Glee Recap: A Very Special Cliffhanger

new directions season 3 regionalsEven a die-hard Gleek will tell you that Fox’s high-school musical can be patently ridiculous. Ginger supremacists, gym coaches who eat whole chickens like bite-sized snacks, educators who join their under-age charges for performances of sexually suggestive ditties — they’re all par for the course in the halls of the fictional McKinley High.

And yet there are times when Glee‘s audacity — its willingness to hit the empty dance floor and boogie with unselfconscious abandon — allows it to tackle some of the most important issues of the day with a headiness and honesty that aren’t merely refreshing, but absolutely necessary in these crazy, contentious times.

Seriously, how could even a hardcore homophobe remain unmoved by this week’s Glee? The sight of football jock (and former bully) Dave Karofsky getting outed and humiliated in a high-school locker room, and then heading home to tearfully dress up in his best suit and prepare for his own suicide, was as devastating as anything I’ve seen on TV this year. And while I’m always a bit reluctant when my favorite fictional shows try to double as PSAs, I’ll give a pass to Ryan Murphy & Co. this time around. After all, Karofsky’s journey over Glee‘s three seasons has not only been a wakeup call to a nation that is seriously considering a presidential candidate who equates homosexuality with bestiality, but it’s also made for some damn good television.

Glee Post Mortem: Max Adler on Life After [Spoiler] and a Possible Kurt/Karofsky Romance

Oh, and if Karofsky’s suicide attempt (emphasis on attempt; thankfully, he survived) wasn’t enough of a boom-boom-pow ending to Glee‘s winter season — the show won’t return with new episodes until April — we also had (cliffhanger alert) Quinn getting into a scary texting-while-driving accident, Rachel and Finn about to get into a married-while-immature accident, and (not so surprisingly) New Directions taking home first prize at Regionals.

If I’ve got any complaint with the episode, it would have to be that for a show that’s billed as a musical comedy, there certainly weren’t many laughs, and the musical interludes seemed like something of an afterthought — all the more perplexing for an hour that purported to focus on the 2012 Midwest Regional Show-Choir Championships.

But enough of my kvetching — let’s fast-forward to a quick breakdown of the central story arcs:

* Karofsky’s suicide attempt — mercifully thwarted when his dad found him before it was too late — sent waves of shock and guilt throughout the community. Kurt lamented not answering phone calls from his unwanted suitor. Sue, Schue, and Emma wondered if they should’ve seen the warning signs. Even Sebastian was contrite, admitting he’d callously told Karofsky he was too heavy to find love and that he should stay in the closet. All of this made Kurt’s subsequent visit to see Karofsky in the hospital more poignant. When Karofsky wept that he’d been abandoned by his best friend and been told by his mother than he had a disease that needed curing — we also found out kids had posted “better luck next time” and “try, try again” on his Facebook page — Kurt helped him visualize a future with a great job as a sports agent, a loving husband, and an adorable child of his own. Karofsky’s response to the dream sequence — “I’m so happy right now” — felt like an apt place to leave the character. I’d love it if Ryan Murphy & Co. let us see more of this complicated kid’s journey, but if they don’t, at least they’ve left Karofsky in a hopeful place.

* In a move that Rachel equated to “show-choir terrorism,” Sebastian used Photoshop to create filthy photos of Finn — which he threatened to post on the Internet if Rachel didn’t drop out of New Directions’ performances at Regionals. The threat created some trumped-up tension between the couple, but when Karofsky’s suicide attempt resulted in a kinder, gentler Sebastian, Rachel and Finn giddily decided to move up their wedding date and make it a post-Regionals shindig. Carol and Burt and Hiram and LeRoy all looked for ways to stop the wedding without direct confrontation about the awfulness of the idea — and the cliffhanger ending (more on that in a moment) left Rachel and Finn moments away from a date with the Justice of the Peace. (Surely, some parental figure will step up and do his/her job when the action resumes, yes?)

* The episode was also heavy in the Quinn department, with the formerly troubled teen seeking to regain her spot on the Cheerios before nationals, and encouraging her God Squad buddies to pray for Karofsky’s family moreso than Dave himself, since she felt his suicide attempt was an act of selfishness. (Wouldn’t this have been a great opportunity for Mercedes to drop The Golden Rule in Quinn’s face?) Quinn’s alarming position led to an uncomfortable exchange where Kurt (in an awful side-button sweater) dismissed Quinn’s problems over the last three seasons as pretty much inconsequential. This turned out to be neither character’s finest moment, but we’re talking about teenagers here — so it’s not as if all this self-absorption and/or lack of perspective were unrealistic. Before the hour was done, though, Quinn had finally convinced Sue to let her rejoin the cheerleading squad, reconciled with Rachel and agreed to be one of her bridesmaids, and then — terrifyingly — been sideswiped by an uncoming vehicle in an ugly texting-while-driving accident. Will she survive — and if so, how? We’ll have to wait till Glee‘s April 10 return to find out.

* Alas, the worst moment in the episode came when Schue gathered the New Directions kids to work through their feelings about the Karofsky situation, and shared his own strained story about how he once contemplated killing himself in high school after he’d been caught cheating on a test. The utter lack of context — had Will been struggling with other issues or depression at the time of his crisis? — gave the anecdote a vibe of desperation, of Will making up a story to better connect to his students as opposed to being a genuine revelation. And combined with another groaner that found Will revealing that Rory had never tried peanut butter — I thought our exchange student been living in Ireland, not dwelling in a cave? — I’m now almost convinced someone in the writers’ room is purposely sabotaging any/every Schue-centric scene in the show.

* Oh, and Sue is apparently “with child,” and the sudden rush of related hormones got her in the mood to help New Directions with its quest to win Nationals. “I don’t think there is a catch,” she wondered to a suspicious Mr. Schue. “I just wanna help you.”

* Product-placement line of the night: “We’re taking an Edible Arrangement to the hospital. Do you want to come with us?” –Mercedes to Kurt

And now let’s hit our letter grades for this week’s performances:

“Cough Syrup,” Blaine To be honest, it was hard to focus on Blaine’s Young the Giant cover juxtaposed against images of Karofsky descending into the depths of emotional despair. But taken on its own, Blaine’s vocal was strong and passionate — perhaps better than the original? Also: Did anyone get a slight Morrissey vibe from Blaine on this performance? Grade: A-

“Stand”/”Glad You Came,” The Warblers Oh, Sebastian, you’re a gem when it comes to delivering spicy one-liners. But your work as lead vocalist on this pair of Warblers’ Regionals performances? As bland as a bowl of plain lasagna noodles, I’m afraid to say. Grade: C+

“Fly”/”I Believe I Can Fly,” New Directions Solid vocals from Artie, Finn, Rachel, and Mercedes, and some not terrible rapping from Blaine and Santana, but this mashup lacked the epic scope you want from a Regionals showdown. And let’s be honest: “I Believe I Can Fly” is kind of the worst.Grade: B-

“Stronger,” the Troubletones If Ryan Murphy is still brainstorming what to have McKinley’s seniors do for Season 4, how about a girl group fronted by Santana, Mercedes, and Brittany? I have no idea who all those other chicas were supposed to be — or where they’ve been hiding out during rehearsals — but the vocals were fantastic, and it’s clear Mercedes no longer needs booty camp! Grade: A-

“Here’s to Us,” Rachel and New Directions Hard to find any fault with Lea Michele’s vocal performances, though I do wonder why New Directions always seems to be performing songs with choruses about drinking. Is it possible Mr. Schue doesn’t know how to read? Grade: B+

And with that, it’s your turn to hit the comments with your thoughts on the episode. Did you appreciate how the Karofsky story line was handled? What did you make of the wedding shenanigans? And what’s your prediction for Quinn when the show comes back with new episodes? Sound off below! And for all the Glee news, interviews, and commentary your heart desires, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews. Now ready, set, sound off!

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  1. Erik says:

    Karofsky brought me to tears!

    • Kate says:

      I cried for the first half an hour – holy God the scene with his Dad. And then the hospital scene with Kurt. Well done!

      • Gail Abbott says:

        I agree…the scenes were very emotional between Kurt & Karofsky. This topic hopefully brings understanding between teens today.

    • Will says:

      Good Episode. However they almost lost me when Kurt tried to tell Quinn her issues don’t compare to those of a gay teenager. That is pure BS. Quinn was pregnant at 16, gave up the kid and had the same inner demons. To try to elevate being gay in today’s society as a bigger issue than anything else is really pushing an agenda. This show didnt’ need to go that route.
      Was one of the best shows ever, and this is the first time at a competition that i really felt the New Directions blew out the competition.

      • Tess says:

        Not to mention that Quinn’s teenage pregnancy led to her losing her identity prior to it (as head Cheerio and being a popular teen in the school), having her father reject her and make her move out of her house, losing her boyfriend when he learned who the real father of the child was, dealing with her child’s adoptive mother being around and having to face the fact that her child is no longer hers…surely she did have a lot going on to deal with. To write off her problems as just having a baby and an unfortunate dye job for two weeks was really unfair of Kurt to say. And doesn’t this show usually toe a “everyone’s going through something so you’re not the only one dealing” kind of mentality? It would’ve gone a long way to not just make it a “he was being bullied for being gay and decided suicide was his answer” type of thing and made it more encompassing to how kids are being bullied for all sorts of things and can’t take it anymore and think that’s the only option. I’m sort of glad Mr. Shuester told his story about almost jumping off the roof when he was in school as a secondary cautionary tale, but maybe another student could’ve also said they were faced with some bullying at some point and contemplated it once. Someone with a less obvious reason (and a desperate need for a few lines!) like Tina or Rory (hey it could’ve been the real reason why he decided to try the foreign exchange program) or Sam or Sugar.
        The scenes with Max Adler were really well done. He deserves a lot of credit for making a former bully someone you can care about and really ultimately like in spite of what he had once done to Kurt. I hope Dave returns to McKinley soon and we can see their friendship develop. Conversely, I really hope we’re done with Sebastian and the Warblers. They offer nothing to the show and he’s not a great singer (“Glad You Came” is not a hard song to sing and yet he couldn’t cover it well…made me miss Blaine’s days with the Warblers actually). I could do with less random Blaine songs though while we’re at it. And OMG the ending with Quinn…I’m sure in the long run she’ll live and all but it’s going to change the course of her life I suspect and it should be interesting how they deal with it.

        • bumpper says:

          I wholeheartedly agree with you and won’t attempt to add to it. Thank you for saying what I feel about this show

        • MM says:

          as someone who try to kill herself for reasons that have nothing to do with sexuality, i love seeing people pointing out that every type of bulling is important and must be addressed…
          like Dave, Quinn got rejected by her parents, she hated herself and her choices, he didn’t even like the baby she was caring all that much..
          Yes i wanted to slap the shizzel out of Quinn when she said that suicide is selfish ( she couldn’t be more wrong. i totally believe that the world would be better without me in it, like it was for a greater good) but erasing what she went trough is very insensitive…
          but back to the topic Max adler was amazing i was crying for an hour after the episode, the way they filmed the suicide attempt was sublime

          • G says:

            While most of the people who try to commit or commits suicide don’t think about other people and thinks that they are doing what is best for everyone, suicide is selfish. Depression is sometimes descriped as most selfish desease and I whole hartedly agree. I have almost killed myself and been 3/4 of my life severily depressed so I talk from experience as well as future doctor.

          • Sookie says:

            “depression is sometimes seen as most selfish disease and I wholeheartedly agree” —–What???? G you can’t be serious. How can a disease be selfish? Is diabetes selfish? Is Parkinson’s disease selfish? Oh certainly cancer is selfish right?
            Mental illness is an illness it is not a choice!

          • G says:

            I’m serious. You got my point wrongly. I did not say that being sick is selfish but that not being able to think others is very common in depression and for a good reason. Selfishnes is thinking only yourself and depressed people are hurting too much to think others. It is one of the symptoms but of course not everyone has it.

          • Jenn says:

            Suicide is selfish. A teen who commits suicide has absolutely no idea or apparently any care for how devastating it is to a parent to lose a child in that way. You obviously aren’t a parent so you cannot understand. My friend killed herself to get back at her mom and her mother never got over it. I’m a parent now and my heart aches for that mom. Suicide is VERY SELFISH and don’t ever believe otherwise.

        • Kev says:

          Kurt telling Quinn that her experiences don’t compare was true to the character, he’s always been fairly self-centred little dink. This is the guy who schemed to get his dad and Finn’s mom together so he could spend time with his crush and was nasty with Blaine and Rachel when Blaine thought he might be bi.

      • Tabatha says:

        I totally agree. I’m over Kurt’s character.
        Being gay does not mean that your problems are above the problems of others, and I’m sick of seeing Glee portray it like that. Is being bullied because you’re gay worse than being bullied for being handicapped? Or being a teen mom? Other people’s problems shouldn’t be marginalized because they’re straight and “they don’t understand”.
        When Kurt stopped being open to other people’s opinions is when I was done. You’d think that as someone that was looked down upon and torn down, he’d be more accepting, but he’s just as bad as all the people that he says he hates for being closed minded.
        It’s too bad. Glee used to be fun. Now it’s just preachy.

        • Ben says:

          Well said Tabatha. I too stopped watching sometime early in season 2 when Kurt went from being my favourite character to unsufferably intolerant. Glee created an opportunity to be a voice for so many minorities, without being too preachy. But it ended up feeling like a one agenda show. I hope that its still able to do good for the gay community, but to me its doubtful.

          • Tabatha says:

            I think it could still be good for the gay community, maybe.
            I like Blaine and his views on being gay, how yeah, it can be hard but you can’t let that get you down. Push through and find a community that accepts you. It’s what anyone should do, gay or not, to be happy.
            I like Karofsky and his story about struggling to accept your own sexuality if you put aside the idea that all bullies are bullies because they can’t handle coming to terms with themselves. Some people legitimately like being mean, no strings attached.
            I hated in the beginning that Santana was gay because they sort of tried to push her down the “I’m a bully because I can’t confront my own sexuality” idea, but they kind of dropped it and she’s much more tolerable. I still don’t like that they’re pushing the Santana/Britney relationship though, but not because it’s a lesbian relationship. I just don’t think Britney is in that 100%.
            But Glee’s gotten too gay-centric, for a lack of a better term. Yes, being a gay teenage is hard. But so is being overweight, or having an easting disorder, or being a teen mom, or being paraplegic. Being gay isn’t the mother of all hardships, and I hate that just because it gets the most publicity that it seems that way. Everyone has demons. Don’t pretend yours are worse because you’re gay.
            And Kurt is completely insufferable. He’s whiny and self-serving and fair-weather and it completely undermines his character. If you want me to empathize with you, care about others. Don’t make it always about you. And for goodness sake, don’t tell me I don’t get it because I’m not the same as you.

        • Trevor says:

          I wouldn’t be so quick to judge a comment like that. Kurt wasn’t saying that Quinn’s problems didn’t compare in magnitude.
          He said they were different.
          He had a point-
          Quinn was still accepted by her friends, and still welcome with SOME people at school. Kurt wasn’t saying that his experience was as bad as/worse than Quinn’s, he said that Karofsky’s was.
          Think about it, not only did Karofsky’s mom not accept him, but he literally had nobody close to a friend to rely on. The closest thing he had was Kurt, and Kurt hadn’t been returning his phone calls.
          Besides, this wasn’t meant to be a statement that GAY IS SUPERIOR or some sort of message like that. It’s another statement against bullying. You shouldn’t hate a show for trying to send a message to the public. Maybe if you had a life like Karofsky’s or Quinn’s you’d understand.

          • yep says:

            I feel the POINT everyone is missing is that all who go thru tramatic circumstances that rattle us to the core and that change us affects us DIFFERENTLY( Kurt said to Quinn). Yes, Quinn had horrendous things happen to her a young girl. But it was the internal combustion or what and when broke her-In Audition epi s2 low self esteem, etc. S3 to eventual break down in Purple Piano Project(skank girl, pink hair, anti-social, smoker, Ryan Secrest Tat, self-destruction, self-loathing, crazy Quinn thinking implanting suggestive and inappropriate stuff in Shelby’s home, etc,etc)The word is she BROKE. Thru efforts by all to reach her she realized what she was doing to herself. Then she healed herself with no help from her lack of apparent parental affection or intervention(support system-all their was for her was Glee, as Puck told her “we didn’t even see or help you when you were in pain”). She has totally emerged herself from the depths of despair and her self-loathing and triumphed over adversity to acheive a scholarship to Yale. In the circle with Will and the GC her hope for the future was to be the best at Yale. We saw her with a happy smile for the first time in 3 years when Rachel wished for all of them to be her friends for life. My heart melted for Quinn for she was alot like Rachel few real friends and not trusting in anyone. Q is found and on the mend Yeah for once.
            Now, Karofsky. Aweful how bullying can hurt one to the core of one’s soul when young. He realized why he inflicted pain toward Kurt and repented so to speak accepting his self-discovery. Slow road to move into the real world as the tru person he is( at the bar total devastation by Sebastian-a joke to be nothing but hate) sent David with NO support system(Mom thinks he has a disease wanting to find a cure)then new school public humiliation. David BROKE. Internal combusion attempted suicide. He was lucky to be found and survive. Thru Kurt help of the circle lesson see youself in the future- to give him hope. That is what these 2 characters needed desperately. David is healing. Different circumstances but hit the characters to their core feeling no way out but to BREAK.
            Kurt, a self professed atheist s2. Accepted Joe’s invitation to TGS- he had no place to go in his pain of guilt in David’s attempted suicide. Kurt had suffored but triumphed over his plight and accepted what life has given him. He sees his and David’s dramatic and tramatic circumstances as extreme and cannot shelve his feelings to equate Quinn’s plight with his or Dave’s situation. Sounded offensive but in a 18 yr old kid’s mind attempted suicide was aweful. And in his mind how could Quinn judge David as selfish. That was Quinn line that will haunt her and was a foreboding to her car accident. Kurt said she hadn’t gone thru as much as Dave did- but she will. Only another recovery( I hope). Quinn never gets a break in Glee. For the record, I really never liked Quinn unreachable, unfeeling, distant. But she and David are the most compelling, interesting characters I want to root for. And also I loved the episode with everything I am. Dramatic yes. The best episode ever to me. The music was different and not the best for competition but listen to the lyrics they tell a big story. Sorry for the novel but I felt there was a lot to say.

        • Ste says:

          Good point about Kurt…I agree

      • Michael says:

        I loved this episode. It really touched me. So spot on. I’m just glad I realized that things get better.
        And you’re completely right. What Kurt said to Quinn rubbed me the wrong way. Quinn had some pretty deep issues too. Who is Kurt to make that judgement?

        • yep says:

          Kurt can only see thru his eyes and thru his struggles and issues and Karofsky tried to off himself which was much more severe in Kurt and my eyes than Quinn’s internal upheaval. No doubt she went thru heck and back to come out sane. But Quinn had her faith to hold onto and returned to it(the God Squad) Kurt was an atheist had nothing to turn to so he went to the God Squad for healing. He is turning too. This was an underlying message about the difference between Quinn and Kurt. This episode was the most opposite of what I’ve come to know of Glee. But it was one of the most heart wrenching and somber episodes to date. RIB said the back half of this season would be darker. The story lines playing out what the remaining characters will do in their futures. I read somewhere that Sectionals was about coming to accept yourself and not grow up to fast. Now with Regionals they are all learning to live and find happiness wherever they are. Season 1 drama teen pregnancy. Season 2 bullying and coming to terms with one’s sexuality. Season 3 teen suicide or attempt to and texting while driving just to start. All of these dramatic tramatic issues affect teens daily. I think it was exceptional in all counts. It had Rachel’s dads as the humor to offset the drama. I loved the circle in the auditorium-life lessons for all of them. I’m sorry people didn’t like it but I thought it was an amazing bit of story telling where it connected the dots for many open-ended holes. Faberry friendship for 1.

          • G says:

            I’m with you on this. We as humans have tendency to think that our worst experience is worst of all. And being bit selfish like this is even more normal in teenagers.
            And judging by Quinn’s reactioin show isn’t trying to tell being gay is worst of all. It’s just kurts perpective.

      • marta says:

        Yeah, that was a completely a-hole thing to say. Kurt is obviously Ryan Murphy’s alter ego….

      • uchi says:

        I actually think that part was being set up as to what is possibly going to happen with quinn next, how she’s going to deal with the crash aftermath… could be wrong though…

      • Brooke says:

        Thank you for pointing out how stupid Kurt’s comment was. We get it, you’re gay Kurt and in todays society, where there are bullies and times get hard, it probably sucks a lot. But being gay isnt the end of the world and its not the biggest problem out there (though Glee could have fooled you into thinking it was). You’ve done the gay-centric episodes all season and all last season and Kurt’s seen a ton of support, yet has the audacity to call Quinn out on her problems like they mean nothing?
        He has no idea what it’s like losing/giving up a child. I had a miscarriage at 8 months and it took me a long, long time to get over. I couldnt imagine giving up your child not once, but losing her a second time simply because nobody but Puck offered any sort of advice on how to deal with it. Everyone rushed to Santana and Kurt’s side but Quinn? No, she went a little crazy and people laughed at her when she admitted it. But don’t worry Kurt, gay bullying is the only relevant, pressing issue out there.
        I’m just sad that the writers seem to hate Quinn/Dianna so much that every time they give her character something good or something good happens to her, she gets kicked down hard core. Its like reverse karma or something. If that’s the case, Dianna, you deserve better roles.

        • Carmen says:

          Dear People,
          You may want to check the statistics on who’s calling suicide prevention lines and attempting and committing suicide these days. Pregnant teens are not at the top of the list. Judging by what many young people are watching on WB and other tv channels, one could almost conclude that being a teen mom has become kind of trendy these days. I’m not saying that teen pregnancy is not a serious issue. I think we all know that it is, but again,check the figures on who are the most vulnerable group of kids in this county, secifically, who are we most likely to lose to suicide. You may want to review reports and read “School of Hate” by Sabrina Rubin Erdely in the February 16, 2012 issue of “Rolling Stone” magazine. And no, I don’t work for either The Trevor Project or Rolling Stone.

          • Brooke says:

            My point is, gay bullying and questioning your sexual orientation are not the only issues facing young people today. And it certainly is not the ONLY reason people feel like ending their life is the only way. Everything feels like the end of the world to high schoolers, so saying that one person’s plight because they’re gay is more important to the person who’s contemplating ending their life because they’re bullied for their weight or their looks or perhaps because of some other major occurrence like sexual assault or something even less serious like genetic depression or whatever. My point is only highlighting one issue and making it most important is actually kind of doing a disservice to those other kids who arent struggling with that particular thing but may need help otherwise. Maybe Quinn’s issues compared to Kurts issues are different, yes. To them personally, they may equally feel like the end of the world. I appreciate all of the support these shows/PSAs/hotlines give the demographic these days, but for a show to spend almost 2 whole seasons talking about the same issue like it is the MOST IMPORTANT and MOST PRESSING issue facing people these days is doing all of those other kids struggling with other issues (which to them, may feel as oppressive as the issues Kurt, Karofsky and Santana feel) by stating that those are the only issues people out there care about helping the youth of the nation with. This show is watched by a lot of people and if it helps kids out, thats wonderful, but at least give people a reasonable view of how to deal with other issues besides gay bullying. They spent 2 seasons on the sexual identity and people stepped in and showed their support of Kurt and Santana, and they gave Quinn 2 lines of advice on how to deal with her issue. I appreciate your point, I just think they need to keep ALL issues facing kids today in perspective… not just one that is near and dear to the writers.

      • Kim says:

        So because Kurt is gay, he’s supposed to be a paradigm of modern virtue and never be wrong? Sure he’s being kind of an ass with this, but he’s had a tough time, too, and in his eyes, Quinn did have the better end of the deal. Everything that happened to her happened because of her choices. Kurt didn’t have a choice. Sure, he might exacerbate the matter by wearing clothes that are so outside the norm that even the audience does double-takes, but his first real interaction with another guy liking him had him actually beaten up and fearing for his safety. Sure, Quinn’s dad kicked her out, but she was drinking underage and had unprotected sex with her boyfriend’s best friend, got pregnant, and hid it. Her father wasn’t right to do it, but he was right to be angry with her. What did Kurt do to be persecuted? He tried *not* to live a lie.

        • Tabatha says:

          ” … in his eyes, Quinn did have the better end of the deal. Everything that happened to her happened because of her choices. Kurt didn’t have a choice.”
          This is exactly what’s wrong with the show. So it’s okay for Quinn to have problems because she make a stupid choice? Kurt’s problems are inherently more important because he didn’t choose to be gay?
          In the end, they’re teenagers. Teenagers make mistakes. Quinn screwed up, yes, and her problems might be the result of her own making. But they’re still valid problems and no one deserves to be told that their problems aren’t big enough to matter because they might not be as politically relevant as something like being gay.

          • April says:

            I’m not going to talk for Kim, but I totally agree with her. Kurt did not ask to be gay and while Quinn didn’t ask to be pregnant, she compounded lie on top of lie on top of freaking lie. Most of Quinn’s drama is Quinn’s own fault. She could have come clean to her parents and Finn, but she didn’t. She could have talked to Mr. Shuester or Sue, but she didn’t. She could have had an abortion, but she didn’t. I just can’t feel that bad for Quinn. I never could. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see anyone push Quinn into a locker or come after her specifically because she was pregnant.
            All Kurt did was be himself. Kurt refused to lie about who he was and who he liked and those things would stay with him the rest of his life.
            Also, maybe I’m not paying enough attention to the news, but I can’t remember the last person who killed themselves because they’re a pregnant teenager. Most of the time, the probably think about writing MTV, not killing themselves.

          • Stop the hypocricy says:

            “She could have had an abortion, but she didn’t”
            This show has gone so horribly wrong if these flippant responses like the one above are the message people are getting. Honey, deciding to get an abortion and going through with that decision is no easier than anything having to do with being gay. We’re talking about struggling with the decision of whether or not you are ending another life.
            This message that being gay is so much more difficult than any other problem in the world really isn’t helping. It’s ridiculous.

      • Captain says:

        No, I was completely on Kurt’s side. Quinn has a nasty habbit of trying to make everything about herself and her whole “I didn’t commit suicide so no one has a reason to” was the definition of self-centered. She was being heartless and trying to undermine the deep personal problems that lead to his suicide attempt. Being intensely bullied or struggling with your sexuality is so much harder than anything Quinn went through. Quinn is the reason for 90% of her problems.

        • Tabatha says:

          Whoa. Kurt is the king of making things about himself. But it’s more than that. Everything he does, or has happen to him, is because he’s gay. Everytime he rants about how bad his life is, it’s because he’s gay. And to top it off, people offer support, offer empathy, offer to be a shoulder to lean on, and half the time he refuses because he says that people can’t understand because they’re not gay. They just don’t get it.
          Again, being gay is not the king of all problems. You’re really going to argue that what Quinn went through doesn’t compare to Kurt’s problems? I’m glad you like the show then, because it’s not true. Read Tess’s post. Sure, she might have made decisions that caused her problems, but that doesn’t mean they’re worse than Kurt’s. In fact, it might be worse, because people are unwilling to forgive her for her mistakes. At least Kurt has support, even if he refuses it half the time.
          It’s not about whose problems are ‘worse’. It’s about taking responsibility and dealing with them without marginalizing other people in the process because they aren’t going through the exact same thing you are.

          • zogs says:

            IA with your second paragraph. But regarding your first, when has anyone really offered him support? Truly? I can honestly only think of when Finn did it in S1 (which he accepted his help) and once in S2 with Rachel but at that point it wasn’t going to help him. And when you grow up in a small homophobic town, your sexuality does tend to be a root cause for much of your issues. You either embrace it and try to empower youself and wear your sexuality on your sleeve, like Kurt does, or you hide it away like Karofsky did.

          • Sandy says:

            @zogs – Remember when Lima Ohio was a small town and Kurt was the only gay kid? I get that that could be tough, especially when you feel as if the rest of the town can’t accept you. But now there’s Blaine and Santana and Brittney and Rachel’s dads and Sebastian and now Karofsky. Heck, there’s a whole gay bar a town over. Kurt isn’t the only gay person in the world, in Ohio, let alone in Lima. He has options, he has support. No, he might not have the world on his side, but he’s got a group of understanding friends, a well adjusted boyfriend, and people he could go to. But the thing is, he never seems to want to take the help. He’d rather complain about how his life sucks. And honestly, if he were real, I’d be hesitant to want to help him, just because I don’t want to listen to him tell me about how I can’t help, I shouldn’t help, because I’m not gay and I don’t understand.
            I get that Kurt wants to make a difference; make a change. But he’s compounding the problem.

        • Emily says:

          When Glee first started addressing homophobia, it was heartening. But Kurt’s dismissal of Quinn’s problems truly annoyed me. Yes, Quinn was unusually cold, which was just a contrived channeling of her faith (she condemns suicide but had premarital sex?), but there are girls out there like Quinn who have been driven to suicide. And there are gay teens just like Karofsky who have not. Moreover, it makes homophobic bullying out to be the premier problem that dwarfs all others. The fact is, when gay marriage is granted nationwide, America will give themselves a pat on the back, just like they did with civil rights, and the publicity will die down. But the discrimination will still exist. How could it not, when racism still does? But who talks about kids like Danny Chen, who wanted nothing more than to fight for America but ended up being bullied for his Asian ancestry and killing himself in Afghanistan? Homophobia is only the most popular issue to tackle in Hollywood. It doesn’t mean it’s the most important or only one.

      • buhn says:

        pft, Quinn was just as wrong and ingorant as Kurt was in this instance. And I’m not excusing what he said, but you can see where his feelings are from. What happened to Quinn was awful, but she made stupid decisions in life. All Kurt did was be alive to have what happened to him.

      • Jacob says:

        You’re right. Being hated for who you are is totally not at all worse than going through hard times because you made bad decisions, not just getting pregnant at 16 but getting pregnant /while cheating on your boyfriend./ Because going through hard times because of your own, personal mistakes is totally more unfair than going through hard times because, damn it, you didn’t hide in the closet well enough!

        • Brooke says:

          Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot we lived in the Glee world where the worst and only problems portrayed as serious deal with homophobia and bullying. All I was trying to point out is its the pot calling the kettle black by having Kurt tell Quinn to stop making things about her and realize the bigger issues out there, since her issues are trivial. High school drama is high school drama. To everyone, it feels like the end of the world. But to highlight only one issue (gay bullying) as being the hardest issue individuals from the ages of 14-18 (or older) face in almost every episode of this season and most of last season is a bit too much. And I’m not saying that to be homophobic, I have many homosexual friends, I’m saying that as a reality of this show. There is other drama out there, whether it’s self induced mistakes or something you were born with, it’s high school drama and s*** happens. Look at the broader picture instead of focusing on one issue being the most pertinent because it does the rest of society struggling with the pressures and problems teens face a disservice to only say that sexual orientation issues are the only ones that matter…to this show at least.

          • zoot says:

            Teenagers today face many issues…I have three and believe me, sometimes they can’t face life if they have a pimple!! High School has many trying to get into college, failing classes, boyfriends/girlfriends, broken hearts, acne, friends dumping you..there are many many reasons why teenagers have thoughts of suicide..yes bullying is horrible. I think that Glee was good to point out that there is help out there and someone to reach out to and talk to when they might feel they have no one to talk to. If the message of help had to be realized through only one storyline or point of what? Why is there arguing about why teenagers need help..just help them to reach out and not be afraid to ASK.

      • sandra says:

        I agree with you. I get that Kurt felt bad for Dave. He felt like it was his fault, but Quinn’s issues doesn’t compare. She gave up her daughter, a baby she felt growing up in her, for nine months, and she gave her up becuase she wasn’t prepared to be a mother. she is gonna live with that all her life and it’s gonna affect Beth too.

      • sd says:

        tbf they were both giant assholes on that scene

        • heather says:

          Actually, neither of them were. They were both teenagers who are facing issues that nobody should have to face alone. At that age, everybody has the mindset that the world revolves around them, and nobody else has issues quite as awful, whether that idea is right or wrong. They both had the same blinders on – they couldn’t see the other point of view. Quinn couldn’t understand how somebody could get that far down in despair to take their own life, and Kurt couldn’t understand how a Cheerio could have “real” issues. Really, the difference between Quinn and Dave isn’t homosexuality versus teen pregnancy, it’s self-image. Quinn has always had one, and Dave has not. His “friends” helped to prove to him that he was right in believing himself worthless, so he took that last, horrible step. Quinn has always believed herself to be worth something, even at her lowest, so nobody could do that to her, not to mention that even AT her lowest she was never completely without friends. It’s comparing apples and radial tires here folks, and while both were harsh and thoughtless, neither were monsters, just teenagers

      • Nick says:

        Is this seriously the point you all think Kurt was trying to make? That he had it worse because he is gay? All he was saying is that during Quinn’s pregnancy, she had her friends on her side, but Karofky didn’t have any. His point was that it doesn’t matter what your problems are, if you don’t have anyone to talk to about them, if you feel completely alone in this world, that’s always worse then when you have some close friends who can help you. Karofsky attempted his suicide because in that moment, he felt like everybody hated him and nobody would care. I agree that Glee sometimes makes it seem like being gay is so much worse than any other problem (I really have no idea if this is true in a town like Lima, Ohio, because here in Holland, I’ve never in my entire life met anyone who had issues with me being gay), but this time, it’s really not about the problem, but about the fallout of that problem. So please, before you all start whining about the fact that being gay is made out to be worse than having a baby when your 16, think about what exactly has been said in this episode.

      • Heather says:

        I think the point Kurt was trying to make was that she was belittling what Dave had gone through and was showing no compassion, and Kurt himself was probably feeling hurt and offended by her statements since he himself had gone thru similar, everyone is different and just because she made it through her situation without a suicidal thought it was ridiculous for her to say that what Dave went through was not something that should have made him feel that way…the dave karofskys of the world dont need people like quinn fabray saying how selfish they were for trying to kill themselves its not helpful. SO GO KURT!

        • Get over yourself Kurt says:

          And Kurt showed no compassion for her problems. You can’t call someone out for lack of compassion then turn around and act the exact same way. He was a massive hypocrite.

    • Guy says:

      Me too. It was one emotion filled episode and surprisingly this is what some teens go through every single day. Its something that always seems to be swept under the carpet and needs to be more addressed.

  2. annie says:


    • mike says:

      are you delusional???? You make me laugh. QUINN IS NOT GAY AND NEITHER IS RACHEL – GET IT THREW YOUR HEAD

      • Edward says:

        get it THROUGH your head
        he THREW the ball
        The internet is making too many people illiterate.

        • Zoey says:

          well maybe some of us do not speak english very well because we are not from USA! english is my 3. language (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), SO SHUT UP!

          • G says:

            Mine second, one of five I can commucate with moderately fluently. Also my first is so far from English that it’s scary. We don’t have concept of propositions for example.

    • ali says:

      ???????????????????????????????????? what show have you been watching?

    • ken says:


      • yep says:

        I came to realize it is not worth talking to people with these outlandish beliefs. You’ll never change their minds no matter what the show tells week after week after week. They have this vision inplanted in their minds of all the wishes that never will be for them. I feel sorry for them. I watch the show for the show. You get what the writers want to say. That is that.

      • Mónica says:

        The only thing that bothers me about this show/fans, is this tendency to make everything about gay. Everybody’s always craving for the gay couples and trying to make gay the others. Stop it!.
        And I want to make clear that I’m not homophobic, actually my best friend is lesbian and we have an awesome friendship, but it’s kind of the reflection of what’s happening outside: the gay people have embraced the flag and try to get out of the closet everyone, seeing things that are not. Because you say a girl’s pretty, you’re a lesbian-who-doesn’t-face-her-sexuality.
        And it’s clear that that’s the real agenda of this show, it’s like “hey, don’t be afraid to be gay, we’re gonna love you anyways, so even if you’re not gay, become one!”, forgeting that there’re several other problems nowadays wiht teens that they have not shown. I’m not a real Quinn fan, but her problems, even when they appeared because of her own decision, are as important as being gay are. An I talk from the experience, ’cause I’ve seen girls so messed up with that…
        So, neither Quinn nor Kurt were really wise in that scene, they’re both really selfcenterd, but it’s not really their problem, it’s because of the producers/directors/writers that have centered into only one of the big deals of teen nowadays. Not only gay people is bullied, Ryan
        (And I have to say it, English is not my first language, so forget/forgive/look up any grammar or misspelling issue)

        • April says:

          huh… and I’ve always thought that the message of the show is that it’s ok to be who you are. I’m not gay but I seriously, seriously think that if there is a show out there that is going to address homophobia in high school, it’s this one. And it needs to be addressed. I personally know that people contemplate suicide for reasons other than sexuality, but its the bullying that is still forgiven. Wasn’t it in Minnesota or Wisconsin or something where an anti-bullying bill was introduced, but there were exceptions for “moral beliefs”… Seriously?!?!?! If someone picks on a pregnant teenager, adults tell them that they made a mistake. If someone picks on a gay teenager, there are adults that tell them that its ok because “they chose this or they’re just trying to get attention.” I have a gay brother who came out his freshman year of high school and people call him preverted and throw urine on him. And the school does nothing except blame my brother, because he puts it “out there” that he’s gay. Well, people put out there that they’re heterosexual and he doesn’t go throw urine on them.
          But I digress… I think that if this show has any kind of agenda, it’s that everyone needs to accept themselves for who they are. Then they need to accept everyone else.

        • chistosa says:

          After viewing the episode and then reading the posts here and on a few other sites, I have no intention of joining the debate over who was more self-centered, Kurt or Quinn. As a high school teacher I felt they were both quite true to reality in that they saw the issue from the perspective of their own pain and alienation. But I do disagree that this all about the trials and tribulations of being gay. I saw it as highlighting bullying as the terrible force that it is. Bullying in any form for any reason, not just bullying for being gay. Karofsky is gay so that is what those bullying him targeted but I can assure you that bullying is no less serious when it is targeting other differences. The prevalence of social networking sites has made bullying all the more odious. It does not end with leaving school for the day. It is constant, punishing and destructive. Not many adults could face that day in and day out and teens struggling with their own identity and self worth suffer even more. That is the message that I got from this episode.

      • Tim says:

        Not that far-fetched. Besides, Rachel doesn’t have to be gay in order for Quinn to be in love with her.

    • Ana says:

      Agree with Ken. Also, don’t disrespect the gay characters and their journeys by trying to turn two very clearly straight characters as gay.

    • Nicole says:

      She completely is. I don’t know how people aren’t seeing this.

    • Chrissy says:

      What is it with Glee and it’s “ships”. You people pair characters so randomly. They ARE NOT IN LOVE. Get off the pipe.

    • Jacob says:

      I don’t even ship it generally but there was nothing else I could do this episode.

  3. Carrie says:

    A suicide attempt? A wedding? A car crash cliffhanger? One Tree Glee #boring

    • Lu says:

      “One Tree Glee”

    • El says:

      This did remimd me of One Tree Hill! But actually if Quinn becomes paralyzed mentally or physically this could get even more interesting. However, I think Glee should know its no longer a comedy. Nothing remotely funny tonight except for The Berry Daddies.

      • Captain says:

        Over this season they definitely have crossed further into the dramedy category. It seems like they trade off each episode being either dramatic or funny but maybe it’s for the best. Last season was mostly comedy and didn’t have one tenth of the character/story development this season has had.

      • Jacob says:

        Her dads were both adorable and hilarious. Winners.
        Though Sue’s metamorphosis was unbelievable to me, but maybe that’s because it’s all happened off-screen.

  4. SKae says:

    Was not expecting that ending at all.

    • Rock Golf says:

      Really? As soon as they showed Quinn driving I knew she’d crash. Why bother showing her driving otherwise?
      Given how little she’s been given to do this year, I suspect she’s been killed. Dianne Agron didn’t even appear on the Christmas album, and Quinn’s storyline has nowhere to go. She’s graduating at the end of the season, so they can’t have a long recovery. Nope, this is going to be the tragedy that brings them all closer.

      • Black Ribbon says:

        I saw a picture of her and Artie in wheelchairs.
        (I don’t know exactly where, since I’ve been searching for so many spoilers!)

  5. Jen says:

    It was GREAT!

  6. English says:

    I am so terribly angry at the writers right now it isn’t even funny. Started the show freaking out about David and ended the show freaking out about Quinn. Way to much real drama for one episode. It was good TV though. I’ll give them that.

  7. Maureen says:

    Such a touching and depressing episode! One of the best in the series so far.

  8. aaron michael a says:

    This was the best Ep of Glee in a long time. When its right, it fires on all cylinders in terms of plot, humor, vocal performances and gut wrenching developments. Well done but dear god, don’t kill Quinn!

  9. Mandee says:

    I was losing interest in Glee because, to put it simply, I thought it was getting lame and TOO ridiculous.
    However!!! The show redeemed itself the past few weeks (minus the weird MJ ep) and had me sucked right back in, especially today. I cried over karofsky… And Im thinking Quinn is dead. She resolved her conflict with Rachel/Finn and got her Cheerios uniform back. Fill Circle and almost foreboding.

  10. Khorrie says:

    The way they handled the suicide issue was NOT “heady” and “honest”, it was downright offensive. Glee needs to stop thinking they have anywhere near the actual understanding or writing talent to pull off storylines like this.

    • KSM says:

      How is it offensive? Teenagers go through issues every day and many have committed suicide.

      • Laura says:

        Yes, they do and they deserve to see it portrayed in a meaningful way and not as a ratings stunt.

        • Khorrie says:

          Except it wasn’t portrayed in a meaningful way. It was completely superficial and not given the build-up or proper attention it deserved. It would be better for them to NOT addresses such serious issues.

          • mm says:

            how the hell it didnt have any build up… we´ve been saying that Dave would try and do it since Never been kissed 2×06 , how many times did he said that he hated himself and was scared to death…..

          • Jenna says:

            THis. If the whole story of Karosfsky’s experience and resultant suicide attempt can be told in a single song montage, then yes, there was no buildup, no development. I didn’t have any time to develop any sympathy for his situation because he went through it all so dang fast.
            I am thrilled Glee wants to address the heavy topics, but jeez, would it kill them to try to do it over a couple of episodes? And let’s not even get started on the 180 Sebastian did based on a single flashback. It takes at least a modicum of time to develop a believeable story. The way they shoved thos into one episode was just ham-handed. That being said, the actors came through 1000%.

        • Selph Elpperson says:

          It was NOT a ratings stunt. If it was a ratings stunt they would’ve had a press tour about it

          • Josh says:

            I don’t even like Glee anymore(loved the first season…but sadly it’s fallen so far) but this is 100% right. This doesn’t sound like a rating’s stunt. All their promos showed the wedding and regionals, not one thing even hinted about this. Glee actually handled this respectful….shock and awe..

        • KSM says:

          It was not promoted before hand (to my knowledge), so it wasn’t a ratings stunt. I personally don’t see how it wasn’t meaningful, but I respect that you may find it that way. Also, why does there need to be build up? What do you want them to do? They showed consistently throughout the season that Karofsky was having issues with his sexuality and wasn’t comfortable with himself. Sometimes, that’s how it works. I personally thought that they tackled the issue in a very real way.

          • Khorrie says:

            There needs to be build-up because suicide is not a random, spur of the moment decision. I know – I’ve been there. And while I agree it *can* happen that way in rare cases, Glee presented it as the norm and that’s not being responsible. It also got magically waved away at the end because St. Kurt made it okay through the wonderful world of imaginary acceptance. Suicide should be as much about the outcome as it is about the decision and Glee copped out on both.

          • KSM says:

            I am sorry that you’ve had that experience. I guess I can see that would be how you would find the episode to have been a spur of the moment thing. I didn’t think that is how it was, however. But I have never been in your position.

          • Brandi says:

            @Khorrie I’m very sorry to hear that you dealth with that situation. But actually as a trained professional school counselor (required to complete two hours of inservice on teen suicide prevention each year) I can take tell you that research suggests suicide attempts are quite often a spur of the moment decision for teenagers. Developmentally teenagers are at an age where they often act on impulse and they are still maturing and learning to deal with problems in a more healthy way so this type of behavior is much more common. Obviously this is not always the case, but it is very much a reality for many teens. I think Glee did a wonderful job portraying the reality of suicide attempts by LGBT invidivuals because of bullying.

          • Brandi says:


          • daeb says:

            KSM, you are right. There was no big promo drive for this episode, hence it wasn’t a ratings stunt. People who are serious about killing themselves DO NOT talk about it, so the “build up” to the suicide attempt was the bullying Karofsky endured. I really liked this episode and hope that Glee will keep it going next season. Too many gay kids commit suicide. If Glee can continue to look at this topic with the respect it deserves, I think that many kids will benefit.

      • Liz says:

        Honestly, I was offended by Will’s story about cheating on a test and thinking about suicide. I didn’t think that was appropriate, and there was no reason for him to have a story. Couldn’t he have just empathized?

        • Khorrie says:

          That’s kind of what I mean. It wasn’t realistic and having Will toss in a story about how he was going to kill himself because he got caught cheating once, with no history of depression, made it all the worse. Things like that do the reverse and cheapen the act.

          • KSM says:

            I felt like they put that in there so they could have a discussion about the issue. I suppose they could have done it differently, but it didn’t really put me off in any way, it just went to show that sometimes what someone else thinks is a little thing is a big thing to someone else. Plus, who knows if Will was depressed in HS? We wouldn’t necessarily know that about it.

          • bumpper says:

            Depression isn’t the only thing that leads to suicide. Deep shame often related to self hate or other factors like Will’s story do as well. There are many reasons and we should NEVER discount anybody’s feelings. One reason is not more or less a reason for suicide.

          • Sookie says:

            I thought it was very realistic and probably a good way for Mr Shu to get the kids (like Quinn)to understand that many people have felt “driven to the edge”. Even if they can not relate to the cause. Puck might not underrstand what it was like to be caught cheating and having to face the disappointment of a parent but I bet Mike Chang could. Like Mr Sleezak said, I would have prefered if Will had asked the kids to say what might drive them to the edge. However having them think of what they have to look forward to was a good idea too.

        • CMG says:

          Will was right. Trust me on this one – Everyone has their something that gets right to their core. That issue that might seem to be absolutely nothing to you, might be absolutely everything to someone else.
          By the way, if you had paid attention, it wasn’t the cheating, it wasn’t the getting caught – it was that he realized he had done something that would have let his father down. For many, that thought that they had done something so bad that it would disappoint their father, their mother, their spouse, their children, whatever – that’s plenty a big enough issue.
          If you’ve never found that issue for you – be thankful every day. If you have, you can sympathize.

        • yep says:

          Look, he was a junior in a different day and time. What was aweful to him getting caught cheating and facing his dad(disappointment no telling how his dad would take it)was different to Puck. That was his point. To all young people different things touch or send them off to do harm to others or themselves. That was his lesson. If they ever felt so low to do something bad talk to someone. I think most who troll here only want to rant and complain about something.
          As for Karofsky he was fortunate to survive and that is the message that Mr Shue wanted to express. Things will be better. Maybe not at that time at one’s lowest. He said he would never have met the club or Emma his positives in his life.

    • Ana says:

      I’m also curious what you find offensive. Is it that they paired it with the Regionals competition? That Schue’s story wasn’t quite believable given that we know he generally had a good time in high school and we know his dad and he’s not scary? ‘Cuz aside from those two relatively minor plot points, I thought they handled it beautifully.

      • Khorrie says:

        I actually didn’t mind Regionals being in the same episode; at least that gave me something to laugh at. Schue’s story really bothered me, yes. As someone who’s battled depression for a very long time and have been suicidal in the past… this was not a realistic interpretation. It was a cheap ratings stunt and not only that, they went and topped it at the end with Quinn’s car accident, so you know Karofsky’s suicide attempt will never be mentioned again.

        • Ana says:

          I actually highly doubt Karofsky’s suicide attempt will never be mentioned again. I was also a bit bothered by the Schue story, but I let it slide given that I thought other things were done really well (btw, I have also battled severe depression). I believed someone like Karofsky might be pushed to the edge, particularly given how long he’s been shown to be struggling. I wish they had shown him more this season, but I think the course of this season has suffered from the same problem that many of the episodes have suffered: they try to cram so many things in that they don’t have room to treat anything with the attention they should. I’m not sure it was just for ratings – it may also be that they received so much fan mail touching on suicide that they felt they should address it. After all, during the first season Ryan Murphy also said he wasn’t interested in seeing Kurt bullied – he wanted him to be generally popular, to be an aspirational character. That went out the window pretty quickly, and they didn’t need the ratings boost then. Throwing the car accident in at the end did seem to be a bit much, though.

        • Pete says:

          I really feel that you are missing the point about Karofsky’s storyline. This whole story has been hinted at ever since he kissed Kurt. It was obvious he had major issues with it so it is completely believable. I also understand that you have been through depression and been suicidal. but I don’t think that makes you an expert on the subject. I’ve been there myself and have met and seen many different people dealing with it. I’m gay and have struggled with it immensely over the years and applaud the producers of Glee for this episode as I really feel it was well executed. I also think it was good that they didn’t have it be the only thing the episode was about. Life goes on, other things still happen when one person tries to commit suicide, and other bad things happen at the same time or around the same time. It’s part of life and I think this is one of the first times that Glee has really gotten that part right.

        • uchi says:

          khorrie, I’m really sorry you have gone through that, but you cannot think that whatever happened to you and whatever you felt is exactly the same thing that goes on for everyone thinking about suicide. it is actually kind of irresponsible saying that if it doesn’t go down the way you say it does, then it isn’t real.

          • Tulip says:

            @uchi Thank you! Took my words exactly.
            @Koorie Depression is awful, and I’m sorry you too have dealt with it. But depression is unique to the person. Just because you didn’t experience it one way doesn’t meant someone (Will) also didn’t.

          • yep says:

            Thank you Well said.
            My heart’s with you Khorrie. But what I’ve perceived of the Karofsky story is he was all external abuse to compensate for his self-hatred. In his evolution of self discovery with Kurt’s help he was inching to acceptance just of himself. He said it to Kurt that he couldn’t take a week of the abuse where he was so aweful to Kurt for so long. You see all the kids out in the real world who seem normal but they go balistic and take guns to school to kill people. People break. Those who hurt so go either outward or inward.

          • G says:

            I have been there too and this still was beliavable to me. Even the Shcue bit that was bit week but I have known people who have ended in mental hospital because attempted suicide that have similar experiences.
            I feel for you too. But it gets better it truly does if you can fight your way trough it.

        • mm says:

          i also been there multiple times, i´ve been diagnosed with clinical depression and i know how it feels. but you can´t think that what YOU went trough is the only true. i have a friend that tried to kill herself at 16 because she took a B+ on a test… for most people it might seem silly, but for her -who had a dad that would scream for hours and hit her if she took less than an A – it was terrifying. she wasn’t depressed, she had never though about killing herself before but in that moment she thought that it was what she had to do….
          you never know what is going on in other teens mind, you can erase their stories because of your own.
          I respect your discomfort, but i think you should think about all that

    • Sarah says:

      AGREE. Shows like Glee that rewrite entire characters, fudge plotlines, and flat out ignore continuity–all in the hopes of boosting ratings by pairing whatever Top 20s hit with whatever A Very Special Lesson we’re going to learn this week–do more harm than good in regards stereotypes and discrimination.
      On a similar note, **HOW** is Glee still being categorized as a comedy?? The only thing funny about it is how BAD it’s gotten.

  11. Kelly says:

    Faberry is cannon

  12. aunt_deen says:

    Holy crap. Did not see that coming. Although in retrospect, the clues were there. Hoping they don’t actually kill her.
    Not sure I’m buying Sebastian’s complete 180. Not that I don’t think Karofsky’s suicide attempt would be a wake-up call, but the grinning and cheering for the ND kids was a little hard to swallow.
    And Karofsky should totally come back to McKinley.

    • Sam says:

      I didn’t buy it either. And Sebastian is my favorite character of all time. Like I totally understand that any person with any sense of decency should feel guilty when they contribute to a person’s desire to take their own life but come on. By the end of Regionals, he was all smiley and happy and chummy (as were his enemies of 5 minutes prior) and, especially after what happened in Michael, it made no sense. At all. His turnaround should have been given a lot more exposition than it was. I didn’t buy that the same people who were threatening to tie him up and violate him with an offensive tattoo would be so quick to get over their issues with him either. Maybe if they had just said “fine, let’s bury the hatchet, but we’re still not friends” it would have been better, but what they did was make it look like Sebastian’s complete personality flip actually made everyone like him. Wha? To be honest, it was completely obvious that the only reason they did this was to give a quick wrap up to the Sebastian arc because the writers clearly had no idea what to do with him after turning him into a borderline psychopath.

  13. Marc M says:

    Amazing episode. Song choices weren’t my fav, but the story couldn’t have been better. And I am now convinced this is the Blind item you hinted at with the actress being written out! It might not be the bow she wants, but its definitely going to be powerful!

  14. Joe says:

    Rick Santorum didn’t equate Homosexuality with Bestiality. Whomever wrote the DADT repeal legislation did when they added the additional text making it legal for troop to engage in bestiality.
    That legislation was correctly updated to remove that text.

    • Kirby says:

      a) Stop spewing nonsense like this on a comments board for a tv show.
      b) It’s who, not whom. If you’re going to try to elevate your lie by using formal language, at least get the grammar correct.

  15. Anthony Newhall says:

    This episode was the absolute best. Shock and awe. Great TV.

  16. Meg says:

    I know I’m going to catch flak for this, but Quinn’s been on a moral high horse lately. I know that people change and she’s a teenager, but her trajectory this season felt like the writers were manipulating us into feeling something other than annoyance, especially after this cliffhanger.
    But kids be warned. Texting and driving are not friends. If Oprah’s campaign can’t raise enough awareness, maybe Glee will.

    • Branden says:

      I TOTALLY agree! I think RIB was planning this for some time so decided to turn Quinn’s coo coo cachoo character into a sane person with morals and maturity. Blah blah. I don’t think anyone is worried about Quinn’s character, the actress portraying her has a contract and Glee isn’t serious enough for a somewhat major death. If Glee did kill her off, I’d give them major props for growing a pair. And unless Rachel, Finn, Kurt or Santana had been in the car accident, no one would care. Tootles Crazy Quinn.

      • Caro says:

        I understand that everyone has their own favorite characters, but the fact that you dislike Quinn doesn’t mean everyone else does. I like her character and want her to be ok. I want her to graduate and go to Yale

      • zoey says:

        Quinn is my favorite character. And i don’t think it’s fair that you make assumptions, that just because you don’t like a character no one else does. for example, I couldn’t care less about Kurt. I skiped all the klaine scenes (I always do) and entire scene in the hospital. but I’ve never said that no one cares about him.

    • yep says:

      You betcha. Now RIB has said the back half will be darker so all fans had been forewarned.

      • Den says:

        This is awesome. Season one is really dark and hilarious at the same time.
        Remember the tagline “A biting comedy for the underdog in all of us.”?
        Biting. Comedy. Glee is used to be a sad yet witty show with appropriate songs until the second season when everything turned happy jolly and no consequences at all.
        Season Three part two may go back to the old route that everyone liked.
        Glad they realized the mistake.

    • Kendal says:

      To be fair, some people like Quinn. She’s always been my favourite but I understand your view, although I don’t agree with it. Are you saying that because people find Quinn annoying they were championing a truck driving into the side of her?
      I definitely think this episode will do a lot of good and I’m proud that the writers had the balls to go there.

      • Meg says:

        I wouldn’t say the writers had balls. Every teen show has a PSA driving accident episode as a plot point–it’s practically law at this point. One Tree Hill (which has one every season it seems), OC, Gossip Girl, Alias, Supernatural, etc. The only difference is Glee used texting, not drinking. Balls or status quo? The writers having balls would be to put Rachel and Finn in the car (or just Rachel, considering how Glee basically revolves around her Broadway dream), not Quinn.
        I think you’ve misconstrued the point entirely–no one truly wishes anyone to get into an accident, but for a plot point, this was pretty pathetic. It’s fiction writing 101; can’t think of anything for your characters to do? Bored with your characters? Put them in an accident. Happens all the time. The caveat is that good writers will gradually build to that moment (see, the Grey’s Anatomy shooting–you knew something was going to happen, but you didn’t know what). Mediocre/bad writers plop things into the middle of the scene without explanation and viewers see it coming from four miles away.

  17. 8daysaweek says:

    The beginning started off so promising but in the end, I found the episode pretty average. I didn’t really see what about it was so shocking. Emotional, sure, with the Karofsky plot but the the second half and the cliffhanger were not shocking. And I thought the music was just okay, nothing spectacular.
    All in all, the episode didn’t live up to its hype.

  18. Caitlin says:

    I loved – and I mean LOVED – the episode… up until the last 10 mins. I can’t help feeling like the inopportune accident is the original cop-out plot twist, one I’d expect from shows always looking for shameless drama like Gossip Girl (or the OC once upon a time) but just feels a little ridiculous coming from Glee. I’ll be curious to see if they can do anything even remotely refreshing with this WAY overdone plotline.

  19. Elle says:

    Was the all female group suppose to be the Troublestones because there were some ladies in that there that weren’t a part of New Directions?

  20. Alexandra says:

    Wow. Glee WENT there. The Karofsky stuff was amazing and I think Glee handled the suicide issue in a gentle and safe manner, without being TOO preachy. I could see the Quinn car accident a mile away (well as soon as she was behind that tractor. . .on the road. . .checking her phone. . .while driving). I don’t think Rachel will get married without Quinn but maybe she will, they only did have one time slot and EVERYONE else was there. I liked all the performances except the Warblers set. Mr. Schue’s “suicide” seemed a little forced but I get that Glee was trying to make a point about the little-ist things to some people are huge to others. Lastly, Quinn is my least favorite character so I don’t care about the car scene except I wish I had been driving the car that hit her. Of coarse Glee won’t kill the character off (that’s a tad bit dark for a supposed comedy), maybe Quinn will come back paralyzed or with amnesia? That will be interesting to see play out especially if Rachel and Finn did get hitched and Rachel blames herself for the accident. Now that could be some Emmy nomination scenes for Lea Michele to tackle. Good episode. But a 7 week break? Really??

  21. DLGR says:


  22. Natasha says:

    I didn’t think anything could be worse than I Kissed A Girl, but this episode was remarkably terrible. It was like watching a 13 year old’s fanfiction.

    • Steph Mineart says:

      Thank you. I know I’m supposed to applaud the gay suicide PSA, but it’s really hard to do that when the writing sucks so hard. Glee has fan fiction out there that is 10 times better than the dreck writing that appears on the show.

  23. Cah says:

    It was so heart breaking. Dave Karofsky made me cry my heart out. I hope they make Max Adler a regular, he’s an amazing actor.

  24. Aki says:

    Max Adler was, without a doubt, the best part of this entire episode and every scene including, involving, or about Dave Karofsky was the pinnacle of quality in tonight’s episode. I have never been prouder to call myself a Max/Dave fan. Now, I simply need Glee to make Max a regular member of the cast. It would be a shame to see his story and journey fall through the cracks again.

  25. Alexa Kontzamanys says:

    Karofsky is the only reason I watch glee anymore. Make Max a regular!

  26. Lucia says:

    Kurt and Karofsky, so touching!!! Also, it’s faberrying. Poor Quinn.

  27. Josh says:

    OMG!! The writers pissed me off i have to worry about my Sexy mama Quinn til April? Why? I hope she doesn’t die but i fear she is

  28. Ellie says:


  29. Kiely says:

    Why haven’t they made Max Adler a regular yet? This episode hit far too close to home, but the scenes with Dave were just… perfect. Possibly best episode of the entire series.

  30. Beth says:

    I’m so sick of Sue’s changes of heart. Goes to cancer ward with Will. Still terrible. New Directions sings at her sister’s funeral. Still terrible. This better not be yet another attempt to add humanity to Sue only to have her revert back to even lower levels than before. *yawn*

  31. Brian says:

    Dave needs to transfer back to McKinley. He needs to be BACK. He’s already got a support system there. He needs to be a regular on the show.

  32. Megan says:

    Max Adler and Chris Colfer were ASTOUNDING in this episode. I was brought to tears so many times. My one hope is that Glee will continue this friendship after the break.

  33. JVC says:

    I believe the word to describe this episode is…. DAMN!!! This was a deep, but good episode. It was tragic seeing Karofsky suffer like that. Thank goodness he didn’t die. The performances were pretty good. That last part of the episode, I just knew Quinn was going to get in an accident. Who’s betting Quinn’s car accident stops rachel and Finn’s wedding? I hope she doesn’t die.

  34. Liz says:

    Max Adler is a freaking genius. I have never shook with emotion over a character on a television show. More Karofsky, please.

  35. pat says:

    all I wanted was a real finchel wedding….. SO SAD THAT IT WAS JIPED!

  36. Michele says:

    And instead of Quinn logic giving Rachel the reality check (as scene in the preview) that scene gets cut and instead the wedding ends up on hold when we come back due to a car accident? Seriously. Let’s not have the young woman make an adult decision based on her heart but instead the phone call that will come that Quinn was injured.
    How many PSA’s can you fit Glee? Stick to one at a time. Once again 5 plots can’t fit in 42 minutes.
    This could be an A+ show instead it’s mostly a C- most weeks. Focus writers. Focus!!!!

    • El says:

      Well obviously the bridal shop scene was useless because Quinn ended up supporting Rachel and Rachel and Finn proceded with the wedding anyways. So the bridal shop scene was not crucial to the story especially since Quinn already expressed her opinion on multiple occassions. Second, I’m pretty sure Rachel and Finn get married considering the time between the medical personel reaching Quinn, figuring out who she is, calling her parents, and the news spread to be a significant time gap. More than five minutes. So by the time Rachel and others find out about Quinn the “wedding” will most like done. Kinda f-ed up that Quinn misses everything while. .sleep.

  37. Jonny says:

    I’m probably one of the few who is not happy, nor moved by tonight’s episode.
    We’re used to Ryan Murphy going behind his many words of the show: no guest stars, going back to the beginning, blah, blah… but the thing that always stuck by me was his words when Kurt’s storyline truly started to progress: he promised that he would never allow a teen suicide on his show. It wasn’t that he was hiding it; it was the fact that he realized that “Glee” was a form of escapism for some of my younger LGBTQ brothers and sisters and he wanted to give them more hope than the world sometimes gives them…
    … and here goes tonight with Karofsky. Not only was it incredibly careless, but with the ratings constantly sinking, it’s unfortunate that he would sink to this point and not only go back on his biggest promise, but do so for the sake of an OMG moment with this serious nature.
    And considering Michael has already spoiled something pretty big, it’s obvious it’s about Quinn’s unfortunate accident, so she’s fine. Just my two cents…

  38. Audrey says:

    Make Max Adler a regular! or at least, give the man more than two minutes per episode, please!!, today was WONDERFUL!!!, I cried so hard, Max for all the awards!!

  39. Saray says:

    We just need more Max Adler. That’s aaaall Glee needs. Good job today, though having to watch Regionals along with Dave’s storyline was kind of weird. But I get the message, it was important to show something like that, everyone needs to know that there’s always hope.

  40. Brooke says:

    So we know Quinn’s not dead, because her contract is a full year (not just through Episode 15 – unless she’s coming back as a ghost), but I’m interested to see what happens to her afterwards. If it really breaks up the wedding or if they go ahead and get married and find out later. I just have a sinking feeling that they’re going to pull another re-used plot-line Ryan Murphy is famous for (teen marriage, car accident with the popular blonde cheerleader – See “Popular”) and re-use an Artie story line (akin to his season 1 story line) and put her in a wheelchair, since that’s how he was paralyzed. That would be kinda lame on RIB’s part to re-use it plus that would be way too much drama for one character (since Quinn’s had a baby, been part of a big cheating scandal, gone a bit crazy and now this) and that’s saying a lot from the Glee writers. I think she’s ok, but I hope she’ll make a full recovery.

    • sam says:

      Just because an actor has a contract for a full season does not mean he/she cannot be killed off. It just means that they’ll still be credited as “starring” and will also be paid in full.

    • Mica says:

      Her contract doesn’t necessarily mean anything: many entertainment contracts have clauses that give the showrunners an out in case they want to kill off a character for the sake of drama (think “Lost”). They still generally have to pay the actor for the full contract term, but they can get rid of the character earlier.

    • Branden says:

      Yes and Dianna Agron was in the studio the past week so apparently Quinn will be fine. Just a lame cliffhanger and another way to postpone Rachel and Finn’s marriage. Ratings. Ratings. Ratings.

  41. Drea says:


  42. Brad says:

    anybody who doesn’t think quinn and rachel are in love are blind!

  43. Elise says:

    This episode was so moving! I didn’t think Glee would have the audacity of showing a suicide attempt, but they did and I’m glad for that. It’s a very touchy subject, but it needed to be addressed. They way they showed the bullying (specially the cyber bullying) was phenomenal. And the scene of Karofsky’s dad finding his son nearly dead was absolutely heartbreaking. Congratulations Glee, this time you deserved it.

  44. Fluffhoof says:

    This wasn’t the Glee I knew. But this new Glee, I like it, I like it very much.
    Very emotional episode, thanks to brilliant actors (Max Adler, Chris Colfer)and the great writing (Sacasa iirc).

  45. Mari says:

    First time in a LONG time I loved an episode!!! I was totally affected by the attempted suicide and was glad the character survived!! Then we have the accident due to texting and driving which is exactly what can happen ANYWHERE people, even on a practically deserted road in the mid west…April is going to take forever!

  46. karenb says:

    Thank you for mentioning the whole presidential candidate thing, Slezak. I couldn’t agee with you more.
    This episode was so thought-provoking. Not just in regards to the gay, texting, bullying, marrying thing. I think Ryan & Co. made many points tonight-like Teen Jesus welcoming Kurt-the athiest- to the God Squad meeting, like supporting your friends when times are hard, to the clueless teachers and administration at the school, to Shue’s speech of reality missed with optimism. High school doesn’t last forever. Thank God!

    • Laura says:

      The God Squad scene was actually the most offensive part of the episode.

      • Ana says:

        I’ll give you that. That upset me, too. He refused all prayers when his DAD was dying. And what did he mean “I had nowhere else to go.” What about that supportive father? What about Blaine? What about Finn and Rachel? Jeez.

        • Carmen says:

          I think the point is to portray a character who is beginning to undergoe a significant internal transformation and move towards greater maturity. Kurt seems to be gaining the understanding that neither dad nor bofirend Blaine nor brother Finn nor friend Rachel can answer the deep questions that Dave’s attempted suicide are bringing to the surface in him–Kurt. He needs to turn inside, be still, listen from within to a kind of guidance he has not had or heeded before. I didn’t get a sense that he was at the God Squad looking for support from its members per se; I got the sense that he showed up at their meeting actually looking for God.

        • murley says:

          even if he was going to the god squad for support despite being an atheist, isn’t that the point of being a christian? supporting and loving others? i really don’t understand what about that is offensive.

  47. Sarah says:

    Oh…people still watch Glee? …not ironically?

  48. Michael says:

    Loved the episode, even if I got spoiled the Quinn ending. Still shocked me.
    Can Max be a regular now? Seriously RIB set it up so that Dave can possibly return.

  49. Fabricio says:

    I’m in shock, totally in shock… First at all… This episode was epic, how manys show make us cry, yell and cheerin’ for characters on TV?
    The Cough Syrup performance and the Karofsky scenes were awesome. My first thoughs were Karofsky died, hopefully he survived. Did you see the Daniel Radckliffe’s ad for The Trevor Project?? I Loved it.
    The Troubletones are back, just like Schuester promised to Mercedes, Santana and Brittany. Sue pregnant.. Mmmmm
    This episode I really enjoyed all the songs. I still love Glee. So many emotions in my mind after I saw the episode.. I can’t wait to April

  50. Scott says:

    Not a fan of the music tonight, it was just, I don’t know, meh. Sebastian sure was sweating on the stage during the Warbler performance come New Directions kids don’t sweat?