New Spoiler Alert! House First Look, Smash Preview, NCIS Scoop and More!

NCIS House Smash Spoiler Alert!Was the decision to end House this season the right one? That provocative question leads off this week’s installment of TVLine’s weekly web series Spoiler Alert! — an action-packed episode that also includes an exclusive first look at next week’s rendezvous between House and his Russian bride of convenience Dominika, scoop on NCIS‘ upcoming wedding directly from Michael Weatherly himself, and complimentary front row seats to Spoiler Alert Theater — this time featuring a dramatic re-enactment of an upcoming scene from Smash performed by Cougar Town crush interests Busy Philipps and Dan Byrd.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. sandy says:

    if there is no huddy in the house season finale i will cry

    • Th. S. says:

      I think you waste your time watching soap operas, fortunately House is another thing. This show was excellent before frustrated fangirls without brain invades all places.

      • Moron Alert says:

        Don’t you love when illiterate morons call others idiots. No wonder you don’t like Cuddy – she is out of your cognitive league. So are the soap operas, I am afraid. Go watch Blue’s Clues, it’s an awesome show!

      • @Th.S says:

        …yet you are a frustrated hameron fangirl without a brain who invade every single House post. And you keep looking like a moron with every attempt you make. Try again later.

        • Liz says:

          Hameron fans have quit on the show quite a while ago, no need to draw them into this. If you don’t have a real argument, why don’t you just STFU. If anyone has no brain, it’s Huddy fangirls, you just proved it with your lame post.

        • Th. S. says:

          …yet you are a frustrated hameron fangirl without a brain who invade every single House post. And you keep looking like a moron with every attempt you make. Try again later.
          Comment by @Th.S
          What the hell are you saying?

      • Stormcrow says:

        I completely agree. All this shipping is ridiculous. Some of you people put too much of your emotional needs and hang too much of your personal stability on works of fiction.

      • Camila says:

        At list none of the soup operas he watched got cancelled by loosing what you guys call a “Lousy chacter”. #ThinkAboutIt :)

      • rachelw says:

        It has nothing to do with Cuddy and House — the moment this show crashed was when the writers decided to ‘fix’ House with that stupid rehab nonsense. PERIOD. The show went downhill from there.

    • Hameron7 says:

      I sure hope there won’t be any Huddy in the season finale of house that ship has long sailed and obviously did not work out. What needs to happen is Dr. Cameron needs to be brought back and she needs to be the one that ends up with House. That is the only pairing they didn’t give a fair chance on that show and Hameron has a huge fan base and I truly hope they bring Jennifer Morrison back and end the show correctly.

  2. Deena says:

    mah! a bachelor party thrown by Ziva and Abby would be awesome!
    Now, please, guys, find if that Wendy woman will come back. Pleeeeeeeeease! I don’t hate her but she’s bitchy and Tony loves Ziva so tell me if you know anything.

  3. Vero says:

    House is NOT canceled! The producers (DS, KJ + HL) decided to end it!
    And House already has his closure! He got it with driving his car into Cuddy’s house. This Series is about House and NOT about Cuddy!

    • Liss says:

      House’s cancellation. C A N C E L L A T I O N. House is nothing without cuddy

      • Th. S. says:

        Just another stupid fangirl. House was at his best in the early years when Cuddy was just a marginal role, stop with this madness, no one believes in your delusions. The core of the show is House and the moral questions: issues of right and wrong.

        • Moron Alert says:

          You sure sound like an oasis of intelligence amid the arid wasteland of stupidity, bahaha. Sweetie, why don’t you start with yourself and cure your own delusion – you are a FANGIRL like everybody else. But unlike everybody else, your complete lack of self-awareness and kindergarten vocabulary make you look as dumb as a lamppost. Try better next time.

          • Stormcrow says:

            Thank you for calling yourself “Moron Alert”, it gives the tone for your butthurt interventions.
            This show is about Dr House: his high medical skills, his sharp wit pitted against his antisocial habits and Machiavellian games. The context is the medical field.
            While romances have been done, they serve to flesh out characters, to expand our vision of them and see them outside their professional lives. It’s ridiculous to think the romance parts are the core of the show, this isn’t Beverly Hills…

          • Th. S. says:

            I’m a male and this place is a reign of no-sense

        • Mads says:

          I don’t think anyone is arguing that House (obviously duh) isn’t that main person in the show, but I think we can acknowledge that Cuddy was and will always be a huge part of his life, and part of who he is. Just because someone “moves” away doesn’t automatically mean they don’t mean anything to you anymore.
          Again, *duh*. I don’t get the rude comments to Cuddy. So what if people want her back. She probably won’t be back so whatever. But don’t degrade her character saying she belonged in the background. House has been in love twice. Twice. That’s it. A Cuddy was one of those people, therefore, she is significant, especially in his journey. So if you’re argument is that this show is about HOUSE, then Cuddy by default is important.

    • Mike says:

      You’re right. House was NOT canceled. Jees, can’t these guys get their facts straight?

      • to poster Mike says:

        It was cancelled indeed. TV Guide published the article with some insider info (look it up, I am not sure we are allowed to post links here), then in a few days Hugh gave them his exclusive statement, which essentially proves the article was true.

        • Pia says:

          Hugh Laurie recent statement was an answer to an Newyork post article who misquoted him and has nothing to do with the reported so called Insider-infos by TVguide before. Furthermore you have misread the TVguide-article. It wasn`t written that the show was cancelled.In opposite Fox (unlike NBCU who agreed to S9) refused to make a decision about Houses future, probably due to the still unclear fates of the new Fox shows Alcatraz and Terra Nova (which Btw performed or is performing worse than House) DS,KJ & HL didn`t want to wait so long because it was for them more important to write a proper ending to House.

          • It'sJustPR says:

            House was CANCELLED. They wanted a season 9, they didn’t get it. TPTB were allowed to make the announcement because it works better for everyone that way. Its just PR.

    • Felixa says:

      It was CANCELLED by the network. And yes, Cuddy leaving had A LOT to to with it. Deal with it. All of you who said ratings would go up bc Cuddy was gone should go and cry in a corner or jump from a bridge because you L-O-O-O-S-T

      • LOL says:

        No one lost, because the ratings didn’t change much. So? Huddy fangirls didn’t tune in anymore, others tuned in again. What’s your point? If the idea that others lost (wtf?!) is turning you on so much, I feel really sorry for you. Must be one awful life you have.

        • Gillian says:

          “the ratings didn’t change much” seriously?
          House’s ratings have dropped significantly this season. I don’t think it only had to do with Cuddy leaving, but surely viewers who left were a lot more than viewers who supposedly returned.
          So all those people saying that ratings would improve in S8 because Cuddy was gone were simply wrong.

          • Jill says:

            House’s ratings have been on a steady downward slide since season 4 when the new team was put in place.
            The quality of the show improved in season 8 but it was too late for the ratings.

          • ultimate troll says:

            Quality is subjective. Like brocoli.

      • Mads says:

        It was cancelled guys. It wouldn’t have survived another season of FOX. It almost didn’t make it to this season. FOX didn’t want it. Get over it. it had a nice run. 9 seasons is WAY too much. When writer’s decide not to have another season and it’s already February, it’s clear that the show wasn’t going to be picked up (by FOX anyway).

    • Sam says:

      I’m glad Cuddy is out of it, and I hope she won’t come back. House is all I need in the finale. And maybe a little bit Wilson and the team.

      • Ava L says:

        I sincerely hope they don’t bring cuddy back for the finale. The huddy madness ruined what was once a great show. What could they possibly bring cuddy back for? To forgive him so they can start dating again? ugh! That would make her look like an even bigger idiot than he was for driving into her house.

        • Camila says:

          You know something really funny?
          You guys blame huddy for the Cancelation (YES IT WAS CANCELLED,WANT ME TO SPELL IT),but the show was cancelled on a season with no cuddy or huddy! ;) #ThinkAboutIt

          • Th. S. says:

            The show would have closed this year in any case, cuddy and ”huddy” absence is just a coincidence. Plus House has bigger numbers and awards when cuddy had a few minor scenes and ”huddy” never existed.

  4. Anna says:

    I really hope it would be Ziva and abby but since it´s coming from MW it´s problably gonna be Ducky or Gibbs throwing the party.
    buti will keep my hope up it´s the girls

  5. Saint Alicia says:

    House’s cancellation. C A N C E L L A T I O N. Just rolls off the tongue. ;)
    As far as NCIS is concerned, I’m taking everything anyone affiliated with that show has to say with a silo of salt. Can’t belief how straight-up FALSE most of their “spoilers” are.
    And just realized the hot British guy from SMASH is the hot British guy in Snow Patrol’s “Caught out in the Dark” video. Niiiice.

    • Ben says:

      Michael Weatherly is a funny and awesome man, of course we can’t take everything he says too seriously.. But “false spoilers”? Wut? The actors talk about what they know, it’s not their fault if something ends up on the cutting floor – like most of the AU Tony/Ziva scene, sadly.

      • @ Ben says:

        Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten MW tweeted that about the scene being cut. Tiva is awesome. Too bad the only small scene they got together in the 200th episode got shaved like that. Love that show: they treat their fans right and still put out a good quality show nine years in and their characters aren’t stagnant, they’re actually still growing-it’s a pleasure being a fan of a show like that. :)

        • Svenja says:

          It’s true. NCIS treats its fans well.
          Plus, Michael was kinda speculating here (in my opinion).
          The bachelor party will probably happen towards the end of the season and the NCIS writers have a history of keeping secrets from the actors etc. in order to keep them on their toes.
          So I wouldn’t say MW teased an actual fact. It was only speculation. I really like his ideas. I hope the writers pick up on that.

    • Kath says:

      When Shane Brennan broke up the NCIS team at the end of season 5, he said “We’re not going to do a House”, referring to David Shore getting rid of House’s original team. Funny how NCIS is doing great while House is ending. (Yeah, I’m still very bitter about Cameron and Chase being dumped for Thirteen and Taub.)
      The problem with NCIS’s new producer, Gary Glasberg, is that he will use Tiva teasers and McGee and Abby spoilers to get people to watch the show and then, when we tune in, it’s All Gibbs! All Tony! All The Time!

      • Michael says:

        The Problem with NCIS right now is Tiva after 5 year of it and fan bitching and crying about it Gary was hire to fix tony and gibbs and bring the show back now he is being told to do Tiva

  6. Lilyg says:

    Matt is just too cute!

  7. austen. says:

    Seems like I’m the only one who likes House without Huddy.

    • mst3k says:

      You’re not. I have been loving this latest season. I am not among the millions of internet dweebs who bitch and moan about how bad the show is now. (even though they all clearly still watch)
      If anything this season has been the best so far. I liked Cuddy, I was even okay with Huddy, but she is not necessary for the show. Only Hugh Laurie is… It could even go on without Wilson as far as I’m concerned.
      I am not terribly upset it’s ending though, every show has to come to a conclusion before it truly does get stale.
      TL;DR House is awesome without Cuddy, this season may even be the best yet.

      • Riiiiiiight says:

        Mmm, yes… House’s Feb sweeps ep last season drew 12.3 mil total viewers and 4.3 in the 18-49 demo, while this year’s sweeps ep (hyped to be on par with House’s Head) pulled in a measly 7.14 total and a 2.4 demo. Obviously those millions of people are still watching… *eyeroll*

        • FRAN says:

          Sure, House had 20-22-24 million viewers before huddy crap destroy it
          LMAO bitter ditzy!!!!!!!!!

        • Ratings says:

          ”Mmm, yes… House’s Feb sweeps ep last season drew 12.3 mil total viewers and 4.3 in the 18-49 demo, while this year’s sweeps ep (hyped to be on par with House’s Head) pulled in a measly 7.14 total and a 2.4 demo.”
          7.12 – 9.86 million
          8.12 – 7.16 million
          It ‘s perfectly normal, House constantly loses 2 million for season since the season 5

          • Nicetrysweetie says:

            Thanks for playing but last years 1st Feb sweeps ep was 7.11 not 7.12
            The stats from Riiiiiiiiggght are correct.

          • Riiiiiiight says:

            ^^ Precisely, Nicetrysweetie. Last year’s big sweeps ep was 7×11 “Family Practice” featuring guest star Candice Bergen; this year’s was 8×11 “Nobody’s Fault” featuring guest star Jeffrey Wright (TVLine touted his appearance/the ep as a big deal in several articles–also because it was GY’s last directorial effort). Yet, curiously, no one cared…

        • right says:

          Family practice had the advantage that the promo was shown during the SuperBowl and promoted as the most devasting episode of the season. There was even shown an extra House-ad with Hugh and a little boy. It is a given that shows who where promoted during superbowl have higher following ratings. Unfortunately the only devasting thing on this episode was the bad weather and the lack of light and the ratings dropped in the following episode to the common S7 figures again.
          This year House was not allowed to air a promo during the superbowl and its best episode for a long time was smashed by the strongly SB-featured show The Voice which turned out to be a bonafide hit and even the high-rated CBS comedies lost viewers significantly.

    • Sally says:

      No, you’re not. Let me assure you that. You are definitely not alone.

    • Ava L says:

      Austen, you are not the only one. House is so much better now that he’s no longer Mr. Cuddy. What a relief to have the show back to focusing on House, team, and patient. I wouldn’t say this season is the best yet, but it’s infinitely better than last year’s season of huddy.

  8. Danielle H says:

    Good episode, I was just wondering earlier today if I missed this week’s eppy or if it just hadn’t come out yet. No guest stars this week, but that’s ok. The theatre was funny!

  9. ex-fan says:

    House has been CANCELLED by Fox who got upset with NBCU. Why stir the pot? To bring you free traffic?
    As to the state of House, the ratings slipped even further AFTER the big announcement. Have you heard about anything like this before? That’s probably the main reason behind Hugh’s sudden urge to issue a “rebuttal”. Oh well.

  10. Dani says:

    Seriously guys Huddy or lack thereof aside, I just can’t get my head around how some people think this is the best season in ages. It just feels absolutely zapped of any real energy, because the attempt to get ‘back to basics’ turned it into a parody of season one where everybody pretends that nothing has happened over the last 7 and a bit years. There’s not been one POTW that hasn’t been a retread of similar themes from previous seasons, and to be honest the whole ‘nobody changes’ mantra has worn thin. We’re in depressing times and few people want abject nihilism interspersed with now unfunny pranks by middle-aged men reflected back at them. The World turned and House didn’t. That’s why it finally died a death, perhaps a little too late for it to go out with the dignity it once deserved.
    I also don’t get the argument that it’s House M.D. and not Cuddy M.D. For sure who the title character is isn’t disputable, but one of the basic rules of writing in any medium is that every character, no matter how small a part they play, should be an essential piece of the puzzle. If not you cut them out because only writing compelling storylines for the main character isn’t particularly a strength, but more an indication that you’re a one trick pony. You only need to look to the likes of Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Good Wife to see what consistent and compelling characterization across the board can do. Whether TPTB or people liked the professional or romantic element to Huddy or not, the writers cited Cuddy time and again as the only reason House was working at the hospital and continued to work there, aside from what their personal involvement brought to the party. So when they allowed Lisa to walk they lost one of the main foundations that the show was built on, and in my humble opinion it’s no coincidence that the show was finally cancelled, brought to a close, euthanised or whatever you want to call it when she was no longer there.
    Anyway I’m glad other people are still getting something out of it.

    • Jill says:

      The show has been recycling stories since season 4. In fact, the new team was the old team recycled (Thirteen = Cameron, Kutner = Chase, Taub = Foreman).
      Cuddy was the only reason House was working at the hospital because that was her justification for being the world’s worst administrator. House is a smart guy; if someone had told him that either he shapes up or he doesn’t work, if he wanted to work enough he would have done what he needed to to. By season 5 and the smoke bombs and stealing House’s can, the whole House/Cuddy relationshp was unpleasant to watch, as well as unrealistic.
      Now that Cuddy is finally gone, the show has had a chance to get back to its roots. But it’s too little, too late. The audience has moved on.
      The first three seasons of House were the good ones. Before the writers got self-indulgent, before they made Cuddy House’s obsession and have every stray person off the street come in to tell them so, before the medicine got bad.
      They should have ended the show years ago when it was still good.

    • Rachel says:

      Dani, take off your shipper glasses

    • Sarasmith says:

      Agreed with your comments regarding this season. It’s awful. Dr. Park is the WORST character (and an even worse actress) that they’ve ever had on the show. She’s insufferable.

  11. shiremaid says:

    CUDDY IS NOT NEEDED ON HOUSE ;;;; unless it’s her hanging! LE walked; let her keep on walking! I want closure for Thirteen (Remy). I say, what if her Huntington’s has progressed so far, that she’s involved in some kind of accident, rushed to PPTH, where House finds her, and she invokes his promise to kill her? Then just at the moment when |House would fulfill his promise, Chase steps in, willing to do the deed in order to save House from prison? As for Wilson, what if Wilson fell head over heels for Dominika? or maybe Adams?

    • Riiiiiiight says:

      Uh, it’s half-baked ideas like that which got House canceled. And you think Cuddy should be hanged? A fan of Chris Brown, are you?

  12. angy says:

    the little self-criticism of Mr. Hugh, writing is horrible the show ud being house producer

  13. Amber says:

    Ausiello, you are adorable!

  14. Svenja says:

    The Bachelor party thing is gonna be super-awesome.
    I hope the two ladies are invited, too.
    Though bachelor parties are usually a men-only thing.
    But who knows?
    I can’t wait for this.
    Love NCIS and Michael Weatherly.

  15. Sarah says:

    LMAO House couldn’t make it without Cuddy as i predicted at the end of last season. It feels so good to be right :)

    • Sally says:

      You’re quite an idiot if you think you were right. Hugh Laurie already said last year that he probably won’t come back for another season (he had a contract for 8 – EIGHT – seasons). Cuddy leaving was the best thing that could happen to the show, at least now it can end with dignity and not some sick Huddy crap. Like it or not.

      • Camila says:

        I prefer a huddy crap that such a messed up crap like it is now,that it will be remimnded as the worst ending ever,just like LOST. :) Think about it

        • Huh?? says:

          You haven`t seen the last two episodes, right? They were pretty much the best of House we have seen for a very long time. Try it out?
          I like 20vicodins, the transplant, dead & buried, perils of paranoia and for some reasons Runaways this season and you will laugh Alltogether these are allready more episodes i love and watched several times than this H/cu melorama in season7. Sorry!

  16. Mam says:

    Wow what a horrible actress Domenica is. And yes, Cuddy is needed in the finale. For a romantic reunion or not. But she is needed. Doesn´t matter what “true fans” say. She left and the show was cancelled.

    • Liz says:

      Yuck, a Huddy reunion?! What a disgusting thought! *pukes* And you watched House because…? Certainly not because it’s a clever medical drama.

      • Rob says:

        Lolololo Liz. And you watched it because of the disgusting hameron “non couple”. You should go and watch Once upon a time instead and fight for Jennifer Morrison in the comment sections because she is once again the most hated character of the show. Lol first people despised her in House, then in HIMYM and now in OUAT. I guess she simply can´t act.

    • Ava L says:

      Why would any Cuddy fan want her to come back after what House did? It would make her look like a complete idiot to come back to see him for any reason.

    • CATE says:

      A)(Cuddy is needed in the finale) producers don’t have plans to bring her back
      B) (She left and the show was cancelled.) thats redicoulos , it closed because it’s time to close

  17. Mike says:

    Vero is correct. House is NOT canceled. FOX wanted the show back. The producers decided to end it. House was NOT canceled. God, you would think these guys talking about the entertainment industry would get their facts straight. Kinda hard to believe anything they say if they don’t know their facts. I hope they read this. One more time: House was NOT canceled.

    • tarc says:

      It doesn’t matter if the studio cancelled it, or the producers cancelled it – it is cancelled. Done. Over. As it should have been after season three, when it totally went downhill and became unwatchable.

    • to poster Mike says:

      Mike, I have replied to your earlier post. Yes, it was cancelled by the network.

  18. bella says:

    Fans love Dominika? Love your sarcasm there Mike and Matt – this has to be the least anticipated character return in House history!!
    A Cuddy return to House would be great and is much needed but I have less and less hope that DS and the House producers would have the intelligence to do this. David Shore is creatively dead.

  19. gigi says:


  20. TheFinalStraw says:

    Thanks Ausiello for your Cuddy/LE support!!!!
    For old times sake I was thinking of tuning back in for the final few eps of House once the pointless Green Card Wife had gone back from whence she came. However, according to the writer of ep 18 she’s still there. I didn’t realise I still had hope for the show to recapture some sort of dignity until I read that. Not anymore :-/ With so few eps of the series to go they are giving screentime to her?
    What a senseless waste.

    • Felixa says:

      I´m with you. I´m not watching the final arc either knowing that she will be there. And knowing she is sleeping with House in episode 14 just makes me want to throw up. Good thing i stopped watching when Lisa left. I just heard bad things about this season but Dominika is the last straw.

  21. ana says:

    Domenikka is bad idea Cudyy stay this hospital inthe first moment,Cuuddy go back this place

    • IfyoudontevenknowthecharactersrealnameSTFU says:

      I prefer Dominika over Cuddy (or Cudyy or Cuuddy as you prefer) anytime. If Cuddy comes back and ruins the series finale with this insane Huddy crap… NO, just NO!!!!

      • Bilouze says:

        I prefer no females for the finale, 13, cuddy and dominika, away! it’s a show about House, his addiction, his pain.
        Just let this show between 5 men, House, Chase, Wilson, Taub and Foreman. The new girls don’t count.

      • Bilouze says:

        to be clear all romances are crappy in this show.

  22. Sam says:

    Can I just say that I’m shocked how many morons obviously have watched House?! I thought it was a show for clever people, but really, all those stupid and nasty Huddy fangirl comments make me highly doubt it.

  23. Sissy says:

    @Sam I don’t know but your comment is certainly not clever or smart so I think you should maybe look inward rather than out.

    Opinion is opinion but all the reputable TV reviewers have made it clear that it’s time for House to end. Most have said that Cuddy is needed in the final arc. Ship or no ship, everyone is not a “moron” or a “Huddy fangirl”. These are professionals. Their opinion might not be yours but as long as people are addressing “nasty” and “idiots” maybe looking at the Cuddy haters would be in order as well. Some people don’t mind stooping low but they are recognized for who they are. Bashing is bashing no matter which side you prefer. Both look and sound ridiculous.

  24. jess says:

    wow, dan and busy were really good! Nice!

  25. Dee says:

    “Huddy” ruined the show as much as anything else.
    Once Cuddy was gone, it was too late to draw the original viewers back in.
    The original viewers who were drawn to the show for House and his caustic bedside manner.
    Thanks, House/Cuddy shippers for ruining this show. Just hope the “Tiva” shippers don’t ruin that show.

    • Dee says:

      Forgot to add that Matt certainly looks a lot younger than what he photographs.
      He looks older in his picture. I thought he was a middle-aged man :P

  26. Julie says:

    They so screwed up House. It had been a real good series once but when Lisa Edelstein left I knew it was over.
    House without Cuddy is like a sky without a star –> Not worth to look at.
    House with this mail-order-bride is like a sky with a big fat dark cloud –> No one wants to see that.
    Looking forward to see Lisa Edelstein in her new movie. What a smart, talented and beautiful woman! :)
    #WeSupportLisaE #RIPHouseMD

    • Ange says:

      What screwed up House was Huddy. It went from a medical show to a soap opera.

    • Erin says:

      The show has always been about House and his journey, not Cuddy’s, not even Wilson’s. As long as Hugh Laurie has played House he has made every episode of House worth watching. Hugh Laurie is a brilliant, multi talented actor capable of both the dramatic and comedic, a rarity. I’m going to enjoy the remaining episodes of House and look forward to whatever Hugh Laurie undertakes in the future.

  27. ILuvSpoilers says:

    Please post actual articles and not videos for the spoilers. I love Spoilers and I love to read them while I eat my lunch at work. I can’t watch a video at work. Please help me out!!

  28. Kath says:

    Shore’s decision to focus on the new team and retcon the House/Cuddy epic “romance” was what caused me to stop watching the show. Season 6 and 7 were especially horrible.
    I have no desire at all to see Cuddy return unless it is for her and House to acknowledge that it was all an infatuation on both their parts and how dysfunctional it all was. And then to end Huddy permanently.

  29. Annabelle says:

    House is awesome for one reason…Hugh; sure Cuddy was a great enemy for him, but they jumped the shark putting them together…that was the beginning of the end for me!!! As long as Jesse Spencer gets another gig next season I will be happy :)
    Hugh needs a nice long vacation and some well deserved time with his family!!!! Thanks for the awesome ride, now go be a hubby and dad again and love life :) Cheerio to my fave Brit

  30. Jules says:

    Thoses who cares about the ratings and Want Edelstein to return are the same “LOSERS” who left/stop watching during season 7…
    so SHUT UP and go watch others crap…
    But true [H]OUSEFAN ( like me) who’s been watching since day1 (even enjoy watching repeats too) and survive the “HUDDY” debacle still want to enjoy the 10 episodes remaining without thinking about the ratings…but just be part of thoses loyal viewers who stick until…..THE END
    Whatever the reason of Edelstein’s exit…she decided to WALK’ OFF even knowing that the 8th season would be the last one…
    So honestly, I think it’s was Disrespectful and proof that she didn’t care at all….
    Just for that, I lost my respect of her…and don’t care if she decide to answer her phone and come crawling back for the series finale.
    But, I thing for sure, whatever she’s there or not…Let me remind you, that OUR favorite show is ENDIND(sadly!) and HLaurie will be the ONLY one who would be in all the 177 episodes…that’s a real commitment…
    As we(I) prepare for the final countdown until May 21st…
    One thing for sure, after-TV(nxt fall specially!) will be BORING!!! I’ll be “HANGING” or Checking out my remote for a bit…
    I need a cure for my addiction…
    8 amazing years spending glue to my TV,
    every Monday/tuesday night and fixing my schedule just to be able to run home and finish my day with my favorite sarcastic Vicodin addict limping Diagnostician and his ducklings + his only friend Wilson (special chemistry)
    Thank you!!!!!!! :)

  31. ebowers says:

    You huddy haters make me laugh (1) Huddy was over the second he took the vicodin and then crashed into her house. Even TPTB could not revive the Huddy. So why are YOU so THREATENED by it.
    Let Lisa E come back for the Finale
    Here is my IDEAL scenario House and Wilson declare their LOVE for each other. They are in bed together when from out of nowhere a Dump Truck swerves and plows into their bedroom.Cuddy is driving the truck with her sister and mother (Candice Bergen)egging her on. Cuddy goes to jail and Thirteen comes back to have House live up to her request for him to kill her as her Huntingtons is getting steadily worse. House honors her request and injects a lethal dose of pain killer but,is caught and turned in by CAMERON. He goes to jail for MURDER and is given a life sentence and is taken to his cell that he will share with LISA CUDDY who is also serving her prison sentence ….. Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha

    • Camila says:

      This was the weirdest ending i’ve ever heard,and trust me,there were a lot of anti huddy crap endings around here…
      But althought this was complete craziness from thje start to the end…
      I LIKED IT! XD

  32. Julie says:

    @Erin: The series is about House and Hugh is the main character. That’s true. But it’s not a one person show. Other characters are important as well. Some are more important (like Cuddy and Wilson) and others are less important and easily can be replaced.
    When one of the important characters leave the dynamic of the series changes. And the dynamic has changed and the ratings proof that people obviously don’t like it. You can’t seriously tell me that you like what the show has become. 2 new doctors that are far too young to even be doctors, House is married to a mail-order-bride and destroyed a home! Sorry but this is not the show I once used to love… And even a good performence of Hugh doesn’t change that.
    @Ange Not true at all. Huddy banter was one of the things that made House succesfull. The way they wrote the Huddy storyline was not the best, I agree on that but it certainly did not screw up the show.
    The marriage with Dominika did and the insane ending of season 7 and the constantly dropping quality…

  33. Leigha says:

    WOW. Internet fans are scary.

  34. justlobe says:

    I’m a Huddy shipper and I do want Cuddy in the series finale! It will never be the same without her!

  35. rock and roll rita says:

    The show sould not end!…House is awesome. it is one of the best shows on TV.

  36. Kelly says:

    I’ve said it since Three Stories aired and I finally understood who House really was, if this show does not end with his suicide or accidental overdose the last 8 years will have been for nothing. That’s where the show has been headed. It has to end that way. I demand it end that way. But it won’t.

  37. Rhonda Reichert says:

    They should cancel NCIS before HOUSE
    House should to his wife country get deport with her

  38. The Statement Below is a Lie says:

    NCIS is awesome.

  39. MikeP in FL says:

    Have House reveal that Wilson is his illegitimate brother, which is why he made friends with him to begin with. House could have secretly confirmed with DNA testing. We all knew that House’s father was a jerk and slept around. That would explain why House and Wilson have such a close relationship.
    Have Cuddy step back into his life. As he’s on his way to see her he decides to take one last high-speed ride on his motorcycle and crashes it, amputating his leg. The last scene he’s in a hospital tells her he loves her, but throws a clot, then starts telling the nurse what’s happening but she doesn’t respond fast enough because he’s an ass and he dies.

  40. BAnne says:

    After helping 13 to die, House gets hit by a car (or something more dramatic). His leg is destroyed. Stacy (Sela Ward) still has his medical proxy (I guess the wife is gone). They amputate his leg. He wakes up with no drugs and no pain.

  41. Alysa says:

    There are other spoilers in other shows too you know, not just House. But 110 comments and counting but majority of the comments are directed to non-sense fight between the House shippers. WOW! No wonder Ausiello love putting House news in his website.

  42. Grace says:

    I STILL can’t understand Dr. Parks and no one seems to care because I’m not the only one who has complained about this.

  43. david says:

    La tercera temporada la mejor!!

  44. kit says:

    So This is the last season of House. Well I’m not surprised because the show is not the same since season 4. I heard that maybe 13 will come back but I don’t know why, I mean she already said good bye, we don’t need more of the character. That’s the reason why I think they should bring Cameron back because we never had the chance to know more about her. I think that would be a good way to finally close the show without any hole.

  45. john holman says:

    ok i agree and disagree with some things people are saying
    i guess house in a way was cancelled but mutualy they got to decide weither to end it or keep it going when i think a cancelled show is one that gets the plug pulled prematurely
    i dont think cuddy needed to stay a minor character i think she caused major development on the half of house and how she could keep him on a leish quite easily cuddy makes a better dean than foreman for sure foreman is still trying to control him and seem better than house *WHICH clearly he will never be* so cuddy was a good addition to the cast
    BUT also im glad that huddy never lasted long because i think that was getting too boring and mellow

  46. @putz_vidal says:

    House without Cuddy is not something complete. It is sad to see the show reaches the end of this end.e fact is that they gave short shrift to Lisa Edelstein…Just realized the importance of it in concert by losing.Losing the quality and audience.