How I Met Your Mother Recap: So Many Feelings

[Warning: If you have yet to watch Monday’s How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes now! Everyone else, read on…]

“Robin again?!”

Those were Lily’s words — and probably a lot of viewers’ — during Monday’s How I Met Your Mother after Ted confessed to his ex-turned-roommate — in the same rooftop spot they first kissed — that he still loved her. While Robin didn’t immediately return the sentiment, she did eventually make her way to his bedroom to kiss him back. But before they could talk about what it all meant, a work trip to Russia pulled her away. She gave him a quick peck and promised to pick up where they left off when she returned.

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In the meantime, Ted turned to Lily and Marshall to help sort out his feelings. Their advice, however, was colored by an old bet that Lily wagered against Marshall that Ted and Robin wouldn’t end up together. And while it made sense that Lily would be the realist to Marshall’s romantic, Ted saw it as “trying to sabotage” his chances at future happiness though.

“Yes, it’s five years later, and you haven’t settled down with anybody else,” Lily argued. “But you haven’t settled down with Robin either. There must be a reason for that. What’s standing in the way?”

And then it hit Ted: Barney, the third point of that incestuous love triangle/friendship that Victoria had warned Ted about, was that reason. He and Robin hadn’t gotten back together because she was in love with Barney. But in a twist, Barney had almost no reaction, except for “Bummer,” when Ted informed him that Robin and Kevin had broken up. He then proceeded to give Ted his blessing to rekindle things with his ex. “If you make her happy, then that makes me happy,” he said.

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But all this sharing of feelings was moot because we still didn’t know where Robin stood. After picking her up from the airport and having dinner at the blue French horn restaurant, Ted finally asked Robin if she loves him, to which she simply replied, “No.”

Still, Ted was happy because now he could finally close the door on that hope and move on. (Robin’s decision to move out of Ted’s apartment suggested that their relationship had indeed reached a turning point.) And as future Ted told us at the beginning of the episode, the next woman to whom he says, “I love you,” will be the mother (outside of a theater playing The Wedding Bride II!). So either Ted has a lot of casual relationships coming up or the mother is near.

HIMYM fans, do you think this journey back to Robin/Ted was necessary for Ted to move forward? Were you disappointed Barney didn’t have more of a reaction to Robin’s break-up? And did Marshall’s unwillingness to pay up on the bet make you uneasy?

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  1. Deena says:

    So disappointed Robin and Ted didn’t last in this episode. I don’t care that she’s not the mother, I want them together.

    • nat says:

      I love how I met your mother and at first I loved the Ted robin thing and always focused on Ted and every woman he met trying to see if she fit the story or whatever but for the past couple of seasons my focus has shifted towards Barney and robin the episode where everyone was talking bout the hurricane and robin and Barney kissed in the cab was the best thing ever, I even like Lilly and Marshall’s story better than Ted and ? It shouldn’t be like that though its how I met your mother not how Barney met robin

  2. Kate says:

    No mention of Conan O’Brien’s cameo? I had forgotten all about him mentioning it was going to happen months ago in an interview with NPH.

    • Sarah says:

      Wait, what? Where?! Totally missed that…

      • Kate says:

        He is hanging out in the bar by the door. You can see him really well when Barney runs out. He was at a charity event last year and bid on a walk on role. The writers wanted to give him lines, but he thought it would be funnier if he was just randomly in the background. He mentioned it on his show when NPH or Jason was on.

        • Sarah says:

          holy crap, he’s tall!
          I remember that interview, I didnt know it was going to be this episode! He totally should’ve had lines though.

          • Summer says:

            I read somewhere that he requested that he just be an extra in the episode he got to be in, for a twist on a celebrity cameo or something.

    • Timbo says:

      I actually saw him & went back in slo-mo to make sure.

  3. Kayla says:

    I love the Ted/Robin relationship and i may be 1 of the few who actually doesn’t like the barney/robin relationship at all so the beginning of tonight’s ep rlly tugged at my heart’s strings and i was so happy 4 those few sweet moments until it was ruined. And i thought it was all over for good now but that ending with Marshall messed with my head and my heart because as we know on this show little things like that often get revisited so even though it’s prob hopeless i’m still a hopeless believer that something may happen especially with that ending with marshall.

    • cassie says:

      Finally someone who agrees with me!!!

    • Kristina says:

      Me too :(

    • Hannah says:

      I had a crazy thought during last night’s episode. So clearly HIMYM likes to mess with our heads lol. What if while Ted is telling his kid’s about their mother she has already passed away and he ends up with Robin when they are in their 50’s or 60’s?

      • Ann says:

        I had this same thought and made the exact same comment a few weeks ago. That this story is actually Ted telling his kids about the day he met their mom, but also telling them the story in a way to show how much he has loved Aunt Robin all those years. And in the future, when Ted is telling this story to his kids, the Mother has passed away…and this story is his way of telling them that he’s getting remarried to Aunt Robin. I think it would be a good ending. Afterall, no one really cares who the Mother is anymore and the writers can’t possible have a long arc with her for viewers to have an interest in the Ted/Mother relationship (this show would have to be renewed for several more years for that to happen). Viewers just want to know HOW he meets the mother and how this whole story connects together.

        • Juan says:

          I don’t know if Robin was seen in the future, I mgiht’ve missed it if she did. But I think Robin is the mother who passed away and the kids just know her as Aunt Robin until Ted reveals Aunt to be their real Mom. And just telling her story until she died, while also meeting the person who he remarried with. Nah that’s probably not it.

        • Harmony says:

          I thought the same thing and would love for this to happen. The writers have gone out of their way to point out that Robin didn’t like kids until she met Ted’s kids. Lilly obviously has a child long before Ted does and that child didn’t change her feelings about children. Ted’s kids could be different because they’re her stepkids, who call her Aunt Robin.

      • Chris says:

        Oh how right you were.

  4. Michael R says:

    It needed to happen and Barney’s reaction was a welcome one. I suspect Robin will end up with Michael Trucco’s character who appeared in 1 episode last season, where Future Ted promised more to his story later. That suggests Barney’s new love interest might be his future bride and the mother of his future kid(s). It might not be the typical tv direction but clearly Barney is parent-bound and Robin is not.

    • Meg says:

      I think the writers put the kibosh on that storyline since Trucco’s show on USA, Fairly Legal, got picked up–I remember reading something about that, how they brought Kal Penn in as a replacement storyline. However, I haven’t seen Michael Trucco in any of Fairly Legal previews, so I could be mistaken.

      • Estelle says:

        I live in Vancouver where they film Fairly Legal and I saw Michael Trucco on set in Gastown last week so he should be in at least on episode this season (I think they were filming ep 9 or 10…)

  5. R says:

    The fact that Marshall refused to pay up definitely foreshadowed some more Ted/Robin stuff in the future. I still stand by my theory that the mother dies soon after the second kid is born and Ted does eventually end up with Robin. (I know that’s extremely far-fetched, but I can hope right?)

    • Carmichael says:

      It’s an interesting theory, I wouldn’t have a problem if it happened. But you’re right, it’s a bit far fetched.

    • rachelleet says:

      Haha…although I still think that Barney’s half sister will be the mother (more on that later), after watching the so-so flick Definitely, Maybe I think there is always this possibility that the “mother” might not the person he wants to be with. But, I honestly think this episode was a way for the writers to try to get Ted (and us) to officially move on from the Robin/Ted relationship.

    • Summer says:

      This is actually a really bizarre idea…but what if the mom’s name is also Robin? That way, Marshall actually wins by a bizarre default, and Ted actually ends up with (a) Robin.

  6. Maddy says:

    Argh I was really ready to give up on Ted/Robin, but then what was with Marshall’s comment at the end. WHY WRITER’S WHY? Keeping me hanging by the thread. SMH.

    • Dash says:

      I just think that is who Marshall is! He has always been the positive one. He’s always believed that things will work out. I don’t think it means we will revisit Ted and Robin, I think it means we may revisit the long term bet.

  7. Caity says:

    I think that Marshall’s unwillingness to pay up just suggests that he’s going to keep hoping for Ted even if Ted’s not. I think it’s just a sweet friendship thing. And I agree that Robin and Barney aren’t going to end up together. They love each other but want different things. I thought tonight’s episode was really good and kind of went back to the comedy and heart that the I think the latest season has really lacked.

  8. Mikaela says:

    It’s never been Robin! From the pilot episode, Robin has been reffered to as Aunt Robin! I honestly don’t care who the mother is. I want to know who it is that Barney’s marrying! That’s what’s killing me.

  9. Mike says:

    I think Barney and Robin are end game but it will take some time

  10. Rene says:

    I’m absolutely uneasy about Marshall’s uneasiness about the bet. I could easily see the mother dying and Ted and Robin getting together at the age of 50 as Lily pays Marshall on the bet. That would be the worst. I loved this episode for the first 21 minutes and 10 seconds, then they had to kill all the momentum at the end. My hope would be that Marshall pays Lily at Barney’s wedding when he sees Ted meet the mother and immediately sees the sparks. IDK though, I don’t trust this show to not try Ted/Robin again if they only have 18 episodes of material and they have 6 more to fill next season.

  11. Jon says:

    Barney and Robin!

  12. Sarah says:

    What the heck was with Lily’s wigs in the flashbacks to Ted and Stella’s not-wedding? I thought the red ones were bad, these brunette ones seem worse.

  13. Midge says:

    I think Lily and Marshall have two kids and Marshall gets killed during a freak accident then Ted steps in to help raise the children.

  14. Alexis says:

    It was a perfect episode.

  15. Gigi says:

    I think Ted/Robin needs to end. I hate that the writers start writing Ted/Robin for the 12948032nd times when they have nothing else to write or stand in the way of Barney/Robin. It’s getting annoying. I want to see the mother already. How could Ted say all these things about loving their ‘aunt’ Robin to his kids?

  16. Bobby says:

    Great episode as always… but what I did not get was why Lily was trying to get Marshall to “pay up” in the run up to the first Ted/Lily wedding, when Lily bet Ted they would not end up together?

  17. Bobby says:

    Great episode as always… but what I did not get was why Lily was trying to get Marshall to “pay up” in the run up to the first Ted/Lily wedding, when Lily was the one that bet they would not end up together?

    • Little Scarf Girl says:

      Lily bets Marshall that Ted and Robin won’t end up together. So if they don’t end up together, Marshall will have to pay up, because he’s on the side of Ted/Robin ending up together. I think he won’t pay up because there’s another part of the bet we don’t know about yet.

    • Sharon says:

      Do you mean Ted/Stella wedding?? Lily bet Marshall that Ted won’t end up with Robin. So when Ted is set to marry Stella, Lily thinks she won the bet and asks Marshall to pay up. Is this the part that confused you?

  18. rod says:

    Barney’s reaction was perfect. He gave up an awesome relationship with the exquisite Nora to be with Robin. When she didn’t keep up her end of the break up deal he was broken hearted…and rightfully, closed the door on her romantically. Heck, I’d close the door on her completely if she burned me like that.
    That being said, my wife and I are weary of the teases…just reveal the mom and let the show die. Ted may be the single worst lead character in TV history…and robin is quickly becoming the 2nd worst.

  19. Brenna says:

    OMG! Barney doing Single Ladies in the car with Lily and Marshall! So awesome.

  20. Jessica Oliver says:

    I think Marshall refusing to pay up is going to be paid off at some point in Ted’s next relationship – and that’s how we learn she’s “the mother.”

  21. Tanvi says:

    After watching this episode and seeing Barney’s reaction, I have a really strong feeling that Robin is going to be Barney’s bride at the end of the season. I don’t know why but I think that’s what’s gonna happen. Barney still has feelings for Robin but just won’t admit it. In a way, I’m happy that the Robin-Ted confusion is over. But it was so sad when he asked her to move out! Heartbreaking! I’m rooting for Barney and Robin!!

    • Christy says:

      I am Robin/Barney all the way. Although she is very sweet with Ted, we have known since episode 1 that she is not the mother. They are destined to be really great friends. If Barney is marrying someone else I wil cry!

    • Lina says:

      i think Robin marries Barney. she is the bride we haven’t seen yet who wants to talk to Ted after the scene in which Barney and Teb were talking about “the tie”

  22. JMO says:

    I completely agree. Two episodes ago really disappointed me but these last two have been outstanding.

  23. LeSigh says:

    Not sad that I missed this then… *sighs* Why can’t we just meet the frakking mother already? The show needs to move on, like some of us have…

  24. Robin says:

    I am getting tired of the Ted & Robin scenario, especially since we know they do not get back together. I could never have a friendship with someone that I have had an intimate relationship particularly one that has been as emotional and ongoing as this one.

  25. Michael says:

    what was the name of the song playing when Robin was moving out

  26. MLSimmons says:

    The song playing at the end is “Shake It Out,” by Florence and the Machine.

  27. Kavs says:

    Did anyone saw that the movie that Ted went to see with the mother at the begining was the Wedding Bribe 3!!

  28. John Berggren says:

    Marshall not paying the bet ties to Marshall asking Robin to move out.
    Ted can’t move on while he’s living with Robin, and if Robin does have feelings for Ted, living with him may be clouding them. “Missing” him might be the ticket.

  29. Little Scarf Girl says:

    I’m happy Barney didn’t have much reaction. Robin broke his heart! She totally rejected him, and obviously he can’t keep pining after someone who doesn’t love him back. Don’t get me wrong, I still want those two to end up together. But Robin needs to make a move if she wants Barney back. Also, I thought the episode overall was very solid! Loved Marshall and Lily’s Long Term Bets, haha. The only thing I was frustrated with was Robin herself. Why go kissing Ted if she didn’t really love him or want to be with him? And in the end it was Marshall who told her it was time to leave, even if she did agree with him.

    • Timbone says:

      Yeah Robin’s character really pisses me off, especially switching from Ted to Barney, but like I said it is cheaper for the producers that introducing a new female or male main character. I am just glad that Lily didnt get together with Ted or Barney, I would have had to skip a lot more episodes lol
      P.S I didnt watch Barney’s and Robin’s relationship, I took a HIMYM Sabbatical lol

  30. Joe says:

    I really liked that we got to see the Marshall and Ted friendship again and really see Marshall be Ted’s best friend and be there when he needed him.

  31. necle says:

    actually it was the wedding bride III, not II.

  32. Michael says:

    Everyone is saying that Robin aint going to be the mother but, we don’t know who Ted will end up with, the Kids could be twins from a one night stand and he could be going out with Robin, later when they are born.

  33. cuius says:

    My money is on Ted and Barney “marrying” – seems to be the latest trend

  34. Hannah Whitelock says:

    Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Barney’s reaction towards Robin being single will be revisited, HIMYM have been known to make it seem like everything is ok and then a few episodes later have flashbacks to the characters actual reactions. Remember “Of Course” with J-lo when it turns out Robin was going through her “mourning period” even though it was 9 episodes since they broke up)? Having said that I love Becki Newton and I think her character could inject some more fun into the show, so I’d like to see where that goes to. I like Robin/Barney when they want to be together but can’t, or can but shoudn’t and I’m wary of a relationship after how last time went. Love HIMYM though!

  35. HaHa says:

    I am so glad that Robin and Ted are OVER!!!

  36. jake says:

    It’s week after week where I have either been annoyed, disappointed or upset at what is happening with the character of Robin — so much so that I’m just frustrated with the writers that it becomes difficult to watch — something that should not be for a sitcom.

  37. dk says:

    Okay, now, here’s a question. Why does the mother of the two kids and Ted’s wife have to be the same person???

    • dk says:

      ETA: Needless to say, I’m a Ted/Robin shipper.

    • Little Scarf Girl says:

      While it’s not explicitly stated that the mother and Ted’s wife are the same person, come on, it’s heavily implied. His statements about her are very loving, and current. (He says that there is a robot picture she’d drawn on their fridge in “Girls vs. Suits.”) She’s the love of his life, not Robin. And they’ve already established that Robin won’t become a mother, which means she won’t be a step-parent, either.

  38. Carla says:

    Marshall’s reluctance to pay up made me extremely HAPPY! Like dk, I am totally holding out for Ted and Robin. Maybe it ends with the kids saying, “Great, so that’s how you met mom, but why do you keep calling Robin ‘your aunt Robin’? Dude, we totally know you two are dating. We’re not 5. It’s ok, dad.” I would LOVE that!

  39. Rachel says:

    Two things:
    1. He is talking to his kids in 2030…they look at LEAST 14-16 (and that’s stretching it)…so he HAS to meet the MOTHER soon.
    2. I thought it was the Wedding Bride III?

  40. susela says:

    Who’s to say the kids that future Ted has been talking to all this time are actually his? He could be the boring “uncle” telling Lily and Marshall’s kids about how he met Lily, for all we know.

  41. Kate says:

    I think Robin is the bride Barney because who else would want to talk to Ted before the wedding. Plus Lilly is bridesmaid.

  42. Steve says:

    It’s for sure Wedding Bride III. (With 7:30 and 9:45 viewing times) I also think this pegs Becky as Barney’s wife. The gang is beginning to pair up. Marshall and Lily first, Barney next, Ted Last. Robin getting married is a nice thing but that isn’t something crucial to the series. Unless of course they need one last fake out and we meet Robin’s husband before Ted’s wife.

  43. Matt says:

    I want Robin and Ted, but I’d be okay with Robin and Barney. Unless we get to meet the mother, and she’s totally awesome, and then I’ll absolutely be on board with Robin/Barney, but if the mother is subpar, I’ll be a little upset it wasn’t Robin and Ted.

  44. saul says:

    Does this mean Victoria will come back into Ted’s life.
    I noticed that she is listed as a recurring character and she left
    because of Robin’s relationship with Ted.
    Now she has no reason not to be part of his life.
    I bet they find a way for her to return.

    • claire says:

      Victoria was engaged to Klaus last time we saw her. Probably married by now.

      • saul says:

        We don’t even know if this Klause even exist.
        All we know is that Victoria told Ted she was engaged to him.
        I’m betting she created Klaus so she could have a reason she couldn’t be with Ted.
        The real reason was that she saw no future in that relationship because of Robin.

  45. Ash says:

    I want Robin and Barney back.

  46. Timbone says:

    I personally think the Barney/Robin relationship was just so WRONG!!! In yesterday’s episode they actually used it for something : Barney’s reaction proved my point that it was just for nothing. I personally believe that partners are swapped since the producers cant afford a cast of 500. But on the mother well Katie Holmes Character seemed like the mother, when I found out Katie Holmes was the lady, I was pretty happy it didnt work out lol. So I think the many yellow umbrellas just shows us that Ted might date all of them and will only say I love you to one, so at least he wont be getting engaged any time soon or saying I love you as a reflex

  47. lolo says:

    not yet…

  48. Kelly says:

    Besides the episode with Marshall’s Dad dying this is the best episode of HIMYM in years. The heart was back to it & the characters were actually likeable for the most part. I had a soft spot for Ted/Robin when the show started so it’s nice to see that relationship still be acknowledged. I doubt they get together in the long-run but pretending nothing ever happened doesn’t work either.
    Personally I think Marshall not paying up was about him not wanting to give up hope for Ted & Robin. It was sweet and indicates to me that maybe Marshall thinks they belong together. That doesn’t mean it’ll happen or anything since last I checked Marshall isn’t able to predict the future.

  49. Amber says:

    No mention of CoCo’s cameo?

  50. Amy says:

    As much as I was “Robin again??” I am glad they went there just because they actually addressed a problem that is always there in these types of shows – where exes somehow are still friends without the history coming back. Looking forward to them growing and moving past that.