Exclusive Fringe Teaser: Answers Are Coming!

It appears that September has something he needs to get off his chest this February, before Fox’s Fringe Marches off into its next break.
As seen here in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek at a promo set to air after this week’s installment of the Fox sci-fi-er, “Answers are coming” on Feb. 24, in the episode “The End of All Things” — and some of them seem to be coming from (and may even be about) our favorite creepy chrome-dome.
Hopefully he speaks at a quicker, less-cryptic clip than usual, because dude is looking a bit worse for the wear.

Fringe Exclusive: Lost‘s Henry Ian Cusick Cast as [Spoiler] – But in Which Universe?

As previously reported, Fringe will take a break for the first three Fridays of next month, then return March 23 with 100-percent and uninterrupted originals until its season finale.

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  1. Dan says:

    Did anyone else catch the quick shot of the word “OBSERVE” and September with his eyes closed?

    • Alex says:

      Yes! I’m wondering if September was shot by another Observer(because he didn’t get rid of Peter) and now he’s time jumping. Maybe he went to see Peter after talking with Olivia in the theater? Since they don’t experience time like humans do, he is able to talk to both of them within just a few minutes, even though it’s really days(or weeks) apart.

    • Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

      Yes! Holy crap, I had to go through it frame by frame until I saw what they were saying. Can I just say how much I love Fringe producers for their millisecond messages. I think September is finally going to give Peter the answers about the merging universes and then right before he reveals how to get everything squared away he’s going to be shot by the head honcho observer and die. But that’s just my theory.

      • mst3k says:

        Maybe the observer is the 12th doctor

      • Linda says:

        Just went through this 1/2(?) frame by frame. I see fauxlivia holding baby henry, peter in the machine, a wide shot of the bridge peter made in the first timeline & peter kissing fauxlivia. Oh man, this is just too AAAAAHH much! uh no, it’s not. bring it on. love it!

        • Linda says:

          Oh, and “our” Olivia in the deprivation tank, someone using walter’s original portal (it looks like walter in the original timeline at reiden lake), a quick scene in the other ‘verse at an ambered quarantine site. You tube is not meant for frame by frame or less. i’ll probably see more if i try again. Can’t wait until friday!

  2. Sno says:

    So excited for friday!

  3. Chris says:

    I hate when they give us teasers like this. And by hate I mean LOVE and will OBSESS over it for the next 2 weeks. (That said, it would have been awesome if it was John Noble doing the voice over for this clip. Just saying…lol!)

  4. Donna says:

    September isn’t creepy! I hope he survives and takes over the Observers… December is such a meanie.

  5. Laura008 says:

    OMG!!!!! This show is so amazing!!!! CAN`T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it will be a pure torture waiting for episode 4.14! :)

  6. austen. says:


  7. Dixie says:

    It’s the last episodde before ‘spring break’ – I’ll bet for every answer we get, there’ll be 2 more questions! That’s ok, as long as they keep airing new episodes to answer them, I’ll keep asking!
    And 4.15 is Joel Wyman’s episode, “A Short Story About Love” – right? Talk about coming back with a BANG! Can’t wait!

  8. Carly says:

    ohh, now i’m worried, but for a very different reason. Whenever an add says ‘for four seasons…’ it sounds like ‘you are not getting a 5th’. Is there any sign on the horrizon about when we might find out? or is it a case of no news iis good news.

    • Mike says:

      We’ll probably be waiting to hear until at least May if not longer, unfortunately. But Warner Bros has not given up hope yet so hopefully they’ll negotiate some kind of deal with Fox.

    • Slickriptide says:

      The standard syndication package is for five seasons. If the show makes four seasons, then a fifth is likely in the bag as long as the ratings are at all decent. There have been plenty of shows that ought to have bowed out after their fourth season that stuck around one more year in order to play in syndication for the rest of time.

    • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says:

      That’s also what ran through my mind, Dixie… Answer the burning questions then cancel the show… :(

  9. Sarah says:


  10. John Fredericks says:

    Please keep fringe on the air Warner Bros!

  11. Fringeeee!! Best show in both universes!
    I can’t wait for Friday’s episode

  12. MadKat says:

    Another break? I really believe that is what is killing off scince fiction/fantasy shows on tv. It happens to this genre more than any other. And people don’t come back, hey, even I abandoned “The Walking Dead” when they decided to take a 3 month break in the middle of a 13 episode season. Maybe there should be a change in how tv shows are done, sort of like in Britain…..present them in shorter story arcs in stead of “seasons”. Air a show with like a 4 to 8 episode story arc then put on something else. If a show is popular do anoth story arc later.

    • justin says:

      Wonderful idea, if only the network heads had the common sense that you just displayed. Not being sarcastic at all, I love me some great UK shows.

    • Tarc says:

      Why on Earth does a Friday night show need a ‘break’?

    • Slickriptide says:

      Well, you can make an argument that this is exactly what Fringe does – they run a full arc, then take a break, then come back with another full arc. They may be breaking it up more this season than in the previous seasons, but the pattern of arc->break->arc is pretty typical of the show.

    • Donna says:

      Yes, if you want your shows to look cheap and chintzy like many British shows do, do it that way. But you can’t renegotiate a high quality show, get cast and budget and writers and directors together, in 4-8 episode spurts every time, and have it still look good. That is why there are 13-22 episode orders for shows in the U.S.

    • Ben says:

      Even better – forget this idea of ‘ending in May’ and just run all the episodes you’ve ordered consecutively until they run out. I don’t know why networks set a date that is several weeks longer than the number of episodes they ordered in the first place.

      • Mike says:

        Because that’s how US Network television has worked for years. The television season was from September to May. New shows launched in September. They had to air big episodes in November, February and May which led to many reruns in between. There were always breaks around the big holidays too. Everyone was pretty content with how this worked. But that has changed in the past 10 years. In the age of TV shows on DVD and available on itunes, netflix whatever and in an age where there are a lot of quality serialized TV shows where people are committed on a weekly basis, it has created many an impatient viewer. It’s not their fault, the TV landscape has changed. Some networks are working around this. FOX is actually a good example of a channel that is trying new things, intentionally or not. They had 3 half season orders of shows to air on Monday which pretty much ensured mostly straight through runs of Terra Nova, Alcatraz and Touch. Once one wraps up, start the next one. Pretty cool that it worked out that way. Fringe still had a 22 episode order and fell victim to scheduling issues with a World Series rain delay. It put its whole schedule out of whack. But, essentially, it gave us 1 more week in 2012 with a new Fringe episode. LOST and 24 are good examples of shows that tried to work around the traditional TV schedule. In season 3, LOST tried to do 6 episodes in the fall with the remaining 16 airing after a 13 week hiatus. Of course, the writers specifically wrote for those 6 episodes and we got Jack, Sawyer and Kate locked in cages for 6 weeks. But after that, they negotiated with ABC and compromised with 3 more seasons of 16 episodes each that would all run non-stop in the spring. Naturally, the writers’ strike changed that up a bit but it still worked really well for LOST. Starting with season 4, 24 would do non-stop seasons starting at Mid-Season and that worked pretty well for it too.
        Unfortunately, the whole TV structure is based on the September-May structure. They need existing shows to launch in September in order to promote their new TV lineup and reel in viewers to those shows. It’s a vicious cycle and I don’t think anyone is close to resolving it. But the bottom line is. Fringe starts in September and ends in May. There are 22 new episodes to air in that timeframe. Translation: there are going to be breaks.

        • Mike says:

          And I apologize for the long post. Just got on a roll. :-)

          • elr says:

            Don’t apologize for the long post Mike. You were very eloquent in describing exactly what is wrong with network programming. I could not have said it better myself. I believe that the whole September to May season needs to be addressed by the networks, and possibly even the concept of a 22 episode season. There are 52 weeks in a year give or take holidays and sporting events that interfere with programming, why not make 2 or even 3 shorter seasons so there wouldn’t need to be breaks in the story. We already talk about fall and summer schedules and winter and spring finales and breaks why not just set-up the year accordingly. Unnecessary tv breaks are one of my biggest pet peeves and you would think the networks would do more to keep the viewing public happy….

  13. Hana says:

    PEOPLE… there are 52 weeks in a year and only 22 episodes in a season. There are going to be gaps. There are 12 weeks left to the middle of May sweeps and only 10 episodes left. That means there has to be a short hiatus. If they ran all the episodes right now they would have nothing left for May sweeps.

    • RKron says:

      I’ve tried to explain this so many times, but people just demand “More more more!” like it’s so easy. I wonder how many of these people who keep complaining about hiatuses actually watch Fringe on its time-slot.

  14. Timbo of Da Rock says:

    Warner Bros. would be a fool to drop FRINGE. Even if Warner Bros. doesn’t watch the show themselves, or knows Peter Bishop from Walter Bishop. WE, your audience DO, and we totally GET IT! This series SHOULD live long, and prosper! Thank You to everyone involved with FRINGE. We LOVE you guys & gals!

  15. Lisa P says:

    Aaaaahhh! SOOOOO excited!!! I really love Fringe and hope it gets another season. Given the uncertainty of its fate, starting this promo with “for four seasons…” and talking about finally getting answers feels like an ominous indication toward the end of the show, which, to do so by season finale with all the questions hanging in the air, would probably be unsatisfyingly rushed & inadequate.

  16. Donna says:

    The worst thing Fox ever did was take this show from Tuesday and put it on the most difficult time slot of the week – Thursdays at 9. They kept the show there in that impossible timeslot for a year and a half and they used it like cannon fodder against the most popular shows on television. Then, when Fringe was finally limping along with its audience eroded from having to compete with the most popular shows on TV, they stuck it on Fridays which was really the only thing they could do at that point.
    Oh, and also the winter-spring 2010 hiatus really killed its ratings because they took it off the air for 3 months to avoid the 2010 Olympics and God knows why else. From January to April 2010 there was no Fringe on the air. When the show finally came back, a huge chunk of the audience had lost track of it. Thanks for nothing, Fox.
    You know, not everyone likes thoughtful science fiction and that’s fine, but you’d think they wouldn’t have treated the show like cannon fodder on Thursday nights. PEOPLE LIKED IT ON TUESDAY!!!!

    • SAM says:

      That is my usual lament about this show. It should have never been moved from Tuesday. :-(

    • Pat says:

      I absolutely 100% agree with you. It was doing just fine on Tuesdays. It was averaging 9.9 mil viewers/week (I did the math, Wikipedia is wrong) and they decide to move it to the spot against Grey’s Anatomy (avg’d 14-16 mil/wk), The Office (avg’d 7-9 mil/wk), and CSI (avg’d 16-22 mil/wk), all 3 of which were well-established shows: GA in its 5th season, Office in its 5th, and CSI in its 9th. What the hell did Fox expect? We can blame people all we want for not being committed to watching every week, but FOX really F’d up with FRINGE.
      S2 premiere was at 7.8 mil, down 1.5 mil from s1 finale. s2e2 was already down to 5.7 mil, down 2.1 from 1 WEEK EARLIER. During seasons 2-3.5 (starting with s1 finale), the viewership dropped from 9.3 mil to 4.7. Then it went to fridays. Started on Friday at 5.8 mil, very respectable for Friday, then slowly dwindled down to the low 3’s/high 2’s where it has been for quite some time.

    • Emily says:

      I could cry every time I think about this. I would give up a LOT of other shows I watch in a heartbeat if it meant Fringe could stay on air. In fact, I think I’d give up just about everything, and I watch a lot of shows. If I only had Fringe, AMC, and Vampire Diaries (random, I know… but I find it so bizarrely addicting), I would be set.

  17. Tonya says:

    I LOVE FRingE out of all the shows I watch and their are a LOT this is BY Far My favorite I would be devastated if it were cancelled!!!! But Hate when they take a break and so many questions in the air right now I can’t get enough!!! Can’t wait to see More!!!!

  18. bebe says:

    omg! my heart was pounding as I watched the 30 second clip! PLEASE keep the Series on air and please please do not stop the show FOX!

  19. davie says:

    Can not WAIT til the 24th.
    Be happy for the 3 week break, people! Now we get the final 8 episodes (of season 4) in a row! without a break…it seems FOX is doing their best to keep the show rolling.
    Hopefully WB can give FOX the $ they want so we can get our wrap up season. If any show (judging by quality) deserves it, it’s Fringe.

  20. davie says:

    They’re probably doing the 3 week break so Friday Night basketball games dont crush Fringe to even further low points in the ratings.

    • Donna says:

      Actually, it comes back during the height of March Madness, so, so much for THAT theory… it’ll just get crushed anyway.

  21. Zepp says:

    The Fringe worlds are universes of assumptions, I see. The observer September, could, in terms, become a human, to be healed bullet in the chest that (mysteriously) received. And, Peter, could become an observer to fill the seat left by September. The answers may be coming, but I believe they only induce us to new questions. The universes Fringe, make our own reality, also seem like something fantastic. Go Fringe!

  22. tony clifton says:

    is that September @23 sceonds in that 1 second blip?

    • Pelvicarch says:

      Yes, that is September with the word “OBSERVE” overlaid. Looks like September has some electrodes on his chest and nasal cannula for O2. I think they are going to open him up to try to get the bullets out and find one of those shape shifter modules inside him!

  23. trista says:

    I just need to know what is going on with Olivia – I mean is she Peter’s Olviia remembering Peter or is she somehow connected telepathically with Peter’s Olivia? UGH…. I hope this is one of the answers we get on Friday’s episode!

  24. DLV says:

    Omg Fringe just keeps getting better and better. I love love love the show and can’t wait for answers to come. Of course I am sure there will be more questions as well…… Xoxoxoxo

  25. patty says:

    I would like a couple of tips as to who the observers are and who makes up their rules. Love love love the show

  26. Scott Robb says:

    ANOTHER break?! Seriously? Are you trying to irritate your fan base orare you making it up as you go along a la Casablanca? Rediculous!

  27. theObserver says:

    Once again, as in any other good show, making breaks just to piss people off. if a studio can’t keep a good show running weekly without annoying breaks of weeks and months, better cancel it. this tactic sucks and just makes most viewers nervous. pay those writers good and keep filming or gtfo of the network. i dont care if some actors have to get more money by featuring in movies during their contract with a tv show, just don’t let that interfere with the other stuff you’ve got going. that kind of behaviour from actors and networks bring the downfall of some good shows. people lose their interest if they are put on hold. not forgetting some good shows like 4400 that got cancelled for some crappy reason. nowadays, seems like money matters more than people and their feelings/options/dreams. ACTA and SOPA need no comment. SICK RICH PEOPLE RULING THE TV NETWORKS, MOVIE COMPANIES AND OTHER MEDIA RELATED ORGANISATIONS. BURN!!!

  28. lyn3030 says:

    I love Fringe being on Fridays! It is like when I was a kid and all the scary movies were on Friday and Saturday nights! It is so cool! I have something to look forward to every Friday! I just hope Fox won’t be foolish and cancel the show. It would be a big mistakes!

  29. Donna says:

    I’m not saying Fringe was ever going to be a popular show. But if Fox liked it so much (and it seems to have fans at Fox), couldn’t they have treated it a little more carefully? Did they HAVE to sacrifice it to the Thursday night 9 pm slot when they KNEW it had no hope of being the 1st choice for many viewers on that night?
    The saddest thing is that Fringe once had a special episode on Monday night and it was the highest rated episode that season. If only they’d moved it to Mondays after House!

  30. I readlly care says:

    I dont care what night Fringe is on. I always tape it. This way I dont miss any episodes. Unfortunately Fringe is now on opposite Grimm and so I watch Fringe first of course, then watch the DVR of Grimm. But, there is no denying that Fringe lovers will always be there for our show.

  31. Erin says:

    Lets keep fringe running as long if not longer than the “Simpsons”! Tell all ur family & friends to watch every fri. We need to produce better ratings b4 the season ends!!

  32. lil says:

    did the article just say “season” finale? not “series” finale? i want more fringe!!!

  33. Emily says:

    People should also remember that there is much more to television shows than what we see. There are weeks of writing, pre-production, casting, rehearsal, etc etc, before they even begin shooting. Especially with sci-fi/fantasy shows that require more production. Its not that simple to say the network ordered 22 episodes, so lets have 22 straight weeks of new episodes. A lot goes into making a TV show. Gotta have some breaks in there just to give the cast and crew a rest.
    Breaks also allow people who have missed previous episodes to catch up (via reruns or nowadays with the internet) and to build anticipation for big episodes.

  34. Hilary Smith says:

    Regardless of what night or what time…I am watching it! I don’t watch any shows on television on a weekly basis, but during season two I caught an episode on and I was hooked. Again, I don’t watch tv on a regular basis, but (FOX) you have me hooked and I have told all my friends about it. In fact, my boyfriend is an artist and we made shirts that say…Ask Walter Bishop…He knows the answer!
    I like the new Olivia and now it seems that she is having the original Olivia’s memories. I wonder if this will change her behavior to be more like Olivia #1. Astrid is a winner character too. What an amazing actress. What is her name? Has she been in other shows or movies?
    I can’t wait until Friday…date night with my man and FRINGE…life is great!

  35. Zepp says:

    The Fringe worlds are universes of assumptions, I see. The observer in September, could, in terms, become a human, to be healed bullet in the chest that (mysteriously) received. And, Peter, could become an observer to fill the seat left by September. The answers may be coming, but I believe they only induce us to new questions. The universes Fringe, make our own reality, also seem like something fantastic. Go Fringe!

  36. Becka says:

    I really don’t understand Fox’s love/hate relationship with sci-fi. It’s like they get this fantastic show…and it starts out strong…and then suddenly it gets moved to another night…And then it gets cancelled. It has happened to almost every single sci-fi show Fox has ever had.
    If Fringe had remained on Tuesday nights, the viewership would have stayed high. Generally there isn’t always a lot on tv on Tuesday nights. It’s probably my least watched night for tv next to Wednesday. When it got moved to Thursday it had to contend with an uber popular The Big Bang Theory and other sitcoms…that the viewership dipped, but was at least steady…then when it hit Friday…just like all the other Sci-fi shows that were relegated to that Friday 9pm slot…is drawing out a long and painful death. And I wonder if we’ll be lucky to get a proper ending if we don’t get a new season.
    Fringe is like my one most favourite show of the week…and I can deal with the hiatus’ but just knowing it’s likely going to die because Fox was stupid and moved it to a timeslot where things just go to die…is just bad form on Fox’s part!

  37. JAO says:

    I love Fringe … just keeps on getting better! I especially love Peter this year and the soft/kind expression on his face in dealing with the alternate Walter, Olivia, Astrid, etc. He is so good in his chemistry with John Noble!

  38. John Rossmair says:


  39. forrest says:

    So the amberverse could just be the blueverse altered with Peter’s absence. No machine needed because waves of blue are now flooding into the amberverse ala Olivia. Self-correcting as Peter has influenced the amberverse to the point where blue is coming back again. That is why we have been so invested in these amber characters because they were just altered blueverse all along. No blueverse to go back to because Peter was/is home all along. IMHO until the next episode proves me wrong. lol. Love this show.

  40. Mary Lou says:

    Can ANYONE tell me who the actor is that got electrocuted in the last show?? David Robert Jones’ assistant. He is an old actor that use to be in a series and it’s driving us crazy. Can’t remember who he is. HELP!!