Exclusive Office Video: Look Who's Baaack!

Knowing that Catherine Tate would be returning to The Office this week as special projects manager Nellie Bertram, we anticipated a couple of ROFL moments. But what we didn’t imagine — and I’m not sure anyone could have — was that her comeback would include a moment that would be better described as ROFIP — rolling on the floor in pain.

Office Spoiler Alert: Meet Kelly’s New Boy Toy!

What the heck are we talking about? No, it isn’t what exec producer Paul Liberstein calls the newbie’s “far from professional” relationship with James Spader’s Robert.
Hit clickety-click on the link below and find out for yourself.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. popo says:

    i almost had a heart attack!! i tought it was Steve Carell! :(

  2. Carly says:

    I must say, she looks fabulous

  3. Nadine says:

    NBC vid not available in Canada… sux.

  4. Kyle. S says:

    Well, isn’t that great. British people can’t watch a British actress on a show that originated in Britain.
    Copyright laws make no sense…

  5. valentina says:

    she looks so hot! I can’t wait for thursdayyyyy

  6. Carol C says:

    All of a sudden NBC videos are not available in Canada even though we get their channel. What’s caused the change? Couldn’t watch the SNL shorts, either. Dommage.

    • Mandy says:

      Agreed, I don’t understand this. I’m Canadian and I watch NBC on TV. So why wouldn’t they make these clips available to Canadians? Is it not just free advertising for the show? I don’t get it..

  7. cj says:

    i feel pretty confident that ellie kemper broke, and giggled right before dwight fell.

  8. Louise says:

    I’m hoping that maybe she’ll be able to kick the office back into shape before it gets cancelled, it’s been really dire lately.

  9. Louise says:

    I’m also hoping they get rid of that cathy/jim storyline and give pam something more to do.

    • brand says:

      are you serious? Pam is the absolute worst thing about this show. and the producers know it, that’s why they got her preg again and she’s been absent all season. No one can stand her. Pam 5 years ago, yes, the best thing on the show. Pam now? Well i don’t know what show you’ve been watching but is about to get a whole lot worse if she comes back into the picture. I hope you are happy. This is a comedy, and she is the only character on the show that has absolutely no comedic appeal. She was only on the show the first couple of season because she was the hot girl. Shes not hot anymore, and has never been funny. Take her looks away…and you have Phillis, but minus the poppin-fresh routine. So there you have it. You favorite character on a Comedy is the least funniest thing in the show. Hell, Angella’s funnier than her! It’s like your favorite character on Southpark is Kyle’s mom. Not funny. it makes no sense. This is going to rack my brain for weeks. Why in the hell do you want Pam back? You know this is and Office thread, right? I think you meant to post on the grey’s anatomy page.

      • Brandneedsachillpill says:

        Brand, Jenna fischer was taken off because she Nursing her child who she gave birth to at the end of September. Not because people don’t find her funny. You must be the only person who doesn’t find her funny. Chill out buddy, It’s just a TV show.

        • illcutyou says:

          i agree with brand, she is the WORST.

        • Brand says:

          I’m sorry that i like to laugh when i watch a comedy. You’re right, i guess I am the only person in the world who wants that. Like I said, i’m sure there’s a greys anatomy page on the site somewhere that you could ball all over.

      • Guy who hates brand says:

        Pam is the worst thing about this show? Pam is a key part of the show. Your an idiot for being so narrow-minded that you think every single character has to be hilarious. Kick rocks buddy you don’t know anything about the office if you think Pam is ruining the show. Just get rid of Dwight and Jim while your at it.

        • illcutyou says:

          i think the only thing that pam did funnycute in all the seasons is when she talked about the office chair she wanted and made the voooot noise and slumped down.
          thats it.

        • Brand says:

          “Key parts” of the show dont just make up jobs to stay relevant, which is exactly what she did. Stop clinging to the cute 22 year old red head you fell in love with and realize she’s now a 30 something needy, annoying, lost all her looks, irrelevant piece of the puzzle. If youve ever worked in an office with someone who is married to a co-worker, uses her kids as an excuse to take days off, slacks and doesnt really do much to help the company then you’d prob understand better…that is if you could ever leave moms basement

      • Jeff says:

        Hahaha, you complete dummy. You should feel embarrassed right now. No, that’s not why they “got her preg again”. She was “preg” in real life and was on maternity leave. Idiot.

    • saywhat? says:

      I hate the Jim/Cathy storyline and I hope they kill it fast. Pam was great when Michael was on the show, but I agree, she needs something else to do. I like the whole Jim/Pam bit but she needs something…

  10. Johon says:

    Dear NBC, you have every right to block your clip from non-US viewers. But it sure is pointless, counter-productive and childish.

  11. Jess says:

    Love catherine tate so much! can’t wait!

  12. usa pumpin through my veins brother" says:

    The british version sucks dude,nobody but you brits watch it.the american version is funny to all who watch it,unlike the british version.wich is only funny to you guys and your incredibly bland boring sense of humor.

    • Rich says:

      Is that…. is that you, Hogan?

    • tootles says:

      speaking as an american, the british show was amazing. it’s an entirely different animal than the american office, so it’s not really a fair comparison beyond the first season.

    • saywhat? says:

      I watched the UK version and Steve Carrell was just so much more likable than Gervais. The US version is better because the characters are more likable.

  13. andy says:

    “Don’t yack on me, this shirt is Van Huesen”

    • Deb Katz says:

      Bwahahaahah….Ellie K. is totally losing it the entire time they’re making the pyramid and when Dwight is heaving, she’s audibly laughing…great stuff.

  14. Jose says:

    So did I! Kinda let down lol

  15. Kati says:

    Catherine Tate! I love her in Doctor Who and The Catherine Tate Show! I’m excited to see she’s returning to The Office. It was a nice surprise to see her in it before. She’s a lovely comedian, I’m sure this episode will be funny!

  16. Michael M. says:

    What happened? I could only pay attention to what was happening underneath Erin’s skirt.

  17. Natalie says:

    whats with all the fricking NBC videos not being able to play in Australia, its the WORLD WIDE WEB get it together NBC!!!!!!

  18. Cameron says:

    Ok this goes to brand, first it’s not a single person’s comedic Appeal that makes this show funny, if that were true it would just be a stand up comedy act. It’s everyone acting together that makes this show what it is, so you take out one and the show downgrades a little bit. Pam is a big part of the show and though she may not be as funny as others on the show, everyone has a different style of funny. And we don’t see you on tv so before you go judging people on their acting why don’t you land an acting career yourself first.

    • Brand says:

      wow there’s actually someone smart on this page. I agree with your synopsis, it is a combined effort that makes this show great. I’m not saying shes a bad actress i’m just saying she doesn’t belong in this show anymore, and it has been like that for a while. I’m just bitter i guess because of how much she has changed over the years. Most of the characters stay the same but with Pam it’s always something new…a key sign that her character isn’t working and the writers are constantly having to reinvent her. Since you know so much about acting why dont you move to LA and become an actor. Let me guess, you already are…

  19. tootles says:

    uh, what? ‘that’s why they got her preg again’. no. the actress, jenna fischer, was pregnant, and had to take maternity leave for real in the middle of filming.
    i think pam is great. she’s really come into her own and matured before the camera. i’m a 20 something, and i got married about the time jim and pam did, and the stages of their life together are similar to ours, and it is pretty cool to see this reflected so realistically in a tv show.

  20. Whatevs says:

    Well that was certainly over hyped.

  21. Edward says:

    It would be awesome if her Office character spontaneously remembered a character like the Doctor and her head just exploded out of nowhere. Dwight would think it was his “Sith Lord” powers gone out of control.

  22. topoopon says:

    I like “The Office”, I just don’t get this British Tate lady. She’s just not funny.

  23. Gary says:

    I have read that Jim maybe leaving the show at the end of the season. Is that what is driving this whole plot thread with Jim and the new girl? I cringe when I see it! Jim has always been so true to Pam as “the one” and now we have to write him out by having him suddenly succumb to an office affair and somehow inject some humor into this sad betrayal. The poor writers having to deal with Michael Scott’s departure. It seemed like things started to get a little better on the show for a couple of episodes and then we have Dwight leaving for a spin off show and Jim leaving to make movies?