Glee Recap: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Love (and possibly lunacy) was in the air for a special Valentine’s Day edition of Glee. Rachel’s dads (LeRoy and Hiram) returned from the City of Lost Parents and tried to use reverse psychology to overturn their daughter’s engagement to Finn. Artie and Rory battled for Sugar’s affections. Glee Project co-winner Samuel Larsen made his debut as a Christian student adjusting to the non-home-schooled life. And the show’s writers hastily erected a papier-mâché wall to keep apart Mercedes and Sam. (Plus, Karofsky returned! Yay!)

If you were too busy shouting “TINNNNN ROOF! Rusted.” to follow the entire hour, here’s how the central story arcs played out:

* Rachel’s dads popped up at the school auditorium — where these kinds of things tend to happen — to reveal they knew about her plans to marry Finn. Hiram worried his daughter’s teenage engagement would end in divorce — “a fate that befell Liza and Barbra” — but after a Valentine’s Day meal with Finn and his parents (but not Kurt), Hiram was singing a different tune, calling for the commencement of some “teenage lovemaking.” Turns out the kids’ parents were in cahoots — and attempting to put a strain on the NYADA finalist and the “fantastic, husky young man” who loves her by forcing them to live together in close quarters. (This roundabout strategy, it must be pointed out, was at odds with the Berry family’s policy of “Honesty. Respect. Dance.”) Rachel’s lengthy, possibly insane pre-bedtime beauty regimen freaked out Finn, Finn’s desire to use the toilet freaked out Rachel, but after a big spat, they reconciled — and moved up their wedding date to May. Those gay dads had better have a backup plan, preferably one that doesn’t remind Rachel that an early marriage will give her something else in common with two of her musical idols.

* A new transfer student, Joe Hart (played by Larsen) was introduced at a meeting of the poorly attended God Squad (comprised of Mercedes, Sam, and Quinn). When Santana learned that someone had complained to Principal Figgins about her PDAs with Brittany — a problem, she sagely pointed out, with which the school’s straight couples didn’t have to grapple — she suspected it was all Joe’s doing, and challenged the New Guy by requesting one of God Squad’s Valentine’s Day singing telegrams for her lady love. The God Squad kids discussed (rather amusingly) whether any of them had a problem with performing the girl-to-girl duet, but in the end, Joe decided that gay was okay. (Wonder if it could’ve been someone else doing the complaining in the first place? The MIA Coach Sylvester was none too pleased with Mercedes when we saw her last.)

* Mercedes confessed to Shane that she’d kissed Sam, and her boyfriend’s devastated reaction convinced her that her only romantic option going forward was C) None of the above. Soon, Mercedes was singing “I Will Always Love You,” both halves of Samcedes had tears streaming down their faces, and there were no mentions of synchronized swimming, tater tots, Miss Pillsbury’s pamphlets, or the sweat pouring off Ryan Murphy’s brow from setting up obstacles for his latest romantic pairing. Here’s a crazy plot twist he could try: Let Mercedes and Sam explore their relationship sans major problems. Or at least retire Mercedes’ wacky perfume-bottle t-shirt.

* The ever-entertaining Sugar threw a party with one rule — “no single people allowed” — and found herself at the center of a tug-o-war between Artie and Rory. In Sugar’s mind, money is king, and feeling sorry for someone is pretty much the same as loving ’em, so when Rory whined that he might get deported at year’s end, Sugar’s sympathy receptors were activated, and so she chose him over Artie. Oh, and before that, Rory got a big musical number that might’ve had some emotional impact had his character development to date not been limited to “Irish” and “trying to score chicks and sound like Linus on A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

* And finally, Kurt began receiving secret-admirer messages and thinking they came from Blaine, who was recovering from his eye injury. Au contraire, however, it was Karofsky — disguised in a gorilla suit — who wanted to be even more to Kurt than what Sebastian is to Blaine. The Max Adler-Chris Colfer scene was electric, with Kurt tenderly giving the “just friends” speech to Dave, and trying to help the confused former bully (and now closeted gay student) come to terms with his complicated emotions. Too bad one of Karofsky’s new school acquaintances overheard the whole exchange! (Could this spell even more turmoil in Karofsky’s life? Or will he simply disappear from the show for another six months?)

* Another week with no Sue, no Beiste, no Emma, and barely any Schue. #MoreBeistePlease.

Anyhow, now that we’ve covered all the pertinent plot details, let’s review the best quotes from “Heart”:

* This exchange between Rachel’s dads:
Hiram: LeRoy, we agreed to sing it straight, no vocal runs: That’s how Jennifer Hudson got kicked off of American Idol.
LeRoy: I would love to hear you sing something straight.

* Brittany’s Valentine’s playlist for Santana including all novelty hits: “Purple People Eater,” “Disco Duck,” “Monster Mash,” “On Top of Spaghetti,” “Pac Man Fever,” “Osama Yo Mama,” and “Diff’rent Strokes”

* “When’s the baby’s due date?” –Puck reacting to Finn and Rachel’s engagement announcement

* “Horrifying.” –Santana, reacting to Finn and Rachel’s makeout session

* “My guess is Simon because that name’s the gayest.” –Mercedes, pondering which of Jesus’s apostles was most likely to be gay

* Rachel discussing her family’s “nightly tradition of turning plain old dinner into dinner theater!”

* “An ice-water bath, a la Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest: The height of glamour.” –Rachel describing one part of her intensive nighttime beauty ritual

And now, let’s get on to the grades for this week’s musical numbers:

“L-O-V-E,” Tina and Mike Hard not to like the cute, old-timey organ arrangement or the sweet vocals, but how come our resident Asian-American couple’s rare moment in the spotlight had to serve as a backdrop to the Artie-Sugar-Rory triangle? Grade: B

“Let Me Love You,” Artie Artie finally finds an R&B jam that lets him get his swag on and fits his voice to a tee! (Plus: Mike Chang in chartreuse demim?) Huzzah! Grade: A-

“Stereo Hearts,” Joe (with Sam, Quinn and Mercedes) Was I the only one who found himself paying more attention to Quinn’s hot purple trench and Rachel’s stylish red overcoat (with buttons that went from buttoned to unbuttoned and back again) than the somewhat bland rendition of this Gym Class Heroes hit? Grade: B-

“Home,” Rory I have to admit: I didn’t get Damian McGinty on The Glee Project and I don’t get him on the mothership either. Since when was a squinty pout considered the equivalent of emoting? Grade: C+

“I Will Always Love You,” Mercedes I think it may have been more the melancholy of Whitney Houston’s recent passing than the forced breakup story arc, but Amber Riley’s imitation of the late diva got me feeling awfully sad and sentimental. The “We Will Always Love You” notation at the end felt a little tacked-on, though, no? Grade: A-

“You’re the Top,” LeRoy and Hiram I can assure you, no gay dads in the world would perform this song with their teenage daughter. So ridiculous I can’t even be offended, though I can give it the lowest possible grade. Grade: F

“Cherish”/”Cherish,” Quinn, Joe, Mercedes, and Sam I can’t argue with a mashup of The Association’s oldies-station staple with Madonna’s jaunty pop souffle. Dessert at Breadstix is delicious! Grade: A-

“Love Shack,” Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Brittany Thank goodness Kurt took over from Blaine, as Darren Criss just doesn’t have the inner camp required to properly channel (Z) the B-52s clasic. Grade: C-

Now it’s your turn. Hit the comments with your thoughts about “Heart.” And for all the Glee news, views, and interviews your heart desires, follow TVLine on Twitter @TVLineNews.

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  1. Stacie says:

    A completely fun, fast paced, moving show. Is this really Glee? How is this possible? All the couples, including the over slighted/under utilized, Brittany and Santana were featured. Their kiss on the dance floor was perfect BTW. Ali Adler wrote this episode and if her new series with Ryan Murphy is just as good as this then I’ll be watching. Just a really wonderful episode. Don’t say that a lot about this show, but tonight deserves all the credit.

    • Emily says:

      Who finishes dinner and gets into bed by 7:15pm? But seriously, moments in this episode actually made me giddy, which I haven’t felt about Glee in… well, ever. Rachel’s dads were like something that I didn’t know I was missing until now. I hope LeRoy pops up wheeling in on a piano everywhere now, bottles of Xanax in tow. Damian does much better when he’s not playing weepy and depressed with his thumbs hooked forlornly to his jeans, so they either need to stop that or end Rory already. I loved seeing Kevin McHale play up his boy band roots and Mike was so SO hot during L-O-V-E. Maybe the disastrous Ricky Martin episode inflated my enjoyment of this episode, but still. It was fun… finally!

  2. nic says:

    You’re the Top was hilarious. Of course no gay dads would perform this with their teenage daughter. These are the daddies Berry. They ain’t just any old gay dads. That was a hilarious performance. And Cherish/Cherish and A? No idea what you’re smoking.

    • wordsmith says:

      Yes, “You’re The Top” was only marginally musical, so I won’t argue the grade, but I’m not quite sure why it would be an offensive choice, unless you mean the unintentional double entendre when it’s sung by two gay men, but I think that’s reaching, especially on a show that’s gone three years without ever acknowledging that their group is called the Nude Erections.

      • Rob says:

        Erm. “You’re the Top” has no unintentional puns. Cole Porter very intentionally peppered his lyrics with coded gay references, in a very large number of his songs. He was able to obscure these entendres by assigning them to straight characters, which is how he got away with them back then.

  3. Becca says:

    First, I LOVE Lea Michele. Second, I liked this episode quite a bit, supringsly. I don’t even know where to start. Rachel’s dad were awesome (and before anyone says Leroy isn’t black, he is. Just light skinned), did you see the look on LeRoy’s face when Rachel announced the wedding date sooner. Classic. I liked how The Berry’s and Burt and Carol tried to trick them, unsuccessfully, even though I could see that a mile away. Rachel’s routine before bed? LOLing. Kurt kind of annoyed me this episode, I don’t care about Kurt or Blaine or Karosky so whatever on that plot point. I still hate how Quinn is the voice of reason for maturity, oh please. So much was going on in this episode that I forgot about Samuel’s character.
    I’m not a huge fan of Britanna, but I liked all their scenes. I kind of teared up during IWALY, mostly because I’m a huge Whitney fan and the song just reminded me about everything (btw, appreciated how Glee dedicated the episode to her, nice of them). I’m glad Samcedes is done for now, I never liked them and got sick of them singing their feelings EVERY episode. I felt bad for Shane too.
    Can’t wait for next weeks episode. I doubt Finchel will get married, just a simple cliffhanger.

    • sm says:

      So much I agree with you. I loved the episode. The Berry daddies are hysterical. The episode was back to s1 fun and entertainment. Rachel and Finn fight way funny. Now I see why Rachel is the way she is. I’m not a Brittana fan but their scenes were touching. I loved Mercedes song and totally wept thinking of Whitney Houston and how uncanny the timing of this song in this episode to my favorite diva’s passing. As for Samcedes was looking forward to see how they would go but now glad it is over. Mercedes has a bf but off screen.
      I loved all the music. Cherish/Cherish was not as great as I thought it might be. Home by Buble is awesome but Rory did well but he always sings sad songs. Now we know he won’t return. I thought Samuel did fine. I love Stereo Hearts I thought it was great. Really enjoyed L o v e. Of course, Love Shack is a fav of mine. Done well, but Blaine vocals are way over used. Karofsky coming back with this new character being sneaky and really bad. I hope not. The whole epi moved smoothly, stories were interesting, Finchel were hilarious. As for Quinn and her so called wisdom was not ask for by Rachel this time and I don’t buy that it was or is Quinn’s place to confront them in GC. But with Quinn’s history this year of crazy I just don’t buy her so called wisdom at all. But I’m biased because she is my least fav character. I admit that.
      As for the upcoming episodes after the hiatus RIB has mentioned that dark episodes from then on. No telling what next week will be like.
      All in all I loved this episode.

      • amy says:

        I think Rory will return next year. His claim of his visa being denied was clearly an attempt to get Sugar to pity him more than Artie and he succeeded. And yes, please let him sing an upbeat solo for once!

  4. Owen says:

    Why does Kurt always to have insanely more chemistry with his bully than his boyfriend?

  5. connie says:

    A- you couldn’t be more wrong about that, that performance was an A+. Mercedes was better than Jennifer Hudson!!!

  6. Chuck says:

    The negatives: “Thank goodness Kurt took over from Blaine.” That may be the smartest thing I’ve ever read in a non-fandom piece recapping a Glee episode. I’m so over Blaine. Kurt deserves a more interesting and complex boyfriend. I hope Sebastian carries Blaine back to Dalton. I was incredibly weirded out by the Finchel-bedroom situation (what parent does that?). And I’m over Samcedes. It’s like the writers think shoving it down our throats will make it easier to digest. No, it makes me gag.
    The pros: Puck with the chocolate all over his face. The plot line involving the PDA double-standard facing LGB couples. The Karofsky reveal. I only hope he plays a bigger threat to Klaine in the future. It’s like Blaine is Jesus, the way he’s given solos, allowed to flirt with Sebastian, and yet Kurt rejects Karofsky without hesitation because of Blaine. Every other glee club member has been cheated on. I want to attribute that more to Kurt’s high ethical standards. Loved that Sugar and especially Rory got more screen time. I love that kid.

  7. Shaj says:

    I think Glee is gearing up for some kind of bullying coming towards Karofsky and and his new school, possibly him trying to commit suicide? Something that brings more attention to these teen suicides who have died because of how they were feeling about their sexuality

  8. Melissa says:

    I personally enjoyed this episode very much, despite the fact that the plot lines seemed to be a bit convoluted and skipped over some very important parts (Finchel’s fight in the bedroom? Mercedes and Shane’s fight? Joe’s religion vs. homosexuality conflict? etc.). Rory’s “Home” was great, and I really liked the HudsonHummelBerry dinner scenes. I agree that “Stereo Hearts” wasn’t the best – Glee can’t rap – but I enjoyed the other songs, especially Kurt in “Love Shack”. And really, of course the Whitney Houston card at the end seemed tacked on; she died just a few days before the episode aired. Mercedes performed an excellent cover. Overall, a pretty good episode.

  9. Megan says:

    I thought the episode to be very lovely! I liked that Mike & Tina finally got some lovin’ but hated that it got covered up by the new love triangle(even though it was fun to watch Artie & Rory go against each other)
    I don’t think you gave Rory a proper grade on his Buble performance..I think though this may have to do with the fact that while on the show Damian McGinty has not gotten a lot of time (especially singing wise) which means we have not seen all he has to offer. I demand he gets more time!

  10. karenb says:

    SAMUEL LARSEN! About freakin time!!

  11. Kiki says:

    The “We Will Always Love You” notation at the end felt a little tacked-on, though, no?
    Duh. Because it was. Episode was edited and ready for broadcast before she passed.

    • Calllie says:

      Thank you – I was thinking the exact same thing when I read that.
      Loved this episode… even though my boy Blaine wasn’t in most of it – it still felt like he was there.

      • dee says:

        And when Pirate Blaine showed up at the end of the episode, I thought “Oh, ugh. He’s back.”
        Different strokes.

        • Otto says:

          I love Darren Criss, but I actually had the same reaction to Blaine’s reappearance. Maybe because everything wasn’t all about Blaine for a change…

      • Carmen says:

        I was glad to see Blaine back but surprised that Kurt had seemingly not been in direct contact with him to know he had recovered. Didn’t they talk during Blaine’s recovery period? I was also a little disappointed that there wasn’t more affection between them–specially after being apart for a while. Thsy seldom get much pda and I should have gotten used to the fact by now, but I haven’t. I find both actors so beautiful, spirited and talented–I’d love their characters to be more passionately engaged with each other on a regular basis–they’re boyfriends, after all, no?

  12. Cindy says:

    I loved seeing Quinn as well as Kurt being the voices of reason. They are only saying the same things that everyone else is saying including the Berry fathers. Finn and Rachel are too young to get married. The promo shows another Quinn and Rachel scene and I look forward to Quinn handing out more harsh truths.

    • sm says:

      I got the feeling that Quinn doesn’t want Rachel to marry Finn at all. The others including Kurt are on board some day marry Rachel. In fact Kurt said Finn would be lucky to marry her someday. Berry daddies liked Finn, LeRoy said they did not need to beak up just wait a bit. In the choir room all were shocked but only Quinn was against Rachel marrying Finn at all. Rachel was so adament about if they weren’t going to support them they were not invited. Quinn was asked 2 episodes ago for advise she should not solicit any more unwanted advise. Rachel has always done what she thought she should. S1 Quinn told Rachel you can dance with him but you will never have him. S2 Quinn says Q gets Finn you get heart broken. Rachel has proved Q wrong on both counts. Besides IMHO Quinn sees Finn in the loser perspective as she always had. Rachel and now Kurt are Finn’s champions to help boost his self confidence. After being with Quinn s2 Finn lost all confidence in himself. If this story line continues this will be Finn’s true growth into manhood seeking, knowing and accepting what ever endeavor or Finn dream and follow it til fruition-graduation. This way no more 3rd party angst other girl/guy type of thing.

  13. Jess says:

    I loved this episode! I thought it was so funny and just adorable! Wouldn’t have changed a thing!!

  14. Elise says:

    I was happy enough to have Karofsky back, but they actually made him pursue Kurt and it was PERFECT. He was completely romantic with all those gifs and it was about time someone went after Kurt FIRST. Kurt’s reaction was spot on as well. I do hope to see them together one day, but even if they remain friends I’ll be happy because of today’s episode!

    • Sara says:

      Totally agree with you!!! I loved that he pursued Kurt, but that Kurt didn’t just jump into his arms (though I would have loved that as well *wink*). I hope that they interact more and develop a friendship.

    • Sean C. says:

      Shipping Kurt and Karofsky is like shipping a Rihanna/Chris Brown reunion. There’s no going back from what he did.

      • I don't even says:

        Are you seriously comparing a guy who was conflicted and dealing with internalized homophobia who is reformed to an asshole that choked and beat a woman and then continued with the violent behaviour? What the hell is wrong with you?

        • yoshi says:

          Sean C is a 13 year old chick that likes to leave retarded comments under different user names just to make it look like there are a bunch of people that share their views. lol its kinda precious if you ask me.

        • Darcy says:

          No, he’s being compared to someone who physically and emotionally abused someone for months (or years?) and threatened to kill him.

        • Sean C. says:

          He stalked Kurt, physically assaulted him regularly, forced a kiss on him, threatened to kill him, caused to him noticeably lose weight, and drove him from his school. It is completely and utterly irrelevant why he thought he did it. His actions place him completely off limits for relationship material.
          It’s fine that he’s worked out his issues (which was a completely unearned dramatic moment, but that’s par for the course on this show), even if he didn’t face up to his proper punishment for his crimes, but the well with Kurt is permanently poisoned as far as relationships going. The adult thing to do is to accept that his own behaviour has closed off that route.
          The logic underpinning “Kurtofsky” is no different than wanting Rihanna and Brown to patch things up: “Hey baby, I know I was wrong before, but my inappropriate behaviour was all done out of love for you, and things’ll be better from now on!”

          • Ashes says:

            @SeanC, but your okay with Blaine even though he tried to rape Kurt in a car? Really? Puck and Finn were almost as bad as Karofsky, they actually threw pee balloons at him.
            Chris Brown hit Rihanna so hard her face was swollen and bloody. That’s not even close to what Karosky did. An adult male cause severe physical injury does not equal a confused teen pushing someone in a locker.

          • cc says:

            Since when is your boyfriend pulling you into a car to kiss you and stopping when you say no, anywhere near rape? Grow up!

    • Timelord says:

      I know a lot people of stated that this scene with Karofsky was creepy. I thought they handled it realistically.
      I do like the fact the Karofsky is trying very hard to redeem himself with Kurt. I love the fact the Kurt wasn’t budging from what had happened. So I thought that whole thing was pretty real.
      Karofsky feelings for Kurt I believe is real. I think he had them the whole time. I thing that it why he bullied him so much because he didn’t know how to handle these feelings for him.
      I truly believed Karofsky thinks he’s in love with Kurt. However, it really is displaced feelings. His feelings are for the only person who allowed him to be him. It’s clear the he still hasn’t come out to anyone accept for Kurt (and Blaine too). He gives credit to Kurt for allowing him to accept himself. However, he hasn’t allowed others to know him and this is where the displaced feelings come in. Since he won’t allow others to see who he truly is, he has no one else but Kurt to show effection for. (Just my own opinion)

      • Carmen says:

        I completely agree with you regarding Karofsky’s feelings and motives and I thought this scene was very well thought out and very realistic. I don’t excuse bullying by any means or think that one could completely trust one’s former bully, though one might be able to forgive. I know from experience that with grace one can forgive and it’s an amazingly freeing experience. Apparently Kurt has been blessed with that opportunity. But there’s more going on in this scene that an interaction between a formerly bullied youth and his former tormentor. There’s the dynamic between a young man coming out and the person who has helped him along that path (or who just happens to be close by; remember lonely Kurt going after Finn and Sam?). I’ve seen this happen a million times–the projection, the crush, the hope for reciprocity.
        The scene was heartbreaking to watch. I thought Chris Colfer was extraordiinary in his portrayal of the conflicting feelings (or at least the puzzlement!) of a young man dealing with his former bully while trying to help him become aware of his infatuation with empathy and compassion. Kurt has been there, he understands Dave’s predicament and it would be unconscionable for Kurt to turn his back on him. Still, even as Kurt is willing to help Dave, he does not betray his own experiences or his relationship with Blaine. True to character, Kurt is loving, ethical and strong. I thought this was a very beautiful scene.

  15. Sara says:

    I loved this episode! The Berry daddies were fantastic! And I loved Rory’s song. Also, I finally believed the romance between Mercedes and Sam, they were really powerful during “I Will Always Love You.” She rocked that song.
    I love Dave Karofsky’s character. His storyline is probably the best that they have on the show, in terms of evolution. That said, I am really worried for him after tonight’s episode. I wish they would use Max Adler more. He has shown such range on the show.

    • carla says:

      hahahaha fluff!! yeah it’s interesting because karofsky bullied kurt and threatened to kill kurt. that’s a good television show and gives a positive message to all

      • Jessica says:

        Puck bullied Rachel and Kurt. He threw slushies at Rachel and threw Kurt into dumpsters. He dated Rachel and is now friends with Kurt. Jesse St. James egged Rachel. She forgave him and they went to prom together. Quinn bullied Rachel. They’re good friends now. Dave is no different from them. He’s redeemed himself already so I don’t see the point in bringing up things he’s apologized for, and other characters have forgiven him for.

        • Shelly says:

          There’s a big, big difference between being friends with someone who once bullied you and being in a relationship with someone who once bullied you. Sure, I might end up friendly with someone who once bullied me, but I probably wouldn’t trust them enough to be in a relationship with them. For that reason I’d find it a bit off if Kurt ended up romantically involved with Karofsky

          • TheBeach says:

            I agree. I would be fine with them becoming good friends and navigating though troubled waters, but not as boyfriends. I fear they are setting up a scenario where Dave is injured (or worse)by either his own hand or others. I hope not.

  16. clar says:

    The samcedes scenes were heartbreaking and Riley/Overstreet did a great job with them, BUT…as a fan of the couple I feel like I was robbed. Amber Riley owned that song. She did an amazing job. I like to think that Whitney Houston would have appreciated it too.
    I just feel like the with Samcedes story, I have been taken for a ride by the writers and the destination sucks.

    • mary says:

      I totally agree – I was really looking forward to samcedes being together and seeing how they got along as a couple. Pretty much bummed about the whole thing now.
      But Amber did an amazing job with the song – such a sad coincidence.

  17. Carrie says:

    The only quote that made me laugh out loud through the whole show didn’t make the list.
    Do you need a Xanax?
    I already took three.
    Good episode overall, and on a very nitpicky note: I was however disappointed with the sorority stereotype perpetuated in the beginning. For a show all about tearing down stereotypes and accepting everyone for them to talk about “easy sorority girls” was awful.

  18. Scott says:

    Things I liked: Burt’s unease at the Berry/Hummel dinner. Brittany and Santana. Rory’s face while Artie was singing. Mike Chang’s pants. Backfiring reverse psychology.

  19. Melissa says:

    My heart was broken several times over tonight. First, by the debacle that is Samcedes. (WHY are they doing this to Sam’s character?) Then, Dave Karofsky to be (gently) let down after professing his love to Kurt. It sounds like a lead-in to something major happening with his character, but I’m happy to see Max Adler back, opposite Chris Colfer. Their chemistry is undeniable in every scene they perform together.
    All in all, a pretty good episode, tho I wish they would drop the whole Finchel engagement. It’s forced and silly. I hope it comes to a rapid conclusion.

  20. amanda says:

    The Brittana tonight was soo good. I’m a happy fangirl <3 Their chemistry is amazing

  21. Isa says:

    Brittana was perfect. Still swooning.

  22. Erik says:

    Karofky and Kurt’s interaction was the highlight of the episode! Emmys for Max and Chris please!

  23. natalia says:

    The highlight of this episode for me was DAVE KAROFSKY. The Breadstix scene broke my heart, I really wish they would get together but I doubt it will happen since Glee likes to stick to the same basic couples (Klaine,Finchel,Brittana etc.). To be honest, Kurt is a lot more interesting with Dave than he is with Blaine. Mainly because him and Dave have so much emotional baggage while Kurt and Blaine are just fluff all the time. Fluff doesn’t make good television.

  24. Dani says:

    This honestly was the best Glee episode in a while.

  25. Eli says:

    Enjoyable episode for sure! I knew those letters wouldn’t be from Blaine, but never did I guess Karofsky (I figured it was Sebastian playing a mean joke, or possibly even Santana). The beginning of the episode was a lot of fun and well-paced. The dinner party was kind of slow, and the whole “let’s skip dessert and get right to the teenage lovemaking” (it was worded better than but similar to this) was a horrible line that I feel Finn and Rachel would have seen right through, as what dads would encourage their daughter to have sex while they sat right downstairs? Blaine’s appearance at the end was surprising, as I expected a longer absence, although I guess filming the whole episode would have taken awhile and Darren Criss would have only had to be there for the last number. Finally, the Finn-Rachel engagement thing needs to stop. Now. I hated that Rachel said the wedding would be after Nationals, as they are assuming they get to Nationals and must plan for after it. This is probably a safe assumption since Regionals is, what, next week? So they are obviously going to Nationals because the writers have to make New Directions get better every season (I kind of wish it was the Troubletones there, though).
    Favorite number: “I Will Always Love You” – Amber Riley is phenomenal, and I’ll bet they barely had to use any AutoTune for that one.

    • Eli says:

      OH! And I thought Rory was making up the whole deportation thing to win over Sugar (who apparently just falls for the most pitiable person in the room). Is this their horribly sudden way of hinting that Rory is on the way out?
      Like the author, I never warmed up to him, and they barely gave him anything to do on the show, so non-“Glee Project” viewers probably didn’t warm up to him either.

    • TheBeach says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought it was Sebastian playing a mean joke on Kurt. It was just before he took off the gorilla head that I said “OMG I’ll bet that’s Karofsky”

  26. Amy says:

    Loved it. I’ve been waiting for Samuel Larsen to appear and he didn’t disappoint. I hope they do more with his character than they’ve been able to do with Damian McGinty’s Rory so far. I hope they both get called back next year.
    That said, I also think they are setting up Dave K for a bully/possible suicide storyline at his new school. I really really hope they don’t kill hiim (since RIB has said that there is some very dark stuff coming up after the hiatus) and he survives to come back to McKinley.

  27. tvaddict says:

    Needed more Klaine & Brittana and less Finchel, Sugar, and Rory

  28. babygate says:

    Disagree with all the grades. First, I think this might just be the best episode ever. Def the best this season. It was balanced and it was cohesive and the numbers were a delight with the exception of Rory’s number. Which brings me to this, Samuel should have been the undisputed winner of the Glee project. He has it all. The looks, the voice, the acting and even the moves. Lindsey has also been pretty spectacular when she has been on. The weakest of the three was Damian. Stereo hearts was absolutely my fave this epi. 2nd was Mike and Tina. They sounded amazing together. They just go together so well. The dancing, the harmonies. I give it a solid A. I also loved Love Shack although I have to admit Blaines boy-band moves are getting repetitive and predictable. But I rather watch him than Finn…. Brittana were adorbs as always but the Sugar triangle didnt feel organic.

  29. Mo says:

    I actually liked this episode too. One of the more enjoyable ones this season. The rory/Artie/sugar triangle was funny. Even though I’m not a fan of Brittana, like people said before, their scenes were cute.
    Rachel’s dad’s at first I thought they were insane, but the were quite hilarious. It would be interesting to see more. Also frankly I’m sick of Finchel. I hope the wedding business ends after next episode. Apparently they are getting married even sooner? Well possibly. There marriage shananagins are dragging down the show for me a little.
    And Finally karofsky. I’m not a huge fan of Klaine, but as I watch the Kurt and karofsky scenes, I start to question my self, would they be a better couple than klaine? Not that I don’t like klaine, it’s just they are too perfect and are not as interesting as Kurt/karofsky. Well I seriously hope for more karofsky because those parts always surprise me a little and I kinda enjoy them.
    Well let’s see what happens next week on the winter finale!

  30. steph says:

    I need more Dave/Kurt scenes. NOW! They pretty much stole the show away!

    • Sari says:

      They did!!!
      I love Klaine with all my heart and I hated Karofsky when he was bullying Kurt but I like the way the character has developed. Even when I don’t want to see him romantically involved with Kurt, I would really like him to become a recurring character.
      Kudos to Max Adler and Chris Colfer for their performances. Especially to Chris who week after week shows how talented he is.
      And risking to sound like a 5-year-old: I wanted my Klaine kiss!!!! Booooooooooooooo!!!!! >:( *throwing a tantrum* But I guess one gay kiss (very sweet BTW) per episode is the limit to keep the TV Talibans off FOX’s back. Still, so happy that Blaine is back and made it to the Valentine episode <3

  31. batgirl says:

    Loved the brief return of season one Rachel when she was detailing her nightly routine. The Berry’s are right out of fanfiction which is awesome. Finchel continue to be blah, but what else is new. Can’t wait for the next episode especially after seeing that faberry scene in the promo.

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I can only hope that the show will do the Dave story line justice. I was seriously declining on my want to watch the show, but I have to say Dave and Kurt and the sweetness of Brittana this week really reinvested me in the show.
    I hope they can keep it up because if they do surely the show will be back on the incline.

  33. Stephie says:

    Chris and Max have amazing chemistry! I’m so happy Dave is back for some development, and I do hope he gets to stay this time. I’d love for this to evolve into eventual Kurtofsky close friendship, then romance :)

  34. Krista says:

    This episode was WONDERFUL. So well put together, which is saying something considering how low quality glee has been the last few weeks.
    I was so happy to see Sam Larsen FINALLY appear. It’s about time, and his character seems wonderful.
    My all time favorite part, was finding out it was Dave Karofsky behind the gorilla gram, and valentines to Kurt. I was hoping it’d be him, and it was. Seeing Kurt sooo smitten over the things he sent was wonderful. And event though he rejected him now, I can’t wait to see where their friendship goes.
    And just…KAROFSKY IS BACK :D

  35. JR says:

    Watch one Darren Criss interview and then tell me he’s not campy. That’s the craziest thing I’ve heard in a while.

    • Darcy says:

      LOL – ICAM. Darren is much more camp than Chris. I thought Love Shack sounded great – I didn’t even recognize Darren’s voice on it because it sounded so different.

      • Kaley says:

        I agree that Darren comes across more camp than Chris. But Blaine still felt completely off to me on “Love Shack”. Wish they had resisted from shoehorning him in for the last 5 minutes.

  36. AM says:

    How dare you give my boo a C+?? I thought Damians performace was really good, and he totally deserves a better grade than that. I hope him saying he’s going to be deported is him lying to get the girl rather than him actually leaving. He was way too adorable this episode to leave.

  37. Sophie says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. I just can’t get over the AMAZING chemistry Chris and Max have. I trully believe their scenes made the entire show. The Hudmel-Berry scene was pretty fantastic, too… All in all it was a good episode and I’d love to see where the Karofsky-Hummel story is headed. :)

  38. gwennylou says:

    I can’t even beging to put into words my feelings about tonight’s episode. I have been waiting since the NBK episode November 2010, for Dave Karofsky, to have a story like this, and Max Adler hit it out of the park. He and Chris Colfer were phenomenal tonight. I seriously hope they explore this storyline, because it would be amazing. I already love the little we see of Max Adler, and hope that Ryan Murphy and company, sees what a treasure they have in him, and utilize him more. I enjoyed Brittana as well, and seeing Rachel’s parents, but Dave and Kurt’s scene was the best of the night by far.

  39. Alicia says:

    I’m legitimately appalled that there is anyone on Earth who could watch this episode, listen to Kurt’s words to Karofsky, and then call it romantic. Seriously, what is wrong with our culture that someone following around the person they harassed while hiding their identity and then proclaiming it all to have been a product of some fixated type of “love” after approximately three civil conversations is seen as anything but disturbing? I just don’t understand why we want these sorts of stories or why people continue to buy into them.

    • 212133 says:

      I totally agree

    • Amanda says:

      If you really think the scene was so ‘disturbing’ you obviously don’t watch much TV. Dave confessing his love for Kurt disturbed you? Really. Dave is a teenage boy not Jigsaw. He harassed Kurt for reasons that have been explained (His repressed sexuality). He didn’t harass Kurt because he was a douche he did it because he was scared and angry at himself. The scene was cute, I’ll give it that. Disturbing? Not so much.

      • Sean C. says:

        It doesn’t matter why he did it. That’s abuse-rationalization. It’s 100% improper for him to pursue Kurt after what happened.

        • Amanda says:

          Then I guess it was 100% improper for Rachel to date Puck, Jesse, and Finn. I really don’t understand the double standard here. Dave bullied Kurt. He apologized. Kurt forgave him. He doesn’t see Dave as a threat anymore, they’re friends. When he turned down Dave he didn’t say ‘After what you did I could never…’, he said ‘I’m with Blaine.’ Kurt doesn’t see their history as a reason why they shouldn’t get together. I fail to see the supposed impropriety of Kurt and Dave as a couple.

          • Darcy says:

            And that is why this story is sending exactly the WRONG message. Because there is so much wrong with it and it could lead to real life dangerous situations. We already have enough women and children being killed or injured after forgiving their abusers and becoming involved with them again.

      • Alicia says:

        I watch a lot of television, actually. And I see these types of narratives that romanticize the aggressor while ignoring or downplaying the experiences of the victim all the time. And they are always disturbing. Just because something is culturally pervasive doesn’t make it okay.

    • dani says:

      Ok so I think that their scene was fine, and Karofsky’s storyline is always at least interesting. I do agree that any kind of romance between them though is pretty ridiculous and probably disturbing like you said. I think a good friendship would be acceptable between these two, but a romance…please no.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. I love Karofsky as a character, but I have no interest in seeing Kurt get romantically involved with him.

    • Melody says:

      “what is wrong with our culture that someone following around the person they harassed while hiding their identity and then proclaiming it all to have been a product of some fixated type of “love” after approximately three civil conversations is seen as anything but disturbing”
      When you put it that way and ignore everything that happened in between, of course it does. You’re being obtuse by ignoring the narrative. Karofsky apologized. Karofsky was shown to be changed earlier in the season.
      And, just wondering, are you okay with Klaine? Even after Blaine forced himself on Kurt?

      • J. says:

        He apologized because Kurt felt bad. He has shown no genuine remorse for his actions, no understanding for what’s wrong with them, and nothing but entitlement for Kurt’s friendship as love. And just so you know, apologizing? Doesn’t actually erase the past.

      • Alicia says:

        FYI: I found the way that the scene between Kurt and Blaine in the car was framed very upsetting and really wish the writers hadn’t gone there because it was symptomatic of their greater tendency to ignore how problematic the messages they send are. That said, the circumstances were very different for Kurt (whose experiences and depiction are my main interest in this whole thing).
        I’m not actually ignoring anything, though. I understand that Kurt “forgave” Karofsky (I don’t like how hasty and unwarranted that was, but I recognize that is true). That does not make the writers or viewers interpreting Karofsky’s actions as romantic any less problematic when viewed objectively. I’m not actually sitting her saying Karofsky is a bad dude. I’m saying that the way they executed the storyline was messed up, as it the way it is being received in some quarters.

    • Darcy says:

      Thank you – ICAM!

    • Carly says:

      When Blaine forced himself on Kurt and then Kurt appologiyed for not letting Blaine molest him in a backseat of a car and then had sex with him, some called it romantic. and I was appaled. because that is a really scary and wroing message to send outthere. but I guess different folks see same things differently. I think a story about regret, redemptiona nd growth is the most positive thing Glee has come up with since basically the Pilot

    • Chatty says:

      Yes, Alicia, it is the wrong message, but this is not the first time television has glorified abuse. The first example that comes to mind is the infamous Luke and Laura “romance” on General Hospital. What can be more disturbing than having a woman “fall in love” and marry the man who raped her? I thought it was disgusting back then (and it led me to stop watching that show or any other daytime soap), and the thought of it still makes me gag, especially when they pop up in one of those “greatest love stories on television” lists. I truly hope that Ryan Murphy never turns Kurt and Karofsky into a couple! Forgiveness? Sure. Romance? No way!

      • Ray says:

        lol except Dave did nothing close to something as horrendous as RAPING Kurt. He harassed him for a month tops, Kurt transferred. Kurt came back and Dave apologized. Dave has never seriously hurt or violated Kurt. There’s no real argument when it’s come to their past because Kurt has forgiven him already. What more do you really want?

  40. cj says:

    no me gusta this episode. except for maybe the Love Shack performance (though i DID miss the first segment though…). i didnt like rachel’s dads AT ALL. i did’t sense any chemistry between one another, or with rachel for that matter. typical stunt casting. and everything just felt so over wrought. mercedes and sam, finn and rachel, kurt and korofsky. UGH. gag me.

  41. Stephen says:

    I seriously loved the Dave/Kurt scene in the episode tonight. They completely stole the show (as usual) I can’t wait to see what happens between them next week!

  42. party girl says:

    You have never liked Damian and have always had a bias against him for some reason but whatever. Home was the only song I bought from this episode.
    And I liked Samuel as well. I think he’s going to do a great job.

    • sarah says:

      Here, here! I personally like the kid… I think he’s a pretty good actor. I think Americans tend to forget that other English speaking societies emote differently than us and therefore think he’s not acting properly… I personally think he is a very believable with the delivery of his lines and it is how I would expect them to sound; normal, not overly theatrical a la Rachel Berry. And I could listen to his accent all day.
      Oh, and Home? My personal favorite of the night. Way off this time, Mr. Slezak.

      • Cate says:

        Nothing to do with being non-American, Damien is NO actor! Here in the UK some like him, some don’t. I’m with the author of this article. Never understood his popularity on Glee Project either.
        Samuel was a more worthy winner, but I am a little dismayed that he is playing the exact stereotyped character Ryan Murphy kept on about during the final few eps of the Glee Project. He has a good look and a decent voice, but didn’t blow me away in this episode.

  43. Alicia L. says:

    The worst part of the episode was the Finchel, please make them break up in the next episode! The rest of it was amazing! I’m so excited for next week I want to know what the big cliff hanger is!

    • dani says:

      Finchel is annoying. Glad Santana is around to call them out. (Her face after their kiss was fantastic.) Even Principal Figgins thinks they are awful.

    • georgie says:

      To each its own. I wouldn’t watch the show if we didn’t have Finn and Rachel. They’re the characters that keep me tuning in every week.

      • sm says:

        Georgie I feel the same way since the pilot. Finchel all the way. I don’t see it in Klaine but I adore Kurt and want him happy. Not a Brittana fan but thought their scenes were touching. Love Naya she does Santana so well. Mercedes song was so beautifully done. I just can’t seem to understand why Sam is back and why he should stay now since Mercedes chose Shane.

      • dani says:

        I could have worded my previous comment better. I still like the Finn and Rachel characters, and obviously they play a very important role but I appreciate it when they call them out on stuff. Glee does a good job of making fun of itself which I find amazing. Even Santana got called out a little in the Michael episode, where she trying to act like she had gotten some super secret spy gadgets, and Artie told her it was just from Office Max. The little stuff like that I find hysterical.

  44. ZD says:

    This episode now ranks in my top three of the season (along with Yes/No and Asian F) and may actually be my favorite. Will have to rewatch them all to decide. I loved the Brittana scenes and how they handled the double standard of a same sex kiss – very meta of you Glee! – and thought there was a good mixture of storyline and songs with enough humor thrown in (mostly courtesy Sugar, the gay dads, and the God Squad discussion) to remind you this is still a comedy. Also love that the writer(s) managed to get every New Directions member in the mix, even if just a little bit, from Mercedes to Brittany to Rory. Even Tina, completely MIA last episode, got a song and a line (and deservedly so). I missed the “adults” a bit, but only a bit.

  45. Robin says:

    Totally was preoccupied with Quinn’s lovely coat!

  46. dani says:

    Can everyone celebrate that Brittany actually spoke in this episode!? It was not much, but it was at least progress, and Heather Morris always does a wonderful job. I really hope they go somewhere with her presidency now because that could be amazing.

  47. Sean C. says:

    The Glee Writer Hypocrisy Metre was ringing pretty loudly when they had Santana rant about gay PDA double-standards: this from the people who were totally okay with Brittany and Santana having all of one conversation in the first twelve episodes even when they were supposed to be dating, had Brittany be completely invisible when Santana was outed, and at first denied that they hadn’t already kissed on Twitter. It’s like being lectured on the evils of drinking by an alcoholic.
    That said, they finally delivered the goods that were months overdue, even if it took Twitter riots to bring them to this point, so that’s hardly a credit to them.

  48. Laura says:

    Oh man I was really hoping Sam and Mercedes would get together!! I found them so refreshing compared to the other couples, I’m sorry but they feel old and stale. Then we get a wall that blocks them again. At least Mercedes could actually see what she had done as opposed to other characters who cheat. I really want them together!! And note Tina and Mike’s duet was lovely!!

  49. Meghan says:

    I loved the episode. It may in fact be my favorite of the season. I think I was most excited though at seeing Beaver from Greek on the show, even though it looks like he may be bullying Karofsky in the future. And then right after, New Girl had Dale on the show! Gosh I miss Greek.

  50. Amy says:

    Did Glee kill Whitney Houston to boost record sales on their version of “I Will Always Love You”?

    • Darcy says:

      Tacky. Mercedes performed a beautiful version of the song – gave me goosebumps.

      • Edmundi says:

        “Tacky” is getting goosebumps from a teenager covering a superstar’s hit on a fictional, overwrought tv show, rather than praising the original in any way.

        • vincentdante says:

          Tacky is thinking you’re praising Whitney when the reality of what you said means you’re praising the actual author of the song, Dolly Parton.

          • Elli says:

            but whitney’s version made the song a HIT.
            also, darcy is judgmental and vincentdante needs to learn the definition of “tacky.”
            i lol’d at the original post btw.

        • dan says:

          The original version, of course, is by Dolly Parton. She wrote it years ago and Elvis wanted to record it, but Dolly didn’t allow him the rights. Then she used the song in the movie version of “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” before Whitney sang it in “The Bodyguard.” Whitney’s version was great, but Dolly’s original version is more tender and emotional. Dolly has made no secret of the fact she loves Whitney’s version and the fact it has made her a lot of money (as if Dolly needs more money). Amber did a great job with the song.

      • Jessica says:

        I agree. That was inappropriate. It’s too soon to crack jokes like that.

        • sara says:

          i disagree. too soon for who? you? because you knew her so well? i hate when people say that, especially for a famous person. if it’s inappropriate now, it’s not ever appropriate.

    • sm says:

      That was beyond tacky. mercedes sung that beautifully to what I think Whitney would be honored.

      • Amy says:

        Okay… I never said anything bad about the song. Just commented on the coincidence between its release time on Glee and the death. Everyone was fine with making fun of her drug problems when she was alive, but now that she’s died, you’re suddenly sensitive? Was more of a jab at Glee’s overaggressive producers/writers than Whitney Houston, because I believe Ryan Murphy would put out a hit to make more $$$.