Vampire Diaries Boss Previews Cassidy Freeman's 'Ballsy' Role, Plus 3 More Scooplets!

Smallville stunner Cassidy Freeman will soon make her Vampire Diaries debut, but very little is known about Mystic Falls’ latest import… until now.

Executive producer Julie Plec recently revealed some key details about Freeman’s mysterious vamp Sage, whom she describes as “ballsy, and sexy, and dynamic and fun.”

“Cassidy’s character is a vampire we’ll meet in our 16th episode, titled ‘1912’,” Plec teases. “It’s timed about 100 years ago, when Damon was still… the Damon that walked out the door in a huff of disappointment and piousness when his brother [Stefan] was out of control in 1864.”

Adds the EP, “Somewhere between 1864 and [The Vampire Diaries] pilot, Damon became the Damon that we know and love, and this episode gives us a little glimpse into that — and what Cassidy’s Sage had to do with it.”

And not unlike those beloved Originals, Sage will be featured in both present day and flashback scenes.

Vampire Diaries Boss Talks Offing Originals, Teases ‘Major Jeopardy’ for All by Season’s End

Here are three more scooplets from the remainder of Season 3:

• Plec says that unlike most Vampire guest stars (who have an end date from the get-go), Torrey DeVitto’s Meredith is sticking around for the foreseeable future. “With Meredith, [the story] has been ever-evolving,” she muses. “It’s possible [the character could become a permanent fixture] — or she could die a horrific, violent and tragic death.”

• Alaric’s life-saving “eternity ring can’t be relied upon much longer,” Plec shares. “There’s definitely a sense of the clock ticking on the effectiveness of the ring, and that’s going to be a big concern for [Elena] who really only has two very important people left in her life: Alaric and Jeremy.”

• How long until the identity of the at-large Mystic Falls Murderer is unveiled — that is if it’s not Meredith, as the end of tonight’s episode seemed to imply? “The next wave of story we have to get through is seeing the outcome of the Original mother’s plan to kill her babies,” Plec offers, “but as we move forward into that we are also going to dovetail very nicely about who is behind [the murders].”

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  1. Christina says:

    God can Vampire Dairies please spend some time with the characters do they, I’m getting tired of these useless new characters coming in. Sage sounds boring and hope this is just a one episode deal. Please move on to something more important. Thanks.

    • Christina says:

      ^ *spend some time with the characters they do have

    • lorna says:

      I like Torrey D, but not as Meredith or on TVD. Please get rid of her AND keep my Ric or I’m not sure I can still watch without Alaric.

    • Manie says:

      AMEN! LoL

    • Jen says:

      *Ditto*, well put. AND while they’re at it, get rid of Fell quickly, bring back Jeremy (how about he fulfills his destiny and becomes the enforcer and saves Alaric!)and work on developing the wonderful supporting cast you currently have on the payroll. That’s enough for 2 seasons right there!

      • Geo says:

        I’m glad to see some other people voicing this! Can we please get back more to the core characters? God, I half expect them to start introducing Klaus’ uncles and aunts, godparents, childhood next-door-neighbors, pet dogs and cats, and half-cousins twice-removed. This show is turning into “Vampire Reunion,” where every week we meet yet another member of somebody’s family or somebody from their past. Maybe they should just have an episode where all the Vampires invite all their relatives and everybody they used to hang around with for a weekend at the Mystic Falls Hilton– have a few brews, talk about old times, and get it all over with at once, and then the next week we get back to stories about some current adventures for the show’s main characters.

        • Manie says:

          I read somewhere a girl who commented that this year “The newcomers have outnumbered the main cast, it’s getting ridiculous!”
          So yeah, it’s getting out of hand! Also *high five* for the Klaus family comment; had be laugh for a while!

        • ella says:

          Preach it! Too many unnecessary new characters. You need crib notes just to keep up!

    • Jericho says:

      That is the entire point of Sage. To show us how Damon became Damon and who his “anti-Lexie” was/is. The person who changed him from meek to murderer so to speak. Her character is ALL about spending time with Damon.
      I do agree with you though, I would much prefer them focusing on what we have left in town. Although they could really just drop Bonnie off a cliff like they did Jeremy, and focus on the brothers, Elena, Caroline, and the three worthwhile Originals.

  2. Danielle H says:

    Man, and I was just thinking the doctor would die soon like the rest of the guest players. The murders are taking a back seat to the Originals, and honestly it’s not even a necessary story line. I was not a big fan of tonight’s episode, and I don’t get why everyone is being turned into a vampire.
    Looking forward to the Damon-centric flashback eppy on 3/15 though!!

    • Ari says:

      No joke, I forgot that there was a murders storyline until I read this article. I’m not a huge fan of the doctor but if Ric’s ring is wearing out and she might not be evil, it could be a good idea to get a doctor on payroll.

  3. Josh says:

    I like the Mystic Fall murderer plot because it’s something different. We’ve been dealing with this original stuff for about two seasons now and it’s basically all about our guys getting beat down, and I’m so of bored with it. So yay to the end of the Original plot(despite liking Elijah as a character…he’s probably my favorite vamp non-Caroline vamp(Carline is obviously in her category of awesomeness)…closely followed by Rebecca)…But I’m ready for it to end so go Mommy Original!
    As for the Damon we all know and love…wait do you know mean the mopey abusive rapist? No…I don’t think I love that. Badass season 1 Damon, yes love him.

    • huh? says:

      When did Damon rape somebody? Somehow I managed to miss that part…

      • Taylor says:

        Caroline, season one, by compulsion

        • Amy says:

          I need to rewatch season 1 — and am planning on doing so next week — but I don’t think his albeit demented relationship with Caroline should be considered rape. Try and remember what season 1 Caroline was like: insecure, needy, desperate for male attention and endlessly jealous of Elena for always getting the guy. She was actually pretty stoked when Damon “noticed” her.

          • lalez says:

            sorry but every sexual encounter that isn´t agreed upon by both parties (none of them under duress) can be considered rape… and being under compulsion is not free will
            and i don´t have to sleep with a guy just because he notices me

          • zoey says:

            so true. damon is hot, and Caroline was like, if I can’t get Stefan, then I’ll go for the other brother…
            I think that he compelled her not to be afraid and to agree that he feeds on her. not the sex part.
            caroline now is strong but in season 1? she was the most insecure person ever. and lets face it, who among us would have to be compelled to have sex with damon?

          • Lindsey says:

            @Lalez. he never compelled her to sleep with him lol just to feed off of her and to stop annoying him at times

        • Izzy says:

          Uh, the original poster said she liked Damon in season one. And as far as I know, nothing happened after season one that would constitute as rape, so I don’t think she was talking about that. Or maybe she was, and she was okay with Damon being a “rapist” in season one because he was also a badass.

  4. Captain says:

    I love Torrey Devitto so hopefully she sticks around but I REALLY want Rebekah to be made a series regular. She’s the highlight of the series for me. Kill off Esther, Finn and Kol and keep Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah as regulars.

    • lacey says:

      I love the idea of keeping Klaus, Elijah, and Rebecca. Finn and Kol aren’t needed and can easily be sent off to another town. And mama witch is just annoying! Unless she’s going to stick around to give Bonnie magical tips there’s no reason to keep her around. Speaking of Bonnie I’m surprised Elena didn’t give her Alaric’s ring and tell her to fix it.

  5. Amber says:

    I hated tonight’s episode. Every other one has been great, but this one sucked. Just my opinion of course.

  6. StefAWrites says:

    I’m ready to lose Meredith. The core players have so much to offer. Let’s just stick with them for awhile.

  7. judy says:

    Hey! With those two pictures next to each other I just realized that Cassidy Freeman could be Ian Somerhalder’s twin. Whenever she was on Smallville I used to wonder who she reminded me of, and now the nagging question has been answered. Thanks TVLine!

  8. Sparky says:

    I thought this was going to be Damon and Elena’s moment. Julie Plec always went on about how Damon needed to deserve her love. Compared to Stefan he’s an angel. Disappointed that he was shot down again and again even though he does more to protect her than Stefan lately. Of the Originals get rid of all of them except Elijah and Rebekkah. I think I might be able to deal with Klaus as one part of Klausoline. I don’t think he’s a good bad guy at all. Elijah is much better as a teetering on the edge of been a bad guy. Much better actor too.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I’d be good with Klaus, Rebekah, and especially Elijah staying on permanently. The rest can go on their merry way.

      • Ari says:

        I liked Kol a lot but we didn’t really get to know him at all. Finn was a pushover and he’s going to go down in flames along with his mother. I think teetering is a good word to describe Elijah. I always feel like he’s teetering on the edge of true evil but he never sways over there. I kind of wish he would just once! He can do so much more than be the peacemaker! I so agree that he is the closest TVD has ever gotten to a real villain and I think he can be that. He just needs to be pushed over the edge! That would mean he’d have to die at some point though and I’d be so sad.

  9. Luisa says:

    Even though I like Elijah as a character, and he’s the closest thing to a true villain the TVD crew has ever written, even he probably has to go. This cast of thousands because the writers/producers don’t seem to know what to do with the triangle or how to tell stories through the main cast has got to stop.
    Sadly, I’m betting it won’t, and Season 1’s beautiful thematic explorations through the characters were just a fluke. But I’d dearly love to see this show get good again.

    • Jen says:

      Agree – I enjoy watching Elijah – his note to Elena apologizing for being a jerk was the only gasp worthy moment of the entire episode. This episode stunk. Has anyone noticed as they bring in new characters, existing characters get less time and disappear completely? It probably comes down to $$$$$ and not necessarily the limited amount of air time per episode. All these extra characters suck up $$$ so you put supporting cast on the shelf (where you don’t pay them) which frees up $$$ for new characters. It’s just my reasoning but they must have a budget and budgets have limits.

    • R says:

      I also love Elijah…but I wonder…would we love him as much if he was around for every episode? Or would we get tired of him like we are with some characters? I wouldn’t want that to happen!

  10. JENNIFER says:

    I definitely agree, & I used to think Damon was the hottest vampire on the show, but now I like the #1 hybrid, Clouse!!

  11. lily says:

    the problem with the season now is that im not even remotely scared of any of the originals…this is right around the time a scarier villian should be introduced but how can they possibly do that? the originals are completely immortal and all-powerful, but there’s no more mystery….
    glad stephan and damon switched back though, damon was right when he told stephan he was a better villian and clearly elena doesnt want him even whens he’s been perfect and amazing all season, i dont blame him for giving up.

    • Izzy18 says:

      They can introduce another species into a mix besides just vampires and werewolves. There were demons in the book, albeit they were introduced in an extremely stupid way and not very intimidating. But it would be interesting to see Plec & Co tackle something like that IMO.

  12. adam says:

    i love the characters of elijah, klaus and rebekah, they are part of the reason i still watch the show along with caroline and alaric. no one really wants damon to go back to killing and raping random people like in season 1 do they. also provided she’s not the serial killer, or going to die they need someone like meredith because she is the only way for alaric to have a love interest because he can’t date elena, bonnie, caroline or rebekah. so without her he would have no love life.

    • Wendy says:

      But I prefer Vanessa Isobel’s Assistant too Meredith sorry! I see No Chemistry between them! Plus I want to see Alaric past explored and same as Damon so curious why he is the way he is? This is just my opinion…

  13. Little Scarf Girl says:

    I agree that having the Originals around kind of dulls the suspense, because they are so powerful and can’t be killed. (And who could possibly be more powerful than they are now?) And while usually I don’t like this sort of plot, I think a time skip might be good for Vampire Diaries sometime soon. Get to a stopping point with the Originals, have them leave/die/whatever, and then have all the supernatural beings (except people like Caroline or Bonnie) leave Mystical Falls for a while. It would be interesting how life would progress without the vampires around, and what they would come back to a few years down the line. But in the meantime, I like Elijah and hope he’ll stick around for a while longer. I don’t really care about Klaus, though, and find his attempts to woo Caroline sort of silly. And I’m all for Damon moving on from Elena.

  14. josh says:

    I heard her character kills everyone and that is how they end the series.

  15. Autumn says:

    So much hate here…I personally LOVE everything about this season. TVD has never been better. I would love for the main cast to be Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Klaus, Alaric, Meredith, Elijah, Rebecca, and Matt. The originals are amazing and I LOVE the murder plot. I think this show is hitting a high and has finally found its stride. But I am one of the people who thought season one was fun but weak. I hope the writers keep it up and especially continue with the Klaus/Caroline story.

  16. guest says:

    Well I guess Paul really fought hard to get Torrey to become a regular cast member, i guess did not like living in Atlanta when she was in LA…but when you marry another actor you can not expect to be in the same city all the time.
    I do not want Alaric to die

    • Katers says:

      Interesting! Good gossip. Of course that’s what happened. Totally makes sense that he would push for her to join the cast. And definitely agree with you that those are the breaks when marrying an actor. But at the same time, I’m cool with Torre joining if it makes Paul work better. Probably gets lonely when you’re hanging with Nina and Ian while they make-out on the couch in your dressing room.
      And ever since Jenna was killed off, I feel like there’s a hole missing in the cast – the “mortal female adult”. Alaric deserves a partner to help chaperone all these teenage misfits, and get naked with. So yeah, if Torre wants that job, fine. Curious to see how the writers integrate her into this awesome show.

  17. jill says:

    I love Elijah & would prefer him to be a regular cast member over Klaus. Um, is anyone else hoping for an Elena/Elijah romance??? She can find her way back to one of the Salvatore brothers but I wouldnt mind seeing Elijah fall for someone & he seems to have a soft spot for her!

  18. Gina says:

    The show should dump boring Tyler and Matt, IMO. Klaus is a must-have, and Rebekah is interesting. Elijah would be all right as a recurring character. The rest of the Originals can leave whenever.
    Keep: Elena, Damon, Stefan (lol, those three are obvious choices), Klaus, Rebekah, Bonnie, Caroline, Alaric, Elijah (in a recurring role)
    Eliminate: Finn, Kol, Esther, Matt, Tyler, Meredith, Jeremy (if he’s not already gone for good)

    • lacey says:

      Season 1 I would have agreed with you about getting rid of Matt, but he’s grown throughout the series. Basically as soon as the writers decided to stop having him be a love-sick puppy he became interesting. I would be sad if Tyler left but Meridith and the three latest originals never should have been introduced.

  19. Damongirl says:

    Sage is not gonna be boring because she is in the book and so is Meredith so I am glad they added characters that are actually in the book can’t wait to see how this is gonna play out. Also I loved Cassidy Freeman in smallville and I like Torrey devitto. Also they gotta add new people because they can’t stay with one storyline it would be boring bringing in sage will be spicing it up and also it seems sage is damons Lexi :)

  20. Vampdiariesgirl says:

    If they eliminate Tyler Matt kol esther Meredith then the show would get boring and also they have a good storyline Tyler and Caroline are suppose to be together along with Stefan and Elena so I think they should keep all the characters that are already on the show

  21. Lori says:

    Amen! The originals have sucked the life out of all the other characters storylines

    • Sharon says:

      No, The Originals have made the unbearable love triangle that’s not a love triangle, hasn’t been a triangle and will never be a triangle more interesting. Thank God for them, or I’d have checked out a long time ago…
      Keeps: Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline,Klaus, Rebekah & Elijah
      Drops: Bonnie, Matt & Tyler
      The drops have had their chance to be interesting and are simply not.

  22. ggny says:

    anyone else think that Jeremy might be the person going around killing people? Maybe something happen when Damon erased his memory again…Probably not but just a thought

  23. ggny says:

    and the only reason Meredith is staying around is because they need a love internet for Alaric

  24. TFD says:

    Couldn’t agree more on the folk saying the Originals are sucking the life out of the show (pun intended).
    Way too much focus is being given to Klaus, and that fella cannot act.
    I’m very tired of Stephan as a dick/background character as well, I don’t think he has the chops for anything other than the nice guy routine.
    Still, my opinion is of a guy who thinks the show would be better off without Nina “voice like a 60 year old smoker” Dobrev.
    Seriously Nina, give up the smokes before they damage your voice for good.
    More Elijah plots please, Caroline too & if there’s any way to bring back Jenna, cool.

    • Dee says:

      Sorry, but I think Joseph Morgan is quite a good actor.. He’s been praised on many pages for his acting skills..

    • Sharon says:

      Before stating that JoMo isn’t a good actor, how about checking out some of his other work?
      For me, his portrayal of Klaus has helped elevate the completely sloppy ripper story line. If he hadn’t been carrying the weight, the ripper storyline would have been more of an epic fail than it already is.

  25. Theo says:

    Can Matt please get his own story? and can Jeremy return? Can Bonnie please not be a plot device? Is this a supernatural version of gossip girl waiting to happen with bad storylines?
    *Full disclosure- i am a gossip girl viewer despite bad writing.

  26. L says:

    I hope Elijah goes off and finds a way to break the bonding spell. Is that still in tact? Or was it broken when Esther didn’t complete the spell?
    There are some originals (most all) that need to go….but not Elijah!!!

  27. ella says:

    This looks like an episode to miss. I wasn’t a big fan of Cassidy Freeman as Tess on Smallville and I doubt that I’ll enjoy watching her play Sage either, considering the character is male in the books. Sounds like an excuse for more sex scenes, which Freeman got to do a lot on Smallville.

    • Hallie says:

      I have to agree i am not really looking forward to this episode and to be honest i am sum what disappointed that after a month break this is the episode we get on their way back. Instead of them showing us what happens to alric and meridith, bonnie and her mom, is klaus still persuing caroline or is he still mad about her part in demons plan and what happened with elaina. These are the questions i rather see instead we get an episode with new character that i don’t care about and i think i would appriciate this episode if there wasn’t such a big break.

  28. Annie says:

    I love the originals! Except for the mother.. I really want them to do something with Rebekka and Matt, they were so sweet at the ball. Please bring Jeremy back!!! And Tyler too.. even though I’m loving Klaus and Caroline.

  29. Garnet074 says:

    I love the Vampire Diaries and I really have enjoyed Klaus and Caroline to a surprising degree (great chemistry), but I agree about this season. The show is drifting from its original focus (Stefan, Elena, Damon) with a lot of Season 3. It’s starting to feel like “Lost” when it introduced the Tail Section Survivors, which is when I lost interest and stopped watching. Hopefully all this will be worth the wait with TVD. BTW, the hiatuses between episodes aren’t helping either.

  30. hallie says:

    Already so i have to give it to the writers for creating a pairing for caroline not only would have never have guessed this one but didn’t see it coming. As well they finally found someone for caroline that i didn’t want to FF (though matt/caroline did have some cute moments but tyler seemed a waste of time). I total love them and can’t wait to see where that goes and i also love the fact that they are not going to tame klaus like they did to damon. Trying to make demon the good guy and push him with elaina somehow he lost what we loved about damon. As for merideth a waist of time but i can’t say i am all that surpirsed i wonder if she would be sticking around if she wasn’t married to paul wesley?

  31. Amy says:

    Paul’s wife didnt get to be on the vampire diaries because of him. It was Julie’s and Kevin’s idea to have Paul’s wife on the show. Because he was like thanking those 2 and they were like its no need because they didnt bring her on the show because of him.

    • Wendy says:

      How is Torrey gonna get a regular casting when she still is on Pretty Little Liars? It would be OK if she had chemistry with Alaric like Jenna does but she just doesn’t sorry it doesn’t come through the TV. I see nothing! I think Vanessa has so much more Chemistry with Alaric than Meredith sorry!

  32. anonymous says:

    We can’t blame the writers/producers to keep introducing new characters or story lines. TVD is a tv series which means we don’t actually know when the story is gonna end. So to stay on TV, the show has to come up with stories and characters. Something to look forward to. Don’t you think it will be more boring if all we see every week in the show are the regular casts hanging out in mystic grill whatsoever (if you know what i mean). We already know their stories and who they are. I think it’s just right that this time we see them deal with other characters, supernatural or human, and how they survive every supernatural situation they are in. I think this is what TVD is all about. It’s about stories of how the main casts face situations with vampires, wolves, witches, hybrids, love triangles, family-friends issues along the way. And a beautiful plot can’t go without new characters, twists and turns.
    I really really really hope for real though, that they don’t let Klaus (or any original for that matter)get too “human” in the show. He’s way way better off as the “badass” who has been terrorizing everyone. Though it’s good to see some vulnerability, I just hope he doesn’t end up hanging out at mystic grill chit-chatting unless he’s sitting with Elijah or Damon planning some vampire-ish evil scheme. LOL

  33. Stephanie says:

    As a huge fan of TVD I have been some what disappointed in season 3. I feel it started off great, but is really drifting off into a weird direction now. I don’t get the whole murder storyline and so far, anyway, find the Ric and Meredith thing boring. I like the idea of Klaus and Caroline though. I think all characters need to be multi-dimentional. Klaus can’t be just evil. Caroline can’t be just good. As for the Damon, Elena and Stefan story I think it’s important not to try and put these three back where they were in season 1. The show, the story lines and the characters have to grow and change, evolve. If not, what’ the point of continuing with the show. Right from the very beginning of TVD it was clear that the real love story wasn’t with Stefan and Elena, it was with Damon and Elena. This story can not just go away. Also, I like the idea of finding out more about Damon’s past. He is a main character and it’s important for us to know how he became who he is. I think the writers did a great job filling us in on Stefan’s past and now it’s time to learn more about Damon’s. As for the Originals, is there going to be something in the past between Kol and Damon? Did they know each other? Will Elijha pursue Elena? Clearly he’s smitten. If Matt is going to continue on the show then maybe a Rebecca / Matt love story would be fun. If Esther stays on, she could contine her quest to destroy Klaus. Maybe by putting a spell on Elena which will cause her death. No Elena, on more Hybrids. This story would give Bonnie something to do. Battle Esther to save her best friend. Maybe Elijha could save the day with the elixer he had from the end of season 2. Maybe this story would open Stefan’s eyes as to where Elena’s heart really is. I don’t think the Originals all need to go, but I think they need to be used more in connection with the great characters we all love to watch. I hope the show does’t go backwards. It needs to move forward.

    • Fran says:

      Stephanie, I don’t think it was clear that the real love story is Damon and Elena. I think that’s just your preference and you’re allowed to have it. But I think it’s a lot more complicated than that.

      • Stephanie says:

        Fran, I agree that it’s more coplicated, and you’re right about my preference, but I still feel that the writers shouldn’t go backwards and put these characters where they were in season 1. It would be lazy to box these characthers into who they used to be in the beginning of the show. Not to mention uninteresting to watch. The love triangle has to be resolved. No matter who ends up with who, there will be fans that are unhappy. The show has to move forward in order to stay fresh and for people to want to continue watching.