Glee Recap: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Love (and possibly lunacy) was in the air for a special Valentine’s Day edition of Glee. Rachel’s dads (LeRoy and Hiram) returned from the City of Lost Parents and tried to use reverse psychology to overturn their daughter’s engagement to Finn. Artie and Rory battled for Sugar’s affections. Glee Project co-winner Samuel Larsen made his debut as a Christian student adjusting to the non-home-schooled life. And the show’s writers hastily erected a papier-mâché wall to keep apart Mercedes and Sam. (Plus, Karofsky returned! Yay!)

If you were too busy shouting “TINNNNN ROOF! Rusted.” to follow the entire hour, here’s how the central story arcs played out:

* Rachel’s dads popped up at the school auditorium — where these kinds of things tend to happen — to reveal they knew about her plans to marry Finn. Hiram worried his daughter’s teenage engagement would end in divorce — “a fate that befell Liza and Barbra” — but after a Valentine’s Day meal with Finn and his parents (but not Kurt), Hiram was singing a different tune, calling for the commencement of some “teenage lovemaking.” Turns out the kids’ parents were in cahoots — and attempting to put a strain on the NYADA finalist and the “fantastic, husky young man” who loves her by forcing them to live together in close quarters. (This roundabout strategy, it must be pointed out, was at odds with the Berry family’s policy of “Honesty. Respect. Dance.”) Rachel’s lengthy, possibly insane pre-bedtime beauty regimen freaked out Finn, Finn’s desire to use the toilet freaked out Rachel, but after a big spat, they reconciled — and moved up their wedding date to May. Those gay dads had better have a backup plan, preferably one that doesn’t remind Rachel that an early marriage will give her something else in common with two of her musical idols.

* A new transfer student, Joe Hart (played by Larsen) was introduced at a meeting of the poorly attended God Squad (comprised of Mercedes, Sam, and Quinn). When Santana learned that someone had complained to Principal Figgins about her PDAs with Brittany — a problem, she sagely pointed out, with which the school’s straight couples didn’t have to grapple — she suspected it was all Joe’s doing, and challenged the New Guy by requesting one of God Squad’s Valentine’s Day singing telegrams for her lady love. The God Squad kids discussed (rather amusingly) whether any of them had a problem with performing the girl-to-girl duet, but in the end, Joe decided that gay was okay. (Wonder if it could’ve been someone else doing the complaining in the first place? The MIA Coach Sylvester was none too pleased with Mercedes when we saw her last.)

* Mercedes confessed to Shane that she’d kissed Sam, and her boyfriend’s devastated reaction convinced her that her only romantic option going forward was C) None of the above. Soon, Mercedes was singing “I Will Always Love You,” both halves of Samcedes had tears streaming down their faces, and there were no mentions of synchronized swimming, tater tots, Miss Pillsbury’s pamphlets, or the sweat pouring off Ryan Murphy’s brow from setting up obstacles for his latest romantic pairing. Here’s a crazy plot twist he could try: Let Mercedes and Sam explore their relationship sans major problems. Or at least retire Mercedes’ wacky perfume-bottle t-shirt.

* The ever-entertaining Sugar threw a party with one rule — “no single people allowed” — and found herself at the center of a tug-o-war between Artie and Rory. In Sugar’s mind, money is king, and feeling sorry for someone is pretty much the same as loving ’em, so when Rory whined that he might get deported at year’s end, Sugar’s sympathy receptors were activated, and so she chose him over Artie. Oh, and before that, Rory got a big musical number that might’ve had some emotional impact had his character development to date not been limited to “Irish” and “trying to score chicks and sound like Linus on A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

* And finally, Kurt began receiving secret-admirer messages and thinking they came from Blaine, who was recovering from his eye injury. Au contraire, however, it was Karofsky — disguised in a gorilla suit — who wanted to be even more to Kurt than what Sebastian is to Blaine. The Max Adler-Chris Colfer scene was electric, with Kurt tenderly giving the “just friends” speech to Dave, and trying to help the confused former bully (and now closeted gay student) come to terms with his complicated emotions. Too bad one of Karofsky’s new school acquaintances overheard the whole exchange! (Could this spell even more turmoil in Karofsky’s life? Or will he simply disappear from the show for another six months?)

* Another week with no Sue, no Beiste, no Emma, and barely any Schue. #MoreBeistePlease.

Anyhow, now that we’ve covered all the pertinent plot details, let’s review the best quotes from “Heart”:

* This exchange between Rachel’s dads:
Hiram: LeRoy, we agreed to sing it straight, no vocal runs: That’s how Jennifer Hudson got kicked off of American Idol.
LeRoy: I would love to hear you sing something straight.

* Brittany’s Valentine’s playlist for Santana including all novelty hits: “Purple People Eater,” “Disco Duck,” “Monster Mash,” “On Top of Spaghetti,” “Pac Man Fever,” “Osama Yo Mama,” and “Diff’rent Strokes”

* “When’s the baby’s due date?” –Puck reacting to Finn and Rachel’s engagement announcement

* “Horrifying.” –Santana, reacting to Finn and Rachel’s makeout session

* “My guess is Simon because that name’s the gayest.” –Mercedes, pondering which of Jesus’s apostles was most likely to be gay

* Rachel discussing her family’s “nightly tradition of turning plain old dinner into dinner theater!”

* “An ice-water bath, a la Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest: The height of glamour.” –Rachel describing one part of her intensive nighttime beauty ritual

And now, let’s get on to the grades for this week’s musical numbers:

“L-O-V-E,” Tina and Mike Hard not to like the cute, old-timey organ arrangement or the sweet vocals, but how come our resident Asian-American couple’s rare moment in the spotlight had to serve as a backdrop to the Artie-Sugar-Rory triangle? Grade: B

“Let Me Love You,” Artie Artie finally finds an R&B jam that lets him get his swag on and fits his voice to a tee! (Plus: Mike Chang in chartreuse demim?) Huzzah! Grade: A-

“Stereo Hearts,” Joe (with Sam, Quinn and Mercedes) Was I the only one who found himself paying more attention to Quinn’s hot purple trench and Rachel’s stylish red overcoat (with buttons that went from buttoned to unbuttoned and back again) than the somewhat bland rendition of this Gym Class Heroes hit? Grade: B-

“Home,” Rory I have to admit: I didn’t get Damian McGinty on The Glee Project and I don’t get him on the mothership either. Since when was a squinty pout considered the equivalent of emoting? Grade: C+

“I Will Always Love You,” Mercedes I think it may have been more the melancholy of Whitney Houston’s recent passing than the forced breakup story arc, but Amber Riley’s imitation of the late diva got me feeling awfully sad and sentimental. The “We Will Always Love You” notation at the end felt a little tacked-on, though, no? Grade: A-

“You’re the Top,” LeRoy and Hiram I can assure you, no gay dads in the world would perform this song with their teenage daughter. So ridiculous I can’t even be offended, though I can give it the lowest possible grade. Grade: F

“Cherish”/”Cherish,” Quinn, Joe, Mercedes, and Sam I can’t argue with a mashup of The Association’s oldies-station staple with Madonna’s jaunty pop souffle. Dessert at Breadstix is delicious! Grade: A-

“Love Shack,” Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Brittany Thank goodness Kurt took over from Blaine, as Darren Criss just doesn’t have the inner camp required to properly channel (Z) the B-52s clasic. Grade: C-

Now it’s your turn. Hit the comments with your thoughts about “Heart.” And for all the Glee news, views, and interviews your heart desires, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews.

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  1. Sissi says:

    Loved the episode. Finchel was more entertaining than grating for once, Brittana finally got their due, the Berry fathers were genius, the songs were on point, and the Kurt/Karofsky scene was great and really shows how much Karofsky has improved as a person when he finally accepted his sexuality. It’s fantastic to show that change. Hoping that next week is just as good.

  2. George says:

    It was a good episode but I’m not sure the Whitney cover was in the right spirit. It was a good one but it was just identical to the single. would have been nice to see some Whitney esque improv.

  3. lisa says:

    The Hudson-Hummel-Berry family dinner was one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen on TV. And the Finn and Rachel bedroom was fight was so something that every couple goes through when they start living together. So glad they made up in the end. I love them, but I’m like the Daddies Berry. They can wait till they’re older to get married.

  4. ggny says:

    Dear god i thought Matthew Morrison rapping was bad but Chord just brought a whole nothing level of BAD…Chord doing the rap part on Stereo Heart was one of the worst thing ever to happen on Glee

  5. akary says:

    who cares if the Finchel`s engagement is right or wrong this is a great story, is entertaining, funny and a bit of drama.
    this episode was so funny i love “Stereo Hearts”

    • Kay says:

      One of the best storylines Finchel has had so far. It’s so entertaining and I love seeing everyone freak over it. Everyone including this fandom. Hahahaha love.

  6. pacal says:

    I don’t want to be a Kurtofsky shipper, but damn their scenes are always so compelling and have such an intriguing dynamic to them. It messes with me a bit.

  7. Liz says:

    I loved Tina and Mike, and I enjoyed Rachel’s dads, but the best part was seeing Dave again! It’s been a long wait, and his absence has been felt by many. I am thankful that the writers are continuing his important storyline. Max Adler obviously takes his role seriously, and I look forward to seeing what the writers have planned next! An excellent episode!!!!

  8. Melisa says:

    Sorry to be a hater, your song ratings never agrees with me, no wonder I unfollowed you on twitter. In other words, your articles are bias.

    • Leo says:

      Err… it’s weird you take his song rating so seriously. It’s subjective but doesn’t mean his article is biased. I have to say his review is one of the reviews I can stand reading on internet nowadays.

  9. Aki says:

    Everything about Dave’s confession to Kurt, from a Valentine a day, to the fact that Blaine gave him nothing, to the fact that Kurt called it romantic and true love without realizing who it was that attempting to sweep him off his feet, it was all spot on. I’m not even upset that Kurt turned him down, because it was the right thing to do at this point, but here’s hoping in the future that their friendship blossoms and Kurt realizes that everything he’s looking for in a mate, he’ll find in Dave Karofsky.
    And it was the best thing in the world to have Max back, I really need him to be in every episode from now on.

  10. Mark says:

    Is it possible that Brittany complained to Principal Figgins? Maybe she’s not digging Santana as her gf? She never seems as into the relationship as Santana is. She loves her sure, but idk fi she loves her as a gf.

  11. Leah says:

    So what happened to Joe Hart supposedly being a cousin of Puck’s? Apparently they decided to scrap that storyline?

  12. Eva says:

    I loved seeing Aaron Hill there! Total surprise, but amazing one :) I love Glee, bud damn I miss Greek :(

  13. Carly says:

    Max is back!!!!! and he was amazing as always. that hopeful and sheepish expression when he pulled of the mask, the whole small scene in the restaturant, the fear when his new classmate appeared out of nowhere. he was perfection. he and Chris have so much chemistry together, they just played off of each other so well. and I would love to see them explore this relationship more. much much more. are Dave’s feelings real or just gratitude? is Kurt really as happy with Blaine as he claims to be (no he is not but that is just me), could friendship lead to more? this story needs and deserves to be told. not only the story of the potential romance but mostly the story of a scared boy comming to terms with who he is and what he feels and wants. plus, I need to hear Max sing :)

  14. Lexie says:

    LOVED Rachel’s dads. Perfect, just perfect. I hope they get more episodes ASAP. The dynamic between all three Berrys was all kind of perfect.
    Was VERY disappointed that Santana and Brittany’s relationship developed off screen; with all of Santana’s issues, it really should have been explored more on screen. But other than that, Santana and Brittany’s moments were just gorgeous XD
    I honestly want the person complaining about the Teen Lesbians (that moment cracked me up, utterly hilarious the way Figgins delivered that line) to be revealed because, well, I honestly thought it WAS one of the God Squad – I thought perhaps Mercedes on behalf of the group.
    Sugar is so much fun. I have no qualms with the girl.
    I agree with the statement that Karofsky and Kurt would be a VERY BAD IDEA on this show because of Karofsky’s treatment of Kurt. No matter what Karofsky’s reasonings were, he was a serious threat to Kurt at one point in Kurt’s life. Kurt has offered his friendship, which I think is an amazing thing to do but a relationship would be a bad idea. Especially since, as Kurt covered, Karofsky doesn’t love him. He feels vulnerable and alone, so he’s turning to the closest person he can – Kurt. But it was a touching scene and I do hope we see Karofsky back – maybe even in the glee club (he clearly enjoyed himself in the Thriller episode.)
    Love Shack was a fun ending, and I agree with the comments made that Kurt was way better suited than Blaine. All the other songs were kind of blah, but those songs were too ballad-y for me in general.
    Roll on Regionals!

  15. Kitts says:

    Why is everyone hating on Klaine? I’ll agree that the Kurt/Dave scenes are compelling but that is no reason for them to be together.
    I read a comment saying that the Kurt/Blaine relationship is fluffy. To be honest I want it to be. Why would I want them to have constant relationship drama? They are good together, they respect each other and that is it. No drama because there is no need for there to be. A stable couple who doesn’t have the break up and make up constantly to keep their relationship interesting. I do love Max Adler though and would love to see a progression in his character. I’m all for a Kurt/Dave friendship but not a relationship.

    • Carly says:

      I think the problem with Klaine is not so much the lack of drama but the fact that there actually is drama but they ignore it all just to keep Klaine / and the fans happy when they are actually not. prime examples being the car scene in TFT and the whole Blaine/Sebastian thing. or the fact that Kurt became a shadow of himself in Blaines presence. and the relatiosnhip isn’t giving Blaine any favors either.

      • sm says:

        Exactly. Spot on. Blaine continues to talk to Sebastian Kurt is unhappy(unhappy Kurt bothers me)about it. I thought the car scene in TFT was dysfunctional Blaine /Kurt and why does Kurt change from his awesome self to be blasse when he is with Blaine. Not sold on this pairing at all. Besides, Blaine is dull. Kurt is quirky, flamboyant, snarky, the best friend any guy or girl could have. He was and is wonderful with Finn and Rachel. I missed Kurt and Mercedes friendship glad that is back. Blaine is Glee’s song and dance man.

      • Kaley says:

        My thoughts exactly. Klaine isn‘t “fluffy” because they‘re perfect, but because the drama is glossed over, resulting in Blaine being portrayed as the “perfect dreamboat” and Kurt as a toned down shadow of his former self.
        Kurt/Dave scenes are compelling, because Chris and Max have great acting chemistry. But that doesn‘t mean their characters have to end up in a romantic relationship (and I don‘t think or hope Glee will go there). It could be a very interesting troubled friendship story, though.

  16. thefirstmrshummel says:

    The Dave/Kurt scene was absolutely wonderful and perfectly in character. Having Max and Dave back on Glee was the best Valentine’s Day gift anyone could ask for. I haven’t enjoyed an episode this much in months and months.

  17. Lizzy says:

    I so appreciate that neither of Rachael’s dads were portrayed as uber-effeminate in the stereotypical way that so many gay couples are (ie Birdcage). I do appreciate that.

  18. Kat says:

    I loved seeing more Finn and Rachel but Jeff Golblum got on my nerves! More gay rights/pride…snore. Mercedes/Amber is NOT Whitney and she should not have been singing that song because she isn’t good enough to sing it. When will people learn? I love Dolly’s version and Whitney’s rendition because both are unique but these little wannabes who keep trying and failing to sing Whitney are an insult to the song.
    Samual was great, Damian was a snoozefest. The fighting over Sugar was completely unrealistic. Hated Love Shack. Sick of Mercedes and Santana and finding the whole Samcedes triangle pointless. Let me Love You is probably the only Artie song I’ve ever thought was good.
    I don’t know why I keep watching Glee when I keep ending up disappointed. I think RM must be a very emotionally immature person. He keeps focusing storylines on gay rights and his pet actors of the moment instead of building plot arcs. I miss the Glee of S1 but I now think it was a fluke. RM didn’t know what he was doing and he got lucky. Sad.
    Now, we have Regionals which I may or may not watch since I hate the set list. Santana is headlining two songs? Why? She’s not that good a singer and ND has never won a competition with her headlining. It should be Finn and Rachel and in a real show choir it would be. People would be picked to sing based on ability and star quality not trying to give everyone a chance or catering to inflated egos.

    • Sean C. says:

      Strictly, a real show choir wouldn’t have this many featured soloists. But you’re kidding yourself if you think that Finn would be the male lead in a choir picked solely on talent; he’s at the bottom tier of their male talent (Artie, Kurt, and even Rory [though he can’t act] are clearly superior, and Puck, Sam and Mike are on basically the same level).
      They tied for the win at S2 Sectionals with Santana. And if you want to go that route, both of ND’s losses (S1 Regionals and S2 Nationals) have been Rachel/Finn-led.

    • Jordan says:

      Sick of Santana? TBH, she’s probably one of the strongest actresses on the show and her character is hands down the most complex. And its the most complex even though as a developed main character she’s been given very little scripted writing, she’s made the most of every moment she’s on screen. She and Brittany happened because first season Naya and Heather weren’t regulars but became best friends and could act however they wanted in the first season and their best friends/cutesyness/chemistry developed and fans jumped on that.
      Did you listen to her sing ‘Someone Like You?’ Holy crap, that was their 5th ranking in charts, and one of the few high ranking songs that wasn’t an ensemble performance. Naya brings in huge ratings, and her and Brittana have an insanely huge fanbase; the positives of their relationships have most like happened because of the fanbase being very vocal.

      Finn is also not the most talented singer, Puck and Artie as males are far better. Amber, Lea and Naya are all very talented singers for different purposes; Lea does Broadway/Celine Dion like no one’s business although she doesn’t need to sing other songs, she’s sung songs the other girls could have sung. Amber can hit runs and do R&B and Gospel so powerfully, in her own way she is equally talented and Naya is the Queen of Pop, and has yet to sing anything badly.

      She also only headlined one competition as of your post; she sang lead for Nationals and they won although Lea was a huge part of that as well.

      I just think you’re being a little unfair and not giving credit where needed.

  19. Kat says:

    Almost forgot to mention that I loved the Kurt/Karofsky scenes. Glad Kurt turned him down but these two actors really delivered together. And Chris did an amazing job on Love Shack. I hated Love Shack except for when Chris was singing because his voice really worked for the song. Darren wasn’t great but then again I think everything he sings sounds the same.
    Think it would have been great to have Finn and Rachel singing “Opposites Attract” as they resolved their argument!

  20. Edmundi says:

    “Tacky” is getting goosebumps from a teenager covering a superstar’s hit on a fictional, overwrought tv show, rather than praising the original in any way.

  21. A. says:

    Once again, you guys are the only website with a decent review of this schizo show. The reveal of Dave as Kurt’s admirer was beautifully written and acted, and I can only hope that the powers that be take this should-be couple further in the coming episodes. This fandom is notoriously unforgiving and hypocritical, and I’m sure will rant about Kurt’s “bully” suddenly turning around. But isn’t that what this show was originally about? Second chances, tolerance, acceptance and love? Bravo, Glee. Keep it up, and please have Kurt wake up from the Bland/Blaine haze soon! ;)

  22. Debra M. says:

    “The “We Will Always Love You” notation at the end felt a little tacked-on, though, no?”
    Seriously? This episode would have been filmed weeks ago. The Powers That Be did what they could considering the timeframe. Are you really a TV commentator or are you being deliberately confrontational? Totally not necessary under the circumstances.

  23. PFitzDC says:

    Ahhhh…we part ways on the musical grades this ep, Michael.
    While I agree that “I Will Always Love You” was yet another demonstration that Amber Riley has pipes….but the arrangement was complete note-for-note, beat-for-beat copy of Houston’s classic, and that’s soooo boring. Especially after watching Jennifer Hudson change it up at the Grammy’s.
    And I totally disagree with you on Love Shack. I thought Darren Criss was great and I liked that it was all mixed up with the singers. One of my faves of the night!
    (Totally DO agree on Rory, tho….nice enough voice, but brings no spark or interest…)

  24. Chris says:

    I was disappointed with the way the show glossed over Joe’s dilemma of whether to sing to Britanny and Santanna. Whether you agree with the Bible or not is clear about views on sexual relations between same sex people (just as it is about heterosexual couples have sex outside of marriage, drunkedness, covetousness, lying etc). A devout Christian trying to follow the Bible would have had a difficult time singing to them in good conscience. It would have taken a lot of courage for RM to have Joe respectfully bow out and say that he wasn’t comfortable performing (I say courage because in today’s politically correct world Joe would have been crucified for standing up for his beliefs–very tough on a teenager). But unfortunately RM took the easy way out.

    • Marcus says:

      Plenty of young Christians, even devout ones, are abandoning the bigoted Biblical literalism that’s so loved by evangelical protestant Christianity. As Quinn pointed out, Jesus never said jack about gay people.

      • Chris says:

        Marcus thanks very much for your perspective and you make an interesting point that many young Christians today simply do not follow the Bible literally (I am referring to the New Testament since that is the source of Christianity teachings) or pick the parts they like and ignore the parts they don’t. So maybe it wasn’t the dilemma for Joe that I assumed it would be. I still thought RM glossed over it.
        You are also correct that Jesus never said anything directly about gays. He only said was humans are not to have sex outside of marriage (which he defined as being between a man and a woman). But that goes back to the point you made about how many young Christians today are no longer literally following the teachings of the Bible.
        Once again thanks for your perspective.

  25. Lily says:

    I really question when people ask “what kind of message is this sending?” about Glee. Glee is not a show for children, Glee is fictional, and anyone watching the show should be old enough to have their own convictions about relationship and social issues.

  26. Marcus says:

    The addition of Blaine to Love Shack ruined it. And why did they act like he was returning from the dead? He had a scratched cornea, he wasn’t in a freaking coma.
    Also, I’ve never shipped Kurtofsky, but at this point it is far, far more interesting than Klaine. Chris Colfer deserves a better actor than Darren Criss to play off of, and Max Adler could certainly be it.

  27. Tari says:

    I never understood how can anyone support Kurt/Karofsky romance, but after this episode I wouldn’t mind it. Sorry, but Chris Colfer and Max Adler have way more chemistry than any other couple on Glee.

  28. Melanie says:

    Such a strong episode! Performance-wise, the ladies especially sounded amazing (Jennnaaaa). I was relieved to see that Teen Jesus is a better actor than Irish; he’s going to be a fun character! Rachel clearly got her neurotic tendencies from papa Hiram, and her fight with Finn was so spot on. Also was glad to see Santana’s anger turned outward, correctly identifying the WORLD as being wrong in its attitude toward her love for Brittany. Heart of the episode was the scene between Kurt and Karofsky, though. How far Dave’s come! Max and Chris completely blew me away with the honesty and compassion of that exchange. They are always so compelling to watch together!!! Very nervous about next week’s events… Fingers crossed for a happy outcome, and for much more Karofsky after the winter hiatus.

  29. Sarah says:

    Loved this episode!! I love Glee when all the couples get some time. I was so excited to see Darren Criss too. I really like Klaine and hope to see more backstory to Blaine soon when Matt Bomer comes on. I think Darren and Chris have great chemistry. Frankly not sure what people are looking for. I do not “ship” Dave and Kurt as a couple. I think the writing was great in that respect. I also think Dave is going to get bullied from his school and come back to McKinley. Maybe join the Glee club, who knows. But I hope that a romance is not in their future, even if Klaine doesn’t last. (I can’t deny that I hope Klaine is the end game)I will always choose Blaine over anyone for Kurt because sometimes First Loves do last. It is rare, but it Does happen. AS for the rest of the story. Loved it. All the favs are going in good directions and I think Sam and Mercedes with get it together too. Love Tina&Mike..Great V-day present. I also want to see Artie back with Brit. Santana needs a sould mate and I just don’t think she is it for some reason. I loved the round table discussion on the God Squad too..Simon..funny stuff.

  30. Berrylicious5678 says:

    Please Glee, stop with this stupid engagement! In S1 it was the awful Terri pregnancy storyline. Last year they didn’t bother to write a plot for their finale after a season of too many preachy episodes. This year, this insane engagement. Are we supposed to find it cute and romantic?!
    Enjoyed that we met Rachel’s dads, but I want to see more of them a a trio. We’ve had a ton of Kurt/Burt, even Finn and Burt or Carol. Give us a decent run of Rachel/ Leroy/Hiram so we can see how they function as a family.

  31. sean knows what's up says:

    Is it just me or has Blaine and Kurt’s relationship become a very “two men who live together with no intimacy” type of gay relationship you hear about after several years and no passion? They don’t even interact with each other as a couple. In fact, it seems (and this is just my theory)that Chris Colfer does not like having to work with Darren–there is not that same appreciation for each other as there is with Chris and many of his co-stars–I am going out on a limb to say I think this is affecting their on-screen relationship. They don’t seem at all “together.”
    Also, I agree with whomever said the statement over how no one seemed to give Blaine any crap for flirting and TALKING to Sebastian, a hateful, backstabbing kid from their rival school who has open feelings for Blaine. How in the world would this not cause more friction between Kurt, New Directions and Blaine. WHO TALKS TO THE COMPETITION ABOUT YOUR SPECIFIC GAME PLAN??? Really thinking Blaine and Kurt will be over by the end of the season.
    Can’t believe I wrote this much about fictional characters. No life, lol.

  32. Moryssa says:

    My favorite musical number was anytime Mercedes opened her mouth. That girl can SANG!
    I really *want* to like Brit/Santana… and I love both actresses separately… but I just didn’t buy them in this one. I think it’s just because Santana gives off a serious vibe where Brittany is so much more playful and … nonchalant? It’s just hard for me to believe that Brittany’s taking it seriously and therefore it’s hard for me to see them as a real couple. *shrug*

    • yep says:

      Wholeheartedly copy that. Santana is sincere and serious about their relationship. Brittany is still bi-curious and has a “non-chalant” fun enthusiastic up-beat positive let’s have fun attitude. When the times comes she will still have to face the other half of her sexuality with seriousness. As of now She and Santana are happy that is what counts.

  33. ggny says:

    i got a feel that Brittany turns out not to be so commit to Santana like Santana is to her and Santana ends up leaving ND for Vocal Adrenaline

  34. champmav says:

    Excellent episode of an always entertaining show. All musical performances were first rate. I find in reading comments I’m struck with how intolerant viewers are of anything that doesn’t conform to their individual taste. That is then used to condemn either every other performance or, worse, the hard-working performers and creators of the show. The Whitney Huston tribute card at the end of the show was a heartfelt homage to her after her unexpected death, nothing more or less. What is wrong with you people? I swear, I live in a land of idiots.

  35. janie says:

    how come no one mentioned that the guy who overheard Karofsky and Kurt in breadsticks was none other than Beaver from Greek!! love him!!!

  36. wiredream says:

    “I can assure you, no gay dads in the world would perform this song with their teenage daughter. So ridiculous I can’t even be offended”
    Transmission, much, Selzak? Just because you and your husband wouldn’t do it, doesn’t mean no other gay fathers would.
    That being said, if you look to GLEE for even a scintilla of realism – let alone continuity – then you have deeper issues.
    And, while Blaine was the wrong choice for “Love Shack” (not sure if it was due to lack of camp or character), Kurt proved just as inadequate (and campless) when he took over the mic.
    The Karofsky storyline is one of the very few that rings true in GLEE (lord knows that the anemic Kurt and Blaine are TVs worst couple). Rumor has it that there’s a hospital scene next week – I hope it doesn’t involve the also-rumored suicide attempt of his character.

  37. Arthur says:

    “Or will he simply disappear from the show for another six months?”
    Here’s hoping.

  38. Fabia says:

    I loved this episode. It was funny which has been sorely lacking lately on Glee. Outside of the Karofsky stuff that is. He is still unhealthily fixated on Kurt. After the history they share together he continues to stalk him for a week while wearing a disguise and then comes across as delusional when he finally confesses his “feelings” to Kurt. He really isn’t in any better place this year than he was when he was bullying Kurt. Right now he just isn’t violent towards Kurt but I don’t think it’s out of his system yet. I do worry that Glee’s messages when it comes to bullying are actually rather dangerous but hey since we are are apparently ready to forgive Chris Brown…
    I do hope that Finn and Rachel don’t get married. They are so clearly not ready for it. Other than that loved Sugar, Santana & Brittany, Rachel’s dads, Tina & Mike, Blaine’s return and Rachel’s evening routine.

  39. JC says:

    A to the men. Totally agree.

  40. Laura says:

    I have strange theory that ND will lose at regionals just a theory and some big event has to throw Sam and Mercedes back together again!!

  41. Sarah says:

    I also think ND will not win, and that will be the cliffhanger. But then the Warblers will be disqualified and they will get to go on. Sebastian is going to try to blackmail Rachel…We will see. RM stated the back 6 are going to be heartbreaking…I hope not. I like the episodes that are more fun. I also don’t think Finchel will end up getting married. I want Tike and Klaine to stay together and for Samcedes to get together…MY fingers are crossed. Read something about Quinn and a car accident…I do want a happy ending for Puck too…My goodness what Glee does to me.

  42. less says:

    You can drive at 16, go to war at 18, you can drink at 21, and retire at 65. So how old do you have to be before your love is real?”

    Jim James from One Tree Hill 2×01 “The Desperate Kingdom of Love”
    All this Finchel’s marriage makes me think in Cory and Topanga.I think wold be a great storyline just like Boy Meet World showed.
    They(Cory/Topanga) married at young age and the storyline about how they faced marriege was epic because was real. The storyline gives you a idea of how life can be.
    Its not all pink as Cory and Topanga and in this case Finchel thought it would be, its hard, challenging, and sometimes a little scary. When you make the decision to get married, you gotta accept all the struggles and responsibilities that come along with it. But that is life,and that’s a more interesting storyline that “break up” or “boys drama.”

  43. Charcus says:

    Blaine is one of the more intersesting characters on the show and Darren is one of the most talented people on the cast, i would have nevr started watching this show if he wasn’t on it so the more Blaine charcter development i get the better!!

  44. Charcus says:

    Bah who could possiply ship Kurtofsky, that relationship is WRONG on so many levels.
    And for the record i think Darren did AMAZING on “Love Shack”

  45. Maryb says:

    “The “We Will Always Love You” notation at the end felt a little tacked-on, though, no?”
    And you’d be complaining if they hadn’t put something at the end. Of course it was tacked on. It had to be as the show was in the can for weeks/months/whatever. With Amber Riley singing that song, they had to do something and the brief tribute was appropriate. Get over yourself.

  46. Human says:

    In what parallel universe can Darren not be campy? His steering wheel move with his arm around Chris? The eye rolls and facial expressions during his lines? He totally sold it.

  47. krista says:

    I thought Samuel Larsen’s debut was excellent! Dude can actually act and I really liked the Stereo Hearts song. I was so looking forward to this episode. I think Samuel will be very successful.

  48. Amber says:

    You’re the top…okay, I just got that.

  49. Alissa says:

    You literally left the same comment on at least 2 different websites. Give me a break.

  50. Joan says:

    Glee hasn’t been wowing me lately, but I really enjoyed this episode! Rachel’s dads are amazing. Jeff Goldblum usually creeps me out, but he was awesome. And LeRoy? Fabulous! Their reverse psychology plot was wonderful. How about Finn’s mom packing him a bag? Priceless!
    So glad that Karofsky is back. There is much to be explored between him and Kurt.
    Blaine was back! Love him and his accessories.
    Finally, the kid with the dreadlocks is hot. He seems to have more talent than Rory, so I hope they give him a chance to really be a part of the show and not make him a mascot for reggae or something. I will miss the leprechaun jokes when Rory exits though.