House Exclusive First Look: Is House Headed For a [Spoiler]?!

Dr. Gregory H’s Russian bride of convenience Dominika returns in Monday’s all-new House (Fox 8/7c) with a big problem: She’s going to get deported unless they can prove to Immigration officials that their union is legit.
Translation: House needs to to take a crash course in Dominika 101, and STAT.

House Series Finale Set For May 21: How Should it End?

But what’s in it for him — particularly since he could be tossed back in the pokey if he gets caught lying under oath? An offer he can’t (but probably should) refuse.
Press play below for a sneak peek at the couple’s playful reunion.

House Swan Song Scoop: 3 Things You Need to Know About the Final Episode

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  1. Mike says:

    I love house but I think he has to die in the end

    • Jamie says:

      gotta agree with you there, one of the best shows i have ever watched, but i just get the feeling that his death would bring some finality to the series.

      • pell says:

        yeah, I guess you’re right. The thing is, whenever House got “better” he screwed it up in some way. I don’t see how they could make him feel better by the end of the show and not leave the viewers with the impression that he’s going to screw it up again. So I see two possible ways (but I hope they surprise us all), he’s either going to kill himself (would be the first time a main character really did kill himself, right?) or it’s going to be an open end, he’s alone in his office, all his colleagues are gone, everybody is gone. And he’s just standing there with his little ball he likes to throw around when he’s thinking. And he’s standing and standing and the screen gets darker.

    • Alex says:

      I totally agree. I was thinking that myself a while ago. I think killing him off would be such a satisfying end to the series. I mean, he’s come close to death many times, so it would just make sense to finally do him in.

    • Evil Teach says:

      Yes. He needs to die.
      Of Lupus.

    • holly says:

      i dont agree at all, how could you say that..That is not right at all especially if lil kids are watching the shows it whould terrify them, i know cause my friend’s son watches the show he is just 7yr old he is wheelchair bound born with a rare gene disorder where he is the only surviving boy thru out the whole entire world with this.
      he is gonna miss the show so much as it is.. He really enjoys the whole show and the whole cast, he likes dr.chase (jesse ) and dr.house (hugh) his face lights up and he smiles and starts trying to talk. so if he dies it would cause trauma to this lil boy..

      • Henrik says:

        Well… its not a show for kids, so they can kill him.

      • Emgee says:

        So for that reason, they should avoid the ending that makes the most sense for the series?
        House is miserable. That’s how he’s always been and the most logical way for the show to end is for the character to die.

      • mari says:

        what? really? He shouldn’t be killed off because of this one kid? I happen to know a differently disabled youth who’s highly impressionable and wants to be like house. I think the best way to do him in with an overdose. It would be an injustice if they didn’t, pain killers are, well, killers. It’s not right to portray it as something other than the depressing deadly thing that it is… if House can live on the meds who’s to say others won’t think they’ll do just as well rather than dying?

    • Chase says:

      no! he needs to be happy in the end! house dying doesn’t make any sense since the show never focused on his life, it was all about him being sad and miserable. i guess every house fan knows how much effect that last smile in the 7th series had.

      • mari says:

        … have you been watching the show?

      • kez says:

        WTF? “the show never focused on his life” Seriously what have you been watching for 8 years?? And He was smiling at the end of season 7 because he had just smashed up his ex girlfriends house and felt better about it. I love House but honestly after all the crap he’s pulled he doesn’t really deserve to be happy in the end and it wouldn’t be a true reflection of the mood of the show if he did. I don’t trust the writers at all tho so we’ll see

  2. Jane says:

    No way! But he should suffer some kind of torture to make him change his ways. He is a jackass -_-

  3. Elizabeth says:

    if they bring back Cameron and Cuddy and 13, I will cry. From joy. My friend and I are very invested in this show :) and we have this whole story-line planned out that involved everyone coming back and having an overall happy ending and we weren’t really sure if that COULD happen..but we hoped and dreamed. And now this!!!!! please please please please bring them back!
    ps, for the record, 13 was my favorite doctor of ALL TIME and the only reason she was not part of the grand final episode plan that my friend and I had was because we were SO HAPPY with the way they ended her part…she CHOSE to stay after all and then House made her leave. If i hadn’t known Olivia Wilde was choosing to leave House to follow her movie career than I might have been a little mad but knowing that she was going to be leaving no matter what, and having her character CHOOSE to stay was amazing. So, don’t think I didn’t like 13. Because she was my fave. :)

    • cristians says:

      I loved Cameron and 13 also, Cuddy.. meh…
      However it would be incredibly stupid to bring all them back for the end of the show. I mean, seriusly? :/ WTF, those character are looong gone, bringing them back would only destroy how all those character build up over the years.
      And that includes House’s character, one of the reasons he is a interesting character is because he keeps pushing people away. Bringing them back to say “I forgive you, i still love you” Or even worse “You are still an important part of my life” would be so f-ing unreal, artificial and plastic…
      no no no no… think before you write
      You are confusing a lame cast reunion with a show’s finale.

  4. Mike says:

    House is my favorite show of all time. Kutner, amber and do many other have died. House has always wanted to be free of pain. Death is the only way. His torture would be to die of some disease he couldn’t diagnose. That’s his punishment.

  5. tina says:

    yes he is a jackass but thats what makes him him.

  6. Erick Valken says:

    I think, House Should die on the final episode

  7. Mike says:

    I don’t like it but it’s the way it has to be. They can’t just end it like he just keeps doing his own thing and the camera fades out as he walks with the team to a new diagnosis. He needs to die to bring closure and bring the story home.

  8. tlb says:

    You’d think the writers could have consulted with Hugh’s or Jesse’s immigration attorneys to find out how a marriage interview goes. No certified mailings from USCIS and no interview at the home. I love this show to no end, but my eyes will be hurting from all the rolling they will be doing during this episode. :)

  9. mousekiri says:

    I picture the finally as house dying and everyone he’s ever encountered in all the past episodes coming together for his funeral especially Cuddy.

    • Anouk says:

      Or he has a casual chat with each of them in the afterlife. On a bus or something. Or in his empty office, diagnosing how he affected each of their lives for the better (or worse).
      I think I’d rather want House to be happy then.

  10. Brandon says:

    if he doesn’t die, it can’t end

  11. Audrey Hilbert says:

    House is my favorite show. I hate to see it end. I certainly dont want House to die oh no……….

  12. Aaliyah says:

    I think they should bring Cuddy back…… Because she was awesome….. And she needs to kick him in the face for driving through her house

    • Alba says:

      I agree. The show needs Cuddy back. At least for the last episode. Some of my friends stopped watching when they realized she wouldn´t be back anymore. Producers made a mistake firing her.

      • @Alba says:

        Nobody, was firing her. It was her decision to leave the show,Sorry.

      • Liz says:

        I started watching again BECAUSE she was gone. And so did many of my friends who can’t stand Huddy either. I used to like Cuddy in the first 3 or 4 seasons, but this whole Huddy crap made her insufferable. Some relationships just aren’t meant to happen, Huddy is one of them.

    • Liz says:

      No way, she used to be awesome (before all the Huddy crap started), but no, not anymore. I really don’t want to see her again.

  13. Mike says:

    I like that idea. I want the Wilson and house bromance to really needs to get closure as well. People need to see house die but also need the audience and the characters realize that this man defined there own being because of his life. Through every problem, pain, danger or law he managed to break and cause trouble…. He did it all because no matter what he ever said, he cared. His genius and style was one that comes rarely in this world.

  14. Rohit says:

    He should never die and the show should never ever end!!!!

  15. Aaliyah says:

    I wouldn’t really want House to die but if he did……… I’d say it’s either gotta be something we all expect like a drug related death…… Or something totally random like a car accident

  16. Jules says:

    Whatever the ENDIND is – it will be EPIC!
    But in my sarcastic mind..I still dream about bfore the last OPUS.. House honoring is promises to “13”….
    Then on the verge(again) of losing is liscence after been caught(someone in the team has leak what happens) or taking the blame for the death of important patient and the disciplinary medical committee (whitch Cuddy is leading)
    Goes on trial to revoke his parole and the demolition of the departement and involment at PPTH….
    House resign and limp away teaching physic in Fiji or playing piano in a blues club in
    New Orleans…and finally found happiness with Dominka (or even better with Lydia)!!
    Or, on the verge of losing everything & tired of fighting through the pain…he took his Dad’s gun…and everyone show up at his funeral and talking or having flashback about the good times with him..

  17. Kathy Worsey says:

    House should never end, I like house and would miss it terribly if were to never come back to Fox ever again.
    Love House and Hugh also
    Kathy Worsey

  18. Iluvwaynesworld says:

    I think it should end where Simon Cowl guest stars and hes dying from some mysterious illness but won’t get treated so Simon and House argue throught the episode until House finds a cure. I think it would be really funny! They would be a perfect match for each other :)

  19. ayshababe says:

    house wil get one of the weirdest disease without a cure then he wil die…

  20. Hal says:

    Having him die is too easy. Have something happen that’d change his heart. I know someone who had hip issues and walked in pain with a limp. They went to a church with a friend and got healed. Seriously. She is not religious, she can’t explain it but the pain and limp went away. Now, something like that would change House because he couldn’t explain it and it’d make him crazy. Killing him would be too easy.

    • Judy says:

      I love this idea… it’s the best one yet!

    • Sarasmith says:

      There have been so many things happen over the course of the series that one would think would have changed House’s heart. Nothing did. His heart can’t suddenly just “change” at the end of the series, all the true House fans would see right through it.

  21. Matt says:

    You guys are dicks House better not die he’s a bad ass mo fo I’d rather watch the whole hospital explode while he outside laughing that’s what he deserves sorry people don’t like him because he is blunt as hell and retarded people can’t handle his ish

  22. Joe vilanova says:

    Marry Cameron enough said!

  23. Camila says:

    I can take a season with no huddy,but i can’t take Dominika.
    Call me huddy fan or fan girl or whatever you silly guys that call yourselves “real fans” (like they are the only ones who have ever loved that tv show) want. It IS a HUDDY principle and i’m MORE THAN PROUD OF IT.Go ship Hominikka you you want, but do not come back begging for Cuddy when the show is cancelled.Oh! Wait! That already happened!!! XD XOXO for you all!

    • Alba says:

      I agree with you. I don´t like the idea of Dominika at all. There is zero chemistry between her and House. House and Cuddy made sparks together when they were in the same room. With this girl you notice how hard he is trying. I totally saw that in the episode we met her last year. The kiss scene was cold. House doesn´t like her.

      • @alba says:

        Haha you wish,After watching the promos and remembering the episode they got married i had the idea that Dominika is a fun, free spirited person who is not afraid of House or to be honest. The total opposite to Cuddy or to every other female character of the show.
        Hugh laurie has chemistry with every woman if he wants to. He is that good! :)

    • E T says:

      House is about House; House is a intelletual propriety of David Shore. The show does what is better for itself, accept it and move on. It’s just TV, who cares?

  24. k mcdermott says:

    I don’t like the idea of anyone dyeing. Good grief! That would be aweful..have him finally get cured which changes his disposition to go off and start a newlife somewhere else and finally making the right decision!! Or perhaps he does something really amazing so able to leave a hero rather than not!! Perhaps he could really get married to his lost love that would take hiim back!

  25. Patti says:

    I wish they would bring Cameron and Remy(13) back. As for Cuddy they can’t since she has a restraining order against House after he ran the car into her house!! Since House has several times had a brush with death several times in the show. I will miss the show when it is gone so I guess I will then have to reruns.

  26. avolknet says:

    no, daunt end the house this is mh favorite show of all, i daunt know what i will do without it :-( so plese make some more seasons :-( …… Hue daunt end it

  27. lyn says:

    i got one…
    how about if he wakes up and the whole show was just one bad dream ??? that would be such a hoot…. hahaha

  28. lyn says:

    and when house wakes up he is : wooster ( his character in a UK show ) from jeeves and wooster … with stephen fry as jeeves of course :)
    i am laughing already …..

  29. Noreen says:

    I don’t want House to die on the last episode…just leave the ending with a very unusual paradox. Come on, writers, you can do it. Think up something clever!

  30. Jizz says:

    Wake about waking up from the anesthesia from 10 years earlier to find he really had his leg amputated and it was all part of the anesthesia

  31. Karen says:

    Oh, I like the Jeeves and Wooster idea!

  32. headshothoncho says:

    Wilson dies. That is all.

  33. Mike says:

    That would be the only way they could end the show not killing house. It’s the only thing that could change him and it would mean Wilson can be with amber.

  34. Seann elliam says:

    My beloved genius doc is going to die rip house cu on the other side damn i luv this programme on my tv .

  35. Karl says:

    This whole storyline with the slutty green card wife is offensive and the most ridiculous thing they ever did.
    It’s unbelievable that they brought her back when reactions against her were so strong.
    But I forgot that hore is trying to go out with no fans left…

  36. Jane2 says:

    They need Cuddy back so badly.

  37. Linda says:

    I don`t want House to die. Dying is easy. I guess he will faking his death and leave PPth/Jersey, Open end that would be cool. :)
    I don`t mind Dominika Btw..she is has at least genuine fun with House and is not afraid of him.

  38. josie says:

    He needs to die.i had just told my son he will probably overdose.

  39. Monica says:

    I think they should end it with House sitting at a truck stop eating onion rings with Tony Soprano, while Journey is playing in the background. “Don’t stop believing” and then fade to black……..

  40. Djesus says:

    House will be sick because of too much vicodin and alcohol since years and his bio dad will save him (liver transplant or something else), end (ok missing the bang factor, maybe wilson will die).

  41. Kakam says:

    What a big failure if House ends with this girl. I’d rather him to die

  42. Nancy says:

    I will really be heartbroken if House dies.
    And I DO NOT want Cuddy to come back EVER!!
    Maybe Stacy though???

    • Djesus says:

      House has personal issues that they should deal with before the show ends, romances have nothing to do anymore in this show, bring back mama House, his bio dad and Amber! yeah!

  43. Brian says:

    What if Jack Moriarty comes back and shoots House again?

  44. isma says:

    If HOUSE die, a part of us will die too.
    PLEASE, don’t allow it happens.

  45. nonoxp says:

    Inextricable situation for him to handle, House first plan with the chick fails.
    He gets caught up beacause Wilson’s told on him in court, should end in jail, Dr licence removed, etc.
    But then a drug or a bad jail event happens (e.g. fire lit up by his mate).
    He’s on the verge of dying, health issues revealing itselves due to his drug life and accident, gets Chase’s tricky surgery 2 times in a row.
    Dies in loneliness, mourn by some of his former Dr colleagues, very sad event.
    Funerals, and so on… life goes on for 2nd roles.
    Then it appears to Chase that something was wrong in diagnosis at some point they ruled out (House-genius-flash-like). He investigates for 2 years and finally get in touch with Wilson that left the hospital after the case. W doesn’t speack of H, and C gets a tricky clue from W.
    Then after some more research C finds that House tricked everyone around him to fake death after days of contradictory diagnoses led by his former team. Like the biggest trick he ever made.
    Empty coffin, letter to Chase in it that said a big “lol”, then Chase knows he’ll never see his 1000 grounds back.

  46. gemabj says:

    Cómo es posible que a Dominika la den varios capitulos en la serie, y a Cuddy la hayan tratado así??????????? Me parece una verguenza.
    Me encantaría que Lisa estuviera en los capitulos finales, pero la Fox no se lo merece.
    Lisa no te dejes convencer hasta que no se arrodillen al pedirtelo. Te seguiremos siempre!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Christy says:

    Sarcoid is PERFECT! LOL

  48. JenBot says:

    I completely agree with having him die in the end. House is the only series I watch and there wouldn’t be closure for everyone if it just ended. I still don’t understand why they are canceling it. I’m definately going to cry and lifes not going to be the same without it. Like when Friends ended.. It was like the end of an era…One thing I havent liked all season is that they keep bringing up him going back to prison as punishment and it never happens..it’s really lost it’s effect.

  49. Mike says:

    I was a kid when house started. 20 now and I hate to say it and don’t like it but this really is the one character who needs to die in order to close the series. His death means the death of an era and the death of diagnostic brilliance. House needs to die not just for the show but for the characters and audience who have watched him through the highs and lows

    • Djesus says:

      they won’t kill him, reruns are important (who will rewatch the show knowing House will die in the end?), it’s business first of all.
      But it’s a shame because House death could be the best emotional moment of this show.

  50. Emgee says:

    Here’s how the finale needs to play out:
    Thirteen returns, and she is back as a patient. A mysterious illness (of course) is plaguing her, and despite objections from everyone, House takes the case determined to save her. Her case is of course complicated even further by her Huntington’s.
    Believing that she may be able to talk some sense into House, Foreman calls Cuddy, knowing that just maybe she can rein in the destruction he believes House will inflict by trying to treat Thirteen. She reluctantly returns, but it only makes House more bitter and determined and focused on Thirteen’s case.
    Cameron also returns with a child which she and Chase conceived in their final intimate encounter in “Lockdown” which distracts Chase from the case at hand.
    Thirteen reminds House of his promise to kill her if she reaches a point where her Huntington’s is getting the best of her. Believing that he can cure her and that this is not her Huntington’s, he is very reluctant, but late in the episode, he finally agrees, but an epiphany comes to him and he rushes to save her, but he is too late ad she is dead and his actions are discovered. The police are on their way to bring him back to jail and House sits alone in his office popping Vicodin in misery at not having solved the case in time. As he slowly fades away, dying of an overdose, Cuddy rushes in and finds him. She holds him and as police walk in to find him, he is already dead and the scene fades to black.