbourne mini-reveal was pathetic. Apparently there is more to come at the end of the season. It seemed as if the TPTB on the show were so fixated on the Lori character that they let everything else go by the wayside.
        Hopefully that is in the past.

  3. Jrs says:

    Who are all these people with no life watching CBS’ crappy shows?? They all seem to appeal to the lowest common denominator. C’mon, des Moines is NOT that big!!!

    • Jan says:

      CBS’s continued dominance in the ratings highlights the severe education crisis in America. Our people are turning into idiots.

      • dee says:

        Yes, because it takes so much more intelligence to watch The Bachelor and American Idol.

        • TigerNightmare says:

          Some other person just said that Hawaii Five-O’s first season was “magic”. Seriously? Magic? I watch it because I like the cast, but it’s mediocre at best, even with Terry O’Quinn on the show. The show takes no chances, completely wastes its cast, never develops the characters (especially Kono and Chin) and the follow-the-breadcrumbs investigative plots make Scooby Doo look like 24. At least Person of Interest has potential, thanks to Jonathan Nolan and the great cast.
          It’s times like these when shows like Community and Cougar Town struggle to find an audience, but pedestrian carbon copy procedurals, reality dating shows and singing competitions lead in the Nielsens, it makes me resentful and disappointed of my fellow Americans. And I imagine that the same people who drive drunk, litter their cigarette butts, resell out of stock merchandise with marked up prices, picket idiotic fringe causes at funerals and other bad people are who the majority of Nielsen households represent.
          Why can’t we live in a world where only good people who have love affairs with their favorite shows get to decide what gets to stay on TV?

      • Stormcrow says:

        I don’t understand this comment.
        Does watching CBS include watching mind-washing shows? Also, I didn’t know that enjoying a show means that you automatically support the network in every sense…

      • Barbie says:

        What are you talking about exactly? I’m sorry, but CBS has some of the greatest shows, especially the procedural. Criminal Minds, for example, is absolutely BRILLIANT. I guess all America’s wasting their time watching that when they could be becoming geniuses watching American Idol, stimulating their brains with the magnificence of that show. Puhlease.
        And, I’m not even American :)

  4. Jules says:

    Seriously, who care about ratings!
    Nobody watch tv the same anymore.. Live or dvr or online…
    When y love a series, who stick with it…
    Me its [H]ouse, been for 8 yrs and I’ll stick until THE END-on May 21st…and will enjoy the 9 episodes remaining.
    And last night was enjoyable..and the reason is: HLaurie is the only one who can manage to do a scene where he can be serious and funny (with a simple sarcastic remark or a little look) he’s better at it than anynone…
    Plus, a prefer watching my favorite “addiction” than watch crappy reality tv or predictable comedy with (still in 2012) a laugh track

  5. Jason says:

    Just in case anyone wanted to know, The Voice drew a 5.8, slight down two tenths, but will probably be adjusted up to a 5.9.

  6. Yvonne says:

    Castle was bad last night, I don’t see this show lasting much longer if it keeps goin this way. It’s not keeping me interested….TBH Hawaii 5-0 is much more interesting to watch.

    • vincentdante says:

      That was the best episode of Castle yet in a year filled with great episodes. Frankly, I think The Bachelor is the show that’s killing the ABC ratings. Time for a rethink to the franchise.

    • Brendan says:

      No idea what show you’re watching, but Castle is consistently one of the best shows on TV, and has been for the last two and a half seasons…

    • Amanda says:

      I think Castle was fantastic last night. It’s been a great season this year, and I can’t believe there’s only 7 episode left. Contrary to popular belief, there is a show beyond Castle and Beckett getting together.
      Unfortunately, our ratings tank every spring with The Bachelor as the lead-in. That show is dragging ABC down, like vincentdante said. It had great ratings the first couple seasons, but now it’s dragged on way too long.

    • jake says:

      I don’t think you even watched Castle last night — it was one of the best episodes of the season and it has been consistently good — but I was on the edge of my seat last night and jennifer beals was awesome and the banter between stana katic and nathan fillion — superb.
      Their two part episodes NEVER disappoint.

  7. Renee says:

    Come on Fox renew Terra Nova!

  8. Andie says:

    I wonder if Smash will get cancelled. It’s lost so many of its week 1 viewers

    • Michael says:

      If it keeps bleeding viewers, then yes. However, this is NBC who invested a crapload of money into this project. Since the gold standard for 18-49 is 2.0 or above for the fledgling network, Smash could still hang on.

    • kate says:

      I just don’t find Smash all that compelling. I watched the first two episodes and there just isn’t anything about any of the characters that make me want to keep watching what happens to them. Plus I found the whole thing predictable. Prime Suspect was way better and NBC couldn’t even make THAT work, so I’m not surprised they took an interesting premise with Smash and screwed it up.

  9. Larry says:

    Well I’m not surprised about Alcatraz’s ratings falling. Now that House is essentially wrapping -the audience is probably not going to stay invested in the show and will only tune in for the finale to see how it all ends. This means people are catching the two-hour shows of The Bachelor and The Voice -and just are not invested enough to tune over to Alcatraz while in the middle of those shows. Alcatraz has yet to develop its legs yet and people just don’t have the patience for it to do so. Which is a shame because it is a very enjoyable show.

  10. Saint Alicia says:

    Look at those glorious House numbers! Good thing they decided to “go out on top.” ;)

  11. ggny says:

    goodbye smashed losing 10mil viewers and a 4.0 in the demo from its lead in that is horrible…i feel bad for NBC

  12. Alex says:

    I don’t understand how shows like Five-0 or NCIS make such big numbers and shows like frigne are confined on friday, i mean every episode is the same and boooooring… last night five-0 sucked… cmon people!

    • Saint Alicia says:

      While NCIS isn’t high concept TV, it’s a good character-driven procedural. So even if the cases are repetitive (which they’re not), viewers are still invested in the characters’ lives. Also, the show pretty much touches on everything; comedy, drama, action, adventure, mystery, romance–that’s a very broad appeal. The writing could be a little tighter, but last night’s ep was really good (especially considering Glasberg wrote it). So I’m not complaining, this week…

    • Eli says:

      Could not agree more. Its been said so many times, people love procedural crap shows and no network makes ‘m better (or more of ‘m) than CBS.

    • ACP says:

      I think H50 sucks personally, but it has a great lead in.

    • kate says:

      CBS markets to an older audience. They literally target people on the older end of the main target demographic (18-49). Lots of CBS viewers are WAY older than 49. Ever wonder how all other networks see almost no audience on Friday nights but CBS is still getting huge ratings? It’s because most of their audience is senior citizens who don’t go out on Fridays like other younger people.
      They do it well too. The shows are character driven procedurals that you don’t have to follow religiously or think too deeply about (which you do with Fringe), or comedies that aren’t too raunchy or risky. 2 Broke Girls isn’t that funny but gets huge ratings. Older folks are watching CBS. That’s the bottom line.

      • dan says:

        Although CBS generally skews to an older audience, ABC actually has the “oldest” audience with “Dancing With the Stars.” Over the years the average age of CBS viewers has declined while ABC’s average age (and maybe even NBC’s) has gone up.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        “Older folks are watching CBS. That’s the bottom line.”
        Except that’s not it and you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.
        CBS pulls big numbers across the board–in both total viewers AND demo. This doesn’t attest to quality or good taste, but the fact is most CBS shows have comparable or higher 18-49 stats than nearly all the other, shall we say, “youth-targeted” programs (since clearly CBS is for old people).
        For example, in their latest outings, NCIS drew a 3.9 demo, 2 1/2 Men 4.1, Big Bang Theory 5.0, 2 Broke Girls 4.0; the only other scripted show to garner better numbers is ABC’s Modern Family at 4.7. Likewise, the most recent ep of NCIS: LA pulled a 3.2, Criminal Minds 3.0, CSI 2.7, The Mentalist 2.8, Person of Interest 2.9, Hawaii 5-0 2.8, Mike & Molly 3.4, How I Met Your Mother 3.8.
        Those ratings are just as good, if not better, than the ones attained by shows “for younger people” like Once Upon A Time at 3.0, House 2.3, Revenge 2.4, Glee 2.8, New Girl 3.2, Grey’s Anatomy 3.1, Private Practice 2.6, Castle 2.1, The Office 2.2, or whatever else “the kids” are supposedly watching.
        Educate yourself.

        • haha says:

          well. clearly someone had their cup of c*nty yesterday. she’s not entirely wrong. everybody’s grandma watches CBS. are you one of those grandmas? get a grip.

  13. janet says:

    i think castle is a lot more exiting than H5O but who am i to talk and dont know why so many people hated lori i liked her but then again who am i.

  14. kevin says:

    House already heading towards its final season, Two and a Half Men isn’t getting more love for Ashton Kutcher, Hart of Dixie maybe one of the new shows you’re NOT watching, Alcatraz and Smash still need more viewers and the 10 p.m. showdown between Castle and Hawaii Five-O still going at it. Safe to say the one show that still rocks on Mondays is THE VOICE. :) :) :) :)

  15. csr says:

    While I think it stretches Castle too far to do a “save the world” plot (too far in believability, just how many times a single NYC copy would have to do it, etc.), I can’t watch H50 any longer. H50’s writing and continuity are terrible (every week interrogating a suspect with “shut up” and then “now tell us” among other things). Plus are they going to do a Danny’s family is in jeopardy every season? The kid’s gonna need therapy.

    • csr says:

      single NYC cop, not copy.

    • Brendan says:

      I do my best to turn off that part of my brain when watching TV. It’s fun to watch Castle and Beckett save the world, regardless of the improbability. A lot of shows have some element like that that it’s just best to ignore, so I say hooray for willing suspension of disbelief.

  16. kirads09 says:

    I for one enjoyed Alcatraz. Gaining more and more of an appreciation for Sam Neil with each passing episode. They shouldn’t make a mistake and push Jorge to a back burner position though. Felt that is kinda what they did last night.
    Hope against hope and praying that Fringe, Alcatraz and Terra Nova are renewed and given a fighting chance. I believe they have the quality and deserve it.

  17. Geo says:

    I’m wondering if the failure of Alcatraz might be good news for Fringe. I have to wonder if Fox is gonna want to cancel two of J.J. Abrams’ shows at once. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that by some miracle Fox lets Fringe have a 13 episode final season, putting the show at exactly 100 episodes and giving them time to wrap everything up.

    • kirads09 says:

      I am not sure you can exactly call Alcatraz a failure quite so soon! Next month Alcatraz should get a bump from Keifer’s “Touch” before it ends the season. They will follow that for a few weeks right? I think Fox extended the Alcatraz season for that purpose.
      I refuse to count it out just yet.
      My predictions: Fringe will be allowed to make it to the 100 episodes and then end. Alcatraz will get a season 2 (perhaps as a mid season replacement or shortened one) Terra Nova sadly will be cancelled.

      • retse says:

        Yeah right. Keep dreaming.
        There is no way Alcatraz will be renewed with those numbers. It’s numbers are current WORSE than fringe before it was moved to Friday. Not a chance in hell. The show is boring.
        Terra Nova, on the other hand, suffers from bad writing but is never the less entertaining. It managed to keep 7.5 million people watching it through the season.

        • Ariel says:

          Agreed. Alcatraz is on a swift spiral downward. Didn’t it start with something like 10-12 million viewers? Now it’s at 6? That’s not promising. They won’t waste their time or money on it. Terra Nova was so much better. I looked forward to that.

      • Liz says:

        Tough call–Terra Nova costs more to make, but they can market it as a family show, which Alcatraz is not. (Some episodes maybe, but definitely not that third one.) If family-friendliness is a major factor for the execs, I would say that Terra Nova’s future may depend more on the success/failure of Touch. Just my guess.

  18. jess says:

    I actually watched, and LIKED, House last night. I’ve been really missing the fun House-Wilson banter and last night’s scene in their apartment/hallway had me laughing out loud!
    Can’t believe Smash is declining so fast! After last week’s episode, I REALLY enjoyed last night’s, especially the Dev-Derek British bitchiness scene! The preview for next week looks AMAZING, so i’m really looking forward to that! (especially since Matt says it’s his favorite out of the first 4 episodes!)

  19. Dee says:

    I’m enjoying H5-0.
    Glad it’s doing good in the ratings.
    Beautiful locations plus an attractive cast, what’s not to like?
    Alex and Scott do have great chemistry.
    Alex is looking kind of too thin lately, wonder why.

  20. Tim says:

    I haven’t watched Hawaii Five-0 sine the episode where they went to North Korea to rescue Steve. I know you’re supposed to suspend belief but that was too much. It also joins a list of many other crime dramas where everything just ends up nice and tidy because of convenient clues.

  21. SH says:

    Everything FOX sacrificed Lie to Me* for is nose diving. Still think that was the best decision you idiots??

  22. HIMYM was really good last night – felt like an old-school episode rather than the past few, which felt like fillers. I’m still concerned about what they’re doing with Robin’s character, but her moving out is a step in the right direction. And I listened to/watched most of The Lying Game, which continues to frustrate. How terrible of a person can Sutton be?

  23. Fido says:

    Really bummed about Lauren German leaving H50. Was hoping it was all a miss-direct, some kinda secret plan to catch a baddie, but I guess that is just not to be. Darnnit. Maybe her and Margot Robbie will get a series together :D

  24. jonathon says:

    I truly think fox has the best shows on monday night but i’m sure people will laugh at that statement. House has been turned on like some evil plague since Cuddy left and the seasons have fallen off from what they were but the show itself is still entertaining and House and even some of his team have some one-liners that may not have a laugh track but certainly can make you laugh. It is ending as any show would after being on so long. Maybe its not on their terms but they get a true ending because they earned it through the years. Pickin on this show now while it’s on its way out is like beating up a guy while he’s dying, not cool. As for Alcatraz i love shows that build on character week after week but a lot of shows use procedural effect. Shows do well with that but i figured that style could get old on a show like this. I do think the character and story are developing slowly with each week but previous posts are right, hate for House may cause people not to tune in and also because its a new show it really hasn’t had the chance to catch on with viewers. I think its a great show and can do really well over the next couple years if given a chance. Hope Fox doesn’t give up on it cause they’ll need a show like this after House and Fringe end and Bones can’t have much more seasons left either. Terra Nova is a reach to stay on and even American Idol can only go on for so much longer before that eventually ends. Fox needs shows like Touch and Alcatraz to start a new wave of shows that they can count on and they got some big decisions to make over the next year. Hopefully they can decide on the right moves without losing too many viewers in the process.

  25. Tom says:

    I don’t get how people can say H50 is doing great. CBS moved CSI Miami from 10 pm Mondays to improve the slot with a stronger show. CSI Miami got this same night two years ago a 3.5 demo, instead H50 got a 2.8 H50 has killed the spot numbers for CBS. Seems younger viewers leave after the comedy block, that didn’t happen with CSI Miami.
    Instead 2Broke Girls has improved the spot for CBS this season. That show is really doing great for CBS. Good move.
    NBC must be thrilled. They win Monday nights!

    • becks says:

      No ten pm show is getting regular 3.5 demo’s this season. You can’t compare demos from three years ago as they were way higher across the board.
      HFO is the top ten pm show for CBS so far this year, it outrates all others including The Mentalist. It also outrates ten pm shows on every other network (Smash included it seems if it keeps on this trajectory).
      CSI Miami never had success like that in comparison to its peers. Plus CSI Miami dropped a ton of demo from the huge lead in it got from TBBT. HFO has a weaker lead in with M&M regulary only pulling 3.3’s instead of the fours and fives of big bang.

  26. Fernando says:

    If Smash stays in 6 million it will get renew. I think it just needs time

    • apor says:

      According to Variety, Smash came in third during its second half hour to H50 and Castle.
      Smash’s 10PM rating had a 2.7 and 7.2 Million viewers, but by 1030PM the show was down to 2.0 and 5.7 Million viewers. Both H50 and Castle beat in total viewers for each half hour, and in the final half hour Smash was 4.5 Million behind H50 and 4.0 behind Castle.
      With the 30 Million dollars NBC spent and the incredible lead-in, you know its must be a disappointment to NBC. You put H50 or Castle behind a show like the Voice and you are talking about a 3.2 ratings at a minimum.

  27. Jules says:

    One thing-ALL reality TV shows kills good Drama&Comedy series… But if network think that can survive with just of thoses crappy competitions of singing or dancing or even worst like the Bachelor…I prefer watch a movie instead or turn off my tv for good!
    And possibly that’s gonna happens nxt Fall bcuz with the end of my only true addiction on Monday’s [H]ouse, (with small exception Like The Simpsons/Dexter/walking the dead) Tv specially drama would not be the same…

  28. TheBeach says:

    I’m a fan of Smash and find a show about the interworkings of putting on a Broadway musical to be interesting but I can see how this would be a hard-sell story line for the mainstream American audience that is used to procedurals and reality type programming. That being said, I hope it succeeds from a purely personal standpoint.

  29. A.R. says:

    I must be the only person still watching Hart of Dixie! And while I want to root for it, right now I couldn’t really tell you why I’m still tuning in. I can’t get into the Lemon-George-Lavon storyline anymore, and they keep Zoe-Wade moments to such a minimum… Will it find its feet?

  30. Samuel says:

    The Voice is a killing machine.
    It is interesting the low total viewer numbers Hawaii always gets.. 10 million viewers for any CBS drama is really a low number, even for a Friday, so on Monday is even worse. CBS is the most watched network., but that doesn’t apply for Hawaii.

    • becks says:

      HIMYM often gets the same sort of numbers as HFO and thats in an earlier time slot when more people watch. Luckily both shows get great demos. HFO has the best ten pm demo record this season on any network. Hardly a failure, and demo is what sells and what brings in the money. So yeah the show is doing good.

  31. Zach says:

    I think the reason why Smash declined in ratings so much this week was due to the fact that most stopped caring after the part of Marilyn was cast to Ivy Lynn. But that is where it gets even more interesting because the part is not set in stone, it may stay with her, or it could go to some unknown actress, or maybe Karen…but most with no brain or conscious just thinks well shes got the part no use watching anymore and switch to the same old crappy crime shows that air every week. Come on people! Smash is smart, different, edgy, current, and sexy all at the same time! And you don’t have to see cheesy blood and gore that is in every other show at 10 pm!

  32. dot says:

    I will never know why people watch such a dumb show like the bachelor and I really hope smash does better I love this show its soooooooo good! NBC Mondays are amazing and Thursday!parks and rec is the funniest show on TV wish people would give it a chance and rating go uP!

  33. shiremaid says:

    I predicted that House would definitely suffer this week due to Dominika’s return; and I was right! Now she apparently has to remain with House for 6 months (wonder how they’ll condense the 6 months, as it is finished May 21) and the storyline itself is quite lame. They’ve created a fabulous character, spent 7 years developing him and raising him to the top of many people’s list, only to drag him down, belittle him, and turn a strong man into the butt of everyone’s jokes. Thanks a lot DS and KJ!

    • Brendan says:

      Be honest here: you never gave that episode a chance. You decided it was going to be bad before you watched it, so you didn’t like it. I was a little wary of bringing her back, but I ended up enjoying the episode. The storyline supported some good House-Wilson back and forth, and they gave Dominika a brain and actually made her pretty interesting. And considering that many episode rarely or never see House’s apartment, it’s a B-story that they can go to occasionally for a laugh, but that they can also completely ignore at any point to suit a given episode. That’s a good storyline, assuming you haven’t already decided it’s bad before watching it.

      • Andi says:

        Sure some scenes are decent but overall, the episode SUCKS! Seriously, writers?! Another romance for House when the show downfall was the same reason. What a lazy writing.

  34. Goku says:

    Seriously, who watch all this procedurals? They can’t remember what they were watching last week or what? I don’t understand.

  35. Mari says:

    H50 has a great lead in. I wish the same could apply to Castle.

  36. kel says:

    thank David Shore and kj for ruining a house

  37. Judith says:

    The GG ratings, lmao.
    You know what is even funnier, another ratings site stated only 800k viewers ended up watching the second half. That means over 200k viewers turned off during the episode, tears of laughter in my eyes. Out of all the shows ever deserving cancellation due to crap writing/storytelling it is the GG writers helmed by Josh Safran.

  38. Linda E. says:

    People should not be labelled as a certain type because they watch CBS procedurals. I also read constantly and watch public television, so it takes all “types”. Go figure.
    I watch HF-0 because of Alex O’Loughlin, and will continue to do so. I live in hope that the writing will improve, but I’m still glad it’s doing well.

  39. guest says:

    I found thes at tvbythenumbers.com “Even NBC’s Boss Has Doubts about Smash 16 February 2012, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke has described as “problematic” the future of NBC’s Expensive new entry, Smash” “ contactmusic.com “At the end of Comcast Corp.’s earnings call Wednesday NBCUniversal Chief Executive Steve Burke conceded to his colleagues that while “The Voice” should remain strong, “Smash is more problematic.” Burke apparently didn’t realize that his microphone was still live.” LA Times If he said this after the 2nd episode of NBC Smash, I wonder what he calls it after the third episode? Where NBC Smash is falling further and is way behind CBS Hawaii Five O and ABC Castle in total viewers and way behind CBS Hawaii Five O in 18 – 49 ratings, and soon will be passed by ABC Castle. And NBC “Smash,” lavishing $7 million on the pilot episode alone. NBC has shelled out another $25 million to market the show ahead of its Monday premiere, according to sources, and plans to heavily promote it a day before during the network’s coverage of the Super Bowl.” NY Post “The pilot cost more than $7 million and production of subsequent episodes runs about $4 million…, which has an all-star producing team. LA Times I’ve tried to watch Smash and it just drags on and on. It’s just kind of mind-numbing, how many times can you watch a casting couch soap opera? If it were a real play for Broadway, it’d never make the stage or it would close after 1 performance. And I do like the Smash Crash phrase tvfreak need to trademark it. @ Ralph M, thank you for pretty much summing up my exact thoughts about Smash. I was really looking forward to this show. But it’s really a bit of a bore. It’s slow, pretentious, a bit arrogant, and mostly humorless. The songs are great, but there’s not enough music for a show about musicals. I’ll stick around a few more episodes, but I’m quickly losing interest. Glee’s slipped a bit recently, but it’s still funny, entertaining, moves at a lively pace, and has lots of great music. We are seeing history in the making. NBC Smash continues to crash. The Smash Crash will be a popular well-known phrase used alongside Jumping The Shark. The show follows NBC The Voice and The Voice continues to have the highest ratings in terms of viewers and in the 18 – 49 ratings. And in 3 short weeks NBC Smash has dropped in ratings and viewers to a place where it will soon be canceled. NBC cannot afford to let the spot following NBC The Voice to be wasted, it is too great of lead in, and many other shows will do better in with this lead in. NBC Smash is just a bad serialized soap opera with has no syndication value. And the show cost $4 million an episode – twice that of regular television show. NBC is losing boat loads of money with Smash. This is historic: with all the money they put into this show, all the advertising on top of that, the best time slot following the biggest hit on television, and the big name actors, and this show crashed quickly and continues to crash, this is historic.

  40. DJ Smart says:

    Alcatraz promised more than it delivered. How and why did they all disappear? Who is sending them back and for what purpose? To commit the same old crimes is just not logical. I gave up after 3 episodes.