Once Upon a Time Hot Shots: The Dwarfs Meet the Beautiful [Spoiler]!

A certain Once Upon a Time beauty will cross paths with eight rather famous dwarfs (Stealthy included!) on March 4 — though it’s not Snow White.

Amy Acker Teases ‘Very Pink’ Once Upon a Time Gig

Rather, based on this photos, Emilie de Ravin’s Beauty and the Beast heroine returns to lend an ear to the smitten Grumpy, who’s found forbidden love with the fairy Nova. In return, maybe Belle finds refuge with the classic Snow White characters after escaping from Rumpel?
Meanwhile, for the rest of the dwarfs, hi ho, it’s off to work they go.
Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the unexpected encounter.


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  1. Juan says:

    YES!!! SHE’S BACK!

  2. kirads09 says:

    Yay! I so love this show. Can’t wait!
    I had a thought about “Where is Kathryn”?
    Could Mr. Gold helped her escape to thwart Regina?
    Perhaps his “price” was that she could never return (for Mr. Gym teacher!) and no one would ever know what happened to her? Just a theory. I guess time will show.

    • Templar says:

      I took from it that when Regina burned the letter she transported Kathryn into the cell block where Belle is being held.

  3. sarina says:

    Oh Belle, why can’t she be in every episode? I want Emilie de Ravin in the main cast!

  4. fotreya says:

    Most enjoyable show in YEARS¡

  5. Jess says:

    Does this mean Amy Acker will be in next week’s episode?

  6. Lauren K says:

    WOOO HOOOO!!! I’m so excited she’s back! I want her in the main ensemble. She was amazing with Rumple and it would be a total game changer in Storybrooke if she came back.

  7. VJW says:

    Why, oh why can’t they give Emilie de Ravin a more natural looking wig?

  8. Ariel says:

    Emile was divine in her episode. I sure hope this means we’ll be seeing her a lot more.

  9. Platy says:

    Best thing about these pictures… STEALTHY!
    Looking forward to more Belle, and to see what Amy Acker looks like as a fairy.
    Also, want to see more of Frederick’s Storybrooke persona, since he found Kathryn’s car. They’ve become my new ‘ship.

    • Julie says:

      *giggles* Im with you there. I didn’t like Katheryn at first because… well… she was with the wrong guy of course but this Frederick fellah… they look quite cute together!

      • Leo says:

        I thought Kathryn will be just a sideline character but I’m so surprised at her kinda “getting” an episode. I like her more now. And yes! I also want a Kathryn/Frederick’s story in modern world.
        Btw, I start to loathe James. I cringe everytime he starts talking about “true love”. He should have just stayed coma in bed.

  10. bella57 says:

    I have loved Rumple/ Mr. Gold since the beginning. Keep in mind, that Rumple never forces anyone to take his deal. And Belle was the only one who made a deal in return. Love the chemistry between Belle and Rumple. Hope to see them in SBL. But also love the interactions between Emma and Mr. Gold. He’s very tender toward her. She has a power over him. or maybe it is respect.
    Also, LOVE RED.
    and I read that the fairy tale charcters are supposed to be the opposite of who they were in FTL. So charming would be certainly be less charming and honorable in SBL, but MM is still nice, but not nearly as strong in SBL as she is in FTL.
    Just my thoughts. I think Skin Deep was the best episode of the season so fair. Robert Carlyle perfect in every scene.

  11. eliza says:

    I think this is the best show on television in years. The writers are outstanding with the way they combine the past with the present. I, too like Mr. Gold, (but then I always seem to like the bad guys) and I loved Skin Deep. It threw me a bit, because I was not expecting him to be the beast. I wonder how they will ever find Belle and how will they find Kathryn. Regina is very powerful, however sometimes I don’t think Emma pushes as hard as she could.
    I’ll not complain too much love the show, and am content to watch it play out right before my eyes. ABC has a hit, I hope they realize it.

  12. Dana says:

    OK, my one big complaint about the dwarves: the name “Stelthy.” Really? Stealthy? Sneaky wouldn’t work better ( andkeep with the style of the original Dwarf names)? Really? Lamest name ever.
    I can’t really say why I obsess over this one tiny moot point…. Just that the writers of this show have done SO much else RIGHT, that it annoys me that they missed the mark on this… ;o)

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