Scoop: Gossip Girl's Katie Cassidy Lands Female Lead in The CW's Green Arrow Pilot

Katie Cassidy ArrowKatie Cassidy is making her way back to The CW with a starring role in the network’s Green Arrow pilot, Arrow.

The alumna of Supernatural, Melrose Place and Gossip Girl has been cast as Dinah “Laurel” Lance, a young attorney with the City Necessary Resources Initiative who shares a romantic past with Green Arrow’s alter ego, Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell).

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The Arrow pilot is being exec-produced and penned by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg, and directed by David Nutter (Dark AngelSmallville).

The cast also includes Once & Again‘s Susanna Thompson as Oliver’s mom and Dexter‘s David Ramsey as an ex-military/special forces type now working in private security for Oliver.

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  1. Fernando says:

    Oh yes now I want this show to be picked up.

    • lorna says:

      Katie can do better. But who knows, I said that about Melrose and loved it until I netflixed the original and saw what the remake problems were. She should have been cast instead of Torrey Devitto on TVD as Meredith. Torrey is a great actress, just not so much on this show and has no chemistry with my Ric. They better not make her a series regular like rumored.

  2. Andrea says:

    Katie Cassidy is AMAZING and I officially think this show is going to be amazing now.

  3. Sue says:

    I just don’t see this series working without Justin Hartley playing the lead. It’s just too soon after Smallville and Justin was perfect in that role.

    • GGMustDie says:

      Get over Justin Hartley! Please!!!!

    • darklady65 says:

      enough already with Justin Hartley. greatful for his part in smallville but the show is over. his character wasn’t all that great towards the end of the season anyways since he got held back by this stupid ass chlollie business. but anyways he did his job and now we move forward, will always be thankful for his protreyal no matter how his character was butchered.
      is time to give somebody else a chance to show us what they can bring to the table. and this like they said is not smallville related its fresh and new. so to that i say hell yes bring it on.

      • Juke Early says:

        Yeah, Chloe started out great in SMALLVILLE. Then it just got the Lana Syndrome. I just re-watched Season 9 (in prep for S10) & I was appalled how Chloe centric almost every ep was. Awful. katie Cassidy will be excellent as Black Canary — anyone who saw her in SUPERNATURAL or that short-lived Harper’s Island, knows she’s got beyond soap chops. AND hey, I liked Justin Hartley too. Time to move on & hope for a decent DC superhero show. even if it still is the CW.

    • JR says:

      Get over YOURSELF
      He is laughing right now on his way back to the back with his millions. Ready to get more from other characters. While you sit over there sulking with your $10.

    • Danyelle says:

      From everything I understand……
      JUSTIN HARTLEY was not considered for this role
      JUSTIN HARTLEY was not asked to try out for this role
      Every story on this pilot seems to make a point of saying they wanted to get it away from Smallville.
      And… scene.

  4. wordsmith says:

    Great news – she’s exactly who I picture when I think of a younger Dinah Lance. Even better if it means we’ll eventually get to see her in fishnets and a leather jacket…

    • BirdsOfPrey says:

      I’m surprised they are people who didn’t see this casting coming. Its an obvious casting, she was on my shortlist. I was worried about her age, as they normally dont cast young actors than the characters they are supposed to portray. Dinah is supposed to be 3 years older (28).
      Yes she should get her jacket, not fussed what kind, just that we should get to see her removing it in slow motion.

  5. Adam says:

    Finally she got a show! Now I’m definitely gonna watch this! Greatest news ever!

  6. Yay! I’m not familiar with the actress, but I’m way excited Dinah/Black Canary is part of the cast for this show. :D

  7. Mike says:

    Awesome news.

  8. Wrenn says:

    So happy for Katie. I loved SV, and I wish Justin could have gotten his spin off. But I wanted to learn more about Oliver/Dinah and SV didn’t give me that so I hope Arrow gets picked up to series. I love Katie so much this is great.

  9. asdas says:

    I will defintly watch this now! She’s amazing and hot!

  10. Emily says:

    Whoa. Didn’t see this one coming. I could get on board with this.

  11. Michael says:

    What’s CW’s obsession with Katie Cassidy? She was the lead on Melrose Place and it was an EPIC FAIL. Who’s to say this show won’t have the same outcome? It seems like lots of people are upset that Hartley isn’t Oliver Queen, so maybe a bad combination?

    • ggny says:

      except for the fact that she was considered by almost every critic to be the one great thing about Melrose Place and she considered to be a great addition to Gossip Girl when she was on…Everywhere she has guest she has been great(almost all critics agree) but because of 1 failed show she shouldnt be given a shot?

      • ChrisGa says:

        Katie Cassidy is one of those actresses who enhances just about everything she’s in. She OWNED the Melrose Place reboot(stealing it out from under everybody including a highly collagenated Heather Locklear)and she was great on GG last season. I still think it was a mistake not to go with Justin Hartley in the lead, but Stephen Amell is pretty and hot and I’ve loved Susanna Thompson since Once and Again so I’m gonna give it a shot nonetheless.

      • Danielle H says:

        She is fantastic. It’s not her fault MP got cancelled.
        I didn’t even know this was being considered, but I just died a little inside.
        HOW FREAKING AMAZING. I was just saying to the other casting yesterday how Black Canary mattered so much, and here we go, baby!!!!

      • Paz says:

        I hated her on Gossip Girl. I thought she was a terrible actress. Then I saw her on Supernatural and realized that it wasn’t her it was the storyline she was given on Gossip Girl. I liked her so much on Supernatural that I actually kind of missed her when they recast Ruby. Brunette Ruby sucked in comparison to blonde Ruby. I might watch this!

    • RyanD says:

      MR was a bad show, do you know how many failed pilots Justin Hartley had. I cant even count them on one hand. He was on a soap opera too which, the worst ever. But did that stop him from getting good in Smallville No. that is my point.

    • Captain says:

      Even with Melrose Plce being a failure, Katie Cassidy was the sole high point and was highly regarded by critics for her performance. Melrose Place was the first time critics really took notice of her and saw what a talented actress she is so I don’t think it was that terrible of a career move.

  12. Lisa says:

    Considering she’s pretty much the prettiest female on the planet and she can act to boot, I think this is great news for the show. Regarding Justin Hartley, if they had used him, it would have made it a Smallville spin off and they would have been tied to SV’s Green Arrow’s history so I think casting fresh was a good idea, even though I enjoyed Justin’s portrayal.

  13. Elle says:

    Ah, the better Ruby.

    • Katy says:

      THIS!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^^My bf was soooooooooo p*ssed when they recast, he’s in love with her – and so am i!! she is fab in everythign she does, she was freakin AWESOME as Ruby – the other ruby was bullcrap!!! Loved her in GG, ddin’t see her in Melrose, but alsdo loved her in Harper’s Island,too. She is hot, and talented. I was majorly disappointed when i found out Justin hartley wasn’t gonna be in this, and i dont think much of stephen amell, but i’ll give t a go, cuz i love my superheroes and i love me some katie cassidy, so for her and her alone i will check it out.

  14. ggny says:

    Katie Cassidy as Black Canary…HELL YES i was pissed about Justin Hartley not being the lead but this makes me happy about this show now

  15. Lucy says:

    Love Katie Cassidy (even if she keeps landing on The CW…) and love it even more that she’ll eventually helm the role of Black Canary and not just some civilian love interest.

  16. audrey says:

    Honestly, she’s too young. She’s 25 years old and she’s supposed to be playing an attorney? At 25 years old, she would be barely out of law school and i’m saying that as someone who went to law school really young myself. They should have cast a woman a few years older.

    • Arrowkeys says:

      well I called it, saw it coming a mile away.
      I kind of think she is perfect for the role, well done CW you did not disappoint. Looks like you got strong female actors to play strong female characters.
      As for Stephen I think he will do well, didnt think much of him at first because I didnt know him but have been doing my research,with the kind of Green Arrow they are going for he seems suited, the gritty, macho guy, instead of the light hearted goofy, yet tough guy who we love and are used to, well something like that. He seems like a guy who is down to earth and loves his craft so thats good.
      Him and Katie could really have some hot sizzling chemistry going on. Really excited for this show.

  17. TFD says:

    Finally something good about this show!
    Ruby is a great choice for Black Canary, I like it a lot.
    Just sucks we aren’t getting Hartley, but I think that’s maybe more the fault of Smallville with the pishy Chloe arc, and also going by the pics of the new guy they might be heading in the New 52 direction for GA?

  18. mare says:

    this catched me by surprise as well! But think she is well suited for the role! She has that kick as posture and acts as hot she is! Green Arrow added to 2012-2013 schedule!

  19. Tiva4Life says:

    Finally the true comic canon Dollie :D just love that in the comics Clois did go to the Dollie wedding ;)

  20. John says:

    Damn this is good casting. She’ll make a great Black Canary. I can’t wait to see Oliver and Dinah, sparring and in action! Romance is definitely going to be hot between these two. But one thing that bugs me is the show is on the CW.

  21. Kat says:

    Sick of the Smallville nerds on TVline who complain about the lack of a spin-off and/or suggest Smallville actors for every role! Stop. It was not even that good of a show.

  22. Katy says:

    Smallville wasn’t that good of a show?? Sooooo………..that’s why it ran for an entire decade, because it wasn’t that good???/ Hmmmmmmmm! I’ll admit the last few seasons were a shadow of the earlier ones, but earlier ones were incredibly well written and the original cast were second to none. I dont think it would have lasted ten years if it was “not even that good.” :p

  23. Sid says:

    1. SMALLVILLE fanse, get over yourselves. Stop complaining about Justin Hartley!
    2. I’m praying this gets picked up to series after this casting news. This show is starting to get more buzz now than The Carrie Diaries. Katie Cassidy is such an amazing actress and I’ve missed her so much. She was the only good thing about MELROSE PLACE and she was the better RUBY and she was the only reason I watched the first half of the 4th season of GOSSIP GIRL!

    • Danielle says:

      Wait what, Carrie diaries, what dat.
      What buzz lol.
      Arrow is the highest profiled pilot of CW currently.
      Yes i’m too is a Smallville fan, I really do miss Justin Hartley and understand what some people here are feeling right now. But I do understand why this has to happen, besides its done now and whats left is just to be a good sport about it, and wish the new people the best. We can’t always get what we want.

  24. alice says:

    stupid this whole discussion makes me tired, lack of creativity can not create something better, even if not a spin-off of smallville This story is very fresh in my mind, I will not waste time watching this show.

    • Owls says:

      urgh, so you have time to comment. You surely got time to waste. With that kind of attitude this show is better of without you. You know what worse, its all lies, you and your whining are going nowhere. You will be back again and again, trying to hurt the show.

    • Sid says:

      So why did you even waste your time posting here if you have no intention watching the show? I sware there’s no pleasing people like you because you’ll always have to compare something new with something old.
      Move on and stop wasting your time if you don’t plan on watching!

  25. amanda says:

    here’s a suggestion, how about watching first , criticize or defend later.

  26. Steven says:

    This show is a go, right? Between Stephen Amell, Susanna Thompson, and now Katie Cassidy? It’s a no brainer. Stephen will be a million times better than Justin Hartley, sorry Smallville fans. Also, it looks like there’s gonna be tons of parkour and acrobatics. It’s gonna happen for sure.

  27. tvaddict says:

    I am definitely gonna watch this show now(if it goes to series). Hopefully the CW will order this and get rid of Ringer

  28. Will says:

    Aw, damn! :(
    I was really hoping that Katie would’ve returned to GG next season. I want Juliet back on the show!

  29. Jace says:

    Not seen here in Gossip Girl (have no interest in that), but she was great in Supernatural, looking forward to seeing her in this if it gets a proper order.

  30. Sally says:

    Good job, CW. I will for sure check this out now. Katie Cassidy is flawless.

  31. Al says:

    Damn. I was hoping Katie would pop her superhero cherry playing Dazzler. Ah well, she is fantastic in everything she does and her presence alone makes me interested in the project.

  32. Dianna says:

    I just want Justin Hartley!! Gimmeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  33. K says:

    Okay, now I am officially SOLD. LOVE Katie

  34. lenen says:

    I love Katie Cassidy, but I wish she would try to parts in better projects. She has proven she can definitely act in other shows such as melrose place, gossip girl, harper’s island… I honestly think this is a step down for her.

  35. Sasha says:

    All I want to say is that its too soon after Smallville.
    Yeah the comparison is always going to be there but I would have preferred to wait a couple more years.
    As it is (i know its redundant) but Justin is the only person i see being green arrow.
    Not that I want him to be in this show. No way.
    Its just they could have waited a bit longer and i would have been on board

  36. Isabelle says:

    Everything I read about this gets better and better, her and Stephen will melt my screen. I really hope it gets picked up too.

  37. l says:

    so glad she finally has a lead role that may actually work out!!

  38. Jericho227 says:

    I can see why so many are making the SV/Arrow comparison. It’s been barely a year since Smallville signed off which is very soon for a reboot, esp on TV. That is what this is supposed to be for Green Arrow, it’s mean to retcon the Green Arrow. Smallville coopletely retconned Superman. Think of the original Superman serials and as Timeline A. the B&W series being Timeline B. The movies would be Timeline C, whereas Superman Returns could be considered part of timeline C, but IMO, I considered it Timeline D. Lois & Clark on ABC would be Timeline E and so on and on. You still with me? Each interpretation of these characters we’ve seen over the years follows the core story put forth in the comics, but creates it’s own timeline. I’m not too crazy that Arrow is being commissioned this soon after Smallville as it is still very fresh on my mind, especially when I own the DVD’s, but it’s being done. We can bitch and moan all we want, Arrow is happening. Whether it lives or fails depends on us. Even with me not being 100% behind, I am still curious. I grew up reading comic books, so color me intrigued. Anyways tho, getting the best TV actress period. I own almost every movie and/or show Kate Cassidy has been on. She is a terrific actress and I am looking forward to this even more now than ever.

  39. Darcy says:

    SOOOO excited for her casting! Love her! Wasn’t all too excited about this pilot but now hoping it will get picked up because I will definitely watch it if it has her :)

  40. G says:

    Excited Katie is going to be on another show. With her and now Willa Holland being announced I will for sure give this show a chance.

  41. Luke says:

    I’m actually full on excited for this ! Never really got in to Smallville but this looks promising :) looking forward to seeing Katie Cassidy as Black Canary ! So excited =D

  42. Bryce says:

    Some people want Green Arrow to always be a failure, really someone is offering you a Green Arrow show out of nowhere, and all you can say is not now maybe later because you want to relieve the past. Idiots, you may never get this opportunity ever again, so stop whining and throwing tantrums, and embrace this opportunity it doesn’t come everyday and it doesn’t come to characters like Green Arrow often. Batman and superman gets all kinds of TV shows and books, one after the other, why must not Green Arrow. He deserve his profile to be raised too, he has earned it.
    Sorry for you if you don’t want Green Arrow back on your screen again, some of us want him everytime and all the time, forever. So move on and find something else to do.

  43. EmeraldCity says:

    Ok some good casting overall. But I have a very big problem with the script. Why Starling, why Laurel, Why Thea, why all of this unnecessary changes.
    I really think you need to reconsider all of this changes before you air the pilot. Yes we comic fans are happy there is going to be a show but extremely upset at all these changes that you made. If you are going to screw with the mythology don’t expect a lot of us to stick around. Giving the pilot a fair, chance. Curious sure, but not sold.