NCIS' Michael Weatherly on Meeting Tony's Ex ('There's a Face-Off!') and the 'Kid in Baltimore'

The ex – as in Tony onetime fiancée, Wendy – marks the spot this Tuesday on NCIS (CBS, 8/7c), with Entourage‘s Perrey Reeves playing the very important woman from Agent DiNozzo’s past.

“It’s interesting — she jumped from [Jeremy] Piven to [me],” Michael Weatherly says of his new scene partner. “God knows what she thinks of that transition.”

Though previously referred to on the show as a music teacher, “Wendy, in a classic His Girl Friday set-up, is now an investigative journalist who is tied up in some investigation into some Navy ‘cat,'” Weatherly shared during a visit to TVLine’s Times Square offices.

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Of course, getting this unexpected blast from the past rouses Tony’s suspicion somewhat, especially as far as her agenda is concerned. “Tony thinks that she’s just using the case” – about a Navy captain found dead with a “superhero” costume on beneath his clothes – “as a lever to get back into his world,” says Weatherly. “But then, because he’s always a little behind the 8-ball, he comes to understand that she’s actually using him to get information about the case.”

Along the way, Weatherly says that, yes, Ziva will size up Tony’s old flame, only to like what she sees. “There is a face-off, yeah, although they seem to like each other,” he reports. And off-screen, as well. “Perrey and Cote [de Pablo] immediately got on like a house on fire, hugging each other all the time…,” he says. “The crew loved that.”
But will there be hugs (and maybe more…) between Tony and his former intended? Though DiNozzo deduces that Wendy has an agenda with her visit, “It turns out that maybe she is here to see him” for personal reasons, Weatherly teases. “It’s this whole big triple-blind…. You know NCIS, you can never pin it town. It’s a ‘mercurial’ thing.”

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Speaking of the top drama’s mysterious ways, I asked Weatherly about what show boss Gary Glasberg recently revealed to TVLine — that the “kid in Baltimore” mentioned in passing previously on the show will be revisited and thus revealed.

“I just want to be clear – by ‘kid,’ we’re not talking about a baby goat,” he started. “He did not own a baby goat. No, evidently there’s a human child in Baltimore that Tony had some history with, and who is now not a child and Tony is going to be interacting with him.

“I’m looking forward to that,” Weatherly says of that next dip into Tony’s Baltimore backstory. “Gary Glasberg has a lot of creative juices floating around in that noggin of his.”

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  1. Svenja says:

    Looking forward to the kid in Baltimore thing. Sounds very interesting.
    Due to the pre-airing of episodes in Canada, certain spoilers on the V-day ep are already out there which is why I won’t comment on that here.
    But the article is VERY good. Thanks Matt

  2. tejas says:

    Looking forward to finding out about “that kid in Baltimore”. Tonight’s looks interesting, I’m just sick to death of the focus on romance. I wish they’d either stop or go ahead and just marry Tony off to Wendy and be done with it.

  3. Stella says:

    Sounds very interesting. But when we get more about McGee? I wanna have a very cool McGoo Story. :)

  4. J says:

    McGee has some good scenes in the episode actually, with Tony and Abby. And there’s a rare Tony/Abby scene.

  5. PCN says:

    Thanks Matt – am so enjoying this journey of Tony’s on NCIS this season, feel like he is finally able to put many ghosts of the past to rest once and for all and can’t wait to see how the kid from Baltimore ties into this. Keeping my fingers crossed that all this closure means Tony and Ziva’s ever deepening friendship can become something more :)

    • Nick says:

      Hi PCN –
      I agree with what you said :)
      Tony is definitely a multi-layered individual, but then again…that’s true for ALL the characters on the show. That’s a large part of what has always made NCIS such great entertainment. It’s never been about “just” cases that need solving. This show is character-driven. I’ve been enjoying the character dissection process as well, which is why I want it to continue without all these “interruptions” and/or “obstacles” along the way!! Whomever Tony is meant to be with, they ought to just leave the guy alone long enough for him to find that out – FOR HIMSELF. He doesn’t need to be shacking up with and/or kissing on every female that passes his way, in order to find out what he really wants. Enough already with that! I hope Tony takes his own advice, regarding what he said to Tim & Ziva in NBK: Relegate his history with this Wendy person to “Christmas past”, and move forward, once and for all. I like Ziva too, and I want her to be HAPPY, with someone who KNOWS that they want HER – no excuses. Like that mother told her on the ship in “Safe Harbour”, Ziva is not just pretty to look at; she’s a Good Woman. She does not have to “settle” for anyone less than she deserves, and she certainly does NOT have to “pine away” for any man, so I don’t this beautiful woman to just be written as a girl standing by the wayside, waiting for Tony – or any other man for that matter – to make up his mind about her. PuhLEEZE. I think everything DiNozzo has gone through has brought him to this point, and therefore I’m looking forward to seeing multi-layered Tony actually having a made-up mind when it comes to his personal life.

  6. Mel says:

    I’m loving this journey that Tony has been on since late last season as well. Enjoy the way the show peels the layers of these characters back, and Tony is definitely a multi-layered character, for anyone who cares to look. I’m intrigued by the kid in Baltimore, and looking forward to tonight’s episode. Interested to see what kind of dynamic Tony/Wendy/Ziva and the rest of the team have. Thanks for the NCIS scoopage!

  7. Michael says:

    I can’t wait Sound like its going to be fun can’t wait to see Abby in the supergirl suit again

  8. Jennifer says:

    Will Tony go ahead and kiss Ziva already! Geez!

    • Michael says:

      Why so she can use his DNA to frame him for murder again

      • bob says:

        Seriously, dude. She didn’t frame him for murder.
        She accused him of murder.

        • Jules says:

          She didn’t do either. She accused him of “killing” Michael, not murdering him. Theres a difference. Murder would imply premeditation which didn’t exist. Which Ziva knew didn’t exist and she never accused him of. Both of you get your facts straight. In a state of grief, she accused Tony of killing Rivkin, which he did. Just because he did it in self defense doesn’t make it any less true.

      • doc says:

        the person who framed tony using DNA stuff was chip (abby’s ex lab assistant slash don bellisario’s son in real life). oh, and jeanne benoit had framed him too, lightyears ago.
        what show are you watching, anyway? i don’t think it’s ncis.

  9. Lynn says:

    They could have picked someone hotter to play the old flame…….geez :-(

  10. NCISgirll says:

    Um. No. tony and a kid? Just no. Tony would have get all serious and stuff. And the kid? Come on people. We aren’t a soap opera here.

    • Michael says:

      Actal NCIS has been going down the Soap opera road ever since they try to hook Tony up with Ziva so I think that ship has saled. Beside Tony having a kid with the woman who Love him(Wendy) sound like a better idea then having him be in a abuse relationship with Ziva

      • peter says:

        i think you meant “sailed”. by the way, the kid is not tony’s. wendy’s son is 7 years old. the last time tony and wendy saw each other was 9 years ago. it’s basically impossible for that kid to be a DiNozzo.

  11. Jukes says:

    I dont think they’re implying that Tony has a kid. I took it to be a kid that he has some sort of relationship with but not one that is his own. Some kid he took under his wing or had an impact on. If you read the article, the kid is an adult now. If Tony had his own kid in Baltimore, that kid wouldn’t be an adult by now. He’d only be 12 or 14 by now considering Tony was only in Baltimore for a few yrs before coming to NCIS. I’m pretty sure whatever kid they’re referring to is not his own.

  12. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Saw the episode already, and it was good. I’m glad they didn’t try to force a Wendy/Tony romance down our throats, and that at the end the show brought up the fact that Tony already has feelings for someone else (COUGHweallknowwhothatislolCOUGH)and is therefore conflicted. So… I liked Wendy, but, I do hope this is the last we see of her. Now that both Tony and Ziva are single, I would like to see some actual progress on their front; these other-love-interest plots are getting old (What can I say, I’m a Tiva shipper all the way!).

  13. felinefriendky says:

    Really liked the show tonight and wasn’t expecting to. I liked Wendy and it would be fine with me if she and tony were together – off stage most of the time. Really hope they end the Tony/Ziva – if they can get back to being friends – that would be good.

  14. Kate says:

    I actually really hated Wendy to the point I turned it off. I feel like all the women who pop up on the show are required to be abrasive (EJ, the coast guard chick, etc). The only one I can think of who wasn’t is Jean. After seeing Tony with Jean, I couldn’t see Tony being with Wendy. Not saying he belongs with Ziva necessarily, but there has to be someone better than Wendy.

  15. rachelw says:

    wendy came and went.. now she can keep on walking.. have we made our selves clear NCIS???? He kissed her and there was a collective acid reflux across Twitter.. need we say more? Tiva or Bust period, end. Thank you.

  16. Michael says:

    Please NCIS listen to your fans listen to the actors and KILL TIVA ONECE AND FOR ALL

    • em says:

      There where like 3 people who doesn’t want Tiva here. How can you say listen to your fans and actors and kill the story when almost all us are tiva fans?

  17. as says:

    Loved the Tony/Wendy chemistry in the ep & really hope she will be recurring & that they rekindle their relationship. Tony needs someone REAL who sees what he’s really like – not someone who simply sees him as the ‘class clown’. Even Ducky gets that he’s way more than that.

  18. thisaliassucks says:

    If Tony and Wendy do get back together, That leaves a few new unanswered questions
    1. Do Tony and Wendy get re-engaged but married?
    2. Who’s kid was that?
    3. What would their cutesy nickname be eg. McAbby Tiva
    P.s. Isn’t Wendy supposed to be his old music teacher… She looks either the same age as Tony or maybe like 5 years older…