Castle Bombshell Coming! How Will Kate React?

As if Castle‘s Detective Beckett hasn’t already had a bad day, having seen a key witness shot dead right in front of her as she and her team race to prevent a national crisis, on a personal level she’s about to get an eye-opening earful.
In this video sneak peek of tonight’s episode, CIA agent Sophia Turner calls Rick and Kate on the carpet for letting the aforementioned witness die on their watch after going a bit rogue. But after undressing the duo on a professional level, Turner takes a dig at Rick with a pointed allusion to their years-ago working “relationship” — and the slip does not go unnoticed by Beckett.
Watch the clip here, then share your theory on how exactly Kate will eventually react. Remember, Castle creator Andrew W. Marlowe hinted to me that Kate’s secret will soon emerge, that she remembers Rick saying “I love you” after she got shot. Do you think she will drop that bombshell of her own when railing against her partner in crimesolving/potentially more? Something à la “So tell me, Rick, did you love her, too?”

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  1. Marc says:

    And “the uploader has not made this video available in your country.” Wow, thanks a lot guys — not all of your commenters live in the U.S. you know! :(

  2. Carol C says:

    Ditto above!

  3. janet says:

    not available in your country just one question WHY????????????????????????????

  4. Kate says:

    I LOVE this show, but I can’t wait until the secrets are out. It would really surprise me if Kate’s came out tonight, but I’d be good with it. It’s time to get things moving! I’m really looking forward to the episode tonight.

  5. Jules says:

    And Castle continues to bore me… Stop with nonsense and do something damn it… This season has been a major let down. Not impressed with this.

    • CastleGetsBeckett says:

      This season has been a little disappointing after a promising start but boring? Can’t say I agree with you there. The cases are just background stories to move Castle and Beckett along and they haven’t been great. Maybe we can all agree that it is time to get Beckett and Castle together? Enough with the stalling. Enough exaggerated national events to get in the way. It cannot be rushing things if we are almost finished with the 4th Season. It is time.

      • Steven says:

        The “exaggerated national event” is sort of a tradition for the February-sweeps two-parter, and given the way Andrew Marlowe and Co. talk about it, they kind of know it’s ridiculous, but they have fun with it. So why not?
        In the meantime, I’ve pretty thoroughly enjoyed the season. I did think the episode with the tiger was kind of pointless, but the beauty of “Castle” is that it’s not a show that has to engage the overarching mythology to have a really great episode. It’s one that you can watch just about any episode on its own and enjoy it for what it is. I say don’t rush the romance; I care about the characters as is.

        • Bear75 says:

          I second that. I think what makes Castle special is that it’s always been a bit tongue in cheek &, true to its author origins, plays constantly with subtext, which I really enjoy. I don’t want them to rush it & do what every other show does which is get them together & then find a million ways to keep them apart but I think they do need to start thinking of progressing it further as Marlowe & cast have been teasing quite a bit this season which perhaps isn’t the smartest thing to do as the Caskett shippers seem to be getting restless! :-) Personally love Castle & its characters though, so long may it reign x

        • castle says:

          The Elvis one was pretty pointless too. The really great episodes this season have been few. “I say don’t rush the romance” Like the OP said it has been 4 seasons. That is not rushing anything. If you like the chaacters as is that’s great. Some people want them to grow more. Separately and together.

    • leftword says:

      Agreed. This whole season has been lackluster at best. The throw away cases (dog shows, haunted houses, Elvis impersonators and cleanses? please.) and the missed opportunities are frustrating at best. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Castle and Beckett to hop into bed together, but it feels like their personal story arcs have taken a back seat to filler episodes like these. I don’t need to be thrown crumbs in the form of side glances and hand rubs. I need some gravitas. I don’t care if they don’t talk about their relationship with one another, but dammit, deal with something. These actors are better than this material.
      I miss writer Will Beall. His episodes were great even if they were cases of the week. Give me more stakes. Give me more Pandora/Linchpin style episodes. Give me something or this great show will continue to lose it’s week to Hawaii Five-O and Smash.

  6. timtam says:

    Is this a new sneak peek or one of the four we’ve already seen? Not available in my country. If it’s new what happens???

  7. tahina says:

    Another girl in Castle’ past, ergo, Kate gets jealous..been there, done that. Hmm?

    • Jill says:

      Been there and been there, and been there, and been there …..
      Every new thing they come up with to keep Castle and Beckett apart is more thread-bare than the last.
      Does Andrew Marlowe know he’s turning into Hart Hanson?

  8. Coop says:

    Best season ever, I love the way the relation between Castle and Beckett is going, yes, it’s slow, but I think this way is gonna be even better when they get together, all this tension is becoming almost unbearable both for them and for the audience! Good job to all the Cast and the writers.
    I can still wait a little longer for them to realize how much they love each other, but not forever!!! ;)
    One of the best show around!!!

  9. Megan says:

    anyone else think the music completely doesn’t fit in this scene?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I noticed that, too, but it’s obviously trying to play up the whole “The fate of Western civilization rides on this two-part February sweeps case!” drama.

  10. Reneye says:

    One of the best shows, can’t wait for tonights.

  11. Danielle H says:

    I think this 2 parter is terrible. WAYYYY to unrealistic and campy. Even the bomb episode was more believable! And the acting by everyone in this sneak peek was terrible.
    I’m hating how Castle this season either hits or really, really misses the mark.

  12. yippy says:

    I don’t even care if/when Castle and Beckett get together. I only watch it for the LULZ. I’m so glad it’s funny and exaggerated, I wouldn’t watch it if it was another CSI or L&O show.
    Look at Psych, for example. Shawn and Juliet finally got together but who cares, the show has become less funny than before so I don’t like the new season as much…

  13. SnazzyO says:

    I’ll be the first to say Marlowe has overbaked the UST but I found this scene compelling.
    I like Jennifer Beals in this role, a lot. She’s so like Kate — although I don’t see a decade difference.
    As for what Kate says next, I’ll be po’d if she does anything but stand up for Castle. He’s not screwing around this time. He followed the right protocol — he worked with Kate first and like they always do. Turner is out of line.
    I hope Beckett tells her to get over her personal issue. Castle broke the code and he’s useful.

  14. James says:

    I’m enjoying very much this season of Castle and last week’s first episode of the two parter was amazing, I can’t wait for tonight’s episode and see how this love triangle ends, I hope with Sophia out of the picture :)

  15. lame says:

    They’re both adults, in episode 4.11 Beckett tells Castle that he can’t possibly think she is a virgin, and now she expects Castle not to have had what she considers normal. AWM & CO in your efforts to keep the DD apart you even have TVGUIDE a once staunch supporter saying enough is enough[article 4/21],if you haven’t notice,you’ve crossed the credibility line and are now in the outrages soap opera vein. That could be why there is an absence of recognition when awards are presented,you follow fabulous episodes like Cops and Robbers,Rise,Killshot and Dial M for Mayor with soap suds.

    • Rachael says:

      I’m definitely in agreement that they need to stop dragging out the Castle/Beckett relationship, HOWEVER I think you’ve completely missed the point of this particular storyline in the two-parter. It’s been made ABUNDANTLY clear on this show that Castle has had many many romantic “conquests” in the past – girlfriends, wives, groupies, etc. That is NOT what Kate is having the issue with in this episode. It is the fact that he has already had a romantic relationship with someone he used as a MUSE for his novels, VERY similar to Kate. It makes her wonder if this is some sort of pattern for him, and whether she is simply another love interest in a long line of muses that he has had and will have in the future. THAT is the entire point of this storyline, and I think anyone in Kate’s shoes would be feeling the same way right about now.
      However, with that said, I absolutely think they need to push this relationship along and stop with the artificial roadblocks. I do fear that if they drag the “will they won’t they” out too long, people are going to start giving up on the show (I’m sure some less patient people already have thrown in the towel by now, sadly).

      • Jillian says:

        For me…I’m fine with waiting until the end of them to get together. What matters to me is the story along the way. I want to see a couple grow and continue to fall in love with each other. I haven’t seen that all with Castle this season. Maybe a little in seasons 2 and 3, but now, they are already in love with each other and they want to be together, but they keep putting these stupid roadblocks in instead of pushing their relationship along. That’s just not entertaining to me.

        • Rachael says:

          “What matters to me is the story along the way. I want to see a couple grow and continue to fall in love with each other. I haven’t seen that all with Castle this season.” – Agree with you on this. “Maybe a little in seasons 2 and 3” – This is where we diverge. I thought the chemistry was great in seasons 2 and 3; especially 3, to me it started really jumping off the screen in the second half of season 3. And that is the main reason that it has been so disappointing in season 4: because they have dialed the chemistry back from a 10 to 1 after Kate’s shooting. I would agree with you that this is probably the primary reason why everyone is getting frustrated (including me), even more so than the actual lack of getting them together as a couple.
          HOWEVER, with that said, I do see some good progress on this front in the last 3 or so episodes. It seems like they are finally getting comfortable with each other again, enough to get back to their flirting ways. If they continue on this path and ramp it up more … OH and also they SERIOUSLY need to get to addressing these frakking secrets too, that is another MAJOR thing that getting ridiculous and seems to be driving people up the wall (including me). If they can address both of those then I think most fans will be happy. My view is just that once they address and resolve those secrets with each other, there should be no more roadblocks to them FINALLY giving into their attractions and dating each other. So it just seems like the next logical step to me.

      • tarc says:

        The him-hawing about the romance aspect pretty much ruined Bones for me. I stopped watching just before they decided to let them hookup (off camera). It had gone so very, very long that I really don’t care that they got together; in fact, I just topped caring about the show altogether. This ‘Moonlighting’ fear that seemes to be rampant in Hollywood is such nonsense: the Moonlighting Effect was due to two actors that lotahed each other and writers that could not manage a shift from the old paradigm. Moonlighting was, shortsightedly, really built entirely on the basis of the couple’s unfulfilled flirting. Neither Bones or Castle are as ridiculously weakly constructed as that. Get Beckett and Castle together THIS season – it’s time.

  16. Niki says:

    I so can’t wait!!

  17. Rachael says:

    There’s actually a way better sneak peak out there, I believe I saw it on … it DOES show Kate’s reaction to Castle’s past relationship with Sophia … at least her initial reaction. And the scene is pretty hilarious. I’d recommend checking that out or just waiting for tonight’s ep to see it, if you don’t want to spoil yourself. ;-)

  18. Audrey says:

    I been loving this season, so I can’t understand what’s with rhe complaining. This season has been feeding my inner shipper more than previous seasons. Can’t wait to see how everything will play out in this 2-parter.

  19. coop says:

    There is the same sneak peek on youtube without this music, much much better, I have to say that the music in this one is totally off….! I Hope they keep the other one!
    I’m really enjoying the way the relationship is going, of course I don’t wanna wait 7 years to see them together just deciding one day that they are a couple.
    I love to see how episode after episode they build they relationship, it’s slow, I know, but sometimes love is complicated, this is not only a crime show, it’s a real love story, ad real love story have up and down, I feel like when they finally will get together it will be worth it all this year and tension.
    This kids are still learning about each other, to trust each other and to love each other, that’s to me, is a real love story, if you wanna see people get together there are other show I guess, and I watch some of them, but for once,it is nice to see people wanting to understand and trust each other instead of just jumping each other bones.

    • lame says:

      What really bothers me and gives me the feeling of being jerked around are instances like 4.10 Cuffed when Beckett leaves the precinct at the end of the episode and gives Castle that “I’ll be waiting for you phone call” look and there is no follow up; it’s as if that incident never happened. If there aren’t going to be consequences, why write them into the script unless to jerk the fan base around. Here we are on episode 4.16 and I’m still waiting for the reaction form 4.10.

      • Jillian says:

        I here you. I feel that way about the admission of love and Castle solving her mother’s murder. It’s like they completely dropped that storyline (…it was also a stupid storyline to begin with)
        Personally, I’m fine with waiting until the end. I would rather see a couple growing and falling in love with each other. Not watching a couple already “in love” with each other, but can’t be together because of some lame barrier. I don’t see Castle and Beckett growing and falling in love this season. I see them keep bringing in potential love interests/past loves for Castle and Beckett either gets jealous or makes puppy love looks at him and she can’t be with him because of her issues and her mom dying this season. They just keep doing the same thing over and over again. They won’t advance the storyline or work on breaking the barrier like have Beckett tell her secret or even have Castle admit that he’s still working on her mother’s case.
        Also, the chemistry is really lacking this season. I want to see fun, sexy flirty chemistry before they get together. I want to see puppy love looks and hand rubs after they get together. They are getting to be more like brother and sister to me. To be honest, I was never that impressed with their chemistry to begin with, but their interaction was still fun to watch in previous season. Now, their interaction makes me wants to fall asleep.

  20. Jillian says:

    I don’t think anything will happen. I think Beckett will probably get jealous again and confront Castle and he will be all like “It was nothing like what we had now.” Yawn. I agree, Castle is getting boring this season. I don’t even bother watching it anymore.

  21. Mari says:

    I’m enjoying this season a lot! But I really want their secreat to come out!

  22. El says:

    Really enjoying this season. Don’t get caught up in the shipping and I like it better. After six years of Bones and being really disappointed, I am enjoying this ride more.

    • Coop says:

      couldn’t agree more!

    • Jillian says:

      For me, there was never any barrier keeping B&B apart up until the 100th. They just kept growing, falling in love, Brennan slowly kept believing in love and they are growing together as a couple within each episode this season. For me…with Castle, they are already in love with each other and want to be together, but they can’t be together because of Beckett’s problems and her mom dying and they won’t work on even trying to break the barrier. So I’m giving up Castle. It’s just terrible.

      • El says:

        That is how I feel about Bones. Different views. I just love the characters on Castle and I love Nathan F.

      • ILTV says:

        I love Bones; the 100th episode showed that Brennan was the one that wanted to go out with Booth when they first meet. Over the years we know that Booth is the one that stops the relationship from progressing. Brennan is logical person, you tell her then show her, so she needs proof, Booth posed a question on having a possible relationship that may or may not last then gave her proof that it was never meant to be because she did not want to take that risk of possibilities. The barrier for B&B was FBI protocol (they mention it ALL THE TIME) and their families’ insecurities. Is having a relationship that may fail worth destroying a crime solving team that helps bring closure to so many. Also a relationship that both B&B do not understand because it goes beyond love, they are soul mates.
        I love Castle; they are the ones that do not have a barrier keeping them from having a relationship. Do they have a protocol set, because Esposito and Lanie have dated? I agree that Beckett has issues to deal with from her mom dying and trusting her feelings. Castle is ready for a relationship; he is searching for someone to replace Beckett when she is in a relationship, temporarily because he does tend to sabots those relationships. I recall from the first season we found out that Beckett loved Castle the writer because his books help her when she was dealing with her mother’s death. She has seen Castle the writer, the friend, the father, the son, the hero, so what is stopping her having a relationship. I think they need to get together soon because they do not have barriers stopping them.

        • Jillian says:

          Interesting. I never really took the FBI policy seriously. They just kept getting closer and falling in love with each episode…and Brennan slowly kept believing in love, so I guess that kind of out weighed the whole FBI policy thing for me. I agree that the 100th brought a major barrier between them, but before that, I didn’t there was anything keeping them apart. Also..I agree that their relationship goes beyond love and that they are soul mates.
          I think the barrier in Castle and Beckett’s relationship is Beckett just not telling him that she heard his confession of love because of her issues. Also, what really bugs me is that they don’t move their relationship along and they keep bringing in possible love interests/past loves for Castle to make Beckett jealous. Has anyone seen tonight’s episode yet?

  23. Pat says:

    I’d love to see the video. Except it’s not available in my country.
    I’m really tired of Beckett being jealous of Castle’s relationships, and Castle getting jealous of Beckett’s. After four years, it’s really old. So are all the other contrivances to keep them apart. Either they care for each other or they don’t. At this stage, it should be that simple.
    I’m just hanging in to see if Marlowe finally puts them together this season. If not, don’t think I’ll hang around for more of the same thing.

  24. Bob L. says:

    Thankfully, it didn’t play out that way.

  25. sn says:

    I can’t watch :-(