Glee Recap: A Very Special Cliffhanger

new directions season 3 regionalsEven a die-hard Gleek will tell you that Fox’s high-school musical can be patently ridiculous. Ginger supremacists, gym coaches who eat whole chickens like bite-sized snacks, educators who join their under-age charges for performances of sexually suggestive ditties — they’re all par for the course in the halls of the fictional McKinley High.

And yet there are times when Glee‘s audacity — its willingness to hit the empty dance floor and boogie with unselfconscious abandon — allows it to tackle some of the most important issues of the day with a headiness and honesty that aren’t merely refreshing, but absolutely necessary in these crazy, contentious times.

Seriously, how could even a hardcore homophobe remain unmoved by this week’s Glee? The sight of football jock (and former bully) Dave Karofsky getting outed and humiliated in a high-school locker room, and then heading home to tearfully dress up in his best suit and prepare for his own suicide, was as devastating as anything I’ve seen on TV this year. And while I’m always a bit reluctant when my favorite fictional shows try to double as PSAs, I’ll give a pass to Ryan Murphy & Co. this time around. After all, Karofsky’s journey over Glee‘s three seasons has not only been a wakeup call to a nation that is seriously considering a presidential candidate who equates homosexuality with bestiality, but it’s also made for some damn good television.

Glee Post Mortem: Max Adler on Life After [Spoiler] and a Possible Kurt/Karofsky Romance

Oh, and if Karofsky’s suicide attempt (emphasis on attempt; thankfully, he survived) wasn’t enough of a boom-boom-pow ending to Glee‘s winter season — the show won’t return with new episodes until April — we also had (cliffhanger alert) Quinn getting into a scary texting-while-driving accident, Rachel and Finn about to get into a married-while-immature accident, and (not so surprisingly) New Directions taking home first prize at Regionals.

If I’ve got any complaint with the episode, it would have to be that for a show that’s billed as a musical comedy, there certainly weren’t many laughs, and the musical interludes seemed like something of an afterthought — all the more perplexing for an hour that purported to focus on the 2012 Midwest Regional Show-Choir Championships.

But enough of my kvetching — let’s fast-forward to a quick breakdown of the central story arcs:

* Karofsky’s suicide attempt — mercifully thwarted when his dad found him before it was too late — sent waves of shock and guilt throughout the community. Kurt lamented not answering phone calls from his unwanted suitor. Sue, Schue, and Emma wondered if they should’ve seen the warning signs. Even Sebastian was contrite, admitting he’d callously told Karofsky he was too heavy to find love and that he should stay in the closet. All of this made Kurt’s subsequent visit to see Karofsky in the hospital more poignant. When Karofsky wept that he’d been abandoned by his best friend and been told by his mother than he had a disease that needed curing — we also found out kids had posted “better luck next time” and “try, try again” on his Facebook page — Kurt helped him visualize a future with a great job as a sports agent, a loving husband, and an adorable child of his own. Karofsky’s response to the dream sequence — “I’m so happy right now” — felt like an apt place to leave the character. I’d love it if Ryan Murphy & Co. let us see more of this complicated kid’s journey, but if they don’t, at least they’ve left Karofsky in a hopeful place.

* In a move that Rachel equated to “show-choir terrorism,” Sebastian used Photoshop to create filthy photos of Finn — which he threatened to post on the Internet if Rachel didn’t drop out of New Directions’ performances at Regionals. The threat created some trumped-up tension between the couple, but when Karofsky’s suicide attempt resulted in a kinder, gentler Sebastian, Rachel and Finn giddily decided to move up their wedding date and make it a post-Regionals shindig. Carol and Burt and Hiram and LeRoy all looked for ways to stop the wedding without direct confrontation about the awfulness of the idea — and the cliffhanger ending (more on that in a moment) left Rachel and Finn moments away from a date with the Justice of the Peace. (Surely, some parental figure will step up and do his/her job when the action resumes, yes?)

* The episode was also heavy in the Quinn department, with the formerly troubled teen seeking to regain her spot on the Cheerios before nationals, and encouraging her God Squad buddies to pray for Karofsky’s family moreso than Dave himself, since she felt his suicide attempt was an act of selfishness. (Wouldn’t this have been a great opportunity for Mercedes to drop The Golden Rule in Quinn’s face?) Quinn’s alarming position led to an uncomfortable exchange where Kurt (in an awful side-button sweater) dismissed Quinn’s problems over the last three seasons as pretty much inconsequential. This turned out to be neither character’s finest moment, but we’re talking about teenagers here — so it’s not as if all this self-absorption and/or lack of perspective were unrealistic. Before the hour was done, though, Quinn had finally convinced Sue to let her rejoin the cheerleading squad, reconciled with Rachel and agreed to be one of her bridesmaids, and then — terrifyingly — been sideswiped by an uncoming vehicle in an ugly texting-while-driving accident. Will she survive — and if so, how? We’ll have to wait till Glee‘s April 10 return to find out.

* Alas, the worst moment in the episode came when Schue gathered the New Directions kids to work through their feelings about the Karofsky situation, and shared his own strained story about how he once contemplated killing himself in high school after he’d been caught cheating on a test. The utter lack of context — had Will been struggling with other issues or depression at the time of his crisis? — gave the anecdote a vibe of desperation, of Will making up a story to better connect to his students as opposed to being a genuine revelation. And combined with another groaner that found Will revealing that Rory had never tried peanut butter — I thought our exchange student been living in Ireland, not dwelling in a cave? — I’m now almost convinced someone in the writers’ room is purposely sabotaging any/every Schue-centric scene in the show.

* Oh, and Sue is apparently “with child,” and the sudden rush of related hormones got her in the mood to help New Directions with its quest to win Nationals. “I don’t think there is a catch,” she wondered to a suspicious Mr. Schue. “I just wanna help you.”

* Product-placement line of the night: “We’re taking an Edible Arrangement to the hospital. Do you want to come with us?” –Mercedes to Kurt

And now let’s hit our letter grades for this week’s performances:

“Cough Syrup,” Blaine To be honest, it was hard to focus on Blaine’s Young the Giant cover juxtaposed against images of Karofsky descending into the depths of emotional despair. But taken on its own, Blaine’s vocal was strong and passionate — perhaps better than the original? Also: Did anyone get a slight Morrissey vibe from Blaine on this performance? Grade: A-

“Stand”/”Glad You Came,” The Warblers Oh, Sebastian, you’re a gem when it comes to delivering spicy one-liners. But your work as lead vocalist on this pair of Warblers’ Regionals performances? As bland as a bowl of plain lasagna noodles, I’m afraid to say. Grade: C+

“Fly”/”I Believe I Can Fly,” New Directions Solid vocals from Artie, Finn, Rachel, and Mercedes, and some not terrible rapping from Blaine and Santana, but this mashup lacked the epic scope you want from a Regionals showdown. And let’s be honest: “I Believe I Can Fly” is kind of the worst.Grade: B-

“Stronger,” the Troubletones If Ryan Murphy is still brainstorming what to have McKinley’s seniors do for Season 4, how about a girl group fronted by Santana, Mercedes, and Brittany? I have no idea who all those other chicas were supposed to be — or where they’ve been hiding out during rehearsals — but the vocals were fantastic, and it’s clear Mercedes no longer needs booty camp! Grade: A-

“Here’s to Us,” Rachel and New Directions Hard to find any fault with Lea Michele’s vocal performances, though I do wonder why New Directions always seems to be performing songs with choruses about drinking. Is it possible Mr. Schue doesn’t know how to read? Grade: B+

And with that, it’s your turn to hit the comments with your thoughts on the episode. Did you appreciate how the Karofsky story line was handled? What did you make of the wedding shenanigans? And what’s your prediction for Quinn when the show comes back with new episodes? Sound off below! And for all the Glee news, interviews, and commentary your heart desires, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews. Now ready, set, sound off!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jenny says:

    I thought it was handled pretty well and I’m glad they went there since suicide is an issue for teens. Blaine singing cough syrup, one of my favorite songs, behind it was perfect. I’m almost wish they hadn’t stuffed so much in to one episode though. It felt like some scenes were missing or more could have/should have been added.

  2. Anna says:

    Interesting how the two episodes you don’t like are the ones that deal with homosexuality.

  3. Sam says:

    This episode was FANTASTIC—-Loved all the songs, except the Warblers’ ones were only ok. Karofsky was AMAZING. I teared up a few times. They should make Max a regular. I saw the Quinn thing from about 100 miles away, but it was still very well done and wasn’t too over the top.
    Overall, BEST EPISODE of the series

  4. jess says:

    After going through some of these comments, I thought I was the only one that remembered the “no suicide” promise. It was obvious and cheap.

    • Ana says:

      I remembered that, too, but I wouldn’t hold Ryan Murphy to ANYTHING he says. He also said during the first season that he wasn’t interested in seeing Kurt bullied any more than the rest of Glee club. Look how long that lasted.

  5. Jack says:

    Maybe you should start with learning how to use correct words in a sentence before you bash someone’s ideals.

  6. Stephie says:

    Please make Max Adler a Glee regular, already!
    Such an incredibly moving performance. I was in tears for most of the episode.
    And I was glad to see a glimpse of decency in Sebastian! I knew it was in there somewhere

  7. Natalie says:

    Am I the only one here who is still offended that the glee writers consistently focus on the gay male characters’ struggles, yet Santana and Brittany are written as a joke? I know they’ve kissed, and the abuela moment, but it just seems unequal to me… And this is coming from a straight female.

    • will says:

      Agreed, or how being gay is the hardest part of high school and demeans anyone else who would think a teenage pregnancy or adoption doesn’t compare. The writers have a sad bias and are pushing an agenda too hard.

    • M. says:

      How about from a gay females POV. Why, in your opinion, does a show focusing on the male gays troubles (which has been brewing for ages), stop them from bringing into attention ALL LGBT people who are suffering? I’m sorry, but that scene with Karofsky… it’s opened the eyes of everyone (apart from those ranting about cheapness – yawn). It’s not about how Dave was gay, it was about how he was alone, with nobody, and struggling with his sexuality, which is something a lot of people from all sexes do. His story was always heading that way – maybe not suicide but always in the direction of the rough route to coming out. Because it’s real. It’s hard. It’s scary, and I’m in the closet right now, and… I won’t lie, that scene shook me to the core. It was heartbreaking and real, and as a gay female… I can say, it would’ve effected me equally if it was a female in the situation… (and I’ll also mention that Max Adler did more than a fantastic job, whether anyone thought the suicide road was “cheap” that man broke my heart without even speaking a word…and THAT’S good acting).

      • Krystal says:

        I don’t think Natalie was in any way putting down Karofsky’s storyline. As a gay female myself, I can say that this episode brought some old feelings I hadn’t felt in a really really long time. it brought me back to high school when I was completely alone and felt like i had nobody to confide in. I think it was a story that needed to be told and I’m glad they did. Sure, a lot of it felt very trite and contrived at times, especially when mixed in with a random car crash that in my opinion, takes away from the Karofsky storyline.
        But, I still agree with Natalie that there is an extreme double standard on this show, especially when you consider how they handled Santanas coming out story line. The episode was the most offensive thing on the planet, considering it wasn’t even a coming out episode at all and it was just a misogynistic mess. I’d just like to pretend it never happened.
        But I am also ok with it not having been dealt with the same gravitas as Karofsky story. At some point it all starts to feel super preachy having all these characters have their “coming out” moment. If you have every character come out in some over the top way, its going to start to sound like glee has a gay agenda. I’m grateful for the way Brittanys character is treated. Everyone complains about how the writers never show her point of view, but I thought it was obvious from the beginning. Brittany is her own person, stuck in her own magical little world. She doesn’t care what people think, and if they have her problem with her sexuality, they can take it up with themselves.

  8. Molly says:

    God this episode sucked. The car accident, the teen marriage, Sue being pregnant, it all seemed like it came from an episode of a CW teen soap. The music was also pretty bad. Though I am not a Kartofsky fan at all, I do like the Karofsky storyline, so that whole scene was a high point in an otherwise bad episode.

  9. Marcus says:

    I’d like to thank them for ruining the emotional impact of the suicide attempt by intercutting it with Darren Criss’s “dramatic” facial expressions. At least we got some decent dramatic acting out of Max and Chris later in the episode without any hobbits getting in the way.

  10. Jake says:

    Best season of glee– stronger actual storylines, character development and songs that actually relate to storylines. If you are not watching, you are missing a great show

  11. mooshki says:

    I heard Quinn is going to be in a wheelchair. Wasn’t that what Ryan Murphy planned for Season 3 of Popular if it hadn’t been canceled? Brooke was going to end up in a wheelchair after Nicole Julian ran her down?

  12. thefirstmrshummel says:

    This was the best and most moving episode of Glee that has ever been. Max Adler was handed the most serious and compelling material ever on the show and he knocked it far, far out of the park. Please bring him back so we can have more amazing and inspiring moments with Dave, the most real and genuine character the show has ever created.

  13. Lily says:

    You’ve lost me as a reader, Mr. Slezak. Bringing up politics during a recap is frustrating. As a conservative with very liberal social views, I can say it is not your views but your tone that is unacceptable to me as a reader. I enjoyed this site (even through the alienating Haley craze), but you’ve crossed a line.

    • Please says:

      Is it really that hard to believe that someone dedicated to entertainment is a bleeding heart liberal who takes pot shots in recaps? Also is it hard to believe that any storyline about homosexuality, regardless of whether it’s handled well or not, is a “great storyline” to him?

    • Hannah says:

      Mr. Slezak did not misquote Mr. Santorum.

      • Come on says:

        So now do we need to go into all the stupid things Obama has said and done? No. We don’t need celebrities telling us how to vote. They dress up and play pretend for a living. And we don’t need entertainment writers inserting political opinions in their recaps.
        I like Slezak. It’s clear why he would think this was a great show. I just wish people who have suffered had more ability to empathize with a different kind of suffering. But apparently that isnt’ the case. Kurt’s words to Quinn were just horrible and sent the wrong message to pregnant teen girls. This show really has a very sexist slant and that’s just sad for a show that is so preachy about tolerance. They apparently just want tolerance for one group of people and everyone else’s problems will continue to be trivialized if they aren’t gay.

  14. anna says:

    These Very Special Episodes are everything I hate about Glee.

  15. J says:

    There are some on set photos for the next episode Big Brother out there that may or may not cure some fears from the ep

  16. John says:

    The opening suicide scene was just weird. I get the message, but this is still in large part a family show, so that was a really dark way to kick things off.
    The music was utterly forgettable. Sebastian was autotuned more than Flo Rida, and New Directions three pieces were 1) a horrible R. Kelly/rap/who-knows-what-else mash-up, 2) and 3) a song featuring the girls only, which looked like it included a bunch of random people thrown in, which ultimately rewarded the people who quit for the TroubleTones earlier in the season. And the third one was the Rachel Show.
    I couldn’t name any of the songs without looking them up, other than the random “I believe I can fly” lines thrown in.
    Also, the wedding is ridiculous. Did the parents of Finn and Rachel really wait until the wedding day to figure out what they were going to do about it? It was a last minute wedding,but they had a few days to plan, so . . . Cant they just refuse since the kids are minors?

  17. Erin says:

    It was o.k. Frankly there had been better episodes before this; every storyline in this episode I saw coming from a mile away. The suicide attempt was still sad, don’t get me wrong. But I didn’t gasp at all when Quinn got hit. The minute I saw her in her car I knew it was coming. For a highly-anticipated Regionals episode, it was only o.k.

  18. Denise says:

    Ugh, *Prince Charles*, I have PSA overload. Good messages but too forced.

  19. Spencer says:

    Well, here is what I thought of tonights episode: GREAT! I loved how Karofsky had such a beautiful storyline, and I almost started to cry in fear of him really dying! I am totally shipping Kurtofsky. I hate Blaine and Sebastian, and it would be great if they got together, so the 2 most sickening characters getting together would be lovely. But right when Rachel got that text, I knew that Quinn would get in some type of wreck, and I really hope she doesn’t die because I have really started to like her. Ok, I’m done now. ;)

  20. Caroline says:

    Terrible message that Kurt is blaming himself for his former bully trying to kill himself because he did not take his calls. He had every right to not answer the phone, and it was appalling that nobody told him this. Where was Burt in this episode? (oh right Finchel wedding). Why couldn’t Kurt go to his boyfriend to talk about how he was feeling instead of the God Squad? Horrible writing that isolated him from what should have been his support system so that he was forced to feel guilty for something that is not his fault.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree. I wish there had been a scene with Burt or Blaine and Kurt addressing his guilt. I think its realistic that he felt that way, but he is not responsible and someone needed to tell him that. I don’t remember any of his friends in the room saying that.

    • Linda says:

      I agree. I thought it sent a bad message about victims of abuse feeling guilty about what happens to their past abusers.

  21. Cody says:

    Finchel is so toxic it causes car wrecks, possibly death!

  22. Why? says:

    Tess-no offense, but your comments are WAYY too long. I came to this site to get Slezak’s recaps. Maybe you should start your own blog? Just sayin

  23. Melanie says:

    I was so nervous going into the episode, knowing it was going to be heavy: but the writing and performances delivered. Cutaway scenes and lyrics worked to flesh out Karofsky’s story. Sebastian became more human while still delivering pithy lines — plus the kid can move. Please keep him around next season! I loved human!Sue. Can’t help it: Jane Lynch is awesome. Mostly, though, Chris and Max were amazing. I SO hope the writers bring Max back as a regular for the back quarter — and next season, too, if possible. He’s just so damn GOOD! And he and Chris always deliver an emotionally intense and real scene. Plus, I feel like we’re just getting to know Karofsky. But for Kurt, he’s still socially isolated, and it’s going to be rough at home. Not to sound like a PSA myself (but inevitably doing so anyhow), it would be so meaningful for viewers to SEE it get better for that character. Develop and edgy friendship with Seb? Reintegrate into McKinley and give the glee kids a chance to prove what they’ve learned … or not? Challenge a few gay stereotypes along the way, maybe even a few of those held by his newly-minted friend Kurt? As to that friendship, I was so happy the writers clarified that (A) Dave bullied Kurt for months, not years, and (B) that Dave does NOT feel that Kurt owes him anything; just the opposite.

  24. Sybil says:

    Max Adler (Karofsky) needs to be a regular. Or at least get an Emmy or something.
    Because that performance. Jesus H Christ.

  25. Adria says:

    They have to plan competition episodes differently or more sporadically so it isn’t obvious every time who will win. It’s not the season finale, so I knew new directions would win,

  26. Miley says:

    Sebastian’s quick write-off was completely contrived and nearly ruined the episode for me. It’s clear the writers just really didn’t care about him or his storyline anymore so they needed a quick and easy way to wrap him up and out. He became nothing but a prop and an excuse to give Darren a month off after the Michael episode so I’m not surprised they didn’t care enough to give him a decent story.

  27. Neko says:

    I agree with the sentiments that no matter how hard Faberry shippers wish it so, Rachel is not gay; however, Quinn’s comment about how Rachel was singing to Finn and Finn alone gave me the impression that she was trying to accept that Rachel was truly in love with him and could not have feelings for her. Her actions and previous adamance that Rachel and Finn should not get married is too strange of behavior for someone who couldn’t even be considered a close friend. Quinn’s dialogue, be it explained later or as just fodder for fan fiction, raises serious questions regarding her feelings toward Rachel.

  28. ACC says:

    So I went into this episode figuring that there was going to be a suicide attempt by Dave, and was kind of annoyed because it seemed to obvious or whatever. I was blown away though by how well done it was, so props to Max Adler. The songs were all great! Enjoyed the Warblers a lot, and Fly/I Believe I Can Fly is my new favorite, but I wish they would have done the entire song on that so we could have heard some more Santana rapping!

  29. wpwz says:

    Almost everything in this episode was offensive. But Chris and Max were really incredible though, Max should definitely be used far more than he is.

  30. Captain says:

    Honestly I don’t feel bad for Quinn at all. She’s a terrible character who spent this entire episode trying to make other people’s problems about her. First Karofsky’s suicide and then Rachel’s wedding. When she screamed “I can’t let you ruin your life by marrying Finn Hudson” in the promo I couldn’t help but think, “who gives a damn what you think?”

  31. TJ. Church says:

    Karofsky’s attempt needed “Camera 1” by Josh Joplin! (Cover or original!)
    WARBLERS WERE ROBBED! (The New Directions need to sing w/o instrument use again!)

  32. maddi says:

    Am I the only one that likes Sebastian?… I think he’s brilliant and he has an amazing voice.

    • Maria says:

      I love him, but I’m pissed about the way they handled his out-of-nowhere redemption (or whatever that was). I really want him on the show and I too think he is one of the most truly talented actors on the cast but I’m so upset about how they wrote him off.

  33. STW says:

    Incredible episode tonight; the opening scenes with Karofsky were some of the most powerful, hold-your-breath as you tear up, moments I’ve seen on television in a long time. Glee showed how it can serve as an extremely effective vehicle for delivering a message about something happening, tragically, almost every day in our country and world, and the message is one everybody needs to hear.
    Not only that, the show also kept a strong focus on its stories, moving things forward and, in the best tradition of the 80s TV shows many of the writers grew up watching, weaving in multiple threads that were left dangling as awesome cliffhangers at the end.
    By the way — when will Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell become regulars? They fit so seamlessly into the show that it seems as if they must have always been there.
    For the songs, I think “Here’s to Us” was by far and away the best musical number, and it served the story perfectly. And while the song itself is not a favorite of mine, the way “Cough Syrup” was used as a soundtrack for the scene with Karofsky was epic. I wish we’d seen more of the story drawn out of the other songs — “Stand”, “Glad You Came”, and “Stronger” were basically music videos — nicely done, but not used to optimum effect to tell a story. And while “Fly/I Believe I Can Fly” fit the aspirational theme of kids about to graduate, it felt like a big part of the story where those aspirations were supposed to be meaningful for the characters beyond merely wanting to win Regionals got left out of the episode. I’d like to have seen more about the inner struggles of the kids who are trying to/coming to believe that they can fly and soar, and to have let the song be illustrative of them coming to this self-realization. It looked spectacular, and aside from the unfortunate choice of having ANYBODY but Kevin McHale rap on the show, it sounded great, but I had been hoping for even more story to go with it. So, from a lyrics-relating-to-story point of view as well as from a huge appreciation of the incredible performance of Lea Michele, “Here’s to Us” would get my vote for best song of the episode.

  34. kate says:

    overall this was such a great episode! commenters before me have already summed up my thoughts in a much more eloquent way than I could muster at the moment, so I’m not even going to touch that.
    instead, on a lighter note…what’s up with the Troubletone girls and all the arm waving? can you not come up with any other sort of choreography??? you just look silly!

  35. Pat says:

    That was a fantastic episode. I wish glee could always be that good.

  36. Michael says:

    I cried and cried for Dave Karofsky tonight. I knew the moment when he took his belt out of his closet, and put on his suit, what was to follow. Max Adler has been a true advocate of The Trevor Project and the anti-bullying campaign, and his portrayal of this character has been one of evolution.
    I want to start an Emmy campaign for Mr. Adler and Ryan Murphy’s writing staff for this episode.
    Max Adler, Emmy winner for Guest Role

  37. Stephen says:

    Max did such a phenomenal job in this episode! His suicide attempt was completely heartbreaking to say the least. It’s still really hard for me to watch it. I love Max Adler and I really hope that he gets to be on the show more later in the season. I would love to see more of Dave and Kurt’s friendship. It would be awesome to get to see Dave gradually become stronger as a person. Plus Max and Chris’s chemistry is amazing to watch and I would absolutely love to see more of that. Great episode with a powerful message!

  38. Masa says:

    Haven’t seen the episode yet (and yes, I like to spoil it for myself by reading tv-line), but reading the recap and comments I think I see what will happen in april – Quinn’s accident will stop Finchel’s wedding. For me, the only question that remains is, will they both rush to Quinn’s side, or it will only be Finn…

  39. azerty says:

    On a much lighter tone, I wonder about some of the consistency, where is Rachel’s mum? wouldn’t she be invited for the big day?

    • dan says:

      We wondered the same thing. Idina Menzel is on tour and probably couldn’t be booked for this episode. She should’ve been in the audience and at the court house for the wedding.

  40. Marie says:

    Wow, interesting debates with conflicting values and beliefs so openly expressed. I’m entirely grateful we live in a society where we can express such opinions. And that’s all they are: opinions, and not necessarily right or wrong. Because of this article and the Glee episode there are people posting messages about topics such as depression, suicide, teen pregnancy, sexual orientation, and bullying. Thank you to the people for the engaging topics/posts and to Glee writers, producers, actors, etc., and to this website for providing another open window of opportunity to get people talking about these serious and very real topics. :-D

  41. Leo says:

    I think it’s the best episode so far. It really throws a lot of us but then again isn’t that what we want? Isn’t the lack of plot and continuity the reason we hate “The Spanish Teacher”?
    I’m sad the bride fitting scene got cut. I mean I’d rather see the girls having a heart-out than Finnchel’s parents tried to sabotage the wedding. And I think the Quinn’s cliffy would have been more interesting if she never gives her blessing and she’s on her way to stop the wedding.
    Karofsky. Man. I love him. Max Adler, that’s such an amazing performance. I don’t mind Glee went “teen suicides” on us but I really think they handle it well. And damn, my Kurtofsky ship is sinking hard.
    As for the songs, it may be less awesome than 1st Season’s Journey Medley or 2nd Season’s “Loser Like Me” break-out original song. But I really think they deserve it. Up to this point, New Directions winning the Nationals plot is really clear ahead.
    I love Glee and I will always love it!

  42. fudgefase says:

    Is Quinn the lead character that is getting killed off ‘in the next 2 months’?

    • Masa says:

      If you’re talking about Dec 26th blind item – I don’t think so, since it’s already been established that it’s a male character.

  43. Laurel says:

    I wish that the show could have done just a little more with Kurofsky in the show – what I don’t know. It wouldn’t have been anything big – maybe seeing another friend show up, or his father just to show that there are others that care and will step up for him.
    I was very disappointed in the Kurt/Quinn exchange. I don’t agree with Quinn’s reason to pray for Kurofsky’s family, but that shouldn’t discount her experiences when she was pregnant and the aftermath. Everyone has their own experiences in life and to dismiss it as not important or valid is like dismissing Kurofsky’s. What about the way Rachel was treated for years – was that bulling okay since she’s now happy?

  44. DUH says:

    i’m not 100% sure what the deal is in ireland, but the US is one of a few countries that consumes peanut butter. it’s very hard to find in europe, if at all.

    • G says:

      I think I might have tasted peanut butter sometime, but don’t remember how it tastes. It’s not really consumed in anywhere in Europe. You might find it in big supermarket with luck.

    • Calli says:

      Very true. My husband is from Norway, and he’d never had peanut butter until he moved to the U.S. Peanuts, sure, but not peanut butter. Silly of Michael to assume that the whole world is familiar with something just because it’s common here.

  45. Cathy says:

    I think it’s a mistake to hold up ANY of these fictional characters as a role model. They are all flawed, they make bad decisions, they say hurtful things, etc. I think that the show’s writers are simply trying to show various perspectives rather than push an agenda down our throats (except for: bullying is bad, etc.).
    My mind is racing after seeing the final shocking cliff-hanger and I can’t help wondering if this could be the jumping-off point for parallel storylines (a different approach) sort of like the new show “Awake. For instance:
    Thread one: Quinn dies, Rachel and Finn marry after a brief delay (they get a call about the accident), Rachel stays in Lima, Sue miscarries, etc.
    Thread two: Quinn survives, Rachel and Finn delay their wedding when they hear about the accident, Rachel is accepted to NYADA and moves to NYC with Kurt, Sue has the baby, etc.
    Just something to ponder!

  46. G says:

    For me this was best episode this far. There were few idiotic things but mostly it was akmost too realistic for Glee and I kind of liked it. This subject is something that needs to be shown. Suicide statistics are exploding. Only minus is that they could have made it more universal. Teens from every walk of life are thinking suicide, bullying or being gay is only one of those. And this could have had other students like Artie (being paraplegic) or Quinn (teen pregnancy) could have easily talked about what they have felt in their worst moments. I can’t decide if Sue’s (maybe) pregnancy is genius or too far fetched.

  47. Julie says:

    It’s the day that I’ll see the third season of Glee winning an award for comedy that I’ll know just how rigged those TV awards are.
    Haven’t been watching the show in a long time. I just come here and read the recaps. I’m glad that Kurofsky survived though.

  48. Teresa says:

    The Karofsky story was excellent. I cried when Kurt took him through the “perfect future” vision.
    I am so tired of Finn and Rachel that I can’t care whether they get married or not. It’s not the actor’s fault, it’s the way the relationship has whipped back and forth for three years.
    I thought the Quinn storyline was well-done, and I hope that she’s not dead or badly injured. I want to her to get to Yale.

  49. Kat says:

    The drama with Karofsky was amazing, I loved the Finn/Rachel stuff, the storyline with Quinn will be more powerful if she dies or has some type of permanent problem but it worked.
    Sebastian is annoying and can’t sing and I am sick of Mercedes, Santana and the Troubletones!

  50. Caroline says:

    The whole “Rory’s never had peanut butter” thing isn’t actually that ridiculous or made up. I’ve hosted exchange students before (both from France), and they don’t have peanut butter. They have Nutella, which is also very delicious. We always sent them home with a jar of PB in their suitcases.