House First Look: Wilson and House Have a 'Lovers' Spat Over [Spoiler]

Hopeless bromantics House and Wilson come to blows on Monday’s House — and, not surprisingly, it’s over a woman.
As we previously reported, House’s MIA Russian bride of convenience Dominika re-enters the picture and makes her hubby an offer he can’t (but probably should) refuse: successfully convince immigration officials that their marriage is real and pocket a nice chunk of change in return.
Natch, Wilson thinks it’s a bad idea, mostly because a perjury charge could put an ex-con like House back behind bars.
Press play below and watch the two quarrel like lovers.

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  1. LOL says:

    really? theres a story arch about the slutty russian mail order bride? and people wonder why this show is done.

    • lmao says:

      Actually the only one who dressed like a whore and was called a whore by her mother, by House and by the people who worked with her is Cuddy.
      Too bad huddy happened and ruined the show.
      Bitter LE fans stalking every single article about House just to spread their venom are really amusing

      • Orion says:

        At least Cuddy was smart, she had a great job, skills, a life and was only called this way as a joke.
        And only mysoginists would judge a woman on the way she dresses. Cuddy was a sexy DoM with brains.
        That chick who plays House’s wife is talentless and her useless character might be the most hated of the entire show
        -Yes, that includes Lucas, Lydia and the big bads-
        So bring on the slut and forget about ratings and dignity, you know the pride that Hugh Laurie himself mentioned in a sister site after his ego got bruised…

        • and... says:

          … once again the bitter, rude and obnoxious huddytards/LE fangirls never fail to disappoint me XD

        • Oh, grow up! says:

          Hugh Laurie’s pride will recover quite nicely, thank you. He’s got his $700,000 per episode paycheck to kiss away aaaalllll his psychic boo-boos.

        • Ava L says:

          “At least Cuddy was smart, she had a great job, skills, a life and was only called this way as a joke. And only mysoginists would judge a woman on the way she dresses. Cuddy was a sexy DoM with brains.”
          Huh? What show were you watching? Because i never saw a cuddy with brains or any kind of job skills other than avoidance and micromanaging. A life? Her life was her job. And then she got that baby and a full time nanny. Cuddy was a joke. A horrible example of how a smart, successful female manager should dress and act.

      • Bahaha says:

        Oh yeah, too bad TPTB actually wrote and shot House/Huddy relationship. Too bad House/Cameron only existed in the imagination of a few delusional fangirls, who are now stalking every House article and make it about “Huddy” even more than people who were actually curious to see that arc panned out. Go send JM another pair of panties with Hugh’s face on the crotch, nutjobs, and post a video on Youtube.

        • lmao says:

          Hamerons, huddys they’re all the same for me. At least hameron never happened and the show was grat despise Cameron but when the huddy crap was on the show tanked.
          Really, I can’t hardly tell the difference between huddytards and hamerons but I have to say that huddys/LE fans are now step ahead with their bitterness and rage.

          • 911 says:

            “Jesse”, you are the only dumb fangirl here posting under different names. No one is “raging” or “hating” here, it’s all in your head. You need to stop getting obsessed over fiction within a fiction (which is “Hameron”). Your behavioral pattern is getting really disturbing, it’s not even funny anymore. Get help.

          • Ally says:

            I bet she is that obese girl from the “JM birthday panties” video. Leave her alone, obviously it’s the only way for her to get off. Every mention of “LE bitter fangirls” and “they amuse me” must be a Jess-speak for a happy ending. Well, apparently having fat fingers could be really rewarding. Go Jess! LMAO

          • Sam says:

            Guys, she is clearly unwell, stop pushing her. You don’t want to be responsible if anything happens. If delusions and perceived hate keep her afloat, so be it. Just ignore.
            In regards to the Dominika storyline, House’s creators make the dreaded transition to no-House much easier for me. So everything is for the better.

  2. Kristen says:

    House/Wilson banter is the only thing I miss about this show.

  3. HilsonTeam says:

    GREAT VIDEO.. unfortunally it’s geo-blocked … >:/

  4. Mariskafan says:

    Of course the show has been cancelled. If the best dicussion House and Wilson can have in the whole season is about House´s wife (a character no one gives a damn about) then it´s not surprising that viewers are so fed up that they prefer to watch The Bachelor.
    If these ppl are not capable of writing good storylines and keeping good actors around then i´m not sorry at all to say RIP House. You won´t be missed.

  5. robinepowell says:

    I would watch it but this video is only available to American viewers. I hate when that happens. I live in Canada, not Timbuktu.

    • Big Deal says:

      I live in Alaska; I’m a righteous, tax-paying citizen of the United States, and we get hosed by ‘net media more than you. We may as well be living on the Klingon Home World.

  6. João Amaral says:

    Moar Chase! MOAR CHASE!!! MOAR!!

  7. Jen says:

    Yet more proof what a crapfest this show has become. So glad this trainwreck will be over soon.

  8. brazil says:

    what a shame,the show is trash

  9. Bilouze says:

    please David Shore bring some dramas before the show ends instead of such stupid storylines. House is the best in dramas, not in sitcom.
    I’m so disappointed with this season, it’s like everybody are waiting for the end and nothing happens in this show anymore except pranks, bets…
    I excepted a dark season, not a funny one.

  10. adri says:

    Karolyna Wydra the trash actrees,bad idea this show is trash,look this ratings

  11. Bilouze says:

    a season like the half one after kutner’s death and with amber’s ghost, it was fantastic, dark and stressful! good old times…

  12. Christine says:

    This video makes me want to womit!

  13. See says:

    So this is how they plan to lure back the lost viewers? This story didn’t work the 1st time and people seem even less excited about it as a recycled story. Shore was very fortunate to find Hugh Laurie because if not for him, his idea would have never worked. Creativity is so very fickle. Shore had a fantastic idea but not the ability to see it through. It’s sad when a story outlasts the ability of the creator.

  14. Bilouze says:

    Michael, give us a good spoiler about the finale, these news with this girl aren’t interesting. If only she could die in an accident or wilson or I don’t know who but I want a death that will impact House.

  15. Kat says:

    Someone put this show out of its misery and fast. It’s like watching a wounded animal.

  16. marta masters says:

    Karolyna wydra is not actress she is very bad where ANNA duDEK,lISA E,Jennifer morrison and others ACTREES

  17. Kelly says:

    I’ll admit it, I stopped watching when Lisa E left the show. I decided to see what this latest ep was all about. Just from that short exchange on the video I see I’ve made the right choice not to watch. It’s obvious IMO HL is just going thru the motions at this point. In fact I know I watched for too long to begin with, hoping that as long as LE was part of the trio with HL & RSL we’d get some great scenes. Well, looks like the critics are right…. this show has now sunk to the bottom of the barrel. Pity.

    • @Kelly says:

      Actully, HL has turned in some pretty solid stuff this season, acting-wise. He almost appears to have a second wind, compared to the past couple of years. Too bad you’re missing out; you may want to reconsider and start watching again.

  18. Ken says:

    Sigh. Really? How many times are we going to go over the same old thing? House doesn’t want to “do the right thing”. Wilson tries to get him to do the right thing. However, in the end…House does the wrong thing 99.9% of the time. No wonder the show got cancelled.

  19. Jane2 says:

    Oh dear, House M D , how far you have fallen.

  20. Erin says:

    The show was not cancelled. The producers, including Hugh Laurie decided to end it. If you can call House a crapfest after episodes this season like Twenty Vicodin, Nobody’s Fault, Dead and Buried, and Chase,then you missed some brilliant acting and good writing. Yeah, lets just take one scene out of context and extrapolate from there that this is a doomed season or for that matter a doomed episode. Trash ratings? Then Alcatraz and Terra Nova and every thing on NBC have trash ratings as well. I for one will miss seeing Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard.

    • Cali says:

      Get your facts straight. The show was indeed cancelled.

      • Adele says:

        Yes, it was cancelled. TPTB wanted a season 9 with 13 episodes but the network told them to GTFO. What a shame. It was a wonderful show.

        • @Adele says:

          Ya know, Adele, I can actually PICTURE a couple of guys wearing VERY expensive suits, standing in the parting lot at Universal/FOX, flipping David Shore the middle digit, and telling him to pack his sh*t, and GTFO. God, I would’ve loved to have seen that. Thanks for giving me a late-afternoon-giggle. :)

          • karma says:

            It’s even better. NBC were asking Fox for more license money, while crushing House’s ratings with The Voice. Fox guys got upset and slammed the door in their faces, and as a result, Mr. Shore found himself on the receiving end of the deal and out on the street. Like a used whore.
            Karma is a she-dog.

    • Sharon says:

      I stopped watching because I was disappointed in the recent episodes but I am disappointed the show will be ending. I agree that for some time the show encompassed “brilliant acting and good writing” but with the exit of so many of the most interesting characters, the show has lost it’s depth so it’s not surprising it is ending, however it seems that television series that last beyond seven years are few nowadays.

  21. Adele says:

    Dominika? Really? What a lame storyline to end the show. And she will appear in episode 14 too so i bet House will make sweeeet sweeet love to her and he will like her because she is ohhh so funny, naive, girly and kind. Wow just the kind of woman House always liked.
    FYI writers, House liked strong, intelligent and interesting women like Cuddy or Stacy. Dominika is the opposite. But they´ll try to make us believe he can find some kind of short happiness by her side.
    Of course it was cancelled.

    • @Adele says:

      Why do you think Dominika is not strong or intelligent? She made a brave decision at a very young age to leave her economical and political instable country apparantly alone & in hope of having a better life. She learned to talk english nearly fluently, found obviously a job to earn some money and did her homework about the legal system to accomplish her aims. I won`t say it makes her less strong or intelligent than Cuddy or Stacy. She probably didn`t get the opportunity to attend an expensive elite university to become a high paid lawyer or doctor. Do you think she is less worth because of her different social status?
      “But they´ll try to make us believe he can find some kind of short happiness by her side.” Sometimes the smallest things can make us happy and these are mostly things you expect the least. You can`t control or predict happiness. You are either happy or not and you can`t say a man is only happy if it concurs with your own philosophy and it is quite self-righteous of you to think someone can`t be happy though he is just because it doesn`t make sense to you.
      Of course i don´t know what happens in this episode and how or if at all Dominika is influencing his life or mood if. We have to watch! :)

  22. kel says:

    to confirm that these arguments should end house david thanks for killing the series are an idiot

  23. ex-fan says:

    Commenting on anything House at this point is like kicking a junkie who is already laying down unconscious in a puddle of his own vomit. That’s all.

  24. jess says:

    this house-wilson bickering is what I MISSED SO MUCH this season! I had to get my sherlock-watson bromance from Sherlock and John of the BBC series. >_>

  25. Christine says:

    This “House-Wilson bickering” is ALWAYS the same. It bores me!

  26. ex says:

    david shore `please stay away from the tv not cheat again with a series

  27. Fey says:

    What the hell is this? I want House with Cuddy not with a prostitute.

    • @Fey says:

      Why? There’s sh*t that even Cuddy won’t do. And a man has NEEDS, after all. And prostitutes are better for ratings, not that THAT matters anymore.

  28. Bilouze says:

    I want Chris Carter to write the end of House!

  29. ebowers says:

    I hope someone warns Dominika that when House doesn’t get what he wants he takes it badly and crashes cars into peoples Houses’
    Just ask Cuddy !!!!!!! KABOOM

  30. Bella says:

    Of all the lame idea that DS has had the green card prostitute wife is the worst. Hated the storyline in S7 hate it even more in S8. I wont be tuning in for this episode or episode 14 which I believe this nothing/offensive character also makes an appearance in . I couldn’t give a damn about this character and I can’t believe they have squandered 2 of their remaining episodes exploring it. Just more evidence of your creative fail this season David Shore. You should be ashamed.

    • The Bright Side says:

      Look at it this way: Many fans wanted “Cuddy Closure.” Green-Card-Wife came into existence as a direct result of “Huddy,” so you can consider wrapping up THAT story line as “Cuddy Closure.” Happy now?

      • Bella says:

        “Happy Now”? – Not in the least. I call this storyline FAIL not closure.

        • The Bright Side says:

          Like you mommy asked you when you were a child (yesterday), “How do you know you won’t like if it you don’t try it?” Give the character a chance, for crying out loud.

  31. Grace says:

    I loved it! Made me laugh as usual.
    I will dearly miss House and Wilson.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Over the years House has had some fabulous opportunities to capitalize on some great dramatic dropped storylines. Yet, of all the storylines they wish to continue, the Green Card Goof story is the one in which they choose to expand upon. And then the producers wonder why fans are changing the channel. This storyline was as desirable as the Lucas storyline was in season six. Except on some level that was a little more believable than this monstrosity. Sadly, it goes to show how out of touch the producers and writers are with the fans. Perhaps they are ahead of the curve when it comes to the medical and headlines, but they are FAR behind hitting the target of fan interest. Additionally, a few good episodes this season STILL does not make for an outstanding season 8 and that’s sad. This is a ridiculous story and I wish they would just send Dominika back to Russia where her charater belongs. Producers may think she’s adorable and cute, but the majority of the fans are ready to either pull out their vomit buckets or switch the channel for this episode. (P.S. Hope it’s a typo that Dominika will be in the episode after as she will ruin the excellence of a good guest star in Diane Baker as House’s mom.)

    • Bella says:

      Sorry to upset you but Dominica is making an appearance in Episode 14 – she is listed as a guest cast member in the Episode Description for the show FOX issued this week. We finaly have the return of House’s mother and they throw D into the mix. Just another massive creative fail from the [H] writers.

    • Anon says:

      i would say the majority of fans don`t hate her i´d say they simply don`t care or don`t mind Dominika. The only people who hate her to apparantly vomitt-inducing amount are the poor bitter Huddies. She is what she is. House is married to her and somehow they have to deal with her and i like that they don`t forget storyline that it ever happened. This marriage won`t work out longterm, don`t worry. Chill out!

  33. Linda says:

    Oh dear LE fans, don`t be so blatant, you can`t fool anyone here, you don`t watch the show but you are the first to troll this comment section, congrats @MelissaQulol, btw. You are all such a bitter losers and mad because your fanfiction-stories didn`t made it on the small screen. I tell you what the show isn`t and never was about Cuddy or Huddy or a romantic-drama like Bones or castle.
    Furthermore it never ceases to amaze me how much abrasive hate you can mobilize against everyone, beside Cuddy/LE,literally everyone if it was Lydia,Cameron,13,Lucas or Taub aso. and of course their respecticve actors.You are an infamous trollish,hateful small group of fans and Do you really think you do LE any favors if you support her in anyway by throwing stupid name-callings against others. No, I´d bet she is ashamed of you.
    LE decided to leave the show.It is about time you respect her decision and move on too to support her wonderful new projects. Spread love not hate!!
    BTW i really enjoy season8 and i´m looking forward to how this twist will evolve. It doubt that this Dominika story is so unimportant like it seems on the outside. There is a reason why the writers brought her back.

    • Bilouze says:

      and now you worry me, House in love is really really something uninteresting to watch. Maybe it has something to do with a possible return in jail because of this lie.

    • Ava L says:

      Excellent comments Linda. Couldn’t have said it better….

    • Beth says:

      DS said over the summer that they wouldn’t be revisiting her storyline, so I’m pretty sure the reason the writers brought her back was because they don’t have much money and already paid her for 3 appearances–a cost-saving move as opposed to an organic, creative storytelling decision. They are running on fumes and haven’t been telling an organic story for quite some time now, so it doesn’t surprise me that they would decide to bring her back. It saved them from coming up with new story lines and gives them a way to try and blow some life into a bromance that has become painfully dull and repetitive. Either way, Dominika’s storyline was ridiculous in Season 7 and looks even more ridiculous in Season 8.

  34. your mama says:

    people aren`t angry about dominika, ok maybe they are but they are angry at the remaining time left they are wasting on story lines and characters that no one cares about. There are so many issues that they need to deal with and they have repeatedly and intentionally ignored them. sorry but that is NOT compelling television.