Game of Thrones First Look: New Season 2 Teaser Poster Declares War!

Winter’s coming — and now so is war!

HBO’s just-released teaser poster for the second season of Game of Thrones (premiering April 1) puts an ominous spin on the show’s familiar tagline.

Check it out below and then hit the comments with your observations/theories/reactions.

Game of Thrones Season 2

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  1. champmav says:

    You do realize the series is based on ALREADY PUBLISHED NOVELS, right? Why try to drum up plot speculation? Those who’ve read the series will just jump in and spoil the plot for those who only watch the series. My advice (unsolicited, I know) is to focus on the performances and cinematic execution of the story. Just saying…

  2. mikedtroi says:

    obviously champmav is a moron for those of us who haven’t yet read the books……speaking of which I just finished the 1st book and it was one of those (one in a million) where the movie/show was a major improvment. So what do you guys hold read book 2 or watch the season first?

    • Joann says:

      Read the book — you may not finish it by the time the series starts to air — but it will help you keep the characters straight and also the action.

    • DL says:

      How was the show a major improvement? It follows the book incredibly faithfully; the changes are few and far between, and mostly unimportant, or clarifying certain characters and events outside of the character POVs in the book.
      I think they’re equally good for each respective medium.

    • aunt_deen says:

      Must disagree completely.
      I think the series did a pretty good job overall (highlight being Peter Dinklage) but they completely watered down Daenerys and sucked all the life out of the Hound’s story.

    • champmav says:

      Wow. You really told me. (????)

  3. Eliza says:

    I cannot wait!!!!
    One of the best tv decisions I have ever made was clicking on HBO to check this show out.
    I have the books now and hopefully will start them soon.

  4. Debbie says:

    CANNOT wait. Love the books. Season 1 – amazing. But goodbye to Ned. Why is it that Sean Bean never seems to survive the first season or movie in a series? What a loss. But Tyrion is the man from now on I believe.

  5. conner says:

    o my god it is coming

  6. Raybo says:

    I watched the series first and loved it and am now rewatching it with the weekly episodes HBO of the 1st season replay and reading the books as I go along and it’s better reading and watching. I find that I am keeping just a little ahead of the show plot wise each week and it is awesome. It’s like when they say there lines the book is still fresh in your head and it’s like you know what’s in there characters head when the speak. I find that it enhances the show to read the book and watch the episodes along the way. You also know events that happen off camera that they mention when talking to cut down on time and money for the show. I see they have condensed a few characters like at the nightswatch with the boys who were in the class with Jon Snow going through training. I realize they have to do that to lower costs of paying for a large casts. They obviously can’t have every character in the books and have to condense them like this for the above mentioned reasons. The story doesn’t suffer much, yes the Hounds character develpoment is toned down from the book, but they mentioned all of the things that happened in his life amongest other chracters. Basically you get everything outin the end Dany’s best points come out in the end and even though it takes from devlopment in showing her falling in love with Khal Drogo(which I to wish they had shown, I understand if the show is to much per episode and it doesn’t bring in very high number we could lose it all together. The higher the cost the higher the ratings that are expected. Bring down the cost and it will stay around longer and we’re the better for having the show stay on longer. They are very faithfull to the addaption (which lets face it a lot of books to TV are not), so we have to be understanding in why they have to do this.